Independent from Long Beach, California on April 6, 1962 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1962
Page 3
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. Bf BOS WEUS Chain Letters Stir Up a Storm Is it OK, Ralph, if I give your name as a reference?' I mean, in case anybody contacts you will you inform them that I really am a jolly fat man, and that I am not tip over a client's checkerboard unnecessarily? 'Not Patriotic' One lilolady called and discussed the matter with me. She had bought a bond in anticipation of a quick fortune, and _she was distressed to find taking a flier in the new U. S. SavinRS there was a local law against the club Bond chain-letter clubs that are boom- scheme. thought All day long yesterday, people were on the phone accusing me of cutting off the heat in the game room, so to speak. They are people who have been Ing in northeast Long Beach and Lakewood. From the number of calls, the ac' tion in this scheme must be tremendous. ' As I explained in the column Thursday, the chain-letter list with bonds - attached arc sold at private parties. The buyer then makes two new lists, buys two more bonds and holds his own party. I said this procedure was just as illegal as the old chain letters which u t i l i z e d the mails. That's when the phone started ringing. "ELLS Irate clients who figured the column might damage their chance to sell the lists they had bought, demanded a retraction. One man said he had consulted his lawyer, and the lawyer had told him it was perfectly legal. Others insisted it was legal because the chain lists or payoffs weren't sent through the mails. .The simple fact is that Sec. 4140.13 of the Long Beach Municipal Code declares participation in chain letters, prosperity clubs, pyramid clubs and all similar operations to be in violation of the law no matter whether the mails are utilized or not. ! There are county statutes which were Involved against pyramid clubs about 10 years ago. "I thought the government was trying to sell bonds," she said. "That law doesn't sound very patriotic." Assured that it was there, patriotic or not, she asked my opinion of her chances of 1. Being caught; and 2. Being prosecuted if she w-as caught. "I hear the jails are full," she said hopefully. "They'd probably just fine me. "My father always told me to respect other people's property. But he said if you're going to rob a bank make sure there's enough in it to make it worth your while. "I've never wanted to rob a bank. But I sure hate to lose my money on that bond." Foolproof Letter As for me, I hate to destroy a whole way of life without providing something to take its place. Therefore, I am about to reveal a foolproof chain- letter scheme. Trouble is, only hypochondriacs- people who are constantly worrying about their health--can participate. I was signed up by Hal Lowe. Start with your list of names like any chain letter. Make a list of your symptoms and send them to the name on the top of the list. Then cross that name off, and send the list of names lo'five other hypochondriacs. In six months you'll have an epidemic. But if you break the chain, you'll be--horrible thought--cured. Assembly OKs June Bond Vote Continued From Page A-l) rom Charter Day exercises nearby University of Call- rnia at Davis to return to s office and sign it. "This measure makes H ,Kssib!e for us to ask the *ople of California in June a approve an investment in ie future of this great state," rown said. · · a · , ONLY ONE of the four ond bills was opposed. Six epublicans voted against the ark and recreation proposal, hich provides money for te acquisition, development, small-craft harbors and fire rovention. Assemblyman J o s e p h C. hell. R-Los Angeles, said an xpected $1 billion in state evenue from Long Beach oil- eld royalties could pay for ie park program. Speaker Jesse M. Unruh ^·Los Angeles, said the park onds p r o v i d e "for people ·ho cannot afford all the osts entailed in private rec cation." The veterans and schoo !x)nds go to the Senate for a ote. The other two return o the upper house for con urrence in Assembly amend ments. Apportioning The Day in Sacramento Bill Hearing Rescheduled SACRAMENTO Ml -- A hearing on Senate rcappor- tionmcnt was p o s t p o n e d Thursday by the Senate Governmental Efficiency Committee. Chairman Luther Gibson. D-Vallcjo, reset the hearing for Wednesday morning. Speaker Jesse M. Unruh, D-Los Angeles, author of the Assembly - passed proposal, said he had asked the Senate hearing be delayed until Mnn flay. Unruh's c o n s t i t u t i o n a l amendment, to be placed nn the November ballot, would expand the Senate 'rom 40 to 48 members in 1964, adding three scats for !.os An gclcs County and 010 each for San Francisco. Alamcda, Santa Clara, Orange and Sin Diego counties. C A R B U Y E R S w a t c h "Autos for Sale" in Classified daily. To get a buyer--start an ad! Dial HE 2-5959 now. Ir THE AISOCUTEO PHCSS THE COVtlNO« rndanad leiKTitfl ft Dr. CtrffH S. Dvmka at chanctllar at Itata callcttt- · ·Mi^riKt rut Knd hi." tataim tnt millitn an Jvaa I aallatl All. tint ram«: TiWMCt-- Prrfmtt cammtrtlal dtvtt. ··mmt ·* tifelantft rwivtvtd ta Irtttltf ·» llalll *·!«. MmHrt. D-ltrhtfef. caii«*t-- rarmirt limiar cantaa fit* trict ta Itaia facilities *«tu4« dittrtcl bwmdjrltt alter Mftat ·! MM »ra- ·aial; ABU. ftfff. D-H«TW*T*. tindt-- Aatlartr« ttttta Mfl |1UH-- 130t mdliMt BCMalf. AB2. HMna, D- Gartfc* Grntt UM milLM vcttrMt Kant. A1II. camera*. DW».n»fj nil mlfcan parti. SB], it*. Camera*.. D- Avawni; 1271 mill**, ttata caNttrwcmiL SB It, Sen. Fuller. D-San Dint. Arrhttert-- Mate* aMrft at tlale artM* ftct aaaatafna ftr tivernar r«m«r nan cndttrvictj Sill. Sin. Farr. D-Carmel. Trani.l -- nrnult Mann CMMr ta MitMraw Immediatetr frwn Baf Arta · aaid Trantil DittrUt; till. In. Miller, D-Matlimi. Ftfft-- refnult tavnty tail ·rtttAfrt la tiaM lirtt under uaenmlaA; Sail. Srfl. Kicftarei. O Lat Anaelel. Cancvrred In Senalt Amendment: Faad~Cirmatt private nanarafit ar- aanliatlent cnartlr* hr reed at twid Ferryboat Aground; Save 615 Passengers NANAIMO. B. C MV-The 4,000-ton ferry Chinook ran nground on rocks outside Nanaimo Harbor in heavy fog lcar Thursday. A fleet of rmal craft removed the 68 passcn ;ers. The bow remained perched ball on rock as the tide receded Tugs were to refloat her at hightide. raitlnf anairt tram Data rtttavran act; AB14. wiltan. O-L»t Anttitt. THE SENATE Bint PailM: watrr--Otatt Crrtthfla4.ah« Arraw h«a4 Wattr Attflcv M San BcrMfd:n Cavntr; SBI. Stiaw. 0-Ontarla. Tai-Ptrmilt Santa Clara caniitf t tai vrattr vwrnftd trtm untitrir SBI. TkmvtMi. It-San J,i«. DaTlxM-r»n prtMul la titnW tn liafit tavmtl tint* «M mwitft ta t*4 latt HII44V hi Ntvtmbtr aa JVM la ttiaf af Nafffnfttr Ballatj AB 3 ·atlrr. ir-san HalaH. Band*--Ptnnitt uiuvtriltv tl Cal tantia ta Ittwa rtvtnaa kandt ta f Hanct liaaAtlan at in San Irancnc Iwiaital M cawratM mn Frantb Haultali AIIL Mtrtn. D-SM Fran Cltca. otakitMi Adaatrt: S««aw--Dirattt »taia atftclalt ta m rni««atiatitn at cancttw«nair* a«n mtntt wita. pnvatt aatratart at s«i- vautv antf ta avdit cancttttanavt kaaktl ACII7. Caahdaa. R-F»ltan DST Kxlcnsioii Pul on Hallol State Board OKs Raise for 92,000 SACKAMENTO (AP)--The State Personnel Board Thursday formally approved a G- per-cent raise for 92.000 ;tate civil workers, retroac- ive to April 1. The legislature last week voted funds to make the Increase possible. The bill lim ts the raise to employes receiving less than $15,000 a year. Employes. Including Uni vcrsity of California and state college personnel, were given flat 5-per-cent Increase plus an additional 1 per cent For 15 months. With the raise, the board said the minimum rate i n state civil service goes up to $284 month. Smog 'Fuel Switch 1 in Operation LOS ANGELES (UPI) -"Operation fuel switch" was put into operation at industrial plants throughout the county Thursday when the air pollution control district predicted moderate to heavy smog. The change from fuel oil to natural gas is a voluntary program made to reduce smog when the district issues its prediction. «. iM« INDEPENDENT--P«g« A-3 Douglas Promises to Prove Nike Profits Are Reasonable (Continued From Page A-l) Consolidated Western was paid $146.1 million for production. The committee staff said Douglas added $10.354. G5D to the Consolidated West cm total for its profits and submitted a bill for the total of $165.8 million to Western Electric. The latter firm In urn was paid $182.1 million by the government for production which Consolidated Western had performed for SUG.l million. Robert L. Johnson, vice ircsidcnt in charge of Douglas Missiles and Space Division. said Douglas had well earned the $10.3 million landling both major tasks and "dirty little details" on Consolidated Western's work. McCIellan contended the company was paid for this work under separate contracts. 'could .not conceive" how Douglas could conduct its jusincJJ and not be able to figure out the cost of per forming each operation. Edward Curtis, director of contracts for the company, also challenged the commit' BOTH Johnson and Douglas claimed the committee crrct in computing $10.3 million as profit. They said it was much less, but said it would be im possible to determine hou much of the firm's profit on all its contracts could be allocated to that particular sub contract. Sen. McCIellan said tec's determination of much work Douglas how contracted out. He said it was the substantially less than the $496 million claimed. He said the company would not offer the figure unless asked for it by the committee, however. Sen. Carl Curtis, R-Nch., sided with the Douglas wit nesses. He said he has become by convinced the committee's which,,he said, accepted the committee's figures as accurate before the hearings" 3cgan. Douglas and Curtis insisted that made It clear that, w h i l e accepting the figures, they disagreed with the. subcommittee's definition of what the figures meant. The hearings will continue Tuesday. computations "give an roncous impression" of company's profits. McCl.EI.LAN letter from the produced a c o m p a n y Prince Philip's Tour lo lie on Television 'Unhappy' Dixie Negroes Offered Free Trip North NEW ORLEANS (UP1)--A segregationist organization Thursday offered free, one- the way trips out of the South to unhappy Negroes. The Citizens Council of Greater New Orleans announced a man who asked to remain unidentified had donated $968.40 for "Freedom Bus No. 1 North" to Chicago. George Singlcmann, council spokesman, said the coun- L O N D O N (/T) -- Prince cil knew of negroes who Philip is to give a televised would make the one-way trip, account of his South Arncri- an tour April 19. The Prince returns today, from a two-month visit to 11 Singlcmann said the first bus would take 39 passengers. He said the council has over $600 collected for Freedom Bus he countries. SACRAMENTO Wi -- The Senate Thursday voted final legislative .approval nf a bill to permit Californians to ex tend daylight savings time one month beginning this The bill by Assemblyman William Bagley, R-San Rafael, puts the proposal on the June lot, permitting extension ol daylight savings timo to the last Sunday in October this year if the voters appiovc. tltcrc's- an old saying... izhat goes up must come down! not so with Hi-Rise! ... the hosiery Ihot covers {(IB calf and slays there--without garters! Two styles . . . Hi-Rise in French spun zephyr wool. Gray, olive, brown, black. Silk-Flex, in stretch nylon and imported silk. Navy, black, brown, olive and charcoal. Either, $2 pr. Street Floor TILL NINE HNE AT IKOADWAY. JHOP MONDAY. fKIDAY, 1:10 · 9. OTHER DAYS. «:10. J:10. Fabulous Spring Diamond SALE! NO MONEY DOWN ONLY '1 A WEEK It's O.K. To Owe Kay! WEDDING DUO Ciquilite solitaire tn- £j£«m«nt rinc »nd tn- cravtd wedding bind. 546 3 DIAMOND RINC A dinner ting o( brcarh- takinc beauty, aglow with 3 diamonds. $46 MAN'S SOLITAIRE Classic simplicity in a massive ring, with impressive solitaire. WEDDING RING Tive radiant diamond* add eternal lovelinest to a wide filicree band. NO MONEY DOWN ONLY J 3 A WEEK It's O.K. To Owe Kay! 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