Independent from Long Beach, California on February 28, 1969 · Page 39
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 39

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1969
Page 39
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Apollo Delay Returns Schedule to Normal By GEORGE ERES TV-Radio Editor The launch of Apollo 9 lus been postponed until Monday morning and the ihrre networks, Chs. 2, 4 and 7 will he on hand for the 7 a.m. liftoff. Meanwhile regular programming, which had hcen scheduled for preemption fur the first manned lest of the lunar module scheduled tn carry American as- irnnauts to the moon's surface later this year, will he resumed. The daily 'I'V Ings show the resched- u led shows. * * * * MORE THAN 5000 children, .'{ to 8, and their parents are scheduled to meet Fred Rogers and the cast of "Mistcrogers' Neighborhood" between 11 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Saturday at the studio of Ch. 28," 1313 No. Vine St. Rogers, whose children's program is broadcast by the non-commercial sla- linn, will do shows every 15 minutes to accommodate the large numbers of people who have sought tickets. The show is seen weekdays from 5:30 to 6 p.m. on Ch. 28. * i * » REPORTEDLY, ' T h e Ghost and Mrs. Muir," dropped hy NBC from its next season lineup, will be picked up by ABC for next fall. This is the second NBC show dropped that has been picked up hy another network. "Get Smart" will be on CBS next season. * ¥ * * IVAN TORS, who's "Daktari" was dropped by CBS will have a new series on NBC next season, "Jungle Tales." The show, to be aired Saturday mornings, will present human, animal and sea life stories. It will be filmed on three continents and under two oceans and the series will feature a host-narrator. * * ¥ * DESPITE statements of television spokesmen that violence is being played down, the 1969 edition of Bener Radio and Television, published quarterly by the National Association for Better Broadcasting," says: "The most pervasive problem related to TV is the excessive violence which still exists and which, barring a near-miracle will continue to exist, even though the networks have been forced by public reaction to ease up a little in their graphic portrayals of brutality." The NABB booklet evaluates 289 program series and finds that of these, 178 are series which are based on crime and violence --- "more than 10,000 separate programs, mostly built on murder, torture, sadism and callous brutality . . . " The booklet also stales that a January 1969 industry survey "indicates that in" the top 10 U.S. TV markets alone, 3,662 mov- INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM)--C-lf L»M »Mth. Cll'l. frl. Mb. ». IN* Rule Convicted (op Killer Sane REDWOOD CITY /? -- '/achary I.illard. convicted of killing a San Maten pn- Herman. Thursday was declared sane and m par;::':?"" 1 '" his own defense. I.illard. 34, a construction worker, was found guilty of shooting Sgt. (inrdon Joinville May 23 when Joinville stopped I.illard's car in a narcotics investigation. .NMGHBORHOOD REGULARS The cast of "Mistcrogers' Neighborhood" stop for a moment during ;i taping session on the set. Left to right are "regulars" Chef Brocket!, Speedy Delivery, and Lady Aberlin, program s t a r and originator Fred Rogers and Handyman Negri. ies are being televised each week. The violence in a very high percentage of these films is incalculable ... " NABB emphasizes that ii is "not opposed to the depiction of crime and violence per se ... NABB is unalterably opposed, however, to the portrayal will be broadcast for the first time from the Los Angeles County Music Center and carried at 7 p.m., April 14, Ch. 7. ¥ V * * THREE county facilities will he featured in a series of half hour programs at 11:30 a.m. Sundays, starting this Sunday. Featured are the Arboretum in Arcadia, Descanso Gardens in I.a Canada and South Coast Roianlc (Jarden in Palos Venles Peninsula, all part of the I..A. County Department of Arboreta and Botanic Gardens. HALF OF TV COMMERCIALS ARE NOW SHOT ON LOCATION By JERRY BUCK NEW YORK UP) -Clubs and torches in hand, an angry mob storms the pates of an eerie castle on a craggy hill in Germany. Inside, a mad scientist, his monster and Ills helpers furiously gather up their equipment for an escape. Another Frankenstein mnvie? No, just a GO-second automobile commercial filmed on location for American television. The scientist and his crew load everything into a small station wagon touted for its roominess and speed off, leaving the mob in their dust. The announcer then says the car has room for everything and everybody, no matter what your business is. * * * * LOCATION shooting in I he United Stales and abroad is becoming as important to television commercials as it is to the movip industry. It's estimated -that: nearly half the commercials now being produced are being made on location. Advertising agencies are traveling from Tahiti to Yugoslavia and from Tel Aviv to Nairobi for au- t h e n t i c backgrounds and exotic settings. Mostly, however, they f i l m in their own backyard, in and around New York City and other production centers. You'd expect aulomobile and cigarette commercials to he made on location, but they're abandoning the sltidio to plug everything ft'nm spaghetti to ballpoint pens. "You go on location because you want, a certain geological. archeological or architectural aspect or for a certain type of peo- I pie germane to a con- j crpt," says Herb Strauss, a producer for Doyle Dane Bernbach Inc. * * * * ''IF YOU wanted the Irish Sea Coast, you would go to the Irish Sea Coast. You wouldn't simulate it in New England." Carl E. SI urges, director of TV Production for Young Rubicam,. says, "H used to be that, if a commercial called for an FxMorinr scene you'd shoot it inside and it looked phony. ! t h i n k increasing standards have put a stop to that. "What makes it exciting, as the audience becomes more sophisticated, i you're constantly striving for better visuals and that's what's leading us to more exotic locations," he said. The need for a location has to be intrinsic to the concept of the commercial, Sturges says. Just as the advertisers are joining the movie makers abroad in a search f o r exotic l o c a t i o n s , they're also being motivated by another reason that sent the moviemakers traveling: soaring production costs. * * * * IT'S CHEAPER to fly to Rome and hire a local crew and local actors than il is to build a set and do it here. Besides, it also means there are no residuals to pay the actors everytime the commercial is shown. Not surprisingly then, the advertising agencies are being hit by the unions with the same charges of "runaway" productions. Finding just i h e right location has become a major occupation -- and preoccupation -- of the agencies and the production houses. Most approach it as part of the job, but some ad men have turned it into a hobby and scout for sites on weekends. Several companies have sprung up in recent years just to search for locations. of the typical sadistic, terrifying, sordid, 'crime-for- fun' unmotivated brutality upon which the networks have built the largest and most profitable part of their broadcasting empire." * * * * THE 'OSCAR' awards of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences :R,-AJDIO KTTU-I4IO KWIZ--1410 XWKW-- IMt KWOW-160) XMC-7N KFt-MO KGIl-CH KMK-7II KAU--U3G KFOX-- tilt KGM--400 KNX--1070 KBIG--740 KFW--S80 KHI--930 KMt-- 1540 KBBQ--U90 KOBS--1020 KKAR--1220 XBEt-- I3TO KDAY--1580 K G E R - 1 3 9 0 KIEV-470 KRKD-II50 XEM-IOM KEZY-II90 KOFI--1230 KtAC--5711 KIltA--1110 XTM-fll KFAC-- I33t ' FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1969 8 p.m., KMPC--Basketball: UCLA at Stanford. 8 p.m., KFI--Basketball: USC at California. 8 p.m., KNX--NBA Basketball: Suns at Lakers. 8:15 p.m., KEZY--Basketball: Tahoe Paradise at UCI Dooley's _ = Complete Up-to-Dafe 14 VOLUME ENCYCLOPEDIA SET with 17,'JS aniJi-s. 7,'lS", ill u i t r a t i n n s and prmins, -i.287 rolor pictures, maps and uraw- SolJ House lo C Houie for 300.00 DOOtEY'S tOW PRICE ; 44 HARDWARE MART 5075 IOHC BUCK BLVD. 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