The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on July 2, 1957 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1957
Page 1
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< ,%i««lw~ftlih Till p.m. - tftW 1 IT** p.fti. •- ' ifftjBOilMii — " } *wfte':9« p'm'. a.m. JTOL.«IfO. 89 "!*•>- •• "-J—. H Tte Vfcce o/ anVntfcirttt TUiSDAT, JULY 2, T«W " Hettter Forest Clear to partly Meudy and •warm through :w«dn«s<!»y. Southerly wind*. ti9» tonight around 78 and high Wednesday near 92. RR Me Af fircrzono: Tells MoP PROJECT Or THE HEWLY coniolid.l.d rr**|x>rt •1(4 V.last* Junior OpIlml.S Club, li * wal.rm.lm sal. und.rwar on Hlghwar Ml. T«king llf. ,siy whil. their lurr si 'k.epina ihop' ar* Cordon Johnson and Larrr •»*•>... Th* b.,. H* HIM. u .u*ll r from 10 a.m. uitNl I V«i. Tho b. T , •r.dfct tb*r h.T. a iupply „< m.lotl. to hold lKro«th Ih* J«i r 4 h.Kd.f. In quired of the School Board Vetoes Joint Tax Appraisal c/rr TO WITHDRAW SUIT Mayor Jim Russell told an apologetic group »f (Missouri Pacific officials Monday night that """•'"'"" jeoiineilmen would believe their changed hoard World Travoler: Hawaiian Bike Rider Pedals Through Area «iwun thai r.- board, a majority had voted fkal action -.<-ould 1 .-- P™,5«1. Z'S Ca " '" Wa ' 0 " ' h < """""- '^ ciu.ed meeting, and oniv •orl. , cho0 . r,-,,,,ee, rej , cwd , n |MI nj(jt|t , f vo( ^ ^ H > d ,^« "»""« -™ld be dis-, ,„ '"are Brlgance. Harmon Hoot and A. ,i . : to »P-!H. C. Flowers favored «,'i"n, ....-'. the "7""* <^ * ™-,<t from the aiidienc. re s«* „ Three MoPac men had appeared at. a regular taktn at"" 8 ' of 1ne council to seek,a : v'^Ttf"' £*/. .™' in « ^council Monday that, he | the proposfll that ihey < with th. dtv a JO tnt. tax j| pralsal program. At . previou; iR««ting ot -, owers favored the 'joint „,,,, ' JA A. D quest • tii. board secietary to read Murff Taking Summer Drills i, '"' vot " d ? lo " d the reply to a letter! i n v' IT m "• c - Joiner, who had A?' JT 0 "*-'.*". t" »-"«««r .asked for an explain of' Ju That ,, , has been . set on the court;lifting the wires and plankin* itn e crossing at its own «x-« th* date a hearing pense. if the city would injunc- — ....... - ..... „„„„. WIm . - draw its request to open Sijrtlt itawd that if tb« board of tion ' forc « the railroad com and Seventh also. Bill.* Muilf, »od Mrs. H. M. 'Mutlf. Hoiil«/J! !. Velasco. is receiving t weeks of tax appraiia i limit, th*y will Mr. 1 ! 0 m ** t ««vr»l nighis "Does that Include wirainf all hear- and should net ^^^ - ' and around 200 pro- vowed n«»er to xain. i tin. C«<let M»,«f «, «. • ™- ..... „„-.„,( on jiiBt l»o probably ow , <nvir |;, c ,„ Hav fete ot tins HI Bob Haveans t . an „, h( . carri «, 5 a flr!tt 8ld trip around th* world. on hlg UK . vcl , ' luvmn. a de»ply tanned . .. . , 1 fWtte, 1*»w»a native, dropped , A *, S80ft 8f "'* world-wide Into The . Braaosporl Fa-. t s lr " vo1 ^ «^ w « ««<*. he; fcwoom>arfy Monday morn- >"'"»* ''.T? hl * cycl " "i" 1 , Jng to rriaj. «»m« of hi. high- doin * *" he rl " lo he 'P 'he i down __ __ • skin-diving tournament. ' Se*m< "as if th* six foot on* lack, 220 sound Hawaiian •t«r**d out on his long Journey . - .whan h* wa« only U year. old. Ho »ev«r. he m fltvM that time countless miles •ft pedaling his bicycle has be- iceme nothing more than a rou- •*iB* matfer. iwan g*ti arouod 130 i 9*r day an th* road, that Ing coniUons. However, some ait tS» time stops to •arnp'enough money to carry him on to th* next spot. Sine* th* .11-year old Hawaiian's adventure began, hn has taken jobs as a rook, lifeguard, •kin-diver and many more odd job. in trying to c»rn a days ke*p. However, the healthy looking iean,« to enjoy his kind of llf* as h* sets a pattern for living that run* parallel with th* weather. Two Angleton Cafes Robbed Two eafw In Anfleton'n N*- gro wction wcr* burglarized la** night, with tltirvea g«ttina> •bout $50 from *«ch, An|leton> acting pallet- cW«f, Harvey L. Cotton, mid that the 'tin Top C»l» and. Hen- ciritkaon'i Cafe were broken in,to, and juke boxet in both w«r. robbed. H. taid that gutn and cigar- eltef were alto stolen Jnin the Tin Top Cafe Chiof Cotton and another city officer, Melvin HuttierforJ. inv«tigaied tl\« iHir^luriKt., which M*IV dii<cuv«red «i abuut • am, today. PoUc« have no leadi at to who committed Hie burnlurie. Chief Cotton said. W. D. Colecrove of Dow'n PUbKc ""•***• D«P««m«t PiOMIO CHICAGO -H»-_ ar. svtl le.> helu s ., n to in order to ing*. for !be -Jip ]^v c lart of July for the purpos* Danforri of a survey-of the buflge* Tl-.i- -n, hid annouric«i thai no of- eci *.nd - read ,„ ^ «fc » ~ l)een ; iaid that At this point Wa.ker board ii a Juled ! fl i t ead v . - ^L£enerM_n,anagfer. tol,l_the: '" i TJ » ' Lklt Roll for the . . -- .JT at Mary Bar- ' 7,^~ ~ • (dm Baylor college. Dr. C A >~,*i, f4W b *' or « j Anderson d »n. has announc-'; <™ , Ap r»'«J" In Angloton Dispute: Re-Hearing Request Denied AnAl.toil Httrirn«» T^UH U ,. . -. —,— ,it through : thf bombing to continue on hi. ; way around the world on a t}i- cycl*. ! After ——— yt£ot •« *n« twi' (•§« in M»72 Miss tJpscomb is tile datiMh- « of Mi. and Mrs. 1.. A; U|»- cc.inb ef Old Ocean. Hen- learlng whicr, the Court of Anvlrtan for P»cte<< t» be He admitted, however, that Ihe request made in 1954 for an opening of Eighth Street nad been badly mishandled. Herb Teinert,, director 61 public works, explained to th« council that from the tim* a< the first request in IBM, th« railroad company had turiJAj the reqviest over to a con»iiiu» ing >proccssion of new men ev- the Corpus _ totirnament, plans to motor on to 0 replace the original tires *m street WM too ; puMfc~.hi. t.l lii« bicycl*. The J 0-year tire« loo'1 oa au *iw or * leg Around Bra?osport MRS. DORIS CiLKASuN. in Hoi maun Mo&piul in Huii^iuit tor two w?t'k&. r.ow in Dow Hospital lor a w«eli . . . MUS. R M. WIU5GN, bjck at hornt m l-aktj Barbala biter v..Minn her daughter and i>mili. Ui«, L, i). JONtbt-S i a Hiown.iviUu. HOLLY GAY it th. nam« of; th* daughter «dd«d to the Jon«. family June III . . Bi»?.- oiport School Diitrict Business Manager Hay Gajle ic vaca-, uoning . . . th* JACK TURNERS of Freeport got all dress- ' ad up recently for a i«re nigh; '• out and went io Jonet Cr<!«k; wh«8f they expected to »li«na t w««4iog, Upon enteruig Hie i eburch they decided It was toi b* a rather informal ottair and ; it took them several uumaeji HI ; tifur* out that they had comei Ju*t en. night eariy and caught j . Henderson «»,d that fh* fi; ing of »uch »n applTcaiion »nrf Its denial nuis' b« made before the ^caw can o* appealed to the State Supreme Court. The Appellate Court recent. Thlf Held i ir rule<1 lhat lh * annexation of tias '*" Ih* Liverpool and Chocoial* " v ** k ' b*ld M- Bayou Common Sdiool Du- ' tt *' ** Mi . r,_ tricts by th» Angleion Indepen- on V1<NI dent School Dijtricl v»*» lega ; *"'' ' Th* motion for re hearing w»s """'"'S filed by attorneys for the two Th * " common school districts folio*v- ^"'tf 1 ! entertained by in * lm * decision imptwti Hargrove Utigation in the r»« ij u ; P^'hapj, Europe. more than two and on» naif ofl * ''' ---'• served years duration. The «nnexation "' nKt '' depaitBfienl luprrintendenu of the two sciiool- HI Angieton le.chein to about 40 par-!would mean «2ltiUOO in enta. ihildrrn. ai.d teachers. :income it Angleton t«j£ rates Sweeny Board- Meets Tonight 'nt of a"n th ," S "P reme Co «" by common .... * "'.•" school district attorneys. There' Pr . v few months, each time is a limit to the time attorneys a Breement seemed near. He also emphasized that the . -, State Supreme Court hears on- ; '° be « m • ly about one in each 13 cases jfot'ation* with *ach for which hearing is requested. Tpln . This had th* effect of dev laying the final action by mating it 'necessary . fofr. ths"' again with ifew. . HP taid that the cases usually ert said. City Attorney Wayn« • -*>.<•-'• UJVSBII^ ,• j. >^u<^iv.r n «yn^ HOl» Sweenr Stliool Board! c . ons "' ere " . b - v the court are der pointed out to the council f. and *;i*tid the for vting up lho ' e ""volving an initial quqs- 'he fact' tion ' "' lno( "' r ases the Sup- will b« r<Mr "' Cn ' lrl feels have been i not be decldcri [_w.rongl.y. regular July II. t«rot.rn »1 M-veix! it-eiru o t ai-e un me anemia, .« :,,o>t iinportiiit . ;o be hin-d. taff. KO ni» of hat as far as he could find. MoPac was operating in tht city without: a franchise. I! the city wanted to avojj *oing through the name twt»i 'year wrangle later, it should! i reach a franchise agreem«4< I with the company, spelling out jthe conditions under, which the (city should make a request ; inrf the company complying; 'Holder said. ' NEW ORLEANS -OP- The, Tor the immediate project,' 1,. S. Coast Guard said today:Councilman Dick Helpin,UU boats inlasked Walker ' 'Missing' Boat Is 'Found' Hero all WC Tax Notices Sent ou Kivwt class--f" ' ase * of ' rnissing boats in tasked Walker when thi \tl£. •Hurncan Andrew hnve been graph wires would be lifted r»i i ( i *». KA 'irtfJ ,..-_ i^u __..-.!. .- . ™"f closed. One turned out « hoax. A report that "J. C." was - them lhat tb* as*e«*d!de(ianm«!iii. value, of their-property have Applications >i« b*ing b«... raia*<i from 15 t. 3S per-,c*,ve,1 bv ,h. c,,,,,«il for c«nt in order to help finance >two powtiunn OK the polite th* polic* department which .p.rtment .. w.u .. for th* city vot«r. appr«v*d in ..position o« corporal | reiw*nauni eUttion in April, ijujg*. All .pphc.uooi Hi* memburt of th* city : b* made in writing and ,^^>, council approved mailing- th* in >t the city mil in, *irter to! inodctii lo all city uxp*vei», be cuii>iaerevi - 'explainiug that th* apprdi»J Tin coimul liituuctcd City valun of tho prop«rty had nod Manager Einest I.e. to prcMfr! bjen changed, but that the as- a l.tisr to iii« nnUiary InVW-' xttMttd value would be tncrrai-• rrencr to tlie prujwiwd Arrnocy' «d in order 14 raia* the addi-'for ibis .ica T)ie Idler was tlonal hind necessary for e<- lo indicate thti ill. gwwral tablishiiig a two man police wisben of ui« p>-opl* in the fui'v'* and coiporalion tourt city u in favui of totaling, til* Invmtigatiou prior to th* elec- aiuioiy horr. lion irveal*d thai a ininiinuiii i. ev Wi , n.u.eU to reuiMiua of iluiluu woiilii b« n«c«t<iary t | 1P t ay <i ilu- lujusvrUt U« the fiiM y«ar of ooeratioii. ; \«iopuinii t'oiiinrnc* ou Tli* cuuucil i> «»kinj »inoue u»i 15-IS si AiM. Th« city wlio wisliot fuiinvi cxpljuu pirvioutly v,oihi-u with lion of Hi. uv «>sirssaieiu to (ioiip m luiitiinn, data fiom attviui Ih. July d i<ie«ung of cacti ,:'.'• uu tliv Quit cos.t lint Hoard of Kqualuation. The of vital lufuimjtiou which Uoaiu, composed of Ucwey Ba woiilu b. Ursm-d u\ small m- cica, Rosco Van Ixjon and uui,utes .lacking a coastal io- Wttde Ewing, will diactiM ihi» CHIIUU. >St'V«r*i U'.siiiesana«it in inctvaM at tlu's tun* with any- me mi an our aiten<ilug th. meeting .ilifciid tiu.v ajopltxi Hit c^cli till pioiioiui the intur the li*S7 58 "lauoa :iete.>>.iiy .'or ; uu:>iiit\ < >-'tf» t^ th f t epoi ivu uu a f i>( lur Uiaiutpuii Plan u: ll« 10 be i ha«l r«- L uir county Ifiesr ou reprem-ntfcU of flood cootro! • jt*«tn 'measure*, l.e* lepottW fhat «-.xt (1,11 tile group dts:id*d Lo request mtrs j information on ftraiona and : li» r'ort tiend coimli«« from the.noi A Army Rnginr-eiv and ih. State 3t.*.*i<>; planning Til. COUUCtl til.v'ii budget for fiM-al year following th* completion of th* requited Ml duvs porting penuti tot tuji-ting arc**. BIKE RIDING BaH *»?**». • »««(• «( Hawaat a>».l« li«ht but i«y< k* but,!****** «U 41 aiatai a«4 tflat of th* wojld 9ft M< MlH. H»ffM *t« to thlt w*«J( M hi. vtr (• CdtflM fhhin' Fiesfo £nfrfes Slowed Down By Audrey Hurrlcan* Audr«y apparently nlowed down the r^gia- tratioa) but fc*eport Jayc** officials ar. expecting th. number of riahin' Kwta entjri« to s-.vell well abov* th. l.SOO anark btfor. th* «veot closes down on Sunday, Juty T. an<l*f» |tl«r tiM ricbe.t purw io th* iu.tory of th* event. part ia> tfe* JTi««u, >nd from ail indications, thai number . ahould tt*£tt th« 1.000 mark, before th. Fourth openict. Tla* nationally known Tr**pori fi«i»ta will s«nd the At jBittiU aomr BOO anglen hav. signed up lo take with fl»h tt* ill kinds and <i». b*mg worth prises. to be: and was told within 10 : Planking would take two the fishing ve- weeks, Walker said. luniof high ke ' "J. C." was disabled near The council took a dim view e»t for time ex- Cameron. La., and could not of the proposal. Mavor Rm- >oiniaiioi who b ' abandoned due to swarms sell had already observed thai now tilth school- ' uf poi«c-nous unakes along the: since the hearing was next * Maberry pro- M-'irshy shore wa.i a hoax. Monday, and work on 'th« oinmg ve*i; »nj 'Hie "J. C." was found moor, crossing was at least 10 days cposilui* set-in-'d safely near Morgan City, away, an immediate agreement •po^ito! \ b«iiK. I.a. with MoPac would mean that urn! «f ijvrtou ih* "Miis G. M.,'' not heard! 1 *"' C 'V would be in a position jjie in a Ltustd from sine* it unloaded fish ati 0 ' calling off their court aping in.- oji-ii Cameron Wednesday, was,'' 0 " with only a verbal agree-, it.uiid safe at Kieeport, Tex. .' ment nith the railroad com• ' ' - ,pany. .... „ _ j .Spcakinjf for th* council, > Mayor Hujwel said that "th*. 'ilty takes thU position: you • first show us some activity at j Eighth Street, and then we'll • com* to some agreement on ; the court action." He said that councilmen were agreed that they might U willing to. withdraw the request to open Sixth and!' Seventh if city and company attorneys could reach a writ, ten agreement on s«ne pro. cedur* for getting them opened) iaitr. as they ar« needed, "without the same two-y*a» wrangle." Helpinstill j,,v* his own opinion that the company should bit made to open th*ra It Was Treadful BAHTON. Wit. —Jlrv_ ti^ff ime Buhnka, 12, was rufl over by a six-ton dump truck Monday—and he's got the tir» marks to prove it. Doctors s^id t-he ii.aim »nd minor bniises were iiis only injuries, '; .'' CLUTE » FORMER POLICE CHIEF. Hob-' trt Qlian.y, who was dismui.d bf t split <ot. ol ih. City Council lot Thursday- lo»l ulil. tiaM i*. a«*ruia hit 4«ik. c'.eiri and olh.r p.isonal furnishings oul o! th. small polic. and couit loom a» tb. city's nai* sui.t. THIS IS YOUR TJMB TO MAKE MONIV .... Through Clarified Ads Phon« 3-3S11 House cleaning hat a way oj bringing to ligiu things you wish you didn't hive. And I Classified Ads have a«way I of quickly getting spot c«sh for 'em! Dial 3-351! for an ad witter. Name the items you'd like la swap ;or dollars. She help*. • on wriie ads that do 'it' FAST: ..,$

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