The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on April 9, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 9, 1920
Page 3
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'•THE : "FREE- "PRESS ~ THE THEATBE JBENNETT ^-W—•• '••'--'• "Ihe Haunted Bedroom" . Sij.erlock Holmes, L«MMp and Burns, great niaii>.iiounds, all trailed MEN . of flfts^ifknbijVbip^od.— But. ,;En.ij(l "feeBiiett as a young newspaper 'ivbman' trails. iUiis .siqfjefnatiirar thjpg of shadows and empty ether until at .j^si... i*e iY i*;Mi>CJ n a desperate gamble. You will enjoy this great myitiery picture. ' ' ' Fatty A ; r!iiick% ; m FATTY'S : 'WILD NIGHT" 7:00 and StOO^P/M. ' ' 11 and 22 Cents ' ' 'YOUNG : MAN" Riith Rpliaiva 'in "Th« AdvmtS^es of llbth REBEKAHS INITIATE FOUR CANDIDATES At.tihe'regular'meotoing of Ca'iibar,- .diaJe Reib-eJcah lodge' Ipst • ni'ght f-ouv .caiutid-ates' were initiated—Mesdames .Mary Vfchite, Malindia Skepworth, .Axe-y Tiag^'ai-t and Miss Nita Tanner. The degree staff of" .th-ei E-ebeka'h lodge haw. 'beem invited to g,o fjp -Pa- du'cah 'Saturday", 'May 1, to initiate a class for 'the Paducah Iqd.gieC'-' - TJie local Odd Pellofws and Rebakah lodges are expecting a big crpw-1 attend ,the meeting -sif the South-' to .cirn Illinois Anniversary Association he.r.a Monday, April 26fch. Pi3>st •Grandmaster E. E. -Saylor 'of Mat- •toori, Grand Warden Yattis of. S'hel- •by\jii-le ismc! Mrs. Ida E. G. Sherman •of ' liodgers Park, president of tale Rebckaih State Assembly, wJM be on tins' program. The Ninth Regimeinit ,band will furnish-music'as well as bands other iplaices. •The. Chi'Jstopher Rabefcah deigirce staff and the Herrin Odd' .Fellows' •staff will exemplify tlio degrees. Superb story of -smiles'^ tears, and big moments, featuring, the unrivaled' EARTH THEATRE' APRIL 12 and l£ •COB0EN 6. , • Mrs. 'Bryan Griffin'and 3Ess Florence Foreman were shopping in Anna -Tuesday. The Domestic 'Science - club was pjdasantly entertained Friday afternoon! 'by ithe iHigh school. " - - .- 1A ;1.3-ng« crowd. attemied the American -Legion':-dance'.Saturday night. iFount Warren and family of Qar- •bondale are '.visiticig relatives hiExe this'week. Mrs. J. iC. 'Hawkins andi -grand- diaiigh'ter are spending a few dayi with Mrs. Eetete McCann. •Miss Maude -Oglesby made a business trip to Du -Quoin, one day the past week. - .- . iCa-vanegs .and .Otis 'Ha- ley\yer-e married in Amiia Sundlay. TJiey ;hayie the ''.best wisJie:; of -.their marry 4'rieinds here. Sirs. Virgil Smi'th of JRockyford, Colo., is here for a,n> extended visit .with relatives. .She is a sister of W; V. McCann of this city. NOTICE! •CATHOLIC BENEFIT TONIGHT Miilton Nar-arn'ore wfll apeak at the Amuse U theatre tondgiht at ,ihe Leioai- ard Wood meeting. Nailairaore is- a prominent man of Chicago. aS. •See Constance Denny in' Erstwhile Susan at Amuse U Friday, April 16. . adv a9 FOR 'SALE—Five -"S" Rawlins St. -Phone 40SY. . room house, 502 (3. H. Croweli:' A96t •To anyone -who may have received ft .perrnt for .hun-tine, fishing, trapping or other kind of license for 191919 K 20, and. did not, for any cause, re-, ceive the license can have the same by callng at' City Hall, phondng w writing -me for same. I have several licenses that have not been called for. W. J. BROWN, City Clerk. COREGA Denial Plate Comfort Powder , . Sprinkled Lightly on Dental Plate Holds False Teetli Firmly in Place Prevents Irritation and Sore Gums ' Absolute Comfort Assured • Pleasing - Healthful - Sanitary - .Antiseptic In Sanitary Sifting Top Cans, 35c,.5Qc, and $1.00 , ." Manufactured by the Corega Chemical Co., Cleveland, Ohio and Sold by tbe £QUowins Local Druggists ' Seibert's Drug.: StpM, Op.era House".. Drug Goss Drue-Stpre;vJ.ohn son'-V, Store, Hewitt's incil Taylor Co. Drug Store, MUSIC BY McCOWAN'S BAND Admission $1.50 Fer Couple. Ladies Without Escort 25c In New York's Latest Fashions" we This Anniversary Sale will demonstrate.' clearly that have built up a splendid patronage in this community'"during our two years' period here in Carbondale. This money-saving "event which begins'Saturday, April 10th, presents m,erchan- dise'of the highest'standard of quality—the styles gathered from the most prominent points in America. The occasion -will be made worth while for you to celebrate with us during .the BEGINS SATURDAY, APRIL 10th At?9, A. M. On Tuesday April 13 Saturday,- April 17th, Souvenirs Will Be Given Anniversary Bargain Items New Tricolette Blouses- values to $16.95, ' Georgette Waists, . • -$3.95 to ...... $12.45 New Sring Skirts, $3.999 to ,,, $29 ? 8a 5th Ave: Hats, .. |3.98- to v . , . . t . .$9 AFTER EASTER .REDUCTIONS Suits. Coats, Very Special Prices .90 TO All the predominate spring 1920 ma- erial^ and : colors—all sizes, stout sizes up v "to 56 are alsp included in this sale. You Ganirdt Afford TQ Miss Anniversary Bargain "Items Discontinued models in Corsets, ?i:55 to ' $6 New Spring. .Gowns. ..$1.25"to .'.....:.'.$2.98 Women's Silk Hose,:'" ' 98'c .to ..-;...^$3.98 Jack Tar Middies, -S1.45 to -.§2.S8 :Sale 'No Refunds— EveVy '. e Filial. — Nb : CARBONDALE ' ANNUAL STATEMENT ; : SHATE "OF ILDI'NOIB, . '.'\ : - Jla-clcspn 'Qp,uu:ty ; , ss, vf , ,...„ ;' Office of .Supervisor .of }'. Carbondale Township.'' .', v, '• The following is » staternejit by .Solomon (Jrawshaw, in ; the,., jepunty and .state aforesaid,. of' .the .amount ; 0 f,public'iimds received' and; disbursed by Jiim/durjng' the fiscal .year ending ok-.the . 6th .day .of April,.;A. ;D. 1920, showing the amount 01 public tunds -an. hand at .the Commencement- of-said fiscal year;'the amount .of public' funds refiei : w,.d,. and .from what sources, received;.,the. amount of.pu.b-. lie funds' expended, and for what purposes, expended, durir.g sain fiscal -year-ending as iip.resajd,..-...:..: r . i 'Ttte said Solomon,.. Grawslww,'•• be- irig.'4uly-sw,arn, doth, 'depose, that, the'following statement.,by him subscribed-is- a. correct statemer:^ pf the amount of -public'funds on 'hand at'"the commencement -pf- the. fi.scal y.=ar a.b'6v.e.stated; the .amount of public 'funds received,: and the sources 'from which- r.e?eivsd, the amount expended, .and purposes for .which expended as set forth, in said statement.' ''SOLOMON. CH'AWSKAW. .Subscribed and sworn to before me this 6 .th day ,f AP^, 1920^ Notary iPuiblic. Funds Keceived. and From What Sources Received TOWN. 0? T JNtD of public funds on hand at the commencement.,of. the fiscal -year, " commencing the 29th day of March', .1919 ;..••. § April 1, -1919, .received from Ed Woods .April-1, 1919, .received from . W.S.--Roberts ,..:.-..,..'-"2000.00 Sept. 16, 1919, received from W. S.' Roberts -1859.99 DM. 16, received from W. S. Roberts, dog tax ...'.. 1 Paid out on order of IComm. j of Jiignways ...,;•• 163859 April 6, 1920, foal, dim hand-. .$9361.11 TUE FB|P'S COLUMN Cash I n-i Advance. .' One month, per word 16 One Week, nor .word OS One insertion, /per word .........01 Three insertions,-per word ...... .K WANTED. WiANTED — Gjii for .general house' work. Will pay from $8 to $10 a week. ~ Bhone 441L. Mrs. Searing. WANTED, A 'BLJIMliB!EK-^iGb.o.d' 'opportunity for a live ,w6rkma.r.i; busi- j ness established;, new and. repair work; 'married man preferred. Steady worlc in a live fruit and fawn town. Address Box 19.2, "Anna,. 111... a8-2wks FO'R ' SALE/— !Mo.d'e'rn 5 room house. 309 Cherry, .... '.'*S-3t 448 ' 85 6.00 177.40 Total received all .soimces. .$44,92.24 Total paid, out on order of .. .board 3724.36 Bal. o.r, hand April 6, 1920,.$ 767.88 Paid out during the year'on order of auditing board: . . . For auditing $ 49 -°° For groceries to poor 266.49 For. assessing , 957.50 Drugs and medical services. 220.25 Overseeing poor .......'•••• 213.00 Widows' pensions '• •• 481.00 •Cash to poor- .:..:.. 346.00 Priating' .33.65 -Election supplies -....- 35.55 Poor and office rent 343.00 Town clerk's fees • 165.31 Election supplies 75.00 Coal to poor 77.50 .....;-.. 27.54 165.50 Clothinlgi to poor Burial of poor .. ffotal paid oat ..,.-$3724.36 Funds. Keceived and From What Sources Received llOAp AND BBI'D,GE .FXJ.ND .March 29, -1919, Balance in treasury § 99-91 April 12, ,1919, city of Car- •bondale 55.20 June 28, 1919, -from W. S. iRobei-ts, county treasurer. 4800.00 Sept. il6, 1919, from same... ' 275.47 July 31, 1919, Floyd Brown, Comm. 'of Highways ' 12.50 Dec. 10, 1919, 'haiid road re-» pair fund 75.00 Total"-. - $5318.08 Total-amount paid out on order of iCom.' of Hig!iways.?5302^74 April 6, 1920, bal.. on hard.. 15.34 HARD ROA'D F,UND Funds -received March 29, 1919, balance in treasury -. .......$ 27.35 .June 28, 1919, W.' 'S. Rob- • er.ts, county treasurer. ...^ 1200.00 Sept. 16, 1919, .W. .S. 'Rob- ' efts, county- teaasurer....-8030.10 Nov. 10, 1919, hard road repair fund ... .-: 276.00 Total amount received... .$4532.45 Total paid out on order of Comm. of Highways .... 4305.17 April 6, 1920, Eal. on ]ia«d.-.$.i227.28 HARD ROAD REPAIR FUND Funds, received Sepf. 16, 1919, W..'.S. Rob: er.ts,' county treasurer.. .-$11000.00 SCHOOL ELECTION NOTICE i Notice i» hereby given that div Saturday, the . 17th day of April,. 1920, an election will be held at the City Hall in School. District ' 95, Jackson County, Illinois .for. the purpose .pi .electing the ! £ol)'owuig school, officers: . . •"- ! ;t;giS 1: President. - ' • • ~ : "-" : - 2 Members.' • • '" The . polls \yill oiJen at 1. o'clod^ P. -M-r .and close at S -.o'clock of the same day. By -order of: the Board of.Educa- fion of isuid Districts • Dated tl-ic .27-day of- March-, 1920. W. Q! BROWN, President: Attest:—FR:A.NK C. KRYSHER, A9—3t ' " Secretary. ,W'A/NfrED—^At .once, a ;Good- %yag-es. Call 364X. 'a8-3t FOiBi . BENT— Room. Ladies pi-e-.. -ferred. ,210. Maple.. ,., . a8-3t POSITION WANTED—Clerical or .otherwise, "abojit .~4 .hours a day. Aiddr,ess "R" eaxe Free Press. a7-3t WANTED—To hear frorn - party having "farm for sale. Give price and description.—L. W. Borah, box 3, Chainpaign,, 111. . . . _ .A7—6t WANTED^Girl for "general housework. Good' references. Good .wages. Mrs. Fowler, 408 South Poplar. '• " „•• ' A7—ui W-AiNiTiED—iGirl for^ genera";' -house-,. work. Must JiavA.S'°.od references. .WANTED—Position as bookkeeper or stenographer. Competent. Lor- .ett'a Glenn. Phone 807-13. AS— 6'. FOR .S.ALE—House on West Alain St. $3500. 'Mrs. . W. A. .Perec .AS—31 WANTED—Cook, 313 South Illinois T. Darnell. . - A2—6t WANTEC—Young men jtird. girls .for factory, work. Experience not required. ,<iood-Ayages.'; Nine-Jiour day with, ten hours pay.—TIie_ Oliver Typewriter Company, Woodstock, 111. ; , • .' _•_.... . «n24tf , WANTED—Lady or :gentelm~s.n in Garbondale for Walking B'amous Products. Walking goods known everywhere Big.profits. Write today. Watkins Company 51, Wihona, FOR f»NT. FOB RENT—Six room 'house,, large lot and! garden.. 810'West Main. •Plione 287. ... '. . .. _.. a9r3t FOR RENT—Five acres 'good corn land if .taken soon. See E-.,Patten. . A9—tf FOiR RENT—Large fumisihed' room; i 1 .Mrs. A. MeCoiimick. a8-3 FOR RENT—Front room down. stairs', priya-tc entrance, at S. C. Chandler's, 402 West Walnut. . ' - . ' AS—ot F!bK EJSNT—One or .tw.o furnished rooms. Reasonable. 704 "\Vect Walnut strast. . a7-3t FOR RENT—Furnished ; room. Mou erji. -Gentleman,., preferred. 210 Hospital .Drive. Telephone 69. .--.... , ..... .-. . .- M26-fit .FOE-RENT — Two furnished rooms. Modern. '400 West Oak St. .- FQR -RBNTrr-'l^p- irpiBt^rooma OT« Style Shop, tor, office or sleeping roomi Apply Miss Rletn, Normal *nd Monro» Bt. FOR RENT—2 unfurnished rooms cfr- light housekeeping. 401 West Oak. Phone 399L. • " ... A3—3f FOR... .RENt-^.Modern. -.'rooms , $1.75 per Week.. Board $5.50. J09 Eas: Grand, 1 block east of Normal. t , ... -.. A3—5' FOR RENT,—j'a'rm, 40 acres, east.o! .CarbonSale, good/ orchard and fine l$lace for cantaloupes. Also grain crops.. Reaspnable. terms.,to reliable party. Apply Miss Maggie -Rieth. . : ,FOR. RENT—StorageT l goods,.In brick cement floors, on-ailey s ;back of *• Earth Theatre. Apply MUi Rleth. ..J: .. ; FORSAfcE . . 'F.QK .siLE^Fiiie White''Rock cE6r 'feateiyng; $1:50 .per is,'Adolph Dodlllet-, rCsnt.nailia, .111. •' ;aS-3t FOR SAl^E—11-room 'modern house, in goo'd condition; -fine location, one block,, from . square, '305 W. Mainp-;price ; reas'onab'le.' . For i« r -. ther. 1 information call .at . 108 ':N. Poplar-.t.r. ; phpae.824.--" . .; A7—6t. FOR SALE—Surrey^ Good' cdndi- tion, with ;iop. iSee" S..-N. Fowler at..iFowl'er's candy store. rnSOtf ' FOB SA:LE—8-room modern house. All conyenieiices. Two lanproyed lots. "£lO "North Springer. PKone 259K. ...... _. .... FOR SALE—Barred Rock eggs tot jhateliing. ' Phone -354K.' MJES.= G««. Eaton. .."••',- .SALE.-S1X 3bargaan. iiee "Henry ,tC FOR SALE— Thoroughbred- '. Rhode Island Red egg* for setting, cheap. Phone 270K.". A8-6t FOR SALE—Seven -xocun-. modern, except ieat. 505 Rawlings: I<"O;R. "SAl/E—WiiJard storage b'at- tery—6 to 8"voTts._. % May be, .-seen at Settlemoirs 'shoe''hospital. Good as new. FOR SAtE-rlOO acres 4 miles ioHth- west "of ' Carbondale. Well improved. J. T. Tur/jer, Carbo^daie, 111., Route 1. . .. FOR SALE—Modern ,J5ve ; r,opni: cottage on Cherry-.street. Immeriate possession.—E.. A-. Taylor. FOR SALE—We tmy, raise and sell fur-bearing, rabbits, arid "other fur-bearing animals. List what you have with us .stating -your lowest prices on large lot - shipments". The Fur & Specialty- Farming Co+ 515517 N. P. Ave., Fargo, N.;-,-.Dak; . . ... M19—lino. FOR SALE—House, at v705'. West Pecan. Terms reasonable. Price right. Call or write Charles--i'£yer5 Carbondaic, HI. A6—12 L.OIT, . . .... .:_ LOST—-Cameo pin, Tjetween -.Elm and Normal._Ax e -> anc l downtown. Phone _21S_Reward. -^ A8— 2t LOST Gray overcoai _. "between. Springer street and Bayliss vFieidrEd McUuire. LOST—Somewhere between .. Fow- . ler's ice cream parlor an^." the Methodist parsonage, a ring . L with small diamond set in Reward..-Helen-^ey-er. --.-..;,--: F. L. LINGLE, M. D. <}MI*f*l PlWCtkM 1 -i- ilpael*! attention- to ty», 1 . . -~mmt Thro«* QtMM* Fitted -.-- ---..-'Phon«i,: Residence S30-2,"OIRea-n^-t & BRADLEY Attorney* at Law . Phone 282 K -„.,. , . SylU 112-118 New Himilton taiitfiftf DELIA MoANALUY 211 West Main Straart Office Hours — I toll) M.I*.; CARBONDALE CANDY KITCHEN , •iome Made Candlea and lea Cr*am Telephone M4 Y ' * Telephone No. 15? JESSE HAYES ~ Kinds of Moving and Transfer Work. H.O.HALL&CO. FEED, COAL AND POULTRY SUPPLIES Phone 233 J W. A, : GENERAL PRACTICE AMD THB' " Eyo» Teatad Virginia Bldg. Glaaaea nttad Carbondato, III DR; H. H. ROTH c to* Dlseaaea of EYE, NOSE, EAR and- THROAT Over; Wool worth. Store, ~ Murphydboro, ill. LAURA :B. SWAST2 08TEOPAT HH6 . PHYMOIAH Chronic D1«*»aes a »psclai»y In Leudar-Nlehcla W. Coal and lee MACKEY COAi. Phone >I0 NEW "•ura 9 to 11 A. $$$& i'-t • Vlrejlnla ECONOMY 'COAL, 1. B. WOOD*, TRANSFER ' GET OUR PRICE* - Phone 342 K

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