Independent from Long Beach, California on February 4, 1960 · Page 57
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 57

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1960
Page 57
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P I ZI-7--PII Z 3 - P 7 Z 4 - P I 3 i.Kll, C.llf.. T h u r f c F e b . 4. ItU Problems of Chest Volunteers Listed By VIRGINIA D. DAVIS A survey conducted among residential workers on the past Community Chest campaign has revealed that getting people to answer their doorbells and take the time to listen to their story of Chest needs have been their major problems. Mrs. H. W. Hodges, chairman for the residential division in last fall's drive, sent questionaires to 564 volun- te»rs in an endeavor to im- pfnve plans for next year's campaign. Listed by those polled as a common misunderstanding is I hat parents of children belonging to Chest youth agencies do not realize that Community Chesl funds pay parl of the expense of each child's membership and activity in the agency. "WITH 71,207 BOYS and girls served by Chest youth groups last year, it was obvious to our doorbell ringers t h a t many parents do not know their children are being aided by Chest contributions," to raise meant each worker had to expend a great deal more time and effort than in the one night type of drive, she said. "The fact that our division raised $91,000 versus the $15,000 or $20,000 usually raised in a one night drive evidently is not realized by some," she slated. "With so many more housewives taking jobs, our solicitors find m o r e "I give at work," responses," the di- Oriental Menu Sure to Please Guests By MILDRED K. FLANARY Independent* Press-Telegram Food Editor Take your guests on a for-jring constantly. Add pirie- eign food cruise, with your,apple and green pepper, sim- first port in the Orient. The;mering a few minutes longer. exotic atmosphere and delec table Chinese food will delight all shipmates. We suggest the following menu: Egg Rolls Fried Shrimp Sweet-Sour Shrimp Sauce Red Mustard Sauce Speedy Chicken Chow Mcin Chinese Fried Rice Soy Sauce Preserved Kumquats Oriental Salad Mandarin Orange Dessert Coconut Macaroons Green Tea Egg rolls and fried shrimp are the starter for this Can- . . , Ol C lilt; A L d l LCI 1U1 L U I S \^all- v.sion leader added. "This tonese-American feast. Just may lead to gtvtng window h e a t -frozen ones (pre-cooked) stickers lo employes at busi- in the oven, according lo nesses for home posting toi packa j, e directions. Serve e l i m i n a t e unnecessary calls at residences." ' Results of the survey are now being analyzed and con' Chest staff and campaign leaders p r i o r to s u b m i l l i n g organizational plans for the fall Chest drive. Gourmet School Set at May Co. Jack King, wriler and gourmet, will conduct a Gourmet hot with Sweet-Sour Shrimp Sauce and Red Mustard Sauce. ' Sweet-Sour Shrimp Sauce 1 9-ounce can (1 cup) pineapple tidbits Vi cup brown sugar iy 2 tblsps. cornstarch Makes 2/ 3 cups. Red Mustard Sauce Combine % cup catsup, i/j cup water, 1 to 1 / 2 teaspoons dry muslard, and 1 teaspoon salt. Mix thoroughly and chill. Makes 1 cup. Speedy Chicken Chow Mcin Grease a large skillet lightly, and then add two 20-ounce packages frozen chicken chow mein. Cover and heat over low heat, stirring occasionally, till mixture comes to a boil. Makes 5 servm;;s. Chinese Fried Rice 1 4%-ounco package precooked rice 2 tblsps. salad or peanut oil 1 6-ounce can (I 1 /, cups) broiled sliced mushrooms, drained V4 CU P chopped green onions 2 tblsps. soy sauce 8 slices cooked bacon, crumbled , 1 beaten egg Prepare rice according 1o Dash salt. ' directions and then chill. Heat oil in skillet; add mushrooms, cup water onions, and soy sauce. Cook over low heat 10 minutes, cup green-pepper strips stirring occasionally. Add Drain pineapple, reserving 1 bacon and egg. then cook and the syrup. Combine brown stir 5 minutes. Serves 5. School of Cookery at the May.sugar. cornstarch. and salt, Co., I.akewood, Feb. 8, If), and then slowly s t i r in w a t e r , mn,u K,, t i i ;^ 2 a n d 2r) from 10 a - m - to vinegar, and reserved pine- made by the workers were I 2 nonn . The collrse consisls £ Bri ,,, ,,' boi| ha most people were un-! o f 2 two h o u r iecture-demon-iand t h e n simmer about 5 lo o t h e m ^ lrMms _ j enough to e x p l a i n t h a t Hieiri Mrs. Hodges declared. Among other complaints'^ 'and by the workers Eift was going to 33 different^ organizations. "Because there are so many drives each monlh. our women report they are being given the same amount to be split among 33 agencies as that given to just o n e appeal," she explained. She s a i d the poll n phasized the d i f f i c u l t y of enl i s t i n g s u f f i c i e n t numbers of volunteers to a-d e q u a t e 1 cover the territory and the forcing nf some to "double up" u n f a i r l y . FROM ANSWERS received Mrs. Hodges admitted t h a t many volunteers d i s l i k e d making call hacks when people were not at. home. They failed to u n d e r s t a n d t h a t our residential division w i t h a t e n t h of t h e campaign, goal 8 0 Y ; 1 U S C O U T S O': to Cft O SCOUTS' 50TH ANNIVERSARY Postmaster General A r t h u r E. Sumincrfielc! announced t h a t t h i s Boy Scout 5f)lli a n n i v e r s a r y commemorative s t a m p will he placed on /irst-day sale at Washington, D. C., on Feh. 8. The s t a m p is designed by the noted a r t i s t , Norman Rockwell. The likeness of a Scout will he,printed in gradations of k h a k i w h i l e t h e l e t t e r i n g will he in hluc. Oriental Salad 2 tsps. salt 2 medium cucumber. 1 !, sliced paper thin (2 cups) 2 cups shredded carrots '/i tsp. salt '/ 2 cup sugar '/ 2 cup while vinegar Sprinkle 2 Icaspoons salt over cucumbers and chill thoroughly, 1 hour or longer. Drain in sieve, pressing with paper towels to remove as much moisture as possible. Sprinkle carrots with ! /i £5Jteaspoon salt. Combine sugar j ^ j a n d vinegar, stirring to dis- .'solve sugar. Place cucumbers in one side of bowl and carrots in other side; pour vinegar m i x t u r e over them and chill t h e m at least 1 hour. To serve, d r a i n , reserving l i q u i d to pass as dressing. Arrange carrots in center of cucumber ring and t r i m w i t h radish roses, if desired. Makes 5 servings. NOTE: This salad w i l l keep several dnys in t h e r e f r i g e r a - tor -- just cover, leave in FROM THE FAR EAST What could be nicer than a foreign rruise, right 'round your own table 9 As a starter--we suggest you "go" Oriental. While Egg Rolls and Fried Shrimp are ihe starter for this gourmet tour, we guarantee you'll hear some "nhs" a n d "alls" over the Sweet-Sour Shrimp Sauce, the Speedy Chicken Chow Mein and all the rest of the Oriental goodies shown here. 1 8-ounce pkg. shredded I 1 tsp. vanilla [teaspoon on well-greased bak-'browncd. Let cool slightly and coconut I Thoroughly combine coco-Ing sheet about 1 inch apart, remove from baking sheet, % cup sweetened condensed m i l and cnnrlrnscd m i l k and Bake at 350 degrees 8 to 10 then cool on rack. Makes milk (i/ 2 15-ouncc can) ( l h c n arid v a n i l l a ; Drop f r o m , m i n u t e s , or t i l l l i g h t l y i a h o u t 2 dozen. Commit Macaroons TRUE FROM TILLAMOOK says: "At Till.unook, spring comes e a r l y ... a n d stays late! At e \ e r y Sf.i.von, the rare c l i m a t e p r o i i d c s C - i R T h N GRASS for TI1.T.AMOOK cows. This jrnes T l l . l . A M O O K its d c l i p h t l i i l l r distinctive n a t u r a l IUu)r and texture." Nature makes the meat. r\ JV_, ^SS l/^ i^( difference GREEN GRASS MAKES Tillamook BETTER! Made in the world's largest and finest cheese k i t c h e n s , T1LI.AMOOK has been the p r i z c - w i n n i n g c s t cheese since 1904. Others may look as good as TILLAMOOK, but there is no other cheese quite l i k e TILLAMOOK. O t h e r cheese-making areas simply cannot m a t c h TlLLAMOOK's p r i z e - w i n n i n g c o m b i n a t i o n of cheese-making s k i l l and facilities and the f a v o r a b l e N a t u r a l c o n d i t i o n s which provide Year-'Round GREEN GRASS Diet for T i l l a m o o k dairy herds. I/; r. f u l f i l TilUmoot. p J l k r d l /; C. h n i w n s u g a r , p»i.kcd ,('.. flour I, . C. chopped nun . 1 f.p. x r ^ ' f d rranx* 1 r i n d 1 0-in. q. n r liearl-shaped c a k e 1-ucr 1 ( . d r . n n c d . p i w H «wc« c h e r r i e s Mix fir.K 5 inRrctjierm t'nr r n i m h topping. A r r ^ n ^ e m * i n r i f b c r r i ' on crVf, Prc« on t'ippinp. R*ke at 375* till brown, about 20 minwei. TWO AGES lo please every taste. · MEDIUM mild but well-flavored. · S H A R P well-aged, lots of flavor. MANY P A C K A G E S - Pr«-potkajtr) WEDGES, S N A C K BARS, ij nnJ 1 Ib. PfNDUSS. ^ nnj i Ib. IOAVES, RANDOM CJ1S, PRESIDED. ON ARMOUR STAR TREET Good home cooks use Treet just like ham Trect_is_tender_cuts of cp_rn-fed_pork-- siip,ar-^cur_ed_h_am_and _ROO_d shoulder meat. T h a t ' s why good home cooks use Treet just l i k e hara--with eggs, on sandwiches, even as a main-course ir.RRt, T r e a t ' s so handy you can u?e it a hundred ways. Prove it for yourself w i t . h one of t.hese tasty Treet specials: Tr n r-l. and nrp" for a double p r o t e i n b r n a k f a s t . T r e n t ' n ' soup a t lunch or supper! [ ^JjvCP ARMOUR Nfr.AT PROTEIN in Armour _..._--J SldrTrcci incomplete protein,Mip- p k i n ^ all 10 aminos \vr need each day to builc! and rrstoic vital body cells. N A T U R A L C H E D D A R C H E E S E The Fine Qualify Never Varies! Tillamook County Creamery Assn., Tillamook, Oregon TrRPt, ' n ' Soilp--Trrrt. makrs POMP n, «n*\n- rnnrpf rfijsh! And it. t.i=lf-! so pr,n(f w j i h tnmntn nr a n y rf thr oihrr rrc,imr-ri S'-mp-:. i Arln.*. t n ^ inipnrt.nnt f'lnfl rail]'- nf rnrat. (no. .Iri=;t nil Trrrl intr, i nhrs, add ihQ r n h ' to your p ^ n p , A n d h .a in t h e w a y . B r e a k f a s t T r r r t - F o r « Hnnhln protrin hrrak- f a R t , t r y Trrrt. w i t h rppB. Cut Tree I into 8 fliers and hrnwn h p h i l y on h o i h sides in a p r n n l l a m o u n t of ("l,i\or- hlnrm R i i t t ^ r nr Marcarinf. Frv opps in rlrippinfifl and BfTve w i t h the Treci slices. 4 serving.

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