The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on April 7, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 7, 1920
Page 3
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e Walsh "A " A raystbiy play that .grips ,tjie attention and satisfies lover of thrilling pictures; CHARLES CHAPLIN —IN— *'A DAY'S PLEASC1IE*' The fourth of Chaplin'^ $1;0.00,000 : two-reel comedies; You'll say its a Day's Pleasure. 7:00 and 8:45."P. M. 11'and 22 Cents Thursday—TATL0R HOLMES in -THfe Tiruith." 'Nothing But BATTtE IN JERUSAfciW 188 Casualties Easter' in •The SQ-acre farm of the., late. -Heni- ry Be'rii' is for - sale '4L' : ie'as&nSBie price. -Good;, barn'" .and:'.'- JlVe-r!io:!i residence, orchard ..and", goy.j out' Bouses.- Situated miles west of Resurrection City. Troops in Control. 1 of .Situat'ipn"—U^ S. Warshipi Seik- Isislnleti 'Relief Workers in -Syria. i- . . i- '- ..rTT..- : ... ...n., .Carbondale. See'HeHry-"Benz, Jr., o' .Jerusalem; Palestine,. April ..'-.One- Alex Benz, Executors^earlSorid'ile- ' hundred, and eighty-eight, casualties, • .uiu-^N-.uuona.iie.. mostly sligliti occurred as. a result 6t/'a. con'fi'ict. here on Easier--Sunday. .The ,„ .mlii't'ary ri're iri ^ori'trol.'pj'.tiie situation, i LIEUT.- STOVER, GIVEN: Cpiistantinbpip, .Aprii 8.—Americaul • THIRD IN SfASONS" torpedo, boat'destroyers are at ; Beii-ut, .. •-..'. . j Syrin..;. Mersina, oii. the southern, bb'sik 'It was stata'il a few days 1 afro 'ttiat *1-P" A /In t*V> TirV,.i ,t^'^ t_- __ i i. _ _'_'_ .-'^ _. ~N _- "* tt T lipuis BappmeE-er and William Kay-l sel- were given their .third degrees - ''' in the Masonic l-ddg-e: It sh'onl'd' l&e skid Pappm-eier and Lieut. '. Qu*p' Sitoveir, Kay.ser receiving his. ilii-rd'.a few" weeks' ago. "•.'•' .- of' Aclan'a, MbudiVnia, on .the sea 6,f Miiiindra, aiid,.Sfinisuh, on tlie Blade sea; west of Trebizphd, for the purpose of. trying to .'communicate,-wltji isolated relief workers In An'iitoji'a, and Syria;. Numb.ers ( 'bf 'these workers liave not been heard from in riiah'y weeks. REFUSE LABOR B'OARD JIJ'BS President . Having; Hard.; Time-^-Meii Unwilling to Give Up Business to Represent^Public. ' He hai .xfehounced .aiMs afptionl ; Washington, April .'.'. — President **$. ^ e De ™ 0 "' atic . P> rt y 'and , de- Wilson is having fliflicuVty finfling men clar - es "himself to be a (Republican willing to givp tip their business to ' now - Judge-Pope has h;erd, circuit serve, on the railroad Inb'er board as- court in- Marion;-on several occasions': representatives . of the public, White •[—Marion ^Republican; House officials said, in explaining the i. __ ' . '_ : delay in nominating the members ofJcotTNTV the bonrcl. - Under the transportation j' .act' tlie board must maintain central j oflices in Cliiqago and nine members of tlio board, three representing the NOW A REPUBLICAN • : Judge Ben Popie of: DU QU'oin,' .of 'the"old tini«';Ceniocrats '. Illimois, luas changedf ilidsi; poli ' 'ANNU.AL': STATEMENT' -.• ' OF' ILUINOIS, ' Jlacfcson lOounty.'.'SS. , ...... ,,. '..,,.,. OflSete 1 of' Sujerrtsor; of- CarhpndaJ -''.'. .'•:•'. T.owniliip.' ' The'-. following- is.: -a statement b> Solomon Crawsuaw.j in -.the .count; awr-'state-: afgiiesajd', of .toe. of .public funds- xeEaived'.^?.^. e'd' 'Mm- during the- fiscal -year^ end ihg.'-on ;the : . : 6th : 'day;. : oif, !April,--A, ft 1920,-. showing;^ .the' : - ! am-ou-hit of : ...pjublji ' funds', att.-hamd- ;ait .the";commencemen of, said ..fiscal- year; .the. amount, p public. ifunds. recei-Yied, .and- fr-om.wha; sources received;. ..the ainyoun;t;-of .uli Uc luiids expertde<I,':ahd for w pases emended/ said- as -aforesaid,- y . ' (T-Ke- said. .Solomon Cr*wshs.w,. be- Huly sworn, doth depose and say y .Inn) AT jbNlTSB.oiiO .NOTICE!' To anyone who -may .have received -1920, and did n'o.t, for any cause, receive the license can have the same by callng at City Ball, ph' or writin-g me for same. I have several a permt for .hunting', fishing-, tra.p-~ licenses that have not been called for. ping or other kind of license for 1919- W. J. BROWN, City Clerk. - public, three the i-nili-dacls and three j the moii, must make their lieaclciuar- tcrs~llierc. Tli'e.v -\vill receive an annual salary of $10,000 each. The. railroads and unions' have sent to tfie presi'flc'nt lists o'f their re'pi'esenta- •tiy'es: frcii-i wlil'ch the president will make selections. Hbwftp Loy^rYouf Meat Bills Hints jFrpm the Department of '' Justice CUTS THAT COST LESS HAVE ' HIGH FOOD VALUE*. Prom Maine to California wdihen purchase meat In practically-the same •way. Nine but of. ten hav& learned for years, as" do some even now, that the more expensive and most tender eats of meat must naturally be most nutritious and that the cheaper and tougher rots are to be discarded or left with the butcher to dispose of, Bot realizing If they purchase only the tender cuts, he must keep the, prices high en.ough to cover the loss of what ten't sold. Our leading dietitians of' today are teaching t5fe women that the tougher cuts of meat are exactly as nutritious as the more tendert"if not more so, because the blood is. drawn to the parts in which, the muscles are constantly used.' In a., beef animal of 500 .pounds about 75 pounds are tender meat, the loin in the hind, quarter composed of sirloin, porterhouse and single steaks and the prime ribs of the fore quarter. These .two commercial cuts, being .the most tender are most in demand and every butcher, no matter .what the locality, will teli yoii he has no difficulty in disposing of them. The difficulty lies in selling the cheaper cuts as well ' as the extra-meat portions, ....... The.,"greatest trouble in sellta'gl.tlfe.. cheaper cuts come's^ from the fact that •women do riot iniow how to cook them to siake them palatable. A lon^-slow cookitig is, the .secret of converting tough meat into ..delightfully "tender ' roasts^or steaks.-Excellent;,flishes. may. be served.^om. Jlank, 'cKuck'^.rump steak or n'Seky. providing -the ilteat is carefully seasoned.,: seared to 'seal in' the Juices and tfi'en! cooked to. a delicate brown. This necessitates a moderate temperature. TO FIGHT TO ENFOR"CE PACt . Just as many tender;. expensive steaks are ruined in cooking by keeping on the fire too long; tougher ones are condemned: because of the lack of the proper cooking. . Whereas a long slow cooking will ruin a porterhouse, it only adds to tlie excellent'qualities of a rump or round steak. For every meat animal handled a heart, liver, kidney, tripe, torjgue, sweetbread, tail and head to be psfidv We know that an animal has to have a neck, fere and hind shanks, legs and shoulders, to hold together the cho.i'C'e loin and ritts. . What is true of the cuts of beef ,1s likewise true of other meats. Beef a la Mode. Threo p'o'uhds of either of the following cuts, chuck, brisket, rump, neck or 'hanging tenderloin will make a splendid, dish treated as follows: Crush half u dozen kernels of black pepper with as many cloves. Rub this well 'into tlie meat.. Skewer or tie the meat together as for a pot roast and put into a-crock with toe small onion, sliced, one sliced carrot, a bit of thyme and three bay leaves. " Add a cupfnl o'f vinegar, and water. enough, to barely cover and let stand in a cool 'place for 24 hours. When thoroughly marinated, .•remove the nieat from the liquor and js^ar.-oh all sides in a pan of hot vegetable' shorturii'ng. Sprinkle a tablespoonful of flourjrt'er the meat and gr'ad'u'ally.pour tlJe liquor and season- Ing, adding salt, over-the meat. Add a pint of boiling.water. Allqw all to. boll, up, then set to simmer until meat .is "done, turning .frequently. When beef . is done, strain .the remaining •ffquid and acid cooked carrots, tur- '.hfps "a'n'd small onions. Let cook three .m.inutes and.pour over the meat. Serve with'plain boiled potatoes. V Senator Bdrafi . Declares. France Cannot Compel Germans, to .Grant Demands Without (.Further Bloodshed. WVi.sliiiig'tpn, April '.'. — Literal enforcement of the . treaty, of Versailles- is . impossible'without further bloodshed. This.was the fleclaration. made today li.v Senator i Borah,, Republican of Iiltiho. .commenting on the llulir valley situation betxven France and Gor- .inrmy. "Tlie terms of the Gorman tre:ity are sncb that France is mnkin.a an issue to force ^he immediate literal observance o£ its provisions,!' Senator. ISo.rnh ebmment'etl. "Tlie trea'tj 1 at 'Versailles cannot be, enforced to the letter without.further .bloodshed If the impending crisis develops, Senatorial action may be 'expected. I dn not contemplate doing present time." anything at tlie T'OLEDOANS WALK TO WORK Deep.Sn'qw atid Nb Stree't-'Car Service Is Made Worse by Absence . of Busses. I Toledo, O., April .'.—The duel occii; phtio'n pJE Tolodoans, as they .gaxed upon. sn'ow covered streets, was guessing,, tlio next move in the-street car controversy, which has deprived the'rii of.uiQiins of transportation. .Another difficult question confronting theni was . "hqvv to ge't to. ^»rk." .The snowfall of feaster Subrttiy drove fiie bus (li-iv.- ers to cover and'ninny of thcm'dicT not show tfp on tlieitv regular runs. As 'the result, maiiy persons foimd^ it necessary to vvalk in the freezing teni- peratu'r'e. The. car men, who Quit .work Siiturii.'i.v when the council refused to riitil'y.a wnge fare increase agreement, met to demand full compensation for the time they are idle. /County judge A. L. went to Jionasboro today, where lie held-county court, sitting for Judge Karraker the Union county judge. way in Louisiana, in vicu-.oi'-the pos slbllirj- tlmt tlie slnte's legisliitiu'o ma; bp tlio next 1 to vote on .(-lie qncstlor of ratification <>t the 1'crtei-al suftpag- •anioiiilni!:iit... Onlyrs -to help malr Lnuislana "th(i.ihirl;y-sixth-.state" well from .woman suftrage hcntinimrtei's t,- •loaders jivorkinp to rotinil.vup suppor; .ors. Tor .the aineiHlinent, .which will I> considered Ity th.e legislature at its-set' •''sion !ii?j;inning May 101 • FIND BODY OF MISSING GIR1 Remains of- Jeartne Ann* . Dekay Heiress, Taken Fhirrij Lake Michi" g'aii - at • Chlepgb.'--;. -.Chicago, April '..—The body- of : girl ubo'iit 2ii' j-cnre ol'd; ! rinSH-erin'g ni m'ost bxnctiy tlie ilescription-of Jen'nti' .bcKiiy, heiress who' disn'pp'enfe'd frdit I-I\il] house Dec. 30, -was taken fron the' lake fit tlie foot of Htii-bii 1 'street The-clothing-bore the mark of'a Swiss tailor. The'di-ess wns;green.sin'd was an exact duplicate of the one wbh; by Miss DeKiiy 1 . Table Showing CaWnc: Value of Coriimfercial Cuts 'of B ; e'ef. . i Inexpensive' t ' "Calories ^ • /Cuts.- Per Ib. .... " . Use. Shank -..., 875 ••'Bound... .-.- 950 Rump ;'. ..lyiOO Flanks ../. 1,240 , Plate ; '.;..1,285 Chuck -.-.; .1,105 ' Shoulder and clooY.''.......... 840 •Neck. . . ..... ......;. v- ....". U.070 .. . , . . Stevrs, cd'sser'oVe, 1 soup stock . Steaks, roasts, st'e'ws, braising 'St'e'ak's;- roasts, braising, 'stews Steaks or made dishes Stew's, pot'roasts, boiling, soup, corning, Stews, roasts, steak's, boiling piece Steaks, stews, roasts Steaks, soups, braising, corning SUFFRAGE UP IN LOUISIANA Amendment to Constitution to B« Taken Up by Legislature / on May 10. - New (Mei'ins La., April fisbt over woman su'fCra -A big MANY MORMONS Al- MEETING .Conference of Chi'ircli 'of Jesuc Christ of Latter Day Saints Opens at Salt- Lake Cfty: Salt. L'nko 'City, April ". —The' ninetieth annual three-day goneral conference of the Church of. Jesus'.'Christ of: Latter Day Saints (Morrabri) opened 'here yesterday wittf many thousands of people present' from all parts of the ivorld':- WOMAN PICKETS ARE SEIZED Two "on Duty" at the British Em- bassy at Washington Placed. : Under Arrest. Washington, -April.'"..7—Two women picketing the .British embassy advocating freedom for Ireland, were arrested by the police. They are/Miss-. Mollie Carroll, New Yorjc, and Mrs. Harry' -Walker. Astoria, L. I. An liour before, the police intervened two ^Vashirifrton womeu passing along ^Connecticut.iiyenne a.tfnckefl'two pick- e.ts at tlie embassy and drove : one of them away sifter destroying her ban- 8 ner. The women- who made the 2 is under tack Avy:e arrested. Cuts. Loin..... ...... . Prune ribs. . j, N Per Ib. • . Use. .......1,190-. Steaks and roasts .1,450 Roasts • . an^oribied- is a .correct.'. l&Tamount- of .public funds -on. at trie coriimfencam'erit- of- the- fisca yeairab'orye staitfed;<.tHe amount of pub- lie : "funds received,, and the sources from which received,- a,r.|d th'e.s-mp.uivt ' i x.peh 1 ded;.ared-'purposes:for which, expended, -as-'set,'forth ,in.:.said. .state- "'•• iSUbscri : -bed--anid sworn tp : before me, .this fith day. of' April', 19.2.Q- ;" .; Notary. iP-uihilic. ^ Funds Received and .From What f Sources Received* TOWN • of public funds on ha»± at- the- comm'ence- / ment. ,of the- fl.Sca? y«ar,'. commencirig itlie' 29,th- day ; -of March,-191& :.,.......--....$ April X -191'9'/.received: from - Ed Woods' ......;..... April 1, 1919;' received from • W. S. 'Roberts ........., r . ;' 'Sept. 16, il919, received front W. S. -Roberts--: -..;....Dec. 16, received from ,W. S. Roberts, dog .tax •• 6.0 y eooo.'uo 1859.i)9 Total received-, -all .sources. ..£4492.24 Total paid- out' on order of . ., board -. .. B724.36' Bal. ,o.n, hand April 6, 1920'. .,^(767.88 Paid out- during ..the year .on order of auditing board: • ' .. ..„ auditing ......'...-.-...-.? : 49.00' For grocai'ies ito-p.oor 266.49 For assessing 957.50 Drugs -servj'ces. 22025 Overseeing, .poor :... 213.TO Widows' pensions ,...'" 481.0;p' Cish to poor - 346% Piiniting -. ,.;.'-T:. •;•:.., 33.166' JEllection supplies ...' ?5-55 Poor and office jient 3'43Vbp : Town clerk's fees. ....:..... .165.31 Ifctjion supplies t .. 75Vpp loal to .poor . 77.50 Clb'thirtsi to pool; ,. ... .-27.54 Burial of poor .....' 'Z65.56 (Total paid out -... .'S3.724:36 : Fuiids ' Kc'ccive'd an F d" FVo'iiri WKaV ; Sources Receiveo" t /ROAD AND BRI'DiGE . llti-ch 29, 1J>19, -Balance treasury . .... ...$• 99.91- Ajirii 12, 19-19, city of- Car- .bondale .'.....-., E>5.20 June 28, 1919, from- W. S. ''.• ".: Kob'arts, county trea-surer'. 4800.00 Sejpt. !l6, 1919, from saimie-... -2T6-.47 July Si, 1919, Floy-d Br'o-wir,- Cbmm. .of Highways 12.50 Dec. i'O, 1919, naijd road re-.. "pair fund ..- 75.00 .Total ...... ... ...... ....... $53i8.08' Total : aimount paid .out on- or- , 'dec' 'of Com. of iH;g.hWiay.s.$5 1 362.74 April '6, 1920, :bal. on har,:d.;» ' HARD RbiA'D.-F.lKSKD: '•Funds -.received Itfarcfi 29, 1919,- balance in, 15'.34 27.35 Tune. 2-8, 'i'9l9, W. 'S er.tS, county teelasurer. .... . Se;pt.- 16, 1919; W< ;S. Bob- 'erts, county >tr«a«uier .... N6v. 10, -1919, hard road i-e- Ipair f uiiiil' .........'.-..... 276:00. 1200.00 SOsfOitO* Total .amour.* -received... ..$4532.45 Total- : paid out ; on ordfer of ..' . . 'cxmiii. of 'Highways ... 4s6s;17 1920, lESl. on fta.nd. .'.$,i227i28 RO'AD RiBPAlEE OPUiNb Funds received Sept. .16, 1919, W. ,S: Kob : ^ county • taieas'ur'er-.. .i$llb6'6:d6' wilLmakea good meon'an'ir.i Paid ou,t "on order of Comm, ;' o£ iaighways 1638J6! '' ' £ «• L Jfy&I 6, 1920, :bai.. ohi hand'. .49:361.1: COLUMN •.' Ca«h In Advinoo; ;0ne month, per word'-;... :One"week, .per word- ....... .One..insertion t; Ker^..word / .... Tfire'e "insertions;; per word ..oa ..pi ..oi WANTKD. WA'NTED'.—Clfiricai 01 .otiieriwisej aitrout 4 .hours 'a. day Address ".R" care Free Press. a7-3t WANTED—To hear from party having farm for. sale. Give price i'd' description:—t. W. Bo'r'aii, boi and 3, Champaign;, 111: WANTED—Sirl 'for", general housework.' Good- -references. Go'otJ wages. Mrs. Fowler, 408 South Poplar, i . '•' ' • A7—6t WiA'N<TEi)' TO" rent 'Sour unfurnished robins 'or small house. ,Phone 178. -'for general--nouse- worfc Must-have-good references. WiAOSITiED— Van Noy's.. ... . ' . aB-7-8-1- WANTED—Experienc'ed seams trc's's to work 1 oii men's clothing alterations. Highest 'wages paid. Appjj Bbyd's' 6tli & Olive Sts. St- Louis' ' \VANTED—Position as bookkeeper or stenographer... Competent. Lor- et'ta. Glenn-.. Phone. 807-13. A5—6t FOR'' SALE—House ,-oii West Main St; $3500. Mrs; - W. A. Percel AS-3't WANTED—CoolC 313 ' South Illinois. T; Darnell.- ' -. ' A2-6t WANTED—Tb hear frb'ni some .'party havrn'g,'- moii'ey to loan- a't 7 per- c'elvt. Can • 'g'iVe good -security Add'res<> "M" care' Free 'Press. :WANTED—Young men.and. girls- for factory work.. Ex-peiience not required. Good wages. Nine-hour day with 1 ten .hours'<pay.—'Ene Oliver, Typ'ewriter Goinpany, Woodstock, WANTED—Lady .or. gentelmatt in iarbondale for Wa'tkins^amous Pro- duets. Watfcins fooAs known p^ery- where Big. profits. Write today^ Watkins Company Blv Winona, Minn. Office Hour*—* to 10 «.M.; 2 1« 4 R». FOR-fWNT. BENT—One or tw.o furnished rooiais; 'EeasanBibfe 704 'We'st- ' sfceiat. ."' ' a7-3t 'OR RENT—Roomufor light housekeeping. Factory gjrls preferred. 02 - Carico St. . - AS—3t FOR -BBNT-——iRodms for : girl students, 500' South Poplar. a6-7-¥ "OR~ilENT—Furnish'ed' room. Modern'. Gentleman preferred. 210 Hospital Drive, Telephone 69: M26—6t FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms. 400' ; Wea;rOak'St. FOR RENT—Two iront roomi OT« tyle Shop, for office or slewing rooma Apply Mise Kieth, Normal and Monroi Bt. . FOR -RENT—2 unfurnished, .rooms for light housekeeping. 401 West Oak.-Phone 399L. . 'OR 'RENT—Modern rooms $1.?5 per week. Board $5.50. 109 East jrand,~l -block east o£ Normal. A3—3t FOR RENT—Farm, 40 acres, east ol Jarbondale, good -orchard and fine ilace for cantaloupes. Also grain -rops. Reasonable terms to reliable tarty. Apply Miss Maggie Riett. ' FOR RBNt-i-Btoriiige-lior ;oods. In tti« otie Story brick-;b ement. floors,. 'on aUey .IJack;, Barth- TtieWrs. Apply FOR SALE FOR SALE—ll r rbom niod'crrf- house, in good"' condition; .fine location, 'lie block from square, 305 W. itain; price reasonable. For fur- her ihf orrivation ' call at 108 - N. 'opiar or -phone-824; ' , A7-Ot FOR' SALE—New brick bunsalaw, basement- under ;entirV bouse, -all modern, hardwood floor. 804 West Walnut street, Canboiidale,. 111. Price ;7500. - Also new' bungalow, 4 large ooms, large lot close to school. 501 Jouth Marion street, Carbondale, 111. Price $2250. .Will, carry one-fourth »aliie on either place. For particu- ars write. Curtis Brickey, N. Carr t, Whitehall, 111. al-6t M>K SALE—8 room modem house. • -All conveniences. Two . improved b'ts. UlO^Nortfe 'Spring-er. Phtine ' ihatehing. Baton. Phone 354-K. : tdr, Mrs." G&u. inSl j a3 P(>B SALE—Surrey/^ Good condor, -tion, with top. Bee .S. N. Po.wlerJ : candy store. . 430if -' SA3jE—Six room house - at •- ibargaiin'.- See--IIenry. IG.- tFOR SALE—Seven room'.; : hpusc, .: modern, except; neat. 50^' Rav^ings. FOB storage ToaK- to 8 -po-l»r--May be seen at jirs'.- slide ; hospital. "Good- ai FOK SALE—100 acres 4 miles south, west of Car.bondale. ^Well improved^ J. T. TuMier, OarbfMidale, lU'.j- Koute; 1 -!.- . a6-6t- FiOlR" iJM/E—Modern Sve' room "eotr- jtage.on Cherry'"street. lainieriate ; pos|essi?K.—OR;: A. 'Taylor, a6-$t~ FOJR.SALE—We buy, raise andwselT •'• fafcbearing- rabbits,, -and other ^fur-Bearing. 11 animals.. List what. y.ofi liavfe with' us- ,statin'g yo'nr Ibwcst- prices^ on large lot \ shipments. The Fur & Specialty Farming Co., 515-517 "Wi Pv Ave.; Fargo, N.- Dak. •-•'-'• •' M19—Imo. -FOR SALE—Hpus'e,..a't-_ 1(& \Vesf ,- -Pecan.- Terms reasonable. Price right. Call or. write Cnarles Mysrs Carbondaie, TH. A6— lit •LOST Gray . overcoat between Springer street and Bayliss Field.- Ed McGiiire. : . LOST—One 374 purse 1 , containing be' itween- |20 ; aii:d $25. Pmdeir call Mrs. R. W. JIcNeir. ' LOST—So'mcwher'e' between- Fowler's ice cream-, parlor -and the M.etKodist' parsonage; a ring.with sma'lV diamond set .in black onyx. Reward'. Helen Geyer. - A6-6t F.L.LmGIJE,M.D. Q«n«r*l PractlM 9p*v<«1; attention tA Ey«, Car, R*«idence 330-2, Ol & AtforreyB 1 «t Utw • Phone 212 K *ult» 112-116 New-Hamilton Bullalnf •leme- Ma<(e .Candle*, and. Ice Craa<* .-— Telepn'bna M4 V K".. - f -.' -•> -• Telephone No. 159 :..=. -JESSETHSYES ;..,; AJi-Kinds of- Moving and.- Transfer Werk. ••"-• TEEO;-COAH AND 1 • -" " "SUPPL Phone Eyee Tevted Vhrglnla Bldg. EYE Ql Carbeadat^ _t?r t a'ctic; limited to Diseases of;, lYE, NOSE, EAR and THROAT Over Woolworth Store, . WurphVsbS'ro', HI. : '.,. LAUKA O8TEOPATH1C PHY%lOIAN Chronic Dtee'aib* a »p*Blaity in Uaud.r-Nteljbls Coal and Ice MACKEY COAC OI'I'HJll. Phone «« DR: J. W. BARROW NEW HAMiLTON BiHtOtN*' H«ura » toll A. M. and i * *'••;• .. PHONK «8 . . J. B. WOOD*. I»NOI>. i ''•''•''• I / ' Wuh*d Nut, Eu and U*»"»'Phone 1« K. GETxOUR PPUCCl Phbrte'3« X BfrRTH , has rcceiySd birth Mrs. '.C. E. ResctJir ahiidunccmc'iit- 'b'f- tho 10 1> da.ughtci'... Friday to Mr. |a||(i Mrs.. j-Wilbur-., 'East, i" - EWorssflo. East Jesetir. a brother to

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