Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania on September 19, 1990 · Page 13
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Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Indiana, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 19, 1990
Page 13
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SUNDAY MORNING SEPTEMBER •1 6:00 6:30 7:00 21. 2003 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 1 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 j Broadcast © CD (D ©' CD (D QD QD QD (22) GO) CD Hometime(N)E Anne of Green Chris Matthews Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Mass on TV rlayes-Freeland Jay Jay the Jet News® Gospel Notes Paid Program Coral Ridge Hour Paid Program (Off Air) [Off Air) Paid Program Lakewood Church Focus-Pittsbrgh Paid Program Bountiful Blessings Dora the Explorer Toy Castle D YewsE Blue's Clues BJ Big Comfy Couch Teaching of Christ Sunday Busta CBS News Sunday Homing (In Stereo) SI Bookworm Bunch (h Stereo) (El) m What's in the News In Touch "A Balanced Schedule" (N) m Cramp Twins (N) IS Wild About News® Funky Cops (N)® American Athlete Today Previewing the Emmy Awards. Si Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program God-Country Meet the Press IS Fox News Sunday (m Stereo) S Face the Nations Penn.Game Sunday Edition It's an Age Thing I This Week-George Stephanopoulos Hour of Power d Remax Homes Sate CBS News Sunday Homing (In Stereo) SI Sesame Street (hi Stereo) [EI)I® Sesame Street (In Stereo) (EJ) B Paid Program Wild America U In Touch "A Balanced Schedule" (N) SI Coral Ridge Hour® Jakersi-Wrnks Jakerst-Winks Angefna Ballerina Angelina Ballerina In Touch "A Balanced Schedule" (N) IS JackHayfordSl Lakewood Church Michael YousSefS Believer's Voice Proclaim Face the Nation IB Impe Presents Showcase-Hme Closer to Truth Wild Moments S Paid Program Aitoona Johnstown Diocese Mass Gospel Notes Meet the Press!! Bookworm Bunch (to Stereo) (El)i: Bookworm Bunch (In Stereo) (El) m Paid Program Winning Wak IB Day of Discovery Ptid Pro(|r3fn Power of Praise Paid Program Paid Program Wortdviews Impe Presents Fox News Sunday (In Stereo) m Sagwa-theCat Sagwa-meCat God-Country Guide to Homes AnneofGreen Anne of Green Paid Program John Kilpatricfc Full Gospel Paid Program | Paid Program SUNDAY EVENING SEPTEMBER 21 . 2003 I •H 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 Broadcast CD CD CD CD CD CD QD QD QD m & dS 4:00) NFL Football: ileveland Browns at >an Francisco 49ers. Live) El n a Just World (In Stereo) H NewsSt) News@ NFLFootba Redskins ABC World News Tonight Sundays NBC Nightly News® 1: Giants at 4:00) NFL Football: ;ieveland Browns at San Francisco 49ers. (Live) 8! 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BJ Reptttes (In Stereo) (Part lot 4) B] Reptiles (In Stereo) (Part 1 of 4) S Law & Order: Criminal Merit A crookedcop's death puts detectives on the trail of a virus. Mystery! "Inspector Lyn Mysteries" 'Wising Jot Mystenes" 'IfeiSng Joi Movie:*** "Saw the Last Dance" {2001 , Drama) Julia Stiles, Kerry Washington. Bl Reality jDayof ICoralRldgeHourS] Discovery Law* Order: Criminal Inbuil "A Person of Interest" (In Stereo) (Part 2 of 2) BD ley leph"(N)[H Sh"(N)Sl Drew Carey SI King Is Coming Bl Crown & Country (S Crown & Country H) Paid Program News (In Stereo) Bl Watch' It 2003 NewsB] News IS NewsE NewsH Steves Europe Steves Europe Christum Lewis Family: This Ote House Musical. 55th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards From the Shrine Audrtonum, Los Angeles. (In Stereo Uve) IS. • • - , News Sunday iports' iJVUMn Story Honey- nooners MotorWeek (In Stereo) Practice "Body Count" tn Stereo) B) 8EW. Cops (In Stereo) IS X-Fries"Unruhe"(ln Stereo) ra Ebert* loeper : TTw Rundown." 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(N) (In Stereo) m World's Wildest Police Videos (In Stereo) SI Just Shoot Me "Sweet Charity" (In Stereo) m Outer Limits In Stereo Bl Globe Trekker "Arab Gulf States" (hi Stereo) Globe Trekker "Arab Gulf States" (In Stereo) Blind Date (In Stereo) 1 00 Hunoey Street SI Sports Xtra Seinfeld "The Wife" Larry Sanders "Breakdown" W News IB Pyramid (In Stereo) w Electronic tssennats (Joined in Progress) Larry Sanders "Larry's Agent" IS Ljvin' Large 3:30 1 CBS Up to me Minute In Stereo) Itovie- "Sugnterrtbffl Oanang" ABC World News Now B) Hot Ticket (Season Premiere) (In Stereo) cops (in Stereo) Bl Coin Vault UBS up to me Minute (in biereoj Missing (N) On Stereo) ffl cops (in Stereo) (B (Off Air) (Off Air) Cheaters Truth; betrayal. (In Stereo) HI Set Free-to Be Paid Mutant X Murderous creature. W Getting Together Once a Thief "Family Reunion" (hi Stereo] SB Anaromeoa Rommie s okt lover. (In Stereo) SJ YourHealtti Road Rules Road Rules worsnip Animal Rescue (In Stereo) ra Full House (In Stereo) Full Gospel ER "The Dance we uo (In Stereo) IS Cable TV viewing Highlights on cable channels for the weekend include the following: Today 6 p.m. — "Analyze This." Robert DeNiro stars as an angst-ridden mob. ster seeking a psychiatrist's help (Billy Crystal).TNT*** 6:05 p.m. — "Rio Grande." Western starring John Wayne. AMC * * * * 6:30 p.m. — Most Wanted Live: Brad Paisley. CMT 7 p.m. — CIA: Hollywood Spytech. DISC "Murder at 75 Birch." A mystery movie starring Melissa Gilbert, Gregory Harrison andVyto Ruginis. LIFE * Vz "CliShanger." An adventure movie starring Sylvester Stallone and John Lithgow.TBS *** 8p.m.—American Justice: "The Black Widow of Vegas." A&E "The Shootist." Western starring John Wayne. AMC ***Va "American Pie." Raunchy comedy starring Jason Biggs and Shannon Elizabeth. FX** "Lethal Weapon 2." Drama starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover as policemen battling drug-smuggling diplomats. TNT ***'/> 9 p.m. — "Point Break." Drama starring Patrick Swayze as an FBI agent who infiltrates California's surfing subculture. TBS** Vz 10:30 p.m. —"Ghostbusters." Bill Murray stars in a comedy about ghost fighters battling ghouls in a Manhattan high-rise.TNT *** Sunday 6p.m. — "Columbo: Murder, A Self- Portrait." Mystery starring Peter Falk and Patrick Bauchau. A&E * * 6:05 p.m. — "The Comancheros." Western. AMC*** 7 p.m.—"Mother Knows Best." A drama starring Joanna Kerns, Christine Elise and Grant Show. LIFE "Dragonheart: A New Beginning." Adventure. SCIFI ** l h 8 p.m. — Biography: "The Gambinos: First Family of Crime." Legacy of the Gambinos, a notorious crime family. A&E "Joe Kidd." Drama starring Clint Eastwood. AMC*** "The Emperor's New Groove." Cartoon. DISN*** "The Wedding Singer." Comedy starring Adam Sandier, Drew Barrymore and Christine Taylor. TBS * * * 9 p.m. — "Dragonheart." Adventure starring Dennis Quaid. SCIFI * * l /z 9:55 p.m. — "High Plains Drifter." Western starring Clint Eastwood. AMC *** 10 p.m. — "Little Nicky." Comedy starring Adam Sandier and Patricia Ar- quette.TBS** 1 ^ Mistrial declared after juror insists on taking notes • PITTSBURGH (AP) — A judge declared a mistrial in a homicide case because a juror insisted on taking notes. Note taking was recently allowed in civil trials in Pennsylvania under an experiment, but ju- • rors are not allowed to take notes 'in criminal trials. Allegheny 'County Judge David R. Cashman said juror Lawrence Howard insisted that it was his right to take notes, even though Cashman tried to explain that rules of criminal procedure specifically prevent note taking by jurors. "He said it was his right to takes notes and by preventing him from taking notes, I was interfering with his job, which was to en- sure justice was being done," Cashman said Friday. "He was very adamant — very, very adamant" "It became clear that he had an agenda," Cashman said, explaining that Howard talked about the government persecuting people and asked who was going to look out for the defendant Howard said he had no agenda or preconceived notion about the case. The retired University of Pittsburgh professor of management and development said he was disturbed that jurors wouldn't have access to the court record. He said the record, though it may contain the exact words of testimony, might lack "contextual meaning." The case involved Rashad Hefflin, 22, of Pittsburgh, who is accused of shooting William Ghafoor, 48, in May 2001, following a traffic collision. Cashman declared the mistrial Tuesday during the pretrial phase, before testimony began. Howard had been observed writ- ing notes while in the jury room with other jurors present, Cashman said. Cashman said he's only had one or two other people ask to take notes during a criminal trial during the past 15 years. Despite the experiment in civil cases, Cashman does not believe jurors should be allowed to take notes in criminal cases. DELI DEPT CHIPPED LB. CLEVELAND BRAND BOLOGNA 1.99 PROVOLONE .LB WHOLE BAKED OR BBQ CHICKEN EACH SUBMARINES... EACH 1 • FRESH WHOLE ^ CHICKEN LB. PACK CHICKE DRUMSTICKS OR THIGHS LB. ONCOR REG., HOT. CHEESE CHICKEN STRIPS ICELANDIC COD FILLETS LB f BONELESS SIRLOIN TIP ROAST LB. BONELESS SIRLOIN TIP STEAK LB. WHOLE 6-9 LB. PORK BUTTS CUT IKTO STEAKS on ROASTS FBEK! SUPERIOR MT. BRAND JUMBO BOLOGNA BY PC LB. Illinois youth facility deemed unsafe for residents LEAN PORK BUTT POUND 1.19 LEAN PORK SHOULDER STEAK LB. 1.39 BONELESS LEAN PORK BUTT ROAST 1.49 LB. FRESH GROUND REG. OR HOT PORK ..LB. SLICED SKINNED & DEVEINED BEEF LANCASTER VALLEY ALL MEAT FRANKS BAKERY & DELI • PH. 254-0445 1 IO9 SAVE '1.00 LB. Cut From SMoinTip STEAK POUND 2.99 HILLSHIRE KOLBASSI SLB PKG. 5.99 SNOW FLOSS SLB. BAG BYTHE PIECE MOZZARELLA SMITHS C8YOVAC BY PC SLABBJ SUGARMLE SLICED ..LJB, .LB. I LB. I 189 FRESH GROUND CHUCK LB 1 CINNAMON EA. CHOCOLATE WHEAT ROUND ANGELFOOO CAKE F. QUEEN 4-5 OZ. MEAT ft GRAVY POUCHES 27*1 1.79 2.79 NEW CROP PAULA, GALA, MdNTOSH OR GOLD DELICIOUS APPLES 3 LB. BAG 1.99 NEW CROP WHITE POTATOES 1.49 JUMBO * SUMOSTM VALENCIA *m MhA (HUNCH 4/99 EA. LOCAL GREEN NEW YELLOW COOKING ONIONS 3LB.BAG LB. 30 SIZE PASCAL BCH. OflCEN LB. RED OR WHITE SEEDLESS By MAURA KELLY Associated Press Writer CHICAGO — A celebrated church-run home for troubled youth that was once the state's biggest facility for treating abused juveniles is losing about 130 wards amid scrutiny of its handling of a suicide and two alleged sexual assaults. The children at Maryville Academy's City of Youth residential center in suburban Des Plaines will be moved to other Illinois facilities within 90 days, state officials said Friday. "Maryville has had chance after chance to solve its problems," Bryan Samuels, director of the state Department of Children and Family Services, said at a news conference. "This is not a safe environment for our kids, particularly the most vulnerable of these kids." The campus, more than a century old, has attracted celebrity benefactors including the late Chicago Cubs announcer Harry Caray and Who guitarist Pete Townshend. As Samuels spoke, several dozen Maryville supporters gathered outside. "I think it's a tragedy, and I feel that it's a shame they made Maryville to look like a dangerous place," said Ron Brooks, 46, a resident of the campus as a youth who now works there as a family educator. James Guidi, Maryville's program and clinical manager, said he and other Maryville officials had started to fix the facility's problems, and would have worked with state authorities to move children who were not receiving appropriate care. "I think it's a very tragic decision," said Guidi, who began the day-to-day supervision of Maryvilie in July. "It's going to disrupt 130 children's lives." The state will resume sending children to the Des Plaines campus if the institution can correct its problems, officials said. The 120-year-old facility is run by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago. Its leader, Cardinal Francis George, issued a statement saying he regretted the state's decision but would help make the necessary changes. The facility has been under scrutiny for more than a year. Various monitors and critics have said its staff is not properly trained to deal with children with severe behavioral, mental and emotional problems. State-appointed monitors found problems with runaways, sex among youths, poor oversight and problematic reporting of incidents. Officials at Maryville and the child-welfare department confirmed this week that FBI agents are also looking into the suicide of a 14-year-old girl last year as well as possible Medicaid fraud. Maryville Academy's 20 other facilities in Illinois will remain open, department officials said. Guidi said five or six children sent to the facility by their parents will remain at the Des Plaines campus. (On the Net: unvw.maryvillea- LB. MAKE A DATE WITH THURSDAY'S CALENDAR PAGE

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