Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 25, 1976 · Page 31
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 31

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 25, 1976
Page 31
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ID Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Sunday, April 25, T976 47--Real Estate--For Sole 51 ACRES-3 riory Ivww. 3*4 miles south : erf 1'ralrie Gm\v no hanllop. Thoiie friS- , ZS 8W-2MO or S46-3S30, · COMMERCIAL p:xsvrt.v. V\2lr xvith Atl · sq n btisrtfss building, on 71-B in Bcn- tmttllt. Ml KS-101S «· m-HU.. For Sale By Owner: -34 : acres all zoned R-2 - Frontage on Zipn Road, easement fo Old Missouri M, ;/approx. !/f mile easf'of NY/Arkansas Mall: Call 521-4789 or 521-4960 Legal Notices this tfluN within .ihlrly 'iJws x r the (Vmrlalrtt o! Iti* I'Utntlfl he atove - eiilHlerf raino ' ilr.ejs : my hand anil *eal ol UiLj l Iliij IJth day of April. 1316. n Ainu Kt4liiiejer disnowy CJe-rt Performance Set The Symphonic Baud, under Ihe direction ol, EldotKJanzou", and the Concert \\ UK! Fi^ semtte, : condiictctl by Chaloii Ragscialc, will' present ^ final spring , -,performances -, -in a program Fridayv April .30, in the Arkansas -Union 1 Ballroom cit the University of Arkansas The prbgraiiTivill open'at 7:30 p.m.-with' the Concert W i n d Ensemble, playing "Symphonic Songs for Band b\ Robert Russell Bennett; "An Original Suite" by Gordon - Jacob'; " salm, for Band" by ^Vincent NEW-HOMES BISHOP ADDITIOM 1 SE\ T ERAL UNDEH COSSTBUcnON Bedroo"m5. 2 tnQ iMUa, cir v-3 slier, dispwal, electric rars tat and air. all brick, fJtep^ce ooble wirf paneled dooNe J _ $28,500 to $31,200 - VA Loan-- No doRa rajment FH.V Loati-Lflw dwn paj-men* BUTTERFIELD;, · SCHOOL DISTRICT . Tura west at Sotiih SGfi« ot Drire-Jo Th*- ater, Hwy. 71 North, « mile wesi lala · · ' a n d b\ R 'Toccala Marzialc' WilHanis. anzeii u i l l conduct" the Symphonic Band in John Phillip Sousa's "The ..-Fairest -;of_ tiu ?"ari": "Engima Variations" b; Edward Elgar; "Concertino fqi Marimba and Band" by Pan Creston and" - featuring Beck: Teeter.' of -Springdale ' a n WiLham Freeman or SipulpT Okla:: '-'Elsa's Procession to thi Cathedral" by Richard \ttigner 1 * B r o a d \v a y Shpwstppper Overture b Warren' Barker arid "Sabre arid Spurs" by'Jobi Phillip Sous a ______ Questions Of Defense Panama To Gain Jurisdiction Over Canal WASHINGTON C A P ) i -- On a ,uief, ; pcacefnr islandj off the "anninantan '.coast.' - diplomats ;ayc bccii working on'an agreement thai has touched off R gr political dispute in the United SIlies ! )jnng strolls along the _ . iches of C6ntadbp island and oil sailing'and .fishing ex- icdittons, American : and Pan- .manian .officials have · been negotiating Ihe future ol the ~ .nnina Gatial and !the 500 squai e file /one \\hich sui rounds it' ' t _ Both .countries hi\e been meeting under the assumphoi hat the 19M-ireaty, giving tlie Jnited States/effectivej jurisdic- .ion over: tlie area,, makes tic sense in toda\ s anticolonmlisl political climnte. In the Ev\o \ears pf talks the United Stales' has agreed to negotiate" a- new' treaty,' believ ing that the evel of consent in Piuania for continum" t)ie present j arrangoment'isi limited But candidate Ronald Reagan has been getting strong plause In Tex ib b\ assailing t h e ' administration position^ on ihe canal We bought it \\ paid for it. We-built it. And.w sre going to'keep il, 1 ' he de clares. The administration plans give-.'Panama' jurisdiction ovc the zone" within 1 - three years o the signing of a ne\\ treaty Panama also would be gnntci a gradually increasing role i the operation and defense o e cnnl After a specified pe icd perhaps 30 ears or lesV *imnw would be gi\en full au horlly .over Hie canal's iopcr- One unresolved question in ·olvcs Ihe defense of the canal nee P a n n n i gains controls if ts operation Secretdrj of State lenr\ A Kissinger said Thurs day that a.nrime U.S; objective n the negotiations is a guaraiv ec of ' peumncnt free and neutral Access' 1 --Tor.-U.S. ship ·ing llirough Ihe canal. Reagan has found that many Americans h a \ e an emotional ittnchmeut to the project which iis often been called ' the most ambitious engineering under taking in the history of, man- rund The ciiwl was a night mare of yellow' fever-and rria laria for those who- built- it -and estimates of it Si cost to the U.S Uxp-ucr range as high as $7 billion. | · Reig-m sas that if elected _.3 is not about, to give-.the ca nal away to j"any,.tinhorn dicta tor" in Panama who happens to iisk for it. The canal issue-caused Ford some cmbarassmenl two \\ecks ago when the administration had lo back away from a Ford statement the IJinted States will never give .up' its rle fense rigliis to the Panama Ca New Group Will Perform (CONTINUED FKOM PAGB dwiu hit" nal and will never "give up.its operational rights as fas as Panama is concerned. This could not square v.ith the admmislral on s officially slated position Keagan not that Ford's .chief' negotiator, Ambassador t,lli«orlh Bnnkci had conceded in congressioml testimony, 'bat the United States pljvns lo' disengage, itself from Ihe canal in slafcs \ickl ing jinisdiction o\er the Caml Xone first and the canal itself alcr on. But administration officials said lhat Reagan himself erred in stating m a natipnalh tolc- " address on Marcli'31 Ihal the .Canal -Zone is ."sovereign U S territory e\erv bit the same as Alaska and ill Ihe slates that were cir\ed out of the Louisiana.Purchase." Saj s Bunker ' We bought 1 ouisiam We bought AhsH In Panama w e bought not tern lorj but rights The Stale De partmenl says Rcagin s aigu ment also is conlridicled bv Ihe del lhat I ' u n l i k e children born in the Unilcd Stalls flnl d r e n . b o r n in. Ihe. Canal Zone arc not automatically citizens of the Unilwl States: Legalisms · aside, i the basic question for the Unilcd Stales in Panama is how American in leresls can be best preserved. The administration has never depicted its canal.-poliey as a benevolent gesture toward a de serving Third World country. Ip of the biggest off Broa ever, closing -iflcr I OHO pel fonnancLS Ihe show us l i t c l peifoimcd b road companies, pla\ed in London i West, Lnd and was made into _,a : movtc, Uni\cii,ilj of Aikatisas i 11 luate Laurence Liickuibill, originally fiom t'ort Smith por rajed ' Hank in the moMC Ihe pi o centers aioiuul a birtlid-i paity gucn bi Mich acl (plajcd bj Jess 1 Jim rcshmaii from Prairie Village, K i n s ) for Ins friend HuroW Terr Crawford of *ayclle Mile) Other guests at Ihe pirtj nclude, Donald,(Bob .MayHeld jimlor from Hogcrs) Emor^ (MiUiael Binfiham nl a\cUe \ille) Laio (Autu.c\ Watson senior from Kayettevillc); Hank (Charles l l a i n l l UA iiibluictoi of speech and dnimilic *tit) Ueinaid (Stee Polliud junior fiom Piggott), ami the Couboj (Di\id I t\Mi. ficshman from iMerylliing goes a s ) planned until Alan (Bob^verlon, freshman from Gluniale A r i z ) ai old fucnd of Michaels from college drops b\ une\pcctcdlj 1 Uita- Kirk; graduate 'Student director and Mike Smith, fiesh man fiom Whilton is technical d i r e c I o r . Hoy ·' Ca m pbel 1, Unneisity Theater shop fore man designed tbe sets Ester Shmikus junior fiom Factte ille is m charge of lighli and Jnn Tancred freshman from Faoltc\illc p r e p a r e d th« sound Otlici crcu members includa Saia tuls giaduale itudcnt from Rogers costumes Grij ' · ' ' ville. -- Calhy frcsl'imdn from r as cite props K.iths Sallerfield, senior fiom 1 illle Rock housa innnugei Bill Lindsey freshman from Little Rock boe office Cmd} Goatlej graduate, student from iHauiton i^arnl Miss'KIrk laie choreographers The Arkinsis Union 1 heater Bos Office will open Wednesday (Ann! 21) and w i l l be open each weekday afleinoon from 1 in 5 p m Tickets are $1 50 the official view, ,.WADH BISHOP : -- BUILDER 521-6569 , level lot -- yiux sivinunbie i »l! r S3S.KO. WEI FHA or VA. Du^ Realtj- 731-7222, 736-JM1. k . ' ' VI Ps Attend Carter Raises $20,000 In Memphis Reception IT YOU WAIST YOU WANT A 537.OCO-Jtt.000 - - : -1^7 SIOUX CfT. 3 BR. *?p3rat£ dmiu. carr^ted, all extras JTJU wcu!d want, fireplace, cstheii- ral esslimJ. cTi-Morn cabirels by Darrtll. CORNER' or sioux CHEROKEE 3 BR. nover«d poitli, carpeted, all ex- ITS5, Ba- tKr»- 5; pxk ytwr rwn ootois. Se« our homes by comxs by during tb» day, or caa builder. MELTON HOMES .442:2826. 521-3895 campaign those" present. Among the MEMPHIS CAP)-An appearance,.by presidential hopeful Jimmv Carter raised J^O 000 in Memphis Friday but 'probably more important to" th'e Carler Tennessee were more than 400 people who attended the $100;-a--couple reception for the former Georgia - governor ' were two of the wealthiest men in the state and some of them most powerful members o f , t h e Ten n'essee House ol. :Representa- Ihe Carler's · aides were elaled Nashville I awyer E. p. "Bo" Edwards, Carler's campaign REDUCED SOW S23.SO. 1330 Mifaicn. Z - bedroom. c«*ra! air and ftcat. WalHo- v.^H cerpet. Includes ref n wralor MOVKG SOON -- Let th^ cle tnrapaAj- clean yecr Yzcsrf. ^/uw maintain JXMT i"ard unta W.d. Heas*ifinie rates. Call TS6g9. __ _ FOR 0e By Cr^cer. 314 acre caitle and br«1*r 6D,OOT braler ca ' tvicty " aatwnaUc equlpiruer£ abundar. ' treasurer in Tennessee said [ Holiday Inn Rivermont reccp the crowd -- arid the money the reception nude v.ere more than expccled. 'As the treasurer pf the campaign this is probablj most mi po-iant of all he snd ; A member of Cartels staff said the former Georgia governor expected a hea^ turnout but 1 think he uas a little t=ur prised to get this many, people out in what was Wallace coun ASKANY ·· ME1M1HANT IFHEH, OUR Irs '.Wallace- carried !;Ten nessee HI primary Memphis the 1972 Democratic millionaire- grain dealer "E:\V. '."Ned" Cook and [requetit Democratic candidate John J. Hooker Jr. were at the Residential Phone Customers May Face Rate Increase lion along with House Speakei Ned Ray McWhcrter Rep Gen trj C rowell I") l^banon and Reps Roger Murray D--Jack son, Emmitt Ford D--Mem phis McWherter. although h e ' h a s made no formal announcement; m i d e it e\ident lhat he sup porls ( a l t e r s presidential bid bj allowing House Clerk Jim Free to become Carler s Ten nessee .campaign manager. 'You don't think I'd be dohig this i f ! the'speaker .'wasn't supporting Giitei do jou ? Free told- a,^reporter-Friday afternoon ' I m not going lo do any thing unless Ned Ray says i t s o.k. · CrovveM. sometimes known as the Godfather ch urs the powerful House Calender com a n d " his decision can spelt victory or defeat forlegis- tl n Ford, an. assistant. Democrat i: floor leader. Sen. ,Rhn Ford, the [failure Ic negotiate a new treats would almost certainly put the United State m a position of]haung to defend-..the. canal by force against a hostile population tn such a conflict the think ing goes the United Stales could not count on the diplo matic support of a single 1 aim Amciican country Defense De partmcnt officials pointing ou the S canals \ulncrabililj to sabotage s ly lhat two or Ihrcc lerronsls could put the canal oul of operation for a long time w i t h a single iwcll placed e\ plosue Reagan s MOW is that Hie ca nal would be more likely lo be closed if control was Melded to a counliy with a long historj of p o l i t i c a l instability H e frequently reminds audiences of the budding friendship be twecn Panamanian Head of Government Omar Torrijos and .";;'· IN SWEETBRIAR ''" MW 4 btdroora bdck home, S tets. ..,_Intercom system, wet bar, znt .all ~U» cslras. , , ' Also 2 Dew- 3 bedroom* nrvrffJ oooEtruc- · tloa, buy now and rfiooe* own ociora. IN-LINCOLN- S acre* with 2 bedrcflm trailer hoos«. ·God feaw. Po-d. OiUbnjIdiMR. Phone Builder ;: GARLAND .SMITH 267-3393 SAN ANTONIO, Te.\v (AP)-Residential telephone customers face, a 75 percent-rate ^increase -if ^private - companies continue to "skim" high, profit business from the major regu lated telephone systems,- Zan,o Barnes, , president o f ' Southwestern B elt Telephone Co, said Saturday, Barnes, of St.Lams, said the uture'.of-th^-nation's telephone system "should be decided by (he American public, through Congress,, this -summer rather than by Federal Comma Cuban n Pnme Castro. ' t As Rca'fian sees It Minister Fidel continued TO BE MOVED almost ne-^ one bid rojm'lxxise, hard-^ood floor and partis carpeted. Priced to sell. Fbc He point/jd but the FCC ! has allowed private companies to set up high volume, high profit ines between;* major v cities .to service customers at rales- be- Hint offer.'^l by the regu- ated Bell System. Barnes said when Bc11;asked for tariff changes to meet thr conipetittqn the FCC delayed action for 16 -months, and was forced to act by tlv federal nEcations Commisison · regulators. (FCC) courts. Step by step .the FCC deci brother of D--Mrmphis . Kep t Harold Ford, D -Tenh. The" Fords of Memphis are'proijably the most political ly powerful, .black family .in Tennessee. The crowd 1 was also liberally sprinkled with at least 20,West Tennessee - Democratic HOIISP members, former party, chairman James Sasser and Carleen Waller, a leader in among functioning of: the. canal is best assured if tht. 10 000 American sen iceman currently stationed in the 1 zone remamj at Iheir posts ' ' ' ' But e\cn if Ford - or a Democrat amembln to the idea of a new treuty -- wins the No · ve'mb er el Gction, Pan ama will still not get all it wants 1 Important differences still separate the Hup nego'iatmg teams', arid 1 U.S.- officials say fa draft treaty will not he finished for «it I t a ear Democratic 1 women'in the state.I M a y r l « After that comes the Senate ratification process ind al ready 39 senators lie on record in Eavpr of jthe present arrangc- tncnl --: six* rhorer than needed lo, block final .approval. Meanwhile Panamanian off! cials concede they arc les*; con cerhcd how about U-S^ Senate sentiment man the are about the sentiments of Republican volmg m the Te\as primarj MONEY ORDERS then ask him if he'll at-cej] L a check. Fayetteville Savings and Loan Association 201 North East Avenue^.*.; 'Fayeltevi I lev-Arkansas Member of FHLB and FSL1C SWEETBRIAR ADDITION 8 bedroom ai! brick Ixmw,- 2 Mil ? hilly carried, wA bumins fire- e, Th«wipar^ vrtrjStrxs. all e'ecUic /wi, drmHe gardge with electric door. Builder R.H, MORGAN Phone 846-2624 ' legal Notices PUBLIC; NOTICE . . Th* Weihinston County Board Is tc- ceplln? a bid on (ho performance of an ajcrtemCTit l pick up abando cars in I'rje unincorporated area* Wa'hlfljrton County. Coptes of Ihe ag ment may b* pkVed up at tfie Counly Judie's Ortice. Per^ai cirecliri? lo bkl on (tie asrt« menl sre requested to appear before tfie Plannlns Board. Mondaj-,- Stay 3, 1975, at 3:00 p,m. in (he Counly J u d g ' : Oflice. A bM may be mailed to (he ' ' Co Judge' OUice, Weihington "Such an increase would obviously- put telephone; service out of reach'of many of those who need it .most- -(he;elderly, people on fixed, incomes and Tnanyirriore;" Barnes told dele gates;at the.spring meeting of i Southern District Council of t h e American , Newspaper Guild. ; ; · - · ; _ · Barnes : charged that the FCC, in the name of experimental "skim" cr/iaming · competition" has made several " rulings recently which he said will uUi- rnately -affect all telephone users, particularly those in smal Rowns and rural area: "We have opoposed this so- called cream skhnming competition from the beginning. We lavcn't opposed it because we're afraid of" too much corn- petition. We'yp opposed i t ' b e cause we believe It is contrary to the public interest," Barne; safd. He stated that the FCC and other federal regulatory rulings Eiave usurped the power of Con gress, to set policy as cullined in the. Communications Act of that regulates the telephone Industry on th/j basis sion has opened up more and more of the teteVJomrhurtic aliens market to firms who are frep to pick and choose* the segments of (he nnrt et (hey uant to serve hut do not share he regulated common "carrier's obligation to serve the" entire .market,"Barnes stated. 'So, instead of true competition, what the FCC created was government directed, and imposed -allocation, of markets the social consequence of which is'-a lower price for (he big city business .man and a higher price for the small toun businessman for private line service,'' lie said. nty COTirthouw, FayelLeviHe, Arkan. sas 72701 , with Ihe envelops clearly marfced "Sealtd Bid". · BicJ opening mil be May 3, 1S76 at 3 CO p.m. in the County Judge's Office Bids received after the scheduled In , arrf openina: date will nt tw con^de/td, Please note the apperriex JIT, I t fce fisted out compleWfy. For further information, pfeaw conlecf Bud Allen, 521-SW5, £it. Iff}, Bud All« Adminlilrative Ofllcer c 23, at, v County Planning Boarc tlie high l h a t ' - ' i t ' should provide widest availability ot quality communications service at the lowest cost to the entire nation. Barnes' stressed that the in- duslry^believ^s that aim is still valid. The Southwestern Bell president said (he telephone industry as a whole wants immediate public debate on who should decidp the future of the system. Two : hills have PERSONS OOSCKIUiED OF A PURIJC HEARING TO BE irELD BV THE FAYETTEVILLE PLANXLTO COMMIS- ; STON* AT 5:OT P.M., MONDAY, fAY 10 1W6, IN THE DIRECTORS ROOM. ' CtTY ADHINISTRATfON BUlt-IHHG. FAYETTEVIM.E, ARKANSAS. tt.e purpose (1 (he puhlk; heariniE 11 to coTisfder r an amendrr.tnl \n Art id' . S, xLrxi (VHI), (C) of Tor^ru? O.-di- nanw 1747 (Apl't^^rx A - 7/jran?. Tzy- elt«viire Code t( 0/iti nance (i for the purpose of iLslin? Use ITnit 23, Heavy Irirfu'.trial, RA a «» pc/milMd r.n npp«al to the P l A n n i r ? Commiisbn 5n Ihe 1-1, Heavy Commcretal if J.!tY.l Ir^jj1 r'is\ DiitrfcE. A copy or OrrJinarwe 17(7 ar.rl 1fc« Olficc of Cily Plamiinif. Ci!y A'Jminiifra tlr,n Buildina. Faielteville. A r k a n s i . - All InU/*iWd ptrsoni may appear Bn' te he-aid at iaf-1 lime and plate. FAYETTEVJLCE PLANNING COM MISSION Sfdlt DavJi, Etcreiar] WARS7KG ORDER ET6-S37 la fti Chancery Court of Wath Owrty. ArKiiwA* , Sue Bradley, PJMntift V*. Jimmy D, Bradley, T^cfrndanl T7.e deftndant !« wara«d to a [reduced recently been in- bolh houses of Congress in ihe form of the Consumer Communication's Reform Act of 1976: Barnes said thfl telephone m- du'stry, including the 1,700 independent telephone companies, the Hell System, t h e ' C o m m u - nciations Workers of America, nd the International Brqth- rhooo of Electrical .Workers, "'supporis this legislation as a ·means to bring the issue of national com rmin i cations policy to the public's attention and allow them to decide--through Congress--what hind of telephone system this nation shoul EVEREST iOENNINGS WHEELCHAIRS FOLDS TO 10" i «2-3J« I. Sid* Square Seasick motor? Let Wards make it ship-shape. Koaling can hp "a" breeze --without, sails! Let our trained,technicians give your .Sen King ; outboard ·a tun'e-up. Call us or bring your moCor in lorlay! ' · · 4 4 3 - 4 5 9 1 ' Montgomery Ward . SERVICE DEPARTMENT ','.: . - E v e l y n H i l l s Shopping Ccnftr MANUFACTURED HOUSE FHA HUD APPROVED ,' PRICE $17,000.00 1344 Sq. Ft. Total Living Space ONLY 12.68 Per Sq. Ft. ENERGY SAVING f-EATURES · 15" Insulafion in Ceiling · 7" Insulation in Side Walls · Storm Windows · Johns-Mansville' Shingle Roof ' · Johns-Mansville Vinyl Siding 20-Year Guarantee 1 STANDARD FEATURES · House Type Construction · '2^ x 4" Wall, lo" Center · Sculptured Shag Carpet · Custom Draperies .'i ,·14 ft/ Frost-Free Refrigerator · Deluxe Range · Patio Door OPTIONS · Central Air Conditioning · Deluxe Furniture · Window Canopies · Carports -Patio Covers · Dishwasher/Disposal SEE AND COMPARE OPEN DAILY 9 AM -7 PM PHONE 521-8450 Mobil Home Park Sales ENTRANCE ACROSS FROM HOLIDAY INN ... FAYETTEVIULE

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