Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 5, 1973 · Page 21
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 21

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, February 5, 1973
Page 21
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1973 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 21 Television . Jews criticize TV show lol»iiviioiii«'H I WROUGHT IRON TED WALKER C O N S l S t f Nil Y F R t t f c i T I M A T f S Sun Mate-. U?(.(ji,ili»e LESLIE CARON, ANTHONY ZERBE In scene from "Carola" · Channel 6, 8p.m. O KVOA-NBC Q KUAT-PBS O KGUN-ABC fD KZAZ-INDEP. E0KOLD-CBS 'Monday Afternoon 12 Noen 'O Days of Our Lives ~O En Francis ''O Newlywed Game tD Phil Donahue Show. a Rijh Stolltv and John. Domlnis auest. * fQ Guiding Light 12:1SP.M. O French Chef · 12:80 P.M. -Q The Doctors cQ Dating Game O Edge of Night «:45 P.M. ;Q Holiday ; i:oo P.M. :Q Another .World ;Q All About You ' Rep«*t of Mohdar nlpftfi proof im. Q General Hospital ; |D Movie 8:00 P.M; Q Speciai of the Week"Carola," Jean Renoir's play starring Leslie Caron and Mel Ferrer. A suspense story about the Gestapo's ; hunt for .a young French resistance flqhter. The production,combines romance, comedy and social comment when the younn man turns up at a Paris theatre In the midst ~ " German occupation. M the flichael ,,jksV" Carmeri" zapsfa 'and Anthony Zerbe co-star. (2 hrs.) · Q Movie , "The BrothertvJooV' '·IMe:' drama that pits brother aasinst brother In.tho merci- j«» world- of orpanlied crime. Kirk Douglas, Alex Cord, Irene Papas, Susan StraJberg, Luther Adler and Murray Hamilton star Repeat (2 hrs ) ID Movie 1«1 adventure with Cotlnne ' · " 'les John Barrymore, Story of the Cana- England In 1637 (Z hrs.) ....lrw , arise. -,, v - * **· j lege students. (2 hri.) _ : · ©Many Splendored Thing /Actor Brett HSlstY lotm Hw utt M · S«n»terJ - ..- O En Francis · 1:31 P.M. : O Return to Peyton Place Lands And Peopl* O One Life to Live 10 Secret Storm z:M PJL O Somerset QMovli "Th* Co*j Ojw.'MW tf^KO/WPJL... rock -.Gil Pittnen, bat. A onct f i . ©The Via jofwttitn «*ijr z; O Mfla Douglas Show i' roll iinoer a team. ... nrt.) Show 01 New Zoo Revue 3:31 P.M. ID Uncle Bob's Show Local children'! program. Flv* mlnuti iport show follows. (1 hr.) tD The -Virginian · : Jamti Drury st»r» In rtrvn a Merv Griffin Show Q Love, American Style 4:30 P.M. Q ABC News fD Andy Griffith Show 5:00 P.M. Q Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood i Repeat of this mornlnfl'« program. OfB News Q That Girl, comedy 5:3* P.M. Q.News Q Electric Company Educational ao'als .Include Wendlnp for lice c cltatl IiformatlM ta flNm M1i«B is prwvMed by tke TWS *§r ; ^ MICHAEL CAINE ·"i^' :, · Portrays spy '' i ^ Channel 4,7 p.m. ffl Here's Lucy Luevtalki Harry Into buvlno jntojni lc» cream franchise called the "Proud Pan*""'" 8:30 P.M. QD Doris Day Cv Bennett schemes to try t» rekindle » 7:30 A.M. O Dennis the Menace 8:00 A.M. O Dinah's Place , Joan Rivers guests. · ' Q Romper Koom: CD Joker's Wild Game . " '·',,'·· . . ; ' 8:30 A.M. O Concentration Game · Q Not for Women Only £0 Price Is Right Game ' , 1 : 0 0 A.M. Q Sale of Century Game · (·£ Dick Van Dyke Show Q) Gambit Game , 9:15 A.M. Q All About You' 9:30 A.M. O Hollywood Squares Game £} Chiquitines Program designed'· for: -Tucson Model Cities area youngsters. Q Bewitched, comedy £0 Love of Life 10:00 A.M. Q. Jeopardy Game 0 sesame Street Mr. Snuffle-Upaaus tries to Imagine what Luis looks like; (1 hr.) 0 Password Game Pat Carroll and Robert Reed art this week's celebrity ouests. £0i Where Heart Is; News 10:30 A.M. O Who, What, Where Game Five minutes of news follows. , Q Split Second Game © Search for Tomorrow 11:01 A.M. O Wide World Adventure Bill Burrld hosts. 0 Electric Company Educational goals Include consonant SK, letter group AUK and vowel combination Q All My Children ID Our Miss Brooks Q) News 11:30 A.M. O Three On A Match Q Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood Q Make a Deal Game £D Joanne Carson Show, r Anthony Quinn Is Joanne's guest. £0 As the World Turns Tuesday Afternoon IZNoon O Days Of Our Liyeis Q Evening At Pops . . . · · · O The Newlywed Game ; · ID Phil Donahue Show Kathrvn Kuhlman Is Phil'* suest, (0 Guiding Light 12:30 P.M. O'The Doctors O The Dating Game ID Edge Of Night By BRADFORD W. O'HEARN Newsday Ntwi Strvlc* NEW YORK -- Bridget may love Bernie and Bernie may love Bridget, tout there's no loye lost -between Jewish groups and the network, and producers of the popular television show. Partly because it is basically a one-joke show and partly because of criticism, "Bridget Loves Bernie" has tended to get less ethmc with each episode, Asked about reports that the show will have virtually no ethnic humor next season, Ralph Riskin, an associate producer, said, "I certainly hope that next year we can get away from this entirely." He added, "The intent to mock ^Jews was never there, but when you have a show like ithis, it's very easy to slide into preconceived situations. We liope to get away from that." ;A number of Jewish groups, led by the Synagogue Council of America, which represents the Orthodox, Conservative and Reform branches Judaism, have criticized show because, they say, it pro- Vnotes '-interfaith marriage, which is forbidden under Jewish law. , n " Island rabbi who has met with officials of the Columbia Broadcasting System to protest the show, Rabbi Hfflel Cohen of Temple Beth Torah in Wflstbury, N.Y., - h a s even urged his congregation to. boycott the'show's advertisers. "Bridget Loves Bernie," which has consistently been rated among the top 10 shows and is viewed weekly by about 35 million persons, depicts in a comedy format the story of a rich Irish-Catholic girl who marries a poor Jewish boy who wants to write but meanwhile drives a cab. They live in an apartment over his parents' delicatessen. Much of the ethnic humor in the show derives from the relationships between the two sets of parents. . Di a letter to CBS and the show's advertisers, principally Procter Gamble, Rabbi Irving Lehrinsiof Miami :Beach, president of the Synagogue Council, said, "The program deeply offends the sensibilities of American Jews. We believe that it is an example of taste- of less programming which con- the "tributes'nothing but mischief and "misunderstanding to any consideration .of the complex* problem of intermarriage." lemma because there has al. ways been in the Jewish community a great tradition against censorship ... it is the cheap and mocking way in which this intermarriage is handled that bothers us." There also has been some adverse reaction, although much less severe, from Catholics, Most of that criticism has been directed at what some viewers consider rather vulgar portrayals of Bridget's parents. The Rev. John Urban, director of Broadcast Communications for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and a consultant to the. show, said some people have also com- plained about' the apparent condoning by Bridget's brother, who is a'priest, of the couple's civil marriage. But Rabbi Allen Sector of Los Angeles, a Reform rabbi who serves as the show's consultant on .Jewish matters, said, "I .don't think the show promotes intermarriage.',·· It says that :there really are Jews marrying gentiles?' Rabbi,, rienry Siegman, director Of the council, said, "I've netfer experienced anything as intense as the reaction to this show." One Long The Jewish groups want the program discontinued. Rabbi Wolfe Kelman, executive vice president of the Rabbinical Association of America, noted,, "We all face a very subtle di- Asked Thtut! By HY GARDNER . tl'hr.) Q Another World 0 Chiquitines Q General Hospital ID Movie "Red Garters," I'M musical Ve»t«m wttti Rosemary Clooney, Jack Carson ...... and Guy Mitchell. A mart finds rom town a killer. rifle* Into tils' Bfolhtr't tiay'i World. Jan Cyp S:0«P.M. O Laugh-In Guest Phyllis Dlllef talk* about h«r recent face lilt,plays a piano cla»»lc,danc- es -me con-can and I · up as a chlcKcn. ircnd Oral -Ro- i 'ludc on Ei, Tettafjt Rt- Q'Truth or Consequences ffl I Dream of Jeannie, comedy © CBS News Monday Evening «:MP.M. .·Q NBC News Q Sesame Street- Oscar deddw to **nd · real orouch present to his cousin. Reptat. (1 hr.) Q StarTrek William Sdatner and Leonard Nlmoy star. (1 hr.) ID Dragnet Jack Webb start In rerun police itorlet. £0 News 1:30 P.M. O News ' iQ) Bonanza Rerun western series wltti Lornt ftreene and Michael Landon. (1 hr.) (0 To TeU'The Truth 7:00 P.M. Q Movie "Funeral In Berlin," 1»« drama with Michael Caine, Eva Rcnzt, Paul Hub- schmld, Oscar Homolka and Guv Doleman. (1 hr.) 13 Mosaic Bob Rltter talk* with Jim Southard of Tucson Human Relations, an excerpt from the Mikado and a report on the El Rio Neighborhood Health Center. (1 hr.) d The Rookies A Vietnam hero, cover!na for his hoodlum brother-in-law, is charoed with intent Cameo guests are _ . . berts, comic Paul Gilbert and Impressionist Michael Greer. (1 hr.). CD Bill Cosby Show Peter Sellers, Richard Prvor, Tim Conway, Anthonv Newly and Hugh Hefner euest. (1 hr.) 10:00-P.M. (D It Takes A Thief . Robert Wagner stars In rerun-adventur* «rles. Cl hr.) . 10:30 P.M. Q Tonight Show; News Jerry Lewis Is sub-host wltti ouests Pattl Dcutsch and Annette Thomas. (T/s hrs.). iQ Jack Paar Show Glenn Campteil and ' Autfior Barbira Hpwer. quest. 11V; hrs.) , · (0 Movie; News : ·. ·· "Too Much Too Soon," melodramatic autobiographical account Of Diana Barrv- more's life and recollections of her famous actor-father John. Doro.thy Malone, Errol Flynn, Martin Mllner and Efrcm ZlmballstJr. (B/W). 11:00 P.M. fD News 11:30 P.M. ID Movie '"The Redhead and the Cowboy," 1951 western with Glenn Ford, Rhonda Fleming and Edmond O'Brien. Tuesday Morning S:20A.M. IE) Farm Ranch 5:30 A.M. ffl, Sunrise Semester 5:50 A.M. Q Reportaje de Noticias 6:00 A.M. O Today Show News features. (2 hrs.) 10 CBS News 6:30 A.M. Q News; Davey Goliath 7:00 A.M. Q Rocky His Friends ® Captain Kangaroo A kind vulture and a wallaby are the apl- mal quests today. (1 hr.) romance and Iy Splendored Thing 1:30 P.M. Q Return to Peyton Place Q One Life to Live |0 Secret Storm 2:00 P.M. Q Somerset · Q Movie "The Bobo," 1M7 comedy with Peter Sellers, Brltt Ekland and Rosanno. Braul. A slnfllnq matador, tryjnfl to break Into show business, is promised a theater bookinp If he c»n conquer a local oold-dloqlnn beauty within three days. Betty Boop cartoon follows, (2 hrsj · £0 Vin ScuUy Show Lucle Arnaz quests. 2:30 P.M. Q Mike Douglas Show Tohv Bennett Is Mike's co-host.. £0 Perry Mason Raymond Burr stars. (1 hr.). . · · 3:00 P.M. 0) New Zoo Revue \ 3:30 P.M. (D Uncle Bob's Show Bob Love hosts local children'* show. Five minutes Sports show follows. : £0 The Virginian James Drury stars In western series. (1'A 4:00 P.M. Q Merv Griffin Show Q Love, American Style 4:30 P.M. Q ABC News £D Andy Griffith Show 5:00 P.M. Q Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood Repeat of this morning's show. Q News CD That Girl, comedy £0 News 5:30 P.M. O News O Electric Company Educational coals Include consonant SK, letter group ALK and vowel combination 00 Q Star Trek William Shatner and Leonard NImov star in soaco adventure series. (1 hr.) CD I Dream of Jeannie, comedy Q: When ttwy finally ·pencd the hidden safe in the onetime Las Vegas hotel cffice of mobster Bngsy Siegel, what did they find? -- Mark ., Philadelphia. : Absolutely nothing. It was empty. And the alert Las Vegas Sun, in chiding a rival newspaper for breaking'the could-have- been-but-wasn't dramatic story, pointed: out the safe couldn't have been Siegel's. That addition to thelibtel wasn't built until nearly a year after Bugsy was murdered! ; _ 9: lid eccentric Joe Cocker ever marry his long-time girl Mend? How long were they a thing? And how long has he been on assorted drugs and alcohol? -- Margaret DeR., Syracuse, N.Y. Theugh they say drugs and alcohol it n't mix, kookie Cocker admits he's partaken of champagne, Scotch, wine, LSD, marijuana and cocaine all/in the same. oreatti. ; He met Eileen Wchster when she was a 14-year-old schoolgirl and he-was doubling as a pub singer and gas-litter. At one time they liyed together, saying they were "engaged," but it fizzled out. Explains Eileen, now : 26, "We prefer to drift in ·andiout of each other's lives. We don't even think about 'marriage any more." It was she who sparked the barroom brawl which ended in both of ithem being deported froni Australia. , Frank Sinatra Q: I'm 14, and I know my mother was a Frank Sinatra fan at my age; I claim they used fc get Just as wild over him as we get over Tom Jones or Elvis. True? -- Florence L., Long Beach, N.Y. . - ' Frankly, yes., For example, following the crooner's three- week engagement at New York's Paramount Theater back in the '40s, Time magazine wrote: "Sinatra got the .usual screaming reception from 30,000 bow-tied, bobby-soxed fans, who caused such a commotion that the Police Department responded with 421 policemen, 20 policewomen, 20 patrol cars and two trucks." · ' · · (Do you have a question about a famous personality? Send your questions to Hy Gardner, "Glad You Asked That," in care of the Tucson Daily Citizen, P.O. Box 5027, Tucson, Ariz. 85703) Copyright 1973 Radio Stations to 'commit 'mOViJeVwhen-he Inlures » PO- officer attemotlnu to issue a tralflc _.._tlon. Victor Campos, Rafael Camoos, Stella Garcia, Ron Stokes and Tina Cole aucst. (1 hr.) 'CD Rollin' Kenny Roaers hosts this rock-oriented variety show. £0 Gunsmoke An cvtlaw ··no l«l ^ "j^rSS*!!!",?" fn^Ml^b^n n c V e (1 ?nd 0 ?e 1 r?or TSs "jhe' toim. SStert Burr, Ted Jordan, Roy Roberts end Tom »rown quest. (. »r.) 7:30 P.M. CD La" 51 * Larry. Panell, Skip Burton, L»rry Wllcox and Psmelyn Ftrdln star. TABLISHID 1946 AIR CONDmONINi HfATINO TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL SERVICE 25th YEAR COUPON SPECIAL color TV ft Appliance Sorvlco Fast * Efficient * Reasonable ANTENNAS INSTALLED CALL 327-3491 1550 N. Compbdl Optn 9 TO 6 DAILY HItchenflW Portable buy one today are It tonight. CONTROL SERVICE VALUE) WITH RESIDENTIAL DIVISION OF ARIZONA CHEMICAL A StRVIC! CO. CALL 327-7392 FOR FREE INSPECTION 360 IE. BROADWAY - EL CON IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Channel 11 hat at least three more Univ.. of Ariz., basketball telecasts coming up, the next on* on Feb. 8th againit the Univ. of New Mexico. 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