Independent from Long Beach, California on March 17, 1966 · Page 16
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 16

Long Beach, California
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Thursday, March 17, 1966
Page 16
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FIRST, (IT OUT STREET PARKING . . . Prof. Has Drastic Rx for Traffic Cramps By ROBERT WILCOX If the cities don't learn how to deal with the modern industrial triumph, the automobile, claims Prof. Arthur Gallion, it soon may be too late. The car, claims Gallion: --Through roads and park- Ing is "consuming city land at such a rate" as already to pose "an insoluble problem.'' --Takes up two-thirds of the total downtown Los Angeles land area and still there's no convenient place to park. --Has b e c o m e such a menace to life and proper- ty on the highways that subdivision streets with no m a j o r intersections a r e eight times as safe --Is spawning freeways with their adjacent "utter (landscape) blight" so fast t h a t "we have become so inured to ugimesr t h a t we have nn appreciation for --5IIH Photo by ED KENYON BABY MIKE, FOUND BY I, P-T CARRIER BOY, SHARES GRIN WITH HARBOR GENERAL NURSES Independent The Southland** Jm Finest Morning Newspaper THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 1964 SECTION B--Page B-l MARKETS ON PAGE C-6 REACH COMBIXG MALCOLM EPLEY TT'S St. Patrick's Day and it's appropriately the birthday of a Long Beach lad of Irish descent named Pat Foley. But Pat, who's 15 today, will be a little cramped in his celebrating. The son of the John R. Foleys, 7225 Stearns, Pat got his foot caught in a car door the other day and it's In a cast. Then he slipped while crutching around and sprained the other foot. It's bandaged. Is that what they mean by the lurk of the Irish? 'HAT outsiders say about us is always of interest and that goes for a column w : you're surrounded by giant versions of those bobbing store window birds." Ah, but pretty t o they're s o m e mighty people, notably Pat Brown and the state's budgeteers. WITH little fanfare, Congress this week killed an old government setup through which many of us saved our first dollar. It was the postal savings system which was founded in 1910 but has long been outmoded under its 2% interest plan. This touched a memory. When I was about 12. I proudly b o u g h t my first Baby 'John Doe' Has Loving Alias in 'Michael Edgar' Michael Edgar Is doing just fine, thank you. He eats well, sleeps well, and when things go wrong-which they seldom do--he has a lusty wail. The baby, found Sunday morning in a storm drain at Gulf Avenue and West D Street in Wilmington, has been removed from intensive care in Harbor General Hospital, Torrance, and placed in the nursery with other babies. · · · · HOSPITAL RECORDS carry him as "John Doe," but Miss Vivian Robinson, R.N., head nurse in the pediatrics department at Harbor General, has a pet name for all boy waifs: "Michael." In this case, "Edgar" was informally added by the nurses, so the little fellow will be "Michael Edgar" so long as he remains in the hospital. He was three hours old when Edgar Aliviado, 14, of 1103 E Court, Wilmington, an Independent, Presi- Telegram carrier, heard him cry and discovered him in By BEN ZDMSER AUdlol-SclHict tdllor Sporadic cases of meningo. coccal meningitis continue to' Slan .. m ' beauty " Gallion's cure would be drastic. As a starting point, he suggests abolishing all street parking "on any public street, anyplace," freeing "two lanes that have already been built" for moving traffic He would cancel all of ihe sn-called "strip zoning" for businesses along major highways where congestion is caused by cars backing nut from a n g l e parking places onto the street. He would give the commercial establishments a reasonable time to go out of business. He would set up a "civil- jAna. F o u n t a i n Valley. Costa bacteria called meningocicci.: ized s y stem of ra P' d tran ' M e s a , H u n t i n g t o n Beach, 1 These germs may be pres-. Westminster, Atwood a n d ! Sporadic Meningitis Still Noted in Area w i t h reasonable fares everyone could look forward to." Gallion, Long Beach State ; of perfectly healthy persons appear in the Greater Long! . ' . without their being aware of Beach area, health officials! A g e r a n £ e llas becn 3 ,'t and without t h e i r having reported Wednesday 'months to 52 years. Most suf-|any symptoms. Latest victim in Long Beachi ferers hav e be TM between V From 5 to 30% of the popu- itself is a 16-year-old boy who ' months and 1 year old. Jation, it is estimated, may , , J , . ,. , . ' * * * * k a r k r t t - f h n normc h u t i n 1 h a s b e e n ho^oitali/ed in ! ' "^roor ine perms ~-~ nui in Woodruff Community Hospit-i MENINGOCOCCAL menin- epidemics, the P ercen.a R e of «f Arch "lecture, spoke at al Dr. I. D. Litwack c i t y ' s " ' 8 ' s a ' so known as epi- carriers may increase as much lne l -onege weanesaay in health officer, said. ' jdemic meningitis, cerehro-:as 70%. . * * * Ispinal fever and spotted fever.: Medical science cannot yet THAT BRINGS I o eight the. " ' s an mflamation of the account why some persons number of cases in (lie. city membranes that surround the carry the germs without ad the fourth lecture of his series on urban problems. The professor s c o f f e d particularly al the reputed Three of the brain and s P l n a l f n r d - The'verse effects while others be- "efficiency" of the auto. since Jan. Long Beach victims have died.] 6 ?' 116 " 1 ' 0 fn A 2-year-oid girl has died] ~~ in Signal Hill, it was re-' 'ported by Dr. Fllen Poyet, »| county district health officer.! Signal Hill has had two other cases, one of them the 10- year-old uncle of the dead Dr. Poyet a l s o reported three cases of epidemic men- the storm drain. * * · * THE BABY, a Negro, is 20 inches long and Is a "fine, healthy child," according to hospital doctors. He weighed 7 pounds, 12 ounces when he was brought to the hospital, and now he weighs 6 pounds, 14 l /j ounces. It is normal, explained the doctors, for a new-born baby to lose weight. He will be up to 7 pounds soon, they say. "We have been hoping that the parents, or at least the mother will come to the hospital and claim him," a hospital spokesman said Wednesday. "If he is not claimed, we assume he soon will be put up for adoption." The average car on the Southland freeway, s a i d Gallion. carries only 114 persons and t a k e s 175 square (eel of space lust to park. A person v.v.iking. he said, uses about 5 square feet. "An old-fashioned carriage using the power of two A 45-year-old L o n g B e a c h man burned to death, horses averaged up to 12 is caused by:come seriously i l l . Pipeline Explosion Fatal to L.B. Man in ice Barter* ui cuiucum, men- · - ·- · - - · · · « -·· ··-- · ·· · .. , ,, - , _ . ingitis in Lakewood and one.Wednesday in Dairy Valley when a crude oil pipeline he was miles pet'hour, noted Gal^ . . ! I . - i _ _i _ j \i- t. · . . ·... _ i _ _ n _ · r- . _ linn l n f « nnt i mi mum n\J- case in Bellflower since Jan.iwelding exploded, engulfing him in a ball of fire. 1. I Pronounced dead on arrival Eight cases, two of them : a t Pioneer Hospital, Artesia, fatal, have occurred in t h e l a t 2 p m . was Bernard Choui- Torrance-South Bay area, ac- , ,,,,, «· . cording to Dr. Earl Kendrick ,' nara ' *' zl TM e Ave ' a county district health of- He wa * » n employe of Bill ficer ! Williams Welding Co., 1735 Santa Fe Ave. Long Beach. LATEST fatality in that The fire also destroyed the area was last week. Dr. Ken- company's welding truck. drick would not give details! Foreman T h o m a s Ivan but did disclose t h a t cases in|j a q UPS 59 his district are "scattered wood Blvd., of 15523 Lake- Bellflower, told RED-FACED Pifr Guard's Gun Stolen A Navy man who worked as a security guard during off-duty hours was red- faced Wednesday when he reported to police t h a t his .22-caliher r e v o l v e r w a s lion. "The optimimum average speed of a 150-horsepower car on a freeway is o n l y three times as fast. How can we claim efficiency?" Gallion c h a r g e d that some cities have been wasting money trying to meet the transportation problem on a lesser scope than h» suggests, "ending up right where they started." The professor concedes from Manhattan B e a c h to L ' a ke"wood"'benut'v "R o I lin 1 st(ll(1 " w h i l e h " w " K^rd- ! his plans would cost money ,,,:,_. .. ILaKewooa Liepuiy K O n 1 n, , ,_ t ^ o . _ ^ h l l t nf |dert t h a t t h e vmrt« Wilmington." Dr. P. R. Auriemma, district health officer for the Compton area, said that there has been one death there from meningococci, the micro-organisms that cause the epi- Morse that an 8-inch pipeline: Chouinard was welding suddenly blew apart and flames tioned aboard the have been sympathetic to flashed in a wall around him. i The accident occurred at a ( booster pump station at Ar- ng a shed «l Pier A. Charles R. P.fer. 31 sta- , | h p a( . quisitinn of priva|p USS property for similar pur- Haven, said the $30 weapon disappeared from atop a crate, where he left it while for similar poses and "we should pay " * He cautions against "sell, ing" rapid transit as a cure i for smog. "I suspect it | won't," says Gallion. Th« to^ave^esulted a from U m'enin" Chouinard is survived by| with a sack lunch on the j simple fact he contends, "is to have resulted from menin u ; _ ....,_ ,,_,,,,... ,, ,, , : ,,,,,,, ,,. K ., n ,,,, ,,,,,,,,.,_ | ([]at we need rapjd tnmsjt for the movement of people and goods." tesia Boulevard and Bloom-] patrolling the shed, field gitis, is still being investigated, he added. Health author! his wife, Dorothy, 45. Funeral! crate at 5:30 p.m. Wednes- arrangements are pending at| day and discovered it was ties are not certain that this victim died of meningitis. Dr. Hilda Hyort. district Artesia Mortuary. j missing at 11:59 p.m. about a visit to Southern . . . California written by Don -TM s . B?shoff which appeared in a · office w,th $2 I had recei paper at Eugene, Ore. An excerpt: "Only in California could DAIRY VALLEY one end up in Long Beach by following the San Diego Freeway out of Los Angeles. To get to San Diego, you follow the Santa Ana Freeway. No one has yet figured how to get to Santa Ana." Kay Richmond, f o r m e r Long Beacher now living in Eugene, suggested I write something straightening Bishoff out. After a couple of confused starts, I gave it up. believe it or not, for a little fictional basketball story I wrote and sent to a youth magazine. Bothersome t h o u g h t : I can't remember ever redeeming that $2. Too late M E , A NOTHER B i s h o f f com- ·"· ment: "Not among t h e state's scenic attractions, inciden- j tally, is the oil well country around Long Beach. After a NTALLY d i s t u r b e d people, in greater numbers than you might guess, call the Long Beach Mental Health Association for help. The association operates what it calls a telephone referral service. People who call it are directed to specialists or agencies where it is hoped they can find help. This is one of a number iof services by the associa- Subdividing Plans Flooding Council health officer for San Pedro, and Wilmington, said only! three cases have occurred! there since Feb. 1. There have I ibeen no deaths from the dis-| I ease in the harbor district, she I said. Slain Cypress Salesman on Vacation During 1st A TOTAL of 10 cases, Including two deaths, have occurred in Orange County, it By KEN KNIGHT :can understand that t h e i r ! "I haven't even seen htm Laurence Gomez 30 o f C y : f a t h e r W 1 " not be coming yet and all I know is what press, the first victim of the :home - . . . . the police tell me." Mr,. Gn- new Watts riot, was living on 1 COMPOSED as much as a] me/ sa ' d as sne WI P ed awa V Iwas reported f Dr. Russell!borrowed time but didn't person can be under the cir-l tears ' IB. Watson, chie' of the infec- know it. cumstances, Mrs. G o m e z j "I-ast year when all this jtious diseases division of the' Dead from a sniper's bullet'spoke of her husband and! tr ° UD le occurred in Watts he iOrange County Health De-iand refused help when h e i w h a t had happened to him: j was on vacation. jpartment. begged for aid, Gome/, was on "1 knew something was "I can't understand why he The entire concept of the agricultural city of Dairy; There were only four menin-, vacation last August wheniwrong when people started was killed. He loved people Valley was changed formally Wednesday when thelgitis cases in Orange County Watts exploded the first timeJcalling the house and talkingjand treated everybody real city council gave final approval to the city's first sub-|"P to this time last year, Dr. ; Wednesday, his 37-year-old to me but I thought it waslgood. By RALPH McCLURG division map, calling for construction of 72 houses by! Walsnn sald - widow, Helen, wept for her about Steve (her 11-year-old 1 Stardust Homes, Inc. Cases this year have been'husband of 13 years while son) who was at a Scout meet-: "IT MUST HAVE been a The tract, at the northeastihorse-boarding and riding; corner of South Street andj sta ble at 10742 Artesia Blvd. Carmenita Road, is scheduledj was denjed due tf) a , I to comprise eventually 450i , , : single-family h o m e s . Thei number of P rotests - TM ere \ council and planning commis-] were no protests against any sion have given tentative ap-|of the subdivision applica-. Reported in Buena Park, Santa only two of t h e i r five children'ing. I tion. which is planning a jproval to scores of residentialitions. door-to-door financing cam- jsubdivision maps calling for y 0r further development of; . . - J J U l H l l - l t J " U « l t l l 1 M i n i K . I l i e l,CUII ! · · -few miles of up-and-down nnw ,,.,, pumps, you get the feeling ,£ r e c r l | j u cal f vasser! , |4.f Ad Got Him ! Just What I He Wanted "We had wonderful « response from our I, P-T I want ad and we found j just the house trailer we wanted at the price we wanted to pay," reports Alvin Wagarle, 48 W. 49th St. Let a thrifty I, P-T K classified want ad help f' you find what you're {.' looking for or help you -l " 1 eel rid of what you don't want. For ihe hot line to 'onstruction of approximately,^ city, the rounciimen re- 300 homes since the city! v jewed" and approved addi-! /Those interested in helping iwas opened to residential'tj o n a i tentative residential: 'jean call the Mental Health 'development last October. , racl maps ca |]j ng f o r C()n .j ! Association. ! . . . . .structTM o f a n o t h e r 172 ; I IN O T H E R actions the n()mes | : '"PHF. column here last Sun- jcouncil held public hearings . , . . | day about the Modoc ; and approved five zone-l Two CONTRACTS totaling! i Indian War and belated hon- .change applications for an-jj3 09g3S f n r (ne j nsta |i a tion| ^ t ^ major water trunk] lines were awarded to the] Longley Construction Co., of Fullerton. The lines, varying ;,ors to be paid to an Indian jother five tracts in. scattered Jjchief can be appropriately jsections of the 8.5-square-mile city. An application for a zone- f o l l o w e d by a vacation travel suggestion. For it's easy to visit the locale of this stirring chapter in California history. People traveling on US 395 -- the Reno route -- can Breach it by leaving the fer 1 - [jeral route at Alturas and ''driving on a state highway 3'toward Klamath Falls. k , T h e l a v a b e d s battle; ground where Capt. Jack exception filed by George^ sjze from 6 to £ inches Kendall for the operation of_a; wm fee jnstalled a , ong stu{Je . T n i · , I baker Road and Bloomfieldi Lecture on Pakistan ] Avenue . Both wi] , extendfrom' at Long Beach State :South Street to 166th Street.; Dr. Daniel McNaughton, The Longley firm offered; chairman of ihe secondary the lowest of a half dozen i education department at Long bids submitted. The Stude- Beach State College, will baker job will cost $143,655 , ,,, ,.,,, ^« pl . ,,,,,.,, ,speak tonight at 7:15 in I.e---.anad the Bloomfield installa- » easy and quick results «j! an d his Indian band holed up Iture Hall 150. McNauglm.r, lion $166,168. j | phone HE 2-5959, from ^ l a n d defjed the u s Army | will present an iec tur8 ,,,, The lines will be connected! » Orange County phone ^,|j es west O f Tulelake, about :"People and Places in Pakis-:with the new Metropolitan| j JE 7-9120. yi2o miles so-jth of Klamath jtan" with an emphasis oniWater District trunk leading! (·(····HnMMMBBHESl'r'*"*- {cultural patterns. I into the city. --Stiff PFMtO BEREAVED WIDOW of Cypress salesman L a u r e n c e G o m e z , Mrs. H"len Gomez comforts her children, left fatherlrss by latest Watts rioting. With her, from left, are Steven, 12; Jimmy, 7; Alice, 1; Linda, 10, and Kathy, 3. ·bunch of hoodlums that killed him." Police reports say that Gomez, a bottled water salesman was shot by a sniper's bullet as he stepped from his truck In make a delivery. Struck in the head and chest. Gome/, managed to mnkp his wav to four doof- \vdy; as hr. bee^ti for aid hut was turned awav each time, lie died at the last port a l where hr had begged for help "He liked his job," Mrs. Gome/ sairi of her husband. "He was the top salesman fnr the company in 1965 and won a color television set but we took the money instead to fix up our house." Wednesday, less than 24 hours after the latest Watts riot. Mrs. Gomez with her five children, S t e v e n . 12, Linda, in. Jimmy, 7, Kathy, 3 and Alice, sat in the modest *".rr.p " ^H2 O'j;a St. that she and h^r husband "fix^d up ' Children and n e i g h b o r * came tr vi«u -- but Helen Gome/ remembered her husband who was killed while just doing his job--not hurt- ;np anybody--but a victim of a m"h. t

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