Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 7, 1930 · Page 5
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 7, 1930
Page 5
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JAOAKING Early Summer Fruit Lends Itself to Delicious Preserves. Sere Are Some New Recipes for Housewife, By KDlTH M. BARBER. Thla ia the month to be thinking about malting the early summer marmalades. Pineapple, currants and strawberries; gooseberries and cherries, all make delicious preserves. If you are fortunate enough to get a few baskets of cherries at a reasonable price you will find that they can be put up in so many ways that you will not tire of them even If you feel that you have an overbalance of jars labeled cherries in your Jam closet. For this reason I am going to give you three different recipes for cherries. There Is nothing better than the well- known preserved cherries, which are also known as jam, marmalade or cbn- serve. Every one has a different idea of this classification. I usually call a mixture jam when the fruit is crushed, marmalade when It Is left In rather large pieces and conserve when it is a mixture of two or more products. Add a few blanched almonds to preserved cherries five minutes before taking from the fire and you will have conserve. When a fruit is "preserved" it usually Indicates that ja. larger amount of sugar Is used and that the fruit is left whole or cut into halves. You can even make your own maraschino cherries if'you purchase the ready-made cordial to put with your cooked cherries. You can get a product with somewhat the same flavor if you crush the cherry pits, tie them in cheesecloth and cook with the fruit. ' ' If you wish commercial pectin may be used In making these jams, marmalades and jelly. Use the directions which accompany the pectin. Pickled Cherries. Wash and seed cherries, drain thoroughly in colander, place in earthen jar and , cover \vlth vinegar. Let stand twelve hours. Measure cherries and add in equal amount of sugar. Lot stand for ten days, stirring each morning. Remove cherries to clean, place In hot jars and seal. These arc delicious with meats or salads. Rcil Rirspbcrry and Currant Marmalade. 4 quarts red raspberries or strawberries. 1 quart red currants. Sugar. Wash berries and currants and place in a preserving kettle. Mash fruit thoroughly, add three-quarters as much sugar as fruit and boll mixture for ten minutes or until it jells when cgoled. Stir constantly to prevent burning. Pack hot marmalade into clean, hot jars. Seal immediately. liooscbcrry and Rhubarb Marmalade. Stem, wash and mash gooseberries. Add the same proportion of young rhubarb, cut into pieces. Place mixture into preserving kettle containing Just enough water to cover bottom of kettle. Let fruit simmer until soft. Measure mixture and add three-quarters as much sugar as mixture. Boil until mixture is thick (about twenty minutes), stirring to prevent burning. Pack hot marmalade into clean, hot jars. Seal immediately. Preserved Cherries. Wash, remove stems and pits from cherries., Save the. juice. Place cherries in a shallow pan and cover with a medium thick sirup made with three parts sugar to two parts cherry Juice or water. Boil gently for ten minutes; remove from heat and let stand in a covered kettle from six to twelve hours. Drain off the juice from cher-' HCH into clean, hot jars. Heat the remaining sirup and nil the jars with the boiling sirup. Seal at once. Maraschino Cherries. Wash, remove stems and pits from cherries. Save juice, pits and cherries. Place cherries in a shallow pun and cover with a medium thick sirup made with three parts sugar to two parts cherry juice or water. Boil gently for ten minutes; remove from heat and let stand in a covered kettle from Mix to twelve hours. Drain juice from cherries and pack cherries into clean, hot Jars. Crush the cherry pits (using one-half cup crushed pits to one quart i^r^i^f* *vTf< Mi 'f- THE OCEAN'S SURFACE.,. IN THE INKV ICE COLO DEPWS, J-IVE^FISK WHICH APPENDAGES' TO ATTO4CT OK. WO& THEIR. % Goprinttff €?|VSS Or'F ABOOT C7NB HONORED AMLLIOM 9B&L. HOUR. AT TMES, E4CH SPORE OVPABLE OP PRODUCES NEW 01 MO BY NEA SERVICE, INC, PLANTS', fit! ftlei'S yWil ptettr R6H<# Or sirup, tongue of Any other cold meat can probably fte bought at the batcher's or deltcatesflan unless you have a Areless cooker .which works while you are away from home. In that case you would serve the tongue hot one night and cold for several other meals. Tartar sauce Is always good with tongue. Be sure to have a French dressing for your salad If you use tartar sauce. If you prefer mayonnaise with the salad you can omit the sauce. Readymade mayonnaise with pickles, onions, parsley and olives will make the sauce. If you prefer a cold beverage It may be Iced tea, chocolate or coffee, grape Juice with ginger ale or combination of tea with the latter. (Copyright. 1930, by Bell Syndicate, Inc.) SOOTH ANNIVERSARY. STAPFELSTEIN, Germany, June 7. —This small Prankish city, made famous by Victor von Scheffel's song of the "EInsledelmann," on April 5 will celebrate its 800th anniversary. 1'Ve trod (he road bt life fey day and night, My feet are sore with dust of discontent. Bedlmmed my eyes, from sands of years past spent, Still I trudge on—ahead tomorrow's light „ ,. i ' Burns low—an oasis of hope to me. I reach the crossroads—a warbling bird sings gay Rapturously, my heart drinks In the lay, My soul proclaims ft sonato of felicity. I look beyond and view a valley bright Where faith and hope and love are blended clear. Along the relnbow's span; then night comes hear -And I have reached my journey^ end, a hand Beckons my tiresome soul to rest within A hallowed mansion free from ways of sin. ANNA THOMAS, Altoona, Pa. BK8T RAtftO SCHEDULliD FOR TODAY (Copyright, 1930, by united WABC (CBS network)— 6.30 p. m., E. S. T.— Ted Hualnff. WA6C (CBS network)— 7.30 p. «., E. S. T.— Dixie Echoes. WEAF (NBC network)— 8 p. m.— B. S. T.— General Electric hour. WJZ (NBC network)— 8.16 p. m., B. S. T.— Cub Reporter. WEAF (NBC network)— 11 p. m S. T.— Rudy Vallee. B. WFBG, Altoona— 8 p. m.— German program, directed by Joseph Rahm. SUNDAY. WABC (CBS network)— 8 p. m., E. S. T.— Theatre program. WEAF (NBC network)— 8.15 p. m., E. S. T.— Atwater Kent hour. WJZ (NBC network)— 9.15 p. m., E. S. T.— National oratorio. WABC (CBS network)— 9.30 p. m., sirup), tie In a cheesecloth and place In kettle containing sirup and bring quickly to boiling point. Remove cherry pits and fill the jars with boiling sirup. Seal at once. WirfTles Hca<1 Today's Quick Meal. Cold tongue Tartar sauce Egg Salad Radishes Cheese Jelly Brown bread Waffles Crush strawberries Coffee This quick meal today Is to have its only cooked dish for dessert, which is to be waffles and to be baked on the electric waffle iron at the table. If you do not have an electric waffle Iron plan griddle cakes instead and put your griddle or your grill or electric stove, .which every woman who must get quick meals should have as part of her equipment, on the table. When you. mix up your waffles and griddle cakes put a little extra sugar into the batter because they are to be Going Motoring Tomorrow? Stop at our factory and get one of our Ice Cream Pies packed in a Dry Ice carton. Ice Cream will keep in fine condition for hours in this carton. Fresh Fruit Strawberry Ice Cream, Always A Welcomed Dessert. * S. * , . ^ W.ASC (CSS fletwork-li p. rT»., * S. T.—Coral Islanders. . WFBGr, Altoona—10.48 8. m.—#lrst Methodist church; 7.30 p. m.—First Baptist church. JfBW BAIL RESTAURANT. KOEN1OSBERO, June 7.—Something new In the way of European railway station restaurants has been established here where a third-class waiting room restaurant in which smoking Is not permitted and only! non-alcoholle drinks are served has! been added to the main railway sta-j tion. £& rf^ ji^3 "CHIC" SALE : y VftAS PHtrtorg »•*» '• *• fl AAA - AAA - AAA - AAA - AAA ~~ WONDER /V/TRAF FIC Oldsmobile's ease of handling and quick responsiveness make it a wonderful car in traffic. Every control operates so smoothly and effectively. Clutch, brakes, gear-shift, and steering—all work with delightful ease. A touch on the throttle, and the car flashes away as the signal light changes. And it pulls down to a smooth, silent stop immediately, when the signal's against you. As for parking, just try it yourself. Pick a restricted space at the curb —and see how easy it is to fit Oldsmobile into that space. Then, try Oldsmobile on the road. Its all-round performance will tell yon why Oldsmobile is such a great car to own. TWO-DOOR f SEDAN 895' Michigan OLDSMOBILE Wm. PENN AUTO COMPANY 808-10 Green Avenue Coal Street Gar ago Osceola Mills, Fa. Martlnsburg Motor Sales Martinsburg, Pa. Feathers' Garage Imler, Pa. Hlgging Bros. Motor Co., Hannah St., Houtzdale, Pa. City Garage Tenth St., Tyrone, Pa. R. P. Kauffman Grove St., Roaring Spring, Pa. Berwindale Garage Berwindale, Pa. D. M. Peno Coalport, Pa. PRODUCTOF GENERAL MOTORS Members Enjoy Carefree Motoring The 1076 A. A. A. Clubs with thousands of A. A. A. garages and service stations in U. S. and Canada are ready to serve our members day or night. No matter where you travel the club is as close as the nearest telephone. Members of Blair Co. Motor Club enjoy these services: Free Towing Free Emergency Road Service Free Legal Service Free Notary Service Free Road Map* Free Tire Changing Free Accident Insurance Free Courtesies of A. A. A. Clubs Free Use of Emblem free Touring Information Free Tour Books Free Motor MagsutaM . Free ( r License Service 4 AND MANY OTHER ADVANTAGES « Write or Phone 4171 for Descriptive Folder Telling of A. A. A. Membership Advantages Dues Only $5 Per Year Joining Fee $1.50 , Blair County Motor Club You may make application at the following places: Bellwood . ' ...................... ---- BeUwood Trust Co-. -.=; '' v Duncansvllle ................................. Motor Service Co. AStoona ......................................... Hotel ^enn-Alto Or Any A. A. A. Member Pay No Money To Strangers AAA AAA — AAA — AAA — AAA — AAA Dolaway Owns Only One Store, It's Right on the Corner of Eleventh Avenue and Fifteenth Street DOLAWAY'S RE-ORGANIZATION SALE! A pf *» /9} SAVING OF 30 STOCK OF MEN'S, YOUNG MEN'S AND BOYS' SUITS AND APPAREL .... OFFERED AT TO SO CENTS ON THE DOLLAR! i. W. I)OJ,AWAY, Pres. We need the money to settle the estate of my late partner, Treasurer Sol Bacharact, who died January 9th of this year. So we must sacrifice our large stock of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter merchandise. Must be turned into ready cash as fast as possible. A A •*'" Boys' 4-l'iecn Suits, up to S9.85, Sale .... Boys* 4-Pieco Suits, up to 118.05, Sale.... Boys' Waists and Shirts, O»-| SOo or 3 fur ................ *P •*• Boys' Pull-over Swent- era, U6c, BOc and .......... Bovs' Long Pants Suits, up .50 Gar- $7. Boys' L'nioiialls, Ouc-l'lcce ment, 79c, 69c and Boys' $1.48 Pajamas Boys' Long Pants, $1.48 Value .......... $4.00 Light Summer fl* -| Pants ............... JJ»J.. Men's $4.95 Wool Knickers Men's Linen $3.05 Knickers ........... Men's $1.60 Pajamas $2.19 94^ $2.95 $5.00 Men's $1.39 Work Pants Men's $1.05 Dress Pants Men's $6.93 to $9.51 Suit Pants <1U« and 69o Shorts and Shirts, r;;, r ° r $1.00 Silk Shirts anil Shorts, 75u and Men's (iood Heavy Weight Shirts, 15 to 29.. Men's $6.50 Fancy Sport Coats Men's Up to $1.05 Sweaters ' Bravo-man I'Inn Blue Chambray, %-Pockel, Full Cut Shirts, 69c, or a for Men's Imported Wool tiolf Socks, cocoa, green, bluu, tan, black and garnet, 19'/i to 12. $1.«0, $1.39 $1.00 $1.00 $1.30 pf / One Lot Men's Suits, up to $ $19.50, Sale $24.50 Men's and Young $<( A Men's Suits, Sale ........ * V DOLAWAY'S SPECIAL Emby Made Hand Tailored Suits $ °° 1O Mohair and Palm Beach Suits ................... For Men and Young Men, 33 to 50. Long, Stout and Regular $19.50 All Wool Topcoats $•§•50 7 $39.50 Llama Cloth Top-$^4*50 coats, $24.50 and Grey, Tan and Brown $29.50 Men's Grey Top-$^^5O coats at Men's $45.00 Gaberdine $ Suits at $45.CO Silk and Wool Suits 24 50 All 25c Socks, Beacon white foot and plain black. C* t AA 6 pairs for «pJ-.UW Police and Postman Plain Black Hose, $1 00 16c, or ^ pairs tp-»..vr Uncle Sam's Work Socks, tic, £/' pttlr8 $1.00 Stic Silk Kayon <g-| AA Hose, 6 pairs for.... Men's and Young Men's Polo Shirts .............. Fancy *1.8U Sweat Shirts ................... Men's $3.95 Wool Sport Coats ........ Men's Swimming Suits White Duck Pants ............... White Sailor SI. 48 Men's Zipper Shirts .................... $1.95 to $3.95 Collar on Shirts. Sale price ........ The Famous Brave-man Shirt*, blue, tan, black, polka dot aJiii black and white btrlatt, I* to, 18 neck. Sale price, 7Q^lk each • **V I Lot Neckband Shirts, 13V4 tit 11'-. $2.95 to $4.95 values. Sale price 95c Grey Olieldii L n- iou Suits. 77c, or 3 Ic $1.48 Lawrence first Quality Grey I mull C "I I Suits «P A «' Weathermau 95e First Quality I uiuu Suits. Sale price Straw Hats, $l.4S tu $1.93 values. Sale price . felt Hats, ap to $3.95 values Men's Caps, up to jW.OO values. Sale price.. Hoys' $1.95 Easy Buck Wool K.iiee Pauts Men's Knee Leiigth lulon Suits. Sale price, 44c. or 3 /or 95? 69? 85? On The Corner llth Ave. and 15th St. DOL-AWAY'S, Inc. We have no connection with any other store in Altoona On The Corner llth Ave. and 15th St.

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