Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 6, 1960 · Page 30
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 30

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, June 6, 1960
Page 30
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PAGE 30 T U C S O N D A . L Y C I T I Z E N MONDAY EVENING, JUNE 6, I960 Girls State Protect Your Children; Bad Sunburn OpensToday j s ^ Dangerous As Burn From A Fire Afar *rtfl iitmnr chu^*nt« frnm i *-- ^ Over 200 junior students from high schools throughout Arizona registered tt the University of Arizona this afternoon for the I3th annual Girls State. Purpose of the 7-day program is to enable the girls to practice the administration of the city, county and state governments of Arizona. Sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary, Girls State is divided into seven cities, two counties and two political parties. Upon their arrival today, the girls were assigned to their respective city, county and political party affiliation. At 7:45 tonight Gov. Paul Fannin and UA president Dr. Richard Harvfl] will speak at the formal opening ceremony in the UA Liberal Arts Auditorium. I By DOROTHY V. WHIPPLE. M.D. I NEW YORK-C!V-Warm spring ! days are here, it's time to be- j gin that suman, time to soak up ' fresh air and sunshine, but \ watch out! I Danger lurks in that pleasantly warm spring sunshine. Don't get too much too fast A severe case of sunburn is a dangerous illness, as dangerous as a bad burn from a fire. Don't let it happen to you or any of your children. Bear in mind these facts: 1. The younger the child, the thinner the skin and the quicker he burns. 2. Blond people have less natural pigment in the skin than brunettes, therefore burn more quickly than darker skinned people. 3. On any day in the year the sun's rays are strongest in the middle of the day. LET US PROTECT the traart food hwki of your wash 'n wear suit*. They'll come back dean as the day you bought them, with patterns and colon bright as new. No fading! No shrinking. Our Style-Set finish gives suit "body," makes clothes amazingly wrinkle-resistant Our professional press adds the finishing touch that a. wefi dressed man insists on. 2512 SO. SIXTH AVE. I 4. The strength of the sun's rays is the strongest when the days are longest. Many people think that the hotter the day the quicker you get sunburned. This is not true. June 21 is the longest day in the year and this is the day the sun's rays are most vertical and burn the quickest. The sun's rays become more oblique as we move away from. June 21 and on Dec. 21 the sun's rays are their weakest. May sunshine has about the burning power of the July sun and August sun is no stronger than April sun. If you have a blond baby under 1 year of age, don't give sun baths between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. from now to August 1. Keep him in the shade during this time, and let him get his sun early in the morning and late in the afternoon. For an older child, begin with au. afj. a LA in AVE_ «HBT9T laaKKB -I ^ Jellied Consomme Tastes Refreshing Delightful and refreshing is 'jellied consomme. It's so easy, too. Place an unopened can of condensed consomme in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours. At serving time spoon into chilled bowls. For that special touch top .with whipped cream and garnish with orange slices, toasted coconut, and slivered candied ginger. PENNEY'S--- ACTIV PASMOMS MULT KMt ACTION, fTYLI j i What*« your fame? golf? bowling? or just looking:? Whatever it is, lead off in one of Penney 7 * famous Activi-Tee dresses. Styled with easy-twinging action backs, generous pockets-strongly bar-tacked. Note, too, higher price feature* such as dyed-to-match shank buttons, PeBon* lined belts and shoulder pads. Sleeveless and comfort-cut short sleeve versions in woven cotton plaids and stripes, cotton prints, cotton Menmcfcer, Arael* triacetate blended with cotton. Misses', half sizes. 95 Street Floor ef Fa*iona 6 five minute exposure and gradually increase the time in the sun. Insist on his being covered up after five minutes. And time it with, a watch, don't guess. Examine his skin four or five hours after exposure. If it is fairly pink and the pinkness fades in another four to five hours you can safely increase his exposure the next day. But if the pinkness persists, don't increase the exposure time. Suntan lotions are useful after the limit of exposure has been reached. But even with lotions don't let a youngster stay in the bright iun more than the tlloted time. Usually about a week of short daily exposures will tan a skin enough so that there is little danger of burning. The time of day and the time of year is of course the same for every one, but you must judge your own child's ability to withstand sun, remembering that the younger and blonder your child the more careful you must be. ^ 4t I. PINMNGTON MAin 3-3421 (/ · Exquisite, these understated sheaths by Peggy Hunt--on* of a selection and-ours alone. This in honey-beige linen with green and orange applique. Sizes range from 8 to 18. Open Fridays until 9:00 p.m. 48 E. MA 3-3421 Jottings... I've never seen the Oleanders as beautiful as they are this year. I guess the fact the aphids didn't feast on them is the reason . . . and Palo V«rdes seem to me to be blooming later than usual . . or longer, I should say, Those in our Patio are s t i l l blooming and there seem' to be buds still to awaken! Our Mimosa too are especially heavy with bloom, end how the humming birds love "to sip the nectar! T * * Making trips to the Hospital to see a relative there, I am ever -impressed with the number of can indicating tha loved ones paying visits. Now that one can go anytime from I0;30 a.m. to 8 p.m. I am in even greater wonderment, for t h o u g h these hours expand the visiting time, the parking lots are always full! e e e What a boon a good cleaning woman can be! My Alberto is a jewel of the old school. Not only does she clean; but she keeps slipcovers in perennial freshness; . even mends things in need of repair when she does personal laundry. 'One comes to depend and LEAN on such goodness! I'm inclined to sing PRAISE BE many times.... f N I T I C I l P H E l Mil NtMk trull Illl mini You'll want a record of your WEDDING in pictures. BEN MAXEY whose new photographic Gallery in The Casas Adobes Shopping Center Is the very last word in setting and equipment, will discuss picture plans with you whenever you say. The very newest can ba in living color. The, telephone isn't listed yet "'but here it is: CY 7-0151. Dial it for an early appointment and resulting satisfaction. ADDRESS: 7109 N. ORACLE RD. · · · . CUFF MANOR Boatlqae, puts you in the ttcim.. DRAPED Silk Jersey Swimsuits in either Black or White top most of the Swimsuit buys I've seen', with a- price of 9.95 (a special purchase!); Helenca Knits in White or Black are embroid- .ered (The white in pink; the black in yellows); there are Woven S t r i p e Cottons; Sharkskins trimmed with Calico; Cotton Chiffons with matching fluttery coats; The suit 15.95; the coat 10.95. There are beaded beauties, and Hawaiian exotics . . . Look them over, it won't be hard to choose what's best for you. ADDRESS: 5900 N. ORACLE RD. DIAL CY 7-1411. · · · Let CASAS ADOBES Flowers do your Wedding . . . The d e c o r a t i o n s in the church, in your home; for the reception... and your Bridal Bouquet..CASAS ADOBES Flowers does them all inexpensively.. You can make an appointment for planning just by calling CY 7-0131. ADDRESS: 7057 N. ORACLE RD. at the fountain in The Casas Adobe* Shopping Center. In view of recent editorial reassurances that a nuclear attack is no worse than a bad co'd, the Tom Bahti Indian Shop wishes to announce it will remain open its usual hours (9:00 to 5:30) during any atomic war. Banker-size Navajo rugs start at 15.00 Zuni fetishes (to ward off missiles) 8.00 up. Silver and turquoise jewelry styled for gracious underground living. W7 E, Tmre' St. , , , Src/rred T**n iwhti. v Telephone MA 2-5855, Ext. 231,232 It's one of the loveliest TEA SETS (in Silverplote) I've EVER seen! Graceful Teapot; Sugar and Creamer AND Tray . . ALL for 35.00, A young hostess could certainly preen when she pours for a party with this! UNIVERSITY JEWELERS has a great many handsome 'Wedding Sift ideas. Oblong Chafing Dishes in ornate Sil- verplate; Pie Plates with Pyrex liners; Candelabra (Three- branch) are designed so that each of the candle holders becomes a separate candle-stick! There -are handsome Cut Glass Bowls in Amber, Cranberry, and Amethyst if you're looking for something altogether new and extraordinary . . . UNIVERSITY JEWELERS is a beautiful new shop at 835 N. PARK w|th entrances front and rear and ample parking at the rear off Second street. DIAL MA 2-6171. Open Friday evenings. COLLEGE SHOP is holding its 22nd ANNIVERSARY SALE . . . The E v e n t is STOREWIDE and many of the sale items as much as 50 per cent off! It is ail regular s t o c k , n o t h i n g brought in for the sale. NO SALES ARE FINAL until you are fully satisfied. Bring back anything you wish to return within five days and-fhey will either credit it to your account or return your money . . . You can shop in complete comfort on the hottest days in COLLEGE SHOP'S air-conditioned setting; or in the cool of the evening, for COLLEGE SHOP is open both Monday and Friday until 9 p.m. There is plentiful FREE PARKING, no purchases necessary^ ADDRESS: 845 N. PARK AVL (30 day 1 charge; 6 months extended Charge; er layaway ... pick what fits your needs.) ·auiuinmtuf' STORAGE is on everyone's mind . . . getting woolens and furs out of Closets and into a safe place away from moths, buffalo bugs and such. GLOVER'S fine new Storage Vaults are very impressive, and they'll keep your most precious FURS safe not only from nibbling insects but predatory thieves as well as fire. Their method of cleaning your FURS before storage is the furrier's method which is the correct and beautifying one! ADDRESS: 2643' N. CAMPBELL Branches: 555 W. ·Valencia; 5515 E. Pima; King's Launderette, 2918 E. Grant; Chandler's Shoe Repair, 2610 E. Ft. Lowell. · If Father smokes... The P I O N E E R S M O K E SHOP proposes a BRIAR PIPE with Tobacco (a'2.50 value for 1.19); Table Lighters for 3.50; PIPE LIGHTERS for 6.95; plus the many add to the pleasure. AD-' DRESS: Tha Pioneer Smoke Shop, 6 E PENNINGTON, off the lobby of .The Pioneer Hotel ... Serving you since 1952. DIAL MA 3-7203. COUNTRY GARDE* Pre-school . . . Six Baby Chicks have been added to the pet-interest at COUNTRY GARDEN Preschool. You can imagine how excited the children were when these bits of fluff emerged from their shells! It is these marvels of life come upon in their daily activities that keep COUNTRY GARDEN Pre-schooler* constantly absorbed! A0DRISS: 4055 R lit. DIAL MA 4- W5T, CARRICK MACROSS Lace Handkerchief for the bride... You'll find these fresh from a Convent in Ireland, at THE CORONET SHOP. Besides the incredibly f i n e lace Handkerchiefs, t h e r e are Prayer Caps, and what I would use for a SHORT Veil were I to be a bride! You can order 54 by 54 inch Bridal Veils too. What treasure this! ADDRESS: Shop 16,^ BROADWAY V I L L A G E . DIALEA 7-8193. Save 1.50 You can save 1.50 by purchasing DU B A R R Y ' s 6- treatment package of their Dory BEAUTY MASQUE. What is it? A brilliant European bio-chemist conceived the idea of incorporating ai- ginates derived from marine algae in a new kind of beauty m a s k . Algae are the source of life itself, and this mask is their remarkable of x .spring. Vogue Magazine reported on DORY; now you'll find it at BROADWAY VILLAGE DRUG, corner of Country Club and BROADWAY, the drugstore with parking' and entrances front and rear; a post office; hours from 7:30 a.m. to 1 1 p.m. every weekday; till 8 p.m. every Sunday; a fine prescription department a n d FREE DELIVERY. DIAL EA 5-2A3I (AX 1-1875 for Wit- mot Plaza Drug). There's also a new Dir BARRY Lipstick called PINK is for GIRLS... Yeu'll want tt, girl or woman!) DOROTHY RICE present*: ACTIVE SPORTSWEAR ... B e r m u d a a n d J a m a i c a SHORTS in plain colors and I n d i a P r i n t s ; Cropped Blouses, and Oxford Cloth Sleeveless S h i r t s ; Over- blouses of Polished Cotton bearing your favorite party mascot . . ..the Donkey or the Elephant in Red or Blue on a White ground." What could bespeak your sentiments more pointedly come July! ADDRESS: Shop 19, BROADWAY V I L L A G E . DIAL EA M4I2. FRONTIER Lamps and Shades... By the looks of the huge Corrugated Boxes packed in at FRONTIER Lamps and Shades, there is a big ship-' ment of VERPLEX Shades. Maybe those you" ordered are among them! ADDRESS: 3919 E. PIMA. DIAL EA 63563. Plentiful parking. TOM GIST the HOME-Bnilder... TOM GIST B U I L D S the homes he DESIGNS . . . b e i n g a contractor and builder. I've s e e n these homes and like what I see. His designs and building are .SOUND from the ground up. Husbands are sold on the solidity of his structures; wives are entranced by the original ideas and functional qualities. A T O M G I S T horn* n !*asss o n tica!! w ; and Insinuates 'itself into daily living, b e c a u s e of its thought-out planning. Not un-of-the mill but a house In a thousand! ADDRESS: TOM GIST, 5W6 E 5th. DIAL AX 8-4014. Traveling? By plane, ·tram, b o a t . . . CHEZ Katrine realizes you may be going north, south, east or west and has g a t h e r e d together the clothes for anywhere in the wide, wide, world! One, two, and three-piece creations · with packabllity; and should there be a wedding In the offing this shop has the Chiffons, the Silk Prints, the "Laces that a society editor loves to report she saw worn at this important event. You can count on CHEZ Katrine right through your social calendar. ADDRESS: 127 W. DRACHMAN in The Tucson Inn. DIAL MA 4-6117. Now come the days for sunning and TANNING! You can do it beautifully with MERLE NORMAN'S Sun Tan Lotion. It filters the sun's injurious rays, helps prevent windburn and chapping, protecting your skin from serious burn. Non-greasy or sticky, SUN TAN LOTION has an unobtrusive, cologne- like fragrance. Tuck a non- spill plastic -squeeze Bottle into your Beach Bag and ba a Golden Girl! ADDRESS: 201 N. STONE in Tha Gar. dan Plata Bldg. , , tha only Maria Norman Cosmetic Studio with a downtown address. DIAL MA 2-5502. I was behind tha scanas at ANN EDWARDS D r a s s Shop, whan a whole truckload of boxes arrived, beer- ing Summer Dresses in 5 to 1.5 and 8 to 20 sizes. Among them were those much wanted White ambroiderad in '"White. These hava pastal- hued satin belts; there were Voiles; Drip Dries; Patterned Cottons; Sleeveless styles and cap-sleeved modes . . . just about everything you'll be wanting for the warm days . . and since they've just come, now would be the time to find your size, and several you'd like to call your own! From 11.95 to 19.95. ADDRESS: 2521 E. 6th. DIAL/EA6-9I64. ALRAY Small Electric Appliance Repair... This Repair Shop will adjust and set the TEMPERATURE CONTROLS of your Electric Iron FREE. Just take your Iron In to them, and let them test it. Thus your Summer Ironing tasks will be simpli« fied! ADDRESS: 2530 E. 6th. DIAL EA 6-7251. HOURS: 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. D E S E. R T Maybe you hadn't thought of DESERT HOUSE CRAFTS as a source of DECORATIONS for your parties (it is); gifts for newlyweds, graduates are in abundance; and with Father's Day coming up DESERT HOUSE suggests: The Teleldoscope (a new kaleidoscope); Habachis for his cookouts; Ash Trays made in Desert Craft Shops; Indian Jewelry and Hand- loomed Ttes; hand-carvings; sculpture; pictures; pottery forms . . . something of beauty or interest for his" very own! ADDRESS: 2141 N. CAMPIfcU. DIAL EA 7- 42W.

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