Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 5, 1973 · Page 22
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 22

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, February 5, 1973
Page 22
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PAGE 22 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N Engagements] West'Shute Betty, West and Timothy Shute plan an April 7 wedding. /Miss West is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lowell West, 701 W. Valencia Koad. The prospective bridegroom is the son of'Mr. and Mrs. Vernbn Shute ofMorenci. · . . " The .bride-elect is a graduate of' Sunnyside High School. Shute was graduated from Morerici High School. Gutierrez-Strouse . A March 23 wedding at St. Joseph's Catholic Church is planned by Sylvia Jean Gu- tienrez and Warren Leslie Strouse. The bride-elect is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Skicewicz, 2541 S. Rook Ave. Mr. and Mrs. Wan-en Strouse of -Ravenna, Ohio; are the prospective bridegroom's parents.-; · ; . ' , , Miss Gutierrez was graduated from Palo. Verde High School. Strouse attended Kent (Ohio) State University. Leyva~Moore Christ Presbyterian Church will be the setting for the May 20 Vwedding of Jane Ellen Leya, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Leya Jr., and Richard Deane Moore, son of :Mr; and Mrs. Lloyd H. Moore of Eagle Rock; Calif. ; :' "The bride-elect is a student at the University of Arizona in, ^tiie College of Nursing and is a :member of the Arizona Association of Student Nurses. The prospective bridegroom is a senior at Arizona State University at Tempe. Jfour Stars By SYDNEY OMARR ' ' ' ' ' " TUESDAY, FEB. t Taurus collects, flics, docs research, gathers Information and puts It to personal use. Taurus Is a valuable allv and a formidable foe. Natives of this zodiacal sign can be somewhat heavy-handed but they possess enough basic charm to get away with almost anything. Amonq those who are proud to be Tauroans Include Borbra Streisand, Don Rlcklcs and Anthony Qulnn. ARIES (March II -April u): Lunar cycle now coincides with time when you make headway, when doors which were closed are ready to swlno open. Get going; take Initiative. Stress Independence, original approach. Welcome chance to display unique abilities. TAU RUS (April 20-May It) : Farm opinions only after personal checking, investigating. Some persons now ask you to take things for granted. This would not be wise. Ask questions. Insist cm factual Information, discard ru- roors ' GEMINI (MnyJl-Jun* JO): Friend who seems to be plodding Is. really oolno through period of preparation. Knew It and withhold final iudg- mcnt. Seek bchind-sccncs knowledge. Aquarius, Leo persons figure prominently. Some wishes will be fulfilled. CANCER (June Jl-Julr 21): Point of view changes and this will be to your ultimate benefit. You receive meaningful compliment. One you respect displays trust, faith In your ability. Standing Is elevated. You have chance for significant gain. LEO (July23-Aug.il): Good lunar aspect now coincides wltn lournev, special correspondence, travel. Gemini, Virgo persons could flaure promlcntly. Look beyond the Immediate. Perceive potential. Conditions at home Improve if you make conciliatory oes- Ur °' VIRGO(Auq.2J-SMt.J2): What was discarded may be repossessed. You can make use of what was considered useless. Message will become Increasingly clear. Pisces Is involved. Money, possessions belonging to another could be your temporary rcsonslblllty. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Accept responsibility. Stick lo project even if c-olng gets rough. If you do, reward wm be great. If you attempt to skip necessities you pay a dear price. Time Is on your side. Give your best effort and you also will receive much. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Noy. 21): Study Libra message. Be aware of responsibility. But don't permit dependent to take advantaoe of you. Draw line between understanding and foolish acquiescence. Yo'i will finish special asslnnmcnt. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-DeC. 21): Chance, travel and variety are featured. Intensified relationship Is also on agenda. Nothing occurs halfway -- it Is all or nothing. Prepare accordingly. Creative lulccs flow. You express yourself In mcaninoM manner. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. i»: Home, domestic situation Is emphasized. Key now is to be ultraoractlcal. Check details. Review obiectives. Be thorough. Consider needs of older family member. You can begin building anew -on solid base. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): . Accent on freeing yourself from foolish restrictions. Imprint your own style. Be with those who can laugh and live. Saolt. tarlan could play key role. Write, express vouself. Shake off lethargy. PISCES (Feb. 1»-March 50): Financial earn Indicated. What you thought was lost is rediscovered. Special collection, unusual hobby may be In picture. Evaluate needs. Be a comparison shopper. Genuine bargain is now available. IF TODAY °IS °YOU°R BIRTHDAY vou have unusual voice. You embark on new project, adventure this year with July indicated as your most Important .month in 1973. Many associations in your life are indicated with Taurus and Libra persons. Copyright 1973 POWERFUL PLUNGER CLEARS CLOGGED TOILETS NEVEX AGAIN that ick f.tlmn wh«n yavir Joil«t ov»rflow» TOILAFLEX Toilet ^^1 Plunger UnliVe ordinary plungers, Toilafiex docs not permit compressed air or metsy w»ter to splash back or escape. With Toilaflex the full pressure plows through the clogging m»ss and swishes it down. · SUCTION-RIM STOPS SPLASH-RACK · CENTERS ITSELF, CANT SKIO AHOUND · TAPtftEO TAIL GIVES AIR-TIGHT FIT *2»* AT MAtOWAtl STO*K FOOD GIANT "Where Shopping is o Pleasure' '·-·······-·····£ EXTRA LEAN ;:' ARMOUR | GROUND LITTLE ROTISSERIE JURKIY .LB. 69 TURKEY USDA 8 GRADE A NO BACKS, NECKS, GIBLETS BEST OF THE FRYER u . 6 TO 8 IB. AVERAGE HOLLY FARMS 65* S FRYER PARTS USDA GRADE A -- HAND CUT BREASTS ,69' DRUMSTICKS THIGHS , WEIGHT WATCHER'S ' S P E C I A L ! FRESH FROZEN FISH BONELESS TURBOT FILLET LB HEADS OFF WHOLE WHITING LB BONELESS FILLET RED SNAPPER DELICIOUS ' SQUID LB 79* 49* 89* 39* ·1 LB. PKG. 85 · · * MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1973 FOOD GIANT HICKORY SMOKED SLICED BACON FRESH SLICED YOUNG BEEF LIVER MORRELL PRIDE ALL MEAT FRANKS PKX 69 GREAT; FOR SEASONING! PEYTON'S MEATY SKINLESS OSCAR MAYER SMOKIE LINKS 12OZ. PKG. NORBEST USDA GRADE A NUKBtbl UbUAUKAUt A O A f t TURKEY HINDQUARTERS LB Ob HOLLY FARMS USDA GRADE A YOUNG ROASTERS TYSON PRIDE USDA GRADE A CORNISH GAME HENS Ii: HAM SHANKS LB PEYTON HONEY DIPT BONELESS DINNER HAM FULLY COOKED WHOLE OR HALF.,..;.... ...... ;,..ll. $149 BATTER MIX AROUND JUICY FRANK CORNDOGS ..LB. 1 LB Af* OO SWIFT'S PREMIUM -- 8 OZ. PKG. BROWN N SERVE SAUSAGE 69 x V \/' \ / \ TURKEY Bastes itself inside and out / with corn oil. VALUE TRIMMED SWIFT'S PROTEN BEEF -- TENDERNESS /LUS! RANCH STYLE BONELESS TOP ROUND - SlfiS $ Manhattan Broil Steak LB 1 |49 $139 BONELESS SHOULDER FILLET t SAVOY BROIL STEAK LB TENDERED BONELESS CUBED STEAK ..LB. BROIL STEAK TENDER CENTER CUT- CHUCK IB. BARBEQUE SHORT RIBS LB BONELESS BBQRIBLETS LB BONELESS STEW MEAT :LB. GREEN STAMPS DAIRY-DELI-DEPT. FOOD GIANT LARGE AA EGGS FOREMOST RICH CHOCOLATE MILK FOREMOST PROFILE NONFAT MILK KRAFT PURE ORANGE JUICE IMPERIAL MARGARINE DOZEN QUART CARTON HALF GALLON' HALF GALLON 1 LB. PKG. PRICES GOOD MON., WED., FEB. 5-7th OLD-TimVflLUtf!UJOnDeRFULnUJGIFT/lJJITHSHGR«nSTflmPS - _ ALLVARIETIES ' ft t % 10 'cSs'. 'I FRISKIES CAT FOOD 8'SSI;?· I 1 ^ CONTADINA ^ ; ' : LAYER CAKE MIXES FRESH BAKED GOODS TENDERCRUST 100% STONE GROUND BREAD - - HOT DOG OR HAMBURGER TENDERCRUST BUNS PKO TENDERCRUST THIN SLICED SANDWICH BREAD Vog BREAKFAST TREAT APPLE NUT ROLL KS, FRESH AND TASTY Eft GLAZED DONUTS S 55 DELUXE DUNCAN MINES 6OZ. CANS CONTADINA TOMATO SAUCE , CONTADINA ^ TOMATO PASTE CONTADINA STEWED TOMATOES CONTADINA TOMATO PUREE SWIFT'S " ' ' · . . ; ; ' ..., ···pg* t , PREM LUNCHEON MEAT 59 SUNSHINE ORIGINAL * 6 5 6 OZ. * | CANS I 33* ALL VARIETIES FRISKIES CAT FOOD STOCK UP . FRISKIES DOG FOOD CAT FOOD : FRISKIES BUFFET JELLO · ALL FLAVORS 8 7 1SOZ. CANS CANS INSTANT PUDDING 5 8ox G E! $ l .HEINZ CREAM TOMATO SOUP HEINZ NO. 1 CANS 37' FROZEN FOODS CHUN KING CHINESE FOOD · BEEF, CHICKEN OR SHRIMP CHOWMEIN · SHRIMP OR CHICKEN EGG ROLLS LOBSTER MEAT · EGG ROLLS SHRIMP MEAT EGG ROLLS YOUR CHOICE PKG. STOUFFER'S oiuurrcKC f^f FRENCH CRUMB CAKE ^S; 65° BIRDS EYE VEGETABLES ^ ** BUTTER BEANS !?S 19* SHOESTRING t\£* ORE IDA POTATOES !?£ Z5 P TREESWEET -.,_ ^ . ORANGE JUICE:!S.47* ^ 24* S159 MJB LONG GRAIN INSTANT RICE 14 OZ. BOX PAMPER'S DISPOSABLE DIAPERS · DAYTIME 30'S S 1 59 · NEWBORN 30'S T 9 · TODDLER 12'S 99 STOCK UP NOW! PRO VITA TMUVMA ' , . - _ DEL MONTE ORGANIC CEREAL J J S _ 4 5 * PRUNE JUICE ouMjniifL wniuiriAL · ' 'Mtlji ncir»*. · f\t HYDROX COOKIES 3S 49 0 KOSHER Dili PICKLES !IS 49* SWIFT'S *»Jfc CINNAMON CRISP OR.CLUB ' m p JEWEL SALAD OIL :.8a§' 89* KEEBLER CRACKERS BOX 45* t^fl 11 ^*k »»·* . ' - " . ' ' 69 ^^ L/WLC rctujrr LAOCL ·CRUSHED J**** 25* . PINEAPPLE...:]=..!?S.. .; 39* AM WHITE 8, ASSORTED A"!* 39* CHIFFON FACIAL TISSUE 2 ^ Z7* LAUNDRY * nCTCDrtCMT 55' 19* REYNOLD'S · ALUMINUM FOIL WRAP !« REYNOLD'S BROWN N BAGS !°S*1 CLING FREE · f*A FABRIC : MFTENER..:.:JRk..»..-.B" FOR THE BATHROOM DELSEY TISSUE WHITE 8, ASSORTED CHIFFON FACIAL TISSUE LAUNDRY DETERGENT WHITE KING D WHITE KING ^ COLD CREAM SOAP 2 49 OZ. BOX BATH BARS TENDER AND SWEET FRESH POLE PEAS SQUEEZE A GLASS OF VITAMINS SWEET JUICE ORANGES Ib. 29 4 6 $ Ibs. 1 CHICKEN O SEA BREADED BUTTERFLY SHRIMP 160Z. PKG. SWANSON MEAT * BEEF PIES · CHICKEN 8 ° 2 - · TURKEY MAXIM INSTANT COFFEE' $ DOWNY FABRIC SOFTENER TART--BUT SO GOOD CRISP MCINTOSH APPLES 4 * PLUMP AND RIPE . · · · RED CHERRY TOMATOES 4 Ss S 1 GOOD IN A SALAD 4 t\* COOL GREEN CUCUMBERS ,, 19 C MAKE A FRESH PIE TONIGHT .'· ' ^ HOT HOUSE RHUBARB *39 C EVERYDAY LOW PRICE /I A A NO. 1 CHIQUITA BANANAS 2 29° GOOD AT ANY MEAL ·« A "*A NO. 1 RUSSET POTATOES 10 - 79 C STORE HOURS DAILY 8 AM- *M SUNDAY 9 A W - 7 P M FOOD GIANT · WON TOWN · a CAMPO CE P.mo C r Q y f f O » t · ??rtd Ood Co · FLOWING WELLS PWZA ·FORT10WILL I 100% Locally Owned -- Operated by Bob Tornquist · a CflMPO CENTER · CASAS ADOBES · MAYFAR PLAZA · BERKSHIRE VILLAGE · MISSION MANOR · BEL-fllR PLAZA · MENLO PLAZA FOOD GIANT DOUBLE STAMPS EVIRY WEDNESDAY Y

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