Independent from Long Beach, California on February 28, 1969 · Page 38
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 38

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1969
Page 38
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C-10--INDEPENDENT (AM) LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) Lctw »f«ch, C»IM., M., Ftt. M, 1M* By Harold Gray 1 H»t 10 ST1CX Mm THIS DfSGUISE UITIL I CAM PULL 1 PUNJAB AMD OM Ml OUT OF | THE HOSPITAL! CrtCE TK5 ENEMY SUSPECTS TWIT f([.- THE UMEBUCKS 60.13 ' V ' WHEELED rtROIND THflT TCRKV5CE f3 flM IMPOSTOR..V BRRRRR" B. C. Vn flS SOON flS THEY «E ENMESHED W THE MET- UMD flMD SEIZE TH£M!f MARMADUKI ham By Johnnv Hart tTW tnrr--"' I-- :" ....Trie PiNsfpipes JUST COST ME 500 CLAMS'. , a m HATt. t^a«. a,*. $»***.,, "Mom says she can't start supper 'til you're finished I" TERRY AND THE PIRATES ·£Uw TJS I'LL HAVE SOME A(ORfc FISH 'PlEASE WSS THE TAPIOCA PUOWN6. EVES IM fiLiig' PLEASE pAsswfcTAPiocAPiiTO*. T ^° PUASEPASS...* Tur.iRi. os By Toi-.i Ii.. Ryan WAR PAINTING CLASS HOME WORK ASSIGNMENT PRACTICE my PRINTING ON HORSES .^\ ,*^J2-2B BEATS MELI PON'T / HAVE YOU KNOW HOW THBTJ CROSSED ANY GOT rT^VR SICILIANS LATELY'/ THERE' ANIMAL C.1ACXERS J lKKiNSOOrFOR- r ELEPHANT; AWTgj EWOLL HIM IU OBEDIENCE. 2-ZS j§tc I SIT. DOWN), HE TRIES TO OOMPIMTO UAP- EB and FLO HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO EAT OUT , TONISHT, / I DON'T EB? J KNOW, , FLO... / OH, COME ON... IF ITS THE MONEY THAT'S BCTHERINS YOU-I'LL TREAT YOU f NO.THATWOULWY EFAiR-YOU BOUSHT PINNER THE LAST TIMES eiTi? hr U" 1.21 ·^feg CROSSWORD PUZZLE PRISCILLA'S POP ACROSS 1 Stake 6 Booty 10 Ego 14 "-- on » wide wide sea" 15 Bristle 16' Lake where Perry fought 17 Edibles 18 Staying power 20 Spread 21 Hindu cymbals 23 Navy builders 24 Head; slang 27 Resort 28 'Flight of steps 30 Early missionaries 35 General heading 36 Shipshape 37 Collateral 38 Kin of the ostrich 39 Kind of lure 42 Compass point 43 Weird ·45 Emit fumes 46 Absolute ·48 Impractical ones 50 Hillocks 51 Decay 52 Sharp pain 54 Controls 58 Food fish 59 National uncle 62 Rudimentary 64 Civel of East Indies 66 New star 67 Mushy 68 Dark 69 Mr. Musiil 70 Diner sign 71 "Home, Swtet Home" composer DOWN 1 Convey lightly 2 African lily 3 Sunny disposition: 1 words 4 Limit 5 Gives back 6 Conch 7 Pale 8 Furthers 9 Hideous 10 Devilfish 11 Thrall 12 Parasites 1 3 Charges 19 Knocks 22 Commercial notices 25 Grease 26 Grave his kind 29 Stopwatch 31 Rosy 32 In A languid manner 33 One of .the Fords 34 Prophets 36 Stadium section 40 Sham 41 One in second place: compound 44 Mower of grass 47 Clothe 49 Burrower 50 Twit 53 Fades 54 Poultry 55 Large quantity: 2 words 56 Russian river 57 Portico 60 Hindu month 61 Deal our 63 Rear, on ship 65 Collected biti POOR MRS. BOTTS SAYS SHE FEELS LIKE A WIDOW; S EVERY EVENING ^ HER HUSBAND PALLS SOUND ASLEEP IN YOU'LL NEVER DO THAT TO ME, WILL YOU, WALDO?^ Puitle of Thimday, February 27, Solved UHaa BSaHE QQQQ nranEi. fiBBSg sniys QHHQ BEEVES g^^aB;!3B!3!3 E1QQ J^^3E1' ^^HH QQQQQ nnfaH Oil te/r ^f^as^ag. 3H aapgE QC QK39 GQB55H (SP HCOR-OSCOPE! Toy JBA.3NTE! FORECAST FOR FRIDAY Your birthday today: This Is only A starting point on a long tourney into changing future conditions. V*orouQhlv sec to every detail in vour daily life, os you may not get the chance to co bock to make corrections. Follow vour iiit-.ii- tion and seek new opportunity in every flrca which is unsatisfnclorv. Take nothing for granted , . . Todays natives are somewhat detached In temperament and may suffer spells of feeling alone. Dramatic ability Is frcauent, ARIES (March ?I-Apr» 19): The weekend round-uo Is dfloin ot hand. Lav in your supplies and organize a gel-together tonight. Just stay within your budg- ° TAURUS (April 20-Moy 10): Finish the work day with as much zest as vcu can put into It. Then go out early to see the brighter spots m town. Seek public en- tert.iinment or social Invitations tonight. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): The edge is off personal differences for the time being. Do whal you con to keep it that way with a friendly approach for oil who come ncnr, and leoving rest those W C°ANCE' (June 21-July J ): Check over vour public Image; think aboM how you'd like to look, and sec win I you can do about It. Hew budoets may be worth going alter. Get expert advice! LEO (July 33-Aug. 22): You have to wait (or news about distant m alters of concern or else postpone long awaited happenings. Take advantage ot nearby, short-term opportunities. Life doesn't wait for you to finish pouting. VIRGO (Ada. »*Sept. 22): Social actions ond money do not mix tndnv and should nnl he tester! toccther. Sncnd time among new acouaintances, scokino out those who share similar interests. LIBRA (Sept. 2J-Oct. 22): Minor frustrations arise merely from the pile up. Rons': voursuii onrf get them out of the way! This wilt save vou a great deal of c.nnarrassmcnt. Some are ol unsuspect- C SCOR°Plo nC (Oct, 3-Nov. 21): Look Into nnv health symp'om that distresses you. Since recent tensions could nossiblv have set vou UP for an oilment, medical advice may prevent an incipient Illness. Rejax before vour svstems forces the re* SAGITTARIUS (Nov. M.D«e. 21): Storms are blowing all around. You could get in cxceot for financial concern. Don't worrvi they w.H level out soon! CAPRICORN (Dec. 19): Stick fo the middle-of-the-road, doing no mere than fhe Immediate sltuitinn calls for. to talk with. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb, 18): Let laroor responsibilities pass to broader shoulders. There is a timll to v;hat vni con cirrv singlchanrlcd. Odds are thai vou ore already ovcr-coiimltlcfl and shouldn't volunteer for more. PISCES (Feb. 19.March 20): The urge Is to be over-ex DO nslve In talk and spending or, perversely, to ovcrno the opposite. Find a comfortable balance with a very conservative work dw and a somewhiif freer evening. Romantic Interests nr* favored bv odd circumstances. HOWEVER, THE WSULT TO/ ANV TIA\E VOU'RE BEEN SPCKEN.THEKE I IAIM TO PLEASE! Anc:-im COMPOUND IDIOTS/'/ I HAVE HALF A MIND TO CALL THE POLICE/ IT'S A GOOD ) THIN6YOU /( WHAT? S f THE BERSYS .;:.)3rt I'M IN THE 1 HA.'HA.'I DOOD IT' MARK TRAIL By Ed Dodd THANKS "X THERE'S A MILLION FOR THE R4RTX \ ONE MR. MASON... IT WAS GREAT/J MORE HERE'S A LITTLE BIRTHPAY GIFT FOR VOLJ/ THING, , SCOTTY7 By Walt Disney CAN VOLJ O51VS A CAW, MOW LAWNS, COOK AND TAKE I DICTATION ·? II im---^ CAN YOU TVPE, PLA.Y'CHESS, KEEP BOOKS, IRON -SHIRTS,) YES, CADDV AND PLAVX SIS. [ GIN RUMMY? /"7x CAN VOU FIX PLUMBING J LEAKS, WASH WINDOWS,] READ A THERMOMETER,/ DARN SOCKS AND CHANGE ATI RE ? j YOU'PE THE/ DARN.' FOP") NEW MAID.'i AWHILE \ THItfTY A \ I WAS SUPE WEEK, BOARD/ HE WAS AND ROOM Iff LOOKING FOP '\ A WIFE; 3^ MS JACKSCr; TV/INS B- ^'".l - Brooks THEY'RE HERE * I JAN, GO TELL EVEN DUR ·/ 'EM NOTTD FATHERS J COME IN? DON'T GO IN !( \ A GUN ? \ NOTHING AS HE5GOTAGUN? ) DRUGS?jEW7AS I WAS AND HE'S HIGH rS WHAT'S AFRMP WE'D ON "FOT"X1ND ) HAPPENING \ FIND.' "SPEED" yTOTWT KIP?, LlkfE A CAE? IN THAT 1 OKAY.... WE SO BW3N WITH THE J SLOWLY.' MP. MOTOR RUNNING \TxSON, CO AND A BOY SLUMPED ) NDU VANTTD OVER THE WHEEL ? V O5RRYTHE BALL? MISS PEACH B/ McTI Lazofui MARCIA, HOW COME ^txj NEVER WORRY ABOUT LIFE ? ^\ \ ^ ECAUSET BELIEVE THAT IF I TAKE CARE OF THE LITTLE THINGS, TM6 BIG THINGS WILL TAKE CARE OF H, HEALTH, WEALTH, AlfV- - L^VrtrtAO^

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