Independent from Long Beach, California on February 28, 1969 · Page 42
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 42

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1969
Page 42
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C-I4-.INO«NO£NT (AM) PRESS.TELEGRAM (PM) Itttt if.. Ph.. Pt». », NON-RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE Notice is hereby piven by thp un- fl*.-5lcn*d Chwter W. Dock rcsidinc »! S62 FJint Ave. ^.\^\\ hong BCHfh. California, that aftw the date of February 27. 1963 he will not be r#- *ponFible for any debts, liabiliiifs, *"' nblipation* incurred by any jpr- *r»np otlxr tha-i himself. paied February 26. 1969. OlESTEH W. BOCK Fb. 27. 2S. March 5. 1969 iSt) l-Jll. NOTICE OF SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY Notice is hereby given that under *nrl pursuam to the law made and S rovidM, the underpinned, S. M. . niolicr. HIT Lemon Ave.. l-on£ Beach. California, will f*\\ Jxi public j «LT:!OII at faid address, s: U« i o'clock A . M . on the iSth day of i March 1269. the foMowinp d»- [ »-rjbed jer?onftl properiy or .^o . much :hereof a« may be necessary ' to satisfv a Isen due the : Mpned ffV rent incurred at .^aid ad- ! dre^s. tofrether w i t h co.-is of adver- j ti.-inp and espenst 1 .* of sale: i Dejcription- l ie!evi?ion. l h i - f i . ; rr.fn* cintiuns. Owner: John L PfrkjnF. Amount due: StJtiO.OO. Dated i h i « 20th nay of Febriiary, ? M. S M O M K R H I T LAHIOTI Ave. Lone Beach. Cahr Uti L.r: 1. ' ' " ' T349W N O T I C E TO C R E D I T O R S No. SO P 1-256 Superior Court of ihe ?iate «f rslifornia. for the Couiny of !.n= Anceles In th« Matter of the Est a t e of SADIE K MENDENHALL. Tipceaserl. Notice i? hereby given io rrr-diiors having r!ain»? a£;fti n;; t the paid decedent to file sairl claim? in tliF office of ihe clerk of the aforesaid court or to present them to the imde-*imed at the office of Robev: H Wallip. 214 FM Building in th* City of Lons Beach, in the afore- Mid County, which laner office ii ihe plare of business of ihe undersigned in all matter: pertaining ^ paid estate. Such c. 1 a i ni ? with i hfl necessary- vouchers must he filed or presented a« aforesaid \riihin four immths after the fir.n publication of this nonce. Dsted Fr-bruary 11. 1?69 CLARABELLE LOWRV Executrix of ;he will of said decedent. Robert H. Wallis Attornty-At-Law ?,14 FM B u i l d i n g i ona Beach, C a l i f o r n i a WSU Pub" Feb. H. 21. 3i. Mar. T. iafi9 [n LB1. "0074S C E R T I F I C A T E OF BUSINESS. FICTITIOUS NAME 59-3006 Th" unrler=i?neri dn re.ntfy they are condurtinp a hi]?inf?.«; at S52/ h. A'ondra, Paraniouni. California, un- ripr the fictiiioiis firm name n' REEF ENTERPRISES anrl thai paid firm i? composed of the foliowinj: pe.r?ons. whose iiamps in f u l l flnri place. 1 ? of rePidence are as fnllows: Hurley W. Ttob?rtp. 1817 McNao Ave.. Long Beach. Calif. Elmer E. Shore-. 10775 Tamarind. Eloomington. Calif. Dated February 13. 19fl9. (Signature) HURLET W. ROBERTS ELMER E. SHORES State of California. Los Angeles County: On Fehmary 13. 1969. before me. a Notary Public in and for said State, personally appeared Hurley Vf. Roberts and Elmer E. Shores kno^n io nit to be the. person.* ~'hose names are subscribed to the within instrument and acknowl- ·ritftd thev executed the pain* 1 . RUTH C. PARKS. fScal) Notary Public Pub. Feb. 21. 2S. Mar. 7. 14. lffiS M t i LET. 00747 CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS, FICTITIOUS NAME 69-?984 Th* undersigned do certify they ire conducting a business at 17f(07 Card Avenue. Artesia, California, under the fictitious firm name of TEXEBO TRENCHING CO. and that said firm is composed of th* following persons, whose names in f u l l and places of residence are AS follow?: Grover William Gray. 171)07 Gard Avenue, Artesia. Califor- Orville Henry Gray. 4M2 Loini- n,i Street. Lakewood. California Dated February 7. 1969. GROVER WILLIAM G R A Y ORVJLLE H E N R Y G R A Y State of California. Los Angeles County: On February 7. IftfiD. before me, s Notary Public in and for said Slate. D-rsonallv appeared Grnver WHHnrr Gray and On-ill* Henry Gray known to me to hp the persons who?f names are subpcnberl to t n e w i t h i n instrument and acknnwl- ·deerl thev pse.ciit?d the samp. " K A T H R Y N K. McKiXIGHT fSsal^ Notary Puhlir. Ajy C n n u n i c s i o n F.rpiVOP Marrll 27, Pub. fb. ^1. 2R. M a r . 7. H. !Pfi9 M t l LE:I - _ ""00749 CERTIF1CATF OF BUSINESS, FICTITIOUS NAME 69-3005 TliP undersigned do certify they ?re conducting a business at P.O. Box S116. Long Beach. California, under the fictitious firm name oi MARINER'S HAND CRAFT MODELS and that =aid f i r m is- composed of 'lie following persons, whose name.? in full and places of residence, are aF follows: Hpn P. Beck. 2313 Heather Avenue Long Beach. California; Law- r*nre E. Beck. KtlS Heather Ave- mi». I.tmp Beach. California. Dateri: February Ki. IflfiS. " IF " a HELEN J'. IIKCK LA\VRENCF. R RF.CK Stale of California. Los Anceles County: On Fehmary 13. 196!). before me. * Notary Public in and for sairi ·State, pei-soimlly appeared Helen P. Berk and I^awrencft F. Beck k n o w n to me to be, the person? \\no?e Dame? are subscribed to the within Instrument and acknowledged they '"RLSIK M MAHON. f S i » a l » N n t a r y P i i h l i r Fib. Feh. 21. 2S. M a r . 7. "H, 10B9 MO _LBI- NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE T. S. No. 68-5210 o n Tii^-ilay. Marr-h 2. r ). IPfifl. «t |i:0n a.m.. VVFST COAST TITLE COMPANY. a. c 'luly appointed Trustee under and pursuant to Deed of Trusi dated Mnrrh 22. 196S. executed by .JOHN W. SIMONS Jind CHPJSTIXK SIMONS, husband and wife, and recorded March 27. I96S a? instr. No. 1170 in bonk T5725. pape 5SS of Official Record- T the, office of the County Recorder of Lo? Anpoles County. California ^VILL SELL AT PUBLIC AUCTION 'IYJ HIGHEST BIDDER FOR CAKH (pnyahlp nt t i m e of «al« in l a w f u l money "f the U n i t e d .States;* ai t h e entrance of the. Lo.i AugelW f i u n t y rnurt house at .VI "W^M Fir.--t St*. !*".« Angele.*. California, a l l l i p h l . t i t l e a n d interest conveyed tr. find n^w held by it nn- ·l^r -;aid Derd of Trust in t h e prnri- pj'.y F i t t i a t e i i in PHiri Couiny and ,,t ?"nf Tract "\n. 21fifi4. a. per map in r ' ; . s So. Sti and R7 nf Map*, in the n f f i c P of thf 1 pomity i-Rrord- *r of said - r u n n y . .·^aid salf wil! he marii*. hut w i t h out rovennni or warraniy. PXPITPB ir implied. reTM;inhnp t i t l e , po^ffp- .·sinn. nr *ii]cuml»r;iin-*-5. t" pay the i-*iiiaiiiinp p r i n n p H i sum r.f the note *yur*d by said D-fii -if Tnisi. w i t h interp.-'t HS in said note provided. adv;incf?, if a n y , u n d e r Ihe terms of said Dftftd ·' Tru.-t, fnep, charge." and expenses of ihfi Tni?- trf- and *jf the trii.--t.» creaifd hy h aid Deed of Tru«t. The ben^firiary tmd*r said Deed ^r Truft, by reason nf a breach ir default in t h e 'ibliRations i«e.cuiRd Thereby, heretofore executed anrl dfthve.rftd to the undpr.-=tpned n written Pftcla ration of Default and Pmiand for Sale, and v r f t t e n notice of breach and of ejection to r.zuft llie undnr.-nfi7ie'l t'» ?ell said property 10 .--atisfy s-'iid obliRationF. and thereafter, on November l.'f. 1%S. the iindfirpiRned /·atl.'i'd s.iifl notice of breach and of election io h«. in hook MSO-io. pa?n «75. of raid O f f i r j a l Records I l « t » . Ffthnmry 21. 1W WK.ST COAST TrThB COMPANY a.- said Tnwtne. F^ : T P. SERVICE C O M P A N T . Affflnt F* DONALD J. F A I R F A X , N 0 T T E L L S MAX. A BRYAN Counselor A resident oi Long Beach sines 1930. Retired after serving 25 years in the Long Beach Fire Dep't. Active in th» Church life oi the community having served in various assignments in the Church o! Letter Day Saints lor Ihe past 36 years. Mr. Bryan invites your inquiries regarding our Prearrangement plan. K 0 T T E L L S MOTTELL'S MORTUARY 436-2284 909 E. Third Street , t a r r h (3D Ofcihiirlet-Fi»i«r«l* S Obifii«ri«vF«Mr«l» SObittMfits-F*Mr«l» I GMum^Kmrnfy ALBERS -- Josephine: Louise (Mrs.) Chapel | 5 service and interment 12 F noon Saturday West- . c minster Memorial Park ; t Mortnan- and Cemeterv. 1 -- " ( ANDERSON -- l.i. . William Albert of 8911 r Mays, Garden Grove. In- | lennent will he at Ar- - r lingion National Ceme- i tery with full military ( honors, loi-al arrange- c ments by Mottell's Mor- I tuary, 3rd Alamitos. t i ATKINS -- Lewis F. r Requiem Mass Friday, S a.m., Si. Anthony's Church. Sheelar. Stricklin c directing. RALDERAS -- Tere-'J sa G. Requiom Mass Friday, 10:00 a.m., St. Hed| wig Catholic Church, di- i reeled by Mottell's Mortuary, 3rd Alamitos. BANDY -- Arthur O. . Forest Lawn-Cypress. BARTA -- Emil Andrew of 1636 Colby, Los | Angeles. Rosarv was · Thursday 7:30 p.m. Mottell's Chapel. Graveside service Friday 10:00 a.m.. Veterans Administration Cemetery with full military honors, directed by Mottell's Mor- : tuary. 3rd Alamitos. BLACK Richard R., of Silverado Canyon. Survived by wife, Sally; sons, Ricky, Ron and Brent; parents, Mr. and Mrs. Reed M. Black; brother, Donald; sister, Mrs. Barbara Schultz. Service Friday, 1 p.m., Long Beach 3rd Ward Chapel, LDS Church, 6500 Atherton. Spongberg Mortuary directing. BURLES Ken, of 5917 Cerritos Ave. Service Friday 10 a.m. Long Beach 6th Ward Chapel, LDS Church. Spongberg Mortuary directing. CARSON -- William Anderson. Masonic service Saturday 2:00 p.m., M o 1 1 e 11 's Mortuary Chapel, 3rd Alamitos. CHASE -- Clive W., 3807 Chatwin Ave. Service Friday (today), 1 p.m., Dilday Family L a k e w o o d Chapel. HA 1-8411. CHOUDOIR -- -Elda. Service 10:30 a.m., Saturday, Hunter Mortuary | Chapel i COONS -- Marguerite of 3042 E. 3rd St., Apt. 5. Born near Bloomfield, ', Iowa in 1875. Member of First Christian Church; 30-year member P.E.O. Survived by nieces, Edna C. Spurrier of the home adress, Hazel C. Glaze of South Pasadena, Irma C. Griswold of Corona; nephew, Donald F. Coons of Wichita, Kansas. Memorial services 2 p.m. in First Christian Church. Long Beach in the Taubman Chapel. CRANE - Eva Susan. Chapel service and private interment 10:30 a.m., Saturday, Westminster Memorial Park Mortuary and Cemetery. ~DAIL--- M. Anita, 455 E. Ocean Blvd. Service Friday (today), 3 p.m., Cathedral Chapel, Sunnyside Memorial Park. Dilday Family Funeral Directors in charge. DECKER -- Joseph, Mottell's Mortuary, 3rd Alamitos. 436-°284. DIFFERDING -- Lillian Green. Forest Lawn- Cypress. DYKES -- Clara A. Age 55, of 2541 E. 14th St. Survived by several nieces and nephews. Service Saturday, 4 p.m. B. W. Coon Funeral Home, 10th Obispo. FARRELL -- Charles William, Mottell's Mortuary, 3rd Alamitos. 436-2284. FINE -- Jack William of 2205 Canyon Drive, Apt. A, Costa Mesa. Age 24. Survived by wife, Dorothy; son, Michael Stithem; daughter, Shorten Fine; brother, Oliver Fine; 6 sisters, Mrs. Dolores Blanke, Eda Lizee, .lean Thompson, Margy EatO'.tgh, Marv Ellen Knoeb and Delia Louise Olson; father, Edward Waide Fine. Service Saturday 2:30 p.m. Hunter Mortuary Chapel. FRANCIS Farl F Forest Lawn-Cypress. HAMMOND Inhn W. Service Monday, 1 1 a.m., Dildiiv Family Chapel. 43G-M24. HARRIS -- Patricia .1., infant daughter of Mr. S- Mrs. Robert A. Harris of 6302 Iroquois Ave., Wnslminster. Graveside service Monday, 12 noon, Memorial Park. Dilday Family Funr-ral Directors in charge. HEDGES -- Ella M. Stephens of 1403 E. 8th. C orn 95 vears ago in : pringfield." M i s s o u r i , icd Wednesday. Mem- j )er of Ebell, Womans , Jity Club, Loyalty Club, \rthur L. Peterson Post , ««. 27 Auxiliary, Willam McKinley Camp Auxiliary. Navy Marie Veterans Association , j.S.W.V. Service Moil- ay, 2:00 p.m. with Dr. Donald R. O'Connor offi- iating, Moil ell's Mor- , nary Chapel, 3rd U amices. HOHENHAUS -- Ed-./ vard W. Forest Lawn- Cypress. HUNTLEY --"Eugenia : . Forest Lawn-Cypress. 1 IIT7 KHo-n- K ige 60, of 6826 Bacarro St., Long Beach. Passed iway February 27. Sur- 'ived by wife, Betsy; 1 son, Steven G.; 3 datigh- ' ters, Barbara Shaw, , Constance McKeon and C y n t h i a McCabe; 2 , brothers, 11. Earl and ; Robert M.; sister, Elean- '· or Mugons; 6 grandchil- i dren. Service Monday, 10:30 a.m. at Peek's Family Colonial Funeral Home, Westminster. i MCCARTY -- Maud. Patterson Snivelv. · 436-6201. M1LFORD -- William C., 709 Pacific Ave. Dilday Family Funeral Directors. 436-9024. MOVER - · Florence, Mottell's Mortuary, 3rd ' Alamitos. 436-2284. PARVIN -- Clara B. Service 10:30 a.m., Fri- \ day. Hunter Mortuary i Chapel. ; PATTERSON -- Pearl Romans of 926 Appleton. Born 85 years ago in Monroe, Iowa, died Wednesday. Survived by husband, George E. of Long Reach; step-daughter, Myrle Gadbois of Lake San Marcos; stepson, George M. Patterson of Iowa. Service Saturday, 3:30 p.m., Mottell's Mortuary Chapel, 3rd Alamitos. PIERCE -- Ruth Sarah, age 73, of 1101 E. Ocean Blvd. Survived by husband, Harold E.; sister, Mrs. Orpha McConville. Private services were held Thursday. Holton Son Chapel. PO'lTEK -- Howard W. Chapel service and interment 12 noon Fr day, Westminster Memorial Park Mortuary and Cemetery. REDFERN -- Jasper N.. 5636 Carita St. Surviving: son, Lavelle; daughers, Mrs. l.uella Weide, Mrs. Dorothy Camp and Mrs. Frankie Enos. Service and interment, Yates Center, Kansas. Dilday Family .akewood Mortuary in charge locally. ROOD -- Leo V., of mount. Survived by wife, Peggy; halfbrother, Burton Rood. Service Saturday, 10 a.m. Spong- WALKER -- Winford ;. Forest Lawn-Cypress. WEAVER -- Man- Elen, of 629 Lime. Born 5 years ago in Arizona, lied Wednesday. Sur- ·ived by husband. Elvin W. of Long Beach; laughter, Sandra L. iombroski of Long teach; son, Thomas L. if So. Carolina; sisters, .illian R. Hart of Santa Monica Mildred C. jimmens of Inglewood; i grandsons. Service Saturday, !1:00 a.m., VlotteH's Chapel, 3rd Uamiios. WHITE -- Man-in Vance, of 21811 Carlerik Ave., Long B e a c h . , 'assed away Thursday, -"eliruary 27, in a Tor( ranee hospital. Rorii De- \ comber S, 1927, in Mo- · desio, Calif. Lived in the Long Beach area 37 years. Survived by mother, Mrs. Verona Hopkins, i Long Roach; 1 sister, LaVerne Porter, Tor- ranee; also survived by ; one niece and one neph- · ew. Service 10 a.m. Saturday, March 1, at the White Day Colonial Chapel, Redondo Beach. IntermiMil Pacific Crest C e m e t e r y, Redondo Beach. W1LLINGHAM -- Janet Caroline, 2411 Domingo Road, Fullcrton. Passed away Thursday. Beloved wife of Boyd K. W i 1 1 i n g h a in. Service Monday, March 3rd, at 10 a.m. in Rose Hills Memorial Chapel, Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier, Rose Hills Mortuary directing. WITBECK -- Lula, of 928 Loma Vista Drive. S e r v i c e Saturday, 1 :30 p.m. Spongberg Mortuary Chapel. WRIGHT --- Annie. Age 92, of 1426 Stevely Ave. Survived by sons, Stephen, Henry; daughters, Lillian Frazer, Lucy Gilbert, Margaret Morrison and Charlotte Kirkpatrick; 11 grandchildren; 14 great-grandchildren. Private Memorial Services Friday, 3 p.m., Sunnyside Mission Chapel. Interment, Westchester County, New York. Sunnyside Mortuary directing. Funeral Directors 10 WESTMINSTER Memorial Park MORTUARY AND CEMETERY Everything in On» Beautiful Place COMPLETE FUNERALS FROM $245 L«s Cflit -- No traffic oroblem 14801 Bftach Blvd. GE 1-W77 WESTMINSTER FOREST LAWN MORTUARY One Arrangement for Undertaking Cemetery 4X/I1 Lincoln Avj CEncva 1 2517 w.OlltLL'S MORTUARY 909 E. Third 436-2284 WHITE FUNERAL HOME 990.1 E Flowvr. BeilM 867-2741 nerg moruidiy *-napt._i. - - Q ATKOVSK V Pn N J\-/ni " f\ t ivii t J 5932 Santa Barbara, Garden Grove. Service and i n t e r m e n t , Struthers, Ohio. Dilday Family Funeral Directors in charge locally. SHORTLY -- Clara P., age 92 of Sebastopol, Calif. Passed away Feb. 26, 1969, in Sebastopol. Survived by sister Mrs. Angelina Borba of Se; bastopol. Graveside service 1.1 a.m., Saturday, March 1st at Roosevelt , Memorial Park, Garden:!. GREEN HILLS Memorial Chapel : BELLFLOWER Mortuary 867-1779 OX fwlf H ' LLS M ° RTU RA R J5391 DILDAY Family Funeral Directors iRIESIA MORTUARY UN 5-1263 17713 So. PlonMr Art«jl« UTTER McKINI.FY MORTUARIfcS SUNNYSIDE Mausoleum. Mortuary. 1500 San Antonio Dr. GA 4 1631 HARRIS COLONIAL M O k f U - R Y 1760 California Ave. S91-0/7I Cemeteries and 20 ! Mausoleums 1 WESTMINSTER Memorial Park ; Cemeterv lots -- $150 each Includ- ' ""TAIIITV " MTM,oll-T '· «sl lr« terms. GE I-4577 P., of 8428 E. 2nd St., Paramount. Passed away 1 February 22, age 58. ; Survived by husband, ! Carl; sons, Paul and Carl ! Jr.; mother, Mrs. Rean 1 Nelson. Service Saturday, 1 p.m. Paramount ! Mortuary Chapel, John A. Mi'es, Paramount .Mortuary directing. UEHLING -- Fred Henry- Service Friday, 10:30 a.m. Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, di- i reeled by Mottell's Mor' tuary, 3rd Alamitos. VAN VLAENDEREN -- Helen, 2402 !4 Palm PI., Huntington Park. Rosary Friday (tonight), : 8 p.m., Dilday Family I.akewood Chapel. Mass Saturday, 9 a.m., St. INDEX OF MAJOR ; CLASSIFICATIONS ANNOUNCEMENTS . . . U-1M EMPLOYMENT 1B-JCS CALL AN EXPERT - lit MERCHANDISE . .115.375 RENTALS «0-»ll : BUSINESS * FINANCIAL »l!-*75 REAL ESTATF WO-HM TRANSPORTATION .. ..IMO-im I CFMFTETRY 1 ots for sale. Green- 1 hill; Memorial Park, San Pedro. \ S ^es,° r L MS? s pCyp?«ff fkB Ca 1 FOREST LAWN-CYPRESS, 4 choice : 2 LOTS. Westminster /Vernonal Park- Vic lory Garden Refls. 596006/. .. anco section. £60-14^,9 afler 4 p.m. , DBl E. interment ervot, SunnvsirJc, ! LB- below ccst. 7U-827-5530 1 LOT LDS Garden r; ^ints, Westminster Mem. Fark. 71 J--527-1890 IN .V.EMORY of William Chfules Co'.van, died F e h. 38, 1967 Alj tnouoh done irom this earth you're forever present in our hearts f- mindt. Lovingly vour · wife, dnuohier, mother, father, brothers sisiers. MlMlfiM'tftfg Announcements 35 u vears. ' Tryouts for Rotarv te.igue twsennll will tie held at Signal Hill, Cherry Diamond £3 Sat. M,v. 1, 9:30 a.m. till noon. 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OCEAN, ON THE BEACH WANTED-- Good Lono Beach Postir Home for children of all ages Call Homtflndtrj-- Cathy-- HE 5-4311 PERSON who found shopping bag in Bus Depot containing family pic- V/llNtSSES to car accident on Feb 10 at Clark 8. Candlcwood, at 3:45 D.m: Please call eves: 421-5255. MADAM "Ann" "- "" " p'-i'lm) ""cards, Psychic Rradinos. 432-9073 or 432- 911E. POOR READERS, poor spellers all Reas. 4 free lessons. GA 4 407B. OH BOY! Junk-Jtmk-Junk' Bob sfill loves funk, even good stuff. Lost chnnre, coll nr,w 436-355i WOMAN bov need home in Lono Reach area. Will work. Wrile P.O. Box 3303, HuntinQton Park. LARGE CORP. buying Apis. Houses within oreo. Bkr 925-0451. Lvan Jones 2624 E. 7th 433-0062 WE MAKE ALL KEYS ^Sc EACH. 142 L.B. Blvd variety Store HOME for unwed mother*. Godlen Grove 71.1-539-7365; 11801 Morrie L.n ESCORT or chautfeur a vail able" Call TE 0-8269 Phone Today-- DATE TOMORROW DIAL GEL-AA4TE I EARN to Fly for S175 Call for details 425-5301 FasI! Mrs. Lane. 923-9122 P AHIST with piano needed bv ilrw- er for rehearsals 423-7033 HAVE your baby's shoes bronzed now. 435-4792 hef. 10:30 a.m. SPlR'Tim. READINGS also CARD READING. TE 0-9331 DRINKING Problem? Call now -- STYLED blonde wio for salp. S25. Phone 427-016-i. Social Clubs 55 · ;: " SINGLE ADULTS ·£· You can meet more single people with vou, than vou have probab v met In vou cnlire lifetime! As the oldest a largest of the Qualified companies, we can Guarantee re suits. For an interesting rrrornri mcssaqe a Free Personality Inventory, call 434-0731 or 434-0722 COMPATIBILITY TESTING ORBIT CLUB Single Adult Social Club Aoe 30 to 55. Membership owned ooer. Dancino dlnlng-cards, etc. Viiitors welcome to oyr Friday * Sat. ntle party dances. 9 p m . E3C E. 4th LB. HE 2-9330 5INGIF ADULTS Join the In Crowd ! Meet thai special someone wno i ! just right for vou. Soccial introductory otter romnuter rjatinc ft months membership. UD to 4 matches per -no. 110 total tost. For free brochure call M5'e«itCh 4214470 ··':· Don't Be Alone «*· MEE1 the RIGHT ocople at CLARA LANE'S CLUB 3115 E. 10th 434-0383 hrs. 1-i p.m. SINGLE WOMEN -- OVER 3S A good man is hard to find! MATCHMAKER'S mav have that man tor vou. Call 428-1713 SINGLE neoolc seeking friendship write Bcverlv Social Club. P.O. Lost Found 75 '"FREE "° ram FOUND ADS Lei's do a oood de*d toactherl If you FIND a dog, cat, Keys, wallet, handbag, eyeglasses or Anything of value -- call Independent, press Telegram Clas*i- tled, HE 2-5959 and place · frt* found nd LOST; White toolbox, 1 row rubber pads. Los Alamitov S7.S reward. A97-42W eve or days 597-4381. FOUND: PuDPy-Black white, 6 wks Pld. Belwecn Molino 8. Tom- FOUND: Pet pigeon, brown i white. Vicinity Los Coyotes Dino. Woodruff. 421-8A96 ___ FOUND: "Child's "wrist V/atch.'wes LOST-- Black male ooodlc. Blxpy LOST-- Keys. Taooed "Gen Camn- boll." Reward, call 438-B9JA. LOST-- Fcm. CaiTco cat w/whll't lens, vie. Wcslslde. 432-8372. LOST orov female cot 3 wks «oo LOST: Tfln A white mal» \frr\fr, "Hobo." Call 42.5-llflS LOST-t.adlcs' wftifcL Ple«e return Important I.D.'J. 599-16.11 LotfiFMM 71 UN TAGGED DOGS 3001 C- Willow, 4Z7-992* Stray Dsss impoundtd P«bruary 26, 1969 BMton, Wale, BlkWhtte, 4 Yry Boston, Mate, B\'n. White, 4 Yrj. W55 RuiaeA Ave. .. , . . K-9 Shep. x, male, Blk Tan, * Mos. Mulr School . . K-10 SKep. X, Male. Gray 4 Tan, 2 Y«. 2180 Olive Ave K-U G.S. Hair, AA«le, Liver t Wht. JVa Yr. 930 E. 19th St. . . K-25 Mix. Fe. Bik 1 v/ni. 2 Mos. Muir School K-27 Mix, Male, BIK. Wht. 2 Yrs. 15ih Stanfoit PI. . .. K-31 Mix, Male, Brn. Wht. 2Vi Mo*. 1722 Ximeno Ave K-52 Mix, Fe, Btk. 2 Mos. 196* Pacific Ave P.C. 5 Mix. Male, Brn. 1 Yr. Steirns Jr. High School ... K-57 Ba?scti Hound, Fe, Brn. Wht. 8 Yrs. Hughes Jr. High . K-M Crocker X. Male, Blk. Wht. 1 Yr .4330 Donafd Douglas Dr. K-«? (.rocker X, t-t. Bl?nd Wnht. 2',.MOS. 1029 Magnolia Ave. K-66 MIX, Male, Griv, i Mgs. 217 E. 19in. St. K-/5 1 Raccooi Gray 700 BIcck Olive . C.C. 4 Ai:o check County Pound. 1125S S. Garfield Ave.. 3iS-1175. Humane So-iriv o 1 io. Olii. a) South Gate. Call 1-92J i533. LOST. 3 collies, gray male. 2 years. remd.'e, 2 years. 1 German sneo- herd, black tan, 2 years. 1 TOY i Collie, red i white, 1'.? vears, · female. Large re-ward or AKC puppy for return or into, teadmo 10 reiurn. No quest. ons asked. 531- LOST: 2 ttmate poodles, silver mini* aiure w flea collar charcoal la roc- Toy w'littie white on chin L cnest. Los Altai area. 420-1171 f-OUND in tiles of Calif. State College L.B. birth Certificate of Madeliene. Jo«n Lecker, J33-0951 *-xt. 315. L05T.~Wolleiy w'!nitiflli~"F".BTw., in Gelmont Snore «re3. KCCD cash, please reiurn wallet ID card. FOUND-- Black w/lite brown lem. IHIOPV. shacov type. Appian Way San Marcos Dr., Naples. LOST RACCOON" " 6200 Long Bc.ic!i Elva. HE 5-1161, ext 317 or GA 2-S116 after i p.m. FOUND -- DOQ, pait daschshund i terrier, female, approx. 1 year. Paramount area. 633-5790 l-QUND-- Small dog. Brown 2 white. Male. Terrier or pomeranean. BelHlo\ver area. 925-7075 FOUND-- Black female puppy. Park- date ?. Mapledale. Honvalk. UN 3-7779 1 OST-- 0' inrjp ncuicrrd male cat, vie. Siena Dr. L E. 3nrJ St. Re- Fo"UND~r'v/hTte""'~brow 1 n *Chihu"aliu"n aboul 2 yri. Vic. IQin f. Cedar. LOST. Dachshund type, b'sck male, j Red collar. "Sam". Shorp ! _ .iron. Reward. 43B-i327 _ ' LOST min-toy white poodle male vie Compton a. Rosecr?in5. S vrs. answers "Pepi." Reward 63S-23Q1 L.OST Sm.ill Befiole blonrjf white, it-male, "Suiie." Lakewood. Re- \va.-d. WE J-2J77 FOUND Sun. morn cor LomitP Blvd. i Western Ave. small snoopy fern- _alc doa. Bhck. TE 4-33/7 eves. LOST: 3 mos. female Weimaraner. b-ue/groy. Vicinity Rosccrans Orange Paramount. 531 8327 LOST: small poodle type dog male, grev shaggy. L.A. Lie. - 43584. 830-2 1£0 after 6 p.m. Shore. Tan attache' case, initials D.C.K. 433-5001, 423-3045 Reward FOUND^ Dark Hm glasses, vie! Grand 4 2nd, L.B. GE 3-53S8 FOUND lady's watch, gold. "take- wood vie. Owner call 634-3053 j, Identify FOUND: altered mdle Siamese w/rrossed eyes. Vicinity Carson Woodruff. HA 1-4961 Collar. Vic. Contralia, L_kwd., Vic. 8429V 3 E. 70th St., Paramount. 550 reward 714 -893-2154 FOUND-- Mulli-c-jlorect collie, vie. Lakev/cod Shoooina Center, adult dog. 865-^302 FOUND-- f-cb. 18. orange c-it, lona haired, male, vie. Palo Verde FOUND--LauVs glasses Sun a.m. bv Mr-Coy's -Vlkt., cor. Cherry A Anaheim. 429-4705 aft. 5 p.m. FOUND-- Wet male '/2-growrt Persian cat. Bullocks Lakewood parking lot. -139-1 271, 434-6433. Identify. sian M(. Bullocks Lakewood pork- ino lot. 439-1971. 43S-A533. Identify haired female, vie. Palo Verde S Knoxville. 425-4322 FOUND: Small srey leirier female with collar. Vicinity Cerritos Roosevelt. 427-8560 FOUND Silver miniature poodle, fenuilc. 46221 Atlantic pincc. Paramount. LOST: Small m-ile black dog. Vicinity Westside. 426-0267 Hypnosis 80 Can You Be Hypnotized? How can Hypnotism benefit vou? NOW YOU CAN FIND OUT A T ABSOLUTELY NO COST TO YOU. Free Consultation 3, Testing Institute of SELF DISCOVERY 6631 Chcrty tor ArteUa Blvd. 422-8385 HYPNOSIS DON'T BE HALF SAFEI R. HENNtGAR Deoree in nsvrholoov 428-44H7 Health Aids 90 ·£·· Come Now Open! ^V LONG BEACH'S NEWEST MASSAGE STUDIO NEW TECHNICIANS ALL FRIENDLY PERSONNEL Massaae-Steam-Bodv-Shflmpoo -V 422-0821 ft 5466 L.B. 'Blvd., 10 a.m. -10. 7 rinvs -V SANTANA SA'UNA ·$· 436-0226 r X P L R T MASSfcUiifS BODY SHAMPOO NO EXTRA CHARGE-- Hourl 11 a.m.-10 D.ITI. 7 DAYS IXJ v;. Htn at PACIFIC Avo. ir MASSAGE yy BODY SHAMPOO NEW IECHNICUNS --NEW HOUR'.-Mon. thru rrl. 10 10; Sat. 10-6. 434-2976 NEW TECHNICIANS Atlantic Health Offices 11JS ATLANTIC AVE. 437-3887 Mon-Thur. 12-10 pro Fn-Sit. 124 ptn GENTS TURKISH BATH STEAM-Ooen 7 davi-SAUNA 15 Min. from Long Beach l'/2 blks. E. of L.B. Frwv. 550 Brooklyn Ave, L.A. 2M-9400 BODY SHAM POO RELAXING SWEDISH MASSAGE NEW TECHNICIANS Moors: 12-V WON fRI: SAI 11* 3712-A Atlantic Ave. LB J26 4616 * SAUNA BATH jV / female Masseuses-- SEL-GLOW. Open 7 days: 10 to Mldnlle: Sun. 1 to Mlflnifc. 16M? Beach Blvd. Huntington Beacn 17141 M7-9111 MGR. just back from Honolulu Tahiti. New ideas, i Techs to «rv« vou. Hn. 10-9 D.m. Fr« goodies - New deal Call 5:5-304? tor aopt. SAUNA, Enema, Prostate. Colonies, Rectum, reluvenatlno therapv. 10 nu Technicians. Modern massatt. 399-5243. Credit cards O.K. Japanese Physio- Massage 8031 So. Norwatk 3lvd. whl tier Hrs 10-6 p.m. 699-3662 BRAZILIAN MusaglsH. Prostate, baths. New method 634-6829. Fre« Portuguese spirits cookies. Alt OPENING SPECIAL S6 New Technicians 1714)8476111 H Bdi JAN'S STIMULATING MASSAGE BRINGS BEST RESULT 3137 E. 7lh 43J-6I14 JFAN'S STFAM 8, MASSAGE CALL FOR APPT. 428-5917 ^907 LONG BEACH BLVD. CINDY. Holland Masswst-- 17 2485 PACIFIC AVE. GA 4 9566 EXPERT MASSAGE S, BATHS, 10-7. WEST Physical Thtrapv Ma^sagx SOCIODRAMA cr individual «nton. Bv appl only. GE 3 606C. 433-Wn f . MASSAGE'-lOiS W. ComOton'Bli Complon. Hrs. 10-6:30 NE 5-4579 DALE SUAHA/MASSAGE HXPER. masseuses 10-6. (714) 827-9410 BANK ON BANKS MASSAGE (714) 544-5102 104 Mon.-Stt. SWEDISH MASSAGE, to a.m.-7 739 E. 7th St. 434-7556 Board Guest 100 . RETIREMENT 8. CASE Hume. Beautiful surroundings, Xlni. food R. care. Frol., color TV. Dr. on call. 860-2S05 or 423-6752. Flamingo Rost Haven ?445 PaclHc Ave. GA 4-5077 HOMEY atmosphere. Private A semi prlv. room. 24S5 E. 4lh. 434- FAIRVIEW Guest HOIM 0 VKl*» home for th« elderly. 434-933* lehMh I US SckMb l 1M ImtfHctlM iMhuenM LOOKIN High P*y -;·- Rapid Pror MOW IN LONS COMPUTER PR AND KEY Th hiqh-paying compulir wo on-lit. IBM 360 Compultr Career Booklet 426-9381 or write "Approved* for Visa !rud"enh toord Y««t 100 H*M4H HILLSIDE GUEST HOME Home like teme. Nurse In charge : 24 hrs. 2027 E 21st. GE 3-6331 i .OVELY licensed tome for elderly Excel food i care. GA 8-1622 .ehools * 105 Instryetien Poodle Groomers NEEDED DAY «, EVENING CLASSES Next class starts March 3rd New dosses slartino monthly ENROLL NOW!! THE ACADEMY OF PROFESSIONAL DOG GROOMING 150-11 Moran. Westminster Call 7 14-897-6608 MEMBER: Cotif. Assoslcation For Prlvotfr Education Real Estate School La^t chance to enroll !n this cltH. If real estate presents a challenge to vou-- nov/ is the time to set started. Read Klplinger Letters- he r.redicts A reil cstatt boom in 196V 1970. Are you ready with enough knowledge to take advnn- Jacc of the RLAL ESTATE BOOM? When we're in the "tight mnniV market-- knowledge ts Ihe d Mcrence between making sales f- not nicking sales. ' JOE HOD6E. Realtor j 400 S-.tilh ^1. GA 3 /9H Women Only l NEED A JOB? NEED TRAINING? SHORT OF FUNDS? 1RAIN NOW pay S monlhs AFTER grad Shoit course, free placement new. tree brocnure LONG BCH VALLEY COLLEGB OF MEDICAL UITNTAl. ASS1S. 4411 Aliantic. LB 412 Cull $$ MONEY $$ EARN BIG MONEY AS A HELICOPTER PILOT QUALIFY TOR SI BILL LEARN IN 6 MOS. OR LESS Don't lei voluable VA benclits silo aw* ' :ur Ifir ; o Knowledge. 2901 E. Sprino LB Airport MEDICAL DENTAL ASSISTANTS - - RECEPTIONIST Train Now, Pay Later Blair College 370-5744 16500 S. Hawthorne. LAWNDALE REAL ESTATE SCHOOL ..B.'v Olrirtf A Finest School Approved ttf State of Call!. Ddv Evening Classes i!76 Atlantic GA 3-6473 LOS ANGELES COLLEGE OF MEDICAL-DENTAL ASSISTANTS 3633 Lone Beach Blvd. GA 6-8388 DEEP SEA DIVING For those who duality, deep sea divino offers a hiahlv rewarding future. For information call Mr. Fry at CDC E34-250! Wilmington. COMMERCIAL DEEP SEA DIVING U.T.I. 921-6646 13048 E. Firestone, Santa Fe Sprgs. COURT REPORTING Ddy J Wile Classes Stcnotvoe School «8-l2fc OPPORTUNITY MEN t, WOMEN AMERICAN BAR8F.R COLLEGE OF LONG BEACH ANAHEIM approved for Veterans 437-6477 bLtCTKONICS-- COLOUR TV Ibl FCC radio, ahones, telegraoh Electro mech'l dftg. Western ft?ch. 5459 At antic Ave. 422-5467 WANT A TRADE? ALl 1ED Weld Schoo 4343 Imperial Hv/v, Lvn wood. 636-OUS, Appr. for Vc s ndustrial .Drafting AIRLINE SCHOOLS PACIFIC CONTRACTOR SCHOOL 1609 Pin* Ave.. L.S. HE 6-2627 Drivinq Schools 110 DRIVING LESSONS (H low as iS.vs oer week. Or ve now. oav lati.-: clan security Driv- nt) Schoil. 566-3701 5ional teachers. SPECIALVATE's. fheakicol 1 20 YOU r.iust bo SCENE to be selected We are looking /or neoole of all aqcs. ntercstcd in exposure to bit par s in commercials, movies, TV. No trainina reauired. 595-1718 11ROT1W Employment 125 Agencies (MIN I WOMEN) Flo Bailey Agencies LONG BEACH OFFICE «70 L B Blvd. Suite C 432-0471 LAKEWOOD OFFICE 5737 South St. Suite C B66-7001 DOWNEY OFFICE 8555 E. Florence 861-W81 CAL WESTERN EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES 7 LOCATIONS 5525 Sorino. 01 Btlllloivcr Long Beach 42t «55 AAon.-Thurs., 8-5:30. Fri-6:30 D.m. ALWAYS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 4 15 E. Seventh J34-8479 BUSINESS WORLD AGENCY 3970 Atlantic GA 4-3W3 ALWAYS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 4115 E. Seventh 434-8479 LEE STEVENS AGENCY BlS'/i L.B. BLVD. at Alondra 638-5191 CERTIFIED PERSONNEL SERVICE AGENCY 19 Pine, Room 412. HEft-6271 ECHO AGENCY 17057 Bellflower Bl. 925-6674 Jane Allen Professional Aocncv BETTY WARNER AGENCY 350 E. BroadVMV L.B. 432-3954 Employment 1 30 AgenciM I DOMESTIC) MBC Agsncy 432-M44 sd; AVAILABLE NOW * Maids Spanish $30/wl. up HouseketDers exo S40/wk uc Couples $400 up. Hsmen S300 up 254 E. 1st, LB., 432-6444 ABODE DOMESTIC AGENCY 4014 Lono Beach Blvd. 426-3929 G FOR ne*ion -if Job Security? BEACK. LEARN OGRAMMING PUNCH M w«itl you! Worl with » Mailed FKEE AUTOMATION INSTITUTE 3405 Long Beach Blvd. A C-E-I-R Associate by D«pt. of Immigration" HelpWwttH HO MEN a WOMEN JOB APPLICANTS Thf LONG BEACH IHDEPEHO- not knowmglv accept helo wanic'd odYerllsements trom firms covered by the Federal Wage-Hour Law, il thty oiitr iss Jhsn Ins) Ma! min mum wag*. If you ore offered less by covered iirms, or If vou have questions concernina ihli law or other wage-hour nciiv:tl« of Ihn U.S. Department of Labor, call or write the department's local otffr* at J134 Atlantic Avenui. Long Beoch. Telephone: GArfleld M331. ACCOUNTANT -- HR BLOCK A ^ ! 4 l \Vm S NER?CHHiT A ZEL SI * ·A- BOOKKEEPER -/r EP. know trial balance, a Pod salary. Fringe benefits, oood working cond. Compton area. 63-715.J, ask for Miss De Ritsu CAR Wash help needed. Apply. N.L.B. Car Wash, M9 E. Artesin. CLERK TYPIST TvCrf financial statements, file, misc., cleiical duties In our ac- coutnlng dept. Fast accurate typing required, (electric). Minimum 1 yr. similar experience rcaulred. Pacific Scientific Co. 6280 Chalet Dr. 773-2020 City of Commcrc* An equal opportunity employer CLERK-STENO Work for district manager. Heaw dictaphone. No shorthand. Xlnt. employee benefits. Pacific Scientific Co. 6280 Chalet Dr. 773-2020 City of Commercp An eouril oooortunlltf empiovir CLERKS for wholesale distributor*, S? hr l shift 3 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. 7:,10 fl.m. Ill A o.m. Interviews 3 In 4 om. Mis. Talbfirt, 75^^ Alnnrtri Bl., Parnm't. COUPLE, retired or semi-retired In manage small trailer park in Be l- flower. Musi have trailer. 866-9 R' COLLECTORS -or agency, large i small clalrrn. A little experience needed- Call 4 p.m. to 5:33 p.m. for apot. Mr. Blunt, j)?A-6310. DESIGN DRAFTSMEN Minimum 3 vr:. cxo. Includlno sheel metal, lite structural, olplns. motor drives, conveyors. Permfl nent, full time employment. Excel, employee benefits. Pacific Scientific Co. 6280 Chalet Dr. 773-2020 City of Commerce GUYS AND GALS HEY SWINGER!! if vou are young, attractive, h»l? getting UP every morning, tired of 9 to 5 iobs, routine duties, bor n? every day schedules i buslnw formalities ... but ... eniov parties, traveling, fun, music, dwirlng minaiing with a swinging group of people, then plan that future frr yourself. We will train vou evenings. No exper. nee. Apply In per. ion 6 to 8 p.m. Mon. thru Fri., 1 tn 3 p.m. Sats. Mr. Morgan, Arthur Murray Studio, 2-17 E. 5th St., L.B. EXPERIENCED teachers fc Interviews needed Immediately. Earn up to SS per hr. starting NOW. Call 432-0976. KEI.IY SERVICES 230 236 E. Third St. 432-3791 KEYPUNCH OPERATOR (TRAINEE) 6 mo. to 1 vr. exo. reaulrtd 'alpha * numeric Pacific Scientific Co. 6280 Chalet Dr. 773-2020 City of Commerce An eauol onnortunltv emnlovcr MALE or female, lunch trucfc CDerv tor, 636-1815 for app't. MIDDLE ao.ed or semi-retired cou pie to care for horses act at chauffeur. Anaheim VI 4-6.17-0291. EXPER1ENCED Intrrconimumtv Sanatarlum 2fi? Grand Ave.. L.B. 427-5 31 .* PART time. Flexible hours, pass out sftmnlcs, pick UD orders. Fu'lrr Brush office. 424 0851. ole. Sconish speaking or ? PHONE 42S-WS6 TECH California Licensed Tech. part- time full time, salary oncn, ron- tact Mr. Johnson, Pioneer HOSP lai Lab. UN 5-6291. TFl.EPHONE work. Will train. Full or part time. Salary t bonus. AD- ply 13309 San Antonio Dr., Nor- WIG STYLIST 1 ye«r^ rxneriencfi in wlos CALL 43^-9231 WOMEN or men cab drivers. Full' or cart lime. 25 or older. Guar. good earnings. Southeast Taxi 131 ?.i Lakewood Blvd. Bellflower H*Ip Wonted ISO (MEN) Accountant $600/$650 mo. Uulies will incl. assisting In preparation of financial statement ar- count analysis auditing. Write Box A 10090, ind., Press Telegram. ACCOUNTANT Minimum 1 vear CPA exoerleff- Pcrm nosilion with orowlng CFA ACCOUNTANT with parlnershfo no tcntlol, Lono Beach CPA firm. Non smoker preferred. 4J9-27?'i riov or eve. Accountant (Accounts Payable) Will supervise the preparation o' '"· voices lor oavmcnl, in n larg! vpi umc operation, utilizing data prnc- essinn for check preparntlon and applicable transactions paper work. Should have appropriate ex- rerience sufficient academic training Io he able Io successfully conclude transaction* thru journal vouchers. U.S. Citizenship Required 'LOCKHEED ELECTRONICS Data Products Division A Division of Lockheed Alrcroft Corp. 6201 E. RANDOLPH City of Commerce Hr. Florence A L.B. Frcewav.« Enuol Opoortunitv Employer per. not necessary, good permanent nosltionv no GOP limit. Al'im 'A' Therm 7474 Garden Grov« Blvd, Westminster 714--530-450'. ALUMINUM heat treat foreman. I swine shift, ton salary, permanent position. All Inquiries held c.onfi- dent. Alum 'A' Therm, 7474 Garden Grove Blvd. Westminster 7H \ 530-45W, 21!*-620.«50 APPLIANCES INSTALLER WAREHOUSEMAN No bcoinners. Must have expftr. on Refrioerfllori, ranges, laundry 4- T.V. Rcfs. Blflwr. 925-2241 Help Wonte* 140 Help Wonted 140 MEN ft WOMEN MEN : WOMEN DIAMON UNDCft NB1 xat r-^ft^W. ^fV^f^^ D CAB CO. f MANAOEMENT I H M J! FAMILY MEDICAL PENSION FUND PAID VACATIONS AFfLY I-S Don 444 Sa* Franclw* Av*. 7

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