The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on April 8, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1920
Page 2
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faE DAiL¥ mm tta&s. [HE DAILY FREE PRESS Established MAY LOCATE NAVAL RECRUITING STATION IN CARBONDALE. sily 1903 ?ree Press Publishing Go MRS. JOHN T. QALBRAITH . Editor and Manager Telephone -' - 218 Weekly 1877i ^' ""'-'Hehro'th and. E. C".'Campbell oi the'vTJ.- S. Naval Recruiting De-1 j | partnierit, were .!h ere in vjew. of es-j<( tablishing.. . a recruiting station in 1 Carbondale. The. Navy men were looking, fora .room, for' a recruiting station." 'The next -present station is. Murphysboro. . i Milk Production Sensitive to Changes in Prices '••••• Terms " " "' Subscription 15 cent a week. , Advertising -bills .' due weeTcly. Job work ; strictly cash. : '•'," ANNUAL -- SUBSCRIPTION- - ?~.SC ^Entered "at the postoffice a pohdale, Illinois, -as second ' clas natter. Office -in the "Free Press building-, -West Main • Street. At once-'' my 60-acre farm, 4 -miles east of Mikanda. Dandy 6. ro'om room house, new tarn, lots of Iwater, some fruit, i of good' asparagus. -Mrs. Mabel Jomes, .Carbpn- ',d,!e, ill.,,.2,10 South Wastogton ,St. ' ' " '.Toiei'liorie 'No. S64X. a8&15" v ii - is . so . sensitive';to .changes ia^riees thft. producer, the milk distributor, imd tjie mi'lk cons^tiPare- fiesf protected through a fluctuating pries which insures,'as far'as;'now seems'.possMfe . a fairly constant supply of. milk, according to a 'bulletin gust issued, bj the ^cultural experiment station of the University-ipf lliinoi'a.. Owing to the! great-variation .in the monthly cost of milk'production^!! fltrt'iuk for^any extended period would'-probably" shift .production 'to'jthe'more profitable months. If the price of milk fluctuates approximately Vith the cost of production, the'distributor's supply is atitomaticaliy regulated^.tlje jniUr producer's market is protected,'and the..consumer is assured .of;'a •normal supply of milk throughput the year. '. ' ; . .' ' • ' ' .'''.'• ; The bulletin confirms'the opinion held among 'dairy farmers of'the great importance of pasture in milk production. The feed^the summer months in which pastures are good is occasionally, only one-f'purth. ot that in'certain winter months when' large amounts of .farm-raised : 'aiid* i purchased feeds are fed. " '' " ' : .' ''" " '"''•"''•' ^ ' ^ The amount of man labor involved in the production,of milk is cpn,' j; siderably less in the summer months than'in the winter months.'.I .is true whether based'upon the : total amount of labor -used'on ihe "Try some of my bread: Daddy" :'--''. -si v-i'i ' : , .-••••-,-J<~ Valier's Enterprise flour is made for those who appreciate extra .pW.results in homebaking: It is milled from only the choicest four part of the higK- est grade wheat, by a^gecial, slow, silk-sifting process. It is BO far superior to ordinary flour that.-only. -a trial can , make- you realize'the difference.' "' v You'll find it deligiitful to bake with such 'flour — -Siyd'economical, too, ' Because-;it "makes so in.uc!l''mdre baking per sack than ordinary ,flj)ur. ' •:':••' »' :• "Community'.' lB_.Valier r 8 hlch-erade popular'priced • flour, It ha«>m«dc boat's I-- - offriendt. *• Wi/ : .or upon-amount involved in the production of one'"hundred pounds''of | milk. Proper-significance of-this reduction in labor, is appreciated'taty j-when attention'"is drawn to the""fact'that $iese savings in laWoc^ir I': during-the pasture season, which'coincides 'with the crop season, when tie |,-maximum labor is needed in the field. Aside from man labor, feed suSd horse labor, the expenses of producing milk,-are .more or less'fionstimt throughout the year. When all expenses are included the net cost of'pr6- dueing one hundred pounds of milk in June is sixty per cent of .the year cost, and in December about one hundred and twenty per cent. - "'" With a fluctuating seasonal cost, it is expected that farmers wilj tend to concentrate production in the more profitable months. " As the urhaa | ^ trade"demands a constant supply of milk .throughout the'year;'the pri^e I • of milk must fluctuate approximately with the cost of production in order j to prevent an extra shortage at one time and a large surplus at another. In.other words, a properly adjusted fluctuating price for milk throughout the year protects:the farmer's market and the distributor's: and'con- sumer's supply. • • • '•'"••-' Arabian Plant Produces ~ 'Seeds That Cause People to' Behave Ridiculously. \ ( \ ^ .•^5. In Arabia there is a plant w.h.ose seeds produce effects similar to those caused by iBiighing gas. The natiyos dry the seeds and reduce them, to ' powder, a small dose of which has curious effects. It causes .tlie soberest^ person to dance and laugh excitedly and to behave In a ridiculous I planner for nearly nn hour. By this ' i time exhaustion sets in. and he falls I asleep, to wake up after several hours j with no recollection of his :antics. j \ Tlie Iruits. 'of some plants destroy ' the taste of sweetness. , A berry found | | in the district of Ashantl renders sour j j and bitter- substances sweet. Electric j shocks can be obtained in central In! dia by merely touching the leaves of 1 tlie electric tree. j In Brazil some plants show remarkable luminosity. _One is so luininpus > vate car that it can, be plainly' distinguished in' | Ru a nnm ' YOUR SMILE Doesn't Know' HIs'-fucK''"'"' Father—So you are "beginning tf find that married' life'ias its'troubles Daughter—Well, yes. 'Kmest' some times won't listen to.reason.''- '- -•"' "The young"scamp." "iHe'ought to-be ashamed of himself ["""It : isn't' ever'j married man that'gets the chance."' tlie darkest nifrhts for a distance of j more tlian, a mile. In its immediate | emits sufficient en- j able a person to read! tlie smallest i print. One of the most wonderfully | constituted plants of this-country is I the ball-throwing fungus. It ,is a small fungus, about the.size of n. pea, which i projects a ball to a distance of sev- ! ersil inches with a distinctly audible '"report. * That's All. Busy House- : ' wife—Well, what .^. do you want-r- speak quick! Hungry Hobo— An automobile, a flyin' machine, a rich wife, a brand new flivver, .a steam yacht, pril valet sandwich with a • of coffee. cup la 1 be becalmed-for days—-yieg> fg weeks on a fever-stricken ship . — to see the .-native crew and' ite officers go-down, one by-on& il all but you had gone; to mirac?' 1| Jsly escape the Fate of your" com^) -1 2s only to. encounter adventures* ; never dreamed pf.'ttien to learn) j-.that you are marked for death at the] i of an assassin-only to be s'ayecJj the story for yourself. It's) .a gripping and thrilling ta>e_frorQj i first to last. \Watch .This Paper, 'for] '•the First Installment of' Giraffe Has Use for Long Neck in "Defending Himself The giraffe lias neither claws nor ; beak nor sharp' teeth with which to i defend' itself or to attack its enemies; j so when it is out of temper with one j .of its own kind it does' riot attempt to ''disembowel its adversary, ' as a rhinoceros might, or tear it, as a tiger would. But nature has given it a long, and pliable neck, and, according to a writer in the ]S T ew York Herald, it uses the upper part of itself like a flail, swinging its heck round and round, and brings its bead down / at each swing with a thump ou its antngom'st. The other combatant uses, precisely the same tactics, and the two animals, planting themselves as firmly as possible by stretching out all fotir legs to the utmost, stand opposite to each other and hammer., away with their heads- until one or the other has had enough. "Pork Barrel" Legislation . " and What'the Term Means "Pork barrel legislation," in political parlance, is .legislation involving-'-appropriations for buildings and public- work largely for the purpose of aiding representatives and senators in making a good impression on -their con- .stituents. The expression is based on the rural custom of sharing the cotl- Innuendp. "When I was a "little girl they • wouldn't let me kiss anybody until- J washed my face." '.-'. . • - .."Wouldn't be a bad idea now," said her old-fashioned uncle "with a signifl- caht glance at her makeiip. Come High, but Must- Have 'Em. Kidder—I' don't supposeVou'd" takB his weight in gold for your new -baby, would you? - '•" ' ••'•' ' '••' rvewpop—Np; I -should hardly like to sell out at cost. ••''-'• The Situation^ "'''.[\ "That fellow is a''millionaire." "I should think he'd be happy when- he thinks of all the money he has." "Trouble is, he seems'to think mainly of 'all'"the money he hasn't." ' ' " 'Shakespearean Student. "\ r es, I may say. I'm a- close student of Shake-' speare." : ' • "And' wiiich of. his plays dp : you like-best?"' ' "riromio Juliet." ;i iA. "railway social" was given Tues- .d'ay evening by tlye;. "Higi.h ' scjiool . B... ' : "''"" "~"' Plans were-'.m'adie. .tor. 1 , si, .'• jpleiasure trip*" to; Chicago.' Each 'merniber of. the organization' invited- ^ ..guest and purchased tickets"': 'for;'-'- the "train" which' left '.for -'iChica'gjo'- at "7 pjcl'dek. Rair.isom Sh-erretz. was'- conductor and Oirey -JDayis--. wag'," ^inigm-eer. ' Tlie "ja-am"'was an r ' arrangement! / of a loii.g row of chairs'.' '; ''•'."•• 'ft' or.-e station a Pnima D.onna. en- : teiifaahsd; wfele at' airpther stop, a,'. famous magician ilraircjtedfVthe.'. train- and deligiht'ect. the .pfissengiers wit>h._a: variety, "of amusing performances. Before rei:iehJng'"'th ; e; d'e'stiniaition the; train w t a.s _sud'deiily7'wreclfleidJ,!.'.with..-no' kjuries to .the' "passengeis.'. All 're-; turned in,- e'ach. -fca-king! part m a. r,ace. .'. T-he -Stecbn giioupj wi bh .Marriitt • Allen' ' : as ' caiptaiiri, ''wor' the race.' ' ' ; . ".'''' • ''-. ' • '• Hollowing the races, which .we:., hilarious and 'very . e.njoy,a'ble, .a "times was "spent in . acting out- charades,; after -which ice"cream- cones- .Were! served/ ' • '.''"." •''• ' MEETING iFriday evening 'at 7:30 o'clock at Amusa • U the'ati;e. " Everyfao'd!y : welcome. Good sp'ealceiS &rane^out"and 1 ea m tte trutli- about this- grerf ' rffa'ri. OWL BRANCH There has been quite a'drop-in- the temperature in"-'tile' last few; ..clays, with- snow falling-.' fast: Sim-l day night,, and- -Monday'••> morning: there was h'eavy'ice.' ; ~." . ; Schools closed at-New Era and! Bend Tuesday" 1 ' With ''' a combined 1 program- -at'-'New "lira ~ school:''" ~Ai bountiful dinn'ii- was ' spread-'"' and .after ' p'artak'ing" .of the feast- a splendid program, was rendered, .by tlie two schools.. •_. !.-: ,-. Ike Glenn,' bought' a. nice mule from Hall 'McGHr Tuesday."-' : - ! '" iHelen'-'Char'leV"'who r has' ; been attending Browns' Business 'Pplle'ge in Marion. .f-ei'urnetf'-'Kotij.e Monday 'for "a shprt". 'stay/ jfeter • spending a.e'ven .months schooling there, •' . Miss Arm McKiniicy:has'been on the : sick list fqr the'past' f'ew ; 'days". Little'..Margfarct'-'Fern"'"Eistbii 'Xyaj the 'guest of"-'Klab'cl !! Millig)in : from .Tuesday 'till ^jie' J was 'ac?°! tl E) a . 11 !?4 i?9'i?? by '.$4 '? a it?r {or a lew days' stay. ' :" Bruce .Glenn, who has been working at th.e Meyers .Garage 'at, "Carbondale for ' several' -mouths returned home Saturday to''assist iii the farnV work at home. Sam Robinson. Sr., .who is -ill, is reported no better at present. .' • .._ Quite a number "from" "here" attended the sale at Joe .Tr.outinan's. Tihursday.- They were at "oiie time residents of tliis community: They leave soon for their n'ew home in Colorado. Arthur Glsn'n transacted- business .in Murphysboro Friday. , '•Sam Dillinger lost .-a fine mare," night.' . ' '. - price of gasoline is high when 'compared , to the price , . asked .fi^e years ; ago, but _ the price w..ould be much higher if it .'were pot for the long .list of useful products made from that portion of the cr-iide which is left after the gasoline 'arid •• re-fined ;: 'oils have been^rempye.d.'' . - . . The 'Standard. Oil Company (Indiana)- m^kes a wide range ol ' ' ; pro ! ^udts frdniL this residue —.each * ^pro'iuct -rer^lenng a definite, 1 useful service ; 'SQ s 'rndrijtitid.,' and eacn bearing its share of the cost of production; thereby' helping to keep down tHe ' price you pay for gasoline. •'''-•'.' N ' '•.''':" The petroleum chemists in the laboratories 'of ;£ne ^ Standard pil-Gom- pahy ""'.(Indiana)' constantly are 'at wdrk trying : to develop .new processes "which will er.abie the Gp'm- '. pariy to utilize every faction of the crude oil, 'thus .eliminating was ; te. > ^ E This means husbanding the coaii- • try ? s resources" by tak'ing- fr6rn the crude oil 'the ; ma^.irnum number of useful products; 7 "and' recovering "a maximuni yield of each' . ', " ' \ "' ' ' " I ' To dc- this is the constant aim of th^ Gpm]f)any.T •'.'•••' . (Indiana) 910 % /Michigan Aye., Chicago 2005 .'J~i?' •,. efJ-Jxv 1 ! ! i '»*.'»r l f''(!-.'-'*f'*.i. ll! '" < - f? j »fV^?- ~J • *-"• HHICHESTER S PILLS T"T ±ar<_ •'•:•• ; TJnE,JWAMONJ>;BRAKI>;A •.*«' :^/!7^S i KjMllGft* A(.L:yourDrae ff Utfor /\ IMIUin Kcd and;Uold mciauic boates, -'isealed «4th-*Blue- -RlbbonJ Take no other.. Buy of BlSHoS» A «RlS]?PfLL¥.-frr-S5 - ye3isknoiWasEc5t,'5ttefc-AlinysRel!3ble SOLD BY DRUGGISTS EVERYWHERE EJks Nanje House ,Com: Year •The Jiouse committee named •the lilts' 'Ipidj^e^hiere "lias" Be-am fibrtani oi' ,th-e lodge and 3s eqnipos'cd of 'Ele following -Elks:. J. E. Ether- ..tari,..ii..-.'l\ Sarnies., B.' E. -BEHy j. A.. Cooper and ,M; 'S. Eaton. • .,, _. , evciiioig at '7:3Q ; pjctock'.. at. Amuse U thelatre. _' Eygrybiody: jvpl-'. come.-.. Goad .speakers. Come- out and lea-iai -ttee rtrufch; aboat' this great • man. .- Linnte'd Camber of bricks of -frozen Ne'sselVode (Podding, also- variety of all flavors of. .brick ice cream. T«!e- .phone.orders eariy. -FOWIDBR'S CHOCOLATE SHOP Adv a«-2t - • " • a>n d :. M 1 "- ,!-»d .Mrs."H:'"vy. : .i<ouch were •St .touis visitors .yesterday'." .' Mrs. -Ella.. Murphy- attended the luneral .of George buiican in- •'Jolin- stoh ' Gity. '- ••/':• ;:-:;V--:.:.- ,.- : :: •'•: •'••-. Mrs; Rose Brown of'St. Loui, who has been visiting -her mother; Ch TT T ?" ner - a »d sister, Mrs. Chas. Haeney, left yesterday ^f or, Texas, to visit - r ^ t{v ^ i.rom there she. will g- o to Pack-soil Term.,- to visit her daughter 'Sirs' was V H ^°'Vr"' J '"' ^"^ ^CbllW w«. uirtil. .March. 10, Miss Thurmena Brown, 'when she was mar •ned tp Mr: CcCollum at Ht. Worth- Texas. . The latter is assistant postmaster .at Jackson: Tenn. Its Advantage. .. .' . \ "What a flowing style that writer has!" . . ...'..."' "I'es; I suppose tliat it is one tiling wiiich enables him to keep in .the : run-. ning.". . . . •.-.••.-., 'Inconsistent Qualities. , , "The follow you see y'oncler is .nothing but a rounder*" "That's tents of the pork barrel with a neighbor who has.failed to lay aside a win- ! .„ ter's supply, and the similarity of this custom-to that : of .congressmen trading votes to help each other weather .the political storms back home. be \va.s . . 's Queer ; .- somebody :fo»d "ne' a '."sharper."' "''" T *'•'•.•; -'•' '• '"-•' t~-i-Fhm Instalment Today ' Using Wood With. Concrete. ' When wood, is use.d as a i-einfqrclng mnterial "for concrete it should, be im. 'preighated '%vitli" magnesium- ; chloride, an'3'the woofl must' b^'-'so placed.'th'jit ariy change ij the'^cros's-sectional area do'es-not'"affcct the' durability' 1 of the sttiictiire. If the' 1 latter precaution' is overlooked tilt cbne'r'ete may "crack. WORTH; R£WIEMBEp|||i3 RighteousnesSii-He.-.whov.deyi-,-' ntes "ffohi a- cleaf"pa ! th">.'may'Ybsfe ; his why! "•••• • • ••'•;-•' V!; ". •> '"" Rnnior f —A whisper'is. "louder than a sh -•:-. v . ,..--', ;•;.- '••• The earti has'-efirs,*rumpr : has ' Shrewdness.—If y^u\want'.to fool, preteriri-'tp:be a-fool;^"*^ '• • Tnlkntiveness;."^ : jyiille" ; tlie Pri'niplari 1 . vine-' creep's" along;''th'e':-! ' frnit;-is'left behind':' ; ; '" : i- •*• - :i --!3 Ka . r !'' F <=dcrer returned today from ,. business trip to BurlinWnrf l owa .

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