Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 1, 1973 · Page 18
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 18

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 1, 1973
Page 18
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If ' U · Arkwint TtMK, Yhim., March 1,1*73 AHKANM* ·HELEN HELP US ^Honest Guy Has Unpopular Reply By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL Selen *nd Sue: . · .'Sometimes I wonder if I ihould , ever ask questions, ^specially when the answers iren't what I'd like to hear. Like: f My boyfriend lives in another fown «nd I only see htm on Weekends. We were getting ·long fine last Saturday until i- the dumb question: We were patching TV and I felt like talking so I asked if he'd ever Jated another girl since we started going together? He said VYes." ; That wasn't so bad :we don't really have any ties on each fcther except we're sort of half jvay in love -- but we've both agreed to "no strings." I But t h e n we talked some Wore, and I found out he'd gone lo bed with this girl. He says Jhc means nothing to him -it just happened after a frater- hity party and they'll probably Jiot see each other again. « I guess that's what made me lecl so awful -- that any girl ;. ould do, so maybe he feels JV- way about me too. K Then I asked him how he'd ??act if I told him I'd b e e n with another guy -- and the double standard reared its ugly head. He got real upset, thinking that I meant I'd gone out on him. .Well, there went pur weekend. 1 \yas hurt and he was suspicious, which made me mad because he should surely know I'm not the type to play around. But, on the other hand if he does it, why should he expect me not to, just because I'm a girl? .He's not a "collector," and I keep telling myself a man has certain needs, and this was one of those unexpected happenings. I tried very hard to be "modern" and laugh it off, but there's now a wall between us. And I can see he's worried too. Please help me straighten my head out. I don't know right from wrong any more, or which of us, if any, has a reason to be upset. -- A Secret Rain It's hard to believe that love can hurt so much. This situation could .bring some couples closer together: others, it would tear apart. It's up to you which way this goes -- for you started the questioning. A long, serious (non- blaming) talk about pride, trust, needs. Expectations, etc. -including the unfairness of the double standard -- might turn » "sort of half way love" into a commitment that solves your worries. -- Sue Dear S.P.: Elder Bottel say: Girl who asks questions of honest g u y usually gets answers she'd rather not hear. Same goes for the guy. Doesn't "no strings" include "no.prying?" N o w that you've both discovered you care enough to be jealous, perhaps you'll realize that a real relationship always means commitment, and you were fooling yourselves Bodies Recovered NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- The Coast Guard said Tuesday three bodies had been recovered from Iwo helicopter crashes that left six persons missing. None of the three was identified. Two bodies were found in the ulf of Mexico where a helicopter owned by Petroleum Helicopters Corp. of Lafayette disappeared Feb. 19 about 45 miles southwest of Morgan 3ity. It was carrying five persons from an offshore oil rig to Morgan City. Wreckage of a helicopter owned by the Air Logistics Corp. of Lafayette was found in a wooded area about three niles southeast of Morgan City. The body of the pilot, the only one aboard, was in the wreckage. The craft disappeared Feb. 22. ADVERTISEMENT- A New Plant For Fayelleville Tune Enterprises recently announced the purchase and installation of one of the most modern, complete product plants in Arkansas. This plant is being installed at the location of Hed T Mix Concrete and Builders Concrete Products plants which are located at 700 West North Street in Fayetteville. This new plant is capable of producing 20,000 4" units per operating shift. Tune- Enterprises, formerly Tune Construction Company has been in business in Fayetteville for about 35 years engaged in general construction until 1969 at which time it discontinued the construction business and concentrated on furnishing a complete line of concrete products and services for the building trade. The Red T Mix Concrete branch of Tune Enterprises starled 8 years ago with 2 trucks. It now operates the Red T Mix Concrete Company in Fayetteville and in Lincoln, operating 12 (rucks and producing both lightweight and regular concrete in various strengths and colors. It is a completely home-owned and operated company and the management is truly grateful for the acceptance '·and support furnished by the citizens of Northwest Arkansas The new concrete masonry products plant, which will be in operation by the first part of March, will produce concrete . unils ranging from regular brick to 12" decorative blocks. In ad- ·dition to the more than 75 types of blocks produced, Builders Concrete Products also produces . parking curbs, air-conditioning pads, splash blocks, stepping stones and many other concrete products for the home and in- · ; dustry. Other items produced are prestrcssed slabs, girders · and beams used in building floors, roofs, and bridges. Tune Enterprises believes In Northwest Arkansas. This can , be attested to by the fact that ' each year they have added , thousands of dollars worth of : equipment lo better »erv« the builders of this area. with that talk of "no strings." By this time, you two are either closer than you ever were before, or you have broken up. Let us know which. -- Helen Sue and Helen: I am going out with two boys at the same lime. One asked me lo marry him. But I like the other one just as much. I do not have enough nerve lo tell one I am gctling married or the other I don't want lo marry him. Neither knows about the other. I can't tell them both to drop dead because I am too involved a 1 r e a d y. What should I do? -- Hopeless Hopeless: You're so involved you left us back at the first proposal. But it's safe to say if you like both boys equally well, you aren't ready to marry either right now. Take it, Mom! -Sue Dear II.; I'd rather not, but here goes: Tell each boy about the other and (hey may solve your problem. By disappearing! -Helen DENNIS THE MENACE ·y K«tchom * ZUCCHINI? tfu MEM SCWONZ INVENTED A NSW Vee'TASLE ?' BMly Graham This Is My Answer My problem is severe insomnia. I've tried praying, about it, with little result. My doctor lias prescribed sleeping pills, but now I fear becoming addicted. What advice can you give me? D.L. First of all. I hope you realize that some people do not require eight hours of sleep. Physicians Baskerv«lle Diary MANCHESTER E n g l a n d (AP) -- Clifford Baskerville began his diary in August 1939, spending an hour or two every night to record the important happenings of the day at home and abroad. Today, 94 volumes later, Clifford Baskerville is still jotting down the news. The 94 large notebooks fill about 20 feet of bookcase at his home in Chorlton-cum-Hardy. "There's always a war on somewhere." says Baskerville, whose records range from detailed accounts of World War II air raids on Manchester to Vietnam. say that the sleep "ration" varies according to physical and mental characteristics, and environmental factors. Wasn't it Thomas Edison who slept only about four hours, before he returned to his many creative activities? Often the culprit in cases of insomnia is worry. Did you know the encyclopedia says t h a t worry can produce muscular tensions that block sleep? For this, God and faith have an answer. Said the old Psalmist, "I sought the Lord and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears." Another Bible statement of wisdom are the words of Jesus in Matthew 6. "Don't be anxious about tomorrow. Live one day at a time." So then here's my advice. Use your sleepless hour constructively. Spend them in Bible reading and prayer and maybe listening to some soothing music. Repeat to yourself the words of Psalm 4:8, "I will lie down in peace and sleep, for though I am alone, 0 Lord, you will keep me safe." In Coming Months Pocketbook Problems May Test Consumers By JOHN CUNNIFF NEW YORK CAP) - Pocketbook problems are gotnu to be big news In coming months, and don't be surprised if some tempers are tested beyond the breaking point. Yours, George ment, she can lower tti« quantity or quality of food served to her family only with a great deal of anguish over their health; The frustration will be made even less tolerable by the expectation that wages will be re- laps? Few families tre likely ;o accept them If they can continue eating meat without borrowing money to do so. President's temper. The fact is that there is still a lot of Inflationary thrust beneath consumer prices, especially for food, and there isn't much that can be done at the moment to prevent further rises in the next few weeks and months. Administration spokesmen concede their inability to bring quick relief from rising food prices by increasing the supply. And it is unlikely that families will reduce the pressures by lowering their consumption. The unhappy situation is directly at odds with the goal of price stability that President Nixon has sought through fundamental fiscal and monetary changes. Short of admitting failure, his only option is direct intervention. BIG STICK More than once in recent days the President has reminded listeners that he can act directly -- that he has a "big stick" in the closet. It is "totally wrong" to assume controls have ended, he said in a radio address. There is the likelihood also that the family shopper will be tempted to take direct action, although her power is limited to boycotts, protests and the like. But voluntarily lower her family's standard of living? No. Whereas a housewife can pare her budget for clothim;, transportation and enlertain- And this surely will test: the temper of Meany, the AFVCIO leader. Meany already, has warned that organized labor "will push wages up unless prices come down,",- Since there is little chance that prices will fall, a Meany - Nixon confrontation could put the big stick policy to its first big test. IRS REFUNDS About the only certain relief in sight for workers are the big refund checks from the Internal Revenue Service that are going out to hundreds of thousands of workers who failed to adjust their withholding-- forms last year. . These checks, however, are a one-time blessing and inflation is a continuing curse. CouIH it be the farmer who will be most severely tested? While farm prices have been rising very sharply, the amount of the food "dollar that goes to farmers is still well below what it was 25 years ago. Still, because of the direction in which farm prices have been moving, it is likely that pres sure will build for food price relief at the source, the farm, which is guaranteed to be viewed by the farmer as highly un just. Some trying days are ahead for budgeteers, and if there is any escape it isn't highly visible now. Meatless 'days, per- Kireman To Return PHILADELPHIA (AP) -The Philadelphia Phillies have announced that Dick Johnson, alias "Kiteman," will return to Veterans Stadium to open the Phils' 1973 National League baseball season at home. Last year Johnson, of Cypress Gardens, Fla., encountered trouble from cross winds and his attempt to get airborne and fly from the centerfield bleachers to home plate to hand deliver the first ball of the season almost resulted in tragedy. Johnson escaped with only bruises on his arms, legs and back, and will try his stunt again' this year. mr QUICK! Returns To ... DAYS! 3-Big Days! Fri.-Sat.-Sun. March 2, 3, 4 REMEMBER THE DAYS... When you ould buy a ha.mburger, french fries or a milk shake for only 15'. Well, Mr. Quick is rolling back prices to those of yesteryear! First time offered in Fayettevrlfe. HAMBURGERS MILK SHAKES FRENCH FRIES Your Choice Hurry, 3-Days Only! No Limit 15 1^5 S. Sr.hool, Fay»ttavl1U, Ark, NEW YORK (A P) I l*nt untcater'a noirle-shap* snout can be more than « foot Ion*, but Its mouth Is no wider than the hf«d of a thumbtack, according to Jh* World Book Encyclopedia. ' The animal has no teeth. U licks ants off the ground with its tongue, which Is like a sticky; worm. " Carpet Warehouse "Where the Housewije Enjoys Shopping" You'll recognize such famous nams* an MASLANO - TREND - PATCRAFT 555 West 15th Ph. 521-5034 (One block wetl of South gats Shopping Carrier) MARCH VALUES Evtlyn Hill* Shopping Centw Mea's SPORT COATS SWUNG PATTERNS AND COLORS 35. Polyester double knit srjort coats for your new spring wardrobe. Patterns and solids in navy, burgundy, browns. Expertly tailored; neat, wrinkle-free, a comfort fit. Sizes 36 to 46 regulars and longs. MEN'S CREW SOCKS Almost every color under the sun. Comfortable :,:.£lcli r.yio,. c.,d Orion*acrylic. One ;,;.** {i.~ olJ. Hanes FOR MEN T-SHIRTS BRIEFS 3 « *3 39 100% cotton ribbed brMt with w«l»t b»nff and doublt parwl »t»t». Flatknlt T-ihlrt with rlbb*d thort nick. Brl«f« » to 40 wilit and T- ihirli In S, M, L, XL. T-SHIRTS and BRIEFS In Color* $1.50 ea. $1.35 ea. Use Your... master charge

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