Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 1, 1973 · Page 19
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 19

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 1, 1973
Page 19
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Analyzing The Situation ·All Minorities Not Happy With Film Changes .EDITOR'S NOTE -- Gone 1s the Stepln Kclclilt' black char- a f t e r ; . « o n o , ( loo f lh» -blood- (Blrsly Indian, The winds of (jiangc are sweeping tlio ethnic ·Jorcntyiic nut o f . the movies. But .arc film? progrcssInK fust Siough; has a l l , the change tfcen for the good? The follow- ihl? second .of two articles on t$c ethnic entertainment revo- Ititlon analyzes the situation, ! Ity BOB THOMAS J HOLLYWOOD : (AP) - Film fjortrayals bf etfinlc minorities Siiv^'come a'.long'v/ay from the Jcars'whcii Willie Best popped Bis 'eyes at ghosls and Philip Ahii pushed bamboo 'under the fingernails of Yankee war pris- Jicrs. · A measure of how far ethnic knages have progressed I s ' I n - dicated by this-year's-Academy Award nominations. "Lady Sings the Blues" and "Soun flcr," iKith black oriented,-won 4 lotal of ,cigh^;nominatioiis, including Diana Ross and Cicely Tyson for best'actress and Pau Winfleld for best actor . and ^Sounder" for best movie. J But do films today prcsenl tJic right image of minorities? ! Many ethnic leaders say no. * Movie producers admit tha JSorlrayals of minorities can bi Unproved. But a spokesman |dds: * "We understand complaint: $iat the images,of some ethnii croups on screen are often dis tortions. But that is also true o WASP characterizations i tilms. The nature of all enter {ainmcnt is distortion." ; For the -past two or thrc Jears, producers' reprcsenta tives have had..frequent mee' frigs with leaders of black, In aian, Japanese, Latin and othe ethnic organizations. ; LOUDEST PROTEST J The loudest protests hav eome from the blacks, parlicul irly since Hollywood discovera the gold that can be mined frorr Jilms about blacks. Severa groups combined to form th JGoalition against Blaxpoitation Jvhich presented 12 demands t ihe producers. ' Most of the demands were fo economic improvement an they were accepted. But pn ilucers refused to allow consul Sintship on scripts. I "We don't allow the govern inent to censor our films befor Jheir release," said a produ fcrs' spokesman, "and we don Jpllow anyone else to, eithc jBut black leaders can rcvie Silms Before release and ra ·them for the black communit |ust as other, groups do." f One of the leaders of the Coa- ailion against Blaxpoitation is fconrad Smith, regional directori 5f the Congress of Racial SEquality -- CORE. He reJnarks: * "We evaluated about 50 films ^concerning blacks and dis- ·covercd that they have no bal- "ance. In white films, if the sis- iter is a prostitute, there is usually a brother who Is a good 5guy. That is not true in black i b l j of brain surgery or crime ejection, besting whlto bigots Itli his wit. The wlillo got slmflcrt In the B70s. A black James Bondlun oro emerged, but- Instead' of ostroylng SMERSH' agents, he imhattcd corrupt whites. 'Nor Id the new hlack hero always iptrale on the side of the law. Sonic black observers ' have ommented Ihiit "Sounder" epresentcd the first film In the »ave of black movies that deleted the black experience Ith any degree of realism, It s a talc of a black family In epression times trying to stay ogether amid white oppression n the South. However, olhcr blacks consld- r "Sounder" something of a Islorical piece depicting posl- lavcry conditions in the -South L'hoso critics claim that the Urn has little relevance to to lay's ghetto experience. Director Mark Warren be icves the superblack crime novle has just about cxhaitstcc tself. He filmed "Come Back Charleston Blue." a talc iarlern crime. He will soon di ·ect "The Legend of Isaac Mur )hy," starring Sammy Davi Jr. us a famed jockey of thi ate 1800s. "There was room for film: like 'Shaft' and 'Supcrfly," said Warren, who directec 'Laugh-in" and the current Bil Cosby show. "They opened th doors for black film makers did one so I can now do G-ratcc pictures, ones that my thre sons can attend and lear omethlng about their black crltagc. When 1 was a kid, wo hud uperman and Captain Murvel. low black films have gone Trough that singe, mid we can urn to more realistic films." Blacks arc not the only ml orltles who have complatnec bout how they've lcon pur- rayed in movies. INDIANS Indians have been getting the .vorsl of it from the earllcs ·cars of Hollywood. The blood hirsly redskin became such i .tereotype that audiences wen shocked in 1950 when Jet handler played a human, com passionate Cochisc in "Broken Arrow." Since then, the Indian's sid' of Western history has bee: shown In such films as "Che ycnne Autumn" and "Little Bi, Man." Little has been filmc about the plight of the Indian i modern society; the rccen "When The Legends Die" wa an exception. "The Indian has rarely eve been portrayed accurately c the screen," says Jay Silve heels, Tonlo of the Lon Hanger series. "Much of It time, Indian roles are cast wit non-Indians. No one can unde stand our experience but an In dian.. "The Indians will never get break until there are films that are written, directed and played by Indians. But that hardly seems possible. First come the whites. Then the blacks. Third, the Mexican- niertcana. Those ar« the I rtic** that Ire hMrd. Th* In- Ian Is a political and *c«nomic oncntily. Actors of Asian backgrounds ave the sumo complaint, "There are no Asian film writers nnd no Asian directors i the film Industry," says Jap. Mak who won an scar nomination for his rule In The Sand Pebbles," '"So everything that Is nor- rayed about Asians Is given an expressed \nglo-lmposcd view," Slmlllar views are ty Chlcanos. "Where are the Latino doc- ors, nurses, Judges, secretaries nd so forth In fflrmf" asks Alonso Tafoya, a spokesman for ·Jostros, a group of Latin- American -members of the en- .ertainment industry. "They aren't there. You don't even, find Latinos in the backgrounds of films made in Call- 'ornta. Yet we comprise the argest minority group, bigger than blacks. Or if a picture is made In New Mexico, you don't see them there, cither. Yet 50 [Mr cent of the population is Spanish-speaking." LEAA Approves Improvement Program Funds WASHINGTON AP) -- The office of Rep. John Paul Hamm e r s c h m l d t . R-Ark., said Wednesday that the Law r 'orcement Assistance .ration has approved Iranti totaling $5 million to continue the criminal justice Improvement program In Arkansas. Ray Blggcrslatf, head of the slato Commission on Crime and Law Enforcement, said the approval meant that the state was commission's comprehensive eligible to receive this year's allocation of funds. Of the funds, $4,482,000 approved for Part C of ArfcwiMMTMMII, tfcun., .-^.i--.» rAYfTTIVIM.1. A'KAM*A» t _ . _ law enforcement plan for the state and $327,000 was a proved for Part E. Funds under Part E are restricted specifically for correc- .tonal programs. Funds under Part C are for use in program areas Involving police, courts, juvenile delinquency and other matters. The Part C profcr»:ri» tri aimed at reducing crime. Blg- gcrslalf said, through ; pallet training and other programs. th» T1MCS It Th* aUtt luy For Y«ur - Advtrtliing Dettant r , t6W Six Overdoses PINE BLUFF, Ark. (AP) -Six persons were admitted to the intensive care u n i t of a Pine Bluff hospital Tuesday night suffering from an overdose of drugs, police said. Authorities said the persons ranged in age from 17 to 13. The six were found by police in a Pine Bluff residence. pa pi burgers 2 for 1 Sale Buy On* P»piburg«r it Regular Price, Gtt S«c«nd On* FREE! Off*r Goad Only With Thlt Coupon. Offer Explrit Sunday, March 4th UNIVERSITY 23W North Coll.g. lOOUTONi Phont4424WI FIENDISH FEATURE MOVIE MARATHON Fri.-Sat. Only "Horror of Dracula" "Exquisite Cadaver" 'Curse of Frankenstein' "Mark of the Witch" . ? "There is no political, no so- feial message in these black ·films. They merely perpetuate ·ttlie Charles Correll -- Freeman JGosden' (Amos 'n' Andy) im- ? ,Bge. They're only a step above iStepin Fetchit. : "But the psychological impli- Jcations are so deep that the ^current films are 10 limes Jworsc. For instance, after 'Su ·perfly' (in which the hero is a cocaine dealer) four hospitals Jin New York 'reported thai 'cases of cocaine . abuse · hac Jiumped 400 per cent:" J - CHANGES £ Portrayals of black Ameri jeans have changed througl j f i l m history. Ih the early years Jthey were either Uncle Toms -or, as in the notorious example 5 of "Birth of a Nation," men »· aces, to wh'ite womanhood, I T h e - t a l k i e era-brought othe: J stereotypes. Stepiri Fetciiit epito · mized the slow-as-molasses S dim-witted retainer,, and other. i were required to contribute ti « euch cliches as terror of ghosts ' love of watermelon, etc. i" Sidney Poitier introduced I new era in (lie 1960s. He per · sonified the cerebral black. GOSPEL CONCERT "THE SINGING LEDBETTER FAMILY" and Ihe "GOSPEL AIRES QUARTET" Sat., Mar. 10, 7:30 p.m. R«m«y Jr. H. S. Auditorium Hwy. (2 WMl F«ytltcviHe Advance Ticktt at GuUine«r Adult* $2.00; $2.50 «t Dow- Children under 12, $1. IN PERSON! THE FABULOUS Globetrotters MAGICIANS OF BASKETBALL HON., MAR. 5,7:30 PM BARHHILL FIELDHOUSE Fayclteville TICKETS: Adults UofA Sludcnl. _ S4.00 52.00 Children 12 under S3.M TICKETS ON SALE NOW AT: ARKANSAS UNION Also Available At The Door TlrKft Infnnnnltrm rlinnn .T7532o5 A\' A1IKAXSAS UNION M'ONSOflKII ATflMCTION FRI., SAT., SUN. ONLY Open 6:30 Starts 7:00 :*,'.": "°yKVT*r.;r·· , i ; The NEW Adventures of EISA's Cubs! 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Split Second Search for Tomorrow . 11:55 - 2 .... 3, S, 7 6. 16 J, 12 . 2, 3, S. 7 8. 16 2, J. 5. 7 I, 12 3, S, 7 . «, 12 .. 0. 16 3. 5. 7 FRIDAY AFTEKNOON- Jnhn Chick--Muslo Phil Donahue Tabletalk New* ,, 1, 3, «. 7,18 Three On A Malch L«r* Make A Deal I. ». 1 Doctor* 2. 3, 5. Edge ol Night 6, Dating Game 8, *Z:00 Love Is A Many Splcndored Thin* 6. Anolhcr Worlfl 2. 3. 5. General Hospital 8, Secret Storm 6. Return to Peyton Place . 2. 3. S, One Life To Llv* ». Vln Scully Somerset Love, American Style . . . . 6, 2, 3, S, 8, Green Acre* Dinah Shore Bugs Bunny Bl» Valley FllnuUonea Three On A MAtch Cartoon Camp To Tell Th* Truth *4tM - Concent ration Bonanza Gentle Ben Movie Swim a Street Marv Grlf/ln 2 Petticoat Junction T Flints tone* I *4:3« - Bonaniyi 12 reen A c r e j _ 3 S t a r Trek 7 1 Love Lucy Wild, Wild West *5:00 To Tell the Trulh I Dream nf Jeannie ABC News 8 Miater Roger a , ll **:*» Electric Co 11 Truth or Consequences 8 New* 2, 3, 5. 6, 7, 12, IS, 38 FRIDAY EVENING- *l:tt Zoom 11 News, Weather. SporU Z, 3, 5, ft, 7. I, 12, lft r 34 Parent Game Nashville Minic 7 Petticoat Junction. Missouri Outdoor! 16 Dragnet ,. , Adventures of Black Beauty .... 3( Wall 9tr«ct Weefc 11 Dragnet Buck Owcna - 1 *?:« - Pelcr Pun 2, 3, S, Brady Bunch ·,. 8, f MUJlon ImpoMibla .... «, 1«, 3« Wshlnrfon Week In Review ... c ll *7:M Book Beat 11 Partridge Family 8, 12 *I:M Movie 16..38 Room 222 8,,12 Name of the Game ft Circle of Fear 2, 3, 7 Maaterplec* Theatre 11 * 8:30 Odd Couple 8, 12 * »:0» Bobby Darin 2, 3, T Advocate* 11 Love. American Styla 8. 12 * 9:39 Police Surgeon 0 New., Weather, ' : Sporte . . . . 6, 7, 8, 10. 12. 19..M * 10:19 Movie ». .« In Concerl . . , . . ' 1 2 Johnny Canon 2, 3, S, 7 * 10:40- Movic 6, 18, 3» * H:00 - Mldnljtht Special . Movla . Generation Hap . * 12:30 -Movie Speaking Kreely .. * 1:39 -News

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