Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 26, 1969 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 26, 1969
Page 13
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Uff.A.OAY NAIH Btat Mik. Urn i wits Mm · fMea. M lir*. Has* alMM* »sfttintt»i TRAILER «p«M It* rent Hicsory YMk Tr*ller Park. B*T. M «t Mew UlYlIests, Cheek tor nice. TRAILER perk * ttundrertat, nice line U, water, (is, sewer, $» TV csblt tx- M WMt. 443-48* · »·* "Jiitt why did you »y I've hltd enough?" 28*"For MM-»Mi$Csildiitoii$ 5--Apartm*nt$ For (tent-- Wsli-In Box corapiita with unit B A B Btr-8-Q. SIMCO SADDLES and Complttw Lin* of AccMieriat. LEWIS BROS. Baxmtnt Level WD KTATEUaJt CAHPXR9 Csmpers Al! Sites Topper--List Price $85 No* Only 1240 9 Caterer Camper Llat Price HM New Oily SOS ROBERTS IMPLEMENT 00. weitnile, Okla. PA 3-4333 O\V leasing for June 1 at reduced tek, two bedroom fumiinea apart ents, bath H, sir oonditlonsd, dish asner, new carpet. Also leasing fo pteraber. Oalc Hill Apartments, 305 ulh Univerjity. Phone 521-336 or 9tl M collect. - DIM % New. All bads aad fbes. i urn co. gt, Ottthai* tta BEEF FOR LOCKER Choic* Grain Ftd Angus or Hertford Is or whole 50e 0. F. BAYLEY 443-2108 OKAKD piano: aln a TtoUn In i _ endition. Phone Iprlagtela Tti-iaa alter B p.ra. Straw nor Sale. Will deliver. 2IA-Fbr Salt-Antlqu«- Fia\ MARKET--sntimiM anil thinrs. Oil Depot Bulldlnff. Sulphur Sprinrs. Ar- Vsnns. May 3rS and 4Ui. 10:00 lo 5:0) Beolhs available. Phone 396-5498 or a»- XK. AJmijFion Free. SWAFMeet: Antl«ut« talore flisplsysd by many dealers sntl collectors. Saturday, Sunday, April M. 27. Five miiM Nortll of Favetteville, HiBhway 112. near QreatMase Sprinfl. Come end bronse around. wwr mac AJTHQUEa. prtmltt»««. decerativi pieces, colleew ttemi, tar., brass, copper, tin. Ironware. Hw?. TL I. dark Aitto^ies--primifiTes, gms. si . lira., miuetmi Items. H«y. n Herta. tpruiiJalt. Ark, PL 1-flBL auries atio^ie shop, open everyday Glass collector*, bottles, furalture. Deal. en welcome, none HUas MS-41BS. Antiques Trades Day or zjea Market and Show From Sunup to Sundown Come to Buy -- Sell or Tradt Plenty of Space--at 92.50 per apace SHOW TO BE HELD LAST WEEK END OF EACH MONTH April 2S-27 at Garrctfx Botanic Gardens On U.S. tt Between Garfleld and Gateway. Ark. nfurnished Apartments Under Construction NOW LEASING WASHINGTON PLAZA APARTMENTS 1655 North Lewis St. niqut new garden t y p e sartmtnt project--Estimate! vailability June 1, 1949. Unbeatable Rentals: Include all utilities Wwstinghoutw Appliance* Central Air Conditioning Recreational Area Play-ground Equipment and We love Children 1-Bedroom $96.0 2-Bedroow SU4.0C 3-Bedroom .... $131.0 Date of application deter mines your priority. Your in ome determines your eligi jility. Write: Consolidated Property Management 11930 Warfield San Antonio, Texas 7821A Apartment) now leesia or June and September one and t bedrooms. Extra large rooms and close fr conditioned, swimmiag pool. Pbon warn. 29-For Sab or Twde- 1M FORD pickup. 4 speed, radio. Jen sen deepwell pump. 10' grain binder Phone 441-TW5. 31-Wanted To Buy- ItrjmrnjRE. tools and miscellaieou of all kinds. Phone Tackftfs Fumltui Store 44S-I102, 658 Huntsville aretl. HIGHEST PKIOEB FOR GOOD USED · APPUANCM. ANTIQDXS ID 2-2563 33-For Sol* or Rent- rURNTSHED two bednwm houje. On hlocl South of Penney's in Fayttteville See at 22t south Block. TWO bedroom ratuniUhed bouse. rhc*e 442-7ST3. 35-Apartments For RentWAKTED: Married couple. workm« reOred. lurnished apartment, Knort Iocs lion, parkins, no pets. Phone 445-Sm ONB Drtroom furnished efficient tps 1 ment, off slreet narkint. wo blocks of tmiversitv. "A month, all utilities psn t'hont 521.2388 after «.:fJO. ^^^ The Beautiful CHATEAU APARTMENTS 1764 N. Leverett Phone 521-3313 On*, two or three hedroom a ments. Furnished or unfurnishec Some unit* «tll! availahle for sum nier and fall reaervationa. FURNISHED 4 ROOMS AND BATH. UTILITIES P A I D . MARRIED COUPLE, SH. JIM HOLDER REALTY 431 N. Cdllci* Oscar Wilson 442-50 Res. 442-92 FOUR room tuniKlied, nne Mock Noi Lsw Rulldinx. nun wnlrr ftirnl»h AvslliNe June In. 442-S797. TWO twohrdmom furnished upsrtmfn Avslllblr M«y lit and M". v ». ' Tlmr 4t3-.'!7§6. THKKK room tarnished, upi«ir*. f 1 o.uplt only. MO bills r'i j now for June 1, spfcml MI mer rates, Ino tn4) three heilronm fi and dryer, swimming pool, central a all bills paid. Welling dlitanrt of n «rtltv. TNmt 44J-577* or KB-IM ~ accept htiidenia. noWNfrrAirtl furnishM apertmeni. tele hsth, single kMr-ne pets. 20 anrtmmt. I1JJ, Dion* 44J-4711. hfilroom fiirnlMied. four hlw ramaiK. tmrklni lie. bill! Mid. 442-rtH or 442.HI3. TWO atflropm furnlihed snsrtmtnk Ihi eslclrlcitr. rham 44WJM. a COTTAGB DOoH. Quiet eOUntn.'Side Dcein. 8tudsnti only. AIM rentinc aitments and homes for fall--summer one 443-9X3. VO bedroom fumithed $135 month Ms. ess, vattr pall. Ol-mpia Apsit ntK. 10 East Davidson, H block wes colleie Avenue, rhone 4^-4264. 1TRNISHD one bedrAottl, lets of cios hsrdwood floori, close to square si nice, all brick. Couplet only, ni ts. Phont 442-7531, » a.m. to 5 p.m. OR lease beautiful two bedroom apart ·nt. completely carpeted, all utilities id except electricity. Mr pool, tans aycrround snd laundry facilities. Pbont -4:lto. 443-2141. SWAP Shop. Good locstion tor kl tan store. Cheap. Phone 442-9574. EW 2 bedroom mobile homen, carpetet vine room, lovely furtiihinis Includini rapes throughout. Conveniently located 751-2005. WANT to leita l«nd West of Pity to pu Eudax now anl Alfalfa this fan. Phone 42-90%. PERMANENT resident aesirts two a imfurnlshsd house. Phone 443-S515. 43-Wanrid-Xeal SMaM- 1JRNI8HGD apsrlment for rent tie trsttj'. Three rooms. CMw svatlab ow. another June 1. Phont 442-MK. FOR least--Extra nice, three bedroom nmishel house. Carpeted snd air eon Honed. 'ewly decorated two bedroom furnish cottage. Oarpeted and air oondltione 'hone 448-241 or SH-4nt. INK bedroom furnished. IN utilitl Sid. Adults only, no pets. PhORt 44 671 or 443-S745. bedroom furnished now STSII. for sum ler sch. air cond. couplet, married m : female. Ko pels. 44?-45!l. BEDROOM foralsbtd, 0. et A. coupt or llnslt femslaa; N« pats. prlTata par UK. 4424531. TVK room furnished near Nnart. Phon 42-2227. COLONIAL ARMS ONE. two and thrto bsdroom. tornUh or tutromlshtd. entral heitlni. carpe Inf. laundry facilities at 1211 K. - crctt. 52J.ZUI). 36-Duplex For Rent- TVO roonti and bath. Ml. :WO hedrot.m duplex, two haths. low air condilioninir. tmfurnishprt. per month. Phone 442-6710. ICK one bedroom iinfiirniihtrt ncnfrri on* block from Wishing! ·=(·11001. Available M«v 16. All utilib pnid. *95. Phon* 442--T36. ONE hedroom furnished «p«rtni*nt, * pliiK bills, fall after 5:00 p.m. AVAILABT.K May 1. furnished two be oom hntk. all panelled. !i«rdl»o '100(5, tile hath, centiat heat ind Phone 442-7531 ft a.m. to 5 p.m. HJRMSEU two hedroom duplex, i rierl couple, flood locttion, *'! m Off street par kin r Phone 44.1-3363. TWO bpitroom comnletrly furnished air conditioned. $110 plus utilities, csted nn Deane street Phone 442-6990 rwo bedroom unfurnished, waiher dryer conneotioni. Hanjte, central h and air. Adults. Ptiont 443-4198 crenlnx ONE bedroom unfurnished S75 mon You p*y electric bill Phont S21-394I time. TWO bedroom furnished duplex. C« 521-3620, Mn. DilUrd. after 5:00 p.m. FURNISHED duplex, boyi only, PbM 44248?$. 37-HouMS For X«nt- TtlRBK bedroom mifiirnhneii home fi3S Mission. Phone 442-W!! aler Uo. rmlngtot f»f t«. Mreom. FrtftrrH. earaets, irl with ·74111 ACT* wit* * mt. eirttt IB II Mdworiif food room, ehade t - rent, ir*Sff two hedraem mobile ..... funtUhM. you pey titillttti, 190. vsllaklt May 24. let at Kortliwert cor- r Weil Ills aai Daacan, gpaet U er I:M. Part. MB. 1-BuiMing* Nr R«nt- N BLACKTOP in Cave Sprinjl, over DM ff*t floir space "it» *U utllitiei. remodeling for eltablifthM mlnj- cturtr or distributor or mull liaae. A-tttt. SUITABLE FOR OFFICE OR BUSINESS 20 Sq. Ft. Air Conditions dequate Parking Paneltd 526 W. Dick.on Call 442-5471 or 443-2677 WAREHOUSE SPACE For P.fnt Phone 442-7521 19-For Ua$i-- sal* "The Oaki". an early nch-typ* horn*. Hlwtr M West, mllei east of Hlndsville. and i', I. Weat of Huntiville. All mod-n with attura] gu. ( Acraa ore/leu. 2 Fine Iota with large jk shad*, could be sold at once t food price if deeired. Good lo. ·tion. Bock face, green trim, lota f Dogwood and Oak shade: gentle ope to front with rail fencing, jovely view from two large corer windows in dinlng-sun room rte. Country kitchen and pantry; ood «i»d utility. GOOD WATER, ood neighborhood. Perfect work- ig fireplace: large bookshelves: meh atorage room. Cottage "an- ex" and good workshop. Stone alka and 10'x20' stone patio. leal for retirement couple; eaay latance to Boston Mountaina. Eu- eka Springs. Sprlngdale, Fayette- ille. Save money by fatt csah urchaae. Price will surprise you. o phone call* please. Can be seen Sunday and following week, ratch for aign at mailbox "The }»k»" for aale. Some fifty or more enuine sntiaiuea to be sold at pri ate tale also. 1-Wonttd to Rml or lto«« 2-Wantad To Rmt- Y)Uft bedroom IHKIH in nice neixhbor ood. Send descrlptjoa and posaiMe fi ancinn arntngements te Box B-73 -' orthwest Arkansas Times. (No realtors ease). t to buy one or two scnrs Isnil itrtam with. Mtursl «8! and elec Icily avsilable, mitside of city. Phon ·ANTED Irom owner 49 tt «0 sere firm 1th ffood house n«sr rayettevill*. Write eicriptlon. price, etc. * *aul Uavltt Cut nth tu. Mpll.. Minn. S«25. IjL buy small einiity and assume loai farm o( 60 acres or more. GiTe price ·rms and location first letter to P.O 01 «82. Kayettevine. 45D-Faimi and Acraagei- :V OWNER: 100 scn-n-tll.SOO.OO. f rrts op«n, two live spring*. 16 mil 1 a« on State Hiftiway. $2,300.00 down all «MU. Mr. LewK. REAL RANCH HOME M sctea valley land. '« Mil* creek. A ahowplac* with unlimited good soft water. 1 mil* Wett of Highway Hi on Clear Creek Valley Road. iTR *ale by owner, seren aerts. PflftB BS-2332 alter S:M. 71 Acres, lota of grass, t stock taut » mi. south of TmUtowa en Waaeltr K Price 131.«00.oa CeBtact C. O. Lynn. K 3, Box 169, Odessa, Texas. Call 91S SS 32S8. 4S-F«r Salft-ftMl Ettatt- for ont tuntty rental propci or t*ny to Gonvtrt into duplex. Rtan ·bit price. Phone 442-4340. EXTRA LARGE Five Bedroom Home EARLY AMERICAN CHARM --In this two story brick, located in beautiful Oak Manor Addition. You'll find everything here including a formal living room and that separate dining room -- Three full baths. -- - S . .... room with fi SOLD * " rec room" -' v - r| 1 -' deluxe kitchen, two car garage, world's of storage, year around air-conditioning, large wooded lot, beautifully landscaped. We can't tell it all- You must see! Call us today for Appointment, 442-7391. KINCAID COMPANY Hu«h Klncaid Oeorae W. L«wla Mike Watson 442-60 1 442-47 4(3-67 NEWLY fenced «ix «rrf* snd two h room houst, builtin csbinets, in Ca: Mil. S2900. Phons 442-6TM before n or «li»r S:30. BY OWNER. thr« bedroom hrirk liom two bsth.i. family rflom with firpplsi buillm rsnxe. dixhwaflher, central i ditionM. scrms from junior hi] Plione KM9K sfter 2:00 p.m. NORTH HICKORY HILLS Hew home! (or ills. Use Addition. H X4 N. of RIckoiT Creek Boil Dock. j. B. Nnten. PL 1-TS9 FOUR bwiroom. by owner, fsmily ron fiteplsce. tivo bslh, sir conditioned. *l trir Vitchen. fenced. Near Rnnt Schoo Airume U-Z lo«n. 53.1734. HIJ Am Drivs. ce $ Bedroom Brick Horn* and Acre* of land located in Couth rt of Sprlngdtle. Good carpet- r. 1 batna, .fentral heM and r iir onditloninf. city *at«r. blacktop reet on two aidei. Priced Below ppniMd value, ao call ua today. ery nice 4 Bedroom Brick Home South part of Sprlngdile, good rpet. i bath*, large living room. . . _ JWlll», «Ba.^c in ce din with fireplac at and air condition r *, central Itioning, nice rri«r kit with garden. Price $27,EILL REAL ESTATE CO. Inc. Spripgdale. Ark. PMn* 751-94*2 iv 6wNi«, · ream ta*«ern , wailr lyattm, natural gat. Mtnhen*. " '. wall te) waul car. i. Oortire. tool bulieTlnS. two iway u. m. Ark. c^mba. Poor* ONK acre lot In Hindivillt, tt,IN. Phone 44J-8458. RtfAHQME n*rf,uu.ctaiuT,ctu. FARMINGION ESTATES Builder still haa some work to be done on this COLNIAL atyle three hedroom brick home. Has carport and utility worn, wither dryer outltta. electric cook top and oven with lott of Mahogany Cabinets and bsr. Good sired living room, ceramic tile bath with shower, central heating;. CALL FOR APPOINTMENT. LEVERETT STREET t bedroom hrick and frame home m level fenced yard. Convenient Hi schools and OAK PLAZA. Oak and tile floors, cook top and oven Washer connections, haa pitta tnd porch--$11,500. FAYETltVILLE REAL ESTATE 3247 N. College Office HI 2-7*1 Omer Verwers 442-141 Thelma Culwell 444-7102 Barbara McCleister 2*7- "' Also 442-4M or 442-Slil veralted lot -- nice 3 bedroom ome. North Eaat. Fenced back ard. Good residential rwighbor- ood. Tht price ia right at $17,900. all Marty Hatfield. TRUMBO CO. HI 3-5246 Mn K. College Ed Torbett Re*. 442-MM Ira. Jim (Marty) Bitfield 4(2-2301 [owell Trumbo 442-S1W 5 BEDROOMS BL-J41. located on tree covered t n*ar Univeraity. 2','a baths. 2 amily rooms, living room, dining rea and. fully equipped kitchen Fully air conditioned and enclosed arage. Thla home ha* been approved for an FDA Loan. Lots of comfortable living for only 00.00. Better hurry! BAKER A AKER REALTORS Office Phono HI 2-5326 «3i N. COLLEGE After «:W P.M. Herb LaNier tt2-3K1 ;. H. Withey 41Z-W11 Miriam LaNier 442-l»3 Jamea Biker M)-aT2 Stinchcomb Yancey REALTY good lecatlen. $11,M. term. 2V Acre*--nice three bedroom modern home--nat. gie--one etock pond, food well-all open--about V, In fee«ue--on« good ahop building and one shed--sll under fence-- aeveral fruit treea. Excellent location on blacktop and alt routea-- tz2,000 terma. itlful S bdr. home--Hi haths-- wood floon central heatdng-- B _ oven and range--*M brick Ih full length front porch--large carpoft~«n lot) x 14' lot in Prairie Crave. $15,000. Good terma. Also in Prairie Grove--3 bdr. large living room kit and dining room well cat on larg? ahaded lot--110 17«'--hardwood and AlteiirMt TIMIS, Serf., April M, IN* · XHXEV MEAL HTATC * DSVII/JPMENT CO. 44Z-M21 R*M«ntlal . Commercial · Rural 2(01 N. Gregg i Block! Waal Holiday Inn MODERN rock home, hardwood (looTM, '.i acre toad. Prt*d to tell Fhona H2- an:. WAKI to buy your enultj- In three bedroom BOOM. Phone 44^S!!^ extenlloo 37. TRAILER FOR SALE · 2 BR, ISM Pontlac Chief. Excellent condition. Fully equipped. Located on Lot 8. Cliff* Trailer Court. »2.»00.»SOO down -- $75 month. BAKER A IEB large carport and tile floon, utility -- very nice home for »!4,000. terms. We have aevera) email tract! nd lota luitable for building. Bill Yancey «4»-ZW Bob Stinchcomb S4S-3J47 Bob Yancey PL 1-1113 km _ REALTORS 135 N. COLLEGE Office Phone 442-5326 James Baker "H51! illriam LtNler 442-93J3 C. H. Wlthey iJf'Sl Herb LaNier 442-8393 BT OWNER, three bedroom, two bath*. two carport, central air and heat, S^To loan, excellent condition. 91B.90Q. 2144 ora Drive. Phone 442-T209 evenlnfs. NOKTREAST. Boot School, ftrlck home., air cond.. fireplace*, dining rooma, family rooms, carpetlne, Builder Veraon Plttman. 442-M76 Neor Root School Just Monthly Payments Thia 3 bedroom and den. 2 bath, A/C ranch atyle home I* getting to be a better buy each dsy. Separate dining room, fireplace, overall* 2 car port with pl»y area, fenced back yard and many other extras not ordinarily found in a $22,- ·M home. Close To It All 4 bedroom. I'.j bath rock veneer home In well eatablishet! area that'* most convenient to shopping, school, churchea. and downtown. Rang*, diah- waaher and disposal, lot* of atorag* and clMeta. JUST $17.500. Space Galore And Ideal location Mr faculty or family with college age children. Four large bedroom. 3 full baths, carpeted living room and dining room, nice kitchen with hreakfaan space, family room, huge playroom, utUity »nd big atorage room. Nice lot with treea *nd view. About ),MO sq ft for S10 per sq. ft. A/C. too! Will be the order of buslnee* for qualified veteran on this S bedroom home near city Park. The onJy m*n*y rtqutt* 1 "»*" would be about «00 cloaing cost*. A real good buy at IIS.- 300. Real Dreamy Th* perfect modernization of a stately older home on 45 East. Everything hsa he«n torn out, rebuilt to perfection and breath-Ukins; beauty. 3 spacious bedrooms. 2'j baths, formal dining, beautiful kitchen imrl dinette. Also a 2 car garage . Situated on l*i Acre wooded lot. Words won't de- scrib* it, so let ua enow you this! Quality Beauty Well designed, beautlfuHy dero- rated and draped, 3 bedroom and den. 2'i bath trl-level in choice area of quality home*. Lots of closets and Btorage. a "dream kitchen", formal dining, lota of plush carpets. Well worth the J35.003 tag. 442^244 HOME PHONES 442-6254 Julltt Eaves torii Stanton Iren* Smith H«l«n Edmiitan 442-7262 442-8744 442-8148 442-4J1I 1915 NORTH COUEGE and POfLAR STREET 4I-.V nullah* 4 aHlsina teea* ·· Ian*. me?t mrfeneat. M W. Maptf. Hocks tram Mlvenlty. 1 taths, kaaeraeM workroom, us porch * summer teui*. Bicel- lent casual tavestnest Oil W-UB s» twen SM * I:M Hwy. 16 W.--Will Gl A perfect fit for th« kite and their pony. Almoat an acre of good latter 1 ind three bedroom, two bath home, only a year old. Tht prlc» ii rifht at $14.000. Better lot* aoon. Call Ed Torbett. TRUMBO CO. 443-5246 2075 N Collage !M Torbett Rw. 44t-t4S$ Mr. Jim (Marty) Hatfield 442-2301 Howell Trumbo 44241*? 53x118 DOWNTOWN COMMERCIAL SITE J-16S Thia property is located within ONE BLOCK OF SQUARE and hea a small dwelling. ONLY J9.000. MOVE RIGHT IN! ,,,. 167 Thin well constructed house. Hows to ahopplnf areas, may N» JUST 'THF. HOME FOR YOU! 3 bedrooms, livingroom, kitchen-t'cn combination and large utility room wth extra shower. Lonn cf.n »« assumed with payments of 590 per month. Listed by Judy Hobertaor THERE IS A HEAP OF LIVING H-145 IN THIS 4 BEDROOM 2 story home near CITY PARK. L".' "« living-dining room with fireplace, master bedroom with batr^ *r.fl study, kitchen with dining area and gla«* enclosed porch on first . .fl. Two bedrooms and bath upstairs and one bedroom and tttni.y 'wm in nancment level with glass sliding doors to putio. ALSO 1 : _ . V J A DARK ROOM and many other extras. Central heat and A I R i-ONDI- TICNED. Listed by Mrs. Hammers. YOU COULDN'T BUY THESE OAKS U-l«* EXCEPT WITH THIS HOUSE! Large- trw-ftucM*-.'. lot with fenced back yard makes this 3 bedroom. 1 '. t bath ho-.n* for family livlnf. Large carpeted livlngroom with wood-humlric tirepuicy, separate dining room, roomy kitchen with family are*,. AIR CONDITIONED. Large tlsTo VA Loan on be assumed, j.i nnrthweat are* near University. HOME AND APARTMENT HIMS9 Refurbished 2 becirnom horn A rented ;i choice 100 x 194 site convenient to University. unit complex in addition to present improvem-: ' *'.'JO per month oft ' : .jiUble for X or It '.i. Only $17.500. WANT TO SEE SOMETHING DIFFERENT? H-101 LET US SHOW YOU this buff hric* two-level home. 3,49t ·q. ft.. 4 bedroom*, atudy. 2 hath*. Urge kurhen-dinlnf room w*ith eoppertone Appliances, living room with w a l l to wall c*rp*t. family room, utility room with itainlesx etcel n'nk. Separate room for ihop, doubl* c»rjort. and itorRr* room. Listed by Mrs. Hammer*. LOTS, LOTS, LOTS!!! We have some choice HOME SITES FOR SALE including »om« in Oak Minor. Simnei Hills. Oakland Hills. Winbai:jrh Hei»ht«. and Broadview Suhdiv.fskm. ALSO, a t t r a r t i v r sites (or duplexes, multi-iimily dwellings, commercial, and industrial u«e*. ] U I L E Y and Company, Inc. REALTORS 442-8241 HOME PHONES On Tht Squor* Mrs. Hammers Judy nobcrtson R. E. Gilmore Tom Utley Powell M. Rhea Monroe l.aner Bill Hiltor George Caudle H. L. Utley Since 1942 443-701] 4*2-5103 I21-3M4 442-207I 442-S2M 44VMM 442-7O4 442-M44 PAYLOAD OR PLAYLOAD See The 1969 DATSUN PICKUPS and CARS at Houston Taylor Motors 69 DATSUN The Versatile Pickup twice the job at Vi the cost! VERSATILE: Turning readily from one job er occupation to another, capable of dealing with many subjects; like hauling farm suppliei, groceries, tools, camping and hunting. You name it DATSUN can do it. VERSATILE--Is Our Datsun Pickup's Middle Name! YOUR DATSUN PICKUP when not in use as a camper can be u»el as a second car for working and pleasure hourt. It works fine to haul tools, hay, feed, furniture, appliances and other equipment or supplies. Don't forget it mokes a nice pleasure car for going to the lake or visiting friends. This versatile pickup ONLY $1995 LINCOLN New home. 3 bedroom. 1184 nquartj f«*t, all carpeted, birch cabinets, concrete drive, oil paneled, forced air furnace, front brick veneer, utility room, carpori. city water, natural KM. Lot laO'xHO 1 . By owner. Phon« 443-2136, 267-3973. $11,- soo.oo. LARGE three liedronin fiame unf iilnhed hmi^e for rent mr s«le.Av»ila Immfdute ooriip«iic:v. Mnnlhly $7S. See at 'J24 Wnttw Strwi. Fiyette- ville ot rull Mr. lifter at finBer.1 Holiday Inn. MR fi-SWO rvteiiMfin P J(7. ·r OWNKIt-tbret bedroom, central heat, air conditioner, dtstiwanner, ttov*. Olipr.rl 1460 xq. fl. Drip., 115,000. 905 Kelle. Call HOMEOWNERS POLICY blf yard. Bills i air - 442.8871. brdronni unfniniiihed, Adult', pre fer couple. No peii. Phone 442-"i»i9. TOR rent, homr in Wett Fors, month. Phone 412.40:2. FOR rent by onner, nirt thrtt h»dranm. 11 b«lh honw, lire* family n»mi win woodbiirnlni firep!»rr, centra! best and air conditioning, hmll-ln cabinets snd range. ovtrlMkiiii Uir rtyelte»llle m North tut of iske. vacant Me; M. »y awwnlmtnt only. PIMM 412- TWO bedroom unfurnished. Punt* 44J- 7S7S. ___ TWO bedroom fiimuhii! house, aswly irdec«nt«4, nMr U er A enl 11M North oniuM, |li meriUi. URBAN MOLLANB 114 N. ·tack MMIM 4414NI tfllMtSVCf, NFW 'J bedroom mobile twmei. rsri»l'"1 living rmm. lovfl.- fnrnlthlnis inclurtu-K throuihmit. oon\«slently lo:nirri. JJl-JOdV t*flroom. rsrr*t"t living rtx-m. kilrhen and dining room. Oiam link It-ni'f. Neir Elfm^nlary lch»ol i,-. jn.nm mm tt.'MJD. U ArnFs pltrt; 1* icres flo\-#r. psdf7». 11 milM nnrth«e«t rsve! dtilsnr* frnm fnnnldslf. a«Mr ia-a;l wan II am, i 7 p.m. . Thnn* slur AN ECONOMICAL VACATION-. It'i net at imposjibl* ei you thinkl For a ture thing u«t your full liie camper for thoit «xt«nd«d oulingi. No molel billi-- juit pull 'er over and »lt»p. No restouranti or dining out bills because) your camper is equipped with itove, refrigerator, tink, table and bedi. Plut on top of all those sovingi you get 25 milei per gallon. FULL SIZE CAMPER ONLY.... YOUR DATSUN PICKUP will make an ideal hunting and camping unit. It !· built to take 'lie rugged'Icrrain and al 25 miles pci gallon how con you beat It. In 10 minutes you con remove thij camper cover and drive lo work. Above Camper ONLY $265 $595 3372 North College Highway 71 North HOUSTON TAYLOR MOTORS Phone 442-4251

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