Independent from Long Beach, California on February 14, 1958 · Page 11
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 11

Long Beach, California
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Friday, February 14, 1958
Page 11
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Powers Pledges Antisinkage Aid HARRY FULTON WHEN IT COMES to salesmanship, you'll have to go some to beat Chi Chi and Kathy Kearns, who attend Lafayette School. Chi Chi, 10, and Kathy, 8, are Brownies, and the other day they turned the home of their grandfather, Joseph C. Kearns, 919 E. 17th St., into a sort of a headquarters as they s o l d cookies- in "the Brownies' fund raising drive. They came loaded with boxes of cookies, and all day long they were in and out of the house as they conducted their crusade. Once, while they were gone, a lady who had made one purchase came to the house and ordered another box, so when the two girls returned, their grandfather passed along the word. "Sorry," replied ' the girls, "but we don't have any more cookies. We just sold the last box -to the Helms man." . Which Is kinda like selling a snow cone to an' Eskimo. * * * THIS BEING Valentine s Day, and Valentine's Day being the time for exchange of cards, perhaps it's appropriate to make mention of the champion card collector of this area. Her name is Georgia Glenn, 1984 Dawson Ave., but she collects Christmas, not Valentine's cards. Since last Christmas she has collected some 10,000 used cards from people who no longer have use for ·them. She spends all her free time removing the writing from these cards and shipping them to missionaries throughout the world, who in turn, distribute them as "rewards." "Old Christmas cards have no value to the people who originally "received them," said Miss Glenn, "but missionaries find they have great value and are delighted to receive them." Miss Glenn's interest in- cards is strictly for others. In fact,-when she celebrated her Slst birthday Feb. 9 she made a point of asking friends and relatives NOT to send her birthday cards. BUD GKEGORY, now at Chuck Trudy's Cafe, on Wardlow near Orange, has been a chef in this area for. the past 20 years. He's one. chef who appreciates the work of the dishwashec, "the unsung hero" of the kitchen, and he · has particularly fond memories of one dish'jockey with whom he worked several years -ago at another restaurant. Seems this fellow would work in high gear for eight hours straight, but he kept dipping into the supply of kitchen Sherry. Bud hated to reprimand the fellow, but the practice had to stop. So he started putting a handful of salt in the wine and compensating for same in his recipes. Well, the salt trick didn't work. The fellow still tapped the Sherry supply, and eventually he had to be fired. Later, this dishwasher returned and filed a complaint with the chef. "I'm not sore because I Kot fired," he said, "but you sure spoiled my drinking. Now I have to put salt in my wine before I cnn drink It." STUDENTS were outnumbered by-frogs when Darold Talley opened his biology lab at Artesia High "School the other morning. The trouble was traced to fact that Cerritos College uses the classroom at night. The collegians had been studying the frogs and placed them v in containers when class was dismissed the previous evening. However, they failed to faster the lids securely and the'little critters jumped right out during the night. · SEVERAL readers liave called asking this depart- incnt to express their thanks to an unknown gro'.tp of teenagers who ·provided ct valuable sen/ice lutr. Tuesday night. The. log was dense--· icorst in several years--and motorists,' particularly in the Los Altos area, were running into all' sorts of ·trouble. Teenagers came to the rescue, sotting -of! }lares at the more dangerous intersections, directing traffic and shouting .completely bewildered drivers how to find the white line. One of the most troublesome spots was the three- way intersection of Stearns- Clark-Los Coyotes Diagonal, and there the young people even carried"flarex across the street to show motorists which way to go. '· "They-were doing' a, swell job," said Charles Herbick, (i night worker at JDo-uglas. I'd never have'made it to work that night if it hadn't been for them." * * * LABOR question': "Is It quitting tone?" FANTASTIC Car Death Try- Laid to JVELY VALENTINES Kathleen Sheehand, 10," of. 2223 Williams St dressed as a heart, and James Keller, -9, .of 2351 Willard St., in the costume of a · postman, .colorfully symbolize Valentine's Day during a Cabrillo Playground drama class.--(Staff Photo.) .: . The SouiWamT* M fine* FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 14, 19S8 HOME IN LONG BEACH Belief in a "fantastic story" concocted' as a · practical Joke drove Stanley J.^Mordes, 30, of 269, : Glendora Ave., to launch a motorized suicide charge that led 'to the death, of another man, Hep. Dist. Atty, Warren Et'tinger said Thursday. Ettinger said Hordes' girl friend told him "an;incredible tale" of beatings by a vice' syndicate to explain her absences from him. Other -acquaintances of the couple embellished the story, telling- Mordes" professional killers ; .were following his trail. ' ,,..". *' « . « · . * _ » . - . MORDES began to .brood, to drink and talk of suicide, Ettinger-said,,until his friends old-him.the story was untrue. They were unable "to. convince turn.- . ' . . ' · - . : 'On'; Feb. 5 Mordes, in a state f · fear, -attempted to commit uicicle'i'by driving his car at 5 miles: an hour .down the wrong side of a Lynwood.street. 'he attempt failed, but Richard N.-' Butts-, · 32, of 6808 E. Motz it,. Paramount,, was, killed when his car was .struck by Mordes' auto: · · · . Mordes, who suffered a broken jaw and "bruises,, is charged vitK' murderr in .the death, of Butts His preliminary hearing s scheduled for Monday '" Compton Municipal Court. Official Princeton Back From Far East i' Flying balloons 'and bright The Princeton's-cruise to the - L - l J f i u f a . _ i _ -TV,,. Torf i i r n c VlPT Qlvtrl RmCC streamers above her flight deck the USS Princeton returned home to Long Beach Thursday afternoon after a seven-month tour of duty in the Far East. Families and friends of crew members welcomed the big antisubmarine aircraft carrier at Pier 2, Long Beach Naval Shipyard. HELP FOR HARBOR PROMISED , ^ . . Inspecting the area of severe subsidence. ncairthe-Long Beach Naval Shipyard are (from. left) Assemblyman William .: Grant, Shipyard Commander Rear Adm/R. K. James and Lt. Gov. Harold J. Powers. Powers pledged state help in solving the land-sinkage . problem on his visit here -Thursday. -- (Staff.) Air in brms Mother . · ' - 1 4 C J" VftJi. No one .has any. more, right ,, T dQ not shout Qut , Qudly . . to. be concerned about air to. be concerne aou a{ ^g^^y...^,, fatalities and safety regulations than a Lake- othcr drawback ' s o[ a S pread- vood mother whose -son died in |t r i t v h - - . Theit King Girl 'Bait' Committed The "come-on" girl in a tncrt ring which operated here last summer was committed to California Youth Authority. Thursday-by Superior v Judge Beach Vasey. Probation officers told Judge Vasey that Barbara Anne Lynn, 18, of 541 w; Seaside. Blvd. violated terms of three-year probation granted to her last December. Miss Lynn and four men were arrested Aug. 1, 1957, .after she lured two sailors to a dark area near the Nu-Pike, where they fere robbed of $17 by, her companions: Far East was her sixth since the Korean conflict It includ ed a relief mission to the flood stricken island of Ceylon in early January. · » » « * ACTING UPON-orders from President Eisenhower, a Navy task group composed of the SSS-foot 'carrier · and two' destroyers made a high-speed run carrying food and medical supplies to the flood victims. Twenty-eight helicopters [flew I nearly .500 sorties "and a jtotal Vow Told in'Doctor's Hearing Testimony that Dr. John LeRoy Wales 'promised never to perform another illegal abortion if he wasn't arrested highlighted the 78-year-old Long Beach gynecologist's preliminary hearing Thursday. Detective Inspector James A. Thiele said Dr.-Wales made the vow just before he was arrested Jan. 31. Another witness was a po- ms 170 tons of .food paid City Manager Meet Closing Closing sessions of the three- day meeting of the City Managers Department of the League of California Cities will be held today in the Lafayette Hotel. Pay TV franchises, -statewide freeway studies.'sniall harbor development and minimum . medical supplies to Ceylonese stranded in areas otherwise inaccessible. The prime minister of Ceylon called the help "invaluable" and the governor general said; "Your country has been a Godsend to 'Ceylon. The people of Ceylon now know who their real friends are." + * « IN THE SEVEN - MONTH deployment, the 'F r i n c e t o -n steamed more than 51,000 miles and participated with various training exercises with the 7th Fleet. She refueled 122 destroyers with 5,555,000"gallons of fuel oil, earning the unofficial title,-"Princeton, the^Flat- topped Tanker." The carrier's big two-engine G r u m m a n - S2E "Tracker" planes and her helicopters logged nearly 6,800 hours of flight time. The planes carry electronic equipment specifically designed to search out enemy submarines, and ordnance to destroy them. x The Princeton carries, the police standards for discussion. are subjects New Notary Public · Secretary of State Frank M. Jordan announced Thursday the issuance of a notary public commission to James H. Stelar, 126 Orizaba Ave. . Wales' . llegal operation she told Dr Wales she needed. She was in his office when, he was arrested. · MUNICIPAL " Judge Lyman B. Sutler held Dr. Wales to answer in. Superior Court Fcb The doctor- is charged with one count of abortion, involving he Feb.-l.crash of two.military; planes over Norwalk. : Nonnan D. Nash, son of Mrs: N. C. Nash, 6148" Blackthorne Ave., was a passenger on .the Navy's P2V patrol bomber which crashed in Santa Fe Springs after it collided with the MATS transport. , Here are some of the things Mrs! Nash recommends to avoid such tragedies in the -future: "Although I am a parent bereaved by the Feb. 1 air tragedy, I am writing only to share with the publicv some necessities; of military protection and to present to the investigation committee 'a'few words as'a citizen. "There lias ^ already been a hasty clamor to close Alamitos Air'' Field. ' Sometimes politicians wish to" gain favor thus, but'. 'the . nearby citizens ^must weigh calmly, our needs -for military protection against the'hazards, and-give only'con- structive criticism, "The ' argument for -keeping the Air Field is that, the-public will be the-first to wish nearby facilities for quick protection by regular ^and Reserve Forces in case of emergency. , . "Reserve . Forces will · no' "Light p 1 a n e fatalities are etting more numerous than military ones. "To sum up, "I hope for the most vital need Is keep up at proper strength- if the men have to travel hours one count 01 aoonion, iiivuivuiB ut ."·." ..,,._ -- -- - . an operation he allegedly per out to the* desert. I know that formed .on an Orange County some - Reservis s . work swmg woman last year, and. one of attempted abortion, concerning the policewoman. Annual Gym Circus Friday by Boys' Clubs . · ,' me uri£iib i A * j ii ^ .. "e-Boys' Clubs of Long Beach f rom the ground make it im *;n TM.TMsant tVinir annllfll f*vm .~»r.(.!WlA +rt «»*» a fpw lilrht. shift Friday night, then must appear at the field for dutj a.m. Saturday. · "Any person working there can tell you that citizens in light planes .create hazard: every day-by flying low righ across the military- reservation "Pilots can testify that clear nights such as-Feb. 1 most dreaded for night flying The bright f l a s h i n g lights will present their annual.Gym Cirpus -today in the Downtown; Club, 1585 Chestnut Ave., un-' der supervision of Don Achzig- cr, Claude Ragsdale, William H o b b s and B e r n i e Hawn,' possible to on- planes. 4.11C JT.LllI^.d*Vii v,tii A J^.-J · v »i* -- _ ,, - , _ _ ^flag of Capt. Raymond N. coaches of the four branches of Sharp, commander. Carrier Di- " r "" K vision 15. Her. commanding officer is Capt. .William L. Dawson. . ' . The carrier unloaded, planes and personnel of Air Antisubmarine Squadron 38 -and Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron 8 at San Diego Wednesday before proceeding home to Long Beach. Boys' Clubs. The program features a wrestling -exhibition by "the Long Beach State College team and club' members', exhibitions of boxing, tumbling, weigh't lifting..and trampoline. The. drill .team will show .physical fitness exercise's. The .four branches are Re'd Feather services of Community.Chcst. ' lights ollowing: '1. The or a central .air traffic Con- rot io co-ordinate flight* and revent collisions. , "Z. Civil. Air Control to.stop unnecessary and h a z a r d o u s crossing of Alamitos by private plans. "3. As a safety measure from Alamitos, military planes to gain .altitude over the sea If possible. , . ' "4.. In concurrence with th C. S. C. Investigators Nlelson Andrews and Kurp, that com mercial searchlights and flash ers be banned. '5. Wear parachutes mori By GEORGE -WEEKS Long Beach heeds and "will · receive state'help in getting . ahead 'of subsidence, Lt. Gov. Harold J. Powers declared her* · Thursday. · . " ' . . ' · " ' · Powers, who, presides 6v!ei the Sta^e Senate, predicted ths ' Senate and Assembly, will ;giyt' "prompt and sympathetic .'ut- .tention" to subsidence- legisla- '., tion at'a special session; te'"bi called .by Gov. Go odwin- Ji.; Knight for March. ' · ' · / , . 'I haven't studied ..the 'pro-, posed bill .as yet but I .hav«.. ;reat confidence in .your-"asi r; emblymen and in the Legisla- .ure generally," Powers said. . "I am sure the» Legislator* will.not stall on a problem a»-. . serious as this." ". . - . - ; , ' . _ * ' * . * # . - ' ACCQMPANIEb by city of.: "icials and-Rear Adm. R.-fc James, Long B e a c h , Naval- 1 Shipyard commander, P.pwer| · toured the shipyard and adja- -'· cent harbor.area,':where maxi- · mum sinkage now exceeds -24 feet. '. ,,. . ·".';."'.· "It seems apparent that-th».' city is not. keeping up.- with " subsidence as it now. exists/;' often. '"'$.- Have m o r e ' s a f e t y hatches." . "I-;hope someone can inven a parachute to wear on th back. Like safety measures o cars, they must be comfort able enough to' wear iat all: times for an emergency when someone might be saved · . by- being able to float down if thrown. out · · ' · · · "Aircraft- designers s h o u l d confer -more often with fliers to find, out that many planes are considered death traps: "My son worked all day with the 'Navy P2V crew which' would not be lax on- a plane they were to fly. But- the-col r lision 'jammed ,the e s c a p e hatch. I feel that a side .door might have saved some meru he said. "It's ahead of you.,Th» problem is to get ahead of th« sinking. . · ' . · - . . . _ ' ' "That leads naturally to' th« conclusion that you need state « ',· help. I am confident you.will-1 Z g e t i t . . ' - . . . . , : "Anyone who is familiar with. this phenomenon realizes It :ii» -i ; ~ a terrific problem .whose urgen-' ' cy affects the whole, state as well as this area.."We.realize!:'" that immediate, attention - !«·-.-' necessary to prevent serious^efr. ..- Ifects on the.economy." ,'·' ·..·-, HE POINTED OUT thailihe ·" ;ate accepts the responsibility i ' · : aiding in emergencies, in Mo- ·/· alities throughout California! · ; "In. this ..instance the state -·. : as a special additional interest ... . because .it shares equally with,- ... le city in the. revenue from, tideland oil," he added. _ . . i . As a member .of th'e State^ . Lands .Commission,. Powers haaT . oted to authorize state., f bar- . ng of costs for numerous .sub- . idence reriiedial projects here. "We didn't like to ; turri downi; . 'our application for financing ; . he special- election : from tide- and' funds," he-said,' "but'"weV .' ouldn't do anything else. ;be-. ause the attorney general told , ··i it was illegal;", · · ·· * * * . * ... .".'.·', THE SPECIAL ELECTION ; March'4 will give voters an op-'. . portunity to pass on a charter., amendment permitting the ;clty, as an antisubsidence measure; to enter into unitization agree- . nients for'the productive lif«:-of the Wilmington 'oil field. ':;' ·TheJieiitenant governor.met at City Hall with Sam E. : Vick- . ers, city · manager, : S." M. · Rol- , . erts, subsidence cdntrol admih- strator, 'and .Assemblyman,. William Si .Grant, before 'pro- . ceeding ^th the tour ofc.the. subsidence area. '.'· · , -1 ' Later he.discussed the emeiv.- gency. in greater detail.-at:'« ',. luncheon with city officials and business leaders. SPENCEB HATHAWAY.. .Plans cabin. YOUNG 'ROBINSON CRUSOE' Leases Whoppm Sand Dune for 2c By BERT BESNIK Salvation 'Twish there could be more ln -.a ^jg way. ·freedom for enlisted men to get valuable ideas to top officials. When "going through channels" there are too many 'red' tape", -minded. p e r s o n" s who prevent or punish new ideas. . ; "People who want to live in the crowded Los Angeles Adventuresome . ll-year r old Spencer Hathaway Thursday got his" two'.cents worth in-- GABBIER PBINCEK$N BETCBNS . 1 # from 'seven months in Fw East House of Hope Asks Clothing New or 'used 'clothing for men. women and-children and shoes and household ' articles are .sought by the -House of Hope home for alcpholic women for a rummage sale. ·Th'e sale will be' all day Feb. 22. at 1146 Pine ;"Ave. Articles for the sale left at the ; House of Hope, 1045 Cedar Ave. Ntebraska Picnic The Nebraska picnic will be held Feb. 22 in -Bixby Park with Nebrasfcans registering by counties.' The Long Beach Boys Band will perform .at 1 _ / _. two cents, he has leased an'acre'of sand-dune in Imperial County for a year. In a formal · contract,. Imperial ' County Clerk . Harry free notified--the Long Beach xy the sand dune-was for his jxclusive use, providing he paid the-two.cents.' -. . Spencer's reaction: "What a bargain!- Til take it for as. lone'as. I can,-'five years,- maybe." * - * * » · · SPENCER, SON of. Mr. -and Mrs. Gordon M. Hathaway, 2725 Ladoga Ave., originally'wanted a cave.'The'desire grew'after he read.."Robinson Crusoe." · But "he. learned it would -be an "expensive proposition -to lease a. cave where he wanted to. in the, Santa Ana mountains. Remembering the sand dunes of El Centrp,.he wrote, to^,a friend in that city and subsequently corresponded! with the county, clerk.-. . · ' '''Since sand dunes aren't exactly, ideal,-for caves, Spencer has altered, his .Robinson Crusoe idea. Instead of a.cays,'he's going to build a cabin. HE'S GOING to take along ;wo · "Man Fridays"! 'to help him, Emerson · School · sixth- grade classmates Tom' Beckley, 2740 Petaluma Ave., and Steven Osbqrne, 6714.El Progresso-St: The first expedition willbe on April'18.- The three boys will go up with-. Spencer's father and'sleep in weekend:' . ; ' · ; . - · They plan to have the cabin completed . b"y' Sunday night. They're' hoping to use lumber [rom an old abandoned road ; to Yuma, Ariz.,, the closest city, which is about 40 'miles from th'e "Hathaway. Dune."'...-: -. s "And Tom has got .some nails," Spence said. '· ,.- : '·· * -,'*· ' » *· ' ONCE THE .CABIN-'JS built, the boys plan to spend" part of their., vacations -- Easter and summer--by themselves..'; ' - "We're going to' try arid shoot some coyotes .and maybe :,even mountain' lions,"'.' Spencer' said. "The bounty oh mountain "lions is $60:" ' ' . ' - . Spencer,.said .parentsvof all .three boys. have given- their, permission. "The only thing is .that they're: not too encouraging," he added. Gene Bishop has been elected; *-b chairman of the Salvation ;Arnjy.j';- ,'. advisory board hfere. . ', . ' ; rj; .· " Other 1958 officers include^ ^' Norman Masterson, .vice .chRir:»^.i" ! man; . Mrs.; Vernon. Fay, . secret --*.. tary; arid M e r r i l l ' L-illeji ·».'· treasurer. · '.-.' ·' · ' . ' ' , ' · ' · New -.board members; - are * - " Harry Fulton, ' Edward'' Love'll; Mrs. Charles, Planting, 'Mrs.: , Betty Arntreri,; -Mrs: ;;Marjorie; Proctor,' : Dr. Theodore Schepler' 1 !· arid John Pickering; ' ' "." Col, .Charles: Dodd,. SanTran-j; ·; * . ; Cisco, was principal speaker., at , , the annual. meeting, conducted. . . Sloan, commanding- officer here, and Maj. -Arthur Carl; man-. , -,. ager of theonen!s social.service^{.\ center. · -. - . - -- .-··'·--'· · r v'*'' Lafayette given; 1 . Hotel.- .Report! -', Howardl' L. A. Man BiirneH as Boat Explbdeis in Island Waters 'Badly burned when hi* -boat exploded off San Clemente-Is« .V land Wednesday 'night, · a-'26-·* ·· year-old 1 man '-was brought. t*;'-,... Long Beach, Thursday morning · by a Coast .Guard cutter.^.'--";.- ·· The injured man; Don\puf«:^ fey, Los Angeles, wai t»keh-:t9:..'.; H a r b o r General Ho«pitall» ; · Torrance. He. WM burned'oa ;.' the face,:handstand let '··"'"- ."

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