Independent from Long Beach, California on February 14, 1958 · Page 12
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 12

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 14, 1958
Page 12
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Beware of Mean s! .By^MARY Correspondent . :NEW'-YORK (UP) -i There may be more, sinner ' " saint in Valentine -s · 'than -Day. The cards we send XxdJ- * iAW .w---- -- -- · 1 * 4 . ; of ten mask h o s t i l i t y , -selfishness, cynicism, and '-fear. . ','. .'So; says Dr. Albert Ellis, . ·· ·iJV'. a«J'» *·«· 7 , .- · -leading psychologist and author '"of a new book, "How to Live ·'AVitli a. .Neurotic," .. . . " This-year Americans are ex- ·"pected to" send more than 400 ..-·million Valentines, reported the '^Greeting Card Assn. We wom- !« en account for close to 90 per ' cent of the sales. ' We ^sed to favor the poetic, -; lace-paper and heart-type of * card; said the association. Now : we go for the flip type, such as ···· one with this sentiment: when -they ask me what I see in you V . . .What should I tell them?' :r * .* « *· . IF VOU send or receive this may l e a r n something: -about, yourself, the sender, and how, foil feel-about each other. "Unconscious ' hostility often comes put : in humorous cards.; The sender' ( 'wants .to get in some Teal digs," -said' Ellis. , "Anonymous cards, also show hostility, especially if the card is a nasty one. This way -a practical joker can -vent his hostility^ without '.fear of reprisal. - · "But people, do choose humorous :cards because they have a good sense .of humor," the psychologist added. . Cards also/ show -what .we would like people, he said. If a man sends a 'sentimental card, he may wish his. lady f r i e n d were more feminine, more 'sentimental or more responsive' to him. · : ·' · When a woman-choses a sentimental Valentine, it's usually a projection of herself. . * *· · ·-·» IF YOTJ'BE the out-and-out · f ' . V ' '*' :Poei-Contests on Agenda ·"· Announcements of national ; and local soetry' contests were ··'; featured on the agenda of the I LuVailean Poetry Club at its - monthly meeting Tuesday in the 1' home of Lyra LuVaile, presi- ;; dent. The 18th Annual Poetry Con.::-tests of-the California Federa- ^tlon of Chaparral Poets was Court St. Ann Sunday - ' Court St. Ann 763, Catholic ." Daughters of America, will as- '-gemble at 2:30 p.m. Sunday to "i Sierra Room -of Morgan .Hall ' ' f o r " a reception welcoming a '.'·large class of new members. f ] Mrs;..Josephine Bombardier i'-'gra'nd regent, will officiate, as* sisted by Mrs. LuciUe Allaire " district deputy. '-'- The Rev. Edward J. Brennan v " state chaplain, and' the Rev : " George M. Baeslin, court-chap- "Tlain, wiU be guests of honor i A banquet at the Petroleum "'J Club will follow the ceremonies irst on the list with seven divisions open to adults and one each to senior and junior high school students, whether .or riot they'are members, and one contest open, to Junior Chaparral members only. Information car- be obtained by writing the contest chairman, Edythe Hope Genee, 1154 N. Ogden Dr.,-Hollywood 46, Calif. Deadline is April 1. ' ' . ' . · ' The LuVaile'an - Club's own annual contests of five divisions for members only, are ' now open, with a May 1 deadline. . * * . » * . TWO NATIONAL. -contest announced were the. Minnesot Centennial Poetry Contest fo poems . eulogizing that state natural beauties', industrial fea tures and progressiveness. Four teen generous cash prizes ar offered. Open to any Amen can poet are the Annual Poetrj Contests 'of the- American Poetry' League, of Which man California poets are members Information .on 'these may b had by contacting Miss -Lu Vaile, by phone or by mail. He address 1366. Dawson Ave an e x t r e m e l y mushy "card, chances are- the-.sender, is ^elf- h because "the more .self-cen- ered; a -person Is, the.'more-.he ssumes- the other.' person' .is ke him," 'said'Ellis.--: '·' ,"A.swing,to the-'flip ,type;'pl greeting may mean we're more eallstlc as a 71 at ion,..more ynical.. Or, it" may mean .that le taboo' on tendernew is more renounced, that .we're 'ashamed o show your true feeling. One person may 'choose , this.-, type for a . c e r t a i n reason, while .someone, else will'prefer it for another'reason,"'he aaid. · · · · ' ·Why. do; we-send, valentines? '/·"Three- ,reai6ni,".'--»aid; Ellis. ''We're : genuinely" 'obsessed'with oriabsorbed,iriXthe other per- »pri;,-it'g,'the.:;thing;to do, the mode- of T conformity,: or. we're afraid'not to because-the'other person-.will;;miss. v the. greeting arid.we'll-b* in'-the soup."- WEVTHE Cdthcqrf-Anderson Vows by Candlelight A double-ring, c e-r e m-o n y read by'- candlelight at Los Altos Methodist Church .united in marriage Miss'. Edith Anderson and Norman Schilling Cathcart.' The, Rev. John R.. Shaffer of University Methodist -Church,' Los Angeles,, a personal friend-of the bride,', officiated .y.; '\ The'bride is! the daughter of Mr.'and Mrs. K. C..M. °An- defson of Long Beach and .the Mrs.-Norman Cathcart Mrs. :William Clifton is chair Long Beach, 4, HERE'S WHY THIS IS YOUR BEST SEWING MACHINE BUY: granddaughter^ .of Mr. and Mrs: Andrew King; of Laguna Beach. :.^ ; ." ' . . · · She chose "for her marriage an-ivory gown ofpeau de sole fashioned,- with i low. waistline, blending Into a bbiiffanf skirt and dipping .in . back. into.', graceful brush train, A tiara of seed.pearis arid rhinestones held her fingertip-length veil of. silk bridal. ;fflu«ion. . She. "carried a shower arrangement of white orchids, carnations, lilies of the valley and steph- anotia. · , . " · ' ' · . Miss Ann Scully, Alphi Chi Omoga. Sorority sister of'the bride, was maid of .honor. Completing the bridal entourage were Mrs. William Mai- lone, Marjorie TrammeJ, 'Judy Clark ' and Kathryn King. They were gowned alike in princess frocks of peacock blue satin and carried* pink ·camellias.. ." . ' - -... · Scott Cathcart, nephew of the bridegroom, ; was ring bearer. Channing W. C a t h c a r,t, brother- of the bridegroom, was' best man and wedding guests were seated by Thomas Johnson, Bob Pristly, Bruce Barnes and Jack Harding. ' * *· · ··- · ." WEDDING GUESTS greeted the newlyweds at a reception-in .the main"lounge of Pacific Coast,'..-Club. .Mrs. Thomas Johnson presided at the guest book.- The young Cathcarts are honeymoonirfg in the .Southland and will reside in Menlo Park, Palo Alto. The bride is a graduate of USC where she affiliated with Alpha Chi Omega and was president of Panhellenic. Following graduation she attended, the University of Hawaii and has just completed post-graduate study at Stanford University".. ' Her husband, son of Mr and' Mrs. 'Franklin: .D., Cathcart of Palo Alto arid.. Reno Nev., 'is'", an alumn'usvof San Jose High School, .and San Jose State College. '"·:". ''.. ; Lalcewood Lady Elks )inner Saturday Lakewood .Lady Elks 3POE 1865 will'entertain wit heir annual Valentine potluc dinner dance Saturday evenin n Lakewood Elks Lodge Ha 4433 Village Rd. The public is welcome. Dinn will be served, by 1 to 9 p.m followed by dancing to Eddi Molinder and -his orchestr Tickets will be available at th door. g.B-2--INDEPENDENT Honor Gray Lady Service Climaxing 12 years of Gray Lady 'service and'acting chairman of 'the Gray Ladies on the USS Haven hospital ship, Mrs. Erwin Thompson was, guest o£ J honor Tuesday at a luncheon in the home of Mrs..: J A._ Well- · man, 212 Park Ave.. Mrs-rJoe Canning was .co-hostess. :,, Floral decorations of red'and tapers centered,. each ' of'the luncheon tables. "'·' Guests included Mines.-Robert Burton, Michael Boyar, Jack Berbower,' Edward Ames,.Kjrle Davis, George "Chalmers, James Farwell,- Kenneth rKir'k, Kenneth Hulan, 'Harry F.ogaf ty, John White, Henry; Langridge, Shannon Moody, John McCarthy, Leo McCreary; Ira Smith, Leonard Quamma; Alfred ; Wil- ]ett and Tee Winslow, and .Miss Shela Patrick:' ' . ·. ^ '·· Her co-workers ' presented Mrs. Thompson a. gift during the party.' .' J ". Betrothal' Revealed PLEASE BE MY VALENTINE Sales soar in'lacv doilies, big red hearts and pretty candies- Youngsters, and ?TMp too, Sa^ge gratings and shylyhold hands today-allBecause a- .Christie martyr penned a note and signed it "From your; Valentoe. ]ust^be- foS he was executed on Feb. 14,.270.A.D D e l i g h t e d with developments "through the a'ges are these members of-the handholding set, Jack Fitzpat rick fnd Jolen! White (framed. within the heart) ^* a *'Mg Kathy Reid. All.are members of Rhythm Steppers third and fourth members of Lakewood'Country Club Dansant .Cotillion.--(Staff Photo) Three Strikes and Out! By ABIGAIL VAN BTJKEN ; ·DEAR ABBY:-.The story bf ".my -life-would' : make a jood'book."-.'-""/ .-v. ; . i . When I':was.'15.1 married a man' I hardly knew just-to get out of the house. He turned o u t t o b e · wanted by the p o l i c e so -I wen.t h o m e a f t e r ' .s'i x weeks. I was married again when I was 18 to a guy I t h o u g h t . I 'loved and he was so drunk at our wedding my father had to hold him up. He drank like a fish so I got rid of -him. Now I am going with., another. man:..He.-.js:;14 year's ql'der ( Vthan me '" ; married'" ; twicc and kids altogether. : I-.hate : :t'o; take a chance on "three" divorces before I'm 20 'but I have a hunch this one will 'work. Should I marry him? He has to know before Wednesday.-- CHERIE.. DEAB CHERIE: DO NOT marry any man whoso "warranty;' fun* out after Wednes: day. If li« is any good-- he will keep. Two strike* is a bod score, young l^y- Dont swine again until It's a cinch. # * # * DEAR ABBY: One lady wrote in wanting to know what happened to "all 'those nice, .old- fashioned store clerks" who let · Sews forward and reverie--select! and locki to maintain lame stitch length » Round bobbin givei"smoother operation · Full »Iie head gives maximum clearance · Automatic bobbin winder »huti itself off · Variable Speed Control leaves hands free · Hinged presser foot sews over pins, leami · Automatic Zig Zag attachment available are having a GRAND OPENING SPECIALS FEB. 13-15 ONLY 1V J«w»l" Automatic Zlg-Zag Portablt. 174" " »S Dawn, $7 MoitMy. R««. H».« · *^ Wards Popular Precision Portable. $5 Down, $S Monthly. R«g. 42*° ^" Drtss«s from all 6 Taffy's Stbrts Brought to long Beach for this ·vent! Sale starts 9:30 A. M. Friday Smart Cocktail Dreues, Party Dreiseis and Daytime - \ DreJssej, Reduced for This Special Event. Values to $o».H 99 14 W 18 · ' Sia thjm d8mon$tratod by a factory representative now PRIZES! GREAT SAYINGS ALL DEPTSJ '* - ' ' ,' * · ; · 4242 ATLANTJC AVE. GA 4-Q973 Bllby Knolli, Opp. trill Theiln--Open 9i30 --t:30! Frl. 'til 9 ALL SALIS FINAL 4378 Atlantic--In Blxby Knolls, So. of San Antonio Open Dally 9:30-6:30 (ixc«pt Friday) -- Friday. *3Q.9:bo ~ Clo»«^ Sunday .- customers take tHeir time nd look-over the mercli'andise think'T- can tell .heiv-They 11, diesA.ifram overwprki ; tryin'g get'their stock back in.iorder ter tjiose'customers in'essed J1 up'' "and ' departed--without uying anything.-"TWENTY- OUE YEARS -EXPERIENCE." * * * * DEAB ABBY: I. am a mar- ed woman with three little rls, 7, 9 and 11.' I', grew up i a home' where sex was con- dered nasty and vulgar; 'and e weren't allowed to mention . I want my girls to. know erything they ought to know ut I don't want to go too far Jean Frances Genaifts. Sept. 5 has teen, named as ·their wedding .day. by 'Jean Frances Genaitis and Thomas L. Rosenbaum.. Announcement of 'their 'engagement was made at. a family dinner party given by -his -parents, the Rev. and Mrs. Frank C. Woods of Long' Beach, to mark .the ·bride-elect's 21st birthday. -' · · · - ' · Miss Genaitis, daughter "of Dominick Genaitis of Long Beach and Mrs. Dorothy Genaitis of ."East'-Hartford, Conni.'later repeated'the an- ',nouncement:to SigmaiKappa . ··'sorority/''sisters at a-.-irjak- ,'fast in'.Wilton Hotel'_s Empire ' - ' n telling them things.' How uch do you -think little girls hould .be told, and' when? · MRS. F.- K, W. DEAB MBS. W.: Answer their questions truthfully In plain English. Tell them ex-' actly what they want'to know . . . and tell them when'they a s k you. ' · - · ' · · . . » ' * · » » · . ' .· .. .DEAR ABBY: Would you, please settle a miriof'fe'ud for us? I took my wife to a local night spot and as we were sitting there, 'a man .approached and with a very polite manner asked, "May I dance with 'our lady?" ' I replied, "No, ou may not!" My wife feels hat because he was so polite, here was nothing improper in his request. I feel that he was a stranger · to both of.- us .arid ic was being very bold. Who was right? . PERTURBED HUSBAND. DEAB FEETTJKBED: You were light--there is plenty of polished brass around. You owed this stranger nothing. * * · * * CO1JFIDENTIAL TO ETTA: Yes, he 1* making n tool .ol you--but "do you have to 'jive: him »o much help? ATLANTIC FASHION CENTER ; ; SSOI Atlantic ·"'.'Shells ; a -.senior. :at'-:; 'Beach'' State. College^majoring in' education, and · has served her sorority as vice president. : Her fiance, also an education major at LBSC, is- a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon a n d served nine years in the Marine Corps. Flower Arranging Mrs. Gladys Christensen will demonstrate flower arranging when Long Beach" Chapter of Home 'Economics in Homemaking meets Monday evening in the home"' of Mrs. Cliff Segerstrom, 4336 Gaviota Ave. Co- hostesses will be' Mrnes.- Glenn IMnott and John Williams. More On original'' Dr»n«, Skirti * Blauui byLjwding California I manufacturers. ' Wonderful t«[«effon of Valintln* gHtt specially SPECIAL f OHHIWIIK » NYLON PANTIES -At h o m e in L o n g "Beach, after· a 'honeymoon-at Lake Arrowhead are Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dunwpody. She is the former Twila Jean Rice, .daughter of Mr. and Mrs. -E. E. Rice; he is the son of Mr. and . Mrs. E. B. Dunwopdy-The couple was married in a formal ceremony. at-Lake- w o o d M e t h o d i s t Church. Valuii S i M « 5 - 6 - 7 All Colon, Many SfyU* OPIH MIDAY TIL t:30

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