Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1964 · Page 11
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 11

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1964
Page 11
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Cancel A-ll-JNOSPENOENT FREE CAKES THE STORES IN TOWN BE SURE TO WATCH FOR A BIG STAR ON YOUR CASH REGISTER TAPE AND WIN A f REE 89e RAIPHS CAKE more will live H E A R T F U N D RED ROWE Tell It to Camera U5.D.A. GRADED CHOICE t RALPHS GOLDEN PREMIUM BEEF SAVE 26c A L B . WORTH M5.98! IN DINNERWARE AND GROCERY COUPONS MARION MORGAN" From 'Panorama Facifk* TV Names to Launch Red Cross Campaign Breakfast, with entertainment provided by Hollywood TV personalities and music by the Lonj Beach Municipal Band. wVll launch the annual March Red Cross Campaign Saturday. The program will be held from 9 to 10:30 ijn. in the cafeteria of the Douglas Aircraft Company. 3855 Likewood Blvd., said James A. Willingham. fund chairman for the Long Beach chapter. Red Rowe. currently conductm; 'Tell it to the Camera 1 * and ^Panorama Pacific" television programs. will preside as honoi'ary chairman and will present his cast and other Hollywood entertainers, including Marion Morgan of -Panorama Pacific." The program win conclude with W. l_ Whitticr, deputy general manager of the Long Beach Division of Douglas Aircraft and vice chairman of the Red Cross campaign, conducting guests on a tour of the DCS assembly line and a static display of the Navy SVyhawk attack plane. Campaign chairmen and volunteer workers and invited guests are asked to make reservations at the Red Cross Chapter. 313 W. Broadway. BEAUTIFUL 4 PIECE PLACE SETTING OF AUTHENTIC CUBBIER IIYES DINNERWARE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN PRIZES DRAWINGS JACK V/tLK f O R T E N W E E K S WITH COUfON AND $5.00 PURCHASE FRfSH PRODUCE AVOCADOS Court-Cost Penalties Advocated Philippines Reparations Paid in Full WASHINGTON VPl -- Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy tor $230.911 t P T L»t tiwiln lirtn County supervisors havejh* 1 *^ * endorsed proposed state le istation which would provioe (mcnt un( j er ^ Philippine that a person who insisted on property Act of 1946. going to trial in a lawsuit. act deals with repara- despite receiving a "reason- tion for Philippine property able offer." might have to pay confiscated by the Japanese added costs. in World War I!. The legislation was recom-| The check brought to $X- :rtended by the county's Special Study Commission on Judicial Procedures. 731.000 the total transferred to the Philippines by the United States under the act. In most civil cases which The island republic also has P to a verdict, the losing received substantial amounts party must pay the winner's of stock, property and land, court costs, attorney and witnesses' fees. KENNEDY said the pay If t plaintiff refuses a de- ment "symbolizes the comple- fendant's offer to settle and, tion of a complex jo^nt open- then fails to obtain » verdict tion which required tke mu- higher than the settlement cf- tual trust, cooperation and fer, however, he loses his understanding which typifies court costs. i tle relationship between our , ' , , . two countries." THE COMMISSION'S rec- He added. The Republic ofi *mmended legislation would the Philippines is one of jnake additional costs jppIic-|Americi's closest allies. It is able to either plaintiff or 5e-,» relationship which we Pendant if "reasonable s ettle-|American$ honor. In maVmg jnent" is offered and refused this transfer, 1 do so on be- tJurin" the trial. The legist- half of the American people. 'tion would establish a margin' with the best wishes for the] Ifor » "reasonable difference-happiness, prosperity a n d ·fn damages, possibly 23 per|Welfare_ cf the Philippine ·rent over the amount of the peop'e." T c ff r . The United States trans- \ -- · ferred $2 million from the COLLECT CASH for things disposition r.f Japanese prop- 'jou don't need. Sell thern'erty to the Philippines in .throuph inexpensive Classi-JMarch 1961 and an additional Jied »d*. Dial HE 2-595! now. $1 million the foTIowinj year. Litllc Lake District's \ Schools' Head Quits ". William Stanley, controver-Viation which battled Stanley ;»fal superintendent of the|and the former board major- ;»trife-riddcn Little Lake City|ity before and during the pe- 'School District of Santa Fe riod when the sanctions were ^Springs, has resigned over] in effect. He said he does not ^·professional differences", have similar "professional dif ·with his schxj board. .ferences" wilh the board. '- The board Tuesday nipM! Stanley declined to out !agre«d to pay Stanley half of -i ne t h e "differences." How ;his salary on the remaining ver, the superintendent said phree years f'f his crmtract.^y jjjye been mountinj . i rx«t $.10,000. '»ince July l . » h e n a board 7 Stanley, 40. railed the set- majority favorable to the ·tlement "amicable." teachers tnrik office. *I Je? In a prepared news release.^Kjfd m y future lies some^Albert Moore, board presi-'ptace else." Stanley stated tient. said the board "was -j- m Jooting for a Jrb inj ~unanijnous in expressing «p- education." 'preciation for Mr. SUnle/s . . . . ', e r r Ic e · ar^ regret* the UACTHY battle ; recessity for the dissotufon ^^^^ ^ utthm ^ ^ iW the contract.^ ^ 'administration, the Oilifomia i STANTEY, a central figure Teachers Association invoked w M962, made his rtsigrution Two bmrd members later Effective immediately. »»· ^.seated. swin;in R the i He was succeeded Wednes- board majority m favor of the -day by Frank Mason. 37, i teachers last July. The pro- rrade school prircipal wiUi'fessiOMl sanaions were re- four ears of service in the moved only last month. tysten, who was named »c-| Sunley wijrthired for four tirg juperintecc^nt. ,j*ari it a salary wise to Uisna is a member rf the | J20.000 a ear as a final id Little Lake Education Asso-|cf the former boarj. ORANGES 435 APPLES CHUCK ROAST HUNDREDS OF PRIZES EVERY WEEK FOR TEN WEEKS, INCLUDING A M A G N I F I C E N T O'KEEFE MERRITT GAS CONTEMPO, CALIFORNIA'S MOST WANTED AUTOMATIC RANGE-A HAMILTON GAS CLOTHES DRYER-WEST1NGHOUSE PORTABLE DISH-WASHER .AND MANY, MANY MORE. REGISTER EVERY WEEK ' NOTHING TO BUY - NO CASH EQUIVALENT - N O EXCHANGES. ADULTS ONLY. SECOND DRAWING MARCH I. WILSON'S CORN KINO NOtltST - GIACE A 7 BONE Ofllc ROUND BONE ROAST O7 lb ROAST BONELESS BEEF ROAST?9 sim:iNSCut-J.HKH(7*l!l ^W^^t PRIME RIB ROAST 73 siiuixa an PRIME RIB ROAST 89* Ib Ib jucts '-ii. . rte. HOHN SOLE FILLETS Sfc PERCH FILLETS Vit BREADED SHRIMP ^ 49* GORTON'S FROZEN FILLET OF SOLE Mtp IN LEMON BUTTER ""· SCALLOPS BE BACON TURKEYS 49' 49s 69s 59 I3MIIU STEW BEEF ROASTING CHICKENS VAN DE KAMP'S FROZEN FRENCH FRIED HALIBUT I'vcr. w». 69 fRESH flll£l OF ROCKFISH or OCEAN PERCH 59 L , rsesH raiti OF --j». SOLE 79 CORNED BEEF CUM KITE! inrii mm IINK SAUSAGE ci*r i naziM nt. or I BUTTERED BEEF STEAKS 13-ez. 59' MONTttEY JACK OH WISCONSIN MllD CHEDDAR. DIU* KITCMIN raozm FOOD CHEESE COUNTY FAIR CHEWY, CHOCOIATE, COCONUT, COFFEE OR UMON CREAM PIES CROCOtT Olfl 59 CLB. SAVE 16* ALB. SHASTA CANNED tEGULAl OR tO CAL DRINKS 29 c 14 $100 SAVE 10* ^rmm 14 CAMPBELL'S SOUPS TOMATO VEGETABLE BASE SAVE 40* C1E»» Of CEIKT. CHM Cf POTATO. CIEiXCI »I5. c«£i» ri». 1SMATO tICt, 8c MARGARINE fRESH FACT FROZEN CRAPE A IXTRA FINE TINY PEAS C CEUT1N CESSERT JELL-O 2 25', 4 25 RALPHS COFFEE ic -Af c BACK RIBS moil ticn KRAFT CHEESE M«IT tin n:m WIT* oiun ttirai*"* ftm«o»» OH SAVE 14* »KCH-NUT STUINEO SAVE 10c c«ra ·» »*cc* c« ra«:niTa 00 PIZZA f:Cn*III 1 10 II « BABY FOOD 3-1 STEW VEGETABLES SAVE tOc SAVE It 1C 24* SAVE 14* I JCTIC p*-ciis» tuina cuiiiJUiiB ioa* CRACKERS tims ciumT 01 HUKCirf PEANUT BUTTER SAVE 30' Si VI IBc SAVI lie SAVE 17e DAIRY CHOCOLATE (tot** teat* wcrf SHRIMP COCKTAIL d;*Jrt 4-or SAVI *c 39 ADO TAX TO TAXAHI ITIMS- r«lCB EfKCTTVt T H O I S O A Y THIU SUNDAY, f«. V, 21, « * MAKH 1. SAVE 1C SAVE 25c ^^^H V^B^ SAVI t -UGUtAR IOW SHILF rfUCtS- ', ·' C Man--VITAMINS FULVITA --99^ SAVI . * KOID KIST F80ZIN FOOD IOMA IINOA BEEF STEW OR MUSHROOM SAUCE GRAVYQUIK CHIU SIZE DINNER WITH SIRIOIN TIPS COlO MtOAt PRESERVES rcnwirr n:zi« CRINKLE CUT POTATOES 49* JAVI "YE 19c FLOUR 5 - 54 MINUTE RICE CIRCUS PEANUTS »oe» K.Tru»i«rr SEGO LIQUID DIET tICAP INSTANT COFFEE WNDERLEAF TEA BAGS SAVE ICit i«-ei. rn. SAVE l i e ' «'«-«. 1 CAM ItMDII It-OZ ttl nautn ifc an- /* A GIORIOUS TEN-D fZV SOUTH SEAS HOLIDAY G R A N D PRIZE TWO! VJA JET CUPPER the n "\\prld~i Most Eipenenccd AirEne'' - . -IKO tot uoric im;u»ti. FU n lumtm COMFOH »x» BUICK SKYLARK G R A N D PRIZE WITH THtSE r£ATUR£S: AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION-SEAT BEITS WHITE SIDE-WAIL TiRES POWER STEERING-RAD1O-TINTEDGIASS-V-8 ENGINE- REMOTE- CONTROL SIDE-VIEW MIRROR- BUCKET SEATS (Safes Tax end License Included). / 'CM " t t f fW'' r Wtft'i»rtit;nr'ii» a«fe a 15'x30' SWIMMIIi POOL BLUE £ ··Xf. _J-J-' HAVEN 'JUVW ». G R A N D ' P R I Z E IWORID'S LARGEST POOL B U I I C E R S \ CONFUTE WTTH THISE FAMOUS FIAUIII5; M a n n l Spm Filttr · Htattr · 'i-lip Sta-liH turrf 1 I Motor · 7]i' Sfirf* · Uno*er»Ql»r LigM · Marint SftrU r Filftr · Automate Stimmtr · AatemaTic CTean-Switp Foel GISIIK. s »T.t 01 CNF»r SAVI STRUDEL ENGLISH CRUMPETS uirxs RAISIN BREAD XJUMS CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS 4 $ 1 n-ci. au . 00 »* nun.. r*. r, SSFH:* ·aiiTutTHl LOTION oiuTtir »»nn MODESS C91C»11 tA«It-lfJilUI »«-«t. JAVl ICc lECUtll ct turn SAVE lie SALVO INCIUOES TAilEU -10 OFF- w-cr tit. IAVI lie Sttia MORE- WowW A YS Save MORE -IKvie WAYS at T/ic World Around C.IVT H)R POl'K U.S. Ambassador to Italy Frederick Reinhirdt, Sfliver« films of meeting last July between the late President John F. Kennedy tnd Pope Paul VI to the pontiff at the Vatican. Nuclear Power Boost Planned by Britain W I LONDON OP -- Britain Wednesday an- | £ nounced plans to boost the power of its nuclear | * armorj- with American planes and more Polaris J \ missiles. 8 .; Defense Minister Peter Thomeytroft told the R ,i House of Commons that fiv*--instead of an orifrinally H 8 planned three--rolaris-carryin;; submarine! will be § built ' And to rtptece outdated planes. Britain proposed S buing in American Phantom aircraft for iti naval sj air arm. j Thorneycroft re\ealcd the new arms buildup in i j forceful defense of Britain'i nuclear policies, which * came under fierce attack from Labor Pany parlianen- { tarians. J Britain's Polaris fltet is scheduled to 50 into j operation in the late 1960s. The keel of the first Po- j laris submarine was laid Wednesday. The subs will j replace Britain's flett of nuclear bombers -- now the i nation's principal deterrent. J Romanians In Visit Peking j TOKYO (UPI)--The Chinese Communists Wednes- \ day announced that a delegation of high-ranking Romanian party officials will visit Peking early in March i for talks that could swinj Romania to Red Chir.a'i ! side in its strupjte with Moscow. ' i n d i Jniloni'sid .'threes In i alHS * ' ^ u DEN'PASAR. Indonesia l¥l--Indonesia Wednesday 5 · agreed to new Malaysian peace talks, but appeared to jj · doom them in advance. It said the meeting can be ft fruitful only if Malaysia is ready to discuss plebiscites f in its Borneo states of Sarawak and Sabah. 3 i Malaysia requested the new round of talks on Jt · the foreign ministers' level, but declared they must ii ". take up only the immediate withdrawal of the 200 or ^ more guerrillas in Sarawak and Sabah, 3 K. Germans Tlirealen Falrols ^ BERLIN (VPI»--The East German Communists ;; J Wednesday irude veiled threats to halt Western Allied ** '; military patrols in East Berlin. They denounced the £ . patrols as "American auto gangsters." il » The East Btriln newspaper Berliner Ztitung. in '} . the guise of letters to the editor, charged that the West- 5 ern Allied mi!itsry «cdxns that do the patrolling repu- ; ; lariy violate traffic laws ind endanger life and prop- i U.S. Disarm Try F«i/. GENEVA. Switzerland (UPI) -- The United States Wednesday tried, but failed again to budge the Soviet » Union from current stalling tactics at the 17-nation disarmament conference. FREE WARD SINGERS W.rU J.i, lick frciw · W.« I Fill TACATIOH TilllT Or.f )et F«k»fn. IttrriM FUN . . . lor the whole family TI1K 1964 5ih ANMIAL HOME-0-RAMA in llir iirvv hcaiiliful LONG BEACH ARENA In P i i w M l o w n lxn^ llcarli OPEN NOW! DAILY Thru Sun,, March 1st D r* Open -2:3(1 I'.M. Sun. al 12 MIII A£n. S1.2S --Jiftiars. fOe Cluldrc* eadcr 1 2 -- f i l l with portal Stage Skew Mafi*t*» Sst. end S»«- Vofiobf* Door friies Gireir Away fill DoFl r ! 10TH CHERRY, LONG BEACH DEL AMO PARAMOUNT, LAKEWOOD UOMSOIID IT ION« IWCH IUIUUS

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