Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 12, 1976 · Page 39
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 39

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1976
Page 39
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1976 WOW.' POES THAT LOOK GOOD/ T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N flagar The Horrible I i WA.TCMP I'M REAL HDrteRY/ PAGE 3 I'M AM SWORD SHALLOWER Crossword Puzzle ^'Charmers'" \ i J" There's really nothing you can't do \ if it only means enough lo you. j johnny Wonder's QUESTION CORNER v WHAT IS AN ALSINO * " AM ALBINO (5 A PERSON OK ANIMAL WHOSE SKIN, HAIR, ANP eves LACK COLORING MATTER STEIN 3rmai eyes, the color of the is hides the pinkness. Coloring matter in people and animals is called pigment. Pigments carry many colors, such as the black of the crow's feathers and the green of the turtle's shell. Our skin color is mainly due to the presence of a dark color pigment called "melanin." Perhaps the animal albinos we're more familiar with are white rats and mice and rabbits that have pink eyes. Not all white animals are complete albinos. White chickens and ducks, for example, have color pigments in their beaks and legs. ACROSS 1 Miss La Douce 5 Charge : Abbr. 9 Casals 14 Close 15 Solidaubatar.ee 16 Orchestral instruments 17 Political convention surprise 19 South African province 20 Here: Fr. 21 Inlet 23 Philippine volcano 24 Annoy 26 "There old man that would not say his prayers...": Phrase 28 Adored ones 31 Persian king 34 Lizard: Suffix 37 Odd or job 38 Hackney coach 39 Has in mind 41 M odern a rt form 42 Passenger on 4 Down 43 Exclamation of 45 AndalusLan city 46 double 48 Bk. dedications 50 Poetic feet 54 Rested 56 plant. 59 Intensified exclamation 60 German poet 62 Symbol from Revelation 64 Stadium 65 Northern dwelling 66 Fence material 67 Washed (down) 68 Heedless 69 Library deal DOWN 1 Of Asiatic origin 2 Extend 3 Santa 4 Biblical refuge 5 Prophet from Tekoa 6 Official paper: Abbr. 7 Specious reasoner 8 ---- engine 9 Hair-do 10 Arab's coat 11 Kind of garden 12 Dancer's forte 13 Norse seaport 18 Take note of 22 Booby bird 25 Important civic worker 27 Asiatic body of water 29 Bridal veil trimming 30 Was ist ? 32 Advocate 33 Sow 34 Thailand 35 Girl's name 36 Suppliers of gas, power, etc. 40 Old London tavern, near the Mermaid 41 Study 43 One held for ransom 47 Dry's partner 49 Speedy 51 Opera role 52 City of Iraq 53 Luster 54 Ruler 55 Prefix with drome or gram 57 That: Lat. 58 Pont , Paris bridge 61 Compass pt. 63 Night bird MVIJOULPN'T CAKE TO HELP ME WITH AW W1H.W) SENTENCES. UWLP W, MARGE f ~^r THAT UJOULP K. DISHONEST, SIR... ACCEPT fOl/R PUNISHMENT, ANP K A BETTER PERSON FOR IT.,. I HAVEN'T MENT0NEP OFF, | THAT IWVE MISSPELLED * $* aoufie$ PA$6otJ7H£ BREAK Brenda t/ow uu oux BoYS VANISHED So i.. Animals and humans are 'Jometimes born with no color- ·ing matter in their skin, hair, "or eyes. They are albinos. ··i. "Albino" is from a Latin iword that means white. An ;animal or person who is a true albino has white hair, milky- white skin, and pink eyes. The eyes are pink because the blood in the tiny vessels of the iris (the colored part of the eye) shows through. In PRIZES A pocket radio, camera, World Almanac globe or other fine prize will be awarded to the lirst youngster tending in a quetion used here Send your Question and your age to Johnny Wonder, Tucion Daily Clli- ren, P.O. Box 74747, Tucson, Ariz. BS7U. ACTUALLY,! DON'T AND I EVER GOT TOGETHER Blohdic Dennis The Menace I QOO'UE BEEN AT IT AS LOW© AS X HAME, A SIMPLE TOM-TOM ISN'T EWOUSH I H-^. Catfish MOMMA, I MI6HT BE TlfA Tc? Momma /MOMMA, YOU AK£ I TKVIN6 rOMAKS ME ( FEEL SMI LTV/ WHAT?/ HO YOiA SPEAK ILL OP THE THEN WHEN I GOT A GOOD LOOK AT HER, IT WAS TOO LATE.' T JWSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE WHATSTHE MATTER WITH FLO? Andy Capp* / 'E KEEPS WAKIN X \ UPEVERYTWOOR A THREE D 6£STA BREED MEWS HES 6(660? AN'STRONSER AN SMARTER IRAN ANY DOG UKE HIM IN THE WrOL£ W3RU). IM A UUKKY r \ IT'S PF.EN SUCH A LOVELY DAY, ARISTOTLE.' I MAY DECIDE NEVER TO LEAVE NEW YORK/ -I CAN THINK OF NOTHING · THAT WOULD MAKE ME HAPPIER.' Apartment 3- FEATURES In-depth stories of general interest to southern Arizona readers. EVERYSATURDAY with the QTucson Daily Citizen Ask Beth Mature advice for teen -agc "People etc." Chit Chat about celebrities Micheline Keating "At the Movies" Mary Shay "Television forecast" Robert Shelton "Out takes from Old Tucson" "Books and Authors" Literary comment and profile Travel news and views -- PLUS -- Television, movie, and radio Programming QTucson Daitu diliseu To subscribe, CALL 889-461 1 Wizard Of Id we TOLD YOU YOU tSAN'T A ACCORDIN6 TO THE IWFORMA- PRESCOIT GAVE /Me HE'S HOT MARRIED, JUNE / Rex Morgan WHILE IN PHILADELPHIA,! ANSWERED A PHONE CALL THAT WAS FOR NORM ' THE WOMAN IDENTIFIED HERSELF ASiMRS.PRESCOTT/ REMEMSER/ ELIZABETH--- T DIVORCE WAS YOUR IDEA,f (MINE/ VDU CAN HAVE AW AMOUNT OF MONEV ' WANT--BUT NOT/WV SON./ .,,. NORMAN.'. ^ X V Beetle Bailey J. 2-11 you SHOULDN'T AT ME L!KE TMAT IN OF THE A-lEN S.i'r.' Please, could drive me to a phone quick ? him.' Sugar, babu.O We nee ^ ^he ' rescue squad// Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four o r d i n a r y words. 1l7f ^_ A Gasoline Alley WEWDHJJTPKIK UP THE B5 SHOT PLEWE S(TOM -AVJD 50MEO«E THE CIIAKTBl RKHT ^16HT6£THUET THE FAILED PROJECT^ cy^ Canyon "" TO AWONSHIHEfe Itt OLSON A HIM OUT ON COP/Of THAT OIL THE PIECE TANKER/ I WRITE IH-OM OARP a^owis TANKER off THE COAST Of KOREA - DULWES5 15 WOT THE TOPIC... OLSON, IU SHOW \ACEWAS ON \I-I. SORTA YOU PLACES OW MAW SHORE HAD OTHER SHORE YOU NEVER. / PATROL OUTY / PLANS PREAME60F/ A OUT HERE.' YOSUL I ) EVERF ' N (^J NECKAR J ) LEWVIE f ^^} M*^..l.~-~4 ( ^ ' N s ; f N v^ I ;) OUe LIFE 6 CHANEP BY MV FOOT BRAKE JEST WENT ON TH' BLINK-- DOC !!WHflT INTHUWDER HflPPEWT TO VOU? Snuffy Smith Now uruife the circled !*tl«r» to form the lurprice uicwer, · succeitcd by the ·bore cartoon. f ~Y "y Y" ^r ^ ~*y Y" J1I ^ 4^ .^ ^_ .^K. ^ /^B fi\ A Hi And Lois (A GAILY PILOT BEIflMb UNSEAT What it me tetentfrf tettktn dtcuttJ tt itfgc -A "STT-IN" T TOLD VOU THREE TIMES TO COME DOWNSTAIRS FOR THE LAST TIME -ARE YOU COMING DOWNSTAIRS ? j (NO, MA'AM--I'M COMING / / / \\JPSTAIRS

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