Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1963 · Page 35
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 35

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1963
Page 35
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talk . MALCOLM EPLCY MOT ALL crime is of the ·" ugly, life-threatening kind. There's a lot of petty stuff going on an the time, some of it by Juveniles who thus started could go on to bigger and ."worser* things. Shoplifting, for instance. It'* a major problem here. There's one estimate that merchants of the area lose $3,000,000 a year from shop thievery. That seeras awful big but it indicates there must be a lot of it Recently local merchants changed their policy from merely reprimanding young thieves and begin turning them over to the city Juvenile Dept But still the lifting goes on. - Often the kids say they did it just as a lark, or because they belong to some club that they steal something to demonstrate their worthiness for initiation. (Pretty wacky, that!) Many of the youngsters have well-to-do families and have no economic reason to steal. There are oldsters, however, who sometimes do it because they are really in serious straits. When this is determined, they are usually reprimanded and sent home. Kids who are tempted to steal should remember that one writes his record as he goes'along. Regardless of official files, somebody will know, and it can do a lot of damage some day. The lark isn't worth it. 5 Navy Ships to Sail With Gifts for Needy By BOB SANDERS Five ocean-going minesweepers, home-ported with Pacific Mine Force at the Long Beach Kara! Station,leave today for a six-and-a- half month tour of duty with the Seventh Fleet in the Far East In addition to the 330 crew members, the ships win carry more than two tons of food, clothing and supplies donated by Girl Scouts and 2,000 pounds of food concentrate. ' These shipments are part of the Project Handclasp, started by the Nary three y e a r s ago to transport needed items to needy people in the Navy's People to People program. The clothing, food and supplies are donated ' by the Girl Scouts of £1 Rio district in Los Angeles, which includes Eagle Rock and Highland Park. The food concentrate, known as multiple-purpose food or MPF. is being con- the · Meals for Millions Foundation, Inc, of Los Angeles. 1 Organized in 1946' by Clifford E. dintoa, founder of the chain of Clifton's Cafeterias, the foundation distributes powdered, high- protein food concentrate, which can be mixed with the regular native food, in needy countries. ~ The particular shipment carried by.the minesweepers of Division 93 win be distributed by Rev. David Maclnnis, a Methodist missionary in Taiwan, to the people there. Primary mission of the cruise, however, win be mineswceping e x e r c i s e s conducted with the navies of Japan, Korea, the Philippines and the Republic of China to insure constant readiness, ·according to Cmdr. G. A. Aubert, who commands the division. The 172-foot minesweepers are the USS Leader. USS ExceL USS Guide. USS Lucid and USS Enhance. One division of minesweepers from Pacific Mine Force is kept in the Far East at all times. Independent The Sonlh1and'$ 'M Finest Morning Newspaper . t * LONG BEACH 12. CALIFORNIA. FRIDAY. APRIL 5, 191 -fag, B-l "PNCOURAGING note for conservatives: P e o p l e who occasionally visit the University by the Sea on L.B,'s strand report there's a definite change to the "right" in the atmosphere of the place. ' Leftists no longer dominate the speechmaking. One black Republican I know happened by the other day and thought he heard Barry Goldwater on the "university" rostrum. · What's going on down there? It doesn't sound like the good old days. · · · · TT LOOKED like a chance to pun a long-range prank on; our hardworking Sacramento man, Jim McCauley. You see, I had been to Sacramento and had mentioned here the oranges on Capitol grounds trees with some speculation as to who picks and eats the fruit off the lower branches. ' And so one of my ever- watchful readers, by name Katherine Beaty, called right cp and a little disdainfully told me that nobody does. Averring that she grew up in Sacramento, she said everybody " there knows the fruit from those Capitol grounds trees is inedible. It's awful, she said, and nobody touches it. JOHN F. JOHXSTON Prelaw Student Officers at LBSC Elected John F. Johnston, junior prelaw student, was elected president of the Long Beach State College student body in wo-day balloting this week, tabulation of the results disclosed Thursday, Johnston, 20, of 234 AT gonne Ave, win succeed Gary Little in the top'stu- dent office next .September. Johnston, a Wilson High School graduate, is the present vice president . * · · * ELECTED vice president and treasurer, respectively, were Howard Adler of 411 Nutwood St, Anahn'm, and Bob HUlseth of Inglewood. Aljean Rae of 2680 Cedar Ave., will head the Assotiat ed Woman Students. New student senators are Marcia Crabtree, Lakewood, Dennis Mesenhimer, South Gate; Alene Jewett, Long B e a c h ; Patricia Brenden, Steve First man, Gardena. Three on Court Clerks' Panch Three officials of the Lonj Beach Municipal Court wfl appear on panels Saturday a the ninth annual Spring Conference of California Munici pal Court Clerks in Palm Springs. Gene Davis, chief clerk of the criminal division of the court, win moderate a panel on "Required Reports." Harry Palmer, chief, Crri Division of the court, am Freda Banco of the same divi sioa, win be panelists in a discussion on "Default Jadg ments." To my question she said .Compton; and she had not herself tried the lm » n r.ardfn*. fruit, being told as a child, to avoid it Could that be, I asked, because oldsters wanted to scare her off any temptation to steal a bit of state property when playing in the park? ·No indeed, replied Katherine. Convinced at last I awaited the next time a business can came through from Mr. McCauley and casually suggested that he try one of the Capitol grounds oranges Fd written about and let m« know how he liked it I had mischievous imaginings of Bra. Jim coughing and spewing and grimacing. But no such hick. "Why, I already have tried it," said Jim. "I plucked one of the oranges the other eve, took it home and ate it It was sweet and juicy." Jim said that it's true the Idea prevails in Sacramento that the Capitol oranges are no good. But his one experience indicated otherwise. Frn not sure what this proves. In deference to Miss Beaty, left just say Jim happened to pick a good one. Bat we do know now where at least one of the missing oranges went -..To Display Shrines Two -freedom shrine s"i containing replicas of United States historical documents hive been presented to the Long Beach Unified School School District by the Ext change Club of Long Beach. 5 Points to Save Latin Countries Outlined by Envoy An increasing sense of social and political responsibility is the best hope of saving his country and other Latin American nations from communism, Venezuelan industrialist Eugenio Mendoza said at a banquet in his honor at the Lafayette Hotel Thursday night. -I sincerely believe there is a growing awareness'that In order to solve the problems of our'countries' we must rely primarily upon our own efforts." Mendoza said. -Yet, at the same time we need cooperation and guidance from highly-developed countries." He outlined five principles by which the United States can aid Latin America: 1. The Alliance for Progress should not be solely on a government-to-government' basis, but should include private enterprise. - - ' - ' . .. 2. The basic needs of people most be met. These needs are nutrition, education, sanitation, low-cost housing and control of juvenile delinquency. - . . .·".". '- · X There const be .agrarian 'reforms, along with programs for water supply and roads, i::, ' ' \. Nationalization of private. companies must be' avoided. -"·· "····· ; ' ''· .':' ( · · '. · - 5. Each country should have a committee of leaders to work with the Agency for International Development. MENDOZA TOLD OF the inequalities which make Venezuela prime Communist target. It is the third largest producer of petroleum, and the per capita income is highest in Latin America. Yet, 14 percent of the working population is unemployed, and malnutrition is the chief cause 'of infant mortality. "It is sufficient to see the slums in which many Venezuelans grow cp' to appreciate the great gap that must be closed before adults and children can lead th decent lives to which they are entitled as human beings, Mendoza said. · · " · . , He panted to tremendous progress that has been made by both 'private and government sectors in recent years. The number of children in school has doubled. Malaria has been eliminated and other diseases brought under control. The government has financed construction of 33,000 low-cost homes. Great pioneering efforts in social work have been made. ' -' -WE MUST HAVE faith that with mutual cooperation cur American nations. North and South, will find the means to conquer the great dangers which confront al of us. for we hold a weapon denied to our enemy: our common respect for the dignity and liberty of men," he declared. The banquet in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Mendoza wa sponsored by the YMCA of Long Beach, the Chamber of Commerce, the World's Fair, the city, the Harbor Commission and the Rotary dub. Superior Court Judge Beach Vasey was honored as the -V* Man-of-the-Year. Judge Vasey, who has served the organization in many capacities, cow is president of its National Council. The presentation was made by Norbert W. Dean, president of the Long Beach "Y." Several hundred persons attended the function. Taxicab Fee Hike Sought Increased fares for longe taxicab rides and for Munia sal Airport limousine sen-ice are sought in an appticatiot Ued Thursday with the Cit Bureau of Franchises. Diamond and Yellow Ca Companies. ,the two majo perators here, filed the n pest jointly. Bureau sta members said a public hea ing win probably be schedule* or June or July. Under the proposal the cur rent 50-cent cab'rate for th irst quarter-mile would b unchanged, but the addec charge for extra · 'distance would be 10 cents for each quarter-mile or fraction in lead of each ^one-third of mile or fraction. ' Today in L.B. SIXG -- Nine LBCC clubs wiD compete in -Spring Sing," 8 p-ra, LBCC auditorium, Harvey W»y rear Clark Avenue- OX STAGE---O Mistress Mine," 30 pm. Community Playhouse, 5021 E. Anaheim St. -Bora Yesterday." t30 p.nv. Magnolia Theater, 2400 Magnolia Ave. -Sweet Bird of Youth," 3:30 p-m, Off-Broadway Theater, 211 lime Ave. --St«ff Ptiot* . BILL KREPS GRLVS THROUGH RUDDER SECTION OF PROJECT ' Amateur Builds Own\ $500 (Maybe) Plane By LEE CRAIG A«r*vac* CdJtar . In the garage of his home at 712S Peabody St, 41- year-old Bill Kreps has an airplane propefler and rud- der. By this time next year, Krtps says, hell have an airplane built between the two parts. .The plane w i l l c o s t State Rests Case Against Rehman The prosecution rested its case Thursday after 121 days of trial--in the marathon conspiracy trial of Dr. Jerome Rehman. Deputy Dist Atty. John Marin signaled the end of the people's case after defense at- lomeys'Albert C. S. Ramsey and Milton Emlein had con- THE COMPANIES al* asked that the one-way lim ousme fare to and from th airport be boosted from $1-2. to $1.50. :'. J ' ; - / --.nV Since the. presehl i"rates were established four years ago there' has been a con: inning increase in operating costs, according to the application signed by Robert Me- . Nulty and Earl Lundhigh, I^y to fmd ^ eir cll * ntl '. n ' chlded tbeir tion cf Dr. George Bryant, the state's final witness. Ramsey and Emlein asked Superior Court Judge Harold W. Schweitzer to instruct the ^residents' respectively [iamond and YeQow. .j nocent, asserting no conspir-i,,,... . .. "'acy had been proven. cused of throwing a gas gre- The . two firms have monopoly of locally originated cab, 'service except for limited service by Lakewood have Cab Ca in the northeast section of Long Beach. Child Abuse Jails Sailor for 90 Days Vernon Roosevelt Ayers Sr, Cos Bomb Case Goes to Judge The defense attorney for the two Gardena brothers ac The judge declined that request, plus several others. nade into a crowded Compton church hall submitted the indicated they expect the presentation cf the defense to take at least three: E i g h t e e n - year-old twins Mike and Pat Porter, of 1341 more months. W. 164th St, have pleaded The trial, the longest in the innocent to the charge of 2g. cause serious last 23-year-old sailor, Thursday [which included several enter- . Attorney Mark Sincoff, one. Jan - 25 of the four defendants, was The state c h a r g e s the the first defense witness. He brothers with tossing the gre- explained his role in the' de j^ the vxill ^ of structure of Metropolitan En- jj* SL ^^^ ^ Great Otll . terpnses Inc^the corporation olic church, 804 E. Compton explained to be an how the county jafl after admitting' Rehman. he beat his 8-year-old son * · with a strap. HE ALSO Ayers was also placed on * three years* probation after) ln admitting he also beat his, wife, while a third charge, of P"secutcn. b e a t i n g his 2^-year-oId daughter, was dismissed. "'"" ' Police arrested Avers, of [sheriffs "deputy had" threat- 1927 W. Wfllard SL, on April Lnej t,, -run him in- if Kreps, he hopes, a total of i only $500. This will include '. cost of the propeller, en; gine, landing gear and tail- i wheel, plywood, glue and i other materials. ' Parts manager for a local · automobile dealer, Kreps always has been fond of ' flying on his own wings. · He and a cousin built a primary glider in Colorado in 1939, before he entered the Army Air Corps where he served as an ordnance specialist in World War II. · * * * AFTER THE WAR, he bought an old Porterfield tight plane, basically sound ! but'with Its w i n g fabric \ hanging in shreds. The J wing wound up in Kreps" ·, front room while his wife, Edith, a lukewarm flying enthusiast at best, found · herself sewing sections of ; fabric together to help him J re-cover it. · i Next project was con- J structksi of a gyrocopter, towed behind a car on a 100-foot line. Kreps installed a 35-horsepower aircraft drone engine so he could m a k e p o w e r e d flights, but this didn't work welL So he sold the craft. The p l a n e he's n o w ; building is a c o p y of a French Jodel, with the addition of b r a k e s and a steerable tail wheel instead of a skid. : · · · * A 4 0 - I I O R S E P O W E R · Volkswagen engine, modified to include dual ignl- ito be hospitalized for smoke [inhalation. '· THE STATE called one wit-| bv the 1 ""** ^ Jack En « lin ' who * I testified he was on duty at ll h TM w h i I e 2 after being called by his we re caught driving the am wife, lone. He reportedry was bulance in county territory " ....... . -i mmistmng to them ' intoxicated at the time. Sincoff said the ambulance; m!tteJ ^ "se W JuJ g service, one of the enterprises, 0 - **rna on the basis of a in which Dr. Rehman had an P«fcninary h e a r i n g tran- a valid county script, but reserved the right interest had license at the time. He said. 1 " . . he did not encounter anyi adlit onl1 testimony on May deputies, and quit riding with: 9 1rhen the the ambulance when the for possible decision. driver told him he thought the threat was "all a bluff." DR. R'EHMAN* sincoff, X-ray t e c h n i c i a n Charles Symes and hospital orderly Richard Gorman are charged with conspiring to commit acts injurious to p u b l i c JUDGE BEACH VASEY (second from right) receives Long Beach YMCA Man of the Year Award from Norbert Dean, president of local Y, during dinner at Lafayette Hotel Thursday night Observing presentation are Eugenio Mendoza (left), former Venezuelan cabinet minister, and Mayor Edwin Wade, attorney sub- witnesses or submit U P Kaird Files for Council Rcnomination Councilman Andrew Baird health, including assault and.fikd » declaration Thursday battery; practicing medicine' 1 ' « candidate for renomina- without a license; filing false |tkm in the May 14 municipal insurance claims and birth primary. 530-pound monoplane a top speed of 106 miles per hour, a 780-feet-per-minute rate of climb and a fuel consumption rate of less than three gallons an hour. The little craft--wingspan 23 feet--will land at only 31 miles an hour and take op only 131 feet of runway in doing so. Takeoff run will be about 230 feet Kreps' two" daughters, Linda, 16, and Rebecca, 11. viewed the project with great interest until they learned an important fact about the new family airplane. It's a single-seater. Bus Finn's Revenue Up 11.5 Percent Long Beach Meter B=s Ca had aa 115 percent increase in revenue last year but a certificates, and v i o l a t i n g Baird. a frequent storm'decrease in patronage of -5 state hospital regulations. center during his first term, 1 percent, the California Public Not an the fef«*»t* «« «H be wfll wage a "surpris-'u t il 111 e s Commission aa- charged with an of the of- mg" campaign. He is the'nounced Thursday : - fenses. (fifth candidate to declare inf « «,,,-!_·- .'. Marin and Co-prosecutor.District 4. Charles Sheldon have at-| AD Incumbent elective cf-lstate that showed . Long Beach's transit sys- Jtem was one of 14 in tha an in- have signed declara- crease in revenue, the coo- tempted to prove Dr. Rehman'ficialj performed unnecessary sur- tions except CouncCnnn Vir-!missif n said. Three system* gery on patients at his now- La a Spongberg of the NinthVeported a cut in revenue. closed Bisby KnoUs Cora- District, who has announced The commission explained munity Hospital, 3S33 At-,his retirement, and CouncO- the discrepancy in revence lantic Ave, and also recoxn- maa Robert F. Crow of the and patronage for tha Lopj mended excessive hospitaliza tion. ISevenlB, who is expected to Beach fim by crediting tha (seek re-election, (income hike to a fire raise.'

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