The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on October 14, 1993 · Page 8
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 8

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 14, 1993
Page 8
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8-A THE GALVESTON DAILY NEWS THURSDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 14,1993 -Briefly — — Merger boosts some stocks Martet in brief October 13,1993 DOW(Iadiutriils) NYSE S&P500 S&PMIdCap AM EX NASDAQ NEW YORK (AP) — Cable and entertainment stocks soared Wednesday after announcement of one of the largest mergers ever, the combination of Bell Atlantic and Tele-Communications Inc. The broader market, however, didn't experience the feverish trading. The Dow Jones industrial average gained a modest 10.06 points to close at 3,603.19. In an even broader measure of market activity, declining issues outnumbered advances about 10 to 9 on the New York Stock Exchange. Volume on the floor of the Big Board came to 290.90 million shares as of 4 pjn., up from 263.94 million in the previous session. The Nasdaq electronic stock market, a traditional haven for technology issues, saw extremely heavy volume of 415.36 million shares, far exceeding the previous record of 343.2 million set on May 20. The Nasdaq composite index closed up 6.51 points at 778.97, the third straight record, exchange officials said. The $21.4 billion Bell Atlantic and Tele-Communications Inc. merger, the second-largest merger ever, captured the imagination of market participants. Many cable and entertainment businesses saw their stocks jump dramatically. Disney gained 4& at 44K and Time Warner gained 1% at 44%, both in active dealings. On the American Stock Exchange, CableVi- sion Systems gained 9X at 63%. NYSE Diary Advances: 953 J Declines; 1,004 Unchanged: 671 Total issues: 2,628 Wew highs 143 * IT* Composltevolume: 354,896,690 1992 avg. camp, vol.: 250,157,090 AP LOCAL STOCKS (TJia following quotations are supplied Ihrough courtesy ol Murrill Lynch Pierce Fanner & Smith ol Galveslon. For Information, calf 762-7616.) AlliedCwp 711/, Alum Co Am ....67Vi Amer Air 6S'/< Am Cyan 56'/4 AT&T 57V4 Ameritech S3V< Amoco 56'A Armcolnc 5'/i Ad Rich 111 Vx BellSouth 57V. Boeing co 37Vi Borden 16V4 CampHSp 39 Chevron 95'/« Chrysler .48'/j Coca Cola 41 >f, CofgPol E5'/, COMPAQ 60Vi CBSlCBS 2S5Vi Crrtrt da\a .^BVi Delia Air 54V< OowChem 53Vi Diliards 3sy, DuPont .46 East Kodak 58V. Erie 35Vi Ensearch 20Vi Entergy GBV. Exxon 541/2 Ford 55V. FrptMor 13 Gen Dyn S6'lt Gen Elec 951/1 Gen Motors 43'A GTE 37'/, Gillette 58Vi Goid 366.40 Goodrich 43V« Goodyear 46V» Grumman 34Vi HaJfiburton 351/4 Harken En 1V.« Hewi Pcfcd 6SVi Honeywell 35 Hous Ind 45'/2 Hughes tool 22'/. IBM 43* ImpHoll 10V« IncoLtd 19V, Int Paper 5B'/i Jntf Spec S'/i IntT&T 3 1'/. Kmart 23Vj Kroger 2<Wi LJtton Ind 64'/j Lockheed 64Vi LTV n Lyoodell i9>/ 2 McDon Doug....92'/i Minn Mnn 103V| Monsanto 67Vi Motorola 103 Mobil Oil 33V, NatMedEm 11Vi Navistar 21V* Nynex 43 PacGasEI 35'/j PacTei 53>/« Panhdl Est 24<A Penney 4577, PZL 60 Pepsi co J9-/, Phil Morris 5ti/j Phfi Pet Perron Bas ......... 4V. Tx Instr ............. 62V. Polaroid ............... 33 Textron ............ 56'/i Qua CH .. ................. Tex Uffl ........... .4sy, ..104'/, RalslonPur. Raylheon.... Rnlds Mti Royl 0 Pet.. Santa Fe l9 ] /r Sears SfrA SrvC Intl 26 Sbrwn Wtms ....35Vi Silver 4.41 Sony 42>/i So Un Gas 25 Southern Co ....44'/? SWBell 40 Sterling 337. Syntax i7y, Sysco 29</i Tenneoo 52 TexNMPwr 16^/t Texaco 63'/j Tima Warner....44Vi Todd Snpyci 4V, Trans co 17V< RW 65V. UnionCarb 19y ( Unisys 12 Unocal 2B'/» Un Else Pwr 42V« US West 48'/i USX Corp 31 Walgresns 41V. WaKMart 25'/z WestrnCo 18'/j Wsinghss 13y» Woolworth 26>/i Xerox 73 Zapata 1V 4 Zenith 7 (The following quotations, supplied by Merrill Lynch Kwca Fennar & Smrth, are ol intarasf b*caus« of the natura of th« organization, holdings or operations in this Am Ind Fnc 14,7^ 15 Am Nt) Ins Co .-. Zsa-A 60 Anhsuser Bosch " 45^. Anico Growth ..4.56 4.B4 Anico Income 23.13 24.54 Anico Triflax 15.29 17.23 CFBl/Cullen Frost .37V. 38V 2 Hombeck 22 22'ft Ldr y 19'A 19V4 Vfilcrt Energy-A 2S'A No,».,....i.................. „.... S?I/A Stewart Inc 27'/j 28'/j Stewart Stev 477. MARINE LOG Manna Log 13 a column dsvotud to matters otinterest to th s Galvestor, area mantirrte community. Pieasa sendmarine- relat9driew3 to Marina Log, The Galvs- aton Daly News, P.O. Box 628 Ga/ve^ ston, 77553. or phone 744-3611, Ext. 3| . Seaw!n 9 1. Seawing Corp., lay. Rer 9 4 - Ssawin 9 Corp., lay. Sedco 472, Sedco Forsx, iay Pie' 14 east A&sw Buenaventura, G&MWalcSnq repairs, Pier 14 west 3 ' Star of Texas, Biehl and Co., passery gere,Pier21sSp. >t«=»«v Goynuk, Ayers Steamship, load grain Union Equity Piera30-3Z Sugar Bargaa, (mperial Holly, dis- charge sugar. Sugar Docks 35-35 Thead. Barge 407, Jo Man's, unload railcare Rer 38 south. Tajin, Jo Maris, lay, Rer 39 north. Tor VMng, Ocean Oril!, repaira Piera 39-40 T-head. Waterman Barges, Waterman Corp sack goods, Pier 41 north. Texas City Port Dion, Moran Gulf, discharge, Pier 16 slip. Virginia Bay, Amoco, load, Rer 37 siip. DXE164O Dbda Commander Sabine load, Piar 38 slip. Ocaan Leader, Jo Maris. discharge Piar 40 slip. ' Neptuna Carina, Paige, cfecharge, Pier 41 siip. Yoemart Bum, Gulf Ocaan, toad, Pier 45sl?p. Slot} Spirit, Max Marina, discharge Pi«r6Ss!ip. ' MONEY RATES NEW YORK (AP) - Money rat« (or W«Kws- day as reported by Ttfsnt. Syitemt Inc Teferala Intaraa rata Indax: 3.J70 Prim* Rata: 6.00 Discount Raia: 3 OO Broker cal loan rale: 5.00 F«toral funds trarXsl rale: High 3.12S Lowza/s Last ^a75 0»a!»f» commercial pacer 30-130 dlyt: 3.15-3^5 Commef dal paper by I1nanc« oxrcany 33-270<- 120 days, 123 '50<Jay»,3^ 180 days, 3^4 . 3 mofrths, 3^5-3^75 6 months, 3^5.3375 \ yaar, 3J75-3 50 . Bankers acceptance dealec UxScafiont- 30 days, 3.09 60day»,3.10 90 days, 3.19 120 days, 3.19 150 days, 3.19 180 days, 3.19 C«n»ca!e* ol Oposl PiVrarf 30 day*. 2.51 00 days, 2.53 180 days, 2.S3 CarWcatM of Depot! by deslsr 30 days, 3. 10 60 days, 3.11 90 dtft. 323 , 6 monflit, 3475 1 ysar. 3 jo Treasury Bfl aua!oo ^^^ 3-mon«i as ol QX 1 2: 3 04 frrnomh as o» Oct 1 2; i 1 2 30 dayi, 6.59 60 days, 6.69 rm«rm««: 30 day average yWd: ^ CASH PETROLEUM NEW YORK jAP) — P»trolaum cath prtc« Wftdnwday a* compared nK\ Tu«tday prlca*. Wod. Tu,. Rcflnad Praducta Fu«lolNo.2NYhbrb3gi;ob .55T5 GtinurJpwnRVPNYribrlig^fob .S«00 Gttn unl RVP NY hbr bg g) fotj .5215 .5200 Pitow provW«d by Ofl BuyV» Quid* T- price* *•« for fiv? grad* ol g «oin« ^otoun.OuteC ^>w Arabian lgHJj»,bbtfob N"* 1 Sea Brent JpwbU (ob ™nTwa*lnt»,-m»d*pwl*lfc* 15.0O 14.90 17.00 17.10 T8.65 1&70 16.65 16.70 15.96 BUSINESS Company to open in LC LEAGUE CITY—A grand opening ceremony will be held Friday to celebrate the establishment of Edward D. Jones & Co.'s League City office. A ribbon-cutting ceremony at 4 p.m. officially will open the new office at 1025 B. Main St., Suite 102, in League City's historic district. Investment representative Russ Jones will be on hand to greet visitors. Propeller Club cookout GALVESTON — Propeller Club No. 10 will hold its annual steak cookout Oct. 20 for members and invited industrial guests. The event will be held at the El Mina Shrine Temple, 5500 Seawall Blvd. in Galveston. Social hour will begin at 6:30 p.m. Dinner will be served at 7:30 p.m. and will include a 16-ounce rib eye with baked potato and salad. The cost is $22 per person. Dress is casual. Reservations may be made by calling Celeste Theriot at 762-6132. The deadline is 3 p.m. Oct. 20. To All Luxury Car Owners and Prospective Buyers: CREATING A HIGHER STANDARD AN EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY To PREVIEW THE ALL-NEW 1994 CADILLAC DE VILLE AND DE VILLE CONCOURS WITH THE NORTHSTAR SYSTEM. OCTOBER 14 & 15, 1993 4:30 P.M. - 7:30 P.M. WINE & CHEESE FLOWERS MOTOR Co. 5915 BROADWAY GALVESTON, TEXAS (409) 744-5711 >./^. 1OO*5^» OOTTOM fc. 1 • y» fmm^fm f^fjmi^T^-,^ V^C"!! ^IT IT ^~* "^"'"'' solid cdors and co-orcfinated sets. Set contains 1 flat she** 1 f« en -fL ^T M ^f . ''* ^^ "* "^ ^S UI L^"1"S OHV^^^^S^^^^ l®£^ S^rnroSrs^*-^ 161 " OURPR.CE fULL ^ 19 e^ J A A FULUQUEEN S L ^59" ^ J| J%QA scoss y/IL133 QUEEN KING 69 •pSrwiN o .!....W SIZE CHRISTMAS TABLE CLOTHS Assorted patterns available. Sizes - 52x52 52x70 60x84 Ob-Ov, 60x102 Ob, 60x120 Ob, 60/70 Rd.' NapWnsf .99 ea. RETA i L $ t7 - $ 42 OUR PRICE $099 MAD IE 9 EACH BED IN A MADE IN THE U.S.A. Excellent value is yours with this complete ensemble. Set contains 1 comforter, 1 fiat sheet, i fitted sheef. 2 shams, 2 piitowcases. and 1 bed skirt. (Twin has only 1 case & 1 ahani) : . Olin HE U.S. ^~^ " ™ "• ^ ^ -^m^' •• H M xaMMI • «L ^^ Available in an assortment of patterns and colors. .RETAILS40-«SS OUR PRICE NEEDLEPOINT STOCKINGS & PILLOWS These beautiful stockings and pillows will add a holiday flair to your home. RETAIL $30- A^^RTED^HEJET SETS — QUEEN Hetalt$56 $19.99 OUR PRICE BetaUjTO $22.05 Ratal! S23 ASSORTED TOWELS ^^ 9 TWIN Soft, absorbent, and available in many beautiful colors. Made in the U.S.A. WA«5H TUBMAT Retail S7 Relail 55 Retail S2.50 Retail $5 Retail $2,99 SI.99 S .99 $ .99 $3.99 FULL QUEEN RETAIL $120 $T40 *59* 199 Choose «fom a large assortment of first quality, selected irrpqul-ir over stocks and discontinued items RETAIL S125 HOLIDAY TOWELS Ctjristmas de^ns. Two P |tt|ro to choose from. 1 *" 10 " RelaajS $4.99 Retea sa S4.S9 SIZE FINGERTIP RETAIL $15 OUR PRICE H *HY OTH^ OFFHR ASSORTED SHEETS MADE1N THE U.S.A. Outstanding value is yours in an assortment of colors, patterns, and blends. Retail S9 • S27 FULL $5.99 QUEEN $7.99 KING $9.99 MADE IN THE U.S.A. Sleep comtoteWetoferrt • < Available in Soft, Medium, & Rrm. Polyester filled for your comfort QUEEN S6.99 KING S^B.99 Retail S14 -ftis .son MADE IN THE U.S.A. ASSORTED PETTICOATS AND SHAMS WestPoint Pepperell Bed. Bath Lone Star State Factory Stores t»1 0-8 p4t»,» Sun. 12-6 p.m. Bring in the coupon above and become a WPP Preferred Gust 1-45 South Exit #13 Delany ftd., La Marque

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