Independent from Long Beach, California on March 17, 1966 · Page 19
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1966
Page 19
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She said she wasn't the least bit curious about its contents, but while moving it she bent one of the pages with her long fingernail, and while straightening it out she saw the word "battle- Master Chorale to sing premiere Roger Wagner and the Los Angeles Master Chorale will present the world premiere of a new Requiem Mass by Elinor Remick Warren in The Music Center Pavilion Sunday, April 3, at 7 p.m. Satisfy Ms hunger for vitality, too with breakfast Start him in the right direction ever)' day, with a nutritious breakfast t h a t includes milk. Milk him the lasting energy he needs for busy, active mornings. And more. Milk's bright, pure flavor seems to give a lift to the whole meal. Breakfast is more satisfying. Make sure your whole family starts out their day right, with milk's v i t a l i t y at breakfast. Milk...great any time, with any meal a message from dairy farmer members c.f american dairy association ax." And wondering who I would call a "battle-ax" she read that page. I had written some horrible things, Abby, because I was awful mad at her at the time, but I really didn't mean them. She said the feeling was mutual, and from now on I shouldn't depend on her for anything. I do love her, Abby. and I feel just terrible. What should 1 do?--UNSTEAMED DEAR U N S T E A M E D : Every mother should know that there are times when her children could cheerfully wring her neck, just as there are times when she could cheerfully wring theirs. Letting off steam as you did in your diary was no crime. Everyone is entitled to his private thoughts. I hope your mother will forgive and forget. She should. Perhaps she, too, spoke in anger and haste. My advice to you Is to Oswald Jacoby Take heed after any blackwood Today's North hand was shown as the basis for several questions in the card sense addition to our regular column. When North bid six hearts our comment was "Once you bid Blackwood and find out that your side has enough aces to go to six, you must go to six." A letter from New York underlines the words you must go to six and asks, "Can there be no doubts, no agoni7,ing reappraisal -- Tm probably being too aggressive--my partner may only have six or seven points--is there any reason to think he has more?' Can there be no turning back?" The answer to our reader Is that the turning back should take place before you use Blackwood. You do not --repeat, do not--use Blackwood unless you are prepared to go to six with a combined total of three aces. NORTH'S Blackwood bid represented some slight optimism on his part but one keep "letting off steam" in writing. But not in a diary. Use scratch paper, and destroy it Immediately. DEAR ABBY: What does one do when a couple drops in al precisely the tim? for our favorite TV show? It is a half-hour afternoon program. My husband, who will be 90 next summer, says, "Next time I am going to turn it on anyway." Wouldn't that be rude?--WONDERING DEAR W O N D E R I N G : Greet your callers with, "Hello, you are just In time to watch our favorite TV program with us. Sit down.": Then watch the program. ! DEAR ABBY: A man from the cemetery has been going around selling lots and monuments. I would like to know, do you really have to put the date of your birth on the monument? I don't think it's anybody's bus! ness. NEEDS TO KNOW , DEAR NEEDS: It It cus-l ternary to place the date* of birth and death on a monument, but It Is fitrictly » mat-! ter of choice, not law. : , PnXl«m: Whllt to Attv. Box «700. Los AnMitt. Co! For · pcnon*l .t Dlv. enclose · stamped. s*lf-«ddrt«s«d| Corns, Callouses, Bunions, Sore Toes Dr. SchoU't Super-Sufi Zino-p*di provid* fust, cushioning protection from painful nhno friction, pr«««ur*. Separate medicated du»kt included in pcckax* to h*tp r*mov« corn*. callnuve*. 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