Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1964 · Page 8
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 8

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1964
Page 8
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Yorty Plans Delegate Slate to Clwllenge Demo Leaders Two Convicted on Dope Lliargc Richard E. Davis. 21. and Thomas W. King. 25,\were each sentenced to state prison r' LOS ANGELES tH--Mayorj Yorty said his delegation jwia be headed by Gov. Brown-jwrfjMjday after Samuel Yorty said Wednes-,would challenge Democratica will be uncommitted but, victed of possess! day that he will head a slate^State Committee Chairman-v. . t^ M th iuana. of convention-delegate candi-Eugene Wymaa for control of;. , * ^~. . 7 1 t n~~- ,. ltnr ^, , !' date, in the June primary as'the party. (delegates w-J support Joha-| Dam. of 54SO.Orange Ave, a challenge to the state's] "It will be a challenge in'.*°S- Democratic leadership. :the sense we will give people! Bro *" n Yorty, at his weekly news who are disgusted with the f 001111 "" 8 whj ch will . conference, called the Cali-Wsent political organization'^* ^ e M«S S ."*- Yorty hasof a Similar offense fornia Democratic CouncuVan alternate chance,- he said.! 1 ** 0 mvol ved ° » '«* ««h they were arrested Oct. 2. endorsement of State Control- _,_. Co. Official Dead in INOEftNDENT--P«j, A-? ( his family and the Irvine CoJ CASH IS EASY to raise land reportedly uhcd forgive- when you use Classified to The body cf William F.Jart said Goodwin checked comptroller forinto the motel alone about 8 Zo. in Orange p. a, Tuesday. When he found Wednes-|fiiled to leave at the 1 p. m. · ta a motel room at 2222 checkout time. Stewart went of n«jfor hi$«ct. Surviving ire hj w-ife. »nl childrt;; Robert. sell articles. Call HE 2-533?. Flr$t ith *" lennea found slumped across the bed. The coroner's office said . Dep. Coroner Eogene.Goodwin had been d e a d P iMUIer said the death appar- about three hours. lently was caused by aa over-! Police, said a number Don't Neglect Slipping FALSE TEETH 9 or »obcut or «n*rit? ler Alan Cranston in the Democratic race for the U.S.J; Senate "a foregene conclusion." · · · · THE mayor said the CDC is "a closed club run by a few people who can rig votes at the convention. It is a per sonal political machine of a small group." The mayor also said he felt Atty. Gen. . S t a n l e y Mosk would be the strongest Democratic candidate for the U.S Senate. Mask did not submit his narne to the CDC convention last weekend in Lons Beach. .. . , , - v= u v jboth Wyman and his wife,! Judgment was pronounced dose of barbiturates. A taxi- notes were left by Goodwin, i n . r . f r Yorty Rosalind, who is a Los An- by Superior Court Judge logical report is pending. but no reason for the suicide .intends to oppose actually geles city counctlwoman. t Maurice C. Sparling. .. | Motel manager Ray Stew- was given. The notes were to man firmn art,cnc.icoiiflieei i tC * scrunsy tmj «ddea enml WA gnmrry. guufr.piuUT t*it* fs ta« Get ·cmatcn ·rt NOTICE! rr WILL COST TOW WONIT IP (Ml tVY ·TiTheuf CftACiftfl Vltfe ·)« OLO Mrtt MA^LI iKOk* toll.TM ·takJMI rrjr twrc^*^ ·* p**4 moU ftjiaiiuru. Wt rurtntv* ·· m*tf «r MtttHtf BTICI. IIB. ww trt HOT ulni tret M totmc * »f «nv ·* Vw imkv rfrm-cti. wt tjtiw-l H k« ter« OLD MILL MAPLE SHOP rtsii t-nn«w«T sivi. l«rtTlowit, Cilitonii Dl*«1o»l liCflowir IrlfX IB,» n. MM I dws« vt «M ' Dragnet Out in Man, Wife Stab Dcntlis APACHE JUNCTION, Ariz. /O -- Sheriffs o f f i c e r Wednesday, idfntiifed the victims of a double murder near the mysterious Superstition Mountains as Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bartella of Shcr- tin. N. Y. , The bodies of the 62-year- old man and his wife. Mildred, 55, were found Monday in bushes near a highway kr.own as the Apache Trait about 40 miles east of Fhoe- nix. · * · · THEY HAD been beaten, stabbed and their throats cut. Identification was made by the FBI in Washington. D. C. through fingerprints. The fingerprints were on file because Bartella had applied for a defense job in 1942. The victim's son. John Ber- telU Jr, 35. of SherilL told investigators by telephone that his parents were on their annual trip to the area. They had left New York Dec. 1 and planned to stay in their camper in the Saguaro Lake area, about 15 milts from where their bodies w e r e found. "Their plan was always to stay at their favorite spot.! Saguaro Lake, where they fished and $wam," BerteEa said. They used to go into Apache Junction for groceries j and to do their laundry.TM · · · · APACHE Junction is aa on incorporated community o f j several thousand persons. It fits rear the base of the Superstition Mountains, location of the legendary Lost Dutchman gold mine. The bodies were found by, she rock hunters about 100 yards off the highway. j An all-out search w a s launched Wedneslay night for the couple's 19S3 turquoise pickup truck. The three-quarter-ton v e h i c l e . 1 bearing New York commercial plates 519447. has a white camper unit on the back. I n v e s t i g a t o r s said the couple possibly was surprised while preparing for bed. The man was clad only in his underwear, but the woman was fully clothed.- They are believed to have been stain Saturday or Sunday. Quarlruplft* F'orn In Italian Mother TURIN, Italy WV--The wife of a southern Italy laborer who moved to this busy north Italian city to find work gave birth to quadruplets Wednes-' d!y. ! Doctors said Mrs. Rosa Ferrara DeFrancesco, 25. and the four babies -- three boys and * girl -- were in good condition. LAY AWAKE ALL NIGHT ITCHING then doctor's fonmria rapped" 1 ^Vtal relief (irota trutdJouni Kntcb- irtf, »bca ihe dungei] to Zcmo? It Ipo^s cnolir.t rclkf to cxtenalN cinvj rudi^ifc / eczema, tmnd ns.V% la rritasioes noo-roison- rus insect feitn. Dewnsjiirn nerve , help* tiftd infec- Ixm. aidi kirirf. ·Dr-«ck" -\m % «h 7ono-- Liqukl cc Oinanem. Help cona-ol infectio* of MMTIUT Ikimd Zao 4rin ncn «i, open ^ocsrJ putUL luiiiu inf ection. M m'£f UdEiT fn 4onl jrt rrfwf from tin (roubles »bo»a cm the Zcmo pzci MASTERCRAFT PIPES Birdseye SHAMPOO wife EEG CREME RINSE KJUR SETTING LOTION ftta !ir;ortEl tei f:jnc! Mastercraft Naif Polish - Cuticle brir p:p«s « assorijl s'ns r4 si: apes, latural rl rick tium, tand mttiJ ftnishoL Citeiiad hr SkiaFreslener V H tHtefivt IS- to«- Nutri-Kail ·J OC !»Kra.ji so.I, k«ps frwrd vxtri (lants, stinib^. I t i f t V1GORO Rase rood f» "uliliia rd Ifart.a 60 Ft. Garden Hose Fluorescent Desk Lamp 7. Adjustable Pole Lamp IS* !JTJ rth t*tt tv-d fash. csroT.t p'a'ii fe irn. 15 ntt fluoTtzeitt tti« Ideal for toir.e or diet. fc-j Irar.s fla'eJ tote d pjt hobs. Ccn,'es.!st 3 »3 s*Jfc futl fit* b'iss cocl.r W:iJ irct \ Garden Hose Reel :is'jnt ne'af, t^ri-sii erjar;! fn'A {·ft Bisitfet Hjj!J: u ta IM It of j" lu». "Eolfca" Y1GORO ITIVAKU Movie ligM DUTTIT ·S«i (II »* - Cornplcte fu- tifift color t, la -- '·Peace" DT "Blue" 1.59 MEN'S Sweat Shirts a,! slsevt ccttai shirts »assrt- dil tiTjc:e Ia«» foci Gta:irtE!j lit to DOT »hEi Hoss Nozzle - G :«S rf spray j _ n sitiars: Ciiro.-t f,»- /D id PmniD2 Shear Orcp forge J ' 6 9 .vc,,J MP « T » Spring Bolts tlj '"" ·""" tnta-.eiirioorsi3v. its. Case inttot BOrS'ErisIs Ccrtei coScn. nyloa rE'n'orKJ Ir{ flash Balbs Kt£ 101 - Ctolceol - Ccn iL olsnn mast J UU i.UU Projection la^ps Hi fcrsps Far Sjrjy-pcsti.e *ono!r...lti* III. I E ! BOYS' Pill Skirts Coirirj tottoi i ' 'i toes. Smart colly styles «itli button do»n placket SiniltiU THRIVE 11. lift: I fertilizer -- to t-tes, snaits, ls*as, «lc. tn-sciwitt Id 511 D1K-- SBIWitt Dicfeoailrat White Vita-Sea flart CKjanic f .si Cciwncjiei c Par i ridier peei U I »eeJ resistant co. er. lisa sat- (XJJEJ. Gotten Pajamas Attractive ne« styles anJ colors for Beys 1 Cicli in t;tit»e ; jht ay several . at t-s ((ice. 1 I. 2V» ft Appliance Cord *EI:ttritirT -- Secpnt out, rolfedoi malt JOHNSON'S SaicePan :·· - CGIKI«Utt-FrH.t...Cc:k . . . Ssr.e- jl · one i'A Clear C O V E T * . t » tilt. _ - _ Bi.e Cors'lors te- T Qli "Potato Keaf Ass't vjet- jtle a^d traits into little people. SI ac- CESOTiES mclufc CORNING WAKE " Fat Set- 1':} ru» sis for tat i locfe, Cr.l, nat, ftc. Staciweeittecftef » lectric Stave tli FR[£ Electric Ra-W M. let 7!e 20 Ft Extension Ccrd "E!ettrit«,-r - Intri flt Isa.j Mj cat tor ·- . ._ ter or outdoor »a. J A\\ I «1u H1SW3LI - Pre sewsel cast rs«, tots evtitf cvjr iitir el BDkirg sur*ace. BOYS' COTTOM Dress i Scnos SLACKS Hsorted styles include IcsDlated 10 oz. "- Dr,jtle to te?;s tS; h-t cr c:i IrntossEd 50 Id 1 , 4 CDlor fesgi 4 ? I. W1KDEX Spray l:« ''Ki-SpEtf formuli ft? Skin Batb Oil Cso YiGRAN Malti-YitaraiBS Desert Flower Beauty Batfa Oil (orDrySkia slads. tacrai Sfjrbk're rd Say j»dtye iorr.'er tj ty, fWj skit... baa tub f rj. tec! C'v-s i sraoteess that lasts Fan Strainer lor prs ip to »"ie. IKI iOTOMOlELI Certificate Holders Stewing total H»OT t'fe -- Colors. bySHUlTON iEj s'«i« Prr.-?nts krn, stop's TtEKiSE f jjkiu Ssll COLONIAL DAMES- "IJU!2 - -Eir!j if iH i;«s tt.t b.°ct:ie te_ t th tis-.atlc rais, _ ..., ar J teji Saras 9 VQ *··*·" DEIERGENT lii.ii tir lisies... lirpr listiii ufs. (lit 22 tz. Silt. U I ti leiilaritr - 1 III. 1. NORWICH Aspiria fcf e! «f a-imr littlnflll Glycerine Roscicntcr Formcli HORMONE Cream . , _ "I" if laA'.t f^J nrt (,:n, be! Fie's 12-i" fei. i'ra ler; t bii Cr:;scs n tathit] trsit;. t;ac 2.29 Yiboii "C" sn u _ joo t little it t II Tiis fci st rack ta jr-«a an/ ;s rd re- sten sot sagie jwj s«.« S -itj tjrt w Ijr.k dcter- isrtts -- st :r.o;tiire. t.-tie fine list^its - trj.e ttat fer; 2-2K.J« JHTi'tl STYLE HAIR SPRAY Sure sf*'» Bite's friecd st« ts Caslunere Bonqnet tloan. Act »·( Bort e fct irEsied a s»i scat I sices. Fads abort PHARMACY SJT-W'J KPSOOtHT TOCTI imRES BRECK SHAMPOO lc» jo can charge "Bart'e ia ti m rri ter i eH '« rJ nek ci/r. tt:r d frescrpt : s» are ttirj l.ilcl fcr W/jra'ans l| Szi m. Tn«:e Init(rfa:iT»!ets lieve si"er:cf, lenp!K« ife rt PUCES FIETUl: FrLI7tkti KjrclW IOIS lEitH 4ik I Pin UKEWOOO SIUltXMIif.

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