Independent from Long Beach, California on March 24, 1976 · Page 10
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 10

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 24, 1976
Page 10
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By Johnny Hart /THERE ONLY THERE WAS A ) WAS- RB^L CREATURE J IN AS DIVINJEAS -\ HOLLY- r/-1 y/ooo THEN-BRING \H£PO55NT \TO PR3TSCT '/S0Z : FKDM THAT FUTURE foeHeRATTONS WILU AT CVK ARTIFACTS P 4O YEARS OL.' WOULD 6L/LY V By Mell Lazarus TUM8LEWEEDS IKA ANP ARTHUK, X AM ^HOCKEP TO THAT y,cu HAVE EACH 655AY , WHAT -A excuse f I'M AT THE PART WHERE WE GET MARKIEP, SETTLE COWM/.ANP UVE HAPPILY EVER AFTERJ STOP! SWgeriEJ I NEEP YOUR HELP ID FINISH MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY! VOlfREIN PANGER OF ECOMING- FOOTNOTE! WE'RE NOT CW4TINS, NEWEST WBTITIN6 TEAM. .By Rog Bowert ANIMAL CRACKERS NEVER EXPECT SUCH OEUELOPED TTOMP THE KIWA I LIKE, LUCKY...1JUST ) HOPE SIJE'S WOT J 'TIED UP TO MARK TRAIL/ MEANWHILE, AMOS BURTON PKPARES FOR TOMORROW'S LIOW HUNT THE FOLLOWING DAV THE OLD LIOH, THIWKING IF TIME HER. KITTEM, LEAVES THE PEW IN SEARCH OF /MORE SOLID FOOD Brad Anderson By Honk Ke'tchum MARMADUKE DENNIS THE MENACE By Walt Disney DONALD DUCK By Paul Sellers / YOUR COFFEE, TOA5T, BACON I APE WAITIMS T? P£ IN^ULTEP .' I'm afraid I'll be a litlle laic for work today, Hoss I' having Irmihlu gelling out of bed!' COULDA SOT A SOU) STAR ONCE, BUT I DIDN'T WAMTA SPOIL MY RECORD. - SEHC FIND By Sounders Overgard CROSSWORD PUZZLE SEARCH ME, HONEV/--I GOT GOOD EYES --BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS' R C H D E A A S L E P W E'T 0 (ACROSS 26 I MaoJcinrVs 27 2 f j Kimous lawyor 27 Shoot 28 Spcnchifv 29 lond 31 " numlxir. ir item neonso rotln 0 f mplysp;)! 4 Eyo pin 15 Famous uncle 16 Tropical clog 17 Gonllo Ron 18 Wicked acts 4.1 ID Orlrjhl 45 linhl 20 Police . in 49 65 R d G7 C8 CD J 70 " - OlrtrV.on 71 Copied 72 Suiiirin Understand Eastern rulers Sliowmen, Press Dninchns Koop secrm Bayotw Charles PnroQrdph Additions THIS STUFF THAT WAS IMTHE LIPSTICK TUBE WHAT THEY CAU MICROFILM, JOY/ MIKE /--DO YOU SUPPOSE THAT FILM HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH UH---WITH WHATHAPPEWED TO THAT POOR GIRL ? WHAT KIND OF PICTURES OKf IT, MIKE? 32 Tnkinn cxcoptKin 3-1 Got up 35 Cgyptmn fjod 36 Girxjor, DOWN ' 1 Whoto Guon l,*njmo is 2 Sl.icc 3 Kind of nsiructions: Hidden wordi twlow ippair forward, back- ward, up, down or dljgonally. Find a»ch ind box It In. C By Dick Brooks JACKSON TWINS Virus Heart Rot Blister Rust Bacteria Pole Blight Chestnut Blight Leaf Spot Mistletoe Birch Dleback Wetwood Oak W i l t Shelf Fungus Tomorrow: Nursery Rhyme Characters Curve Woadow Oo:e Mo«l peculiar e So'vod: 'EVEN ' COUNCIL SAVS KOOS DOVT NEED STAMOW3O EM5uei-i ' BEDSS -lOU CANT LBAJ2N BNOLSH FQ3M V A*TE/ i O'EI7 WITH A SRA.NSH 22 Magician's !jl deceits 53 24 fal man's 55 loglmon Vealorday's Pun 48 Jsp. co : n 52 54 Trick 55 Hirstta Knidol 7 - Ludwirj 8 Consklor ai 57 Not oa*ry (OlKXj 8 G sited: Her. SO Place for 0 Ed.tion 10 parllclplo 11 Rival of butior 1? Church .ibhr. 61 Pelvic bones 62 Sccrot j.irr,on R3 Joint GG Oifcclion 13 Adams .md A me che 21 Pm of an 3DI3CO1ST FOHKCAST FOR THURSDAY Yoiir birthday today: Solf- ri-liiiiiri 1 is Cjsrnlinl ns ili- ni.nnos lor vHir jKitsmi.iL ct- (orls sml aiiilitton^l skill's ii^ cronsc. Thrill is unwnt; By Bob Montana Vlr^d (Au^. il-Sopl Meet business c sess t . AittfT YOU lf.TECESTEO IN THE SOOiES . sitn in Inn- perspective. IJbra (Sept. £Mrl. 22): Following a rour*t slroncer: nc* oiws result in iimminenls Tndn y ' s tiiHls you doim; thines a liC(J (liid'renlly. Personnl natives exwl at sharp nislmc- . 1076l)yCh.c,i,'ti It.hunc N. Y. Nt^-s Syntl. Inc AH R f;hl^ Kc",c'rvrrt - tions. Many are known in the sciences or some form ol the popular arts. Arirs March 2)-April 19): Nobody is gr.itiiitkmsty going to help in the things you can dp for yourself. Improve desired relationship*' r e s i s t breaking off annoying ties prematurely. Taurus (April 20-Mny 20): Avoid unnecessary changes and shortcuts in your work. Communication channels to far places are open: use them. Add to your s.ivincs. Omfni(MayJlJune70): If you think that people are impulsive or erratic, consider how you appear to others Correspondence is important; a lively letter brings excellent results. Cancer (June 21-July 2): You explain uh-.-re no cxpla- naiion is called for. Come lo terms wilh technical experts early in Ihe day. Recent influences pep up home life. Leo (July 23- AUK. 32): Be cooperative, since individual enterprises thrive along with Uroup and corporate pro- Rrnms. Notebooks arc in and cumpcle against necessary routine. Seorpfo (Oct. 2.1-Nov. 21): Today is grcal (or settlinj! ac- coimfs and makinc long- awaited jHirchasrs. Quit on lime. Slap shoptalk see what you can do for your home. SaritUrlus ( N o v . 22-Dfe. 21): ?5witch sch.xlulcs early, and substitute lor friends socially. Clear o(( outstanding routines. An urgent opportunity is near; he free lo respond. Caprieoni llVf. 22%lanT 15): Listen to someone who is trying to tell y«u something. Cooperation is at nanrt; atternl to business, it's your initiative that makes the difference. Aquarious (Jan. JO-Krh. Hi: Stop, look ILsten 1M»n jiu have the lalosl word decide what you're after. Balance wnrk wilh efforts lo fid whal you really w a n t . Avoid promises. Pl$«s (F»b. l»-Mareli M): Accept skepticism in others AS a natural phenomenon S'ou needn't explain vih.n you're cjoini;. Coinplelf some Innfi- drawn-oiit unsnlisfyinj; deal W £ E PALS 8y Morrie Turner AND THAT 1 * TWE WAY ff , 100 YEARS ^-^ r *·* A60 TOO/Jy ' , RWJL REVERE,! BETSY ROSS AMP AUL : THEM KME

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