Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 16, 1962 · Page 2
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 2

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 16, 1962
Page 2
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HUMBOLDT STANDARDMonday. April 16, 1962, P. GEORGE W. SHIELDS Representing Serv-All Realty "Lei.,George Do I/," 2575 Harris St., Eurelca HI 3-5644 One of "Northern Calif, largest landscape contractors" 9 Turfing Lawn Construction 9 Complete landscaping Service * Lawn Shrub Layout 9 Rofofilling Tractor Work BOX 89? CALL HI 3-4028 EUREKA I MOVING STORAGE EUREKA, 8th B HI 2-2949 B Local Long Distance Moving ® COMPLETE STORAGE FACILITIES I AGENT FOR ALLIED VAN LINES The finest warehouse and moving facilities in Northwestern California LENTEN MESSAGE Ky LUTHEK 1IOLCOMB Executive Director Greater Dallas Council Of Churches Written For UIM Revive our failh! Let the sepultures of our despair be opened. Let darkness pass; let dread be eft behind! Let weeping be urned into joy and lamentation nto singing! This is the Easier nessage. May we examine o u r vay of life with this message. Vhen the oufor world grows dark vith doubt, the message of Easer tells us that it can still be ighted by the inner world of faith :nd hope. To grope in the darkness of human speculation and materialistic hilosophy is to go deeper into he darkness. To look up is lo ind the light that never fails. \ hen walk with assurance. Trea res awaits those who have t aitb and courage to folio n and possess them. The man who believes is t lan who accomplishes. Faith le tuning fork that brings singi: ito our hearts, the music cavenly assurance that J c s u Christ, through his atoning de; s ours; and that we are sav irough His precious blood; vermore kept in His power. I am the Resurrection, a n tlie Life." said Jesus Christ, "I hat believcth in Me, though vere dead, yet shall he live; a vhosoever livcth and believclh »Ie shall never die." Supermarkets captured 30% of t h e over-all tobacco products market in the U.S. in I960, according to Food Topics magazine. They netted an average increase in sales of 5.9% over the previous year. Manufacturers of tobacco products backed up these and all other retail outlets with a $35 million expenditure for national newspaper advertising in that year. WAREHOUSE FOR LEASE · 25x50 Salesroom · $125 per month · Located at 2nd T Sts, SEE TOM MAXON HI 3-2956 HI 2-6168 Yes, we have · PEARL · TAPSOCA I2oz. pkg. .. 28c Swedish Rye Bread Every Friday Complete asiorlmcnt of Scandinavian and other import ad foods. SIG SANDER GROCERY 1480 Myrtle Ave. HI 2-5301 Fewer accidents mean fewer claims. That's why Great American's SELECT DRIVER insurance rewards careful drivers with... Lower premiums Highest quality protection Broadest coverage available Fast, fair claim settlements Personal service by a local agent Easy payments. Find out now if you qualify. insurance provides quality protection . . . saves money H. E. Walter Co. 944 H Street ARCATA VAndykc 2-2975 Representing: GREAT AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANY, NEW YORK Harbers Insurance Agency 931 Main Street FORTUNA RAndolph 5-3316 Guthrie Georgeson Agency 518 E Street EUREKA Hillside 2-3701 Demand Told For Views ( Ingomar Club "Every day brings requests fo publicity pictures of points of in tercst in Ilumboldt County," ac cording lo R. V. Nicholas, chair man, Humboldl County Board o Trade. "But, consistently over thi years, the picture of the Cnrsoi mansion, now the Ingomar Club jbas been the most in demand.' Part of the job of the Humbold County Board of Trade is lo pro mote and advertise Humbold County. Requests for such cxpen sive items as glossy prints mus be bandied judiciously and only requests from publications pro viding the widest and best circu lation are filled. Win Schussman, deputy county clerk, has forwarded to the Boart of Trade office a clipping from an Elgin, Illinois newspaper in which an excellent article ant picture of the Carson mansion re^ cently appeared. The article dc scribes the Carson mansion as be ing the "center ot Humboldl Coun^ ty social life, and a delight to travelers for whom it recalls a gracious era." This week, Chapman Nowak Associates, Inc., a national advertising concern, was supplied with pictures ef the Carson mansion including several views of the fireplaces, of great interest to ar chitects. Chapman Nowak As sociatcs. Inc., will publish a docu mcntary booklet on American ar chitecture with special emphasis on fireplaces. Although the circu lation of this booklet will not be wide in general terms, R. V. Nich olas, chairman, Ilumboldt Count) Board of Trade, points out tha it will certainly arouse the inter est of a wide group of architects The Carson mansion was bull in 11186 by William Carson, one o Humboldt County's earliest pio neers. Although it is now a private club, the Ingomar, it stil remains as a monument to the lumbermen of Humboldt County who laid the foundation for this area's major industry Recreation Highlights Tuesday, April 17, 1%2 Swimming -- 6;30 p.m. lo 10:30 p.m. -- all ages -- Eureka High Swimming Pool. Eureka Judo and JuJitsu Club -- Cancelled this evening. Ross, Hammond, 20-30 and Carson Playgrounds open from 3:30 i.m. to 5:30 p.m. -- weather per- milling. Arts and crafts program at lammond Playground -- 3:30 ).m. to 5:30 p.m. Sweet Adelines -- 7:30 p.m. -William Carson Building. Spring Baseball League -- 4:00 p. m. -- 20-30 Playgrognd--Make Jp Gnmes if needed. Golf Lessons -- 7:30 p.m. -Municipal Auditorium. Believe/tor/tot/ .*·**-' jfciL ^"*"~"" t --- i?}+*3i*ff MOST INACCESSIBLE CEMETERV IN THE WORLD, France A GRAVEYARD LOCATED 4TOP THE GREAT ROCK OF S/1IMT-6ERVAIS 700 FEET ABOVE THE JONTE RIVER ^IDESSERT SERVED B/ KlUG- ilflMES^of Scotland TO EACH GUEST A T A BAMQUET .CONSISTED OF A DEEP DISH FILLED MM GOLD[PIECES li*-- - IS BREWED B/ the Wyoro Tribe of Bun/oroJfnca BY MIXIMG COOKED BANANAS WITH SWEET GRASS AHD WATER AND STAMPING ON IT FOR HOURS MTU BARE Annual 'Daylight Saving 1 Game Near; You Need To Know Rules WASHINGTON UPD-Get your Jocks ready and start checking vilh y o u r neighbors because relly soon a lol of people are oing to start playing the annual Daylight Saving" game and ou'Il have lo know the rules. The Uvice-a-year confusion over 'hen we will Iry lo gain an hour f sunlighl and give il back slarls II over again for much of (he ation at 2 a.m., April 29. But or many stales l i m e won't hange. The federal government doesn't ave a thing lo do wilh whal ind of lime we keep, except to et forth the geographic lines for le four standard time zones -- lastern, Central, Mountain and 'acific. There hasn't been a federal law peclfying "Daylight Saving" time ince Oct. 20, 1919. National Day- ght Saving Time existed only in 918 and 1919. It died when Congress repealed the law over Pres- Stops Constipation Due to "Aging Colon" New laxative discovery re-creates 3 essentials of normal regularity As you grow older, the internal muscles of your colon wall also age, lose the strength that propels waste from the body. Stagnant bowel contents become so dry and shrunken that they fail to stimulate the urge to purge. Relief, doctors say, lies in a new laxative principle. Old-style bulks and moisieners may create gas, take 3 or 4 days for relief. Old-style sails and drugs frequently cramp and gripe. Of all leading laxatives, only new COLONAUI gives you its special 3-way relief that works only on the lower colon (area of constipation). (1) COLONAID prevents the formation of dry, hardened waste for easy passage without pain or strain. (2) COLONAID'S unique rebulking action helps retonc f l a b b y colon muscles. (3) And COLONAID acts gently on Ihe nerve reflexes thai stimulate the vital "mass movement" ot your lower colon. COLONAID relieves even chronic constipation overnight; is so gentle u ·was hospital proved safe even for ex- pectani mothers. And COLONAID won't interfere wilh absorption of vitamins or other food nutrients. Gel COLONAID today UN IKODUCTORY SIZE 43* ident Woodrow Wilson's veto. Of course, the whole nation lived an hour ahead during World War II, but that was "war time' and it lasted all year, from Feb. 9, 1942, until Congress restored standard time effective Sept. 30, 1945. Up to Stales Between the two world wars and since then, the matter has seen left up to the states and localities to observe or not observe "Daylight Saving" time. Last year, there were 27 states that, in part or as a whole, advanced their clocks, most of them on the last Sunday of April. The District of Columbia joined this ;roup. Not even among the daylight savers, however, is there complete agreement on when to start r when to stop, or even whether the entire state must lake part. Most of the observers, however, will set their clocks back again at 2 a.m., Oct. 28, the last Sunday in October. Here is a list of the "daylight saving" time observers in the West, with their start and stop dates this year: (Note: AVhere observance is required by state aw, the period usually is spec! led from 2 a.m. on the last Sunday in April to the last Sunday in October at 2 a.m., so that the EASTER FUN All Year Round SPECIAL OFFER! View Master Stereo Picture Set You get the SET ... sturdy Stereo Viewer seven-scene picture reel. PLUS Your choice of any Picture packet in our store! All for Only . .. $2*5 PROCTOR'S Photo Lab and Camera Shop in HENDERSON CENTER 2940 F St. HI 3-6351 Chaplin Jr. r in LOS ANGELES (UPI) -- Actor Charles Chaplin Jr., 3G, son of the 'amed comedian, was married Saturday lo Marta Brown, 32, a nurse. The couple exchanged vows at the Little Brown Church in the Valley, North Hollywood, Calif. exact date changes from year year.) State Law in California California--Stale law, througho slate annually, April 29-Sept. ; Montana--Anaconda and But [rom May 30-Scpt. 3. Nevada--Entire stale, April 2 Sept. 24. New Mexico -- Los Alamo April 29-Sept. 24. Oregon--April 29-Oct. 1 for th cily of Portland and the countii of Clackamas, Columbia, Hoo River, Mullnomah and Washin Ion. Washington -- Entire s t a t April 29-Sept. 24. Deadline Tonight For Filing State Income Returns Today is the last day Stal income tax returns may be filu without incurring a delinquen penalty. Permanent officer of the fran chise tax board throughout Cal Fornia will remain open until o'clock tonight to assist taxpay ers with their returns. Income tax returns filed by ma should be addressed to the frai chise tax board, 1025 P strce Sacramento 14. Returns pos marked before midnight tonigl nil be accepted without a penalty If you need help with your sta return, you may call in perso at any of the permanent office Auditors will be available unt 9 o'clock tonight to help you. If you were single and you net income was $1,500 or more, o f you were married and yoi net income was $3,000 or more you are required to file a Stat income tax return for 1961. Eureka High School would like to thank the following merchants for donating the following prizes for our recent Hole-in-One GOLF TOURNAMENT BISTRIN'S $10 merchandise certificate ARTHUR JOHNSON'S .. $10 merchandise certificate DANIELSON'S Golf Shirt LAZIO'S Sea Food KENT'S Dress and Shoes RITCHIE WOODS $5 merchandise certificate BERT'S STATIONERY Crystal Vase SHAFTR'S Tea Pot COCA COLA ....Cooler Bag, I case of Dr. Pepper PHOTO SPECIALTY $5 merchandise certificate HORNBROOK'S $5 merchandise certificate HARBOR LANES S linos of bowling Hitch's New Horror Twist Film Shows Birds Taking 6ver*World By ERSKINE JOHNSON HOLLYWOOD - (NBA) Hollywood Is Talking About: A frcd Hitchcock's latest movie "The Birds," a far-out horror tal even for Hitch. He's filmin Daphne DuMaurier's frightenin; tale about the birds of the worl declaring war on the people o the world. In the novel, as th story ended, the birds were win ning. Hitch has a new climax, whit he'll keep secret. It .just belter be good, though It's been a long time since th critics have been offered such a delightful play on words. You know, "The Birds" is for ... you knowwhat. . . . Vincent (Ben Casey) Edward: raising the temperature of his cm ployer, Bing Crosby Productions His fee, says he, is all wrong For next season he wants a rabc from $1,750 to $7,500 a week, plu: 25 per cent of the profits PLUS a little $300,000 revolving fund on the side lo produce telefilms o lis own. The medic sounds a littl sick. . . . Since Ihe headlines from Rome Debbie Reynolds' wild film stai character in "My Six Loves" has bad a character name change From "Miss Taylor" lo "Mis: Courtney." . . . Those television shows being "aded for next season: "Follow the Sun," "Wells Fargo." Space Age Note: "The Mouse That Roared" will have a seque -- "The Mouse on the Moon.". . A new "predicted" closing day on 'ilming of "Cleopatra" -- July 3 Who needs fireworks a day later? 'Cleo" has been lighting up -the sky for two years now. . ; . Overheard: "He's the man who was EVERYTHING except me -and I'm working on it.". . . Madison Avenue big wheel Ter ence Clyne admitting about television: "This is probably the saddesl season of them all." Maybe FCC chairman Newton Minow's next speech will be titled, 'Son of Wasteland." . . . Jack (Maverick) Kelly and Warner Bros, calling it a day. . . 3 Ians on television alley for DOUBLING the number of medical series on the air next year . .The film version of "The Jgly American" junking the book's controversial theme that nations must choose between the U.S. and the TJ.S.S.R. The movie message will be that communism :an only mean chaos and that each nation must liberate its own ree energies and ideals. . . . Finally liberated from "Muliny in Ihe Bounty," Marlon Brando s playing tile ambassadorial role Iressed to the teeth -- or you :ould say lip, because he's sprouted a mustache for the part. . . . Behind - The - Scenes - Note in City, Schools In Sessions Tonight Meetings are scheduled here lo- light by three municipal groups and the Board of Education as ollows: City Council study session 7:30 )'clock in the City Hall conference room. City Planning Commission 7 .m., City Hall Council cham- aers. City Board of Zoning Adjustment 7:30 p.m., council chambers. School trustees, 7:15, Eureka unior High Library. If by reason of death, resigna- ion, removal from office, in ibility or failure to qualify there s neither a president nor vice iresident, to discharge the pow :rs and duties of the office of iresident, the speaker of the ouse shall act as president. NOW" DOORS OPEN I I I V S W V . 12,45.5.45 P . M . MATINEE TODAY and TUESDAY! Iff. IIMIMV CRICKET' WALTDISNEYS _. ALL-CARTOON FEATURE . Pinocchio Daily Variety: When CBS bought Lucille Ball for a television return n (lie fall, "they had io take," says Variety, "a Victor Borge ser- es that diijn't arouse much in- .erest." Explanation: Desi Arnaz, who helped CBS land Lucy, is the producer of the Borge series. . . . Judy Garland selling her Bevery Hills home for $275,000. . . . Walter Brennan's latest disappearance plan for "The Real Mc" show in the fall: Only token appearances in 13 of the 30 episodes to be filmed. He's going into semiretirement -- which means movie roles only. . . . The Mexican government ex-" reeled to enact a film subsidy aw, which would leave the U.S. Urn industry almost the only one n the world operating without [overnmental assistance. . . . DOORS OPEN 6:45 P.M. NOW! FUNNIEST LOVE AFFAIR YET! PETER USTINOV SANDRA3EE · JOHN GAVIN WEDNESDAY! Gift. meets BoY., (with7mocns) " Vl/alfc Disney RMf NOW rav/vv. DOORS OPEN 6 . 45 DM Sword In EASTMAN MIDI - PLUS - SHOWS - ONCE - 8:40 NIGHT! i lCIRK DOUGLAS: !;' TOWN WITHOUT PITY "TOWN PITY" . 7:00 · 10:45 "PLUNDERERS" -- 8:45 OPENS IT'S SPRING and SUMMER SEASON THURSDAY! -- and still $1.00 PER CAR!

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