The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on July 2, 1957 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1957
Page 9
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and Brazwta County, Tuesday, July 2, 1967 THE FACTS .. rteh! and MMflMM MN ent t* »«*rw IM*» «M gmfflei In LinnillNPJi VS MUST 86 TETCHEO IN TH 1 MAID, WOMAN!! IN AN' I'M ABOUT TO ; KETCH HIM NOW THAT S6CRIT W66PON.PWW GINGERBREAD VAPORS RUN KETCH JUGHAID ?6R M€, MAW--I/U. 't'ARN THAT VOUN5 8UP TO WAKE RCASTICAl REMARKS WHAT NIGHTMARES, SNUFPY THAT'S HARD TO SAV, DOC- TH' ON6S I HAVE ARE ALL PUTTY AN' HA2Y AN' OUT OF FOCUS HAVt Vi GOT SKUFFT SMITH Tu. §E VERY CAREFUL. DEAR COMING OVEP ANO SHE'S VEPV SENSITIVE KIBOOT HEB WEIGHT ^ > t ^Mn .^. n»— ^xS^X.^ fc-^1' 9 F/WW^-'k^ L'Li.j^-_, L _^±k/Vp V ^H ELONDIE MY GOODNESS, WHAT A WIFE HAS TO GO THROUGH TO GET A KISS | NTW6_.-r-<:- I fi=U A WEEK ON eomo DUT/ HE 6IVB6 US ( BEETLE BAILEY WELL, I'M NOT COINS' TO fJ£CW!T/ POM3U THIMK HE'Lt JUST 6*« AW «*» TWO P»VS ON K<? «)« NOT 6AU;TiKJ(J.' •O!T-THE WEAPON 15 A \ UZARD ARE j Mil O'M-DAMCN V/VCULIM S IWILL. < CLEANER.T I'U-STAMP IT ,f QO1VER*X5.? J •re^«tei«r.7- xv--,,—-^^ UL' ABNER r DUMP THE T -AND TAKE THE EMPP* MESS IMTO J SKIh4 TO THE MUSEUM THE EAST <7 OP NATURAL HISTOKy, RIVER,'.'- A AMD TILLTMeM TO STUfT IT^T- i; i| J! ( i i 5 ! ! Qfc-ENWAITIN' OVE(? HALP AN HOUS? FO(? YOU.'.' 'Jill SfeLNDMA VtS, t tiNOW, AM'fM ,„„-,,, BUT 1 HADQUrrEATlMC f EATIN r Riky Estabrook In Musk Evmt Riley ifcstabrook, the Ion, of Mr. and Mr*. J. B. Estabrook of Fr*«p<*t, will perform in the North Texas State College presentation of the symphonic walm, "Xing David," July 9.J Estabrook, a gradual* student working toward the master's degreft in language, is a member of the chorus. Dr. Georg* Morey of the MTSC School of Music will conduct the performance, -with a chorus of 80 and the 50- plece Symphony Orchestra. Frank MeRrMey It director of the chorus. Tour soloists, an organist, and a narrator will be feaured. FP Man's Father WtttoWkarton Services were held Saturday Uftemoon In the Chambers Puncril Home in Wharton for 3. C. Bras-well, of Wharton father of Freeporter P. H. Braswell Sr. The elder Braswel!, a retired Wharton lumberman and stockman, w»d 82 at the time of his death Thursday. Other local survivors are two grandchildren, Mary Trances and Pat Braswell Jr. Also surviving are the widow of Whtrton, two daughters, Mrs. Miry O'Neal of Flagstaff. Ariz., and Miss Maid Braswell of Texas City; and a son, T. E. Braswell at Pasadena, Tex. Now associated with PARKER MOTORS 1JN- COLN-MKKCTDRY of nee- port *a a new and used ear salesman In W. D. 81X>AN, who haa worked in the area for the pa*t 20 yean In the automotive field The Sloan* lire at 304 Redwood In Lake Jackson. Mr. aloan Invites all his friends and people of this area to call him for that new or uced car. Day Ph. 3-354«, after » pm. Ph. 7-3.178. (ADVERTISMENT) LOW BIRTHRATE HAWLEY, Mans. — W — There ar» to few births here that Town Clerk F. Dean* Carter still records them In the! same book he used when he WM first elected SO years ago. MOW. * nres. WALT DiSXErg WESTWARD HO THE WAGON PAKKnt TTTTTTTTT VT, T JUSTCOUUONT SEEMT MAKE TH'CCMAL AN-MMJK COME oar j PCQO MOW KIN WU KHOW IT *>ou CONY Ho man smarter, no man wiser, Saves his money like a miser, Made a deal on Mercury How h*'s feeling heavenly! Save big on The Big M now! • Biggest trade-in allowances this v • Wide selection of model*. • Easy ternu arranged fast. • And you get a car that tops competition in size, power and performance. '57 Mercury PARKER MOTORS EAST PASK AVE. Dial 3 3646 AT FOURTH ST. FREEPORT, TEXAS -OWPOSITB rOSI OFMCE" William T. Grant Reviews Fifty Tears of Retailing PIONEER MERCHANT MARKS SIST BIRTHDAY Because a Tonne department store exerntlre noticed th»t 25« Items were s-IIInr so fast It was difficult to koert them In stock, the hnre W. T. Grant family of 650 stores was horn. Yonng William T. frrant, in charge of the shoe depart- i ment and several others In a Satem, Mass. department store, discovered he was smk- Inc more money with the costume Jewelry department than he was with the "hoe department despite the faet that the shoe section had » much Msirer Inventory and rnnny more personnel. He was Impressed with the fact that the girl rfi charge of the Jewslrv roontMS wj< re- r»e«tedly stopping fcy t« rt- port this 25c item and that '•5p Uem was ont of st«ck. •'VVhy not hive a store devoted entirelr to this action- pirked price line" he said to himself. In 19»6. Mr. Grant, then M Tetrs of ff. put his Idea Into operation In Lynn, Mas«a- 'husett)'. HH first store was financed with Sl.N* *t hla savings ind 87*»0 advanced by his former enptoyers. It eonUined twenty-one depart- nfnts, with nothhig selling I«r morf than 25c. "Hunks t« hli h-jrlnr skill and hla flair fyr ^r?rrat)C salesroenshrp, his itr.f* ••?» sn Hstanlaneons .,!,<«! From that one store -•w lortiv's Grant family of •V* itore«. with a nles v»l«m« in 195«. man who founded T. Grant «t»rt» Is » •srodi'.rt M »M Yankee stock. de»cv4*<* frMn Matihew Gntnt wh* Immigrated ta vtwKhniwttn In the eaiiy ISiya. In 1K4, Mr. Gt*nt thnach still » vwuut mm. n- «(fne« a« Prescient rf «lit and i'nc« that Una x srowth u th« Ik«rd. BwvKe of hi* <vM» »»4 Tari«* infrots b«w*v?r. the Irisw* ttec p«n*HtMl By U>>a roev. ha* »«v»r Vwo » >r<*- >ra in Mm. TChB's Who In ," lists nmong hto »*"Member rWUr.jt .ff Hurvir* nwinei* and early thlrtlM. Priw to this he had been profess* of BIMcM llterstnre si Smith Collrse »n* Hsra-fnrd College. Tn distuning Mf. Orant'ii Interest, one Inter»)priT has commented en his extraordinary fimd nf Intellrcroa! enrloslty wMch at on» time rnnde n1m sn "arJrnt «ma- tewr photr.grapher". rtnrlnr later yesrs he h»d dfreloped i gresl lnt»re«t In onlntlnf. a field in wl-lch he h»» pns»-d well beyond the atr'steur rtsge. B«< hl« gr»ste«l Interest has slwiys been In people nnd. a« he hhnself had nnt it. "'n helping r?ople. "r peoples. In llv* more eont'.'ntpdW and peaeefoll''. r/ell In hM^ and mind." The Grarl Fonndatlon. which he rstsHlshed some years ago, has done morh of the irprk In the area of hn- Bian reUtinns. The programs »nd projects undertaken bv the Foundation during the past fifteen rears, tnfltrate particular era- nhi'jls on research, education, tra'nins and service whirh would be of direct or Indirect benefit to children and yonnr neopl* In irakins a latlsfae- torr Jostment t* tn fgmfflei health*-, FuMlt. r«»|i«ltlwi Grant't effort* this year «**» ** w«* th« first anrnHtl Award f<» Ma **».' Te«th the Protestant ! me of New Torfc. Naturally ettfl*g&, Ttho clslm hH terest are the men rant who mate* •? t pany which bent M* «Hfc»l parttenl-irty the wham he alwaya re»i Company hecaute they are rrmtomer. "In tM> MMMMK" he says. "th« ttMWM* 1* MUM counts most, a* sfcft ttvJIM-, source of eTeryihhis; we HiTtV* "Many Impresrite lM|i*l*> ments hare tsitn pl**» III thin wonderful bajlllH* tt Mf tailing, slnee the «fef« «*•*;' first stort, h»t oM pflrtint factor rhjtngert . . the courteous, fitanOy, people to rim the !*«•») Sim them their h**H," Grant eonelnAed. TELEVISION LOG KPBC.-TV Channel 2—KGUL-TV ChuMl II KTPH-TV Cn»nn»l 13—KUHT-TV Chanml • 12:00 12) Sign Off 'IS) Sign Off 1:25 (11) Late HeadliBM 1:30 (11) Evening Hynm" 4:00 TUESDAY (2) Star Performance (8) To Be Announced (13) Kitirik's Party 4:30 '2) fjooney Town (8) Geography For Decision (l!) 1 Led 3 Lives 5:00 Roy Rogers i To Be Arnounced ' (.11) Range Rider (;3> Mickey Moiis* Club , 5:30 Ul' Sports & Weather | 5:45 i2> Channel 2 Newsreelj (11) Doug Edwards and ' the News ' WEDKE8OAT 6:25 (11) Morning Hrnw 8:30 (2) Morning f (U) Rural RevtiB* , 6:35 (2> Georgt Roensr S:45 (2) George Roewnr 6:55 (ID Island Hes4l1S*l (13) Sign On, AntfoB, Prayer 7:00 Th» »V 6:00 (2> World At ^arge ! '81 Psychology on TV j (11) My Little Margie (13) T. V. News 8:10 '2> Today In Sports 6:10 (13) Weatherg,Jl i 6:15 (2) Channel 2 Newsreel 6:15 (13) John Daly and the 6.25 (2) Weatherraft 6:30 (2> Andy Wms.-June Vaili (8 1 Piscovery (11) Name That Tune 113) Cheyenne 6:« (2) NBC Ne-vs psrtrwot ~f Oriental LanKU- Ui*r»t»res. Prin«j- tan I'niTersitT. member American A<awle*»v of Pollucsl S««n«> in* N«w England Gfn«»l<wiic*l ^9ciHv," Hk Interest In Ihr Orient tam-j ihrtmfh hst brrlMr. the Dr. rlihu Grant hibtcal »rrh*<>l< v !*l*t »^<1 anUinr of «.m« now. wha directed »r<-- iti»* darln* twentle* TTTTVTTVTTTTTTTT.T.TTTT 1 SHOWING I/EIASCO NOW SHOWINQ Plus — TYRONE POWER t: urcuiN* STORY" NOW SHOWING LUANA PATTKM flui. —"THE MONSTER FROM OCEAN FLOOK NOW SHOWING DOVVAKO 1)1 IK "Roar Of The Crowd" —2ND BIG FEATURE— "HEAT WAVE" (2) Today (ID Captain Kanjare* (13) Soundtrack 7:25 (2) Today's W««*« 7:30 <2) Today 7:45 (11) 11 Video Lane 7:53 (2) Today In 8^00 <2> Home (11) Garry Moor* 8.30 (2) Horn* (11) Arthur Godftwy Time 3:35 (2> Window In 9:00 (2i The Price Ii 9:30 (2) Truth or COBM- quencei (11) Strike It Rid» (13) Romper Room 7:00 121 Meet- McGraw 7:00 W Viz Quiz tin Phil Silvers Show 7-30 (2) Circle Theatre (8) The Latin Americas 'ID Red Skelton (13) Wyatt Earp i 10:00 (2) Tic Tao Dough ~i (11) Valiant Lady ! 10:1S (11) Love of Ltt« : 10:30 (J) It Could Bo Y«SJ | (11) Search Tor T»morrow (13) Liberace 8:00 (2) diaries Farrell (11) $64.000 Question (13> Broken Arrow 8:30 i2> Code Three (8) The Bible Speaks Today (11) Highway Patrol <I3> Telephone Time 9:00 iT> Festival of Stars Parly '8) Sign O(f (in To Toll Th» Truth ill) San Francisco Beat 9:30 '2) Panic '.!!> Private S«cr«t»ry (13v Texas In Hevie-v 11:P" (13) Mollie i 111 Amos 'n Andy 11:30 (111 A«Th« World (13) Paris Precinct • 12:00 (lit Our Mis* Brochf (131 TumblewMd Ttas* 12:30 (2) Tenntiw* Xrato (11) Llnkletter's RMW Party 1:00 in 00 (2) Public Defender (IN City Detective il.1i Moviciime U. 3. A. !0:30 12) Final Edition Newt ' II) Late Show JO.40 i2) Late Movie DaU 10:45 i2) Mann About Sport* 11:00 i2) Tonight 11:55 <13i Late News (2) NBC Matin** Theatr* (11) TheBif Ptyotf (13) Action CalvaetWU Festival 1:30 dl) Bob Croaby 2:00 (3) Quewi For » fi«y (11) Brighter Day i131 Liberace 2:1S (11) Secret Storm 2:30 (11) Edge of Night (13> Mollie 2:45 (2) Modern _ 3:00~(2T'Com»dy Tim« (in Early Show (13) Pins Praoinct 3:30 (2) Winners Circle (13) Kraxy Kat Th««t»« Mar-Len JUNIOR SIZES * MISSES 3IZII SPORT WEAR LIMOEIIE CASUAL DRESSES HATS-1AOS HOfll 97 N. Parkinf PL T A!M J*«taM The Community Calendar Tl'ESDAr, Jl'LT 1 • . ui a m .- ELMZosport Wo- mca's Golt A.ssn., Freepon Golf Couis« Kiwbn.s, C:iy Cafe. Jacfcion '"0 (Mil — late Jackion .Am:rtcaJi i^f^lon. Legion Hall 00 piii --!ir opti- niiit riub. I>jw Howl "•10 pin - -I.taics A nUury, VeJVM'o h"'ie Dept , Fire Lodge. Velawii M p.u'.. P> Gal/ Temp!?. No US, K rf F Hal! VuliAco jj j: m — Vtia^oG LIOD& Ciub Veiasco Community Houi* :3U p:n— Wool Columbia Masons Suud Meeting, St. Jjhn's No. 5 Hall, West GulllOlbU 30 pin.-- LULACS. Civic McctUig Ht.jui Br Ciub . frec- WEONKBOAT. 11:00 a.m.— CtaM Qlristl Club. Members' 12:16 p.n.— Preeport iiu, Dow Hot*! 1:00 pm— Uaxin* Amwifan Leston BhtB, Ijike Jitcluon 7 30 pm— VcU*co Foreign Wan vrw Hall. V*la*co 1 30 pm.— Kappa Oeli* Sorority, Civic Room, Braiotport Center 7 JO pan .— Angleian Cb«0t«. Oa Moiay's, Ma«nua Twft- pie, Anglttoa 8 00 p.m.— Alcohoiwt Anonj- tnou*-, Fre^port T^gtiyi Hill FRIDAY, HILT I I". IS p.ia— Braawport »•IAO Club, Port CaJ«, 7.30 p.m.— Woman 1 * Aux. D»- uirimtioaal Openting Ba- gmeeis Locil M4. UBioa fiajl. Vduca 8.00 pic.-AkoiioUo* Aaonf- iuou*, Angteton Hall . jrtr g Call »«e»<)rl 3-UU. Presented at a liirost Club, Do* Hotel &4 lot public sert'tcs by The Dow Chemical Coopiiy T«xa« Diviiaoa

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