Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 26, 1969 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 26, 1969
Page 11
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Many women past the age if 35 live with expressed and unexpressed fears about the approach of tht menopause or change of life. Much of the unnecessary anxiety is based on the fact that false informa- and myths have been landed down from generation to generation about this period in a woman's life. The word menopause is derived from the Greek "menos" meaning month and "pauein" meaning to cease. Menopause, therefore, is that period of normal change when menstruation slows down a during middle with each individual woman and has been known to n different geographic In some cases symptoms of change of life have occurred as early as 30 years of age, while in others they may not appear until past 5D. STABILITY AFFECTKD Sudden episodes of hot flashes unexplained perspiration, restlessness and fatigue, are known to occur during this stage and often may alter the emotional stability of the wo man. The psychological over tones are particularly severe women falsely believe that their attractiveness, sex uality, and general health wil be impaired by the onset of th'" ienopause. The symptoms of change o IFIHlSOTHKTEMimMtSHM UEVfUOMTMO SWBNAftW W FORFEIT, UINNIN6 5TKEAK W45 BUILT TO FULFILL A MONARCH'S VOW THE THAI KINS IN 1860 LEWNED THAT HIS QUEEN rW DROWNED AND SWORE TO BUILD A TEMPLE IF HIS SON SURVIVED-AND THE WOW WAS KEPT WHEM THE PRNCE WAS fOUND TO HAVE BEEM SAVED -I | NO MATTER WHAT *?Oue SIGNS SAVy IT'LL. BE AN AD FOB ME ? JOE'9 S-GN UNFAI!?' WHO BECAME PRESIDENT OF NDIA IK 1950 AND SERVED FOR 10 YEARS Uf\S MARRIED ATTHCAGEOF13- THE MARRIAGE LASTED 65 YEARS JAPANESE TYPEWRITERS «*F MORE THAN 2.OOO KEYS FRANCIS DRAKE THERli I'VE PUTTOSETHER ARAFTOFSORTS BUT HANGED IP I WANT TO come more easily if Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars, NOV. 23 to DEC. 21 (Sagit- .arius) -- This may not be an FOR MONDAY, APRI vhich you do not like or which (Aries) -- You can take chances you feel crowd your schedule. in some areas, but will have to walk the straight line in 3ut NOW is the time to capi- clever management. merchandising and artistic pursuits especially favoied. DEC. 22 to JAN. There's a tendency now APRIL 21 to MAY 21. (Taurus) -- Pursue the quiet way to fore stall useless discussion, wasted neglect some that need special effort. But listen, as you go along, to those who have worthwhile things to say. MAY 22 to JUNE 21 (Gemini) --Submerge emotions and permit ideas to nurture, g r o w. You may realize this, hut u s t not feel like admitting it o yourself. Use that innate :ommon sense of yours. JAN. 21 to FEB. 19 (Aquar- Accomplish with dispatch and efficiency, but eliminate reckless haste. New opportunities in the offing. JUNE 22 to JULY 2!) (Cancer --Good lunar influences cncour- influences, you are expected to maintain a stalwart position of responsibility. Do not become ost in a maze of nonessentials. age your work endeavors, per- \f SHE TOLD ME TH VJERV SOME GOSSIP VE TOLD ME TWO AGO sonal affairs, plans for the future. If you cooperate by pro moting your talents, you will do nicely. FEB. 20 to MARCH 20 (Pisces) -- Intellectual attainment will please most n o w. But keep material needs in ITHflLFflS GOOD A? VOUD1D I JEST SEEN BESSIE CRENSHfiW LEftVIN/ IOWEEZY-WHATWUZ SHE WflQSIN'HER TONGUE ABOUT THIS TIME? mind, too. and be on the look- JULY 24 to AUG. 23 (Loo) out for improved measures, de- Take care of requirements, of vices. Scrutinize all projects be- deeds and advisements that can result in swifter progress. Avoid You born today are quick to rumor-fongers and dissenters. see needs, are ready for action any time -- IF it is interesting. AUG. 24 to SEPT. 23 (Virgo) You are an A-lstudcnt. worker, ercury's position promises a with love for home and tradition lively day. so GET BUSY! You normally, one to fall socials, yet w i s h your domestic life to remain constant. Y o u down on the job. hut if you procrastinate now, you m a s are adamant in w h a t you want find yourself behind later in the to do (and want others to), and rarely let up till you obtain your objective Rightly directed, your determination and your varied talents could produce ton r ;i n k achievement. BUT THIS 15THE FIRST TIME OUR RELATIONSHIP HAS BEEN CHEAPENED- SEPT. 24 to OCT. 23 (Libra) --Precision and foresight wil be a big aid now -- and signifi cantly. Your imagination can VOU FEELS \NEVE. BEEM GO AHEAD. EAR* IT MAY ENCOURAGE THAT FREE-LOADER TOMAKKV help or hinder you, as you direc' Taureans often accomplish than one career durinu l i f e t i m e . Medicine. OCT. 24 to NOV. 22 (Scorpio) --Excellent Mars influences. An entertainment fields Taurus. Birthdate of: Dowers of concentration, and be Monroe. 5th Pres., U. patient for those results t h a 10. Medicinal plant 31. Negatives 20. Feigns 32. Greek maiden 34. Greek letter 25. Bounder 26. Exist 27. Male sheep 29. Beverage . Seacngle 31. Thing I law i 35. Therefort 36. Guarantee 37. Maria -- · 38. Not t i n scale . Rapid 42. Employer 43. Light carriage (colloq.) 45. Barren 47. Rant 48. Portent 49. Musician'* baton HORIZONTAL 41.Commotion 1. 44. Salt Apostolorum 46. Forehead VERTICAL l.Sour 2. Palm trea 3. Digit! . Meetings . Nautical term 6. Ogle 7. G r o u p of four 8. Single unit 9. Change sound* 13. Observed 14. Wing- S. Chills 16. Historic hair style 17. Rogeri 18. Mtdicate 39. Transgress 20. Stains 21. Russian village 23. Blackbird 25. Chemical clement 28. Household need 32. Russian lake .13. Withered 34.Death 37, Removes dirt S9. Long period 40. Dutch measure I MOW DO YOU 6ET IT PACK WH£M HIT SOMEBODY* WHAT'S WITH THE FUNNY- LOOWMS-SfiiK? Answer to yesterday's puzzle. An«|« Urn' ·' mlitlai: It ml»». SI. Vehicle 2 ... ' H6LPIOJ6 OF "! POTATOES I OH, GO AHS AD AND GIVE IT TO THE'-T-THEYU. NEVER DAGWOOD, BY M STAKE YOU SOUSMT CAT F003 INSTEAD Or OO3 FOOP AH»jj«i HUH, fat.. Mvarrcvitu. M, IH» · II LESTER L. COLEMAN, M. D. Graceful Maturity For Many Women finally teases age. The age . avoid the pitfalls of anxiety o frequent at the time of. this hange of life. It frequently omes as a suprise that many vomen flourish emotionally and Dhysically when they grace- ully mature into the menoo- pause. HORMONES CONFUSED Cortisone and ACTH are jometimes confused by patients, especially thoje who ara lasically afraid of their use. 'hysicians a r e c o n s t a n t l y iware that they must explain hese hormones with a great deal of assurance because pa- ients seem so concerned that .heir use is limited only to 'dangerous" conditions. Doctors use these and other hormones sparingly, and for a limited time, so that u n d e r ;heir supervision the chances of lasting side effects, are at a linimum. Cortisone is » hormone that ; produced by the adrenal gland which lies close to ilie iidney. A C T H is m a n u f a c - tured" in the pituitary gland which lies in the brain. These etters stand for adrenocortico- tropic hormone. Both are part of a remarkable and complex relay system a n d they work hand in hand for the control of the water balance, the salt. sugar, and protein content of the body. Both arc exceedingly valuable discoveries in this i.,^ . V ... P .« -. ,,- great era of medicine and have I life are due to a temporary brought control of many dis- imhalance or a deficiency ofj,, a s ( , s t n a t mi ,y otherwise havi the hormones produced by the ma( ] e invalids of thousands of ovaries and other endocrine j p a tjents. glands. Estrogen, the female , hormone, is now being used extensively by a great many physicians to supplement the lagging production of this hor mone during the menopausal eriod. The decision to use this hor one. of course, depends on the physician's findings in each particular case. Since the emo tinns are intimately involved bodily changes, it to thoroughly problem of the with their doctor S P E A K I N G O F YOl-R IIEM-TH: Let your neighbor he ymir friend. Don't let your neighbor he your doctor, un- lens he ii one. ..Dr. Coleman welcomes letters from reader*, and, while he cannot undertake to tnswer each one. he will ««* question* In his column whenever possible and when they are of gene r n l Interest. Address your letter* to Dr. Coleman In care of this newspaper. B» B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Reeord-Holder in Masters' Individual Championship Play) South dealer. North-South vulnerable. NORTH 4 K Q J 8 5 «853 4 1 0 9 4 + 8C BAST 4 A 302 » K 1 0 4 . * 7 6 3 2 ; + K 9 5 I SOUTH : 6 3 A . Q J 6 » A K Q + A J 4 3 The bidding: South W'Mt North Hunt 1 V P»»« 14 r »*' 3 NT Opening lead - - two of clubs. Let's assume you're East and partner leads a club. South .akes your king with the ace and returns the three of spades on which West plays the four. dummy the jack, and the Declarer now leads a heart to West following low, six of spades. artner following with the seven and d u m m y the queen. Do you win the trick or not? Of course, you've had t h i s situation many times before. Dummy has a long suit with no side entry and you a r e faced with the question of when to take the ace. You would surely take tht second spade if you knew declarer had two spades to start \vith, but you would not take it if you knew declarer had three spades, in the later case, you w o u l d duck in order to limit declarer to two spade tricks, whereas if you took the ace. he would make four spade tricks. Some players look upon such problems as pure guesses and hope they guess right most f( the time. Bui a first rate dr tensive pair does not guess in t h i s situation and comes up w i t h (he right a n s w r r all thu time. The defender who does r.ot have the ace should signal conventionally to the other defencl- r him- m a n y cards he has in lhe stiil. and in t h a t way tell lii" p a r t n e t indirectly how m;my rlrrl.'inT lia? The method of doinC t h i s i* simplicity itself. If West ha* two spadei. he plays them in high-low order, thus showing an even number. If he has three spades, he plays them in a- cending order, thus showing an odd number. Therefore, when West plays the four followed lit h e seven, h e m a r k s himself with another spade. East consequently take* the ace on the .vcond round, return* the nine of club 1 ;, and Soutii must e v e n t u a l l y CO down one. Hut if Kast diick* the quern. South takes another heart finesse and wind* up making four nolnimp. PONYTAIL Have you ever thought of taking a bink loan and investing in full tank ?" TIMES Classified Ads Get Fast Results. Try 'em. Just Dial 442-6242.

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