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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 6

Tucson, Arizona
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Saturday, November 4, 1950
Page 6
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Award $i To Castorinos Ft. Lowell Is Backed As A iMain Artery * FVLowell road will continue to be the business thorough- « fare 'artery in the northern part of the county if the recom: mendation-of the street committee of the county planning, ^ ^ ^ y ^^ ^ * and zoning commission and the projects committee of tnej cusefl of Btealing groceries on the " __-_4- ^,--_ Wl-,T,ni-r,,f \(nar'A ii followed. This conclusion W3S CnrppninsT date, were not allowed 5,22547-Year-Old Mother Beaten In Weird Religious Ceremony A superior court jury early today awarded Mr. and'Mrs.-Charles Castorino, 1S35 E. ISth St., $5,225 .of ' asked for in a slander suit resulting Oct. 9, 1948. Tha original complaint o'f four counts was Lee, donig business as the Plaza market, 112 W. Broadway. Tile Castorinos originally asked for S200 medical expenses. $5,000 actual damages and $10,000 punitive damages. They ST. PAUL, Minn., Nov. 4.-· (U.PJ--A 47-year-old woman lay in a hospital today and told how her^-husbancl and son watched as she was horsewhipped in a weird religious ceremony "to drive the devil from my soul." Mrs. Alice Christensen told Sheriff Thomas Gibbons that she .underwent the' beatings voluntarily. One was .administered by her husband. Neighbors found her unconscious her home and. took , her to post war. planning b'oard is followed. « reached' yesterday afternoon at a' * Joint meeting ,of the two groups. o It was also ; agre,ed that the widen" Ing on- Blacklidge drive; would be - dropped 'and, the funds set aside ' for .this: project would.be used to . -· provide i24-foot paying on Glenn '. avenue and Blacklidge drive. * Both of tie. bodies are -expected 1 to approve the recommendations " of the separate committees, and It ! is known that the board of sup,er- * visors are .in favor of the plan to * provide paving on the two east- J west streets, . « Several projects 'wera given spe- " cific approval by the gro.up. These ^ include the -paving of South Park . to the airport, S25.0GO; paving or « roads in the Marana district, $20,' 000; surfacing of La Canada road, i $2,000 ' and paving on River road, " 110,000. It was also indicated that some -, changes will have to.be made in * the current plans of the postwar " planning board because only about * $200,000 remains in the fund for . this fiscal year. However, some ·· additional funds may be discovered " when a complete check of all pro;)" ects -is Jnade this week to deter- 'be given by Democratic commit- tteemcn and women at VFW ball, 124 E. Broadway. State and county candidates are invited. 7:30 p.m.--A lecture on nursing and health will be presented tonight at the home of Dr. Margoes-lie Williams, 3327 E. Broadway. Sirs. Fay McDonnough, R.X., will be in charge of the^pro" ·. mine the - plished. status of accom 6:30 , |UUacLi Ul BLCOlill^ * Wl_-l.iv,.j ". i...This conclusion was foregoing date, were not allowed ' to leave the store, were threatened (~"itv Ttripfs with assault caUEin S shoclc °f. Mrs - SATURDAY p.m.--Buffet ,snpper will Ancker hospital where doctors discovered severe welts and bruises over her entire body. A slight and frail woman, Mrs. Christensen told Gibbons-about the ^ la religious cult, she joined two years re sent ago with her husband and her two sons. She also has a daughter. Castorino. After deliberating hours, the jury returned the verdict in favor- of the plaintiffs and against li letVUl'lJl. Lim ^JdiiitJi-j-^ unj ti^i*A*».-'i. (juiiiitUUiUiJ. V Y J - L J J . u *,*,!. \,* the defendants. The case was heardjganiza'tions, she said.' by Superior Judge J. Mercer John-j As pgrt of ^ weir son. . nKsprved. she said. gram. She will speak on "Jfi irig Care in the Home." The public Is invited. ' MONDAY 7:30 p.m.--Tucson Stamp club will meet in room 112, State museum building, University of Arizona campns. Frank W. Shar- mnn will speak on 20th Century issues of U. S. stamps. New Step In Probe Ma over three U. S. Workers|Zoning Fight Busy On Job Due Monday (fflttzra S»tllrdiy Evening, Nov. 4, 19M WASHINGTON, Nov. 4. , . ·Some 61,764,000 Americans were working last month, setting an all- time record for October. And.only 1,940,000 were listed as unemployed --the smallest number in the past The/much-discussed zoning case| involving properties, near · Speedway and Campbell avenue will be under fire again_Monday night at the regular meeting of the mayor Will A t t e n d j Industry Meetja . ... i summer. And the armed servl -Anis Mitchell, Superior, wiU.rep-j aiming at a 3 ,ooO,000-man goal, esent Arizona at the 5ath con-l v, d $ two years'. , But government . icerned with manpower problems are worried: Defense Industries are expected to need an extra (2,500,000 or more workers by'next ! summer. And the armed services, are i ... _ 'Iexpanding daily. jgress of American industry in New Th census bureau, which re- York City Dec. 6 to 8. One student "About 20 of us formed the group is picked from each state and the because we'were sick and tired ofjnistrict of-Columbia with the idea the junk they were feeding us in! of developing young men in our regular churches," she said, .[business. The cult, which they referred tot Mitchell, a senior in .the college ., . .-.. . . _ 3 nf Vmcinoce fanrt niihlir* afiminlsfra- as the "club," had no name and no connection with other religious or , As part of the weird rites they observed, she said, m e m b e r s flogged each other _to cleanse their souls of sin. She suffered her first whipping last summer, when members felt she needed the devil driven from her soul. asked for the second beating Man Is Injured In Knife Fight Pete Rada of 212 W. Franklin st is at Tucson veterans' hospital today with a knife wound in his chest over the heart after a- barroom fight last night and Gilbert N. Fraijo, 24, of 437 W. 39th St., _ has been held for Pima county ..^obedient to God. prosecution on a charge of assault glie re f use( i to say which of- the with a deadly weapon. | members administered the "10 or City police were called by the iy lashes she suffered and which of business and public administration at the University of Arizona, is majoring in general business and will be graduated at the end of this term. He has a high scholarship and is president of Alpha Kappa Psi, campus honorary professional business fraternity. This will be the second year the Buila if with STONETILE and. city council when the planning officials con-find zoning commission presents a supplemental petition in connection with the.case. Another will'also controversial be considered matter .by Uie ported the job -figures yesterday, said the 401,000 'falRiff in the number of, unemployed resulted from two factors: draft calls cut down the size of the working force, and good weather allowed expansion in farm employment. Total employment advanced'by 533,000 over September, with' .net additions of 680,000 in agricultural work far more than offsetting a decline of 142,000 in nonfarm employment,' · Secretary of Commerce Sawyer observed that the dwindling res- council when . they receive the committee's-' recommendation on the :taxicab stand problem. · . An unprotested liquor matter is on 'the'agenda and; the other items '' '" are- mostly ,ue for consideration £ 'a routine nature. OKDER NOW -WINTER LAWNS Tucson Fertilizer Co, DIAL 3-1274 Grass Seeds--Lavra Mulch A CATTLE SHED ;,.,"'' for sheltering $fpck!i Give your e»ttl« protection .from- summer tun end winter itormi'- : with thi» -p:rnunent'. CONCRETE BLOCK ihcd. Itcvn'ilio b* .uiwrf for feeding by the udditlon «(- rack*. · ·'.;;.. J.....J ..... ~-- -- ·- ,, · _ _ ,, - _ j ODSeiVcCL Luai uie LnvjuuiAiig iKi37 congress has picked 49 students to|- ervoir of unem ployed "is rapidly attend its sessions sponsored byi,,, lt __. ,,.,* ,\. a ,n v,iPKt en-nun as an attend its sessions sponsored _,, the National Association of Manufacturers. Approximately 3,000 1 aSKEu I0r LlJc seuui-tu w t w ^ t ^ o j lauLLU cib. ApjJi u.viuiaicij o,tw\j myself," she told Gibbons. "My American .industrialists will attend husband handled the whip." the three-day sessions. Last Sunday, she said, the cu!t ! met at her home and the members decided that she should be whipped because they believed she had been Sees New Clue In Turner Case H. Wilson sheriff's office at 11:50 p.m. to'in- 'vestigate a report of a fight at the Colonial club. 100 S. Meyer St. Patrolmen Edward Brown and William.. Malcolm said on arriving, at the bar they were told by Bar" been toS? wL Advised {hat the body rfpa'^au"fight, "not enough to Bruce Stanley Howe, 20, could be amount to anything. Simon a.so _ ' . . J ' ... ,._ _ L,,.*J »v,«*- *, rvi-in. Viart flit me fiTlETPr exhumed in- Vista, -. Calif., on the simple request of the y.buth's parents, Mr. £nd Mrs, Stanley J. Howe. Howe has tried repeatedly to have a more detailed -investigation jmade into the death of his-son. at the Mohawk motel/ Jaynes Station, near- Tucson on the Marana highway. The youth was found dead Sept. 11 and it was believed he died on Sept. 7. His body was badly decomposed when found and J Blood Stream 5 Running River ; KANSAS CITY, Nov. 4. tfP)--The *· University of K a n s a s medical * »chool is using an electric current * to imitate the living flow of blood. ._, r This is a new step in medicine, Coroner Clark H. Johnson ruled '" « ·» _ . .. .,_..,,,_ tne case a su i c ide. Wilson advised Johnson to write Eugene Dukette, assistant district attorney at San Diego, asking the date when the body of young Howe will be exhumed for further examination. When the date is determined, Wilson said Dr. George 0. Hartman will be sent to California to conduct the examinatioii. TucsonHighTo ~ in which the electronic devices « common in industry are adapted to ·- reading.tht hidden signs of trouble * inr hearts,' arteries and veins. . . . » ' Work" on dogs-shows thaf'these -" Instruments, Will- portray, in' elec- * tricity, a faithful picture of blood * flow in an individual. -J The new instruments have been . made/in the department of surgery ». -under-direction of .its chairman, Dr. * Paul-'W.' Scha'fer. The designers I are Dr.- Hampton- W.'Shirer and * Fred M. Berry, electronics' en J glneer. v "·'- . ·. - ' · * financial Support conges from * the emergency fund of the state.qf *· ·Ka ( nsas.,"and;-; ; the .'.National Heart ^ Institute.' " . , : ^ Tour blood stream is an enclosed I river filled with" many currents, * Each current causes a change in ··pressure. A new electronic needle ' measures . these, pressures and « changes."them.into electric current. * The'needle is faster than anything * flitherto available. It records pres- ', sure changes that may last only a * hundredth.' of a second. ' * The'making of the imitating electric' current--called an electrical analog--is in three steps. First, the " ' records, are They are a -Buck Lovell;'65, of 3010 N. Oracle men ana ^ iwjriers w.u. cump^i^-. appeared in superior'court to- Tucson high school's contribution!day on a charge of assault with . -- . . ,. i Jno^l^, ^ifoonnn ann VPPPlVAn a tV said that a man had cut his finger on a glass. However, subsequent .calls received by the sheriff's office and police showed that a man and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Fraijo, had left the bar in a taxi and that Hada was in veterans hospital with a "serious chest wound." ' ' Meanwhile, city police and the sheriff's office traced Fraijo to his home and took him into custody. They*said they found he had in his possession -a pocket knife with blood on one of the blades. He also caused her to faint in her home. But she said that her son Ralph, 24, watched as she was beaten. The son admitted to Gibbons that he was present at the time. , "How could you stand by and watch your mother beaten likej that?" G'bbons- asked the son. "She needed the Eightj'-nine marchers, 75 bandsmen and 14 twirlers will, County Atty. Bryce H. .Wilson today said "I think-1 know who did it," referring to the murder of Robert E. Turner last Jan. 26 in his automobile off the highway near Rillito. "I'm going to turn over my in out the jobless group as an l j n p o t a n t Eource O f additional workers for defense industries." ' The census bureau . said that 137,000 persons, many of them women, . became job seekers last ACKLEY OPTICIAN 28 Years in Tuwra DIAL 3-6201 49 E. Jackson Kew 2 Row AlIIs Chalmers COTTON PICKER FOR SALE Write Robert Moore, La Mesa, N. Mex. Box 139 or Phone Main 179-J1 Anthony Exchange C O N C R E T E PRODUCTS CO. ·I44S N Isl A V I - · Di.il .' H I : , ' formation to Wilson said. the sheriff's. office He added that sup "She needed thei T,mpp ng co ~~~ information had teen .up ^l ^,,!2 ul ,^S TM f^P«e1 his,office and_ would also be youth replied. "Which comes first -- your mother, or God?" Gibbons said lie 'had learned the name of a woman who leads the cult and that she would be taken into custody for questioning. Board Of Regents Will Meet At UA A meeting of the board of regents of the university and state . turned over to the sheriff. The Investigation of the death o Turner's death has been long drawn out. In DiooQ on one « ui= u« u ». -= --had blood on his clothing and a! colleges will be held here at 1.30 i finer:. . B. m. Friday in the regents' room cut on his finger. . While Fraijo was .being questioned at the sheriff's office, there came the call from the veterans p m Friday in the regents' room of the university administration building. - , Executive committee meetings o.» came tne can rruiii LUC vei-cicmo .oAc^uwrc \,v****i~""-'- *-* hospital about Rada being hurt. the ; university and two stats col c . . .. J T ^ . _ ^ I J _ ... nn · . .in · i i_ Ai*3 "Ui*.Ii^-iir mnr*MiT!P Today in city court Fraijo was held on the assault charge, Suspend Term Swell Parade In Fight Case leges will be held Friday morning. The University of Arizona committee will meet at'9 a. m. Dr. J. Byron McCormicK, president of the university, today stated it is expected that the; regents' meeting will be continued Saturday morn-ing. . - to the annual Tucson Armistice day parade. * Under", the direction · of. Paul L. Grimes, the group will be one of many local school bands participating.In the Nov. 11 event, following - the theme, "Freedom Crusade." deadly weapon and received a'two- year suspended, .sentence from Judge J. Mercer Johnson. Lovell made a-plea of-guilty. Early in April L. E. Lamb, 48, of 1833 N. 13th ave., and Mrs. Beatrice Reschbeck, 41, of 1S21 .N.. 13th electronic needle'a i jdrawn on. a chart, ieries'of waves. ' ' .-Second, another, electronic "device; an analyzer, scans the wave · line's and' computes the electric cur' rent in which the flow of "juice" I will imitate -the blood flow, - Tnird,,this.electric current i s s e t '· lip with the aid of coils, resist[ «nces' -and inductions. . ' Looking at'the behavior of this ' electric current is' to the medical ! scientists like being able to see the ; rei.1 blood river. They, cannot see 1 everything." But they see the '; strength of heart beats. The slow, ing-down effect of the weight or · mass of the blood, something that ' may vary with illness. 1 - They can read the elasticity of · arteries. They can detect the ex- · istence of blockades of blood move- i rnent, due to hardened arteries, and -. to bottlenecks caused by malformations or disease. They can measure Drum major for the high school lave... w«re wounded in a- knifing band will be John Garretson. Lead-1 by- Lovell after an', argument over ins the all-girl unit will be Bernie a shuffieboard game. - Ludwisr · ' ' The attack-took place-at a.8huf- ; Other bands in the parade- will fleboard court at a tavern on North include the Mansfeld junior-high school, directed by Leslie Brewer, with 66 members. Catalina, under Tom Surges, has the second largest junior high band- with 60 players followed by Roskruge, ted by Hal Goodman, with 55 members. Dunbar, Safford and Wakefield junior high school bands will also march in the Armistice parade. · Hazel Ballard Is Amphi'A'Queen Hazel Ballard was crowned Amphitheater high school "A" day jueen last night during half time at the footban game here between The service will start at 10:45 Dourfas and Amphitheater. Her There will be special musical num Douglas crown was placed by Dick Poe, right halfback on the Amphitheater team. how much flow. friction impedes. the It is hoped that any. disease of * 'blood vessels can be .detected and I that hardening of .the arteries can ·» be detected earlier. i Funeral Services Held * For Resident Of City * Requiem mass was said today at * St. John's Catholic church for * Mrs. Consuela Salas Mixton, who * died Thursday. Burial took place J this afternoon in Holy Hope ceme- . tery. * Mrs. Mixton, 32, lived in Tucson 11 most of her life. The two-day "A" day activities were climaxed by.a dance follow- ng the' grid game which was won by Douglas 21-19. "A" day, which this year replaced homecoming activities, will now become an annual course of the Oracle road. The two victims were playing shuffleboard when Lovell came in and requested permission to join the game. . . · The argument knife attack' followed. · · KTUC Will Broadcast Dr. Lunger's Sermons The sermon of Dr. Harold L. Lunger, pastor of the First Christian church, will be broadcast from, 11:30 a.m. until noon tomorrow over! radio station KTUC. His topic will.j be "Give as You Go." His sermons j will be broadcast at the sama timej each Sunday during November. i The 'service will start at 10:4o. Mill Expected To Run By End Of November WINSLOW, Nov. 4. (/P)--Operation of the Winslow .Timber Co.'s new sawmill here is expected to begin by the end of 'the month, John Babich, superintendent, saidj today. -" Construction should be completed within the next two weeks. '.The log pond is being filled with water-from'a well drilled on the mill site. Some logs already have been hauled from the Hart canyon drainage-area south of here. · investigation the bullet which'late was identified as the bullet whicl caused Turner's fatal head wound was found near the-scene by th use of a M-scope, a metal sensitiv device. Jailed, Fined For Stolen Property Lewis''O. Hart,-1ft of' J909 _ Clover -lane, today was sentence! to 10 days In, city jail and finec S50. for - possession of stolen prop ertv. . -.':--,·. . ·'.' Haft attracted the attention o Detective William Ross when Har entered a 'pawn shop, on ' Wes Congress street yesterday afternoon and attempted to sell a diamoni ring and. four small unmounted diamonds. Subsequently, :the lopsr diamonds were found to have beer given him by his mother. Hart-ad mitted to po'lice-he had bought-the diamond ring from another- .yo.utl who told him the "ring, was hot.' Hart said-in a statement he hac purchased the .ring for $10 and that he was on probation here ;for ' U r g larv ' WAREHOUSE SPACE FOR RENT 2701 So. Sixth Ave, SOUTHERN ARIZONA SCHOOL FOR BOYS AT SABEVO CANYON Announces the opening of its 21st year Monday. September 18, 1950 Boarding, pnpils 6th through 12th grade* (Prepare! for leading colleges, CEEB Exams) Day School pnpils 6, 7, 8, 9 grade (Transportation provided) Interesting recreational program Calf roping, polo, riding, riflery, tennis, shop, photography Write P. 0. Box 1791 -- Phone 5-1509 event. Hazel and Dick were selected by a vote of the student body. Queen's attendants were Doris Bayless, senior; Rita " Yeager, junior; Jlminle Earley, sophomore; and Cecille Brady, freshman.' iilClC »Y-*.Ji "^- uf -- -- - -- - bers by the choir, under direction of Harold B. Porter, and by Miss atricia Bidgood. * N U T R I L I T E Food Supplement HAM KEDD1E. Agent and Distributor 1031 E. flth, Tncion Dial 2-0083 Broadcast Monday through Friday 9:40 a.m. Dial 1450--KOPO WE PHOTOSTAT PUBLIC RECORDS TUCSON BLUEPRINT CO. 40 W. Congress MORTGAGE LOANS LARGE or SMALL QUICK ACTION REHNANCING EASY T E R M S CONSTRUCTION SOLOT REALTY CO. Realtors 523 North Sixth Arcnne MORTGAGE COUNSELORS Phone 3-8601 Ph. 2-4647 , TUCSON BANKS WILL OBSERVE ELECTION DAY TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1950 NO'BUSINESS TRANSACTED TUCSON (LEARiNG HOUSE ASSOCIATION BANK OF DOUGLAS VALLEY NATIONAL BANK SOUIHERN ARIZONA BANK TRUST CO. I'm voting 102-Yes!" Say* ANDY MARTIN, own«r and operator of rfi» M«rt!n Drug Storti, Tucion. "Amendment 102 YIS wIN more equitably pl«« the few den of public school malnte- nance on the State, as Is now done In the case of our University and colleges, ft favorable vote will provide opportunities for the education of children In districts of lower taxable wealth equal to districts of greater wealth and few children. I'm voting 102 Iff-" 7h» Arlzonn Citlztni' CommiitM for EqualixatfoR of School TBX« 1OUISA.MYERS Chtirm«n -- Pho«oix . ' SAM J. HEAD . · P.'CKOrt H C DOBSON JAMES F. BYRNE F. W. KCKETT BERT HAWKlN* Vict-Ch«t.-M«i . Yarn* . , Tuaon Wuulow MRS.GUSIOPEZ MRS.'S. SAWDERS. E.F.VICKERS DIXW. PRICK Tuwoa Phoenix Douglu _ S«c.-Treu.--Ph X* ':· PAID POLIlICAJj ADVERTISING ELECT CARROLL H. CHRISTIAN DEMOCRAT County Treasurer Experience ./Counts--- '. Chief Deputy Past 4 Yearn. * *. * * 26 Years in Tucson Veteran World War 2 R E - E L E C T LEO J. FINCH Democrat COUNTY ASSESSOR Considered by tax assessing experts to have the best assessed county In out state. i Is continually striving to equalize valuations §o «ach" taxpayer pajs no more- than his Justsharq of taxes." i Instrumental In getting th» assessors together on equal- _ Izatlon between, counties- and compiled the ap Ing manual which w used throughout the » Initiated; the movement to. equalize, merchants' tnveii' ; tory tax. - *' | Well qualified by 'experience to handle the detailr* work of .the motor vehicle, division which Is an Import tant phase of the KHts»or'f : duties. ~* ( H a s had twenty years'*ex^ perlence In this office, «lx- teen as chief deputy nrfder C. M. Taylor and four/ ·· assessor..... , ~ 'ihrongh his abiiity, Integrity, honesty anfl' falrnes* during" his years in office has achieved a record which Is beyou* reproach, RE-ELECT LEO J. FINCH V A N I S H E S Hove you ever watched a desert mirag* .vanish? · - -· Unable to attack Local Option with logic wets whine that its bill-destroys ballot secrecy. Actually the tickets "Against Sale" and "For Sale" will be printed side 'by side on the same ballot. Don't Jet liquor men fool you. The ballot remains secret. Their mirage of unconstitutional ity has vanished. SAMPLE BALLOT Intoxicating Liqinrt 38 STATES HAVE LOCAL OPTION Fllij W. Stortar. prw.: Joseph 8. J»rrt«,- Tic«-preM Cordon H. J»njM, Sec.; C. S, PhiUipn. treit.; MUton L. Ollerton, «tt7., {or: ARIZONA TEMPERANCE ASSN. 1IM W. Vin Bnrtn Plioenlx

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