Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 12, 1976 · Page 34
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 34

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1976
Page 34
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You'll Love It! Printed P a t t e r n Miscellaneous Items NEED 100 CARS Cash (or your lunk cars with lilies A-Real Autosalvaw. 8:30 -- 5:30 -Call 684*755 NEW FIBERGLASS TUBS SHOW ERSSllO, DIAL RLTY, 326-1600 PARTIEH CO. Cut Persian turquoise in larg quantity. Priced as low as .08c karat up. Rough Ghochou Persian. Tucson Gem Show Holiday Inn Rm. 235. 436 Je*elry.Watche5,etc. Agates, jaspers J, turquoise Wholesale jewelry. 2020 s. 6lriAVl 6g3-5M4 BEAUTIFUL Liquid Silver: 500 of Ms, 55.75 an ounce. Phelps Invest menl Co.. Mesa. A; BUYING high a trailer cooler special JV£loHt 1600 CFM, 2 spd complete 1125. Most sized ot pads In slock CompUjte cooler supplies. Air Mas ter, J928 s. 6th, 294-9356. Private parly wants lo buy low coul ly home from private owner 790-1466. RC Model Airplane ready lo Many extras. S200. 888-3039 fly Anticipate a lively, lovely spring in this free-of-fuss casual. The wide banding accents the V neck, soft collar and yoke gathers. Send! Printed Pattern 9008: Misses' Sites 8, 10, 12, H, 16, 18 20 Size !2 (bust 34) takes 2% yards 45-inch fabric Send $1.00 for each pattern. Add 35(! for each pattern for first-class airmail, handling To »U dtiir make CHECK u». ·WitoM.riinMirUnirxf.ddr.il yew pattm ord«r mrtty » slie«m lwr«: Send to Morion Mottin, Tucson Doily Citlien. can of 232 West 18th St., New York NY 10011. Print NAME, ADDRESS, ZIP, SIZE and STYLE How to 'get MORE FOR YOUR MONEY? Send now for New Spring-Summer Catalog - save up to $100 on the clothes you sew yourself. Free nattem con- pon, too. Send 75d now! Sew + Knit Book _______ $1.25 Instant Money Crafts _$1 00 Instant F«nton Book _ $t.OO Instant Sewing Book ..... $1.flo B C SWAP MEET REMODELING. Must sell, drapes used carpeting, fixtures, Frloidalre range oak table, rattan furniture misc. Items, good cond. Priced fo quick sale. 3J25 E. Eggemonl Repossessed " SINGER TOUCH SEW Newest model Touch 1 Sew -- z!g lagger, makes buttonholes, bNni ?F,C' m fi"o?rams, appliques man', automatic decorative slllches. Comes Complete - NOTHING ELSE TO BUY. Full cash price -- $56 or payments ol $7.00 AMERICAN SEWING SERVICE STATION BUILDING oarage, oflice iKolst. ate new Wll moye lo vojr lot. Ph. 327-3H4. S ! NGER SEWING MACHINE, used ^Jlonboles, embrolBers, rancy slltches, etc. U7 or terms. Good Housekeeping shop, 3a 11S7. 110 piece Tap J. Die sels. Me standard combo. S90 Arlioni Plumbing Tool Suppl .Oracle BS8- ly -231C TRUCK SEATS Rebuilt, recovered, $40 complete jreejjlckup. del 683^1966 B. McKlr.nl,' ?e pick up. URANIUM ,,_ ., PEACE SURPLUS . 62i-i05 - c USED 800KS FROM .50c UP PEACE SURPLUS 6 74-]705 WAREHOUSE brands, cal OIL, most maior II piece combinallon wrench s (open closed end) S14. Arjzona Plumbing 8. Tool Supply 5 GALLON chipped waler bottles, 1150 each Good lor terrariums wine making, etc. Rainbow Waler 0 gRPM COLLECTORS RECORDS PEACE SURPLUS 624-1706 V/ WOW J 1976 SEWING MACHINES -- S36 New models with all the latest tea- 420 Carport-Patio Sales GARAGE sale Sunday. Oracle/Hardy area. 2970651. 1065 W. Wilk«nnn LARGE RUMMAGE SALE Wed. Thyrs. Frl. 9 a m t o B p m _34J_5. Country Club 'Punish Furrt, Oriental bed set, hlde- a-bed, lamps, cocktail tables, color 11: oTM«sional lape recorders, mikes. Thurs thru Sun 2715 N. Castro WASHING MACHINE, apartment size refrigerator, swlna set, misc 3010 E. Rickey Vista Clothing for Sale A ! TH | DUFFLEBAG old tashloned prices. 3804 E. Granl Rd., 793-1841. J24 Office-Business EquirT DENTAL BURRS «"JfLT,* n ., i . nei '' )ensl ye soft materials to drill -J 1.50 per 6 pack DYNAMITERS Men's watch bands Coconut helshl (No limit) Slnqie Spindle bultc IWiThvacui Tripoli-- jib -S1.25 -S .80 ler- Plaled beads, all slzesost + 10% (Minimum 1000) Acetylene torch------ ts (Complete set-up) Hand-made burial beads SSSSS3.SS ,,,, (Quantity discount) 25"Cdsew/wheels- (Three only) Drilled nuggels- (QuanMtv discount) -570 S .12-.B5 444 Dogs-Cats-Pets-Supplie ADOPT A HOMELESS PET The Humane Society .Sheller_ Tues-Sun IOA . Kelvin Bl ADORABLE BEAGLE PUPS, pu bred, in-colored. 790-8226. AKC AIREDALE PUPPIES, n WEEKS OLD, 2964682. AKC BASSETS charoolon sired, 7 weeks, iizs. 62-22BO AKC Boxer puppies, champion bloo lines, reasonable. 1-44M625. EHrlda AKC Champion sired ,, Male. Black t rust a mo 325-: . Black Dober , champl shots - Ta AKC DOBERMAN PUPS. Guard tralnable. 297-1608 after S AKC OOBERMANS, MALES, REASONABLE. _ AKC female Siberian Tfusky / wk E89-fl7S9 or 377-59S ask lor Ernie AKC German Shepherd sable black lanTtc guaranteed. 7.I9-3- pupple 00 quality, fu AKC GERMAN SHEPHERD Puppies, too quality, guaranteed, shots, » weelts old. AKC GERMAN SHEPHERD PUP 1-6M-3482. n Shepherd AKC German Shepherd male, I , Show quality, top bloodlines. Hog trained X-faycd. 1200. B83-3876. AKC GERMAN SHEPHERD PU PIES. S100 8, UP. 29,18658. 3915 6. Broadway 681-58 Your One Slop Supply House" GOLD -- SILVER Buy. sell any form. B.R.E. AAetals Refining Co., 7480051. HEISHI CLOSEOUT Pen .65; coconul .75; Hammer, oys- Jer. preen HP. black Mo, mellon si 4. Wholesale to dealers. Many other Tnurs only. HEISHI FETISHES BEADS LOJOLEE'S Where your $ $ $ make more cents Many new items. Shop s compare Quality, price variety. ·$27 E. Speedway 881-4871 2534 S. Kolb 790-7416 Open Mon-Sal 9:3a*:00 Come In, have a cup ol coffee * get acquainted HILAND Park sander polisher, oleader 2 wheel diamond grinder. HOME OF BISBEE BLUE(tm) TURQUOISE Buy your natural Bisbee Blue Jewelry at the source. Wrilten guarantee wjln every purchase. Lavendar Pll View Point, Bisbee. Arl weekdays 9 hi 5, Sundays KINGMAN SLUE NUGGETS AKC German Shepherd puppies. All shots, guaranteed. 888-3975, AKC German Shepherd puppies, lop quality, guaranteed. 298-5836. AKC IRISH SETTERS -- One months t one II WK*S. 792-945S AKC red Dobermans, 5 months, wl ears shots. 6KHM)5 AKC Registered German Shepherd 2 males, 1 female, 5 months old, e cellent pet or c' ' ' -After 6:30pm, c Io6 pm. 865-3111 all 790-3405.' Between AKC Registered Pomeranians _6 weeks old. Cali 795-im AKC Registered Golden Relrlev pups, 6 wks, lovable, great for vol. Valentine, i!2i, 297-7098 alter l PM AKC SHIH TZU PUPPIES 865-7672 AKC West Highland Terrier Pups, 5225 up -- also AKC Scolly PUPS, S150, 888.7m. AKC WHITE GERMAN SHEPHER female. 1 year. Spayed. S150. 665-035 AMERICAN (Pll) Bulllerrier pui registered, ears cropped. S150 females. 1 male s.200.743-7802. AT PET RANCH 298-156 SAMOYEDS--TOY MANCHESTER SIBERIAN-COCKERS ELK HOUNDS BAR-A KENNELS offers AKC Doberman Plnsclwr blacks, reds. Welped 1-1.76. Ban Amerlcard. MasterCharge. 866-1231, BEAUTIFUL Teacup. ·/, Yorkshli Terrier '/, Poodle. Cheap. 68»47 BRITTANY spaniel. 2 yrs old. Regl tered 4 papers. »40, best offer 624-149 DALMATIANS, quality AKC PUDple 6 weeks old. Call 79S-307B. DANE pups AKC. 2 blacks, 2 Bos tons. Terms. Tucson area. 1-^25-3144 (Extra Small) 5*0 per Ib SUNBURST INDIAN JEWELRY 1031 E.ilhSt. l U o t A l 882-«; New Batch Of Nuggels! Blue klngman IS cents a up Valenlme glfls, S5 up. Crazyhorse Silver Works 58386. speedway Open 10 lo 6 885-5800 ROLEX _.. . party desires sold ,,. .,,. spnal use. Can pay cash. 622-8311. WATCH WANTED. Private sires gold calen^ider for per- STABLIibD Blue turouolse webbed' R'f.teB.tSJS'fe'«"«"«· "5 ib. D. aughterv 883-6871 TRADE for lewelry. Indian rugs hand woven In Mexico. Navalo S? igns, 100% wool. Tucson showroom or dealers Wed. f=eb 11--Sun. Fob 5th Branlrf Place Hotel, 10 AM--10 3 M. dally. Wholesale, jobbers wel- ome. Huge selection. Out of 'Stale ealers needed. Buy direct. Dusty Henson. Bo« 12360. El Paso, T^.«« v .r buyers. Come out look around here's almost anvffilrig 4 eveTM thing. Buy-sell-trade or swap CAN PAY CASH lor your home lo- flav. Prlyate party' 7.7-8773. CHAIN saw, stlhl 041G chain. A-l, 1175. 326-mn 'Ith extra Cooler Covers Save Fue H SrY v duty vinyl coaled material will last several years. 57.95 up A ion a Maintenance. |920 Miracle v DISTRESSED FREIGHT J I h i 5 'LS store whllch """HI" high and medium priced top quality lines of household furniture, appliances, sttreo, TV's, office equipment, etc a extremely low prices. Savings are ffmeridous. " A FUN PLACE TO SHOP. See our ads under other classlflcallons. Financing 8, lava- available. 3728 E. Grant Rd. DRILL INDEX U16lhru 1/2 by 64ttls. _,Arliona Plumbing Tool Supply 3736 N.Oracle 68.J3IO EUREKA! NEW KIRBY OMEGA VACUUMS NOW al fantastic savings. Distributed W S? sh jrt on cash s, we bought his entire stock al pennies on the do - lir. SAVE NOW - while Ihev last at RAILROAD FREIGHT 5625 E 22nd EVERYTHING MUST GO. Brand name Western clothing -- Tem Tex Lasso Pan Handle. Menelonak moccasins, shorts, pants, suils, large amount ol casual clothing. Queen size oi^'ows 2 for 55. Some general rner chandlse -- bridles, saddles, lariats wlndbells, elec. appliances. Dealers of used clothing. W Reese Toes' Wed., Thurs.9 to 5, 3044 N Slbne FOR SALE or lease ' marquee sign, complete with trailer, lights s. letters Ceramic greenware A molds reai cheap. Cal"685-8507. JxMiSEiSgip" FOR SALE: Construction wheelbar- r?w S24. 6' wooden step ladder 57 h' MC , S ?- Burr °»hs elect, adding machine «I7 50. Unused oun belt, slie K-a. custom made by Al Violelte S10 inH.,,M,oii v Dr j CH) or lake a( | , or J50 ESH TOP HOG. cul and wrapped /.hole or half. Beef also available Busby Meal Co, 623-6459. 296-0618. FURNACE SALE Taooan Furnace ao.OOOBTU 105,000 BTU Sale 5190.95 5216.60 HEATER PARTS One ol Southwest's Largest Stock , Valves, controls, parts for all healing .,, price, Cc*e- BERG MOTION Showcase-- other Ijxlures. Display Feb 10 --Is Laoldarv Show. Branlll Place Hotel. 9 AM --6 PM. Store Equipment Co IBM-SelectrJc s Sfd. models from S193, or rent. Prvde's. 79V905Q. _,,, LIQUIDATION ortice eoulpment, showcases, store "«'y. r «. reslaurant eflulpment. 164 S. 6lh Ave. Bargain Front.. _ * USED oftlce desks, files oralllng tables, stools, lamps, ad dors, cliairs, tables, safes, typewrit ers. calculators, chcckwrllers. Kar "«es, etc. LOW prices, DELIVERY. Office Liquidators _ 2462 N. Par! SEE US LAST! 2 DRAWER METAL FILE SPECIAL $39.50 Free delivery, open Sat. till noon. WALSH BROS 197 E. Toole at 6th Ave. R.R. under- P355, 623-J446 SPECIAL AUCTION ON OFFICE FURNITURE EQUIPMENT ·o be sold al Bill's Auction, Thursday, -ebruary 12. 1976. 8:30 p.m. Consist- ng of 6 secretarial desjs with chairs, 3 walnut executive desks, several metal executive desks with malchlno chairs, large conference table with 6 walnut chairs, 5 legal sized filing cabinets, 1 tire-proof filing cabinet, a Browne-Morse filing cabinet, several other filing cabinets, 4 IBM Selec'rlc YPewrlters. 1 IBM electric tvpev, ·». Jr. I Smilh-Corona typewriter, 3 Royal typewriters, 1 Remington calculator, l Burroughs adding ma- :hine. l Commodore adding machine. l olfice refrigerator, and other pieces too numerous to mention. BILL'S AUCTION 4249 E. 22ND 325-4651 USED^BM^ctallng/franscrlbing 3M DRY COPIER with sland, exlnt condition, 5135. Call 798-3763. 426 Photographic Equipment KODAK us Ekta-Sound movie oro- eclor, SIM. Minolta XL-lOO movie camera, 5100. Polaroid 450 camera Oi Call Tonv. NIKON Lens. Rare rellex SOOmmts e o t a l o wllh lilters 8. case. U75. A svslem wllh monitor speaker Will trade for Nikon. Hasselblad 01 I6fflmcguip,ol coual value. 622-a347_ 430 Stamps-Coins-Hobbies ANNOUNCING Coin Starv.p Bid Board ending each Sunday at 2 P.M." ,MONTGOMEfiY W_ARD GEM ROCKS MINSK ALSTAgateT Geodes, Laguna. Slabs, etc. finished cabs, many fine minerals 7 davs a week. 9 am till S pm, 3912 N". Mountain Ave. rear house. G. Babcock LEATHER WORK"GLOVES$125 . Arliona Plumbino «, Tool Sunoiy J936 N. Oracle eaa-23JI) «" Bench Grinders, Chicago 135 Arizona Plumbino 4 Tool Supolv 3934 N.Oracle 888-2310 HIDE-A-BED, sofa R. lovcseiTnmTp: nedroom sel comolete, couch, hioh I a INDIAN RUG SHOW Hand woven bv Indians in Mexico, 100% wool Navalo designs, wallhang- ings, saddle blankets wholesale, jobber prices. Huge selection Tucson showroom tor dealers. Feb 11-15 Milv Brdnlff Place Holel [lower palio showroom! 10 AM--10 PM daily Dusty Henson. El Paso, Texas INVENTORY CARPET SALE indoor-Outdoor carpel 1.79savd Artificial Grass 53.95 sa yd Nylon Shag Carpet trom 53.95 so yd Nylon Kitchen carpet from«.99 so vd NATIONAL MILLS A Dlv. ol Spears Bldg. Speciality inc 300 S. Park 624-2887 - OPEN PAII.V · - . _ I T A L I A N MARBLE TABLE Tops 512 Tucson Marble Granite _ 3020 Oracle Rd I T T EXTENSION CORDS -- IOTA 3 outlet, 12-2 w/grourid. 51U Arizona Plumbing Tool Suppl 3936 N. Oracle XING Size walerbed, s«o. 4x8 poof table. 3 - Inch slate oed. $350 1972 Ford Pinto, $500. Call 298-7928 KIRBY vacuum cleaner with attachments, used 1 mo. Paid 1499. Asking )52iO or best offer. Also antique gas stove In perfect working order, 565. Zenith B*W TV. needs minor re, 5301. other Hems. 889-3450. LARGE wooden rocket boxes S7, 50 caliber ammo boxes 52. large tool boxes 54. The Barn, Veide, 294-4201 WO S. Palo LIFT-GATE MUST SELL Waltco electric hydraulic self-cJcnJng 36x90 inert platform. LIKE NEW MOBILE TELEPHONE, MOTOROLA, 297-OT3 LITTLE VALENTINE will love Pstll- c.»»e Fashions 1103 W, Prince 887-2797. NAILS - American made, 32 cases finish, cut, smooth box, assorted si/- cs, 50 Ib. cases, 515 per case. 298-3763 NAVY blue I el l living room lounge chair J75. Lawn mower J25. 2 marble end tables 550 pair.' Provincial reconditioned Spanish while 175. Washing machine, works uo. Washer slove 125. 66 Ponllac Calallna 5300, runs exlnt. Misc Items , 5710 Caile Sllvos*. 74H598 .· ...^.. -GOMERY WAR I Stamp Coin Shoo El C 327-7392 on BUYING line stamps or need for auclions. Keele. 623-3689 or 298-1322. BUYING SILVER COINS Paving 240". alicJnyeslrnents. 298-O597 .rg7OKElGN slamps~5; coins. Wanlea. qold silver coins Highist prices paid. Ar;zc»ia's lira- est dealer in gold silver. Compare our prices. 30 yrs in Tucson. Arizona 'im P * Coin. «68 E. Speedway. BUY Kennedy socls., silver coins. g^la^cnections.^81j4739_Undsey_ Discount Hobbies -- Supplies Save up tosO'.'on radio control? Airplanes, boats, cars R/c equipment A HOBBIES. 4370 FAYING 513 tor 1976 proof sets. Also buying coins, lokens. proof sets money, Tucson Coin WE buy coin collections, gold coins, old sliver coins, lokens, medals. currency. Bid board coin auction every Sat.. 2:30. Glass Shoooe Coins, ·1325 E. B roadway, 793-6811 WE Pay loo prices for proof sels. gold, better coin e. stamp collections BEL-AIR COIN 4 STAMPS 433 Arts-Crafts-Supplies DECORATE your home or otflce wuh unlntfe sculpture to rellect your P/J'«sslori or hobby. Sculptures are made Individually fo suit you Free esf and confcrral. CREATIVE BLACKSMITH. 748-1465 25% OFF E V E R Y T H I N G Belt blanks, purse wallet kits, finished bells handbags Rough 436 Jewelry-Watches, etc. AMAZING SPECIALS 'l^ Turnuolse Heishl $29,95 strand tquld silver $6.49 or fetishes sB.Wcc-r 100 $ .'SPCr stra.nd Plnshell Heishl Barrel clasps Turouolse Nuggels INDIAN JEWELRY PRICED AT W. OFF S per 100 $13 per 100 BAHAMA TRADERS Price Shopper's Specials Pin Shell 2mm r 89«nls strawberry 2mm $j 25 SI.25 M $3.25 53.75 30 ll.-w cents Burl seed, tapered Gold lip 2mm Conus shell 2mm White clam 2mm Black lip 2mm Tlg«r lall ui"i.---* .We have 5 openings In our Tuesday class for silversmiths. Call today to register. 4034 ant VALENTINE'S DAY Bicentennial Special DOBERMAN PUPPIES AKC reg. 666-2279, 6534 E. Broadwa' all day weekends^ DOBERMANS, AKC Registered, Champion bred. Tails docked. _Blues blacks. 793-8275. DOBERMAN, AKC. 1 year old mah black S. tan, S125. Call 743-0171 DOG TRAINING, your home Bi Clark, 623-8924, 7811 W. OMl°Bd" dog - spayed, house broken snols, likes children, 790-1994 6 PM FREE PUPPIES. POODLE MIX 790-97U AFTER 2PM GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES AKC_REGISTERED. 298-3413 GERMAN SHORTHAIR PUPPIES, 747-5576. HALF GREAT DANE, hall Germa, Shepherd puppies. Call 747-3752 IRISH SETTER.MALE, 6MOS. S60 _CALL 748-JOI6 OR 748-37f1 IRISH Wolfhounds, all ages Mrs. Raul Castro. 3701 E. Rlv" Rd, Turauolse Helshl Strawberry Fetishes Coral Plnshell Strawberry Fetishes Barrel clasps Strawberry Helshl Burl seed $24.76 strand $ 6.76 per 100 S 9.76 strand 76 cts $6.76 per 100 51.76 per 100 51.76 per strand 25 ft 76 Cts 100 ft $2.76 300 H $6.76 1000 II $17.76 . We have a million items for the u-do-it-kif specialist. beginner Mon Ihru Frl 9:00 AM - s-30 PM Sat. 9:00 AM- 5:00 P'M HOUSE OF SILVER GOLD l35S.alhAve CATANA GERMAN SHEPHERDS AKC Puppies. OFA Stud ,.r. .. A " Breed Boardlno 3450 N. Dodoe 326-314, LARGE dog house, insulated Nc roof and paint. S25. 624-6519 Lucle's poodles with personality. Reg Terms, boarding proomtng, 743-7925. MALE SILVER POODLE, S MONTHS, 530. 623-6357. MALE WHITE POODLE. I year. $50. 747-7174. PAUSE 4 PAWS Professional Al breed doo grooming. 888-8699. POODLE mix puppies. Mother Yor kshire Poodle mix. Father pure Poodle. 6 wks old. 79M223 POODLES - Black. AKC registered 1 male. 1 female. S100. eves., 8B-9AA1.' PUPPIES · 2 mo old. Pan Retrle\ er Part Lab. 887-3242 eves. WANTED diamonds. We pay more Jay Jwlrs 2812 N Campbell, 4341 E 22 '·PERSONAL COLLECTION" Authentic Indian Jewelry. Only fnfer- buyers call New Man Studio ays, 881-9342 nights. 440 Livestock Supplies ALFALFA HAY FOR SALE M-SOABALE.297-6im. ALFALFA 8.66 Feeds, 3025 N. 1st Ave. 624.51B9. 'A hay, K 4 D APPALOOSAS at ilua. Waplll's mage a, Red Soda Poo. ATTN. We buy pick up old/crippled IQrses. Tucson Dog Food ARREL RACING THURS. 6:30 P.M COWBOY POLO TO FOLLOW -PRACTICE AT 7 P.M " Anyone Interested fn becoming Involved In this exciting sport should come on out and watch what lakes '·»«· talk to the Tucson · - n team members and make arrangements to perhaps ioln them Spectators welcome at 1600 E. River Rd. 299-0235. Casa Del Caball CAN'T FIND THE RIGHT HORSE? Try Horses Unlimited. 687-1261 Saddles 4 Trailers. Featuring Res y« Gray Arab mare. Green Broke. CATTLE FOR SALE - Hoi stein sT Angus, black/while tace, brown/w' hire face, from 27 cenls a pound and up. For further into tall 294-9(1* CUSTOM HANDMADE BOOTS -- lit guaranteed. Also Bool 8. Saddle re- aalr. Joe Dorsey, 297-3210 EXLNT trail or pleasure mare. En- ;hsh or Western. 622-4268 W° 4 = OR SALE: 5-yr-old Palamlno oeld- na - western pleasure - 5250. 883-0579 OOD alfalfa hay, by the load or ja!e Will deliver 1 ton and up. 1404 i. Mission Rd. Glen Hawley 624-5064 AVE room lor J horses. Going to Massachusetts or anywhere aloig he way. Leaving Feb. 16lh. 299-6863. AY--alfalfa, alfalfa/oat mixed bermuda. R'cht from field. 1-682-5 ira HORSESHOEING BILL'S FARRIER SERVICE -32J-8244 HORSESHOE ING. Call 623-0654 HARTLEY FARRIER SERVICE Grad. N.Mex. Slate U. Farrier School HORSESHOER - Trim Specialist' Call lor appt. Pat King 795-5317 HORSES Nice selection lor all purposes Reg- stered grade. Buy, sell, trade Joe Lawrence. 502 v/. 29th St. 792-W60 or 25-4059, REGISTERED Australian Shepherd puppies, baby kids, milk goat lo kid rSi '«" bu'cherMg, AKC reflisferct Cocker spaniel at stud. Registered billy at stud. Calves. ?94-3fl69 ROTTWEILER PUPPIES AKC 883-2564 TOY POODLES. AKC Registered, champion bloodlines, also slud service, reasonable. 325-2185. TOY POODLE 298-0106 AFTER 5PM TRAINED guard remale doberman for S150. 1W year old. 795-190? WEIMARANER PUPPIES _AKC. 9 weeks. 790-1866 . 6 weeks, call WHO'S afraid to train the big bad wolf? Cactus Canine Cenler Isn't. Cat' GranrJrna.883-2222. r MO. female gray cat. affectionate, box trained, shots. 747-7418 aft 5-yi t Monlh Female Doberman Puppy, askA-gste,."" 1 " Havc so* . ·GREAT DANES' blue black. AKC. terms avail. Health guar. 624-604Q. 451 Birds-Tropical Fish, etc. BABY Parakeets. 52.50 each. Flnch- cs, canaries, parrot, pigeons, 790-2017. DESERT PET CENTER 3390 E. 22nd 325-8333 Open It) to 9 Sal 9-6 Sun 455 Poultry-Eggs-Produce HOGS 2 sow 1 boar. 5210. 5 Ring necked Pneasanls 515 ea. Pair ol polden Pheasant jjo. 3 Bob white females SS »ach. Coturnlx iuall t chickens best offer. 833-4779. 460 Foods-Meats-Fishes COMPLETE home rood service Farm B. Home Food. 623-3J94 FRESH Ifjf 1 HOG. cui and wrapped Whole or half. Beef also available. Busby Meat Co.. 623-8459, 2964616 rarm fresh, paper shell, 8750 E. Woodland, on Tanque Verde. 467 jntiques ALL AntlQues. f, off during Februa- ryl stonehlnge. 1316 E. Broadway. . . way. BR«bb BED. Pie safe, depression ate 5 ',, orientals, prlmatlves. DEALERS WELCOME. Kellen's Antiques. 1906 E. Prince near Campbell NDRATEZ iwitez il f, indraff orandsonl. No-* standing for 76 sea- -AVING hens $1.10 each, stewing ens. 65 cents each. Calves, pigs, abbits, goals. Call 1-762-5277. _ MILK COW for sale, very healthy nd gentle. Will come fresh about r eb. 21sl. Also lots of rabbits, 2 mos o 5 mos.,»2 a piece. 1-356-7491. PORT-A-STALLS 'Pe corrals, shades and lenclno Wall Perry Dealer. Call eves. 297-54J4 'KACTICE ROPING Ihursdav lorn. Appaloosa Arena, Marana. Starls at 7 PM. 50 cents per run per man. Horn sleers. Afterwards 2 slcer ackpot no cattle money taken iAILROAD TIES, excellent condT Ion, s« each. A. Ford, 296-0144. REGISTERED Appaloosa mare. 2'/, years, 5400. Palomlno-Appy Mare, 4 years. 5300. AOHA Stud colt, 2 years. 5500. Bay fielding, 6 vrs, 5350 Will accepl otters on above. 748-B433. ROPlNG Sat Feb. 14th, II AM. Mixed ronino 3 far 512. jackpot i tor 516. Unlimited ·nines. Tangerine Rd. |.|0. Re- reshmenls bv Tucson Rolling Snack iaj\ G. Payne. B. Padllla. c, Gosiin. ROPING Sat. Fcb 14th at 6 pm. Barrel race 5 Mixed team 3 for 512. Team Doping 5 for 520. 1600 E. River Rd, 1 asa_otL£afiaj!o. ,MALL PIGS FOR any occasion. 85 us up. Beet al^o available. Busby Meal Co.. 23-a59 or 296-oaia USED, single axle. 2 horse trailer, eg. Appy stud, good color, 2 yrs old, chicken cages, sheep. "8-4458 Apacho Stables WANTED TO BUY Hogs, sheep, cattle. Too local price CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING _B.usby Me at Company -- 623-R459 WEAKER PIGS 423-^548 or 1-682-1362 WESTERN saddle for roping or plea- ure. Almost new cond No local ornpanv can sell Ihe same saddle or less. 5250 or make offer 748-8632 EARLING Aopaloosa slud cdt, car. registered, dark bay wllh while _ _ . _ YEAR Thoroughbred Jwned bv Bruce C. Meier will _ elding sold . or board bill: 10am, 2-14. Fred Frye lables, 336? E. Riyer Ro 4 . _ ) YR old geldlnp wfih hay and lack. I-62-4403. MARE SORREL fast culling. Milk ow and heifer, beef calves, hen . 30 gallon steel barrels, dfesel ractor, hay baler, welder tanks, gas Tvpevrilcr5 ' ^ "'· THOROUGHBRED '/, Quarter, cldina. 9 vrs, English trained. An- XPdlx rca. Wkd«ys afler 6. 6»5-6924. CHRISTINE'S Curiosity Shop Largest selection ol anlloues In Tuc- 5").- c Buy sell, appraise trade. 4940 E. Speedway. 773-0018 IF you don't altend the Mldwesl Ai,- lique Show al the Ramada Inn on INDIAN arl 6. cralt collecllons purchased. Private colloctor MOVING, must sell -- antique roll top desk, dark oak. Exlnt cond also German hand carved 1890 Pullman uprighl hlde-a bed with beveled mirror Call 885-7434 after 4:30 weekdays. all day Sat. 8, Sun NEW YORK ANTIQUE and Unique, 3335 E. Grant Rd. ^UNLAND ANTIQUES INC HOMO N. COUNTRY CLUB TO-I1J4 Largest Shoo o7 Us Kind TWO wbOD-burnlng cook sieves. 5450 each: wood healer. 5225. 790-OT6 WELCOME winter visitors to Country Emporium Antiques, 3431 N Dodge Blvd, Open Sunriiyv ROUND oak table and 4 oak Capta n's chairs, all refinlshed. Comoicle sel only, isto. £85-8040 473 Miances APPLIANCES--USED LATE MODEL REFRIGERATORS, RANGES WASHERS, DRYERS Clean as new at v 3 the price R econd i I i oncd--gua ra nteed Tip Top Appliances Appliance fetee ·USED APPLIANCES · LATE MODELS · SELL, RENT OR BUY · LOW, LOW PRICES · GUARANTEED 4459 E. Speedway 795-2383 473" ABtfMCN REFRIGERATOR DRYER 689-1233 OR ta-WJ RENTAL SALES SESVIL Washers -- Dryers -- Refrigerate WE -3 APPLIANCES. Of^m RENT WASHERS $8 V/ REPOSSESSED v/ REFRIGERATORS Just purchased 39 General Electr refrigerators, almost new. Prlc rom 1175.95. We also have som. frelghl damaged new refrigerator Sizes vary from 12 cu. ft. aparinwn slje lo 2j cu. ft. side bv side. A makes and models. Financing an lay aways available. Distress Freight. 3728 E. Grant Rd. 327-56M TRUCKLOAD SALE Caloric JO" gas ranges, all color single ovens start al J178. doub ovens star lino at W75. ,,,, A W TV APPLIANCES 5527E.PIma 6B6-2; WANTED: freezers 8. refrlo's wo Ing or not. Top s) Gordon's 79J-I1W WAREHOUSE OUTLET DARES COMPARISON! MAYTAG--AMANA--LITTON FRIGIDAIRE--KELVINATOR toss E. 22nd, In Oxfora Plaza Open I WASHERS/dryers, sell, repair, ren buy broken. Sun Service. 623-0226. WASHING MACHINE 195 OR BESTOFFER.79S-4IK9 WESTINGHOUSE electric range fi sale S1BO. Good condition, M" 1( Ihaw/warm oven. Tel. 775-0322. 16 CU. FT. UPRIGHT freeier, fros Iree. under 2 years old. 747-8385, 17 CUBIC FT. white Whirlpool refr geralor/freezer, frost-free. Used months. Exlnl cond. J275. 294-3721 478 Auction Due to storms last week some ol 1h material as advertised lor the Ll ALSO: some very nice replicas u Early American lamps In variou styles. A tew pieces of excellent ch "?·,,"!? Wedsewood fn "Royal Home ARE H" Dal ! ern ' 5onle oltl w Come bv Thursday evening brows around. 4628 E. SPEEDWAY _ 326-3612 _ University of Arizona To be sold lo the highest bidder on goniometer stage and rotation hole Feb. IBth, 1576 for detail! 480 Household Good MUST LIQUIDATE: From open louse: sofa love scat, S199, 3 p Spanish bedroom J139, 7 PC, dlnln - A A ' N C E N T E R FURN APPLIANCES USED WE KNOW WE HAVE THE Largest Selection Of LATE MODEL WASHERS, DRYERS REFRIG'S, STOVES, FREEZERS DANDY APPLIANCES 3529 E. Grant 327-8)66 AUCTION TODAY 10 A.M. urnlture-tor your home apart lent, bedroom sets, living room sets, Inene sets, box springs 4 mattress- s, appliances, TVs miscellaneous. 7P.M. ood duality furniture from estate ousefull. 5 piece mahogany twin fdroom sel, 3 piece blonde mahoga- v bedroom set, 5 piece Drcxel rench Provincial bedroom set, 6 ece Kent Colfey mahogany betf- oom set, mahogany china cabinet, nahogany buffet, 7 piece dlnlno room el with matching china cabinet, 5 ece maole dining room set, living oom se s In all colors styles, rocks, rccllneri, bar wJlh 2 stools, like W appliances, Bradford harvest old refrigerator, harvest gold oas inge, Norge gas range. Westing- SPECIAL o be sold at 8:30, otllce furniture i qu pmcnl consisting of 6 secretarial esks with chairs, 3 walnut executive csks, several metal desks. Taroe onterence table wllh 6 walnut fialrs, leoal size riling cabinets II re-proof), several other flllno cable's, 4 IBM Seledrlc typewrite", l BM electric typewriter. 1 Smith- orona, 3 Royal typewriters, Re- Inoton calculator, 1 Burroughs fding machine, I Commodore aO- ng machine, office refrigerator her pieces loo numerous lo men- on. Be here for the bargains. BILL'S AUCTION 4249 E. 22nd 325-4651 ith fluaran- , )0r 15 Lb Felt 35 Ib, Shingles, souare allon Adhesive J14-8' Framing Lumber JI4-10' Framjna Ll/mbcr X4-12' Framing Lumber x W S t d B t r Fir JI4-W Sid Btr Fir X4-12' Std 4 Btr Fir xW Sid Btr Fir KS-10- Std Bfr Fir X6-I2' Std Btr Fir «-' Const. Redwood Kl-ty Const. Redwood X4-12' Const Redwood JtfrS' Const Redwood 2x6-10- Const Redwood tj-l 1' Const Redwood X8-W Particle Board xS-W Particle Board X6-£"CC Ext Plywood X8-V." CC Exl Plywood xa-W" Shoo Sheathlna »8-'/j" sanded Shoo Plywood " LOND dining room table, 6 chairs ood condition. B83-5366. ABINET model Fieetwood sewing achine, pood condllJon. used very He. reasonable. 748-1482. ARPET from Pioneer Hotel, excel- nl condilion, excellent values, J3 a 1 8. up, B09 E. Broadway. Dally 10 to 624-0764, 795-7351. ARPETS, BLUE-GREEN TWIST X15 and 12x21 plus 60 leet ol 30 and Inch runners, excellent condition. yards, 5360. Also wool, rose, 10x15 id 10x9, good condition. ISO. All with OUCH CHAIR, pillow back.'loose snlon, excellent condition, 588; aplc hutchi : buffet, good condition, 89. Frigidalre refrigerator, 5,35 NEW USED FURNITURE 62-0705 AVENPORT. rattan game table, talysl heater, swivel rocking unge chair. 327-1239. AVENPORT. dark red velvel. 8'. crllice its. 296-1995. V/ DINING RMy/ roe selection, Mulches, buffels, i Erfo"!? 5 ' odd Dle « s ' "riced lo II. FOR EXAMPLE: New 9 piece nlng room sel, slightly damaged, rmal retail S980, our pice 5659 95 slressed Freight. 3728 E. Granl Rd! '-3676. EUREKA! W9,s, sflprl on cash we bought entire stock at pennies on the do · r. SAVE NOW - while they last at AILROAD FREIGHT 5625 E 22nd \/ FRONTIER FURNITURE v / VILLAGE l!on .f's laroest ranch oak dealer, rl VS '"· Weslern a "d Colonial !l''. This s ore features hloh ouall- lines ollivlna room, dlnina room i lroom furlture, such as sunline, .f. nd Authentic at reasonable ces. We cater to ttte ouallly buyer op In and browse through! our 'asam show room. 2520 N. Miracle te. 624-?an, ^^ -L SIZE mattress box 576, twin mattress box 542. hideaway GIGANTIC SALE ·ed furnllurc. dishes, clothes. Okf- elc J|.AM -- 4 P M . Thurs. Fri. IDEAWAY sofabeds J{9, large t awer chest 535. 2 PC, sofa chair 99. occas. chairs 59. The Barn. 5970 Palo Verde. 294-4701 HOUSEFUL $484 ke new nice houseful ol furniture, l. w /i m . at uf in ° f hair ' 2 efld fables, cktall (able, dinette set, master xdroom set, dresser, mirror, panel ~d ana chest. 2nd bedroom set, esjer, panel bed, nichtsland, all Is like new only $484. Must sel! all part. See credit manager. The arn 5970 s. Palo Verde. 294-J201 ngsiie bo« sorlnos, foam mattress, ame 575. Port. Kenmore dlshwastv S50, mahogany able headboard, oht sland. mirror 53s aaMim IRBY vacuum, new Classic Omega, ust sell. See al ZI19 N. Country Club Granl Rd , Walt Allen. - dinette sef, S piece, extra al, 540. Weekdays after S. 887-1976. SCELLANEOUS household ,..,... sale from lamps lo rugs. 681-0005. MR. B'S RENTALS NO CREDIT NEEDED RENT TO BUY NEW COLOR'S, STEREOS 4326,»ndSt. ree Delivery 622-1045 A^ Refrigerators 439 up! Freezers 199 uo! Gas Refrlgs 5135 up! Guar trajtes taken. Gordon's 795-1109. COMMERCIAL reach In refrigeralor * cornmerclal reach In freezer. 889-1233 or 623-5953 NORGE 22 cu. II. slde-by-sldc copper- lone refrigerator/freezer with Ice- maker, 5400. 790-4713 before 1:30 p.m., all da REFRIGERATORS 8, WASHERS Excellent selection of used, recondl- Honed refrigerators i washers. Free Jfllvf ry A guarantee-. 336-71J9. CHRIsflE'^Appli 3oyE. Speedway »?,hi?, oli K C P n t er " bt f couch with alchino cbalr, breakfast sel. dress- entl labl "' DIRECT: TO US - TO Sola ove scat, velvel or 9. UAI ;ITY furniture «l low low prices Model Home Furniture 8»i-ai4 SEE our Partial listing in Class 478. ·SENJIRAJ. AUCTION ROOM FULL, tl66. Pillow back sofa »"" , m C cfing crTair, 2 ens tables. hle, 2 large table lamps, all repossessed, but lust like lor 480 Household Goods Repossessed SINGER TOUCH SEW Newest model Touch Sew -- ilo makes buttonholes, wind ,- N P TH !NG E L S E T O $7.00 - JEWJNG ju*ji±.* SEWING MACHINES , . , CA, CENTENNIAL, DRESSMAKER, WHITE, ALCO, DIAL . tonjrnealew. Fromjs? ,,,, = Vlkinfl Sewing center S626 E. Broadway _ 747-IMO _ , , ' c . hair ' Ofnette set, 12 Winchester auto, shotaun. gauge ^ iOLID nahooany Early Medlterra- with t matching chslrs. 521 Trail* Rentals-Courts Rental Information 524 Apartment»fumihd FREE APARTMENT GUIDE n o , a n 5 o GRANTWAy REALTY INS. INC. *MOE Grant 795-2030 MIrtdt Milt 524 Apartmentsfumished A beautiful «lr conditioned, quiet, PJllo, ;adrm. near El Crjij 795- STEREOS! WOW! RAILROAD FREIGHT A BEAUT. A/c. 1 bdrm, walk-In clos e , , patio, poo^, laund. tlts\ 3801 N. Countr .. try Club, , - - qulcl. no pets, lub, 325-7197. AIRPORT AREA , BUHNA VIDA MOBILE APTS. 1573 model 12x40 2-3 BDRM, pool, recreation facilities, laundry, all extras. Besl rental value. 6001 s Palo Verde, please call 294-436V FANTASTIC STUDIO ARTS. FROM ONLY $160 FURNISHED, POOL UTILITIES PAID WALK-IN CtOSET GREAT LOCATION 5353 E. 22ND ST. 747-7280 LOS ARBOLES FURNISHED STUDIOS FROM $125 MANAGED B SWIVEL office chairs $12. dinette chairs $2. Danish sofas $49, dinette lable S5, sewing rockers $12, loose cushion sola 8; chair $«, loveseat $29, arge blue sofa $«, swivel rocker $li ^ose cushion wood armed sofa $69, !Jly American sofa $39. The Barn 5970 S. Palo Verde. 294-J201. TWIN Beauty Rest sel $28. occasional rhalr $8. 1500 E. Silver, 325-C086. U.S. MATTRESS Hotel-Motel trade-in sale. Full twin mattresses or box spring, $19.95 2707 ". 1st Ave. 623-3IK? 10,000 yds of carpet al Incredible savings. Mardell Desert Guild iu-iiii 10,000 YARDS ol carpet drastically ··.educed. Mardeil Carpels, 886-5556, - TWIN size headboards, 1 nlte stand, 1 queen size bed, desk, recllner, love seat rocker, Black Decker rotary Hectrlc lawn mower, harvest gold formica counter top, B'x26'. never used; all good cond.. 720 E. 3rd St 91 PAIRS custom drapes -- lined -- unllned -- all slies -- all colors -- 'rom MO to $90. Values to over S200! Jelow wholesale prices. Have to sell his week! Goldenson's Sleep World, 3859 E. Granl Rd.. 793-7272. v/ wow 1976 SEWING MACHINES -- $36 New models wllh all Ihe latest fea- ures. Hurry for best selection to RAILROAD FREIGHT 5425 E. 22nd 482 Baby Furniture }/ ALBERT ARMS J 1 2 bedrooms, $160/$180. Pool, re- frig., laundry, individual stor. Near I 11. access to airport f. m[ nf5 . . 294-04; ALL NEW CARLTON Clean, quiet, com lor table I 2 BDRM, i bath, carpeted, disposal, laundry, carport, pool, close to El Con, choice furnlshKgs. 4363 E. 2nd 1 ALL utilities, kitchen efficiency, J20 week/up. Park/Benson area ALL utilities pd., I bdrm., S37.SO a week. 132 W. Irvlngton. 294-m" ALL utll.. kitchen sleeping room 120weekly uo.244 W.-'- · '-·??"· AMPHI AREA Duplex, efficiency, new, carpeted, cozy, private, oulet neighborhood. SI25 month. »s ag^ll. /~J^i^ AMPHI AREA 2 BDRM $168 AHRACTIVE 1 BDRM $ HO 1 200 N. 7th Ave 624-5198 Aparlments With Personality At A Price You CAN Adorn Willowick Some furnished available Entrance on Wilmot Across From St. Joseph's Hospital 373 N. Wilmot 886-5559 OLD-fashlored baby carriage- black Call BS8-9y?i 484 Building Materials lUILDING your own (ence? Come to 'Imberllne Fence Co.. 7255 E. 22nd St. r No. 1 tence grade materials al ow prices. Frit In -/CLONE fence wilh slats, 75' In ludlng gale, $100. 298-5933 after 2:30. IAILROAO TIES, encelient Jon. S6 each. A, Ford, 296^146. READY mix concrete! u-cart U-save 'A lo 2 yd loads S28.50 per yd Oracle Rd. Rent-All 4 Sales Inc. 3909 N. Oracle Rd. PH. 887-5727 PECIAL 12x12" Cement floor tile, 50 enfs ea. Ben Franklin flreelace, wood burning slovc-s, mesqulte wood. og houses. 2x6 corral lumber .14 lln. . 3X4; posts .14C lln ft. 4x4 post .24c lln 1. Chicken wire, fencing, bricks, locks, mobile home toilets sup- lies, plastic pipe, plumbing, elec Jsed steel doors frames. Most ypes new. used bldg. materials. 19 N. Stone, 623-5481. Dally , , i Shop Fir Siding i" Sheetrock xB-w Sheelrock JO Lb Portland Cement 6.49 6 99 1695 l 87 '88 ] 25 I'sc 123 145 198 j'oo 250 3 00 i 43 224 2 80 336 3 95 5 45 a '85 12 10 545 ' 8.98 10.98 s.99 i 41 j'ss ARMORY PARK SUPER CLEAN 1 bdrmi apt. from S155 mo. Pool, laundry and all conveniences. Townhouse -. SPOTLESS 1 bdrm duplex, all newly painted, near Plma Country Club, $135 a month, water paid. 1 or 2 persons, deposit required. Call AHRACTIVE 2 BDRM, $150 NW, carpeted, pool, laundry, 623-8120. ATTRACTIVE duplex, 2 bdrm. air cond, carport; agio, near Unlversriv buses, like living In your own home, must see to appreciate. 241 N. Vine Ave corner alhST 622-4493. Ground level, healed pool, laundry. walk-In closet, studio 1 Bedroom, from $125. 2750 N. Balboa 624-0930 Furnished With All UTILITIES PAID FROM $165 Great Location 5353 E. 22nd St. 747-7280 GREAT LOCATION! elliclencv, pool, very quiet, laundry room. STRUNK REALTY INC. Property management division 327-4206 HOUSEKEEPING - clean, qulef Reasonable. 250 W. Plata (Miracle Mile) MlracU Brecie 624-5545 No pels LARGE clean I bdrm. carport, n. ichools, shopping, banks. 622-6063. LARGE 2 bdrm. Carpeted. Carport SltiO. 1515 E. Blacklldoe. 297.AMS LARGE 2 bdrm, furnished 4-piex, Panelled w/w carpeting, pool, near 6th s, Campbell. Available Feb. 9th Call 624-1218. 294-9554 or 748-1720 NEW ARRIVALS Rent by Day, Wk., or Mo. Completely if^'J ffflJUl 1 aor '"Quire Chateau act. Hotel 1402 N. Alvernon. 9-9. NORTH ALVERNON WILLOW GARDENS APTS Pr vale patios, air-cond., 2 BDRM--2 balh--all utilities paid, pool, barbecues, 2950 N. Alvernon. 79S-B49H WOOD BROS LUMBER CO 2 LOCATIONS 7501 E. 22ND STREET 296-760, AT 8-5 s un in.s 2750S.4TH AVENUE ON-THURS 8-5:30 FR I 8-8 PM _ 792-9210 LOCATION. 1160 WILLOWICK 373 N. WILMOT 664-555? BEAUTIFUL apt. Pool, carpeted, Call Mon. Tues. Wed. Frl. 795-B059 III 5 PM. sat. S. Sun, all day call -""· " ju... an uqy can fftmy£i. Beautiful 1 bdrm apt., private fenced patio; siso, lease; eels. 2840 N. Palo Verde. Before 9 AM. after 6, 296-1Q1B. BEL AIR VISTA APTS Private pallo. healed pool. 1 bdrm ' u l n ;. utlis Included, $220-$230. I block Most attractive studio 1 bdrm. Pool v ' ntent area ' From A BEST 1 bdrm. S1J5-JI40. lease, no Pets, pool, 41SQ H. 1st Ave. 887-5558. - 489 Air Conditioning EARS Air-condiifoner. fl mo ^ tfer warrani-y. 4300 BTU. 79S-5978. 95 Let's Swap ADE »700 worth of pistols for long hee! base pickup. Must be In good echanlcal condilion. B81-7J49. )00 Wanted to Rent AHENTION LANDLORDS "t our professional counselors fill ose vacancies loday. Free and ISV. Call 67MCm. Abarr ° OR SMALL WOOD SHOP. 2 car or equivalent, call 623-8338. FREE TO LANDLORDS Renl Your Vacancies Fast Free r ^Corpouterlied Rental Service ' - a i r i^.-. . ^j secure drv storage aporox- ately 20x40, 1 year rnlmmum, pre- rrably NW Tucson, with sturdy el ves. 887-5341 or URSE DAUGHTER need house, si side, preferrably qufet wilh rden space. Perfect II out of town, sponsitite. Catl 29M4TI RIVATE Mobile Home space anted to rent or buy. Near bus line 1-6455 or 297-4557. NFURNtSHED 3 bedroom, 2 bath pouse, convenient fo U of A HospifaC pprox. March Isl to July 1st. Lon- r if mutually satisfied. Enclosed rd (or pets. No pool. No excessive _rd maintenance. 298-S4S3. Room Board EAST near Alvernon, I bedroom apt. 595. utilities Included. 3825 E. Lee St. !OWN'S BOARDING HOME FOR HE ELDERLY, Call 325-1242. HILLCREST BO, ESTBOAROING HOME OVING care for elderly. Private ~om4aath. Laundry. 88'mil JIVATE ROOMS WITH BATH. ANTED: ROOM BOARD BY ENTLEMAN. PHONE 623-3746. 306 Room Without Board OUNTRY Club Speedway, private trance, pool, 3021 E. 2nd St. 325-4413 LEASANT, prlv.. pallo living, n 15 up, Santa Nlta Lodge, iff.l OOM FOR RENT. 795-6677 OOMS Utll. paid. From J22.95 week- or 591 SO monthly. Private toilet lower, stove refrigeralor. 231 E. rd SI. Bordens Court, SE of pool, fireplace, olshwasherT lelely furn ( -- ' - · · ·· TOP.I..I.! ENTEX lust 565'month. 423-4(02 (68-59) advance tee )09 Share Living Quarters seeking responsible person 35, to share apartment expenses :MALE lo share aparlment M .? W A V 01" Spanish Trail aril, 296-4542 afler 4. JMALE To share 2 bdrm home. Omotolal. 79Q.1261 alter 4 ·MALE lo share apl. with same, mpnl area, 594 per month plus '/i sAeleclrlc. 887-1197 EMALE wants 2 lo share 3 bdrm ome. near DM. 748-1322 or 327-m7 aceful mountain scenery? Magee-Oracle, male to share new me, newly turn, after 5, »7 8533 ALE will sriare i bdrm house with OOM lor rent, easlslde. person to ire house with mtrrlca couple, 00 a mo. Call R5-545t 10 Motels, Hotels CATALINA VILLAGE v-Week-Month, linens, dishes, TV. jcson's Flnst 532 E. Fir si, 791-7111 TSERONIMO HOTEL' ason»ble rates, day, week, mo. Ivate baths. Beautiful patio, i Blks Iverslty. 736 N Euclid. Ph 623-3648 BY WEEK, MONTH OR YEAR LOB i ',t bd TM, tn FOOTHILLS. Healed pool. IS mm from everything COURTNEY INV CO 297-2672 or 795-5754 PIMA FOOTHILL APTS. NEW Heated poof, laundry facilities, refrigerated, air-conditioning, shag carpeting, Spanish-style furniture. 1 BDRM $140 MO 2 BDRM $175 MO '£ mile beyond Pima College at 2aS5 W. Anklam Rd. Manager In API. 42 PRESTIGIOUS TIE PALACE 38M E. Fourlh STUDIOS--1 BDRM.2BORM FROM SI80 FURNISHED UTILITIES INCLUDED Telephone 327-5671 QUIET Ige 1 bdrm duplex with can p o r t , storage: pen allow,.;), ~ , . QUIET STUDIO. 3 blocks UA. Poot laundry. Gas 8, water paid. Park Ave. Apis., 884-9028, 327-1484. CENTER OF TOWN Check our low summer rates MONTCLA1R APTS 811 N. ALVERNON 327-9932 We furnish everything CLEAN E« In hlslorlc district. S85 + IfljLllncI utlli 793-185; 8 IP CLEAN pleasant 1 bedroom, heal coplM-,rg£onslble manager present. CLEAN-spacious studio, refrlgera- t p o c j t l o , manager present. CLEAN studio, carpet, near airport, SV3. 743-O42B.. _ ^^ CLEAN 1 bdrm duplex, 5130. year , water paid. No pets. Inquire . Stewart, 325-9901 - 5, roo:r ' S140 Includes utll. itlcs. 225 E. 15lh street. 325-0271 Cottages Kitchenettes From UO week or slls mo. mils, TV linens Incl. Spur Motel, 3730 N Oracle Rd COUNTRY CLUB -- BROADWAY Country Club Manor Apis Carports, 1 2 BDRM garden paradise. Small Dels, laundry facifilles, very nice. 3031 E. nth St 793-2871 Created For Adults Furn. 8. Unfurn. 1 BDRM. apts. from 5176 d. Cheating Included. Close to 6160E. Bellevue MGR'S OFFICE -- Bldg B 296-9518 .LARGE MODERN 1 BEOROOM, CALL 795-1196. EFFICIENCY, H24 per month, 1940 N. Tucson Blvd. 795-7609. ELIZABETH ARMS POOL, LAUNDRY. 1 BDRM FROM SISO 5770.E. 10th St. 298-9029 D Fountain Piaza CAREFREE ADULT LIVING WITH SECURITY. A SPECIALLY CONCEIVED ENVIRONMENT FEATUR- · Brand New Apartments · Private pstlos t, balconies · Unique central lacllltles -- Library -- Greenhouse · Holel comforts ·Free telephone [local! and answering service ·Free Gas · Lush landscaping with lagoons, ponds, fountains · Luxury appliances · Furnished or unfurnished All the above and more are Included In our modest rates Maid service, linens, car- porls and gucsl rooms dre also available at reasonable cost. Please come and see us at 2345 N. Craycrofl 881-5050 FREE UTILITIES, STUDIO J120. 1 BEDROOM 5.150. 220 E FT LOWELL. FREE UTILITIES Studio Apt. near County Hospital. II102S. Very clean. 2«04 S. 7lh Ave. MM559, managed by Lincoln Trust AA FURN. 2 bdrm duplex, large lot, 5a«on l yr. lease. Golden West Realty Inv Co Vln H. Swan 88M78I 524 Apartments-Furnished QUAIL RIDGE FOOTHILL LIVING AT ITS BEST EveryfhJno vou Expect In a new A Including smoke detectors dis washers. Construction Special 1 BDRM FROM $21 Furnished, Ulils Included Sunrise at Swan 4500 E. Sunrise A UNIQUE ENVIRONMENT FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED Soacious I bdrm. 2 bdrm, 2 bat fireolace, Indoor outdoor oool Tennis court private patios. 1725 E. LlmberfoslDr. 327-777 I Jusl WeslolCampoelll SAFARI APARTMENTS I bdrm. il«. 2 bdrm, J165. Heatec pool. Laundry facilities, refrloera Hon. Quiet, convenient locallon. 3703 N- Isl Ave. EIGHT ACRES OF BEAUTIFULLY LANDSCAPED GROUNDS TING JUST MINTUES FROM ALL PARTS OF TUCSON · Brand New One Slorv · Private Patios i Carports · Unique Recreation Area · Walk to Tucson Racquet Club · All Luxury Features CHOOSE FROM I BEDROOMr 2 BEDROOMS, ONE OR TWO BATH APARTMENTS FUR- NISHEOOR UNFURNISHED. 3737 N. COUNTRY CLUB 326-4494 SOUTHSIDE, clean 1 bedroom carpeled, pool. SI40.623-0131 SOUTHSIDE, nice 1 bdrm. near bus 99. 3731 S. 7lh Ave., 889-5791. STUDIO APT JIOOMONTH Utll Incl 688-22S7 between 7-9 PM liy. N STUDIO. Utilities, pool, laundi pets. Call 622-0033. 731 N. Arljona'Ave Rlncon Apartments TWO I.BDRM apis., utllilles includ ed. swImmlnB pool. Roman VIII Apts., 2512 E. Grant Rd. WALK TO EL CON, THOMAS DAVI ) bdrm, 2 bdrm. Includes utlls., cai oeted, quiet, no pels. THE LANAI 325-4Ja, 296-6953 3727 E. 5th St. 1 BDRM duplex, quiet courl. S135. N pels. 3729 E. Farr Apis. 88I-B721. BEDROOM apl, near U of A, SI65 mo. ulililles Included, no pels KOE. Helen, BEDROOM duplex, enclosed Im ecyriry, private yard wilh fruit trees picnic table. Washer, dryer ulill '"furnished. Absolutely no pets O2 c. 24th St. 225 E. ADAMS, Large 1 bedroom ISO mo. NO pets. 326-TJk Royal Riiv. 1 2 ROOM APTS. . S50tot100. 12SE.5thSt. BDRM DUPLEX, cenlral cooling reatlno. Near shopplno schools wan/and area. 74B-i02a BDRM. clean. JIBS, S12S dep., lease B26 N. cherry, 296-7767 or 326-3TO; BDRM, small quiet court, NE. S175 arklng, carport, bus, launtfry, sfor- ge, no pels, lease, 298-5834. BDRM, 2 full baths, living rm, din- no rm. kitchen (all applll, fully car- oeted. Patio oarden. Soeedwav/ wan near park 8, pool $345, Before 7 M call 296^920, after LARGE Rooms, modern, Ideal for 2 ellred persons. 2412 S. Slh Ave. 5TH--CRAYCROFT lean refrigerated 1 bdrm apts Pool, shwasher. near snooping 8. busline. 160 a month. Imperial Apts 665 N frus* £X" SW ' Mdlna oed by Lln- $ 1 1 5 MONTH UP FREE UTILITIES lean furnished studios and 1 bed- oom ants. Oulet downtown location, xw for retired. Downtowner Apl .otel. 383 S. Stone. 623-9587 Alamo Pts, 733 S. Stone. 884-920). Managed "Lincoln Trust Co. [4 WEEKLY. Warren House, Ivernon. 32S76S9. ws 130 Apartments-Unfurnished LMOST nev 2 bedroom, stove, re- Igerator, carpet, drapes Incl ease, no PCI si75.376-K77. ' m c ' TTRACTIVE 2 bdrm. laroe living ^li 1 ? 5 + utilities. Contact manag- r. 2149 s. Wlnslel Blvd.. 7W0749. Apartments^urnished ALVERNON TERRACE COUNTRY CLUB TERRACE Discover the apartment you'll want to call HOME 1 BDRM'S deluxe and petite from $185. Includes oil utilities ana' delightful furnishings set in a refreshing tropical atmosphere Plus all the liHle things that make it HOME 3041 H. Country Club, 881 -3283 3003 N.nUemonWy. 793-7814 Vista Catalina Apts. offers: A tittle something for everyone. Spacious 1 2 BDRM apt. with all utilities included. FROM $ J 90 Furn. -Unfurn. Grounds are accented by 2 heated pools gas Barbecue. Easy access to UA, downtown shopping. 2230 E. Ft. Lowell 881-2460 or room ·ff»««iti« ·MulfiraMts ·»Hlimtli-tin««t CiafktH, ftmisliti 2 {Zjea FROM ''170 LiwIieiM pull situs Ltinte witt fire» bee · Ljisirj licilitits «bsi ScciiitT CunJ s«nke 22nd St. and Craycroft Ph. 790-6773 · Private atrium entrances · Spacious rooms · Patios balconies with beautiful views · Private four-hole golf course · Private solarium · Huge walk-in clouts · Clothes washer dryer in each unit · 2 pools · 2 lighted lennis courts all features you won't find in olher apartments. Stop by today and see for yourself. m "» TM«""*^ii*ei»*iiiiiiT Luxuriout 1 2 bedroom apartments and 2 bedroom rental towrihom« from $215. Furni*h«d (partnwnts now available. Oracle Rd. to Orange Grove, east V4 block PHONE: 297^6141 '4'* THURS., FEB. », IT74. TUCSON, Al. ·IMPORTANT* Check your ad the) first day il appears. In event ot any error*, call 889-5333 from 8 a.m. to 12 noon on the first day to correct for Mcond day's Insertion MOCUWSWIU. If ALLOWED FM MME THAN ONE WCOMf CTINSERTION 530 Apartnwits^fumished APAR1MENT nunling? Get on Ihe list for our upcoming vacancies. Studio. 1-2-3 bedroom Iron J1S5. Utilities Included. Fireplaces, patios, built-in dishwasher, range and oven, sas-wni. «anao«i by The Solot company. ATTRACTIVE, clean, Quiet conservative: 1 2 bdrm, 1V balh, JI60 S195 respectively. Inquire at 3717 E. Lee, Apl 1.327-1652 Or 299-0233. ATTRACTIVE 1 brdm apt w/storage. Front porch. 227 N. Rlcney. 326-31M ATTRACTIVE 2 bdrm, carpeted, central heat. Amphl districl. Large Backyard. 748-7113. ATTRACTIVE clean 1 or 2 bedroom. 624-5S81,623-1732 Atlantis Really BEAUTIFUL! 2 bdrm., lullv carpeted, V.) years old, KX|, laundry room. Northwest loca- lon, lor further Information or to see call Ihe resident manager al 327-1515 STRUNK REALTY INC. 'rpperly management division 327-4206 A BEAUTIFUL POOL5IOE 2 BDRM Spacious, Fireplace, Pallo. S2J8. 543 N. SlcwarL326-J157 or 793.1975 BIG AS A HOUSE 23BEDROOMS S185TO J225A MONTH 50 acre park. pool, carporls, washer hookups, carpets, drapes, Frloidalre appliances, children and adult area. Sorry, no pels. FT. LOWELL PARK APARTMENTS Cravcroft at Glenn Street 5550 E. Glenn 299-744S, 886-1195 Broadmoor Apts 2 3 BEDROOM Starting a, $165 Lighted tennis court Healed pool Campbell @ Roger 793-9347 CAMPBELL FT. LOWELL W_2 bdrm, S185. 881-0122 or 324-2900. AMPBELL/Granl area, 1 bedroom arpels, stove, refrigerator, utilities aid, married couple preferred, no «ts, J165 mo. 887-72Z! LEAN 2 bdrm 22nd -- Tucson Blvd rea. HISS. Plumer. 792-2S81. p OLUMBUS-Speedway, 2 bdrm., new vino room carpet, patio, storage, ease, no pets. 297-0227 belore 9. 6- _____^_ bundant open space, clean air; nnls, pools, next to championship ol'lng, Casas Adobes shopping, and eautlfully appointed apartments, he Brand new Coronado apart, wits were designed lo rent for a lot ore, bul you can choose one or two jedrooms starling from a low, low- (Limited Time Offer) ;;;.' _ ompare our features anywhere' wo pools, lighted tennis court? p'av- ounds, sauna, recreation center, vered parking, plus wall to wall Jrpels, disposal, dishwasher, self- eanlng ovens, frost tree refrlgera- r, and more. Fireplaces and bale* es are also available. ..,, 297-2222 )n Ina Road at Mona Lisa, Vest of Oracle at the eh;, ance to Tucson National xlf Club. DESERT STAR APTS .W *.aLu«*us...Lge l.bc-rm, very DISTINCTIVE TOWNHOUSES' VILLA VENICE ..... , . Play area, laundry. No pets. fi'2?i N , 8ar 5 °«dwav i Swan. . Desert _ 793-O5 7? EXCELLENT LOCATION;.,,; bdrm.. Hi balh, drapes, carpeted. Ml. quiet, tor more info,matlS; i STRUNK REALTY INC. ! operty management division! 327-4206 i ice area. Adults. Close to ATicTTbdrm:. brand new^ Sl^'tf'y*' ""hwasheV. a7d , n . on , B . lvd - S50 °- N0 «"s- For ipomtment lo six- 298-9491. ' , , n rKdal $325 per monlh 13 months, BARCELONA j Oracle Rd at Orange Grove ' 297-1126 FLORA DEL ORO 7 4 5 0 E . 22NDST. 885-3053 All Utilities Included ' One Month Free Rent '· FURN. OR UNFURN. ! PETS WELCOME I FOOTHILLS IS: fro 1 Baling » a n D d i ^n^sl?lo r ^ HOUSE-SIZE cooling inside JtoragiVcar'oet "·' 5 n a drapes throughout ?T "· iSsSaSVaf^. E · v*.'

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