Independent from Long Beach, California on February 28, 1969 · Page 35
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 35

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1969
Page 35
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^,^,^,^^^^^i^^^»^»^»^^^^^^M^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^»^-.».IM» .. J l . ...· ·····^^^··^^ INDEPENDENT This and 7 other outstanding coverages are yours in this new "Golden Anniversary" Q I 7^ir ct/vn wnjf policy offered as a reader service of iRESS'lELEGRAMl Imagine a newspaper-sponsored Accident Policy that pays you $510.00 a month in Hospital Benefits Current pblicyholders are now covered with this policy. 1. Pays you $900.00 surgical operation benefit 2. Pays you $30.00 ambulance benefit 3. Pays an X-ray benefit 4. Pays $8,000 freeway death benefit, other accidental death benefits 5. Pays dismemberment benefits 6. Pays $1/000.00 for specified diseases 7. In minor accidents/ pays you $6.00 each doctor visit for 5 visits; pays ambulance and X-ray benefit aS b»atfilt maximum, IM icAWiit* You can collect these benefits under this policy! FOR NON-FATAL ACCIDENTS FOR MINOR ACCIDENTS $510.00 PER MONTH HOSPITAL BENEFIT payable it $17.00 per day for MEDICAL EXPENSES up to $6.00 per treatment, maximum. ?!!!!. $2,550.00 AMBULANCE BENEFIT . -... up to maximum of $ JU.UU up to maximum of X-RAY EXPENSE AMBULANCE BENEFIT JTMLimumT.?" $ 10.00 to or from hospital, maximum 9 OU.UU ¥ TOTAL MAXIMUM $ 70.00 X-RAY EXPENSE in or out of nospitii, maximum .... JU.UU SURGICAL OPERATION BENEFIT. Specified amounts for fractures, dislocations, ikin . .... .. grafts, etc, maximum .,* VUU.UU TOTAL MAXIMUM $3,490.00 FOR SPECIFIED DISEASES 15% of medical and hospital expense incurred in 3 years, for poliomyelitis, scarlet fever, smallpox, diphtheria, leukemia, spinal meningitis, encephalitis, rabies, tetanus, tularemis, and typhoid, maximum $1,000.00 Tod.iy llie Independent, brings you i new concept in reader service insurance. A policy that will be of real help to you the next time you must iace the tremendous bilk that come when a person gets hurt these days. .And this policy pays the money henelitb whether or not you have other insurance, Blue Cro^s, or Medicare. There is no are l i m i t . Qch member of the family, from the youngest to the oldest, can be covered, with die cost a modest 51 a month pet person. The Independent, Press-Telegram has offered National Casualty Company accident insurance as a reader sen-ice since 1932. Claims paid to our insured readers have totalled more than Big hosp'tal benefit In cooperation vith this pioneer in inch Insurance, ire are now able to bring you this fabulous, new accident policy at unbelievably low cost. A newspaper-sponsored policy has never before included such a substantial hospital benefit--along with the 7 cither outstanding coverages listed below. Someone has wisely said, "Unless you have «dded to your hospital coverage in the past two years, you tr/i badly underinsured, because you can't even get a vtrd room in most hospitals for less than $40 i day." Pays you $510 a month Not only does this new policy pay you $510.001 month in Hospital Benefits (at $17 t day) it pay» for is long u 90 days even if the iccident happens on the day you are insured. And month after month this coverage increase* until you have coverage for 150 days with a maximum payment of $2,550.00 in Hospital Benefits alone. These benefit! are paid to you }n cash to use as you please. They tre tax-free. '7 other coverages If you are hospitalized »s the result of an accident, you get not just the Hospital Benefit but these other coverages: 1. $30.00 ambulance expense 2. X-ray expense 3. Surgical benefit for frscture*; dislocation!, ikin grafts, etc. Up to $900.00. Also. 4. There are tubstantial accidental death benefit! 5. Dismemberment benefit* ACCIDENTAL DEATH AND DOUBLE DISMEMBERMENT After policy is In fore* 60 month*, it payi maximum of Accident! et Home, Work, $500.00 In Aulo, Trutk, Farm Mochini Wreck), fidislrion $1,500.00 In Bus, Toxl, Jobwoy, Streetcar Wrecks $3,000.00 In Freeway, Toll Rood, Airplane gnd Steamship Wrecks $5,000.00 In Railroad Passenger Cor Wrick $10,000.00 Abovi benefits (except $10,000.00) in Increased 1% each month $800.00 $2,400.00 $4,800.00 $10,000.00 Single Dismemberment pays one-half. After age 65, death and dismemberment benefits reduced one-half. cvr CDI-IAMC . n . *,,( mi »r in t min»- warfare- itito races- ELIGIBILITY: Issued to men, women and children except those ,SWisar^^«!sss si^BT E ^^ir wi ^ ·t|W A / * C I IftAITC RENEWABLE at option of Company. N W Aw E Ulltll 13 Ttn above is only i partial description of the terms and provision! WORLD WIDE COVERAGE * MmA Casualty Company policy form HH 6411 THIS POLICY MAKES HISTORY This Is the SOth year that leading U. 3. nmpspert have offered Accident Insurance u I itrvic* to rta tiers. The National Casualty Company, which pioneered »uch reader icrvice policies, developed thli new, epoch-making policy for our readeri to mark th« «vent. Today practically all important newjpapen ipon- «or some form of reader service insurance but nona with the range of benefits included in thi» "Golden Anniversary" policy. "Golden Anniversary" mean* for you » Golden Opportunity to add to your insurance protection today when hospital and medical costi tre iky- rocketing. For only a month 6. There i« a Specified Disease expense benefit up t» $1,000.00. And even in minor accidents, you can collect. In addition to the ambulance and X-ray expense benefit!, if they are required, there is a--· 7. Doctor bill expense--aj much as $30.00. It i» easy to see hov valuable these money benefit! tan be--when you need money most because someon* Is hurt. They can be of tremendous help. Best to act now But you must act now to make sure of these benefit!. Use the simple coupon in this advertisement to order--make sure you mail it or hand to the one who collect! for your newspaper--there are no age limits, there u no medical examination. Your policy will be sent to yott promptly. Rut please hurry. IMPORTANT! tf yoo already have one of our rtadcn itrvlc* DollclM, Oo n»t mi [flit application unlen YOU wlih to enroll other family mtmbin. Hurry! USB this coupon to order your policy To: Resident Agent, National Casualty Co., car* of: Independent, Press-Tilegram 604 Pint Long Beach CA 90801 CHECK ONE I 1 For first policy in family send no mon«y, -- Pay newspaperboy $1 t month at same tJro» you pay for your paper. ( | For other family member* enclosa J11.50 for each 12 months policy. App .jplicant's Full iN'ame_ (Print f ivia n«m« lik* "Heftn M." and iiit mm*.) Aj.- _Phone No.. Address. (SCr*«t b No. or RFD) (Citjr k $t»U, I »pply for * Accumulative" Accidant Inturanc*.- to becora* ·iTectivB day policy is Issued and dated. I agrw (1) to pay pr*» miuro; (2) designate person who collect! for my newspaper *· my messenger to deliver premium to above office; (3) th*l I policy will automatically expire if I fail to pay premium whea f due. Ir^urance dees not cover persons who have loit both j hands and feet, or the tight of both eyes. Signature. _Date_ Subscription Agr«uiiciit--Chcrk One Below D The Morninq Independent fj Bmin.e I'rf.'i.Tclt-.crara is now delivered to me. Hlease start delivery ot Q the Mornins Independent Q the Evening Prcss-Telepram. 1 aflree to piy the tegular subscription price. Pr-lm J-IMI.S

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