Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1964 · Page 12
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 12

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1964
Page 12
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Fiat A-14-JNDEFENDcNT i - - - - i*. tiurt, N*. r. r · GOLDEX \YEARS } Sell Talent; -Giving It ;Is Mistake ·By THOMAS COLLINS TMj business, of vfcat a Qta does with his talents after he retires keeps wnniB? upl From iU over. I lust what should a man do with talents? | Talks with a cross-section of well-to-do retired men-all' with pensions sufficient] for their reeds -- reveal at least or.e bizarre answer, that it's easier to sell talents than to give them away. Three of the men in the survey had. in effect, tied their talents to blue ribbons and dropped them in the bottom drawer of their wives' c h i f f o n i e r s . They were through. A coup!* of others were fishing and fooling around, too shy or too content to decide how to offer their talents. All the rest were out in the marketplace trying to sell. rent, donate, or barter their talents in exchange for something to do. One of these was Robert P. Strackman. * · · · *l WAS IN' pretty bad shape about six months after I retired." Mr. Struckman said. -I had to get out of the house, to do something. Or both my wife and I would go crazy. j "I didn't need money. In fact I really didn't want any because it would involve me in red tape with social se-' curity, and bring back the fearsome ordeal of income tax forms. But I needed an activity. I rather wanted the satisfaction of practicing myj skills. I felt slightly--and in] honesty I must emphasize the slightly--an urge toward do- goodism . . ." Mr. Struckman had been an industrial chemist. He called nn an executive of a cosmetic firm, and stated his case. He said he didn't want much salary, if any. Certainly not over $100 a month. He just wanted to have a job, get back into a laboratory and see what he could do. ^ "The fdlow looked at me ever hij specs as though I was some kind of nut. Or maybe I was a spy for some other cosmetics firn.. Or a union man. What was I after?" He was brushed off. NEXT HE TRIED a paint manufacturer. Executives here were somewhat more intrigued' "by Mr. Struckman's offer to work, but also were skeptical. They kept asking him why a man who had been worth $11.000 a year would want to work for SI00 a month? He tried two other firms, with pretty much the same results, 'If I had gone into all these places and asked for a job at $8.000 a year," he said, "and agreed to waive insurance and pension benefits I would have gotten a job. especially at the paint company. But an employer is afraid it a nun who is too cheap, or free." A $100 a month jrrf, or a free x*. with a professional association, a civic association, welfare orgar.i/ations. foundations and such can be had. according to Mr. Struck man. But with an awful pen ally. "If you go to work for them fnc $100 a month, then a $100 a month job is what you're going to get. Like moving packing crate? in the back room. If you go to work for them for free it's worse. You're then called a 'volunteer* which means you're as sistant to the $100 a month man. and a little dumb to boot." · · · · BUT IF YOU CO to the boards of d:rectors of fuch; groups. rrjV.e a good ca*e for your qualifications and bring some influence to bear on the members, yau may pet an a.1 ministrative post at $6.0X1 or so a year. Or so Mr. Struck- haj concluded. Lincoln Sl Voted for .Mrxiro WASHINGTON IT* -- The S e n a t e Foreign Relations' Committee approved Wednesday a bill to give Mexico a] nonuraent commemorating; Mexican The measure would author- i/* the secretary of state to retain a statute of Abraham Lincoln for erection in Mex- jco. A similar measure was passed by the Senate two years r?n h-.t the House did! cat act on it, .. . ., | Shortening Royal Satin Pure Vegetable Includes lOc off label- Save 30c Pet Ritz Pies Frozen Banana, Coconu^ Lemon/ or Chocolate Cream SHEJ (Stock Up Value) ,, USDA CHOICE: Heinz Ketchup 17 Rib Steaks ib.77 Aged and Trimmed U.S.D.A. 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PARAMOUNT 11140 S. Paromjuit NOKWALX 10032 E. Rtscermt DOWNEY ' 7320 E. Rwtie* A»«. COMPTON 220 E. WiOowbreok AT*. WILMINGTON 1355 N. A»al«« NO UrVUTS^-BUY All YOU WANT AT SAFEWAY f* Teici Cv^Ttctcd GARDEN GROVE Gercfe* Grate thd. Jvl Ent ef Hw T . 31 1131 Chapman 12741 Hsrbor Cfrd. Wtsfminiftr et Yeraaa TOXRANCE Ccnei cl Wcsrtn GARDENA - ? 1472$ S. Ytralil At«. HAWAIIAN GARDENS Cane* at Nerwofk Ifri. PAIOS VWDES · Hawthan* ef SHrer Spw LOMITA ' ' " 2 I 3 S Pacrfie Coait INOEfENOENT--Pi 9 i A-tl ||K«. CM'. Ttare* f«. V. t«M GEN. GREENE Thln( i Looking Up Marine's Boss Tells .GitmoHoldi By FRED S. HOFFMAN W A S H I N G T O N (*v--·!_·' hivtn'l lh« slightest doubt" about our capability to reuin ( ' the base" »t GuaaUramo.' says the new boss of the' Marines. ' Gen. Wallace M. Greene/; who became 23rd commandant of the corps on Jan. 1. nade this confident assertion- in an exclusive interview. On South Viet Nara, where he visited last "month, Greene said he is optimistic about the eventual outcome of the anti-Communist fijht. THE FOUTl-SrAR Marine" said the U. S.-supported' So ith Vietnamese have very sou id campaign plans, plenty' of weapons and other lap-' plies and "are definitely willing to engage with the enemy." He said the Communists. have increased those attacks to battalion strength and stepped up the intensity of those attacks because they think the war situation is developing in their favor. Greene said the recent, [Communist terror bombings" in Saigon may be a Viet Cong' effort to discourage Amer-' icans stationed there by "bringing this sort of attack.' home" to them. Guantanamo came up in a wide-ranging discussion of the corps, its manpower needs and its future. WHETHER the Marine garrison at the U. S. naval base on Guantanamo Bay will hive to be reinforced. Greene said, win depend on the circumstances--"on what the emergency might be." Without going into specifics, the Marine chief said the corps* garrison there is- irger than it was before the. Cuban missile crisis of 1962." At that time, tne garrison of · leathernecks stood at about. 400. Greene noted that there is "large number of Navy people there who are participating in the defense as well as Marines." The c o m m a n d a n t was isked whether he intends to recommend an increase in the Marines' 190,000 ceiling in view of new crises areas such as Africa. Malaysia and elsewhere. GREENE replied* that he had rude a careful estimate |of the requirements thai may ihe levied against thj corps throughout the coming fiscal 'year and added: "My conclusion is that we can handle these with 190,000 men." The problem, he said, lies in the demands of more sophisticated equipment--"in better equipment v requiring imore attention, more matnte- jrunce and. in some cases. more people to operate the 'equipment." | When Gen. David M. Shoup handed over command to 'him. Greene said, "he left the [Marine Corps in the highest ,Mate of combat readiness that it has ever been in." TO KEEP* ff that way. Shoup'i s u c c e s s o r said, "we're going lo try to maintain the largest possible number of Marines in the fleet Marine forces" o( the Atlantic and Pacific. Another goal. Greene said. i« to "increase the mobilization potential of our organ lired Marine Corps Reserve" In a statement certain tr ;jet an approving smile from President Johnson. Greene said h* wants "to gft every 'penny's worth out of our budget"--in rese:rcn and de- |velopment (o "insure thai we have the finest weapons and [the best tactics possible" and |in bu)ins "the very best equipment and tools with i which t o d o t r j r Job."

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