Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1963 · Page 40
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 40

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1963
Page 40
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^^-INDEPENDENT WIST COAST*-' ,-. »i6«5-~~-n* DUELr^ · ,-jj_; -.-COMONGKI« seon ut» COLOR r M UNITED ARTISTS ri t. Ocrn [SHOWING 2 THEATRES | :»··' ··* !·:·* ,*? IMPERIAL W E. Cc«w « eJPJ Cm Hew -- Ivine Pirktof ·u ACAHEirr AWASESI 12:1S-4:1S-I:!S tm CREST · , · , One P. M. Free Partinl » *. . C ACAOEMT AWAtO 4'.' 9 KOMMAT10KI I j l B E S T Actor-AcbtH-Soat 1^'" JACK iCMmeK !\t- III Hi KICK i?t "DATS OF WINE Vj. AND ROSES" . AK«II MCKINSCM I MfJIICE CMIVJUJH ' i "JESSICi'--la Color A Benefit Fun Festival Books Dick Dale Band $ BELMONT . to l.bmrt ivire CCI-»n O» 1:11 V«flqj Mcrrauri * ASBor Perkfel -PHAEDRA" 10 odT llmtt Mnee - Sl»nr WIDn "LOUTA" AAjttl Onhrl -- I:O On» BAY , ,}4 v^;* -- S««i f cick CC * : WALT DISNEY'S : Son of Flubber . JERRY LEWIS fit's Only Money ** Recording star Dick Dale and his 7-piece band, the Del- Tones. will play for * two- hour dince at the Festival of Fun and Fashion benefit show in the Long Beach Arena April 24. beginning at 10 p-m. As a special bonus to teenagers. at whom the Del-Tone recordings are aimed, the first 1,000 students to present t h e i r school Identification" cards at the box 'office will be given one of Dale's records. Dale. 23. who lives la Costa Mesa, soared to the top of the hit-list last November with V record called -Surfer's Choice" that sold 75,000 copies In three months in Southern California. \ The Festival show, begin- Jewish Center Drama Group in Siage Offering -We Must be Bloody Mad o Cry," sa adaptation of Arnold Wester"* Truogy- ewish Community Cente*; )rama Group Saturday and Sunday nights, at the Center, 2601 Grand Are. Thor Niebon adapted, directed and staged the work which also wiQ play April 13, 8. 20 and 21. ning at 8 will benefit (PLUS "NO TIME TO Kill" JOHN IRELAND | L R H E U J O O D HAS-2530 nnr. t»mi OPH bis -- mi rutiis 10TH II cot tn m Happened MIRACLES WORLD DICK DALE 1,000 Records Free Chest ~cmmunity IF NO ONE pl»y* tHitjjtart the Inexpensive Oust musical instrument any more fied Ad that brinjj you eaali --sell it! Dial HE 2-5969 to [buyers fast Sponsored jointly by Down town Long Beach Associate and the Long Beach Shipyard Employes Association, t h e program includes a 250-member star-studded variety show, fashion show and g a r d e n show. Tickets, at $1. $2 and $3, are on sale at Buffums' Sears, Walker's and Penney's in Long Beach and the DLBA headquarters at 601 Pacific Ave. ONE HI6HT OXIY Saturday, April Etk, 8 PJL-1 AJrL 2ND ANNUAL PACIFIC THEATRES UYOU I tiur l«l«r!in! HI f -HOI mi t ·in tin lent* MATINEES TODAY Tevne, Slaft, Riireli PACIFIC DRIVE-IH THEATRES mat . ·*" Traffl* Cbtll E E I M I J ·ioit «r ·T1U1I III ·111 incur* . Hi Min ii TUI TI tiu- · IIICOLI . UncoliW.ll Ktott · u I-2M1 Ul toil I 1IIR ··inn niiir* H4I ttn.ti DRIVE-INS START SHOWS AT DUSK HT-WIT it Ir.ttlht tt I-K12 ·iniirui- -II TIM n HU- wura Vina W. it MOITI rum~T~ -sniiui n TII itm- ·iiu it wai «nt 1141 5 - W WIN A FREE Vacation OR $100 CASH Can Tbeatrt for Detail* Today at U,A,-Elvis in "if Happened al the World's Fair" Show Times Here are the starting times of features it Long Beach theaters is listed by theater managers: , ·SUH F«lr." Ml -tno rt »t Slrti ' laootntss." t-30. *T«a for fre Mes».* 1:39. 10 a Term et True* l:«i LAUnroOD," ^JCV IflftQI Here*! « BOW comic rlEI iMlVJe creotloi by AIolis Ht«- in* »ta!«i. "D1ETZ THE DINKY DINOSAUl" ... T«v color 3 enj flic« ail CADDY for · qvarftr end ft* MOMMII to Win? TO* tt lti« UNITED AITISTS THEATIE. 217 E- Ocean BIri. el 10:00 A.U. TOMOtlOW onj )^i. jnanujtmtBt Bnl itaff wZI »oU coci car. { T o» for FITE FULL HOURS . . . YOU ~ · ItngMuR, .nf.rfc.L.J w3k moTMi GALO1E. FEATURES. CAKTOONS cnj UIOtT SUt- Now. MOUMIE eni DABDT. *Kri In AU Ion] liocll CCR ye« edt^9 Ittit ultra-way ef lialy for cnry · 4?arftr enj "Di«fz Tfct Dlnif kOor w I } RtTntmttr. Ki£s nr»t fc« BnJtr 14 , n4 witlort Di*tt. adnhsioi b SOc. ^ -- PAUCI ·XxVt !*«.· «:». 07, MO. -Norm bv K.W.- lt£7. 1 Si. 1153. t«f«v»t!» Eia-adint." tu, |:O. - -- · TVOt.1 ·O*vi of Wltw md Rosn.* 1:10, IK !:O. -JTl Only Moim.* til 7. 10 Si ; * 10 00. 1 02. I:OL HIIL* I:U. 1.29, 11:23 "Mlridt ef »t While StiHlofl." m l:0. -Tlw Briv. Ont.- l.A « 3S, TOWN! Miracle of Vie whife ....... Tltt Irevt One." 1:30, 18:30. WEIT COMT ·OueT ef TiTenj.- 11:30. l:SOl 7:11 «:«. Tenm IMgnJflcent" I:JO. J:4i . !:tt 1:30. WHAT AN EASY way to Find the better job you want. Read the "Help Wanted" ads daily in the Classified section. ROXY 121 W. OCEAN OrEN II AJbL-OrEK AU. NISKT EI.vii pun.ET--citor "FLAMING STAR" Crworr rECX--Cn. TtrutO "PORK CHOP HILL" A llnbvt A Crnlurt A "3 MURDERESSES" NOW! COY/HIT N01VTXU nw iriin. ··»i.j TI Ipi 1.31. " , lit.,; ·7IU.I* TII HIJ- n* IIIUTJU II».»T ii i-nn IX. 4 lltlllt ·»«IT1 ITUUtlf -Til I I I T I III" IIIVILX. iii. ipn u«, itinii -IOH If TII IITlll" "T1IUI III Illi:FttEIT* UfiOWOO HACH ITIIII ir» 1.11 n I4» rrx'rr---im*i M WB^t't rur- ··Html I 111 i inieuf niuiomi ism (i*itii| umi «i inTT trt. lit -J ltnp «H Itruln- ··IflTMJn linen §«."* I ··· MrM ttrn IT (tin i rin- *·! t«ni g »UT:II~-- irii ip.i. Liit II.LI. i. n Mill iiniir tr timi ruin- -riim ir im»T»tir* i n twr, 19. ii UITT -in m- ·rrini- GtlClM GIOTE WIST (OUT tnn HC i CIRCLE DRIVE-IN NOW! cucu »m-ii ST11TS IT tmt The Legendary Conflict of Mankind's Mightiest Mortals 1 .Men who Eved Eke god* K'VI ' Jf 14U1 ·n ii»?ti:i IT imi 11:1- 'nui iiuiiri tamnci- WILUIMGTOK 1111111 (lntliiUin) M4-W71 -IITII.I rtiuii irru- "Hiiti ir «jj«Ti[ir- _ SAHTA AHA inn irr. U4 w. « D mil tin. wrri rii IBUII mi" , ·iiiini- pagansr and frie golden empire they built was Eke nocthef-Rome! liUll.llinl.Terveil^ n Mill - ', ·t'Smi ii'ur* U null t)nfr»«lraitM III4III *tnmn» tl Mini riTiit- -nnut iiu- liuiinr. iniiptnit. HMi4t "·nun «» iwnnitir' -»11 irgir* . -a flint i' t iun i Hpiii itiot iotu* n»m nmruMiiiiiL"wi Vd tiutn "III! Plltr* ·tineunit «i«u.- PLUS--SECOND BIG THRILLER AT BOTH THEATRES! IPTteW^NTRCENf PARAMOUNT .,,,, Pinmi. I Coopl. Hit, tmat. Tmnrste wimerni* ADH, "PERIOD OF ADIUSTHEIT" -- ind -- ·WAR HUIT" TII tuL tutu at, Disneyland A Vacation Sensation PRIZES g'rven away FREE!* THE BIG 'D n A«ne»-lM6FariI, FANTASTIC! 4 FEATURE PROGRAM; REGULAR PRICES JI.5I PER CARlOlt-SUATS AT DUSK "HOUSE OF FRIGHT" "ABBOTT COSTRIO MEET THE MUMMY" Now Showing in 3 The day I JITMTJATCUSK I Theatres! wl'Jirjcl PALACEM J» PMC *Yt-- PHONE MI HO ·NOITH IT NOITKWtlT- -LADItS- MAN- "LAfATlTTE ISCAOtlUn TriaTCOKTFES£... OPEN 6 p M ' I ENCASEMENT AT STATE * TOWNI ONLY -- AU. CNIkttta We DORSET! SKI BOAT Creinili BiJTrii Electric Hittf ...fora-daring ~man, a devoted woman, heroes and a thousand magnificent sta/ficnil , HONDA ·so-Sport WALT DISNEY *M1MdE ofthe TAYLOR-PA1MR-JURGENS ftLBERT-FRANOSCUS-u :*CitiniFirrrfiri«iii:9 bull ·^t Kidak HetofBUtie Cum t* Yrt Wrter ais * IU Sttni li^Tipi Itnria t liter* JUloni · ...til tiitdrils tl itltr sir: . runs tiuit tin Bin u» . BANCIHC TU DEca CraftCT- TOBIJ Hea Ffon Rew Orleau-- Spict tlta wH Kaj Eel-- Jinn; Henderson-- rnbcssa Fivs Plus T.I OK PRICE BCitranEvur. TUN! Aimssioa b Disneyland taTautti Kl ef III Disnirlanil attractbos. aQ Desnon^i Starts ic JWaHIcb's Uusie CiJj Stores, phs Poasytad efficient OF TRIAL" riUS--SECOND OUTSTANDING FEATUIE! |_ ITLL CHEER AND APPLAUD IT! BMVEONI tuning MICHEL BAT · FIBMIS RIVCKA I*******' fortf tl»S«A«--Cert jutcmsl J ^Rf I "IHH OF 6TK HAPPINESS" { , ,,,, . . ^L_ » .."·«?JL»-«?«'_ f 6:30 » wv**4 "STATE FAIR" Stan M T;U mlr-*ca Clor OM STAGE FIL in 1T. i n Jl.-H.lJ* Adunpluie OFF-BROADWAY THEATRE "SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH" H - 5J1 H ItX t'iitt BOX OFFICE OPEN TODAY FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE SPORTS ARENA, 3939 S. Fiperoa SOUTHERN CAlff. MUSIC CO, 637 S. HiH St, and aO MUTUAL AGENCIES; WAlilCffS MUSIC CITIES, Downtown, blewMd, and an UBERTY AGENCIES, and FARMERS* MARKET THE MAGNOLIA THEATRE '.·/:rr. William Talman Tie Prostrating Attoney of Ferry Maso* TV Sfcow | fNAM. »Ut««) b . 'Bom Yestenfa/1 m*r NIGHT IS UKE N£W ffXRS CYC AT TKE NOW FEATURING TAFFEY 17217 S. UJtrwOOO ItTO. MI » r * » * « niw«i · |« i^f\ft iiV¥ · KA BURLESQUE TKE GKC4rCST SHOW IM TOWN LAKE CLUB O'NEIL COMMUNITY PLAYHOUSE MISTRESS MINE" SATVIMT, ·u.1 I. ». 4. r. a. «. rcxrvi OTVM SIEM AN IQT SHOW nu Totrvr SHN THIS ... STARTS TUES., APR. 30 FOK THE MOST FUN IN THE VISIT THI WORLD! NUTHOUSE IN WILMINGTON S MILES WEST OF LONG BEACH TE 4-210* Best Nights FrI. Saf. Action Starts at 9 p.m. tot jan 11 NrTES 8 MATS **°*TIT VMAMMNT nn »« U.QOO HWH SIATI n. f«r CJI U.7-4US H

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