Independent from Long Beach, California on March 24, 1976 · Page 16
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 16

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 24, 1976
Page 16
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B-4-- -ICLCVjuAm (flVl) Long B.lch, Cilil.. Wtd., Mircn », H7 $ Confident he can bent Tiumey Dust off the old pool fable ami sell it with a Classified Ad. HE 2-5959 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiHiimmiiiiimiminimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim Bank robber takes $582 A man who demanded money from a teller Tuesday at Crocker National Bank, 6301 Beach Bid., Bucna Park, escaped with $582, police reported Tuesday. Police said the robber, described as white, in his 20s and 6 feet tall, did not display a weapon. He walked out (he front door and drove away in a 1969 Ford auto. Paramount fire investigated A fire (hat caused about $300,000 damage to a Paramount industrial building and two employes is under investigation by sheriff's arson probers, a county fire department spokesman said. The spokesman said four fire units responded to a call at the Webber Cable and Electronics Co., 15528 Illinois Ave., at 12:30 p.m. Monday and found the . interior of (he building aflame. Employes Richard O'Leary, 21, of Paramount, and John Peasly, 62, of Placentia, told fire fighters they spotted a small fire in a loft at the building and attempted to put it out with fire extinguishers, but the flames spread too fast. Both men were treated and released at Paramount General Hospital for minor burns. Gunman robs market of $200 A gunman held up the clerk of a Lakewood market and got away with about $200, deputies said Tuesday. Bert Colony, 47, employe of the Royal C Jr. Market, 11455 Carson St., told deputies the bandit came in Monday, displayed a revolver and demanded money. Aflcr taking the loot the bandit ordered Colony to a back room, then pulled the telephone from the wall and fled, deputies said. $2,200 in electronics lost Burglars who entered the home of Michael Lawson, 221!) Sparrow Hill Lane, Lakewood, through an unlocked bedroom window look electronic equipment valued at $2,200, deputies said Tuesday. Pair arrested in tire thefts Two men were arrested and booked for investigation of stealing spare tires from the trunk compartments of new autos on Union Pacific auto transporters, Long Beach police reported Tuesday. Sgt. Edgar E. Finney said he observed the men taking the tires on the transporter just east of the Terminal Island Freeway and south of Anaheim Street Monday afternoon. Finney radioed for help, then pursued and captured Victor Bowen, 28, of M(M McMillan St., Compton, in a lire store at 301 E. Anaheim St., Wilmington. Employes (here said Bowcn and another man had atlcmpled lo sell Iliem four new (ires a short lime before (hey were arrested. Arrested inside (he trunk of a new import aiilo on the train car was Donald W. Terrell, 32, of MCI Lewis '. Avc.,Complon. Boxer dog stolen from yard A $3iiO boxer dog was reportedly stolen from the fenced back yard of Wilbcr A. Douglas, 1466 lx;wis Avc., Ixnig Beach police reported Tuesday. Boy loses bike to 'bullies' A fl-year-olii Iwy told Ixmg Beach police that two ' slightly older youths knocked him from his bicycle, hit and kicked him and rale away on his $60 (wo-wheelcr at the corner of Lime Avenue and Sixth Street. The victim did nol require medical treatment. Poll cheers Hayakawa By BOB HOUSER Political Editor Dr. S.I. Hayakawa, retired president of San Francisco Stale University and a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, said Tuesday the most import a n t difference between himself and poll fronlnin- nor Robert Finch "is that I can beat Tunney'and he can't." Hayakawa, in an interview in Long Beach, said the latest poll showed him closing on Finch lo a 37-32 margin, with Rep. Alphnn- 7.0 Bell, It-Los Amgelcs, at 0. And in head-to-hcad pairings a g a i n s t i n c u m tent Democrat John Tunney, Hayakawa fares bel- ter' than Finch although Tnnncy leads against both. Tunhcy's margin is If) points, 5-1-35, over Finch but only 10, 50-10, over Ifayakawa. Bell drew only i) points in the GO!' poll and would he defeated by D e m o c r a t i c challenger Tom Hayden, according lo Ihr poll ilaykawa cited. He said Tunncy's views on Angola--shutting o f f U.S. parlicipalinn--are " a b s o l u t e l y s u i c i d a l , pi'iicticiilly an open invitation lo the Communists to m a k e (rouble wherever they \yant to. It's sort of resigning from the wtirld." Hayakawn said he is v e r y m u c h opposed (o Proposition 15, the Nuclear Power Plants Initiative, asserting that risks associated w i t h nuclear ixiwcr generalion are very s m a l l w h e n measured against t h e known pollul- ers of conventional energy systems. "West G e r m a n y , France, E n g l a n d a n d Japan are using it like crazy and they're not lying awake nights," he said. In a later lalk before Palos Verdcs Republican W o m e n . F e d e r a t e d , Hayakawa said some of the disastrous results of b u s i n g (or integration might have been avoided by approaching (he mailer step by step, "first by busing ( h e Parent-Teacher Associalions so the black Mrs. Jones and Ihc white Mrs. Jones could prepare t h e i r children for the interracial encounlers to come. iVext, Ihe teachers --enabling t h e m to get accustomed to each other and learn from each other the special problems of the other race. " I f that went well if might n e x t h a v e been tried on the children. I 'CLOSED FOR ALTEMTIORS" Well He-0p«n Mar. 31 BAy Seal Beach ^XOMoh St.. «)-W88 ^ SINGLES PARTY FRIDAY Sinfjt« Scena America (213)863-8595 24 hr. Recording TORRANCF. R* 19 H*Ch T»;n. Torrtna PK. Cst. Hwv. Crwihaw (a.)"4 MUSKETtERS'Vo "3 MUSKETEERS" ( ra (b.) "BARRY IYNDON" ID DOWNEY Downey Av*. near FFmrne "TOUW FUNKWIW "WHIfFS" IPO) . Merairi Them, O * BownevAve. near tfrestont "W« inwro* MM i woaw DRIVi-INTHiATRIS , MUMMJNIANDCOMnONItVO " .- 633-4646 SWAP MEET iVElY DAY) CALL 433-7041 "TRACKDOWN" "CHAIUE I THE ANMIS" S.I. IIAYAKAWA know it is patently unfair to expect the children lo accomplish that which Ihe a d u l t world is not prepared to do in their businesses; their unions, their social c l u b s a n d t h e i r ; churches." Los Al air station 'to stay 9 By BOB SANDERS Sl.-iff Writer The commander of Los Alamitos Naval Air Station has fold the Seal Beach City Council that Ihe Navy has no intention of moving from Ihe station, which would leave il open f o r joint military- commercial use. A f t e r a 30-minute dis r eussion and a report by the station commanding officer, the city council Monday night voted lo reiterate its opposition to joint use of the. Navy facility. Capl. W. K. Carr, station commander, (old the council l h a t a decision from the Department of Defense on the future use of the station is expected "within a month." The federal government is considering removing the Navy, from the faciljty, which it would then turn over to the National Guard for helicopter operations. However, Carr s a i d , "We have no intention of moving at (his lime." The council voted to send letters to c o u n t y supervisors, f e d e r a l o f f i - cials and officials of other cities opposing any joint use of the facility. The council also passed an ordinance establishing a fee of $25 for the removal and storage of newspaper racks in violation of the recently enacted ordinance regulating thorn. C i t y Manager Dennis Courtcmarchc told: the council that the ordinance was similar to laws in Santa Ana, Fullerton and Placentia providing that Ihe fee be charged if the racks arc claimed wilhin 30 days. After hearing a report from Police Chief Ed Cibbarelli, the council refused to take any action on Ihe proposed purchase of nine police cars. Cibbarelli told the council that if they acted immediately the city would save $253 per unit by purchasing the cars under the Stale of California Cooper- a t i v e P u r c h a s i n g Program. LOS ANGELES PHILHARMONIC ZUBI'N MEHTA, MUSIC DIRECTOR in Long Beach MHIIVnn High School Auditorium 2800 Snowdon Avc.. long Uocicti This Saturday 8:15 p.m. Daniel Lewis conducting Michele Zukovsky clarinot Haydn: Symphony No. 02 (Oxlord) Nielsen: Clarinol Concorto Stravinsky: Polrour.hka HOT S!HCE "ROSEMARY'S BflBY:.! New diabetes detection clue (Cnnl. from Page R-l) L'L' Irvine researchers believe the wound-healing process may act as an indicator in determining when these complications begin to occur in the di;i- betic patienl. · S t i l l unknown is Ihe relationship of the metabolic abnormalities of the thickening and hardening of the large blood vessels l e a d i n g to t h e kidney, heart and hniin and the defects seen in the small blood vessels of (he kidney and the eye. Says Dr. Arquilin: PRIX GATE CRASHERS (Continued from Page R-l) actual numbers have not been divulged Officers said the Arena would he used as a temporary holding center for adults and juveniles laken into custody for alleged violations. Race officials said the area to he sealed off--with admittance only by tickets or special credentials--is bounded by Ocean Boulevard lo the north, Shoreline Drive to south and cast and Pine Avenue to Ihe west. The Arena and its parking lot will be in the sealed area. Updike" said the race-circuit urea south of Ocean will be closed from 0 p.m. Thursday until afler the race ends at about 3:15 p.m. Sunday. Five gates, two of them overpasses spanning Ocean at Ixcust and Elm avenues, will provide access to the circuil. Walk-through gales are located at Chestnut- Avenue near Shoreline Drive and Ocean near Unden and ' Alamitos avenues. Updike said a special entry off .Shoreline Drive has been set apart (or persons bringing Ihcir recreational vehicles to a parking area near the beach. Drivers should enter al Golden Shore and follow arrows lo the appropriate parking ·/.one. Queen said all persons living or working wilhin the area lo tie sealed h a v e been given credential information. "During (he 50 years we h a v e been treating diabetes, t h e vascular complications of diabetes and their devastation continue In occur in proportion to the increasing incidence of dialxHes. Despite (he wonderful drug insulin, no one h;is found a way lo admin- islcr insulin in the same way Ihc pancreas delivers it to Ihe body, so that the effect of insulin on Hie vascular compartment of the body still remains unresolved." Currently il lakes four lo eight years afler the onset of dialelcs before Ihe involvement p[ blood vessels appears. If a way of identifying (he blood-vessel damage in its bcRinnins s l a c e s could be devised, it would assist physicians in earlier trealtnent of diabetes and vascular disease. "In cases of i i n d i a g nosed diabetes, sometimes it is the occurrence of the so-ciillcil complications of blindness, h e a r t a t t a c k and stroke lhat may be (he first sign of the presence of riiabelcs," Dr. Ar- C|uilla says. In evaluating test methods, researchers nole that for new wounds to heal, Ihe body has (o develop new blood vessels within hours. Studies with mice indi- c a t e t h a t in a normal animal new blood vessels begin lo proliferate after wounding wilhin one lo New name for medical unit Orange County Medical Center will change names July I when the University of California lakes over its ownership. The new name will be University of California, Irvine, Medical Center. tlegcnts earlier had approved a name change lo O r a n g e County Medical Center of the University of California, Irvine, bul lhat n a m e was modified to avoid confusion with a pri- valely operated facility in the City of Orange called Orange Medical Complex. §.'5,3 1 5 in sound ^ti J e w e l r y a n d sound equipment valued al $.'U!5 w e r e l a k e n f r o m t h e a p a r t m e n t of H o b c r l Robinson, 530 C c r r i t o s A v e . . by burglars who pried open a rear door to uain enlry, 1/ing Beach police reported Tuesday. (wo hours. In Ihe case of Ihe diabetic animal, no new blood vessel development can he definitively identified even afler 1G hours. "If we find a correlation' belwecn wound-healing and Ihe status of vascular complications, il may permit us to predict how rapidly and how severe Ihe complications in a part i c u l a r diabetic patient will occur," Dr. Arquilla says. He a d d s thai such a lesl, w h e n developed, might enable physicians lo decrease the severity of Ihe disease. A r e p o r t on the re- s e a r c h e r s ' preliminary studies was given Monday at the annual meeting of the American Association of Pathologists and Bacteriologists in Boston. Details also appear in a recent issue of Ihe American Journal of Pathology. PALACE' 30 PINI AVI. 434-4439 MON.J ti. won i r*L ti ,- · AtoM-riL *mi i P.M. » SAT. 4 HM.-A HOMMTf »1.» KIM t KMKN CmZlNI 7J« OKNAUNKMCT .OCINS 9:45' ' '"· "SKYJACKiD"ii "DIRTY O'NM" A UM.CAP1TM. Proc'ucl on · A PE.IER SASTjY FILM · Di-eclcd by Peter Sjsdy Lieculi.c Pi«3u«f r*,)loOeAiK;tl« · Mm* ty Ron drj net [ Wnllen by Sf-wTey PrKt · Co'rx pfiirts by Mov:eldb Long Beach Drlvo-ln Co-Hits 1. "BLACK CHRISTMAS"!!) J. "MAHOGANt"[W| · CALL fOI SHOWUMIS · LONG BEACH DRIVE-IN I San Kego Fvy. ot Santa Fe Ave. I 834-6435 GRAND PRIX ADULT THEATRE 1A 133? E. Arttila, No. Long Beach i "MOTHER'S WISHES" (X) "THE WAY IT WAS" (X) 410/ULMmUnh* All x-rattd tilrm fflMBER THEflTERS IMC. offer for your pleasure l| **of the bi jgest hits of '75 |«lbacl f; MPOPULfiR DEMAND PUZZLE #3, RACE # 1 2 IP-T GRAND PRIX RACE GAME * $ 600 weekly cash prizes * Complete rules information in lasl Sunday's Independent Press-Telegram RACE #12 00 HAN HI DAL USTREAKER I? SABER JJFIRE W FRENZY 33 BOMBER 37 CYCLONE *3 SPUNKY il BLITZ 50 GHOST 51 CAN SON SSCALLAHAD 58 ROWMEL 42DEMENTO 6 SORCERY 69 UNEASY 70 BLAZE 73 OUTCAST » INFERNO 76 VOLCANO 79 APACHE K DEMON 85 INVADER 89 PANTHER 91 WIND « EJECTOR It FLASH 97METEOR 99 SAT AN Sth place . N l.t iho .ibove the poix' be used SAVE THIS PUZZLE When you've completed all rive Monday through Friday puzzles, you'll know th* n^mes of the first ten cars to finish this week's race. Transfer fhe appropriate car number that corresponds to each rkinie to the entry form thai appeared in the Sunday, March 2l, Independent, Press-Telegram. INDEPENDENT PRESS-TELEGRAM W.ifcri your Independent Press-Te/e7ram for · official race cnlry forms - on Sundays only « a new race starting each Sunday · one of five weekly puzzles lo solve appearing diily Mon. Fri. fr OBI 3-312-6 NIGHT OF T COBRA WOMAN lik, I r^c/vun ml moA1 rwv Vrwiv intmcor* laW inr] FKx lo --3 jl t»«cfwi *rtJ ffw VT* 701 kX Wind * TTrougft kmr\ W *o H. «^n todav *-6 TKnddv a to Dnvrl Afivf: Fttf twwjh TfunrJjy, moartv iwnny. Gutfy w SUH, MOON AXOT10IS (*pn MoonrH*: I.0»*nv Moerart: l : A 01 pn Maacnk: 1 *»*m MovflBrf: I 9 pm i n. iraJO *tt J * Tftpm Lonn 4 ) K«1 Al 1l:U COLOR ADULTS ONLY --X TUESDAY-! WEATHER REPORTS OWxHl IN COLOR - RATED X SMrs the ircredy soty and veodMe Kim D/enry of rxx 3«gftwnf 211 East Ocean Blvd. 437-1267 Bo Offke Opens: . ^ Dmn ,t LEE IS BACK!! **^ 1. "DRAGONS DIE HARD" 2. "RETURN OF THE DRAGON" 3. "THE GREEN HORNET"

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