Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 13, 1929 · Page 6
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1929
Page 6
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* '* ' •.''''** *fi >; '"^ "^ " v '*'"•* GIGANTIC FLYING t LINERS PLANNED Head of Engineering Firm Reveals That Projected Craft Will Carry Hundreds Over Ocean In Six Hours. By BOYH M'UVIS, Stuff Correspondent. ' NEW HAVEN, Conn., Nov. 13.— Gigantic flying liners almost beyond the comprehension of the layman soon will be built in the United States to carry 600 or more passengers across the Atlantic at terrific npeccls, Harry Weatcott, president oC tin engineering firm, said today. Westcott said that within the last thirty dayi, his company had received a request from an American company, the Identity of which ho refused to ie- veal, to bid on the structural work for a flying boat capnblc of transporting BOO passengers and 104 crew between London and New York In six hours. The multlmotored ship, which will dwarf over the Dornler D-OX which recently carried 1GO persons on a test flight In Switzerland, will have a total 20,000 horsepower, according to the engineer. German power experts have been called in by the American builders to compute the number and size of motors necessary to lift the liner. Westcott Bold the builders planned to construct two experimental craft as a beginning. Each, he said, will cost about $5,000,000. The builders expect that at least ono of the boats will bo ruined In experimentation. If the craft prove successful, the backers plan to place thorn on a dally schedule between London and New .York, Westcott said. "The statement of Governor Trumbull at Monday's luncheon was not a dream," Westcott said. "It is about to become on actuality." Tho "flying governor," speaking at a. luncheon preceding turning of sod, for New Haven's new municipal airport for land and seaplanes, pictured air traffic of the future, describing huge airliners capable ot carrying hundreds at tcrrlflic speeds in the rarifled atmosphere of the upper reaches of the sky. Westeo'.t Is president oC Westcott and Maplci: of thin city, engineers of the New Haven airport. CHURCH COLLEGE TO BE DEDICATED WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 13.— Clergymen from virtually every state have been invited to attend the dedication of the College of Preachers of Washington cathedral on Thursday, Nov. 14. Tho ceremony will mark the formal opening of an Institution, believed to be the only ono of Its nature in existence. It alms at the stimulation of evangelistic ministry by offering post-ordination training in the ru'. of preaching. Dedication services will be conducted by Rt. Rev. James E. Freeman, bishop of Washington, under whoso direction the College of Preachers has been established. Tho Rt. Rev. Theodore Woods, bishop of Win- chester,' Eng., will be a speaker,' and members of the house of bishops of the Protestant Episcopal church will bo in attendance. The building was provided by the late Alexander Smith Cochran of Yorlkers, N. Y., as a memorial to his mother, the late Mrs. , William F. Cochran. Mr. Cochran, who at the time of his death was a member of the Chapter of Washington cathedral, made throe largo gifts, his benefactions totaling $1,400,000. This Includes a fund of $1,000,000, bequeathed as an endowment. Of English gothlc design, the building is an important addition to the group of structures surrounding Washington cathedral and is expected to prove of decided interest to persons interested In architecture. It contains accommodations for twenty-five resident students as well as apartments for the warden and his assistants. In addition a common room, a refectory, a chapel, and conference rooms have boon designed for the «n- Girl Battles Big Handicap Snubbed in School, Heartbroken in College, but wins through to Success and Happy Marriage. f f I. BANKING DAY IN SCHOOLS. WRIGHT SOIIOOI.. Laura Russell r... Josephine Jamison T ... .,..r...., Pauline Werft „.,,..„..„.» Marguerite Mngco .......!-.».»:«.« (Janet Houclc •«••«.....» Dorothy Crist «•«>• ••••• Isabella Shoemaker ............ Amy Morrow »..-.»r.-»»ir« Julia Schulz ,...»..*..« Damaris Morrison ..«••*!>:•«¥:• •«• Blanche Graham .... • .•;.»• !«..•» Isabel M. Graham....... .T,..I-« Ella G. Rourke ,^ ..•......«.:Winifred C. Ale...,-4......«•,«..» ; 0.58 8.80 11.05 2.20 30.85 4.21 B.75 6.80 .55 ,6.60 2.05 2.10 6.00 6.00 M ANY a girl would give up' in despair when she found herself snubbed in school and unpopular in college, but not so Mrs. ftorma Kussel Jones of 1567 Cramer Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. "There is no heartache worse than being snubbed in school," says Mrs. Jones. "When I was seventeen I went away to college. Freda, my room-mate, was a very popular girl. I think she meant to be friendly. But soon she asked to have her room changed. It seems I kept her awake at night, I slept so restlessly —and—I snoredt "No one knows the misery I Buffered. Freda and her friends made life miserable for me. I soon lost weight and appetite. T'One day Miss Dickinson, the physical education teacher, found me sobbing in the locker room; I told Aer my story. 'Why 1 , she said, 'sometimes sluggish circulation causes snoring and restless sleep. Why don't you try Nujol?' She said . she used it herself. fin two weeks Nujol had begun clearing out the poisons in my body (Miss Dickinson said we all have them), my skin had a clear'healthy appearance, and everything looked brighter. 'What have you been doing to yourself?' asked my roommate. 'You are a different girl. Everybody notices it!', f'The days and years that followed were filled with every activity. I was editor-in-chief of the college an- Brave American Girls like this one never say die! nu«l, coxswain of the winning crew— and not long ago Freda Was maid o! honor at my wedding. That's what Nujol did for met", Such a simple way to health and happiness! Your doctor will tell you that Nujol contains no medicines or drugs—it is simply bodily lubrication—harmless, normal, and it works easily so you will be regular as clock work. You can get a bottle in a sealed package at any drug store for what you would pay for two or three ice cream sodas. Get a bottle today and try it. If you are like most other people Nujol will make you brighter, happier, more able to succeed. Don't put 68 good health! Start being well this easy way, this very day. tertalnment of lafgA eonfefente groups. Among the clergymen invited to the dedication are those who have Attended various ot the clergy gatherings sponsored by the College of Preachers during the past flve years. These sessions have been devoted to many phases of the Christian ministry with ectures by prominent students of church affairs. Following the dedication there will be a three-day meeting at which advice will be sought from leaders in theological thought concerning the future policies of the College of Preachers. Rt. Rev. Philip M. Rhindelander, former bishop of Penn- sylvania, who is warden of the college of Preachers will preside. BRENNETRELEASED BY HIS KIDNAPERS TIENTSIN, CHINA. Nov. 13.—Aaron Brenner, partner of n Now York fur dealing firm,' was released by a band of kidnapers today after having been held on demands tot $500,000 ransom for five days. $300 Prize Money Join The Christmas Treasure Hunt Contest IC» Easy. No Hard Work. f f. I I I AXiTOO'NA'S OBBATBST SHOE STO»E 1402 Eleventh Ave. ! "Lane" Cedar Chests . / The Appropriate Gift Make Your Selection Now For Christmas We have at this time a very good stock to select from— including all different sizes in Natural Cedar and Walnut Finish. Now is the time to buy. You have the first choice of a large stock and the prices are right, Lowest Credit Terms In the City Gately and Fitzgerald Credit Company Corner Seventh Street and Eighth Avenue Ife was not Injured. His brother, Joseph Brenner, had been negotiating %Hh th« kldriapefa but it Was not known what-terms, if any, had been agreed Upon. ' The kidnapers; who held Brenner, had threatened his life If the fans6m was not paid. Several messages were received from the captured man, ask- ng that paymen of ransom be made ulckly. one offer of $60,000 was made to the kidnapers, who were believed to be" Russians. A Russian girl was arrested by police on charges of acting as a decoy for the kidnapers. Brenner is representative of his Arm, Brenner Brothers, in China. His brother, Joseph Brenner, arrived here on the day of the kidnaping. Oeftleft EQUJSONNR RADIO On Sale at ' The J, E, Sptnct Electric Store 1810 mH Av«. Dial 4W1 Planned for Thursday CN-TCN SALE Coats Newest Sports and Dressy Styles—Just Arrived Offered At a Price That Is Most Exceptionally Low for Such Qualities *f' ' v <—Come see Altoona's newest fashion assortments. ' — See the new ideas copied after finest imported coats. — See how, much has been created for so little money. — See_ the big, rich beautiful fur collars and cuffs. — See the new broadcloths. The new wool lioeeds. — See why hundreds have been coming forr their new coats to the Bon-Ton! See these Thursday. ' . . - Total f Previously reported Total to date .,.„,.,.«.$ 101.14 .-.Vi.-rr...$1*24.47 .,.....;.. $1525.01 FENN SCHOOL Miss Mort T.? Miss Miller »,ix«Kri:m«M:ii.-.'««»« Miss Calvin ,.»...... !•..»•»•""' Miss Baker ..... . . ••>,II>KW»>»^.'»» Misfl Blumenschlno ....••.>•».•>« Miss Ebert ......... •»•».•»••»*•« MiBS Frlsch ..... TCCI*T> oivrwnni Miss GrafflUH ...,.<..«*.....«^.« Miss Hobinson ».«»•«»« im-m-m™ Miss Bell ..... .-.>!•. .>J\«:.V<»I:TO, Miss Moore ,i»,.i!«tii»»»>-i"«»»»i» 2.82 5.«0 2.51 1.00 0.35 1.15 4.16 fi.33 2.12 1.81 2.20 6.10 5.55 8.40 .02 1.00 3.35 2.30 5.30 1.80 6.07 4.75 2.25 Total ,.-,,.-wr..$ 41.86 Previously reported .-.$787.30 Term to date $829.16 WEBSTER SCHOO1/. Clara P. Fry $ Elizabeth O'Frlel ......... Rebecca Smith .......I......XTI Grace H. Hunt...•.«.»». .rim.™ Janet Hyatt ....,...,...*,.....- JJMlle M. Crow ..*..,...,,. r ..Anna S. Swope .. T ,..r......... Helen A. Grimm ........r..... M. Mcntzor ..........*. .^....,., Mary Fries ...»,..... Margaret M. Hedillng Amount of banking for week.$ 87.50 Amount for term J1287.59. GAUFIKLD SCHOOL Lulu Brumbaugh 5 3.47 Keglna Howard ,............*.... 7.05 Magdallne Bair .......w.>i..-,-.,... 4.70 Jean Peters vn... 2.63 Margaret Wambaugh ,..,..».... 4.02 Idella Dlvely ..,«r..«... 4.70 Vlndetta McKenzie ,.,„*..,..... 3.00 Horothy Gearhart . .^. n ...••)...•< 5.71 Edith Pachter ,...,„..,...... 4.24 Bara Friedman ,,.-,...,,...m 3.30 Madeline Weakland „....„«....N 4.72 Ethel Vonarta ,.,..»..».....* 4.hi) Helen Loose » ; .»-.4-K»vni>:*T»nw* ••»!*•:• .50 WINTER'S 50th ANNIVERSARY You are missing the opportunity of your life if you don't get one of these pianos during this Cooperative Sale Total .$52.113 m-m/ TE knew this sale would be a success. The Aeolian Company, makers of this fine \lL/ Grand piano, who are cooperating with us in this sale, knew it would be a success. TT We knew it would be a success because the price is sensational, and the proposition offers 100% protection to the buyer. But we were not expecting such overwhelming success. Truly our 50th Anniversary Event is your one opportunity to own such a wonderful piano. This is to "advise those who plan to buy later during this sale to DO IT NOW. Our quota of these pianos is selling w> rapidly thafthe end of this sale wffllie here long before we had expected it. SO DO NOT BELAY—GET YOOR PIANO NOV, OR YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED. ' The overwhelming success of this Sale is due to the popular appeal l.OOA.V SCHOOL. Emily Rayci-B .................. 5 3.OT Arlntha Klnch ,. ....... , ..... .... 7.33 Carolyn Stamm ..u... ...... «..,. 0.0'J 'Alice Buller ......*.,.... ..... .... 7.84 Hazel Blowers ..,...,....•.....,.. 6.00 Ruth Epler ....... n*.*.. ...»..« 4.06 Irene Welst ..... , u>l1 . lr .. ...... H.43 Adella Eahelman ......,....».™ 4.73 Hose De Leo ..... .aj:m...i»> •««<«• 8.38 Margaret Ritchey ».,.«.:..,.»<. 3.58 STotal .: ..... •, ...... .... ............ 559.33 PROSPECT PARK SCHOOL. Elizabeth Hazlett ...... ..... ...» 3.09 Sidney Billin u .^.... ...... ...... 1.07 tViolet Morrla »-«i«-.;.iK»vr4i:*ct.i:tk:iu 2-88 Emma Qeig ..' ...... .«j..i. »<«»•- 2.45 palsy F. oCnrad ...>,»* >u.<:»« 1.&5 Crayco -Coppersmith *,*.....>.«•<« 1-B7 Let m talk this proposition over vrith you from your standpoint, THE PRICE of THESE PIANOS of this Cooperative Plan is $450 Total i.. 1 ...... -.wauckunuri:*!'- Term to date.. .,,..,...,..... $730.91 Increasing values make it necessary for you to increase your fire insurance protection from time to time. See us today about a easeful check-up. Morgan-Martin Company Central Trait Bldg. Phone 8107 ll Do you ever again expect to get a Grand piano which is really worth at least $600, at this price? When, if ever, shall you again have the opportunity , of buying a piano of such known high grade, on such easy terms, as $25 down and $12.50 a month? Do you ever again expect to buy a piano which is so strongly guaranteed? 12 The Initial payment necessary to obtain one of these piano* U $35, leavlnf 1428 to be paid at J12.60 » month, pliu a small carrying charge. Do yoti ever expect to get more privileges in buying a piano — such as exchanging your piano after you have tried it for a whole year, to say nothing of the Life Insurance protection you get? We can answer these questions for you with a decided NO, NEVER! A more fair, square, or liberal proposition will never be offered on which to put a Grand piano in your home. It is as we say at the top of this ad—** You are missing the opportunity of your life if you don't get one of these pianos during this Cooperative Safe. i Winter Music Store 1415 Eleventh Avenue sA^! WINTER MUSIC STOUE Wlthoat any farther obligation whatever, on my port, mail photograph* and full description qf the Grand Pianos being told on your cooperative plan. Street and No. CUy. .State. Some day someone maty dis* cover a gift that is dearer to the heart of a woman than a Grand Piano, f$ut not yet*

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