Independent from Long Beach, California on March 24, 1976 · Page 17
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 17

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 24, 1976
Page 17
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Strong performances in 'Menagerie' , «mn. ciui.. wca., Martn n, im IhULrChfcNl (AM) PRbbS-i'fclfcGRAM (PM)-- 8-5 By RALPH HINMAN Jr. SlaK Writer Theatergoers turned CHI by Tennessee Williams' torturous, often painful expeditions into the darkest recesses of -- Williams' own mind? -- should savor Studio. Theater's jusl- opened mounting of The Glass Menagerie. It's vin- RATINGS Gertril PG RntricW. Peters m)ef I) D itf admitted unto! KCOIV ** r NOTl: II Sw fefurn hm tiltnn ·ainjv tt* mere i«lrkTiYe rating (age stuff. Elaine Herman, who for a decade directed rather than acted, returns in triumph to stage-front. And she has a solid cast standing w i t h her in t h i s sometimes wordy character s t u d y of a once comfortably f i x e d Southern family now sliding rapidly dowTihill into the bottomless abyss of poverty and rifigmdalion. Mrs. Herman's portrayal . of a d o m i n e e r i n g Momma whose Freudian smother love is destroying her children is a l w a y s strong, never whimper- whiney, the latter an approach others have used but one leaving much to be desired. Viewers may grow -- as they should -- to despise her "Amanda." But there also arc virtues to be admired: her determination, intelligence, just plain old- fashioned gutliness.. These positive points v i s i b l y develop on stage -- along with a feeling this is a w o m a n who should be strangled without further ado. Strongly d o i n g h e r psychologically doomed son is Carl Nelson, here shifting with seeming ease from a recent m a j o r comedy role to a more serious, although not more demanding, part. The son, as other commentators have noted many times, is a thinly veiled Tennessee W i l - liams. This semiaulobio- graphical view is one needing no further exposition here beyond noting $600 won in Prix game t h a t N e l s o n ' s "Tom" mishl well be considered the epitome of an Oedipus c o m p l e x - r i d d e n play- wris;til as a very young man. Susan A v i s as sister "Laura" --she whose collection of glass zoo animals provides the title -gives us a v e r y quiet, unobtrusively d o w n - k e y c h a r a c t e r i z a t i o n . A n d Greg Brown as "the Gentleman Caller." (he fourth and final figure here, is twld and swaggering as he hreathcs something of the larger outside world into a hothouse dominated by Momma. D i r e c t i n g w i t h sure MANN THEATRES ·AJKJAJN MltCIS! BILMOHT SI.SOMon.-Frl. 'Ills:*! ll-MSal.'Ill 5:00 Sun.'til ]:» IOSJMOO* $1JOMon.-Fri. 'NliiM Sl.MS.1l. 'IU5:DO il.MSun. H(X. 'til J:00 · CREST, NO. LONG BEACH 4275 Allanlic 424-2619 Scan Conncry--Micrwel Caine 'MANWHOWOUIOBEKING" 9:10 (PC) "GOID" ;:00(PO) 4918 E 2rvd 2t3M3a.iiju Academy Award Nominee "HESTER STREET" IMPERIAL IONG BEACH 5317 E. Ocean 436-3973 "TRACKDOWN' !:«4:15-10:JS ( R l "KILLER ELITE" U:»-4:3y8:a (R) Twelve cash winners collected $600 in prize money in the 10th week of the Independent, Press- Telegram's Grand Prix Race Game. Receiving $50 checks for their correct entries are Dwight Foster of Lakewood, Allan F. Heilman of Los AJamitos, M a r y L. Hildreth and William Parr of Bellflower and Long Beach residents Stanley Gribblc, Michael J. Hcyn- en, Margaret Moulden, SPRING AT-. 'PAlO VERDt VJJ9.30] 2 - Sean Coonwy · Mkhad Coine TManV/Ho Would Be King Steve McQueen · Duslin Hoffman PflPILUHl OPEN 6.45 IPO: Mrs. P a t r i c k O'Ryan, Leonard Palermo, Mr. and M r s . C . J . R i c k e t s o n , Barbara Smith and Eleanor 0. Weems. These 12 winners are now eligible for the Grand Prize of a two-week cruise for two to Canada and Alaska aboard the Royal Viking Sea. An additional 200 correct entries from Race No. 10 were also drawn to compete in the mid-April G r a n d P r i z e drawing The correct solution to Race No. 10 was: f i r s t place, No. 13, Streaker; s e c o n d p l a c e , N o . 9 4 , Flash; third place, No. 27, Fire; fourth place. No. 54, Cannon; fifth place, No. 55, Gallahad; sixth place, No. 22, M a r s ; seventh p l a c e , No. 50, G h o s t ; e i g h t h p l a c e , N o . 9 1 , Wind; ninth place, No. 70, Blaze; and 10th place, No. 00, Hannibal. Sunday begins the f i n a l race of the I.P-T Grand Prix Race Game. It will be the last chance contestants have to win part.of the $600 weekly cash pot a n d to quality f o r t h e G r a n d P r i z e drawing. Complete instructions and an official entry blank will appear in the color comics section of Sunday's I n d e pendent, Press-Telegram. |1253S Sell Btith 430DI1S "EXECUnVE ACTION" "WM MTWHN MJN IWOWr 8:00 (PG JlUj^M^lwiH ) it BrUlcJ 546-I7II Academv Award Nominee Jacfc Nlctxlson "ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST" CIRBITOSfNORWALK "«LIC( DOESNT LIVi HIRE ANYMORE" 5:45-7:45 (PG) . Twi-Llte Show 5:45-^$] J5 "MAN WHO WOULD U UNO' 5:«-8:00(PGI TwI-LIM SUM 5:4S-»I.24 "BaOUMO^ GHOST" (o,| TwI-LlleShow S:4S-- »1.2S cowi WITH mt wiw" ):00(O) |Sln Bi9) F») at Britlol 549-3352 "OABIE AND LOMBARD" 7:30 (US "GIVE fM HELL HAUY" 9:45 (PC! "JAWS" X» "THESTOdYOfO" {ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATIONS Walter Mattbau Georse Burns «. Neil Sinnon's "The Sunshine Boys"« «,.-.«, Richard Benjamin Pjr, rv -^cn' *.VI rex CA S^JCCTC*,ly by NC il SnXXI · PilXtjCCd ty fy Sid' ^ ASjiyfconrc W NOW PLAYING: PACIFIC'S LAKEWOOD CENTER 2 WALK-IN THEATRE . FACULTY AT CANDLFWOOD LAKEWOOD CENTER · 531-9580 CO-HIT "SMI LE"(PO) "ONE OF THE YEAR'S 10 BEST!" -TlTM HlfiJIUM ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATIONS BEST PICTURE Best Actor JACK NICHOLSON Best Actress LOUISE FLETCHER Best Director MILOSFORMAN Best Supporting Actor BRADDOURIF Best Screenplay tadLMpa* OflCK HICHOUOti THE CUCKOO* NEST NOW PLAYING! n'KinicnjCTj Mn W»jo F«r- * »·**»»·' «W- u»^ »4«c" - 4ji uai focutty 01 CondttwoM EARL'S PEARLS Today's Best Laugh: Why do people complain about inaccurate weather reports? Everything is accurate but the date. -Earl Wilson touch is Jerry Anderson, once known here as a fine actor, now in the process of becoming a director of note. Affiliated w i t h Long Beach Community Play- h o u s e , t h e proscenium- stage Studio Theater is on the second floor of LliCP. 5021 K. Anaheim St. Tlic fi/.iss Menagerie continues an S p.m. Sunday-Wednes- d a y schedule t h r o u g h April 7. LATE SHOWS EVERY FRIDAY 1 SATURDAY :[ BARGAIN PRICE EARLY DIRD SHOWS T IIU[S Y D«t»d*fb«tj I« KMBPI Cmfvxw Port l^o (Nlngan No Jokon) (1999) "JOAD TO raiHrnr" CORONET CINEMA V*^b 0. SVxi 1 ! "A BRIEF VACATION" (PO) ScfMa lnn · Mynta AVnlrnlann. "SUNHOWER" (TO) RIVOll: It « MOHOAY Ihm FfllDAY I V) 7 00 S A T U R D A Y 1 M-l » · SUNDAY 1 HOLIDAYS I 30 1 19 LAKEWOOD CENTER: \\ W MONDAY triiu 3 A 1 U R D A V (CiCKH HolidlM) II W.I 00 TOWNE: »1 i» MONDAY Ihnj FRIDAY I M « 10 · S A T U R D A Y \1 00 I 04 SUNDAY t H O L I D A Y S 1} 00 2 00 LA MIRADA 4: - S DO TRACKDOWN i» JAAtCtCAAN THE KULER^ELm^ ML WOOM 1 tAUWI BLAZING SADDLES D CWO KM COUUN19C01 riUKM irai AunNfii Mnr · OMN iiio t ACAMMT AWAKO WOaAINATIOHi ONE PLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST ID CAU ro* mowmMis · NO rtaits Auimin DA»r · OHM iiiJo NMT UHCAtnm EXECUTIVE ACTION ox» xxvoorn ODESSA LAKEWOOD CENTER WALK IM ofng JSeacfi Ifl Frte Brutal, lunch, fr'nrer fit Ertftkl* mrt ximiuiin Pisses. Buy 1 snf «l tnAf d on* vi'-jc bf FREE! Over 50tasl cslabfrtiwh ir. Long Beach, Utawcd mi Seal Beach. Meracw- vardfllJantBTfl, IW.f V J8. Wrt IKs ad, out member* SS 00 or BUY land set anolher of equal value tof FREE II AdroHs5o« to Bay. SUN. Plaxj. Art irri Ccrorvi Ttwlm. rhwt*«fl Gc-'l Park, Shftdr Acra Coll. Lakiwool Garten Mlahn Coll and Java BofrM i r«n a) pa'ftdpaHn? rwtiuranh Indudlng Lktav Matflcvffr, B» Hua. BmyX TKTVI. Ctuv XVn. El RlreNIO, IHnS*ln Houa. Hubtrtl Cakttilu. MkluM'l. OTO'rtte tn Mary, Grirelmal Oarfto. Tl« Oiwrtww. H. Sail Fhh I Clto. C»I1 Jr. (( bcaftofttl. AjWl Roail Etad (}^oc^icni] 4 manvnora. ^1\-| OlMINtS EHJERTAIHMEHJ THE IMMi OLM OF LW6 BEACN 117 I. 8th St., Sulla 300 LONG SUCH, CAl. 90111 PHONI »Kt TIMI O6-1S71 IAKEWOOO . CENTER I WALK.IN * ACAMHY AWAlD~NOMMATIOli~ ~ ONE HEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST (« CAll fOt HMWTIAUf · HO PAS1IS COMIIHUQUi Htom 4i« fM. . ACATIMY AWAK. HOMIHATWHi THE SUNSHINE BOYSiro HUCIDfiM COKTMOOU* SMILE IK) Knot noM *w r M. IAKEWOOD CENTER ·WALK-IN MM MITCNUM TRACKDOWN(i) IAKEWOOD CENTER WALK.IN Ml UOOKS 1 IMAJMI BLAZING SADDLES m I Ccna Ttwt CogU irt $*«Ml Srralakl (? eoNrmuow raoM *e* :M. rat in, ·» OM n MM JAWS poi BUI . THE DOVErwi MOH.-III. fcJO . UT.-iuN. I ·: KENNEDY ASSASSINATED! ASSASSINATION CONSPIRACY? THE POSSIBILITY IS FRIGHTENING. On* hundred TXMwaod irWkM tOOtMl m rit esBi j'.*r*,T i Li' . HIM [Ciccrii ir i«i IC^MJ t.?i · r1 "" c»itw»iii T h c % t o:ci. Ill, I V I L I B I . ".« I I ··!· I 1 I1UI t N O f l . t O - . ^ M ! A C r ) BURT LANCASTER ROBCRTRTAN W1UOUR ·XIICUIIVnACIIOM^ .^riC3£BiiS)toaiv m*.].i4 J'M'AaaV 14 fm lust a patty IcMifl stxxrf «myfoody, n NT »*i liLil 1 ** r»f uurH, ii ll · E C I - I M L l ) H l fall M OUT nt I I I ) ·TTM r*H rtral never hurt i»i ifiu*" A i n r ' t u t i v i x c rot IILI M U C O JO'al I . ' l | U « t S T . T»[ I "RAXCHO DELUXE" mi Call (w showtim« « Co-Hit MAOUUH . M«Mini . IIYNXXD IUCKY LADY (« DAVID MV1N OlDDRACULA(«j MOM-nL 1,00 . UT..UIN. lit PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES OUla OfMiH D^llv At 4:00 · Show S l f l r l s i IMPMTANI K 0 1 I C E I C H I I O R I N UMOEH I I I R I F I I 111 MHrll Ml I LjjtmM V*4 *M «n CMtrr 474 H11 lONr. Df ACM LONO BEACH O K I V E - I M 1. OONI IN 60 SICONOS r«l ]. KILLIK FCHCl 1U 3. MATH »AC1 3090 fl MIL t*OO*CV WLAWI BLAZING SADDLES t) TIltY lAVALAi INSIDE OUTiot JW^r*-] TIMI7YIHO rOMUtlONI lILMOOU'tmASM I kntunr lltf. 1. f ROM MYOM) 1 3. WHHF1 (ra) ra I MinivtT fvl I THACKDOWN m JAMUCAAN _THi_Kiuiii 'ynj 9 ACJMMV AWAM NOMmAnO OM( f UTW OVH THI CUCKOO 1 J MIT cm "' rTT7 -^ tlllrrtlmt UUUM ». IT ««.!· ni u» IIMIlAHCArtll (XICUT1VE ACTION ira) noi. WAI MTWIIH MEN » WOMf Nra Han UOOU'WAAlHr ·LAZINO SADDLES ID rtuV UVAIAI |NS_ID(_OllT(a| KUHO rUAcnoNl 1. HJKK NAOONt imWCVC (I J. TXI RUCK MAOON |l) _». CHINtM X4QUHK (l| JIM AVKHUM TRACKDOWN m fAMl CAAM THE KILLER ELITE iroi TXETAXIE DRIVER (·) _ _ _ HARD_TIMES ira 9 ACAfiUrr AWAID MOCAJHATIO**! ONI ri(W OVI» THI CUCKOO'S NE1T («l I ...I." ..'MB6- |Hi«n HI* · IK/ M rut»»r » T J ^ ] 4 Ifl7 AH AUTOIUaA TRACXDOWN [n tAJAffl CAAN THE KILLER ELITE («: Illl CLA»IUtO*r;j*WJ MOtIM GABLE LOMBARD i«i PART II: WALKING TALL [*,) $O«»T. I4O PAiiH OK OHir AMA MIVI-IH tUKI lOWkT M IILtO THE TAXI DRIVER m HARD TJMESiFoi HI I UOOtC*' IMAM1I BLAZING SADDLES (.1 nur SAVAIAI INSIDE OUT toi ''TROFOUNbiLY MOVING AND :AUTIFUL"--^i^^, Pr«vT«l«9r»rn "This film is a triumph?\ ; T lf ; ', N»OSKr?ra=CS 2:10-5:35-9:05 IM atinot cimu «o» rwr. AT WUTM sr. .^ ' f O ' ; 1052 40-630-1055 12:07-3:34-7:0100:58 "«PO*TTOTHE "WHIFFS" ~) COMMISSIONER" TM 10:30-1 :S7-S:2J-8:51 ,, 35 -4 30-8 » 1 04-5309:55 "BLUME IN LOTE" rr. "CONDUCT : UNBECOMING" - 10:30-l:»-5:28-«:CT LOS ClllllTOS CIMTIH MS PHKWAV AT SOUTH ST. Award Nomfnafloot Ann MargrAt ai . " " Tommy :'· ^ 3 45 70i 1 0 7 5 "THE ROILING STONES" ? ? S - i i 505 "WHIFFS 10 "BEYOND THE GRAVE", p?» i ·/- 'JO I C i 4 5 "TALES FROM THE CRYPT" 2 10- ill - 9 I 1 /4LJCE '! iDOESNT i UVEHB^E . /NfYMORE ! 1J 5 5 4 '/)8 '/) (5 ,. 3 MUSKETEERS".. "4 MUSKETEERS"- "JAWS" ,«, WfftTMINfTfK MAIL, SAN OJfOO »W/Y, AT BO1SA AVINUI . »HOM*|714) t*l.|MS

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