Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 5, 1973 · Page 20
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 20

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, February 5, 1973
Page 20
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PAGE 20 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N · . · MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1973 Actor Hooks sees need for black ... LWAntMl Times News strvic* ' " Instead of a traditional .St'ar's customary Beverly Hills swimming pool, actor Robert Hooks has a onetime movie house put on Washington's Georgia Avenue in a poor, black neighborhood. · It once was the Colony Theater. Now it's the Last Colony Theater, and it has a brand new play under the banner of the D.C. Black Repertory Co. At 35, Washington-born ".Bobby" Hooks has been playing leads on Broadway, TV and the national screens for 13 jears. At the moment he's starring in "Trouble Man" and his 10-year-old son, Kevin, is starring, in "Sounder." By the. old yardsticks Bob-Hooks has it made. ~: "I'm stone broke and I -turn down jobs because I know what's more important. We've got to have black theater in this, country and especially in this city. So, for the last three years, everything I've done has been for this company, · ,· . , : . ."What talents we've been uncovering! They've got to be put to use. We've begun with our three-part evening;of Baraka's poetry, 'Black Mass' and 'Imamu' and we showed our dancers in a bill directed by Louis Johnson and Mike Malone. r L "Now we have this new play by Evan Walker coming up, 'Coda,' it's called, about a, black family in Harlem, a Actor Robert Hooks makes his home in Washington, D.C. instead of Hollywood. lawyer whose problem is his son. Becomes back from Viet-. nam no longer interested in becoming a lawyer, but in the whole black movement. That's the problem and, I think, a very good play, theat- .ric'al and meaningful to both our company and our audiences." engine stars io film site at Aj AJO (AP) -- A 100-year-old railroad engine is stealing the scenes in a movie being filmed in this southern Arizona mining community. 3urt Reynolds and Sarah Miles star in "The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing," but residents claim the engine is the star. The engine, "Reno," plays the part of a locomotive from the long-abandoned Virginia and Truckee Railroad. Filming is taking place on the Tucson, Cornelia and Gila Bend Railroad; between Ajo and Gila,Bend. Movie officials say the locale and track typify the area in Wyoming between 1870 and 1900. ' · The locomotive was constructed in 1872 and is belived named' after a Civil War general who later became a railroad builder. It served on the Virginia and Truckee Railroad for 70 years. MGM Studios purchased the engine in 1945. It was later sold to the Old Tucson movie set and has been in storage there for the past few years. Starting a theater is nothing new to Hooks. He was one of the founders of New York's justly admired' Negro Ensemble Co. (NEC), took.over its executive directorship and had the satisfaction of seeing "Ceremonies in Dark Old Men" recognized as one of the best plays of its season. For all its recognition, NEC presents just as cloudy a financial picture as it did when it began. Hooks, has become an expert on the foundation- world, the private sector and the national endowment, which last week found another $75,000 to continue NEC, as well as $50,000 for the Last Colony venture. One of Hooks' best hopes in the private sector is from a black philanthropist's fund and from individual blacks who've clicked big in the arts. * ' · ' . - · · "I know who's letting me down," mutters Hooks; his face scowling. "But," he brightens somewhat, "I also know how the hands are out once the big salaries are mentioned." He continues, - "You know the money isn't all that lush, by the time you get around to getting it. I've been tapped for a TV series by ABC and if that works out, there I'd be in your Beverly Hills without a swimming pool but with the knowledge that I'd have more loot to put into the D.C. Black Repertory Co. That's where my profits of 'Trouble Man' are going to go, and I own. a slice of that movie. Tell people to see it and help us at the Last Colony." Unlike many an actor, black or white, Hooks had a comparatively quick start. When he was Kevin's present age, his mother, Bertha, moved her family to Philadelphia. After a spell at Temple University, Bob studied acting .with Bessie Hicks and acted with most of the Philadelphia companies. By 1958, New York was the obvious next step. . "The first play I'ever saw on Broadway! was -'Raisia in the Sun,' the opening. Six months later I heard Sidney Poitier was leaving the cast and as soon as I heard it, I headed up to 57th Street, the office of producer Phil Rose. While I was running up Broadway, I thought, 'This is too important to mis's.' So I grabbed a cab. "I was still running when I got off the elevator, ran into a short man, "almost knocked him 1 down, asked him where the Rose office was. He pointed, I rushed in. He followed me. It was Phil Rose I'd almost knocked down. But he heard me audition, I knew the play, and I got the part. "I played it 18 months on Broadway, toured in it two years and learned from such pros; that great Claudia Neal. Then there was Ruby and Ossie and Jones. I did his Dutchman. Later, in '65 that must have been." The National saw him again in "A Taste of Honey" and he was part of Tallulah's entour- · age in "The 'Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore." "Ballad for Bimshire," "Day of Absence" and "Happy Ending" didn't last long, but his first musical, "Hallelujah, Baby!" did him a lot of commercial good. Otto Preminger tapped him for "Hurry Sundown" and he got a running part on TV's "NYPD." Hooks'is separated from his wife, Yvonne. He gives her the credit for bringing up their sons, Eric and Kevin, but he's spent a lot of time with the boys. . · : ( "Kevin got that part in 'Sounder' . entirely on his own," he tells you with serious pride. "Sure, he's been part of the profession all his life, but he's got the part on his own. Isn't he just great in it?" The Hooks' horizon isn't confined to NEC or the Last Colony: "I want to see a black company of our best actors in the Eisenhower Theater. That'll take some tying down, but you can look for it to happen. It will." : He's a driving sort of fellow, 6 feet, lean and tense. His constantly moving fingers are a sign that he's tightly wound up. But he has no qualms at all about why he's chosen an old. Georgia Avenue movie house over California luxuries. "We've got talent out there at the . Last Colony. Somebody's got to find it, nourish it, make it grow. Don't ask me where they're all going to go eventually. I don't know. All I know is that this has to be done now." , NOGALES BUS SERVICE leave TUCSON for NOCALES 7:00, ».-U, IMS A.M.J. 12=15, 1:15, 3.-30, iM. 4,10, lilt, 10:30 P.M. leave NOCALES *«r TUCSON - 7.00, : 15, 18:*), 11:11 A.M. » 1:15,' 3:00, 4:00, 4:00, 1:15,' lOilJ P.M. ·' Grtyhound Ttrn'.aol 792-0972 IMS 1ST. ALVERNON N. OF SPEEDWAY TUESDAY SPECIAL Old Fashioned Meat Loaf Spanish Sauce, Green Peas, Roll or Muffin Coffee or Tea Baked Ground Beef and Macaroni... ........ 80* Best Food In The Southwest STEEL GUITAR CLINIC CONDUCTED BY SHOT JACKSON Pres. of SHO-BUD Guitar Corp. In Conjunction With GRETSCH GUITAR CO. MONDAY, FEB. 5 -- 6:30 To 8:30 P.M. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC -- NO CHARGE All people interested in STEEL GUITARS, or any other kind of music are invited. Howard Beaver, his itaff and SHOT JACKSON will answer any questions and give demonstrations from 6:30 to 8:30 P.M. Enjoy some country music, too. See you tonight . . , MONDAY NIGHT ONLY "GREEK NIGHT" 6:30 to 9:30 P.M. "NONCHALANTS" Paulftd J STEAK HOUSE 4 9 1 5 E SPEEDWAY 3 2 5 - 2 6 7 1 3 2 7 - 4 6 1 1 CALL FOR RESERVATIONS BEAVER'S BAND BOX V4540 EAST BROADWAY 325-1509/ Or. Jekyll'f Win* 'N Semdwith PX "COMPLIMENTS OF THE HOUSE o glosj of wint wilh the Sandwich of Ihe Day" TUES. -- HYDE'S HAPPINESS WED. -- NEPTUNE THURS JEKYLLBURGER OR REUBEN FRI. -- TURKEY OR HYDE'S HAPPINESS ·TUCSON'S FIRST REAL BOOZE PARLOR" S«agromt VO, Chivas Regal, Smirnoff Everything For 69' A Shall OPEN 11 A.M.-! A.M. DAILY DR. 1455N. Miracle Mile Ph. 622-1371 ^ Juit South of Hilton : ;~,M DOUG CLARK FRESENlS S1ARRKG PRflSILT flNQELQ THE TUCSON BOYS CHORUS presents VIENNA CHOIR BOYS ONLY ARIZONA APPEARANCE COMMUNITY CENTER MUSIC HALL TOMORROW NIGHT -- 8 P.M. $5.75 -- $4.75 -- $3.75 TICKETS AVAILABLE AT Community Center Box Offices, Levy's El Con and Tucson Boys Chorus Office [Reservations Info. 296-6277 or Dial-A-Ticket 882-86261 ALL THE BUTTERMILK FLAPJACKS YOU CAN EAT!! 6A.M. to 9 P.M. PER PERSON Madt.'-front Hobo Jst's World Famous tiec/pe COFPIt SHOW MWZCOIIVEMENTLOCITIMU 2701 E. IROADWAY 120S. WHMOT OKN70AYS! Mon.-Thun.: 6 AM-t AM fri. ft Sot.: 6 AM-3 AM Son.: 7 AM-1 AM VhH ·« 7'Ucil'mi · Pkiciiii TUES. THURi LUNCHEON V, SIRLOIN TIPS 40 . With . French Fri«j Salad . 1 CHOICE CHAR-BROILED STEAKS $ 2 SO Pack-Em-Inn N. STONE ot DRACHMAN rtot H0nf dMintr «t Tit* Ooublctrac wit! ohwijt ywir Hf«. But m warni* you thit. It won't b* juit *noth«r ·¥«% infr W* hln |« **! kindi of womfetous tiisfat for you\» *x- ptort. OwKinu music wiven nifhtf · wwk. And atmosphm.; irtytnttd V* : - -: /·; THE DOUBLETREE ·· ~ ^ ·' " , , ' , · % ' \ . V , ; ! - \ , s ,;' · - · l · f - ' - ' . ^.' , · K - '60 North Algernon 1 -4 ^ * ( 1J . s Y i ^ . ' " Saturday, Feb. W; 7:00 K): 00PM Tucson Community Center-Music Hal [ HtSERVED SCAT TICKET.-. Sv0. S4.SO. S5.50. AVAILABLE AT THE TLCSONCOMMLMIY CENTER TICKET OFFICI. !X CON SHOPPING CENTER. D\V[S-VONTII\N AIR FORCE BASE. FOR MAIL ORDERS. MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO TUCSON COMMUNITY CENTER AND MAIL TO iSft S. CHURCH. TUCSON. ARIZONA SSTOJ. FOR INFORMATION PHONE TIM:**. CKFRRITYPRESfNTATIONS. INC. KHOS presents JUNE CARTER * CARTER FAMILY TIE TENNESSEE THREE Wednesday, Feb. 7 -8:00 P.M. Tucson COMMUNITY CENTER ARENA Tickets on sale at all Center (Box Offices $6.50-$5.50-$4.50 Artist Consultants Production COMMUNITY CENTER MUSIC HALL VICTOR BORGE Monday, Feb. 5-8 P.M. PRICES: '5.75, $ 4.75, $ 3.75 DIAL-A-Ticket 812-8626 TICKETS AVAILAILE AT LEVY'S, EL CON COMMUNITY CENTER Ik Chalet 4030 E. SPEIDWAY OPEN " Tues. Thru Sunday. N 00111 'Lunches served during the Week, . Dinners on Sunday. SPECIAL Feb. 6-10. ' $1.55 Turkey Patties Cranberry Sauce .Green Peas Blushing Pear Roll-Buttpr . Evening: Dinners and Suppers served. Suppers are a lighter meal and are served after 3- P.M. INTWTAI . JOrtt HAW* 1. A. THUS . "\ · J*W?f LEWIS ( 1 ' ' · A UNIVERSAL PICTURE TECHNICOLOR" ·. PflNAVISION:, t U of A Concerts CONCERT VIOLINIST CAY 90s JAMES BUSWELL Famous For Prime Rib Steaks - : / and ..:V;,: : Live Maine Lobster 5532 £. Speedwojr Reservations 296-3301 'SHOWCASE CINEMAI IAST2DAYS I ; 7:15*9:25 I itlGELY TYSON 1 1 '.. ·;; JfkdnU* / MATTH ProduU'ioiti '' i . : ' :," . (*«·*«·. :· · ' ' '·'·'·-· - · · ["SOUNDER" I A Robert B. lUdnlti/Mlrtln Rill Film I fe»ni» 20THCENTWY-FOX FILMS SHOWCASE CINEMA2 LAST 2 DAYS 7:35 4 9:55 FELLINIS ROMA 2 (^/Hffluu AI ONE Loc«riON 3233 E SPEEDWAY 326 2425 INEWORLD, IINENAS 6130 E, SPEEDWAY 298-3331 JMVMMT-tMtT«nMlK ' "DILIVERANCI" (R) · . '; ; .- : "-. M.UI .;- - WUMM KATTT - MUI CMHtTIE MC CUE t MRS, MILLER (R) TWIUTE IW.S1.M 1:154*5 ' . · · · "tRMMS ' ' . - · . FAIRY TALES FOR APULTS" (I) __i nus · . ; , · 2| "THE SEDUCTION pU . OFINGA" (*} NO ODE UNDER 17 ADMITTEQ TWIUTE NR J1JI 1:15-1:45 . j MICHAEL SACK! 3 "$UU«HTERHOO$E FIVE" (R) nus "MINNIE* MOSKOWITZ" (PC) TWIUTE ML SIM t:\S-tM ACTION THItlUtR OIlAlDlNt CHAMIN --, "INNOCENT iTtTANOER" (N) Ml nu» ·M JfFFMIDOIS "BAD COMPANY" (PC) TWIUTE MR S1.M MS-7:1S NATIONAL GENERAL THEATRES POSEIDON lUENA VISTA BUENA VISTA OPEN 6:00 WALT DISNEY'S SWORD IN THE STONE" ATI:»«*:1I IOTN "NIKKI" AT Ml '11:45(0 22nrJSt.Drivi-ln NOW -- BOTH X "LOVE UNDER 17" AT 2:15 -- 5:15 -- 8:30 THE SENSUOUS TEENAGER" »T 12:4S - 3:50 - 7 - 10:05 FOX THEATRE STARTS WEDNESDAY, 8:00 P.M. Premiere Benefit Showing For "Mobile Meals" SPONSORED BY WOMENS AUXILIARY TO PIMA COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY "BEST FILM THIS YEAR!" Peter OToola Sophia Loren and James Coco dreairiThe Impossible Dream in an Arthur Hi Her film United Artists (Showcase 3 3 3 3 t- S f I I D W » T REGULAR PERFORMANCES START THURS. 8:00 P.M. *Ef WINSTON" (I»G» TONITE ''TRAVELS WITH MY AUNT" TONITE 'INNOCENT BYSTANDERS" PIUS 'BAD COMPANY" (PO) DISCOUNT NIGHT ARIZONA PREMIERE THE BEST FOREIGN FILM OF THE YEAR! .5WN.FREMONT 624-4981 CORPORATION I. H I A 1 K £ 0 IV I S ( O N -- LAST NIGHT -- FANNT CANO-MAURICIO! . HECTOR IECHUCA-LEON MtCHtL' -. *. MKI ftU ·WUI COLOR CO-FEATURE - M. L OCHOA - "ALMA fiRANDE EN EL PESIERTO" LAST 2 NIGHTS -- MICHAEL J. POLLARD "DIRTY LITTLE ·ILLY" (R) - DYAN CANNON "THE BURGLARS" (M) LAST 2 NI6HTS - IN COLOR JACK LEMMON "AVANTI" (R) GEORGE C. SCOTT "HOSPITAL" (PC) (AMPBELl AT PRINCE 3 2 6 0 6 4 1 1 1ST DRIVE IN SHOWING JON VOIGHT - IURT REYNOLDS "DELIVERANCE" (R) WARREN BEATTY - JULIE CHRISTIE "MCCABE AND MRS. MILLER" (R) BOTH IN COLOR LAST 2 NIGHTS - IN COLOR GEORGE C. 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