Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 16, 1962 · Page 3
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 3

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 16, 1962
Page 3
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DUdra iimanea By Toasfmasfers 01 Fortune Club FORTUNA - Larry McCollu was installed as the new offic of Toastrnasters at ceremoni ducted last week in the Hosp tality House. McCollum succeeds felirin president Les Sahm. Installatio was handled by local Toaslmast Bill Cox, who is area 'governor, charter member of the Fortun club and a past president. Installed with the new preside were Lt. j. g. Jok Hotman, educ tional vice president; Dr. Ph Sutton, administrative vice pres dent; secretary treasurer, Do Petersen; Sgt. at arms, Bi Schueler. Carleton Travis won speaker the evening honors among th three speakers. Special guests at the event, a tended by 31 Toastmasters am their wives, were Mr. and Mr Harold Fredin, Lt. governor o District 57 from Arc. 'a. WAREHOUSE FOR LEASE · 25x50 Salesroom · $125 per month · Located at 2nd T Sts. SEE TOM MAXON HI 3-2956 HI 2-6168 diflnnel/C^ TONIGHT 4:50-- American Newstand. 5:00-- Ranger Mark. 5:30-- Comedy Capers. timer 6:15-- Huntley-BHnkley Report. (:30-- Laramle. 7:30-- Academy Awards. 9:30- Rifleman. 10:1W-Surf5iJe 6. 11:00-ABC Final Report. ll:lS-Tonight (In Color! TOMORROW 9:15-- Romper Room. 10:00-- The Price Is Righl (In Color). 10:30-- Education: Spanish M. 11 ;00-- Tennessee Ernie Ford. 11:30- Yours For A Seng. 17:00-- camouflage 12:30-- Window Shopping. 1: 00-Day In Court. IjJS-- Mid Day Report. 1:30-- Bingo. ,2:00-Jane Wyman Show 2:30-- Seven Keys. 3:00-- Quean For A Day. 3:3Q-Who Do YOU Trust. 4:50-- American Newstand. 5.00-- Ranger Mark. 5:30-- Comedy Capers :00-- The News by 4 with Jack Mortimer. A paid Adv. KIEM TV 3 MONDAY, A P R I L It, 1962 2:34-- Search lor Tomorrow. 2:40-Guiding Light. 2;5S-- CBS News. 3:00-- Brighter Day. 3:lS-Secrel Storm. 3:30-Edge of Night. 4:00-- Commander Astronaut. 3:30-- Magicland o( Allakazam. 4:00-- News. 6:10- Weather. tils-Walter Kronkite News S:30-- The Detectives. 7:30-- To Tell The Truth. 8:00-- Pete and Gladys. 8:30-- Father Knows Best. 9:00-- Danny Thomas Show. 9:30-- Andy Griffith Show. 10:00-- Hennesey. 10:30-- I've Got A Secret. 11:00-- Championship Bridge 11:15-- News Weather 2:34-- Search for Tomortow 2:40-- Guiding Light 3:55-- CBS News. 3:00-- Brighter Day. 3:15-- Secret Storm. 3: 30- Edge of Night. 4:00-- Commander Astronaut. 4:30-- National Velvet 5:30-- Quick Draw McGraw. 4:00-- News 6:10-- Weather. K-RED 1480 KC KIEM TUESDAY: Local news 7:45, 12:00p, 5:Mp. Mutual News on half hour. 1 OFFICIAL REPORTS: Weather 6:48, 1 7:32, 17:10p, 4:15p, 9:54p, 10:38p. FAA Flying Weather 7:30,7:15p. Stock 1 Stock Market 7:55, 5:10p. State Em- I ployment 6:54, l:S4p. Eureka Police Patrol 4:S3p. new Altitude Speed Tests Set For X15 EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE Calif. (UPI)-- The supersonic XI rocket plane will conduct a nev research program o! high speet ligh altitude tests to gather in ormation for future flights o manned spacecraft. The National Aeronautics an Space Administration announce Saturday that the new exper ments would be "at extremel_ ligh speeds and altitudes beyom the earth's atmosphere." The program adds at least 3 lights to the schedule set origi nally for the needle-nosed plant and may take two years to com plete. One of tlie primary projects wil )e a "star tracker" experimen in ultraviolet stellar photography The experiment will be conductec by University of Wisconsin astron omers, who hope to test theories icrtaining to the origin and make up of the stars. The new program also will in volve evaluation of advanced ve liole s y s t e m s and structura materials. The Air Force will tes an electrical stick controller for possible use in manned space craft. Also scheduled for testing is an airborne letdown computer to enable the pilot to plan his anding approach from re-entry to le earth's atmosphere to landing on the ground. Fiiming Pictures Abroad Opposed HOLLYWOOD (UPI)-- Six motion picture unions were joined to day in a campaign to halt the trend of producing American mov ies in foreign countries. Laboratory Technicians, Affil ted Property Craftsmen, Scenic rtists, Studio Cinetechnicians lotion Picture Crafts Service anc tudio First Aid Employes unions rave committed themselves to a ·ogram opposing filming in for gn countries. CARPET OF THE MONTH DYNASTY Wards Best 100% 501 Nylon Pile "'"· 11 73 13.73 I I Sq. Yd. . . 9 1 iq. yd. Includes installation pad MONTGOMERY WARD ! HI 3-3033 * 4th F Sts. Eureka 1 Fureka's finest selection of DIAMONDS . . . yours at · NO MONEY DOWN · UP TO J YEARS TO PAY · YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE 21 at Of dM JEWELRY CO. 526 FIFTH ST. EUREKA Call HI 3-6349 1 * - £f fta#» : In the Beautifu Colonnade Room i Breakfast : 7 a. m. to 1:30 : Smorgasbord Dinner · 1 :30 to 9 p. m. : 4 Special Easter Entrees j IN PERSON · The Easter Bunny will bo here with Easter favors · tor tho children! i E U R E K A I N N i H A MODERN MOTOR lODGC-hIH comloit S imvici-motd convtniince ft fitict fltt 1 Localcd al 7th and f Slicet · Downtown tureka · Phone H 1 2-6441 I Ann Landersj^l ANSWERS YOUR PROBLEMS J ^ B Dear Ann Landers: I'm 33 and I feel like 102. I walk around | half dead and I need some advice before I crack up. 3 Virgil falls asleep the minute his head hits the pillow. He v never hears the children calling for a glass of water, naturally - , what father does? He is deaf to the alarm clock, the fire engines, . police sirens - - everything, f 1 sleep very poorly-- that is, once I get to sleep. Then I'm up half the night fighting for a corner of the bed and a little patch j of blanket. Virgil thrashes around, takes his half of the bed oul of the middle, and some nights I don't average three hours sleep. I've begged Virgil to let me buy twin beds. He says absolutely not. He says a double bed is the cornerstone of a good marriage. What do YOU say?-- HALF DEAD Dear Half: Tell Virgil a double bed may be the cornerstone but exhaustion could be the tombstone. I strongly recommend twin beds with a single headboard. You use .one bedspread and it ooks like a single bed when made up, but each twin bed has its own sheets and blankets. P. S. I hope you enjoy your new furniture. Dear Ann Landers: What do you think of a woman who is wealthy enough to employ two maids, a cook, a laundress and a chauffeur, yet she buys two grades of canned goods, one for the help and one for the family. When THEY have steak for dinner the help gets hamburger, beef liver or spaghetti. The employees must buy their own uniforms, and Madame tells them where to buy them and how much to spend. This woman is very active in fancy charities and every other week she "asks" -her employees to purchase raffle tickets and chances on mink coats, cruises and what-not. Any comment?-- OVERWORKED AND UNDERPAID Dear Overworked and Underpaid: Few things are less attractive than well-to-do woman who exploits her employees. But one of those things is the employee who accepts the abuse and stays in her employ and complains to anyone who has two ears and will listen. This woman sounds terrible. If you had any self respect you'd leave. Dear Ann: I'm a new guy in town, age 27, steady job, 1960 convertible, and 'not hard to ook at. I like to dance, swim, bowl, play tennis and I sing a little, too. It's tough to meet the right people when you're new in town. You must get letters from gals who arc also newcomers and who are finding it rough to meet people. 'Arm. Think of all the good you could do if you would put people like us together. You might even help me find my dream gir . Please don't tell me to join a church group. I tried that in the last town and every one of those creeps has a crooked hem or a man's haricul. Thanks.-- NEW MAN Dear Man: I never put people in touch through this column. True, I might be able to do some good, but I know I could do plenty of harm. And besides, how can I tell from a letter who has a crooked hem or a man's haircut? Find "dream girl" on your own, Bub. ft · -fr Confidential to EMBARRASSED: Why do you feel you must answer every question put to you by this tasteless clod? Simply say you don't wish to discuss your personal affairs. If alcohol is robbing you or someone you love of health and dignity, send for ANN LANDERS' booklet, "Help For The Alcoholic," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped enve ope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope. Instructors For 1 Teachers for the mentally re tarded discussed their problems a a meeting in the office of tlie coui .y superintendent of schools. Gladys Marsh, primary super visor stressed the importance o teacher preparation; Frank Cam eron, supervisor of audio-visua services, explained techniques i developing a language arts pro jram, and Louise Brandenburg {neeland teacher, told the im ITALY'S offers you a COMPLETE HOME DECORATING SERVICE Free of Charge! Miss Gladys C a r l s o n , Daly's Interior Decorator expert, w i l l gladly call at your home w i t h drapery a n d h o m e furnishing samples, measure a n d furnish estimates . . . advise on color harmony . . . without cost! No room too small! DALY'S has the LARGEST DRAPERY SELECTION in Northern California! More than 1,000 fabrics to chose from . . . for every type window, for every d e c o r . Draperies made to order . . . or reody - modes to hang r ght now! 10-MONTHS TO PAY when you charge draperies at Daly's! etarded Gather - porlance of teacher - prepared tapes for language arts. David Shier, coordinator of pupil personnel services, directs the program and those present included Clarion Holt of Trinidad, Mildred Sebeck and George Burg of McKinleyville, Wilma Gass o Rohnerville and Luanne Hardy of Rio Dell. HSC Music Grant Given First Time By Singing Group HUMBOLDT STATE COLLEGE -- Newest scholarship for a Humboldt State student was established this week by the local chapter of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America, Inc. The scholarship, in the amount of $150 or more will go to a student majoring in music in 1962-63. The scholarship was presented to President Cornelius Siemens by Glen W. Woods, Eureka, vice president of SPEBSQSA and chairman of the scholarship committee. To finance the award, the Barber Shop Singers have scheduled a benefit performance in Sequoia Theater. The program will present barbershop quartets from the lost organization, the Sweet Ade- lines and guest quartets from r rcsno and Stockton. Tickets for the benefit are on sale at $1.75 from Eureka music stores and members of SPEBSQSA. The scholarship will be awarded nc- 1 fall, with the recipient selected by the college scholarship committee. Alaska Puts Heal On Nip Crab Fishing KODIAK, Alaska (UPI) -- Ala kan officials Sunday night we pursuing a second Japanese f s ng vessel through Shelikof Stra in their crackdown on foreig vessels fishing in what they clai are inland waters. Another vessel was put und guard here after being seized the strait Saturday night and h Japanese captains hauled in court Sunday. State Fish and Game Depar ment officials indicated the a lions were taken to protect tl strait's rich crab-fishing grounds One official said the state wa not os much concerned with Jap nese fishing for herring in tl area, as the seized vessel wa doing. What they were worried abou however, was that if the Japanes were allowed to do so unhinderec they would later think they ha unrestricted fishing rights an would cut into the crab-fishin which netted Alaskan fishorme 27 million pounds of crab mea ast year. The official said crab-fishing i recent years had become an im lortant item in the Kodiak Islan and Alaska economies. The puruist of the second ve sel, believed to be the catche ship Shoichi Maru No. 7 wa launched Sunday and was bein iressed by the Fish and Gam )epartment's motorbarge, t h Widgeon. An airplane was usc( earlier but had to give up th search because of darkness. Award Ceremony Honors Arcaia Cub Scout Pack ARCATA -- Pack 37 of the Ar cata Cub Scouts held an awan meeting recently at Bloomfie d school under the leadership of Cu! master Keith Murphy and as sistant cub master Victor Rodeski Mrs. Gene Gerdes, den mothe of Den Three, and the cubs o er group presented the opening eremonies. Closing ceremonies r ere conducted by Den One for 'hich Mrs. George Auxier is the en mother. The attendance flag ·as awarded Den Eight led by Mrs. James F'dund, aiid t!ie honor ag went to Den Two with Mrs. William Paige, den mother. Skits based on the theme of the month, "Islands of the World," were presented by Den One anc Den Eight. The following boys receiver: awards: Harry Auxier, bear badge; Ted Stodder, gold arrow; Bob Rodeski, silver arrow; Craig Stevens, denner stripe, silver arrow; Billy Paige, assistant den- ner stripe; Pat Murphy, silver arrow. Ronald Wallace, gold arrow; Dana Burr, lion badge; Gary Burr 'old arrow; Daryl Eklund, wo ladge, gold arrow, silver arrow; Doug Holloway, bear badge; Steven Johnson, gold arrow, silver arrow; Gary Miller, wolf badge, (old arrow, three silver arrows. In a special ceremony Mrs. Ru- )ert Burr was honored for her service as a den mother of the pack for two years. Youth Selected For Boys' Slate By Legion Post FORTUNA Selected by the Fortuna Walker Bailey Legion Post 205 to be the Fortuna area representative for Boys' State this 'ear was James Kopriva, son of \lr. and Mrs. Eugene Kopriva of Fortuna. Jim will n.eet with other une 16 through 23. Anually. the local Legion organi- lion chooses one of the nvsl utstanding youths from the jun- or class to receive the demo- ratic leadership experience of- ered at Boys' State. Jim is a member of the Ca i- ornia Scholarship Federation, Fu- ure Scientists of America, As- ronomcrs of Southern Hnmboklt. Catholic Youth Organization, and Jie Fortuna High debate team. rt i · t "HARRIS LANE" (Between Calif. Albee Sis.) Whore friendly service, variety of merchandise in Groceries, Liquors, Hardware, Electrical supplies, Paints, Drugs and Sundries, Variety and Novelty items, Laundry, Commercial Art, Fishing Tackle, Barboring, Watch and Small Appliance Repair, Complete Auto and Service station service offers you big savings and plenty of FREE PARKING Brother Juniper Troops Day Off At Shah Request HUMBOLDT STANDARD Monday. A p r i l 16, 1962, P. 3 slration of thuir speed, maneuver- FT BRAGG N C (UPIl-Morc " hilil - v ' ·'""' s "' iki " K p " Wcr f ° r ""' than 2.000 Army troops (,l tIuf Sllah of lra " S " mi:iy ' The Shah ' U.S. Strike Command enjoyed ai""" 1 ' 1 impressed by the show, day off today--thanks lo a royal request. They pul on a two-hour demon- asked officers lo excuse their men from duty today and the request was granted. EUREKA ICE COLD STORAGE IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS We are now set up to receive and freeze products for cold storage. Commercial ice sales also available. EUREKA ICE COLD STORAGE Fool of A St. HI 3-5663 or HI 3-5664 "This was a great coat when I bought it two months ago!" Miranda Scouts Clear Large Site MIRANDA -- Boy Scout Troo 48 was reactivated recently i Miranda under the sponsorship ( .lie Kiwanis club of the Redwood: Loren Stamp and Richard Mai tin of Phillipsville arc dircclin .he troop's activities which includ .he clearing and cleaning of 40-acre tract near Miranda whic was given the troop fur it's e.\ elusive use by K. C. Bowman ocal rancher. All except three of the mem ters of the troop are new an are working on their Tenderfoo ·equirements, which they mus pass before becoming full-fledgct scouts. The three members who re urned lo scouting with the re ictivation are Marty Stokel, Pan her Patrol leader; Larry Kluk Volf Patrol leader; and Davi Cartwright, troop scribe. Other members of the Panthei J atrol are Billy Lilly, Danni (·toddy, Greg Benn, Patt Quinn ind Chris Woods. Larry Kluck' Volf Patrol includes Clancy Mun on, Keith Bowman, Jerry Chap man and Bobby Berry. Scoutmaster S t a m p has an ounccd plans for a cook-out and amp-out as soon as the new ampsite is in satisfactory condi on. He has'also made plans for laving Garberville, Redway ant Vcott scouts to the new spot. All interested boys between 11 nd 18 may join the new scout: uring the regular meeting at the liranda Elementary s c h o o '. Vednesdays at 7 p.m. WATCH REPAIR Y o u r watch thoroughly cleaned, oiled and timed to new watch perfection. Satisfaction guaranteed. Automatics slightly higher. JEWEIRY CO. 526 FIFTH ST. EUREKA Call HI 3-6349 Planners lo Lot Tract in 2136 Easier Sunrise llrwiliftisl the pleasing nlmus/tliere of the SURF ROOM HARBOR LANES 4 a.m. till ?? -- Reservations accepted BROADWAY EUREKA HI 3-4533 The Humboldt County Planning { Commission wil! discuss a pro-! oscil 180-lot subdivision when t i j neets Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in he Department of Public Works juilding. HOB Second street. Kent Strombcrg of Arcala will ixploin the project. Pacific Manor iubtlivision, which will be located n Alliance Road at Liinphcrc, treel. Also (o be discussed is the final lap of the Butterfly Creek sub ivision at Willow Creek, aban- onment of Cock Robin Road: a se permit request: a reversion acreage report; and a variance. We Deliver Harris Union St. Eureka HI 3-7071 Open 'til 8 p.m. America's No. One TV Genuine Handcraftea chassii NO PRINTED CIRCUITS! $t$ Good stoclc of BLACK WHITE TV, also NEW COLOR TV UNITED RADIO TV 426 H STREET EUREKA HI 2-2002 Worried about getting your money's worth when buying BUILDING MATERIALS? If so, just follow the CONTRACTORS (they *re in (he know) Contractors Buy at 'George C. Jacobs Co. Eureka Crescent City ROBERTO AND COMPANY, Famous Magician, who wi!! perform at the Municipal Auditorium on May 26th. A featured act along with other Circus Acts in a 2-hour performance sponsored by the VETERANS OF WORLD WAR I of Eureka and Humboldt County. Advance sales by Members of Special Account Tickets is now in progress. Net proceeds will benefit the blood bank project for V.W.W.-I of Humboldt County, there will be three performances. It's a show for all of the family. FIRST OF THE SEASON! Humboldt county's freshest . . . treat yourself to this delicious seafood delight tonight. Or, order your plentiful supply from our retail counter. Humboldt County's freshest seafoods are always sold at EUREKA FOOT OF C STREET HI 2-2981

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