Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 25, 1976 · Page 30
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 30

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 25, 1976
Page 30
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47-- *wl E«ta»»-- fo» Salt · UNIMPROVED *» Atrw, about V» trale rff N»cfc(or. torn* good Vflll«ry land arvl world! of twrriwnUbl«'l*tnh«c, |IM.«M with Irani by owner. « acre* on 71 and ' White Rn-er, ctty utlUUM and aomi 'tvmUent Und. MA.QQO , *od W*m« by owner. , 151 Acres near Alt." CftyVw. ir*n« o'd fM6* 000 and IHTOI' by owner. WeU located Jfl acr« on bUcWop about 2 n»H« « k view »it«* , lor buildup, ' 1 16,350 and term* by owner. Iti Blu* Sprints »rci nn HftcW£5» Iwwutilirf 4 acre tract 01 bJacklop. clow lo FiyetleviUe or Spnne *«!«, J70W with term* by, owner 40 Aorw with 'mad M-wmw* i*»r MKTW town 18000 Terms 40 Aerea nn btortctw We* of Window. 911.400. Ttims by evm : NEWLIN REALTY CO. : S»-»?2 or 834-2259 Wt*t Fork. Arkanui BY OWNER. 4 bMMorm, 3^ baths M M ' family room, 9x10 lnyrrfry dirync jwm, lu-f* wmded lot. CUl 321-WM. 47-- R«l E»tat»-- For SaU A SUNDAYS ON YOUR OWN DECK Mill* your husband walk* to the Boll coun« from Lhfc beautiful new three bfdroom; two balh contemporary home ·Uh 'extra, quality In ore of r«ttl«- illt'j nx»t popular new additions. Urge npen Lirirnf »T«I with . c*th«dral «aiw!, native Mone fireplace, fully 'carpeted, tHtom drapes U'ermerpane window* bullion apHlanwr, *oU o* *or»ge. «t- «n*ne ]aodac«pJnfi and red cedar privacy enc* tn Swe*tbrfar Addition he onl H7 KB Oil] *21 \K$ BEAUTY OF COUNTRY yai HOM 4r city hi beautiful area North- VMt of Fayeilovitle. Two new 3 hed rowrt, 3 bath homes, with larRc Kam« room formal living *nd dining, lar/* lAmfljToom wilh r stive stone fireplace on awnwmvalery 2 *cr« of niwland Mayei Construction Co, Phone 443-2669 : OPEN HOUSE "-SATURDAY SUNDAY - APRIL 251h 26th [ 2:00 to 5:00 .Thre« bedrooms, 2 f u l l baths, 2 car garaoe, central heat and air, ol| brick. Fireplace optional. , . , Butterfield School District $28 ,500 -$31, 500 ' FHA-VA Financing Turn west on Appleby Road at soulh side of Driven Theater, Hwy. 71 North.: VS mile to Addition. WADE BISHOP, Builder Ph6ne 521-6569' : BUTTERFiHD . . AOW: 30's STRAWBERRY ^ H I L L 'Perfect for a yoonC faanifcr, t*ri« ) bud- · ·» RFnonnW- 7-- Veal Ettaro-- For Sal* A ^--^ LOSSING f S a / . , REALTY w . / 267-3200 V J If busy. ' 267-3337 TJin D Lowing ' Bus. 257-Mtt Sue LoMln* R«. M6-251: Ann Kail S21-MM truce Han 521-91W Melvin Holnws M3-3iH HOME WITH AN INCOME (R-%3) Only 3 ml. from FayeltaviUc in a bmuillul courtry »tUni. Th!*,n!« 2 Bdc.'honw has a lot lf oiler -- cetv«- Ine dmi«. central heiat, ,15'xlS' covered p*Uo. WJity room, deOwftcd double garage with 3 room apartment w-er head thai renU for JIOO a nv. A3] thia and ' 1 ACRK of , good kvri Iwid -and beauUful landscaping for ON1.V!! UW». EXCEPTIONAL B U Y I (R-TTOI - Very *ltracUve 3 Bdr. Btk* Ti»me hi qulH nei gliboitwod. NHct den. large closets, carpeting, ocjilral heal. window air. rond,, chain llnX J*oc«J yard, M*!al storage Kdff. and nic* shmh- b*D H - Won't laa et 12S.OCO. Call Ann Hall. 1.1 ACRE IOVELY HOME (R26S) \ o u l l kn« Oss 3 Bdr Bncfc Home in AAell Sc^wol District; cJMf bi on paved 6*art end street. Lots »t comfort and a srcal place [or kid*. CENTRAL H fc A, carpeting, rjr epM , in'ic*' patio, *1omE« off carport ptuj lanre nwlal storage bldj!.. very n«at t w*ll 46p- (27,600. 4 BDR. - 2 ACRES - E l K I N S (H-271) Larj» Lhing Rawn Kitchen \sith jvparate dining area, M twttha, centrrf heat, 2 wells with new pump« small bam, all "fcwed, and 41Q tt paved road frontage. !2fi,500, Call Melvin Hoi met 17.5 ACRES - $17,000 (OTAOO) !/cated ^i rrri. North of Kwy ni, paved rd. (rartaEe -- NdturaJ B» and city water available. 2 TO 10 ACRES .NW FAYETTEVULIJE AREA(OA-393 Countn' Ihinj!. dty con\ ententes Pa%ed roid, crty water and wrtural faa Call Ann 1 -5 TO 8 ACRE TRACTS OA'K) located West of Fay«U«vilI Tliwi beautiful UacU. are gain* (a* E^dh tract has rural v.-ater ttnd goo - 5 ACRES 2 BDR. HOUSE ft-271 located ACROSS th« street fra Fa'iTnfnctfln ELenwntarj' School. Perfe- 7 -- R*a Eilal« -- For Sal« 4 OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 2 PM' ' ; to 5 PM ' " 346 Wren Circle i Tlil«.iww 3 bedroom '1^ balh hctrv* ·t: »3.«0. FlfA nNANCINC with only fTM DOSVN PLUS dosific: fio U Interscrtlon of 71 By-Pas* and ^Johnsoa Bowl. Turn North on i Jtinsoo Itoad . to (ht lini street (umliut Bast which is Wrfii Circle. Se«' Tl* Jon*-* SurKliy afternoon. IporaxsrJ 7140 N. College 443-4316 ! Q W 5 5 * w 5 In Th» Midst S^i ol or« of th» hrtt ^j produoth-* areas -- ! fj. acr» -- powl Bpn^ W v,*ll -- aome parmati [jj enl JTT.W. For *n * ^ e«d 531-3498. J pi 200 E. Poplar FayeMeville )21-3900 d 7 -- Rwl Itta»« -- For SoU BARGAIN! . -PRICE; REOUCEDI . ew 4 BR.i 2 bath hwi« Just ouUidt y on lvi« level acrts. Qly water an^ lural KM- I'artURy fenced. Fully car-led, CotnplWc kitchen. Beautiful native itlo. And . Ove price to wly 133,000. ©HIP .^^s. PAtFCETTE MULTIPLE LISTING SE31V1CB ia« N , . COLLEGE OFFICE «2-i3Sl Evening* ar.d weeJtecdc ca!: Ray Bjtw* Res. 5214W5 Bobby* Halbrwk ««. 443-222J lirisUne B'ond^ao Kes. 54i-JO SjlUa Danforth Kej; 4J2-9aK G C Faucelle UK- 412-2277 Virginfa Bov,*« Rw. : «M3fM Cathy Boi^l ' Re*. 521 -3: loe Baeinis* 1 * 1 Be«. «2-» leorga Faucelf*. Jr R* s - S21-7S35 *e te MelVmld R«s. 4«-4733 $86,500 !Wy.i this contemopra ry mMStrptce. naW« Etone C O I 1^ "Txrfed lo Osll for API ALMOST FINISHED We hav« 2 rew 3 BR. 2 balh, brick \eneer homes each vilh 5 car garage avaltabta. ^'on can rhco*« Jtiur lnt*nor wlors. Besl of all, U*c price IE in the mid (M's. Cail for -appointment. ·$39,500 Brirt 'v«w*«r, 3 B'R, J bath, a car oar IJ OHULTZ T * Realtors AYLOR Property Management Specialist* 521-2717 Ivy 11 and tJrt«n Ac Tea Roa FaycttevillR. Ark. Viarwia tre 4-U 31 ^m Harris 521 -7 PlannlnH c*i A !aVf front ' home? li 7-- Real Estate-- For Sal* S g 1 s * CKjlsant tedrooti Centra! In kilol o't '(It. m«it - · fine h WE be ·ntri ien 521-ffTM ^ ac 1 Qutsar i Wood- S MarK " First p. l^ICIr A W Counlr ^ j, P S e l l i n g ^ 5^- 40 to HIn !TW - Spdciom 2 story, 3 t A b«lroom home, 3 fire- yi place*, red^'ood d«k, M-" plui maTxy more ex* ^ 731-7K2 or Hurt Siccd t_l 521 W06. a - ; ^ 200 E. Poplar Fayetteville » li«S 521-3900 C O U N T R Y PLACE in? noar new all Brick Thr*e i» home «ith Ui-o-c^r Gsra( Vaomm Si-stem, hro batlw. bui en, cor.LraJ air conditioning. Otv ere with food FardPti. Weal, 'jus Oomlort Rd. Call us [or a-ppf-n ROGERS ^ are i near Beaver Lake t vn* Is located jusl rifht. "Hii rooms, DirrinK Room, Two bsl ak conditioning, all electric 1 IWO-CAT Rarage. call G*ri All . Evenlncs 151 KM. O I D . W I R E RD. ·KS oC fine land just righl E. City n-ater available. CM Dcr A REAL BEAUTY id n g -- sparkltr.j ntw tKree b^ homo near Bullwfield School, Wall" (o Wall " carpel. . Ma«t. Ijiimlns fireplace, TM-Q balhs w -lop Vanitys. Taitelully decora 'C\s sfiuality tnaleriala ar^ wor lp througrioiit. Triced less than dicta ty Ko-llutn house. Call I. b-y-- 521*700 -- evening 521-5613. krthwest A r k a n w s TIMES, Sunday, April 25, 1976 · TO 7-- Rea Estate -- For Sal* |J BEFORE YOU PAY nathor trvmlh's rent. C*«cX this Mtialt t ome at Winstcw. , Modem. 1 large tird v mall bedrooms- IMX of ouibu lldinps t uding Earase. 5 lots wlh atjut V, j an acra . Very ertial 1 dwa-n pajTncnt e balance Hke rent. Price is a low i500, " I NEWLIN REALTY CO. B3J-2532 or S33-22M \Veit Tock. Arkansas CLOSE TO CAMPUS i : i thre« bedroom house has A sepnrale inliK room and a detached garage. VouH b* a Rood inwvtne property .-ICED hi th« low teens. Call Ve/non arvtr 531-66U, nights S3I-K57. H-3CO. Lindsey Associates ? j - i J0KS j 355 W. (Mlleie Kl-6611 "Developers of Hyland Park" J W. Gabri +11 W63 mon T a n e r SJl-3^ L. Lewis 521-S" Jo Anne Stanbeny 412-66 Ha.1 Modlln MMl ijTiQ CCUM 521-TT .mm Broota 43-M Gladys Scnnemaa '442-KSJ S5 Acres beautiful wowEand. On jfor county road ind onb' ^ miles est J» 13pTO with twnet financing at aU'' Ed lorbeil ^ Land Brokers ^^ 443-4541 or 521-2855 1 7 -- Real E»tat« -- ror Sal* J - SO VERY D I F F E R E N T ·.'· WO! R?juUrul W»itCTTi5yr9iy d**iffw*f y Wara-n Scagravt* txrtll m a bin lot ith Fake And mountain view. Joot 4 ct qy-et. and private, Firw watnul pan- 11 tie and cabinets, gliss panri» lo H«r4 ]tcrir ami cxi prior l(\-rnff jircas, AH ho nice liltle helpers bu!H in. Youl! -atil to' sr« this before jx« mi** j-»"tt nove. IVsted by IA. L. Sianloni 521-flSOO, OUT OF THE CITY BUSTLE v RV1) OvTM this neat 3 Mrm and rfcn, 1 ii ·aero*. Carres ard rlraptfi, wash* - txmn., range, ccn, Kis-V, carpoTt h storage. Move out nwv and pUiit 8oW. 531-7067 E\ es. WHAT A G R A N D VIEW KM) Beautiful Bo*axi M1«, In ttw !dL»- ance. iHi Acres of privacy oa Hwy. 71 \ Mt Caylor. 210 front on 71 lor an- TWS or other business, 6 nxim htnv d "(ixira Aon* burtrtci? for smull shir; s*.ore. Call Austin Fitzgerald at 521- JOO lor a ''lool! we", GET AWAY FROM IT All 32) On this secluded 214 af.rfs. MM! (m nature lovers, gArdcninB, or Just, "^10* mn' ' yet only 6 ml. 1 from (WTV N*u n%i* room home, fireplace, range, rar ind olfers lor JUST f31,304. Ist«l b- Wilma Coollrt KI-350J, or 531-7067 Eve* 521-8500 , 1985 N. Colleg 1.6 A. Adjoining { Blacktop Large tiniilachcd Earage. Hom^ is pi rock and Boslon" siding, 'centrai neat. bedroom; firepla«. Pond. A Deluded * t i n g and yet convenient Jocat!on. \ can buy ,il lor J17.DOO, Wooded o Acres with 1M9 BaroraK 52x13 mobile ho in swxl oondHidn with floe ' for wi h»at and ' rock wood bov added, Pu house. You 1 can gel Jn tor mininrum dcwn - paj-menl and tialanc* Hke n The prire is Just J92W. NEWLIN REALTY CO. - nxxn hom« fw* aS th* ;i«w*s. Gall Bob Nictt* hr · rncnt. F-l»7. SUNNY DAYS ON SDNNY : : HILL... , C»fi be TOOT* vith thui ap«doos 3 h* ' *)"rrcDamiteb' 1SOO w- It- of 11 ' a low J33.900 Ca« G*ortn Kobb to it totey. T-13BS FREEMAN 121-6300 he Low «)'i. CMI WINWOOO ADDITION. iving »id dnnc room*, den i bite Let JidMt 'Evw .." wb-A^ding but priced rf-tfl keep H (or youraclf. ONLY 519,350. , , Older Home Two itory, attractive hoer-i. 4 bedroom* I botta, 1 i^nB room · dining. Vit- i"t breakiast area. Utility rcom, B^kay. L/X llZxaiO-part o! bar* fenc«*--CaH Juliet Eav«-js at 5216300 « i Bridpsf ·To Dodnon Bob Mete . Gwvge Robb TUndall Webb 756-10T? W3-72B2 JB1-70H 53I-7T» 9014436 443-aeoe 21-9CM Something Special It's 3 bedK and on v.tlh rireplat js, - Ii1« bith« Br) rl"' tfl*d d throughout, chated pati oea irt'j. Wackop, drive, Spanf*ii D»g Her tre«,. tremepicpus \i"«w, central hea arid aJr, l*i batfi," nva-Vfinte and hrick FREEMAN Unu 521 -"°° S3ft3 N. C«R««4 14t m**,' VA toan . that. ca i tM.WO.U. th« pric*. Voi be t In Bummed grading "our lilestyleJ B« uw see Ihis * .bedroom brick home!! Here barga in utxth is lulb carpeted plelely fumt^wd 'Br.d. .\iscAni road)' fc yw lo mo\-e into." It is. al! practically new and real sh«rp. Owner can olle B KeneiDUs terms or mi rfit c consider suisppinj! Iw real wtale less value FRONTIER NEWLIN REALTY CO. LJ (Wy.50 [e^t; (iron jwzr fiont poidi' *w waters of Heaver LaVe, Her* Is II 1. ft. o! comfortab'e li\-ing In a gtM nibered location. Voull loi'e U»e ipa cioys, BHng-dinm« art-a with firepla Bring jtiur Sshine tackle and move today. Pride Is only *21,50Q. 3 bedrocnn hom« on i ·£« irarden spoU ID Wf*t MLS multiplies your opportunities for a betier sale or purchase-al no additional cosll Th« odds of finding a qualified buyer for your horn* I* grwtly Vner*a»sd through MLS. Although MLS Isn't a guarantee to sell your home, H do«» me*t the market intelligently and completely. No $«l« plan or person can do mor«. FAYETTEVILLE MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE REDUCED PRICE Tor triiB .month only. This »ltracti\«- 4 bedroom 1 bath home hail forma] dining wllh built In hutch. Umiy room wBh buff bnck Iicerls^ \\vmt room, large V*. wdlrin* dimance o(, soboo). and many, other atraa. Owner. _wll consider lr*de tor rnisH** home. HIGHWAY 45 r EAST just wh»t to nwa 1 h*ye , be«n k»Wn« for a nice older brick home on * ' " acres vith Itwi pond and «ew ham* has 3 bedrooms Vfy b«tw formal Liwng. livnK room mill Drwplac*, wllh i a block of lity KmiW, Reduced price WINWOOD DEVELOPMENT CO, BIT N, COIiEGE-32I-4KW. 442773* 3 -YEAR old 3 bednxim hrick In duded iKitfiborfiood. U 4 ' b a t h / pane!*- arxl ftwutaled garag*. Wy «upeteo li\-fng ar«.' r Co\ - *rel ipaOo. rctnwrato v, asiw r-do er, drapes CH/CA ,\wthu pod. Phone 521 ttol aTt-r_ i ACRES «jprox»nat «« of IJncrfn I w*l*r Call B21 * 011 · and anytime *ft*f I SERVICE IS OUR THING · . , . - MEMBER OF HOMES FOR LIVING NETWORK D A V I S $25,000. 3 BR, "H- «« "oMhn, (ftmily rwwi/Tot- chen cnmlxi, range lc rd .WjOSS lot. C4 VA APPROVED 3 BR, h-Kn* oountry txw* on IS tern. frittd righf at ?3),900. Caa Xathffim PRICE REDUCED 7^ : s 2 BR. 1\4 h»th, tr*me \r wrtJiat walkiae ddiATic« o twn. Prif* - Jnst reduceri to |10,«0. Crfl Dav* rnK« «£22«, WEST FORK 3 BR, U4 bitli, brlcft, fraoeri y*ri. 75x100 lot, "central heat. «17,900, CM KaU»rin» F^sr 521-4300. . CLASSICAL BEAUTY _. Ihts "flr# o/ a Vnd" Ironif' hotm. BR, art batli, [ormal I.R/DK, FR. «e. room, tail KAthenne COMPETITIVELY PRICED Kanly rrwin^infd h»r» hM BR,' VA bath* -tvCTi' eirpeC bull (-fa Mfofan. OiU Dave ndton 443-m or TWU M*MB 521-M49. - SPRINGDALE 3 BR hom* iDd two lot*, TWf iwal brick · has ftfit/al R/A, *ap«. dt? wsf^r A A well. Call Katterina T»w BEAV O RAMA Sw-rtJC 5 «orfs, nwiffe or lew. an p**ed flrtK wHh utiWrie*. Call Dtv*. FnJWn. NEW LISTING J17.300. C*ll Bryf* ?* 4*3 «m. SPRINGDAIE H E L P ! THE DEMAND FOR 3 4 BEDROOM HOMES IS SO GREAT WE NEED ADDITIONAL HOMES TO MEET THIS DEMAND. MAY WE SELL YOUR HOME FOR YOU? DAV I S BUILDING LOT J fauildin* lot, iwth lrr*g, wU *nd »* located nn Edmonkon h Spnnjldale. Oil Twite Melton 9014449. ACREAGE 1.87 »*« located oft. Kw*y 71 . Could b* divided Fnto Iflt^. For more feUik call Betty Litlf 5n-t357. PLEASURE HEIGHTS 3 BR, 1 bath," LR. Aen, [ocatid In iddiUon no. KAth*rme riaftr 531 4303. SPRINGOALE 4 y«r old 3 BR, I 1 ,* bath brick, LR, Wfcttwi vlth ran« ft di»po*a!. rarpet. Orty iLB.OOO. CaH Belly UUe S31-1K7. ROSEWOOD A D D I T f O N Beuttfu] 2 at rni r\ «lot, Call Brj« A REAL STEAL 3 BR. 1 btth bungalow Is jM right tor · orup1« or rrr^il [nvrMnwnt. W WO, Call Twilt Mellon 3Q1-M9, IIVE WELt/BUY WISELY Stiti onbjer conitroction. lovely 3 BR, » b*ths, PR, Jotchei w/aprKinCK. central heat/air. Call Katherine Fiwr 521- GROWING FAMILY? A really rice I BR. t brick hnm*- Has FR. chen, Call DATI Fultor ACRE LOT Wto i Tell buH 3 BR. J hilh bomr TV floor* are carpet t rin1, ha* utdit; room, central air, There (a t also iia.f* It hort-up Tor mobil* home. CaH Dave Ftftax 4W-22M. ' RELAXED LIVING Ynu'D enj^iy *H thfs. honw ort*i BR. 2 balhs. comtffte Jclrfien, c_ H/A, *Mimmin« rool. - jrr««nboue. Cal Xaltorinc FIMT . Ml We have several choice building sites, also, call us about our other listings, 521-8660 PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CAU US ON SUNDAYS EVENINGS BUYING or SELLING YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR HSPONSIULITY D A V I S ' CO.,:INC. ·..,· : - ' . 1617 N. Colin* --.Off!« iOT-521-8440 REAL ESTATE COMPANY 1015 College 521-6700 efinckra RefenaJ BY PRIVATE PARTY le 6".i arj-d broiler ranch. stect truss chicken hou§*s O2'rt7i') Plna homesite or Irail^r snaca with water well, gas welt, EepUc tacit. And all hookups. Located on Hvvy. 62 between Pratrla Grove and Farmingloo. Price T7S.008. r«* sona»Je t 521-5833 521-8220 442-6446 521-5833 751-8620 Bill Lazenby Les Davis Doug Hartley Call Ron Burns 846-2183 200 E. Poplar FayeHevilLe 80 A. Wobd-buntfng ful kitchen. Fertile farttei arM,'Sixtwn bearing fruit tress. Bam, Looting Sbcd. · e.« fecwc around entire ».' Great %T«W. *n» only K5.oro.oo. Owner vriQ tnd or other property. WHAT a [oration! A quiet. family nel ghborhood high on Roo*. School district, boa sting s^. ft. 3 bedroom, 2V£ bath hotru centra! beat/ail, termed bsrt yard with « view, green hou« too' Susan today at SZl-;063. 50-A ir W eicy with :k home. Bam Pasture and Water. Prica only $W.« KO.OO. Good term* MUST Sell, transferred In Texa*. Olde 3 bedroom 1 bath, emil-en bvin d«^ weil, Jctinson area, 13,000 and Jissume FKA loan. «M1S3. ni- 4 bedrooms, 2^ baUu, titcbe ·ith island work aiea, breaWirt roon ·oom. large stone fireplace. « room acd wet bar. Located on I in BalterflsM Addition. Priced Lr SPECIAL OF THE WEEK 1150 E. SHADOWRIDGE 70- A. Unimproved.- Some - bench laoi. Iflta lre« an BTU and Mail Rte. oa. E»M Brancfa of While-KJver. 10 A Oose In to Fayetle'viiie. .W««J«4. KaH and School Bus. ' . ·· FOR SALE BY OWNER land. Good road, a m1I« st olf Highway -71 South. West Fork ·acetul and quiet "SoOO down «200 r monlh, inrtudes Interwf :1SA-(T50 , 175 per m 20A-J1OM do^ii. J100 per mrrth. Inrfudcs intwcsl. AtM 2 ch Rama Park next lo lak . awl clwiriclly avnfl- aKe. Ko permaneh 1 . traitens. Each " J150 5 per monlh , includes interest. OH Donald .Weaver . (home) SW-35M; (bunnec FOR SALE BY BUILDER B«aubfu! hom« en 5 miles from: Ewitmrtll* 72 Eari m B«nton Ridee EUlat jardeu entrj'. aunkwi larg? Iiretrfac* openin? oil o la wood d«X r wih fabulous view. livingroom, , 3 .. hw^ioom, 2 full, bath Loads of cablAeU awi «xt ra la r oar garage · SUny more ejrtta? ped and ready to so only W nd heaven, too. Step into this enchanting home and feast our eyes on the formal living room, dining room, four edrooms, family room with rock fireplace AND game room. With, over 3000 tq. fl. of healed ond cooled space, this ovely home has many, many extras. Coll today for a ouble free appointment. Vernon Tarver 521-6611, nights 21-3367. R-308 273-2993 or 451-6525 SJ1-57M Hiram Brook* 442-9513 Glady* ftxm 3535 N; College,-Fayeltevil[» H(! I'M JO LXJDSON ! Bdrm, 3 full b^rh, (ormal *nlnj rcom, den Rsoi School, rainy mctrajr, Iw» fff stftraxe. ?rci«d OPEN HOUSE 2143 SWEE1BRIAR SUNDAY, APRIL 25 2:00 to 5:00 Older 3 bdrm »ilh 4 kcre« CJOM in. f«^rcd with 3 Bdnn IVOOK In b*nu(j(g( ytrd, Hindi to be Men. $23,5». tMlchbrntiood, ton, Mttra. «torM* your prexnt horn*. For m-ir? fnrormil«n and troubl AMERICA'S NO. 1 REAL ESTATE MARKETING NETWORK Beautiful 4 bedroom, format living and dining room/ cus- om drop«s, 1600 iq. ft. Buherfield School district. COME BY i VISIT SE YOU SUNDAY 521-3900 MURL STEED REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE 200 EaM Poplar FREEMAN iUtffr -N 6300 iV^nfJara

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