Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1964 · Page 9
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 9

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1964
Page 9
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P«9*A.10-1NOEJENDENT I lane luck. Cm* TMn. Ha. tf. nu Racism Truancy' in Boston BOSTON Wi -- More than 10,000 Negro and white children Wednesday heeded call from civil rights leaders and boycotted Boston public schools and attended co-called "freedom schools." It was the second boycott cf Boston In eight months to protest alleged dt facto segre gation. There were no reports o violence or disorder. a a a a BOYCOTT leaders called the demonstration "overwhelmingly successfuL" But William Ohrenberger, superintendent of s c h o o l s . said. "I cannot view this event as a victory for anyone." Ohrenberger said prelimi nary figures indicated absences totalled 20.571. Absences on a normal day are some 9,000 or about 10 percent of the city's 92,844 pu- . Pil«. There are an estimated, 14.000 Negroes in the Boston' public schools. The superintendent said the demonstration "dangerou s l y undermined a basic d cratic principle of respect forj law and authority. This flout U.S.Envoy to Cyprus Reporting Court Rules 6 Innocent in Equitable Plan Bilk LOS ANGELES (AP)--The'gotten gala and who perpe- wner and five former cffi-ltrated to misdeeds. 1 ' NICOSIA. Cyprus (UPI)-- cerj o f the defunct witne " es CORE Halts ] Shop-ins fltL-v Food Chafe:' SAN FRANCISCO (AT-- A roup called off meanwhile, s a i d de GauHe to mediate the dis pute on this strife-torn Medi- terraneaa Island. r SS- Fraser WUkins. ordered byi Secretary of State Dean Rust ! was seen as an indicate cf, s Amencaa a l a r m ' s ed. increasing Virndota IJOGS UHEAK UP STUDENT MARCH Maryland state police dog lunges at girl during Wednesday's Maryland State College student demonstrations at Princess Ann where Negroes resumed their demands for integration of town's restaurants. Superior day recalled its imtaiMtoj.^^ ^ c^p^ ind rj£ ££££ " ^'ed^strations against Lucky super- to Cyprus for urgent wasn-i ^ ttxit 3^^ jnsinjt ,,»--,» £, m.,... i Mr .s l markets--fining baskets with SS? SS.3 ^^^^^"^JS^^Sf^SSt^^Sii w l $ t l o a n s was inadequate 1 con iBirrell received most of Ruby Schuust. t h e ' s k witnesses said. [owner, and directors Joseph! Crosby. Virgil Dardi. Walter' S m i t h , Leon and Hopps. The over the worsening situation.! . . . . AUTHORITATIVE sources that vestors in Equitable tost Missile Knocks B17 From Sky A L A M O G O R D O . Nil. The annDuncement by a spokesman for the Congress of Racial Locality followed a threat by the 40,000-inember Negro Baptist Ministers Union to split with CORE unless the shop-ins ceased. The shop-in demonstrations air-to-air missile knocked I stores discriminated m hiring sa,d that Makanos has agreed Q^ ^ t f ft I to appoint an ambassador to v '^ aa £ td Mrlier . Stin ' Panv They sad France has , ^ ,, agreed to the naming of, ^ f fitin from Greek Cypriot Paul ModinosA -s - - now serving with the Human , Rights Commission in Stras-!' _. ., bourg. France, as the envoy.Lf^S."TMC,^ The report that the Creek; 111 ' firm s "^P 56 Cypriot president may turn tol Missile Range Wednesday. ] denied "* char *"The advanced Falcon was fired from an F102 supersonic! fighter at high altitude in a test J cials at Holtoman Air Force extreme regret fc come." a · a BOYCOTT l e a d e r s were exultant as reports came in from 37 "freedom schools" that many were filled to over flowing. Co-chairman Noe! Day said the movement, which he! called a "Freedom Stay-Out,"i was "a complete success so' far in terms of numbers and Coslumer Orry-Kclly Dies at 67 HOLLYWOOD Wl -- Orry- Kelly, motion picture costume iesifcner who clothed actresses from Marion Davies to cer of the liver Wednesday. The 67-year-old Australian- born designer underwent surgery last Thursday at Cedars Europeans Warned on Cuba Trade CARACAS (UPI) -- President R o m u l o Betancourt called in the British. Spanish and F r e n c h ambassadors Wednesday, and threatened a possible suspension of commercial relations with their Base near here said. j The test, termed a success, JUDGE Landis said of Bir-'by Air Force officials, vas the [De" Gaulle as a mediator fol-Velt second of three i n v o l v i n g ' as trade in his warning and lowed publication in Paris of| "1 would call attention to.three B47 Drone bombers. said Venezuelan harbors and an interview in which Maka- the fact that the proof estab- airports might be closed to'rios was quoted as calling on lishes beyond a reasonable such countries "if that trade iDe Gaulle for such a media-'doubt the guilt of BirrelL It continues. tkn effort. CASH IS EASY to raise when you use Classified to jwas he who obtained the ill! sen articles. Call HE 2-5959. ,,,,,,, Sol Hurok Presents JAN PEERCE In Concert CONCEIT MALI UUMICim AD9ITOSIUM Thnrs., Mir. 12, 8 P.M. s»t si «.$4.6a. 11.01 I RO WE K S HUMPHKIYS-l*n« IfKb WJLLLtCMS-- t»ew«e CKETA'V- tllnMnt ilwrt tr Tirol! of Lebanon Hospital Mrs. Jack Warner, wife countries if they continue to with Communist Cuba. the president cf Warner] Foreign Minister Marcos Brothers studio, was at his lFl!con Briceno said that bedside when he died IBetancourt had impressed up- He won Academy Awards «» the envoys there is a good ith his costumes for "An' possibility Venezuela wfll cur- American in Paris" and "Les ltail traJe Wltjl thcir caaTi ' Girls." tries. The Organization of {^American States (OAS) this a« m rC *° m came to Hollywood in 1931. Sression against Venezuela . . . . through the clandestine deliv- Boj-cotl leaders were less BORN Jaa 1. 1837. in'ery of arms and explosives, certain the stay-out would re- Kiama. Australia, he went to' . . . . suit in any change in the dis-JN ew York City in 1923. seek- IT WAS understood Vene- pute between the Boston ing ,,, Ictirig cir eer. When mela also was studjing the he couldn't find a job, he possibility of closing its air- eirned a living painting ports and ports to carriers school committee and he Na tional Association for Ad vancement of Colored People murals in a nightclub. fiyins flags of Cuban-dealing I over alleged segregation. The murals were spotted nation;. The Rev. James Breeden. by Julian Johnstone. an ex-t French Ambassador Pierre I b o y c o t t co-chairman with ecutive for 20th Century-Fox de Vaucelles met with the Day, said, "A ma^jrity of the studios. Johnstone Rave him President at the National ] Ci ^ _ ^ school committee still stands , job drawing sub-Titles for in the position that there is $jient movies. no problem." Tj, e designer branched out Iraqi Frees KunU BEIRUT, Lebanon (Jf\ -- Palace late in the evening, preceded by his British and ] Spanish counterparts. into costume and scenery de-| Britain's Sir Douglas L. I sign, doing costumes for Ethel Busk was called to Miraflore I Barrymore and for Katharine Hepburn's Broadway debut in Two hundred Kurds im-!"Death Takes a Holiday." prisoned by Iraqi government) Hunt Ol«crrrity SHEFFIELD Cfl -- Three'corps Palace late lowed an Wednesday, fol- hour later by forces during two years of war were released Wednesday, this makes a total of 650 prisoners set free since a j woman, wilf read 906 maja cease-fire ending the fighting zines and 4* novels in ruling _.. ,.:__.. was proclaimed So. ' two weeks on Spain's Matias Vega Guerra. j Betancourt Tuesday eight told the foreign diplomatic that Venemela might | English magistrates, one ajcut off trade with countries 'that continue to deal with] Cuba. The President specifically I included investments as » eH I allfged O f I the material seized by police. JUMBO SIZE Morona Glass Ashtray FROM ITALY . , w»n, tna. an 58 I I A C H MANZANITA TREES · I* Utlr ·oturol bark · Itlow wkolt- salt · Large sel*c Hoi to cfcoose from SANGO CHINA ft PC. SET SERVICE FOt 12 i» n n H M ;? J7MS VALUE $4000 RA? jte: *»\ N^ YENHIAN GLASS BIRDS DUCKS FROM 1TAIY · Up to tO" »s · Assorted colors · REG. $7.fS $' EA. IMPORTED V PITCHER VA5ES CERAMIC CHERUBS ·».« _., ·, ». Inll .«·,,. ··.:,, .^r MS rUUE S 1 AITlFICIAt FLOWERS TOBI CHOXI I/*' 6233 LAUREL CAHYON BLVD. U 7-S7I2 fO J^O NORTH HOLLYWOOD »ar la laurel Tali«r rnaia r, i«oi tut rn, «ii, THIS, i ru, DI ii. H I a r»-- rntv * »'- in 11. «a I M. til* 11 (·. fa I I .MAMMOTH MONTH-END MEAT BONANZA! 4 Our famous guarantee !| 'i W. Ctit.t Meet C*. ncoidi. I , t-oaaDy goarantt« tvcrf tenet ^ | c! Btat told If fear Mtidooios ! ar raar i raf mtti *IH Eiiiev fmt qnoHrf mtart at til* lowtjt priett U S«arltr« Catlferaia -- Cv*rf wtck at Ctvtcr Meat C*. Camt j« --ttsck wp at lavt txtra^pceia! »Yi»gi. CENTER MEAT Co. IN THE FACULTY SHOPS . i lAKEWOOH CENTER.., mn llKO.n T»un. FrU Sat. FA. r. O. ». Stari xe*n: cm Fn I iu r i m.: .nur an HI i; CLOSED SUKDJkT. Carat. Cn.i J'«« (OnM »«w Cpn Ju.^ t a.m. f. I · m^ tor TMT nwreflrcnct. ricnty tt FIEC f JklKme AT ALL LOCATIONS. FIEt SOUP SONEi. LAKEWOOD 5052 FACULTY AYE. ME 3-68201 a NT*. *Nt\ CtnTar M»«I C*. I US W. Pcnrana. Acrvss I Mnta AM Kl F4«Jt I . . t US Sur*. M CHOVf, 1 wnt H loan. t · ····· BEBF-A-UAMA : ROUND STEAK Cctfcr tit« *«fy. Cif from USD*. S*l«cr*d CnTom-f«(i Steers. GROUND BEEF SALE EXTRA FRESH GROUND BEEF tit lor-1-9 t rra* * Nariov'i FaverirtE 1 Ltaa, .tehc)»*« to ttorcns Ibl SWISS STEAK Ltu. Jaicr. TiicK* ·RUMP ROAST I Ttider. Lrsclon. _^. ,,_---_ 7-BONE BEEF ROAST I AU CENTH CUTS ONLY YOUR · O-BONE BEEF ROAST CHOICE' W WASTt flit-- * lael Treat f»r T.aT fem3, __WJib 65 Sg»iafic»Bl New Low f rices. 1 GroiJ . SMOKED PORK CHOPS 'ib L Kclovi favor. Smoked -1 ttsfct li*a ffaai* lunt vi an ri* ana ol. Sore 30c Ib. BONELESS STEWING BEEF Superb cattag, fancy, eitra leaa We Happilf Rtptot bf Fepater Dtmotd ... V JSfRLOIN TIP RO/4STH1 toneless Rolled I Snccoleat! Leas! I f erf e:tty Trimmed Gti.HO TASTt --TO lt.ll OI FOE SIA50NINS SMOKED PORK RIBS .35! · · ·. v w w w w w w w v w w w w w w w w w mm JV~~;--^ t Cttfer Utat Co. Otlicaittit* Stper Vattttf^p n CSCil BJTtl--li Fintn I-IV Tirli-lici til. ALL-MEAT WIENERS SITI lie ter tt,--ii Bma ·sen iiTit SMOKIE LINKS.. SLICED CHOPPED PORK . SIM Zb Ik. CHICKEN BREASTS 45£ Ckaei* rt« tarn Taor Foraay lian t*a FIUH U.S.DJL G1ASI 'A* FRYER PARTS _ LFGS THIGHS f. r THt FIESHUI. UNKT. WICHST. riUMUJT. ·_ MOST IIN9EI CH1CIIH fAITS IN TOWN! - ' r, KzWfif^mrsie f R Ibs.for tiuriiT *T. Of Table Trimmed Ready-lo-Cook AHSfriclly FirsI Qualify Meals PER WltK · IXJS. Ceor. N«f W«l. ST« e l« CTaar Ckaca af VSOa OKM Ckalca er Oar Own Cnlvm ftt ItaO · II re II Lai. letrer* fert Uin This uclades efl fiioac« carrylag eto-ges. For 2i weeks. NO MONEY DOWN Itf fATMtltl MOT CHTll I UATtt.tU. IS WHAT YOU GET! ^- ^^ er Jala e tl Ik*. CHter Wtrtr All-Meet WMMTI FJU.T COOIIO HAH «'· f«iieei T.« faa lax rtni · 12 Ut Hrmtr Jala fUSt e S IK. Irricrfr Fml W»a!« er Cat 0» QUAUTT SUCtO tACSM FlflK* CHICICNI (Aaerai. Ill · II IK. Oar O.a Haneotee'e IIIACFAIT SADSA6I · It Ui. Fr*t [attar* Cara- ht roil 11-0 STAIUIK FM rtai* .1. «n»« IOCMTI. UAMNmeS. .r SWIFT *tO-TtN IttF. C««rar U.« Ca. aa« aff.n a) af rtnt. h aJf-.ri.a re DS9A CK01CI nt ear ewe Sn.fCTt» CVSTOU-F! IIIF at TtlUINCOBS SATlNeS. Mart ial *!ete r«" ·"» frnnr areVr caai* «aT w». er ton. *4 CCVfAlI inert eia 1 wrrlce. rt.a tnt e CINTd MEAT CO. f! ^ l ^*.j«.«~^.: We Cuf, Wrop, ond Shorp freeze at No Cxtra Charge|J[,J,

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