Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 26, 1969 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 26, 1969
Page 14
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Awn iU. WMWtfMNNMV 'IMA THE WEATHER Elsewhere By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low Pr. Albany, clear 65_ 38 Albuquerque, cloudy 6a 4,! Atlanta, clear ...... 74 48 Bismarck, rain 64 3B Boise, clear 54 28- Boston, clear 66 45 Buffalo, clear 53 38 Chicago, cloudy .... 71 54 Cincinnati, clear ... 70 47 Cleveland, clear -- 66 46 Denver, cloudy 63 41 Des Moines, cloudy 75 53 Detroit, clear "" " Fairbanks, M Fort Worth, cloudy Helena, snow Honolulu, cloudy . Indianapolis, clear Jacksonville, clear Juneau, rain Kansas City, cloudy Los Angeles, clear Louisville, clear ... 70 45 M M 78 64 51 38 .04 83 72 .. 70 44 .. 75 50 .. 52 43 74 58 81 58 72 43 Tnfli* At OM Vassir Collate POUGHKEEPS1E. N.Y. (AP) --Every year since 1894. Vassar College sophcmores. have carried a daisy chain across the campus to a tree where the graduating seniors sing their class song together for the last time. The 26 daisy chain girls are chosen for their attractiveness poise and contributions to col lege life, and traditionally th president of the sopnomor class is invited to take part. But this year the president o the sophomore class, althoug attractive, poised and an out standing contributor to colleg ife, wasn't invited to help carr; ·he chain. The class president is. Davi Galbraith. of Northfield. 111. 73 53 76 57 71 56 71 64 72 43 70 47 81 66 Memphis, clear 75 53 Miami, clear .....'.. 80 e» Mpls.-St.P.. cloudy New Orleans, clear New York, clear .. Okla. City, cloudy . Omaha, cloudy .... Philadelphia, clear Phoenix, clear . . . . Pittsburgh, clear . Ptlnd, Me., clear . Ptlnd, Ore., clear . Rapid City, cloudy Richmond, clear . St. Louis, cloudy ... .Salt Lk. City, cloudy 51 31 San Diego, clear ... (0 48 San Fran., clear . Seattle, clear .... Tampa, clear .... Washington, clear Winnipeg, rain ... 55 43 60 M M 59 37 61 38 .27 38 50 59 52 55 38 80 65 74 44 66 39 .54 AM (alter Program ToM Programs for this week at he Community Adult Center in- ludc a musical program on Wednesday by Mrs. J. D fcagle and Miss Georgia Cregm: a talk on roses by Mrs. Robert Wright on Friday and a pro gram by a group of University of Arkansas students on Mon- Jay The programs begin at 1:30 p.m. and are open to all residents age 50 or older. Donates $1 Million LOS ANGELES (AP) - Mr. and Mrs. Bing Crosby have given $1 million to Immaculate Heart College for construction of a science building on the school's planned new campus in nearby Claremont. She is vice chairman of the school's Board of Regents. fty fc MM* 0* PASADENA. Calif. (AP) The sun doesn't change its hours--no matter what earth! ings do. So, explains Dr. Edwin Dcnnison of California Institute of Technology, the astronomers at (Jaltcch's Mt. Wilson and Mt. Palomar observatories will stay on standard time even though e rest of California goes on aylight time Sunday. "There are too many records e'd have to change to a differ nt time," says Dennison. "Oi e'd have to keep two sets o larts--one for summer anc ne for winter." The astronomical observa WE RENT TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES IBM-UNDERWOOD OZARK OFFICE MACHINES 25 N. Block 442-8531 ton! are i the sun noon. I w e tint* based dead overhead Ito TIMH I* Tht lest luy for Your Advtrtbini Dollar T E R M I T E S ! Rtsfekntial Spraying ·Roach** ·CtrHptdM I · SpidVc 442-72M ADMIRAL PEST CONTROL P. C. BROOKS Thunderstorms Ahead? 3SSSS® showers and thunderstorms should remain mild .n the Of Long-Term Problem Inflation Disaster Turns Cash Into Trash Grand Opening s Announced Grand opening of Chicken Un mited. offering , c , hic ,, k , L n J Whamburgers, f i s h , shrimp nd hot dogs, has been an- ounced for April 29. 30 a n d «av 1 The new firm is located t 1618 North College Avc.. just orth of Evelyn Hills Shopping nter. ,,. Owner - m a n a g e r Efl Danielezyk and his f a m i l y ow reside in Fayettcville. hav- ntt moved here from Chicago vhere the firm has headquar- ers. By JOHN CUNNIFF AP Business Analyst NEW YORK (AP) - In 1923 a man walked into a store in Berlin and asked about the price or a certain pair of shoes. He was quoted a figure of VA million marks. It was 9:30 a.m. Inquiring again at noon the man found the merchant now asking seven million marks. Being reluctant to pay such a price he waited a half an hour, and then the price was 14 mil lion marks. . , . , , . Nothing of the sort is likely to happen in the United States, nor again for that matter in any well-developed nation. But it does show in magnified form the disaster of inflation, which turns cash to trash. American purchasing power also is eroding, although at one Scientist Finds No III Effects InCatsKeptAwakeForlWeeks LOS ANGELKS (AP) -- An experimenter says he has kept cats awake with low-voltage current for up to two weeks with no ill effects on the animals. But lie adds that it's too early to speculate on sleep-saving implications for humans. Dr. John E. Holmes. University of Southern California neurologist implanted electrodes in an nrca of the midhrain called tlic reticular formation which controls wakefulness. The results -announced Friday--were surprising, even to First, the cats were in better shape afterward than the researchers who worked in shifts to monitor their behavior. Secondly, said Holmes. ' I had predicted that to maintain wakefulness in the animals v would he necessary to increase the electrical current regularl to the point that it would affec' other areas of their brains. Bu a steady, small amount of cur rent (two to four volts) proved sufficient to keep the animal awake without harm." A report on Dr. Holmes' work vas released by the school. He elaborated in an interview. "The current was suppliei hrough a cable suspended from he roof of the cats' cages," he said. "There is no reason, how ever, why a strapped-on batterj pack could not be used for larg ;r animals, including man." Could this method be used, fo 'sample, to create an army o soldiers who could go for week without sleep? Holmes said he would rathe not discuss such "nightmarish possibilities, but noted that sim ilar deep implants in other parl of the brain have been made i human volunteers for mpnitoi ing and shock-treating epilepsj "Such operations involve ce lain risks," he said. "And a Ic of experimentation with bight animals such as monkeys woul have to be done before th could be tried in humans, to se if their need for sleep could b reduced or eliminated." rffHHiaisrm^ News Of Other Years 10 YEARS AGO Tuesday. April 28. is the second free polio shot day, and citizen in this area of Washington County may obtain a polio immunization shot free of charge. It is the custom of many persons in Fayettcville wh own dogs to keep them up the daytime and let them roa at night. They feel pretty su the dog catcher won't be on t job past dark. the slowest rates in the jrld. Brazil, for example, has d 30 per cent annual erosion its money for a decade. In the nited States the rate is 2 per nt or less. Inflation nevertheless has hac serious cumulative effect in e United States and its gettini orse. The present rise in thr nsumer price index is tht reatest since the Korean War A family man with two chi! ren had to earn $14,282 in 196 equal the purchasing powe ' $5,000 in 1939. Now, a yea 'ter the National Industria onference Board studied tli tuation, it probably takes clos r to $14,500. WHERE DID IT GO Where did the purchasin ower go? Why should mor lan $14,000 now buy what les lan $5.000 bought in 1939? Th NICB came up with this an wer: Inflation took $7,258, an igher taxes another $2,083. These two big factors in the ecline of purchasing power eally aren't in the same catc ory, for taxes are presumed to e returned to the taxpayer in ic form of services. But infla- ion is like evaporation. Rising like an overheated hermometer, the index of con- umer prices is now approach- ng 126, based on prices of 1957 o 1959 equalling 100. Economic heat of that sort means lots of evaporation. In the three years which ended at the very start of this year he consumer price index rose 1.4 per cent, but that doesn't lell the entire story. Hospital charges per day. for example, rose 52 per cent. LONG TERM PROBLEM In fact, the First National City Bank notes in a study ol consumer prices. "In varying degrees, inflation is affecting u; from the cradle to the grave." Documenting the sweeping statement, it shows that fron December 19G5 to the beginning of this year, obstetrical fees rose 21 per cent, baby sitter services 22. legal fees for will; 14, and funerals 10 per cent. House prices varied greath from area to area in the same three years but ownership costs generally rose 17 per cent Restaurant meals increased b. the same percentage, movie ad missions by 27. physician fee 21, fishing rods 15 per cent. Quick Look At Today In History By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Saturday, April 26, the 116th day of 1969. There are 249 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1607, the first British colonists to establish a permanent settlement in Amen ca landed at Cape Henry, Va. On this date: In 1783, 7,000 Tories sailed from New York for Nova Scotia In 1798, Geneva was incorpo rated into France. Fifteen years later, the area was admitted ino the Swiss Confederation. In 1865, Abraham Lincoln s ssassin, John Wilkes Booth, ,-as captured on a farm near 'ort Royal, Va. In 1925, Paul von Hmdcnburg vas elected president of Ger- lany. In 1933, Herman Goering or- anized the German Gestapo. In 1942, during World War II, British troops began evacuating reece. Ten years ago -- A minor m- ·asion of Panama wa s undcr- vay. reportedly by an cxpedi- ion sent from Cuba. Five years ago -- The commander of a U.S. peace force vas stoned on the strife-torn is- and of Cyprus. One year ago -- An under ground nuclear test in the Ne vada desert jarred buildings hundreds of miles away. ADVERTISEMKNT- WRINKLES REMOVED IN 3 MINUTES Now. Available to you, KEVBAL, » nrw srirntific rosmetic whicli will rcmov ii- wrinkles temporarily in just ,utPS ftnd lasts tip to 8 hours. Appl HKVKAlj as directed to your fnrehPfic round your cyrs, «i'l r.prk anti watc NIP years disappear as the lines, c-row; f e e t ' a m i piiffiwss disappear in just 3 niinule.t. RKVEAL is Mid with a strict money bftck guarantee if not satisfied for nny rrnson. Just return the package 1o your dniKKist. GET RKVEAL TOPAY AND IX)OK YOUNOER TONIGHT. Sold RKKWrrH lHCfl STORK - 1M W. I'KNTKR -- MAIL OMiERS FTU.KD -Aim KAI.KS TAX ft t*o FOR FOOTAGE. 15 YEARS AGO Mr. and Mrs. Roy Allen and Mr mid Mrs. Norwood Sines entertained with a party Thursday evening at the Allen home on East Maple honoring Mr. and Mrs. Arch Cloud who will leave soon to make their home in IjCavenwortn, Kan. 25 YEARS AGO The Mcllroy Hank front Is heing (rented with a coating of (·old leaf painl. This, together with its arched columns of rope- motif, presents « Florentine appearance Mrs. John Kane was hostess || tor the Thursday meeting of the Commerce Wives Club. Door prize was won by Mrs. Harold Dulan and bridge prizes went I to Mrs. I,. W. Walter and Mrs.) 1 A. B. Woolen. The support price on hogs has been increased from $12.5(1 to $13 per underweight, according to information received by the Washington County Tripplc office. START SAVING FOR A HOME OF YOUR OWN Your Savings Earn Mar* With Our 4.75% Currant Dividend Rat* Now year regular pliibnok and InTestmenl savings ear» more at FayetteTille Bui Loaa. W« pay 4.75% ai oar current rate. Pnt your lavlagi wttfc *i now - vfeer* they'll dart to earn more. Certificate* cam ·TCI mor* - twin abort them. pcaranue. «···-- · jMimiMW^ .^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_J ' -SMITH'S iftttiSB !«%· CommiinicatiOfi flKTCVIUf HNMK. at LOAN UJ«. N. W. Art***** Otdert PRICES GOOD SUNDAY ONLY 405 N. College · E«lyn Hill* · Southgate Shopping Center We Reserve the Right to limit WE GIVE SH GREEN STAMPS 10 Oz. King Size C O C A C O L A Early Garden Green Del Monte PEAS l-Lb. Can IGA Fancy Pack APPLESAUCE j-Lb. Can IGA Tabletreat FRESH BREAD Morton Frozen CREAM PIES for IGA Frozen ORANGE JUICE 6-0z - 1 00 Cans I «VW Luncheon Meat A R M O U R S T R E E T Del Monte IS Oz. Can 35c D¥f E"RG E N T *·»* 59c PUREX BLEACH «-. 58c Swanson's T.V. D I N N E R S Giant Box S U P E R S U D S 48c Gold Medal F L O U R 5 BL ag 48c BEDDING PLANTS Fresh Stock--Big Assortment KRAFT VELVEETA Washington Winesap APPLES " IBI I _ft JELL-U Dessert |\ Del Monte 10c GOLDEN CORN Del Monte C A T S U P M Oz. Bottle 26c Good Value PAPER NAPKINS MJi. Can Big Boy D O G F O O D MJi. Can 8c Marylnnd Club JT1UI Ylilliu ijiuir INSTANT COFFEE Good Value PORK n' BEANS

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