Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 13, 1929 · Page 4
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1929
Page 4
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?Hfi AtfftOMA MtRftOft- 13. HAPPENINGS FROM WORLD'S AIRWAYS By JOSEPH If. V. S. Avlntlon Kdltor. WASHINGTON, t>. C., Nov. 13.— The slgnnl service of the aky-ronds soon will covor ovnry square mlln of American territory where airplanes fly. This Is the promise made by the commerce department aeronautics bureau which l.i completing the most wide-spread went her Information "setup" ever established. With Its completion, it will be possible for fliers in any part of the country to .'ccelve advice on atmospheric; conditiomi at landing llclrts ahead. The commerce department now hns twenty-four radio broadcasting stations located In various parts of the United States. Between tlitue stations radio telegraph carries Information about weather conditions at each. This Is broadcast on the houf to filers along the route. The system's many advantages are obvious. A flier starts out from town "A" with a. clear sky above. Soon hig radio picks up a message from town "B" warning of an approach- Ing storm or advising him that n heavy fog will make landing dangerous or Impossible. The (Her then Is able to change his course and avert the danger. Fifteen new radio stations now are under construction. When they are added to the twenty-four existing ones, the major portion of America's civil airways will be protected. "Upon completion of the commerce department's radio weather system," Assistant Secretary of Aeronautics Young said recently, "there will be hardly a square mile in the United States where Hying takes place Hint will not be covered by radio broadcast of weather Information. A simple receiving set aboard the airplane will enable any pilot to be constantly advised of changing weather conditions and will perhaps do more than any other single factor to-provide safe ty of flight." The navy department's aeronautics bureau Is frankly perturbed. With Its "thousand-plane" program ncnrinp completion and the demand for pilots growing each day, some of the navy'. 1 best fliers are leaving the service t< accept more lucrative places In tlu commercial aeronautical world, when their Intense training makes them highly valuable. Only a few have resigned their commissions yet. One of the latest was Lieutenant Zeus Soucek, noted navy flier, who established an endurance record for seaplanes last year. Bui what la worrying Admiral William A Moffet, chief, and other officers of tho bureau Is tho spirit of unreal In the air service. Many air officers, It Is said, arc staying In tho navy with the hope their pay soon will bo raised. It Is true some officers of the line now look with envy on the pay envelopes of flight officers, who receive 50 per cent more base pay than officers o other branches of tho navy. Yet, 1 Is contended by high officers of tho aeronautic bureau, that unless some thing IB done to make naval air serv Ice more remunerative, the navj stands to lose many of its best fliers The first "alr-rall-steamshlp lino' In the world, according to Its hackers *\ was 'started recently when the Sf 1 California steamed away from Nev (Yorlc city for Caribbean waters. Th ship will pass through tho Panaini canal, turn up tho west coast am deposit Its passengers near Los An geies. There they may make connec lion with tho Transcontlnentar Al Transport's "air-rail" system for th return trip east. Distance: 0,000 miles Fare, $550. A flying Robot" has been tnventoi In Germany, according to informatloi reaching tho commerce department This device, It Is said, will stablliz a plane on the lateral, the longltudl nal and tho vertical axes, leaving th human pilot free to center his atten tlon on his navigation Instruments an relieving him of tho tenseness o manual control. Backers of the Invention say a pi lot may. In case of an emergency counteract the automatic control am Immediately resume command of th plane by slight pressure on the "stick. 1 The Invention in said to fly a, plan more steadily than tho human hand It has been patented by a Berlin coin puny. TO HKCEIVE *:;G,000. NEW YORK, Nov. ].'!. — Marcli JSnturdus yesterday filed an acceptanc on Justice Aaron J. Levy's verdict, re tiuclng her damage award from Harr; K. Thaw to $1!5,000. Miss Kstardu Won a $75,000 verdict In supreme cour two weeks ago, but Levy lowered th •.ward las'. week. QUICK RELIETFROM CONSTIPATION That Is the joyful cry of thousands slnco Dr. Edwards produced Olive TubleU, the HUbtiUtuta for calomel. Dr. Edwards, a practicing physician for 20 years, and calomel's old-time enemy, discovered tho formula for Olive Tablets while treating patients for chronic constipation and torpid livers. Olive Tablets do not contain calomel, just a healing, soothing vegetable laxative safe and pleasant. No griping is tho "keynote" of these little sugar-coated, olive-colored tablets. They help cause tho bowels and liver to act normally They never force them to unnaturu action. If you have a "dark brown mouth"—bad breath—a dull, tire< feeling—sick headache—torpid live constipation, you should llml quick »ure and pleasant results from ono or two of Dr. Kdwurda Olive Tab lets. Thousands take them every nigh to keep right. Try them. 15u 30o, 60c. Err or grams HIT HIM ON THE JAW PUNCH, JOE. WATCH THE KIP FA/NT WITH HIS UTFT ANP- SUP THE RI6HT OVER. AS TfCE, TH/S ISN'T You cJeutt utfe one unless you. hand on to ft. / L/ (Copyright, 1929, NBA Service, Inc.) Them lire lit least four mistakes In'the above picture. Thoy may pertain to ffruniinar, history, etiquette, drawing or whatnot. See If you cmi find them. Then look at the scrambled word below—and unscramble II, by switching the letters around. Grade yourself 20 for each of the, mistakes you find, and 20 for the word If you unscramble It. Tomorrow we'll explain tho mistakes and tell you the word. Then you can see how near a hundred you bat. • ' • * . YESTERDAY'S OOKBECOflONS. (1) The reflection of the woman, III tho mirror, should be side view. (2) The hnlh IH missing from the perfume atoml/.er. (3) Cravat in spelled Incorrectly. (4) Tlio hook for the mirror cord Is missing. (5) The scrambled word In VAUDEVILLE. BEHIND SCENES IN BUSINESS WORLD lly JOHN T. Jfl^YNN. NEW YOHK, Nov. 13.—Even be- oro the .stock market break there lad been introduced into tho senate a bill providing for a tax of B per cent on stock market sales which aro Hold within two months of the date of purchase. There was also a demand for an Investigation of the stock market and this demand has jeen Intensified since so that wo may ook for a definite and determined movement to turn a congressional committee loose on the subject before very long. If big business In the cast can dig ip a few more protagonists like Mr. 3rundy of Pennsylvania and Senator UATTEKIES KKCHAKGED AND REPAIJtEO Call for our service truck when you have battery or ignition trouble. We repair all makes of batteries, also Bel tho famous Kxldo at exceptionally low prices. VON A OKHKEN DRIVE IN 1007-09 18th St. Phone E56I HROAT IF SORE Uie iftfe Muilcrole— uiually effective in one application — better when applied once every hour for 5 noun. TON TRUCKS AT JLOW KATES ALTOONA DRIVE YOURSELF COMPANY 1020 Green Ave. I'hone 2-3200 iloses of New Hampshire to irritate lie progress of senators with Insults ho chances of such an investigation are very excellent. And if the Investigation comes I am convinced it will uncover some facto which will not look welt In print. However, it seems to me a far more intelligent way to deal with this subject is by means of an executive commission which, will proceed calmly And Intelligently in the study of tho subject. There Is no doubt that what goes on In the exchanges Is gambling with a small amount of useful speculation. How much the useful speculation is and how useful it is, is a matter about which not a great deal Is known. Stock market defenders have been able to put over a very effective propaganda about all the important economic functions performed by the exchanges, tfhey' flx prices In an open market, stabilize those prices, assume the 'risks of business, provide credit for' business and assist In the distribution of securities. The exchanges .do. perform some of these functions. But whether, they are all essential, whether rthey are attended t>y other results which outweight them in harm, whether there might not be some better way to do these Plate* $12 and up P*lnle§i Extracting Sleep Air or Novocaln (Asleep) or (Awnke) Teeth filled without \>&ln. Plates repaired while you watt. Very moderate prices. Open evenings. Free examinations. Phone 2-5682. Ort. STPTLEK, 4th Floor. Take elevator ' to 4th floor, Schult* Cigar Store Bldg., litn Ave. and 12th St. En- tranc* next to Kr&nlcb'i Jewelry Store. 100K FORtlli RED BMCKgCTIMNEY 1 on the Air DIXI SHOE STEPPERS Siatian RDKA Wednesday everting, 6.45-7 ] America's greatest Men's . Shoe Value DIXIE SHOE STORES 1110% llth Ave. NO MORE?/; NO LESS same things—theae points have never been fully and adequately Investigated. They would hot be investigated by a congressional committee. Such A committee would concern itself with the personal aspects of the market. We would get a picture of the market at Its worst. Before an intelligent judgment could be formed about it we ought to have a picture of the market as it functions normally and the market at its best. For this reason there is a growing belief that the matter Is a good sub- ject for one of Mr. Hoover'* commissions. ' , (Copyright, 19i9, by ti. P. C. Mew* Service, Inc.) Commercial aviation is catching hold in South China, flying fields are now being constructed in three of its provinces. Germans have developed a process for burning; out tree stumps with an equal mixture of nitric and sulphuric ftcld, making their removal easy. EXCLUSIVE roorwtAR ThlrUen Hundred E!«v«rth AwWrt ALTOOf^A HA* The Fashionables now wear Propper Ingrain Chiffon Hosiery 2.95 Jane Regny Mesh Net Hosiery 1.95 LITTLE BUCKLES on our Classic Fall Pumps Buckles on shoes are more fashionable than ever . ... But they must be' thoroughly modern buckles! .... Interesting little details as are found on,the new gowns .... and such:as we now present in PUMPS WITH CUT STEEL BOWNOT BUCKLES. PUMPS , WITH BURNISHED METAL BUCKLES. Black Suede j Brown Suede \ Grey Suede . Patent Leather Black Crepe Satin White Crepe Satin While Moire Satin fc M M * '"I"*' 1 " • f - It is always SUMMER-TIME RADIO ALTOONA RADIO & ELEC. CO. 1318 12th Avo. Dial 11318 Hound $^.00 Philadelphia Armistice Day MONDAY, NOVKMHIClt 11 ALSO Thanksgiving Day TIIIIHSDAY, NOVEMIilCIt 28 l.v. Alloona 1^.16 A. 11. ItKTUUMM; l.v. I'hllmlrlphla lUruud St. tilu.) 8.1U I'. 51. All titccl Ci|Ul|>meiit Pennsylvania Railroad ^*tt^ * I !* * Earn Easy Money for Christmas $300 In Gash Prizes SIMMCND§ "The Treasure House of fashions" 1432 Eleventh Ave. Christmas Treasure Hunt Contest < jL A^ii^A^ig^jt^A^iB^i^K I T'S always summer-time in your kitchen. It's never cool where there is a stove. And the dangers of food contamination are present as long as the temperature in your refrigerator can rise above fifty degrees—the safety point. Faithfully, quietly, automatically the General Electric gives you the perfect refrigeration that safeguards health. It makes plenty of ice cubes, operates without ever needing to he oiled, creates no radio interference. And it has an accessible freezing regulator. Important, too, is the fact that it is the only refrigerator which has an all-steel cabinet, "built like a safe" to protect your food. It stands high on legs that allow room underneath for mop and broom. And it is so easy to keep clean inside! Its smooth one-piece lining has no seams .. . every edge and corner is rounded. Come in and examine the various models— there's a size and style to fit your needs and your kitchen. Just a small down payment can put a General Electric Refrigerator in your home. THIS RECORD STANDS ALONE There are now more than 350,000 users of General Electric Refrigerators — and not one owner has ever had to spend a single dollar for repairs or in your MTCH EN THURSDAY-A BIG SALE OF CHINCHILLA COATS FOR TOTS-CHILDREN JUNIORS AND MISSES A aengational purchase of over a thoiuand of thesis popular Sport Coats. High Grade Chin* chillat at prices way below the average. Children's $7.95 Chinchilla $ ^ COATS 4 In NayyiBlue ;and Tan. ; Plaid or Suede lined. Sizes 6: to 14. Children's $6.95 Navy Blue I Chinchilla 3979 Coats Convertable collar. Sizes 3 to 6. Children's Genuine Hugs CHINCHILLA $*f 95 COAT-SETS / Values to $12.50 Coats and Hat to match. Sizes.6 tb 14. Misses' and Juniors' HUGS FAVORITE CHINCHILLA COATS Values to $16.50 service. Tune in on the General Electric Hour broadcast every Saturday evening from 9 to 10, Eastern Standard Time, over the NBC network of 42 stations covering the entire United States. EVERY GENERAL ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR IS HERMETICALLY SEALED GENERAL REFRIGERATOR J. E. SPENCE Distributors, General Electric Refrigerators Display and Salesroom, 1400 Twelfth Avenue, Phone 4191 - * Open Evenings 9.95 Sizes 14 to 20 .and 15 to 19. Excellently tailored Navy Blue Coats. Manish and Belted styles;. Plain'or plaid linings. Misses' and Juniors' Hugs, Larchmont and Deerhead All Wool Chinchilla COATS$ Values to $22.50 Superior Quality Chinchilla, In sizes 14 to 20 and 15 .to 19. Tots' to $4.00 Chinchilla COATS In Pink, Buff, Blue and White, Sizes 1 to 3. Children's $5.00 Heavy Navy Blue Chinchilla Coats Red Flannel ' lined. Sizes 2 to 4. An unusual value I Children's $7.95 Genuine Hugs Chinchilla Coats $f-.69 5 In sizes 3 to 6. Well made and lined. Hats to match, 98e r

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