Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 5, 1973 · Page 17
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 17

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, February 5, 1973
Page 17
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1973 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 17 The Market Place getting harder to find " 'Papayas are disappearing from produce departments and:some of .the stores that still have them marked the price down from 59 tb.45, cents each. · (. That's not a bad price. Papayas are an even better of Vitamin C than; oranges. The Vitamin C content increases with ripeness, so be sure the fruit is mostly yellow arid gives slightly to pressure. A good way to prepare papaya is just to chill it, cut it in half and scoop out the seeds; it can also be filled with ice 'cream or diced with bther-'fruits in a salad. ;Lemoh or lime rjuice is an added touch that goes well with papaya. Fatties, hear chef who lost his 6 pot' : ! A few stores are getting watermelons from Mexico al- .ready, but the selection is poor; they're still too green and 'expensive. They'll be more ripe and less expensive in about a month. Rhubarb is appearing in a few stores now, too. "Strawberry" rhubarb, smaller and a deeper red than the 'hothouse type, is about 33 cents a pound, as compared to 59 cents for the hothouse rhubarb. Bananas, recently the cheapest fruit on tie market at 14 cents a pound, have gone up to 20 cents a pound at some 'stores. Navel oranges are 20 to 25 cents a pound. Apples are still a good fruit bargain. Green and small IrRed Delicious are 25 to 33 cents a pound. Macintosh are 28 '[-to 39 cents, Rome' and Golden Delicious are 32 to 39 cents a r some stores have put up lists of the different varieties ; i bf apples and the texture, flavor and best uses of each. H you're getting tired of coleslaw, put salad back on , st this week. Iceberg lettuce,has dropped to about 25 a head as more have reached the market. "~ · Be sure the sign says "each," though, and not 25 cents ^a pound," which is still the price at a few stores. Most' -heads weigh about two pounds, so 50 cents a head is no Cbargain. / Tomatoes are a little cheaper .this week -- 33 to 49 cents i~~a basket for cherry tomatoes, depending on where you "shop. They were up to 65 cents at some stores a week ago. /-" Plum tomatoes, at the stores that have them, are about tss cents a pound; small salad tomatoes are 38 and 39 cents |ba pound; large tomatoes are 48 and 49 cents a pound. I"-: · Green bell peppers are still 48 to 59 cents-a pound and iRnot of good quality.- .Cabbage remains at 14 to 18 cents a V Mad. Avocados'vary from 20 to 39 cents each around town. eggs from 61 to 77 cents a dozen. ^ --Barbara Barte Tucson Tonight, Tomorrow Music COMMUNITY CENTER Victor Borge performing at 8 tonight in the Music Hall. Admission: $5.75, ?4.75 and $3.75. e · v COMMUNITY CENTER -Vienna Boys Chorus in concert at 8 p.m. tomorrow in the Music Hall. Admission: $5.75, $4.75 and $3.75. Drama CAMPUS CHRISTIAN CEN- TER -- "Who Killed: Norma Jean?" curtain at 8:30 tonight through Friday, 715 N. Park Ave. Admission is $1 at the door or tickets may be reserved at the Park Music Shop Inc., 1702 E. Speedway Blvd. ' Miscellaneous COMMUNITY CENTER -World Evangelism Crusade opens at 7:30 tonight through Friday in the Exhibit Hall. By BARBARA BARTE Ciliim FM* Wrlttr America is getting fatter and fatter and, as a result, becoming more calorie-conscious than ever before. Franco Palumbo, executive chef of Weight Watchers.Inter- national, came from the organization's headquarters in New York to spread the word tofatArizonans: "You, too, can lose your pot." Palumbo, ' billed as "The Chef Who Lost His Pot," helps develop and test all recipes used by the organization, which has 23 groups meeting each week in Tucson. Overweight is an "occupational hazard" chefs face, Palumbo says. He put on an excess 105 pounds, which he has' since removed, before joining the organization. , Eating lunch with four officials from Weight Watchers is an experience. They really DO watch their weight -- while "eating three balanced meals' a day, each carefully planned in advance. Palumbo and Isabelle Appell, an area director for Phoenix, ordered turkey sandwiches "dry'-' -- no mayonnaise. "I could have had a table, spoon (of mayonnaise)," Palumbo explained. "It's not forbidden, but I intend to have a three-ounce baked potato and sour cream with dinner." " Both handed their soups (not mentioned on the menu) back to the waitress. The only permissible before-lunch cocktail is a "Virgin Mary" "(Bloody Mary without alcohol). "I call them 'Bloody Shames,' " said Mrs. Appell, .-^ who was having one. . '. Iris Machiz, also a Phoenix area director, ordered 1 a seafood and lettuce salad without dressing. Mrs. Machiz mixed her own seafood sauce with a teaspoon each of mayonnaise'and mustard and a squeeze of lemon juice. Tasty. She had planned ,'for it that morning by skip' ping the diet margarine on her slice of toast. Feeling heavier than usual, but busily pouring cream in my coffee (theirs was black of course), I felt less guilty when someone at the table ordered extra pickles. ' Later, at the Weight Watchers' office, I had time to marvel at "'before" pictures of Sandy Marburger, Southern Arizona manager (also at the. luncheon); Mrs. Machiz, Mrs. Appell and Mrs. AppelTs husband Jerry. · . Marburger and Palumbo, while not skinny, are certainly Sears Viet. Solitaire regular §562 sale 8449 20% off our entire stock of Tradition® diamonds Buy Your Dream Diamond at a Real Life Sale Price This Week Only! You've always dreamed about owning a diamond. Wake up to the fact that Sears Tradition diamond collection is on sale at a big 2Q7r off. 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SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back SEAKS, XOEBUCX AND CO. r***«p»*»l»**»»***«*«»*ri«^^ Sears 5950 E. Broadway Mon. thru Sat. 9:30 to 9 PM Sunday Noon to 5 PM WORLD'S MOST EXPENSIVE CHOCOLATES »5 Ib. · , · v --atlzw Photot by ROM Humnhrty Executive chef Franco Palumbo, once 105 pounds overweight, discusses the art of staying slim. "no longer heavy, but the women -- perfectly coiffed and wearing size 5 and 7 dresses at lunch -- weren't even recognizable in their "before" pictures. It was easier, in viewing the comparisons, to understand why they really don't mind staying on lifetime diets and avoiding Mexican and Italian restaurants; "We don't count calories," P.alumbo says, ;T)ut weights and measurements are important. You should weigh your meat servings, for example, because -- surprisingly -you'll usually cheat yourself if you don't. * . Most foods are allowed! on the maintenance diet, once one has lost his excess weight, Palumbo said -- but moderation is the key. The only special dietetic foods on the plan are diet soda and artificial sweeteners. Exercise is not required to lose weight, according to Pa-; lumbo, who says he didn't exercise while taking off 105 pounds. "Oh, I'd try running a mile once in awhile,' but I'd come back thinking I was having a coronary and then eat everything in sight when I recovered," he says. GOblVA. STEINFELD'S OOWNTOWN»HLCON "What Made The Wrinkles In My Leather Coat?" -- Miss A.S.B. BILL FREN1ER Soil Extracted; Not Scrubbed Deeper THt OHICIHAL^ D££P_ T^C LC A NCKS ** OF PIMA COUNTY "line* 196* -- Thi ORIGINATOR, NOT THE IMITATOR FREE ESTIMATES Call 793-9321 THE TUCSON BOYS CHORUS presents VIENNA CHOIR BOYS : ONLY ARIZONA APPEARANCE COMMUNITY CENTER MUSIC HALL TOMORROW NIGHT -- 8 P.M. $5.75 -- $4.75 -- $3.75 TICKETS AVAILABLE AT Community Center Box Offices, Levy's El Con and Tucson Boys Chorus Office ·Reservations Info. 296-6277 or Dial-A-Tieket 882-86261 Dear Miss A.S.B.: The wrinkles to which you object are caused by the type of leather from which the manufacturer made your coat. These are known as "belly wrinkles." They appear on skins taken from the belly of the animal. Such skirti are considered inferior excepting for use where they are not exposed. Sometimes a manufacturer will lacquer the reverse side of a belly skin. Then, when pressed, the lacquer makes the skin lie flat. However, when the leather garment is dry-cleaned, the wrinkles appear. 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Pair of gorgeous white cut velvet hi-back chairs with cane sides and wood arms · 17 ''nr e °" Transitional modern swivel chair and ottoman in gold chenile 389.95 J.D. original fully caned back and side with elegant multi-coiored striped velvet upholstery 379.95 Classic bedroom chair pink, blue and orange gorgeous floral.... · ·-· 1 6 9 - 9 5 One pair bright orange fully upholstered-extra comfortable-tufted back. Chair in crushed velvet 259.95 ea. 'J.D. original blue green cut velvet floral off-white Italian wood finish 269.95 One pair of swivel rockers in off white chenile 199.95 ea. 120.00 75.00 ea. 260.00 for both 170.00 ea. 119.00 210.00 ea. 115.00 ea. 199.00 269.00 125.00 219.00 ea. 150.00 140.00 ea. BEDROOM Reg. Now SOFAS Reg. 7 ft. traditional skirted sofa, 8-way hand tied in Bankok Gsledon or gold · · 379.95 £ it. transitional modem sofa green, gold and white thin stripe chenile-loose pillow back, extra comfortable 809.95 Elegant horizontal blue striped velvet, 8 ft. loose cushions 529.95 Jackson of Danville 8 ft. mediterranean woo'd trim in red and gold cut velvet -- back side as pretty as front 939.95 76 in. custom traditional skirted sofa 8-way hand tied in Bankok olive 399.95 90 in. floral sofa tufted foam back, loose seat cushions orange, white and green 369.95 102 in. Orleans green velvet sofa -- hand tufted back loose seat cushions, sits like a dream 739.95 8 ft. gold or red striped cut velvet sofa with mediterranean spindles on the sides by Jackson of Danville. 759.95 89 in. tuxedo sofa in solid gold chenile velvet 279.95 88 in. 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