Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 25, 1976 · Page 28
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 28

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 25, 1976
Page 28
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Xi--MUiomotiva--For ^al« SAVE (TOO. : Marti «Jl. 1775:4 door Sutta ru,' like now. 7WO mites,: autoruaUc It-amnilsJon 32 m r K Oosl $U14. Hill --Livestock -- S'O'quarter horse , r Sole T067 LTD li U power steering air condl door Burpunii) svnh \inl lop eWmjfi, one black. pi nto. Al so , Jron gray S tt. lllack" gaitcd gedinB. broke crntle,'- 4 (3-3777 day IMJ £01-2031 evtrrfn^s, Suntiaj mlays old Prairie ind _ .VAv"~ia d airi/lm __ nJc Super HecUe unroof ndial il ' STUD -- Rcslstcri oi«.-Bori. OWaho cry) brtcdine. For Iron gray qiu.i- i Star, and Poco information. and all 327 So «"« 1071 LINCOliN Continental, $1580 Contart beturo p.n alier 5 ] m j21358 1075 FOHD Hanger pickup, automat power steering, A/C, real jJiarri, J3 Call 521-2286 a»cr 5 p,m CLASSIC"fij Mustang 'body and ^iiol In excel lenl condition! Needs · b rate' wo call 521-T206 or. a f l e r , 5 call 521 G1G5. TiY Owner 1375 MGB. Icwing Ilie coi try. must sell Immediately, 52M3H al A--Dogi, Cats Pet* ls, call W2700, (BK lo Rood le black an ccks rtd. I'ho nws -- -2'male puppies while., Shovl-haired, " ; 521011. 1774 FO11U niniKer. pkl.up with libci Heavy duly suspeijdon. New tires, ex cellcnl condition. 13,193. 521 GUI. 1374 AUDI 100 LS, 18,000 mites. 4 dw AM/FM radio. All opliwur. Excclle cordilion ?HW Call 4*26071 1572 GHAT."IH'IU,K 1'onliar, oxcollc c^rdLllRn, air condJUoned, electric wi clo'.vs. power steonr.g, 4 door hatdlt Mull Sell! $1730. TJinno M7-3550 Ml :0fl. Utti VOLKSWAGEN KARMAN'N G1IIA radial* A M / F M , B-tracfc. Excellent. (177 Fhnnc 4J27115. CAK~ FalntiTie and body work lleasc able. Free estimates and all wortc six anleerl.. Phone 751-3315. 22--Machinery Farm Equipment JOHN DEISIIB medium site iradnr \ cry good oond Itfon. !975, or I rade CATERPILLAR ' I*#er D6. For Inlorti tlm 830-3010. HALE Stock and Horse Trailers Deal Harris Aulo Sales, Rogers Arkan! Phone 636/S30 or 6360553. 23---Livestock -- For Sale (XKJ IGHOOMMO -- All fcreeds ars experience -- Botilla \ Is way 16 t - Plione 52U1L 5--Home Needs--For Sale NoFrcst Connoisseur twin .,, jMrcowr. TJKe-.ntw. will tvt pace I n ' n e w house. Phone '521-1601. 2 piece sofa 5 S50 ,,.vy duty vinclics lockers, gocd covers 'cd living roorr (39.35. Vest (rl KAMO "radio: sUlwn. "on Us st on Rogers. Another bis sale wt MV furniture tfian ever, kitchwi ct5, old ctiptMvml. bedroom £e eralor, drop Isat. tables, apai .s range baby bed, dir*Uc set. sc\ al p'reits HI antlitiG;tunvturc; dresw 'Good tclectloo 26--For Soli TJT1LITV Trailer ilgh" 'metal'ddes^ $123.00. Call 4*Z-i WATiTEO on eo,.,. B .. women's and children fr Tiling's," KE Back cwlfec ra p r i t - riic-« old bwf shelf stcr t taWe. ni.k-iia.Vs! TJWiw. some antiqu One old set ot Oik leather bolfom chairs c tots of odd chairs aiid-tnhlo ditioner, sofa, antique Treadle machine LXs o 1 gaiden to i want, itimiture «c base it . Satu .- ant! Sutiday ionly. rain o r f s h i re early. SPECIAL OF THE WEEK .This Week^Only! wlots to cio»e , rroin.' $395 sq yd FOJ1 ailf -- ,, _ . , TIMES. INFANT CM Car win? iockc-1 RIDING Lawnmo W "nKiwer n Call W ST. TWO 8.0M HTU _ ars eld, J1EO nrav, bike «d-- for Salt , t - \yfl«ih*T and re trig- ftT '^'lyi'ten- 4-7 p.m. day iftl liOOi'p.m. 1 E FURNISHINGS r ! STORE School 443-2163 our itfie Ktection ot ind chair, good covers i 51M r (23.S6 Now .. 519.88 ere, Only .... iM.W vers Parting as low, as suite starting as low aa ot lued Ufitw-- Antiques \\11l sdl lor ?*, bas- 56. ft -- Mtoelfaneou 6x3 mail hamc. 30 16" Jiea\y duly wheels *i2J aUrr 4 p.m nsignmcnl sood men 1 drtn's clothing. KloJh ckus.' Sprirgdalc..Phon -ant: diamond. Salitalr Inquire or make ;Oir /o Northwesi Arkans ly. ·* -ar seal, J13. - Asrtford excellent .shape. A!« Phone 613J22C. i vOr,- Wheel Horso ini. and lilt trailer;* f5tt r.8 If air cwdiltoneni, nrav, J» each. Phon (a 3 speed, 26 indi boy a 7514977. »U-- Wanted to buy [· VAKT to buy Binil] 2 wheel lrall«r Stable far hauling small riding lawn iirtver. i5aU7Jll. YArVTEI: - ' STAMV COLLECTIONS. JatherinR A\m or Inherited. Will' buy r ej] (or you. Call Jack M/ncritf, Mill da}3 4-- -Apartments For Rent UEDKOOM apartment, tuinfcfied, S123 er iwmth. 'all uillillcs paid. Available ay -1st., Nws- renllng. Phone 442-7743. BEDROOM furnished apailrnetit. 1 HilO per month all lillls paid A b'ockt from amines. Available May \7. Piow renting 12-7741, HEr»OOM Bpailmenl, furnished. J1QO er ' month,, aH bills fn'.A. Available lay !. Now renting. Phono «£774i: ·URNtSHBI) garage apartment tor rent. OSrt "Sol I/ciist. 'Qu:Pt ' perron. · Phon 442-7110" W7 a -- CM- I LIISOV -- Student Aivtrtrtvnl 2 block campus i»e pels MAPLE PLACE APARTMENTS ary living. -Across street frvm compii One or .two bedroom furnished,- Air c«i d Honed. ^tiaR carrel. "sclf-cieinlriK oicns lUFofah d-shviawier Iirc^acc opt beamed ceilings', lofted bedrooms. antl. a tree top balcony. Corner af"Ar);an a and '-Maple. Call after 6, S21-2KZ or 521 1G70, - Also, efficiency, apartments .avail able 3.RQQMS and a .bath, furnished, ' utilf ties .paid, offslreot parking,., avail atl Moy 1st, ,4«-!(KO. lAHGb 2 bedroom al Ken Clilrc \pls a r cwiditlontd, poolj ' la'igc · paf LO nov e KARGE extra ntcv V bedroom" (umtstic apailinenl. - Carpeted , paneled. SUM p;« s 1 ' HRDROOM tumLshrd.' aparmcn.- K« Ulilifk'S piad. No prts. East 43. Phon 4 -- -Apartments for i«ni TAKING APPLICATIONS BEDROOM-. . . $115 BEDROOM . . $134 All 'utilities paid, unfurnished, quiet, family atmosphere. WASHINGTON .. PLAZA APT5. ^^^ 521-3073 fc^^J rystdc, 10 m'nulfts to rampus, no peta \va-JabtQ Mai* 1st- 412-K83. TOWER APARTMENTS. · t" t 2 bwlioom umlshcd · aparlmenis. Summer rates Close to' University. Phone. 321-12H or ·H2-W22, .\E and 'Ivvo. twrtroom furnlsiicd apai nioitt gas and va(«r paid \\aitabe wm tor summer and fall. Kcrr Inv, Co. W28338 Nov/ Renting for Summer CUMMjNGS ;APTS. 1 and 2 Bedrooms CSMO to campus. Sicc[al sumnier rales Call lodiy 443-4757 ^^~^^ c 1 * 5 -- Ltupiex Hor kerti Ji ex JIM renl. No utilities.' Call 521~G(. liilNWILFI) Ivvo iKHJro-jm duplexes, xaa nd «al?r i-aid. av^laWe now. Km nveatmonl Co. 521-5771. 6 -- Houses For Rent lit UltOOM Iritk. carpet d fenwd ar o i ovc and refriccralor. £M Kelly, :IO in-TitHy, jyi deposit. 442-501. 0 HOOM 6 bedioom house 5200 per mfnlh inquire a', Roclifrr J«r.vctn'. * Hisl C*ntcr St. No phone calls rlaa'fl \\ ME \RLK June 1, well (urni^nvd Hi n's rwwn, buHl-in ik'ik -- shelves; bed rtxim, 2 doatli buiH-tn chest and s or arc 1 rgc MuOi 1 . rto.v:!, TV cable IntiE kurhcn at! cJortric, washer, bath dnstl. dressing lahlc. CourJe only, no rels. 12 month; or longer. 4WB4H. i EtOOMS Plus larsc altit Mudio, garagr- F(rfrigera(or. SWYC, no utilises I'nn'idM *1G5. 4111037. NF\\ ihiec iK-drwnw, l«t bAlfc Roo Sohoo J300 monlh. SIM ilsposil \*a lease llelcrunw require*!. 1 About Ma. 3rd. ML-Wll days: 4158611 nlfchLs, STUDENTS -- ^ BH collage In in ttumlTvslile. 10 mioulei lo c-impus. N lels. available M«' 1*. 442-9283 37-- Mobile Homei Spaces For Rent IIMrSO\LLY ni« (uml-bed UwlKdioo - powl location. ew Iw appreciate married couple or mMiire adull -- it with sas. Phcne 521-4EM 2 BEDROOM mobile liom« bd««n Fa and ^rinEdalc nn Sulherlar.rt Drive. J monlti water furnished »0 clean derosit. .267-3S55., FarminRton ?,v «3ss i "«?s !c Mir e r« ni 4«ii \ VALLEY VlfcW (Mobile Home Park LARGE LOTS, PATIOS, POOL 45--Lots For Sale BliAUTlFUi; 1U ac Urvlvcrslly. 1134601. *0iii , iJiiuuy, Apul 5 47_Rea| Estate--For Sa|»; 2 ACR65 on pavement with cenlral water «yr»n Tr«i coveiEd and best ol lerm^. WedlngU Woods. 443-2465 46--Farms Acreages ·OR the O-AI and ar.d ROOM our Eicdrconu. Ztt bstU«, (lin:nfl. on a lovely vrr- at f4 5,500. Call Franc«. till Addition. F omul LTl and H3-3157. IOVELY OLDER HOME ON ALMOST FOUR ACRES have orlds of . iwiln? Is ght 1i th« city. WTii' live i 3 bcdrcoin on ma'jbo' an a . develop the oilier 3. Priced at $3?. 504. ith J and .13 the lovely - t or . . . Call Nadirs (Miller) YatM al 521-7473. HOME WITH ACREAGE SALE bj cnc-tele block building ol 5500 sq, ,'located onTrSiwaTjittt outUdo lh U y»«'« !««« U»WnR tor a Vntw HuiseUville rily limits. Exwlhwi er^r-Un.aJI acrc«e .yrt only ra nwte unliy lor home and businc^ combrnaliwi drnvnlowii rayeuc 1 .me. w e * * g a ^ ». ^ ,n^»«n, C,,, m.0. | ffi «-. | --"Ifi-"" 'J N'ath-c slont; FP. Call Tom directions, S21-16M. ..... W. 'Smith Iwnicplaw, 1 nilli. -- . ot Tcxarkana on U.S. tljvy. 82. Highly nprovedt H.COO .M] tt. horse bam: 20-ere lalic n n d ' catnjt shop and liay bain; 5«Q sq ft. mixlcrn brick . Ideal for hwrtes, ro^istt'red evelopment.- Estate says jell. SANDERSON REALTY CO. AC CUTE COUNTRY HOME nee las of H2.500 will buy tW«", 2 bedroom home viith I acre ar.i .. ha* a small rbirkf-n house ar^J. ...'Jy nice garden spot. Goes 'to ttii lurky family who arts (irst- Gill Doyl* il 531-1473. J21-2305 HY 0«Tcr. 30 Acres in Madison County 3 miks Irom Hunts\il!e. 2! miles from l-'ayeMcrillc.- Good county .road. .Mostly p.isturc. OLd huildins and spring.' JH DOO. JCWOO do-.TM. Gxd homesiic. Call 442-5013 after 5 p.m HEREFORD BULLS " Horned .18-2 4 Months-- Growlhy ^ Reasonably Priced WILD HORSE HILL RANCH Half mile ^ ton. Oklahoi i mile East of BOJT J11B473-3X4. AT STUD Joe Don Reed R^fistered Quart erfi ore e. confirmation speed. (Joe; beiiS. A few bookings lelt Filzhugh 521-7788 Sirinif color. k. SIOO. I'hone ·nings ile, jJtxid with s · saddle 2 days, 412 SA KTA CEnTllUDIS Bu» ape 3 n horns, slays in pasture. C.ill 44: a355^ aiLVES for sale -- Raby calves ar. jiartcd calves. Sec Bill Lynch or ca. 751-1139. II lio answer, call Area cod 417-2*488]. U4I1GE toji sradc Hi fT^.4 years old. Xlso Shepherds ready to 1 3 I. n Heavy Si n ·male Austral- excellent stock Qdvonce Company. West gale Chopping Ctr Fayetteville, Arkansas Hlway 62 ivest at 71 »yi*« EVANS BLACK CARPETS By Armstrong AMERICA'S BEST SELLING POPULAR PRICE CARPET SlO'W BEING SHOWN IN OUR NEW CARPET SHOWROOM Free Estimates Excellent Installation TI11II E-TIFRED Spanish ^. r f - - - · r Rfrid dipped with 3 matching \vnl1 r .^os. Also various ileitis ol Oriental and "American antiiues. I'hone' 731-i377. AM/FM RADIO. Rood cor^ll AVAITJVltLEl May "1st arid Jum^lsl. Oht " WJm furniiiied a| artinent war .Uni ily. -Stuy for summer or indRfinft* $110. lhonc 521-S6S6 nttor 5 M Phone 4421529 CONTEMPORMU JASPER Executive STIC Walnul - dsV: with os'or h a n g and glaiB top. Elxcel- . lept coition call 1-6W) May be , , li-a! heat. SIM summe Off street parking or. lj:ull-in turn- conditiored,' cen. ate, vmtfT paid. 521-1917. \MIQUI- round pedestal clw Tow Oak able, 42" diameter. Thmc 751-6339. W A N T E D ; Poifed Heceford BuH, Phoa HORNED HEREFORD BULLS Service Age RAGSDEIL FARM Prairie Grove 846 3583 TWO-Horse Stiribam horse trailer, fn g WEED EATERS, JAR] MOWERS " LAWN GENIES EURMSHEI! wie l«rfioom -\r ca riK!, panel infi, . private a pet5.,!HO.,PhWHi 442-4533, MAPLE MANOR WTiere ' Quiet 'Couiilry U\iog Become* · Suburban Lile Style' Most Ideal For Th« Famltr Four Floor Plan! starts at ;IH Small Deposit 'Ha!ds Yow Choice CALL (501) 521-7206 3001 WcdloiUQa Dn\» SOW CM \CIT\ chlcki ed hnmv v.Vtt 40 at res n While-Itiver. C ntf · M3.?-Tf)4. P.O. B ratn dishwasher, all complex. Call Vic nftci Jarl Movers S.cHe Oar Mower* Lawn Genie--Orts arvd sweeps Weed-Easter - Oils with Fisng,-! I-ull ^ear Warr-my Inforrnallon or . Irce" denwnslra 1 - . LAWN EQUIPMENT SALES FURNISHED apartments Mai' 13, rental. t One bedrooms or .etficinclcs, qulci close 1 in campus for, single student ot ^a pets ·HZ^fr IOUIET APAJIT.MBNT5! Sire II^ND OARDEuNS will Have me and a bedroom vacand«.Ior June 1, 1D76 i au-nmcr rale 1 ! a%ainb p for sltidtnts Compl«a lavndry jaqiliUes, Call 521-M3 ·ESTERN Hills Apartsmervls, 2 or " am furnished apartment. No pels 524 Gabbard. or ohone 52M7J5 ; Inlon Alton: \ SUMMI R n\TEfi JEAV\ I \P\RTMEXTS nw- ac«plmg apriliM cis [or one and twa hedroom furnished unfurnkhcd aiMrtmrnls to be n niiig'Junc. 1, 1MB. aose lo ius. Call 51 l-TWO aner - noon, NIBLOCK RENTALS d2 llcdroom lu shrd i;nlls lo scn'c Tur needs NBCTLESHIP .V.ND FAIJIGROUMK T,, nM5-I5D N'ctttpsblp. Quality unil elertrit: with dishwasher Ann dis sal "2. MOBILE HO.MES. Nibtocls Mole Rome Pk. All anits with air. No Mot .complete li: in MW Ark. I. FaycttevHle, - Afh. j ol Weed-Ealcr parts l o N I J If Two bfdroom I able for fnrm Denies I Apartments T Skull Crec rolt. 521 27SL 5--Dupjex For Rent .EX for rent IjASON Apartment for rent. 'Unfumisln 12 bedroom lownhouw;, H85 per. monl Iviter paid. Call'521-8397 after 5 FOIl Sa e Sewing machine a . Cririilinas riree,-- chi!dc«ii : cncycloprdi NFL dfclnc foo-bill \acuum de-int- 'eo\vn ar.O veil. Phone 521-1M9. POOI Tables new and u ed -- Ark \ s only Bruns\iic; dealer - - Eervcla supplies - 661-3710. LitUe Roclr, Art. CARPETS Home Ctr 521 4500 "FREE ESTIMATES" SOHD Mahoeam Duncan 1 h-ffc _.,,. and btilfrf J52 \nuque DUTW. in Phi ft i S7a nr all for J2Js 44_26'*} O'BRIEN FARMS LIMOUSIN BULL SALE SUNDAY, MAY 2, 1976 PI NEVILLE, MO ~- SELLING 70 POWERFUL LOTS -^ OF 75% 50% LIMOUSIN BULLS 50-75% Limousin Bulls 20-50% Limousin Bulls 18 months of age, nearly all sirtd by Ho 1 M CHDAI (Kter-red 4435903. AJ ft these !ulli are from 1 .There are many black, reds e lie!d 'This sale Is (« b -Pme H\V 7L K. "Sonny 1 a\iilablc on. all b-ills ^ellinj!. at the Don O'Brien Farm., located on Uw.ouulans BTOlh ar^d Bruce Brooks O'BRIEN FARMS Don O'Brien Fhc-ne 417-2234I1 Home Thane 417-}36-2#3 John QTSri-- Day Prtone 417-22J-J iVte Phone 417-223-1 LOOKIKG FOH A FLACE:..TO THIS SU5IMER? GLEKDALE APIS Kb \\1LL 1I01J) UNTIL MAY W ·SPECLAL SUMMER BATES ^ FUHN1SHKD * ONE BEnilOOM UTILITIES PAID ·liAUNDnv; WALKING DISTANCE TO ' Uol.' SWIMMING POOL XIGKT SECURITV' GUAHD [pODT, PARTIES ON OCCASION. A M PL,-\CE TO LIVE. YOUR CHOICE LEA OH - MONTHLY. CALL ANYTIME ' 6633. 632 PUTMAM: R HENT -- Apartraenl at . T K R R A C E \NOR- Available during suimncr lenns CXIME SE.R OUll VIU JIG E ITS ontEn- - SIIADV AND FRIEVDLY 1R1\ATK PARKING AND W1DF I UETISTItKRrS. VFR\ \TIR\Cr l\i, -Ifl RCTIRED FOLKS COUNTRY LANE MODU.E HOME VILLAGE PHONE 521-4666 ,, \CRl-S d}tnrvjig CH Part, lolaJ i 1-^ or US 3 * ' , \crtti r wlj 'small do' 839 3JW. and air, water parrl, Mo\ rcrator furnished. Individual , ;. Phont 5!r-117. HE CLEA.N1XC pedal ..General i ir dclail. 1 ? on cle: v .. ------ ^ uniis. April ard May an up SA"«. (Carprt . fortl). Call 756 WI9 nS and 1a\ n ca MMBIE May I - FMra nice f droom unftirnjshed riui^ex. Cent.. a(/air, carr«ied. draiws, ttove, refrifi ator and disposal. Wallrin? distance I deposit. No pets. 521-50oa, New Two ond Three Bedroom Homes Villa MOBILE HOMES Lease With Option To Buy. Monthly Rent Becomes Your Down Payment! 521-8450 Entrance Across From Holiday Lnr CL (0 U»ES .^ ccs tarn and ^thc " .. . Ju t West oi On, UoFA Call \UR\ Fll\\ SCTJhA lor more details at a31 13CXJT or ^21 1313 in? creek rrwsllj istxd 1 Mier finance. 521-ol72 Tlie hcmc (QT a laise laiii.lj--5 or ibrdrooms. and a gam* rocm (OT the kid;' Did all for ^JO.OOT. Fer an appoint,1 v iee Aniime ca«l MARY EDNA" SCUKA at £31-1300 or 521-1333. 20.DOO imOlt.Kfl Farm, SO acres, old 3) iorirooni' home'. Kotd condilloi., ,, -- . jam cattl and n\sch nen included. | Ten \CItEi large oah and hcl.or (recs ..ostly level, J300 down, wner (inan«.| Thcne 331^172 or^BW-iaaL JAMES «'. BAKER -- BROKER 559.0M. 761-3516_ Ac:HE3S by ov^TOir, b Hood spriTip, dos BARER 7^Real Estate--far Sale 2 bedro X lo\Mihovu A h« , , re/nstral caused 1 ir?t. deck onth, deposit required 73! I. 4 5 * nit ishcd range drap unlu _ Ilrot School ^ bcdmom f u l i l 1 61 8 N hrlcl: hamc. e'c clric kiLchen w.lh lot «{ cabinets and snack bar. ttnmi Den \rilh lireplacc and bookslrali 2 full ceramic , baths, c iany extras., Priced Small builder, 839-K73. ASSOCIATES REAITORS College 521 1300 015 _^ im I t m i liv «"E «ORK H A H D t H '1V4 ^ g-t »! \\E GET HLSU1 R, * *t ~ '"* M '* LAND, AUCTION g Rd. 1st Month Hem free wllh space rental. .SHENANDOAH VILLA Mobile Kome Village Hvs-jf. Lfi l!j-pa»S I "col, laundrj- pa\js, storage. CaU.. Today S21*5» T\\0 r droom ui le ral h it ind .eilions, Shag .ge disposal. 1OT1I 2 and 3 hedroom [iimishrf, id ess paid, rhone 267-3519 Faimingl 8--Mobile Homes For Sale 12x60, 7 5 1 - 3 7 1 0 UDSHW'Af 71 S. i ARDEJs rlovnne ... Contact ugh . S^turd Posis. 8 ft. $1-2.) per · ner-Btnvn. HO. firrr " OCKFR/ltbCLINI R for EiVe AL- mjth-Corm» eleclnc typevrter 1 rieslt ^11 Mark Price., evenings. 521 3Qia . .. hopechesl or^ jear old 73 Washer need? rt pa IT 2o 3 5530--1(0 N. I^verett 14-A. MARIA H APARTMENTS Mow under same ownership os Murray Hill and Helendalo land Waverly Wood Townhouses 1, 2 and 3 Bedrram aparlments and 2 bedroom townhouses Full time main tenance personnel maid service available, 60 fl- swim mmg poo! laundry facilities ' shag cnrpelmg dishwasher, and garbage disposals A'[.UI : ; rated 12x70. 3 bedroom. 2 bath mobile home. CH/C^X, fully carj«ted and fried. midrrpinwd. porch. Portahlc aslirr «.SM. thvncr wa'.A coniirft.i OFFICE 1900 MELMAR, APT, 443 2141 100 TROPHIES _Bowling- Ali your -team, sporls. award needs PURVIS SPORTING GOODS 2335 North College USED RAILROAD TIES -- irailei imum. »051 321-2951. K sh-ivings fiumred outside sa lor J33 a load. Sawdust also e. Phone 411-5W6- 5X 7H PJnevilLa, MO 185B er.t by AMERICAN CATTLE SERVICES, INC. Livestock Broterag KEN IIOLLOWAV 40-J-M7-241P BRUCE. BROOKS ROUTE 4. FUEDBRTCK, QKUV. ?yi2 Brucellosis Certificate No. 47 Tuberculosis Certificate No. II REGISTERED POLLED HEREFORD Line Bred Victor Dominns For Over 35 Ye»rs CIRCLE (N) RANCH Ft. Smilh, Arkansas 3 Miles South On U.S. Highway 71 3rd Annual Production Sale ,, MAY 3, 1976 12:00 NOON Selling 42 lola bred heifers, 10 lots open fancy heifers, 9 lots heifers with first calves at side and V semen interest in one herd bull with no possession. rnrr Bin old fashion Bur H Q. Bring rntt... the Umily and frieiHis ind visit. FOR BIG BEAUTIFiJi; ILLUSTRATED CATALOG WRITE OB CALL CIRCLE (N) RANCH *. 0, Box Ifi5 Ft. SmilS, ArUnsas 72901 |60il7fi3-315aorlM11546-7I15or 1501] 646-3532 970 SI!SSOUniAX r ' irroled. ifood ewsdi Tcr. Valley View I . bed i'sn. M300 or rk 8-11. Call -M 3 3303 THA c!ean'.197* Stij-tine 12x60, hcn livo bfrtroams, central hc-a , ijwrtilc hisulaWd. Phone 5!!1-;W rooTi: 5?!-?lfifi cv 100 ACRES -- GOOD IMPROVEMENTS JOPLIN, M1SSOUHI. LIA'ESTOCK -- ECliriPIKNT -- 'MISCELLANEOUS SATURDAY,-MAY S. 1976 -- 12:30 P.M. OWNERS -- Shirlej- t Dorothy Wisdom LOCATION The piorerty Is located 3 miles West o; 7ih. t ScnittcrdecSer WeM Ith. SltcoL It Hwy. 66. then 5S mile North n n Mafai GENKH AL, INFOEtJl ATI ON he picicerty is very \\^11 Ic«cat«l Rural ^s'a;cT Is lo Ihc propeily line and th« pro- ·rt has an cxeellcni ^-cll a conil and a 3 aci*. laV^e that is flrrtrd w*tfi ft-* ·d cquiprcd v Xh metal d cX blind? 11 has lav e srrten snull orchard, in the Cart Junction school district, and (avos arc apprr!iin»ately J165.M per y«r. TUP HOME lie lorj IfcoV hwnic has beautiful hruhbErj fill anTind ard the lure aid wyi enn shade trew aiid contjetp \\ilkwa\s is sutrcurded by chain link fen» The home irclud s 3 hcdrcoms living room fo mai limn" nxun kJriien wrth si nook Inr^c ^^ril beautiful bathroom ar^l a larse uHtlty rtxim The homt s in csorfkirt'cwdition. It is carpeted throughout, has a lovely fireplace." and t istio iurroWirted liy shrutberj' " OTHER LM1 K0\ LM1- \TS : r impto^ em er is Include a new pole type barn that u, 4s feet by C a large I sfTn£ shefl and pipe corrals tfial h^c a S*TI'«« chme and * me *uto \ large ^c«l (fcaini,rj and, a 1000 ?3Uon hmaTC lank also sell wita p r c r t n j The properti a'so has a larg= msvlifed well h,u,e a nearly owr i«n water sadencr, and a 2 car garasc and can'oit combination THE L,-\NB The land is a I open and laj* Irani »at to gtnil rrtlin? Trasses con-bt of feKO* :/«i and nat^c H Js fettwd Tnlo 3 risiurts with water in eacn pasijr* »na arc fiom good lo e.cellen.1 There Is apprc^ matelj 20 acres of wfeeat o* the ownvrs shate vull he one IhiTd LIVESTOCK -- *a Head -- 2T Uo'ivs -- neariy all have Limousin ealvey ^- · 'S1ENT -- A l l IJTMS fnrm equipment in excellent II FOR"^INFORMATION' t " FRFE- BROCHURE CONTACT L SL\LF, iiO .llOBtl.E-home, unfurnished, r B0.52 niciilhly pajinenU Phone 3 BLTJIIOOM . lull urtiished, ronl id lied tottji. o6"is*7 *Vficr 5:00. OPEN HOUSE -- SUNDAY, APRIL 25 COUNTRY ESTATE You are invited to spend your Sunday afternoon from 2 00 p m to 6 00 p m touring this lovely country horn* and roam our 43 acres. Priced $125,000.00. 970 KIRXWOOD rnc^ile honw, om, central heal. J2300. 8-15 MOHII.K him Cmira! htfll and TII eled. Reasonably 576-1. Cnod condilion. 2 bedroom fully priiw!- CaVl 413 FLEETWOOD 1D70 Mbilc h-jm« sale. S3M». Call or \t5il 4-V2-771* c Il-H. 'Western Kills, Fayoltcville, . 62. SPACIOUS 1071 CUSTOM I \IXUTI\F 12x70 sVii (ed, carpetcrf. d ra f.cs. rnvni- pak washsr, drj'cr. extra nice J5.MW. ic 52TK8Z. ' _ __ __ 2 b«l- arpot«l, 32x60 COVENTRY mobile fwm -oonw, partly Iiinilshfxl sr.3 ,x-a«her ar.d dryer, lake over IMJ of J33.0J. Call.442-JM5 or W 38!0. i MOD ELK Home, two bctttoom, In, completely carpclcd, . rurnisheri CH/CA washer-doer, rtined. tied dossil chain linli T*n, *7.3OT. 4^3-3051 alter 5. CHATEAU APARTMENTS 521-3313 UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT HIGHEST PR1CB) PAID, FOR OOOD USED FURinniRB AND APPLIANCES. £O ANTICJUES.' SHOP U3 FOR 1HB EET BUYS IN TOWN. RA1CLIFPS FURNITURE . 7. a w, «2-a Now TWfl Stftrt* In BCIT» swt T,ED E-\TEB. .Jan mowers, 1 cute. Sales." pans, s«r-lco. I^vrn e sale*. P.O. bra 611. Phone 751-1963 27--Musical Merchandise RUMS. Lndwiz, metallic h!ue, Ho!l model, drnmsrt incIiidinB rj- sic.' Rxeeirml condition. H MW. 21 11343. alicr 4:00. - · ' IETAL DCTECTOHS, CAJlHEr, the p .jts ehoI«..Ttcam]te hauling WP- Call Ahe UD«In. Roeets, 636-6W7 UITARS, banjos, mandallni, rtolins. . olas, rellos. okeT*l«, nates, corotio' rnmpets, claruietJ, sat"arlion«s, drum rtiani and many oihei masfcal In frumenis. Heal barjialiw. RocWw Jer. ry. 4 Enst Center 3tr-«(. ^^ 28--Antiqu»--For Sofe ^x:EPTING. fcrls on large 30-ywr tin*.ind lih cenuiry. Sclwlcrt ,. bio for shnp rurpwcs, P. J.'Thorn nox Wi, Warww, Mo. 81643M IUXOV5 AKTtQUES new kwation, 3 Nnrlh 71 lllph'wjy. !73'V230, BALDWIN Anlrqiwi Irtcalwi 5 mil« F- of Fwj-rtlcvillc on 1ft-East -h^' · sto,-Wn« avid lerinlshi/ifi lh« Inioriw shcr all ,wlnl«r. W* haw · «n«! 1 t-rf.l lln* ftni^nups aiwi rolleelfl (or your InspwMjm, Open 10-5 Mono 5vitiirday, 1-1 Softd.ij-( IIPASC con us. Ovwr* Jan 'le l^rry Co Efficiency 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom Central Gas Air Conditioning Two Swimming Pools Shag Carpet Disposal Dishwashers Furnished or .Unfurnished MOBILE HOME SITE acres. Tree covered Paved slreela. lira! water system. Best of lerm*. Woods. 443-2445 . . JWVS*V-^-*VM --Office Space Buildings For Rnnt Located off Hwy. 6S Easl, Springdale, first road to left past Long's Grocery. STAGECOACH REAL ESTATE 2243 N. College, Fayelteville, Ark. Phone 521-1180 KICK spnec availab!c now on Highway Praii ic Cirove. «!l Jo Bain for tment. .SW1-211?. mominifs, SI6-^ill emwsxs and evcnsnes. ' "Uasc: Bin-h Si. New 1WO sq. it ina. Hoal and air. Ideal for otfice ,,.,-houso or light itKlufrlnal us«. Wil comivlctc'U yiwr s[ccJfications. For fur her informal ion phone AH 2666. Colonial Arms 1211 N. LEVERETT/521-2110 poot . LAUNDRIES ' STORAGE ROOMS DISHWASHERS BALCONYS CARPET AND DRAPES WATER AND GAS PAID (Heal and Air is Gas) TENNIS COURTS AVAILABLE $25.00 RESERVATION DOWN PAYMENT WILL HOLD APART- WENT FOR JUNE ^ . : .' Ken Claire 1900 GARLAND/442-3981 0x40 BUSINESS BUUDING L*asc, ^reHent tocxiloa. W*s nng ccnlcr. Write to BOT P49 c/« orth«esl Arlansa* TIMES. P.O, Dra . Fayeutrtlte. Ark. TJWi. , WOODLAND REALTY Red brkk two siory Colonial of 2805 S. Morlan, Spr1ngfal«J, on large landscaped lot wilh 3400 sq. fl. Living area in ctuding 4 bedrooms, 2^ baths. Priced at mid-forties, we!) below replacement. Shown by appointment. t m SQUAI1E feet tor le css'mal office, showrootn, or W«l. for -pro- arehouse. may M 42-- Wanted to Rent or Lease '01I.NR V«ple want ft rcn; i ry Mil us before the 21-71M. i'OULD liVc infonnstion cm a 2 b,-1rooi ·HIM in vicinity of University llial w jteA Hra?M, Joncsboro, Ark. TM01, ill rn'lctt KK-OIW. ^WUVWWW^ - ^V"^V-^W«^rfX w *^ A 43--Real Estate Wanted Beautiful home site on ten acres south of Elm Springs e.. Highway 112. Natural Gas. Lovely trees. Room for chi£ dren, horses and cattle. Permanent pasture and fenced on three sides. Priced at $17,500,00. ' . . : . · ] 45 acres west of Elmdale Lake with all wealher spring resk through property. Trees ond excellent home sile«, 1.V50 per acre. rofessiqnal: Rural N.W. Ark. Veterinary practice and.clirlr c. Details to qualified buyer. WANTED: Applications from experienced sales personel. o buy 5.10 acres rio»e-! l, Nc«1h*ast wl, 'with 45-- Lots for Sole ___ FOR SALE; -- I-arRc tevftl Irts in Mi do-ibik AdrtttLtm. All eiis 1 uulitlcs »\-i. ab'e call Hirrisna DJ«S (Ssoa I WOODLAND MARY DENIIAM, BROKER 756-1091 IALTY"\ - 121 N. Maw/

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