Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 25, 1976 · Page 26
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 26

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 25, 1976
Page 26
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Premier Sunday Crossword'Puzzle : . , , . ;^v. : ;.:;.''·:.By;jO.PAQUIN; v / ' - ^ r ! £ ' . . ; :,- ' , . ACROSS 1 'Ah aroid i I Hindu . · guitar . . ' 10 Printer's mark 15 Horn or Cod M.Mcre' SO French . school 52 More free 95 One of the of pollution . Caesars ' 53 A'fruit is Lowest ',member of a frame 56 High, in music 57 Kefuge · 58 Mexican blankets 11 Typewriter M Letter type 22 Unique person S3 River in 'Asia JM Wrinkled 25 Climbing plant 26 "High-" Z7 Japanese . stringed 61 Six-line ' stanza 63 Leather thong 65 Pieces of needlework. 67 Nobleman 69 Western city ' , 71 Garlands ; instruments 72 Metallic 29 Chemical suffix 31 Tea urns 33 Warbled 31 Equals 36 Withered 87 Seat in Ihe chancel 40 Arctic dog 42'Signify 46 Blockhead 47 Famous Sophia 48 Press for payment 60 Lawful 96 Female .figure in . prayer , posture 57 -- Selassie 98 Narrate again 100 Cliincse skiffs 102 Assembled 103 Chris) mas . caroler 105 Elevate 11 Actress 106 Earth;. · · M'acGraw 107 Girl's name 12 Narrow 111-^Plaines . ' - i n l e t s 112 fvjachines . 13 Heating used in tanning 116 l.ov'e god 117 Not really 3 Genus of : 41 Krcnch '-the cuckoo- -author pint 43 Pointed 4 Mockery arch ····· 5 Goddess of 11 German Ihe moon !coin ' ; 6 Frosting . ; 45 They .7 Unite qt (Fr. weight ' fem;) .8 Fermented 47 Broadway liquor .comedy' 9 Saviour 49 Prickly 10 Salad pear, · Ingredient 51 Nathan 'clement 119 Wrathful 76 Challenges 121 Morocca 7 8 Lethargy. coin ·· : 82 County, in -122 Political ' . , Idaho district ' 83 Of a place 123 Mr, Zola 85 Massenet 121 Ardent opera ·87 Epoch 88 Defaces 90 One who adjusts tl Charge against properly engines. 91 Small pieces 92 Steep, rugged rock 93 A size of type 125 Heraldic bearing 126 Shinto temples 127 Varnish ingredient 128 Peruses 129 Require DO.WN 1 Arab garments Z Chibcnan Indian vessels 14 Yoked, as, horses ' 15 Meets 16 Wild ox 17 Biblical name -IS.Sea : -/birds , ; ,28 Seasoning 30 A gas . 32 Russian .' city 34 Mom and .-' Pop 35 Jewish : festival Hale, · for one S3 Biblical outcast , 51 Ancient 'Greek .goddess . . 57 Vital part 58 Pacific coast, i .',. shrub . 59 Pins for roasting meat 62 Social gathering 64 Delc'cliori device 66 Univ. at Baton Rouge 74 French v · ·· 1 revolutionist ' 75 Short skirts 17 Leg hones 79 Persian . ' fairies ·'80 'Papal veil SI Stormed 8( Durable : -WOod' ' 86 Suitable ' 89 Employees ' on ships 91 Melalworks refuse 92 Unyielding 9 ) A r d o r 94 English author 97 Injure - 39'Stretcher 101 Enrage 102 Buffoons' .101 Topic 106 Marked by lime 107 Maxims 108 Oriental nurse - 109;Tree.ot Guiana 110 Sacred bull 112 Icelandic tale , 113 Ireland In 2,400 Diaries Norlhwest Arkansas TIMES, Sunday, April 25, 197 FAIfcTIEmLE, A R K A N S A S ·· - 3 D Me/son 'Families' Watc/i television . B y J A Y SIIARBUTT NEW YOliK '(AP) -- When the A:C. Nielsen ratings company asked a J'.auhattan family 10 keep a diary of its television watching for a week, the young man .on the phone accepter readily. He wanted Eo see liow the system works, so he didn' loll the company that the man they were looking for - hi grandfather --- had been dcai 11 years. .. He only .explained that hi home had three residents ant three black and white TV sets. And so 1 it came to pass tha he, - his 23year-old sister their -13-year bid mother eac were mailed a N'ielsen diary, covered a period from 6 p.m on Thursday. 1 March 15. to 1:5 a.m. on Thursday, .March.25. : They had become a Niclse family in ' America's larges richest television market. Nrelscn says it mailed 3,700 willing viewers in the New York area in'March. Each. home' to which 1 the diaries were sent, Nielsen says, cq, B pay TV operation sup-i ecent movies and spe- 37 Companion 68 Cutaneous 114 Abnormal of Paul 38 Roman ' official 39 Bate' ..sparingly 40 Open lesions disease 70 Gaseous hydrocarbon 72 Philippine - .province 73 Old saw chest sound 115 Winter \chicle 118 River in Asia 120 Scottish explorer, represents J 3,200 The responses only Average time of solution: 62 minutes, the ratings,- programming and financial fortunes of New York area stations. They aren't part oT the na tional Nielsen surveys of viewing habits, which are done" in two ways. One is with an Au- dimeter, hooked to TV sets in 1,230 homes. It records what is watched, but not who is watching: The "other method is a diary kept by 2,400 across the United Stales. Each "diarist records who is watching what and 'when. Each son ally delivered [ying n ial shows, And they put down lhat they an wnlch programs on seven 'IIP channels"-- three stations cing ncUs'ork-owned -- and our UHF channels. For their'help, they 'received "token" of Nielsen's appre- ialion -- four.' quarters. We have' 'given , them false names for this article -- the 2.1- 'ear-old will be called "Jack," lis : sister. ;; "Jill," -and their nolhor "Prudence.". What sort of jurors were they? Ideal, from one stand point: Their age span was 21 to 43. The networks consider view ers aged 10 to 49 the most de sirable audience. Such folk usually Iiave more money I' spend (lian ether age groups. Two other pluses; Each wa employed and each was atlcnt illg college, a,good combinatio of spending power and beltei than-average education. A check of their diarie showed that Jack, Jill and Pri deuce bad, over a week's time watched a : total of 42 hours o - - TV. Nielsen says that wa households. H | )0 - u i lne average for a hous will affect n l ) W ; l n 1975,. . B u t the networks didn't far loo well. The jurors only saw hours of network program only yfi hours of that in prin evening time, and they watche no daytime network shows all on weekdays. They also proved no fans local TV news programs fered by Fun City's si* coi mercial stations. They didn watch any. .Nor did they wat diary is per by a Nielsen agent who gels from each louschold data dear to adverti- PIS -- ige c e\ education in ome, that sort of thing. Nielsen says t h e ' nulicina! liaries 'cover 34 weeks of view ng. with only a third of the 2, 400 homes filling in diaries on a given week. The rest have to vait their turn. BY CONTRAST By contrast, our New; York area Nielsen farmlj on|v got lo fill in the diarv for a week no more. The family's fun ended March 25. The results of the survey won't be available to Nielsen subscribers until * this week The family put down their ige sex nee Ihe non-English languages (bey speak -- Czecl and French, in this case -- am the language they speak when together, English, They also noted the number of TV. sets in their home.' that all three sets worked: and that one was plugged in to both cable TV and to Home Box Of- any show, early-morning not even NBC's nelwo Tod a; sliow . But they did watch 10 hou of non-network shows on cab TV or pay TV on tile set Jills room uhile 6'4 mo hours went for non-comnnei-c public TV programs on slat: WNET-TV here. 'ho remaining 13 hours were enl watching local enlcrtain- nt shows on the commercial work ow lions. PUBLIC B U F F ' 'rudcnce was the big independent public buff : in Hie house. She itched 5V4 hours of such pul- TV shows as "The Adams "Bill -Meyers' other hours onicles" and urnal." Her ere ary and is studying economics it Hunter College here, was! asked why the bulk of her viewing invoked public TV instead of commercial programs. "Because I find the programs are so much better," she said briskly. We asked jurors one three Nielsen last, a n d . n o doubt foolish question: Do they con- .. _ spent on Sunday, watch- g a pro tennis game on NBC day and "50 Minutes" at glil on CBS. Six of Jack's 18 TV hours ere spent watching pro or col gc basketball games on cable V. He also spent another six ours watching "Star Trek" re uns on independent station PIX. He logged but four nelworl unirs_ -- one night of NBC's Tonight" show, and on a Mtin ay night the "CBS Evening S T c'ws" and ABC's "Busier ant Jillie" movie. He also watche night of "Adams Chro nicies" on pubiie TV, and movie for an hour on WNEVv in independent outlet. Sister Jill, who works midnight " five days a weel spent only 5^ of her 16 vicwiu lours on network shows -- foi nights of NBC's latenight "T morrow" show, one hour pel show, and an hour's worth of NBC's 90-minutc "Saturday ^ighl" program. She also : saw ABC's half-hour Make a -Wish" kid show on Sunday Another 4'£ hours Kent for mo recent movies on pav TV, the rest on a one-hour local talk show and late-night movies on commercial stations, She didn't watch any public TV, mainly' because she was working 'during the prime-time hours the belter shows of public TV are aired sider themsch'cs typical crs? "Obviously not," said.-Pro- dcnce, the public TV fan. . "I hope 'not. I really hop« not," laughed daughter .Jill. Brother' .lack was most emphatic that he wasn't'a'typical viewer.' --,-.,; "Ko way, because 'T know some typical viewers,"'he said. "And they turn oh the tube and they sit' llreie, . and -anything Prudence, worths as a i divorcee who .executive secre- Miami Policemen Combine Magic With Safety Tips MIAMI ( A P ) : - Officer'Safe ty and Big AI, assigned fulltimc by the Miami - police deportment lo Ihe city's elementary schools, combine magic tricks to- show human, say thf kids And pro Answers On Page 7C Re-Enlists THULE. Greenland -- Sgl Charles D Berrj whose parents are retired M-Sgl' and Mrs...John W. Berry Sr. of Bentonvillc, has re-enlislcd. a the U.S. Air Force at Thulo AB, Greenland. Sergeant Berry', who began his Air Force career in 1973 is a security police specialist at Thnle. He is assigned to a u n i t of the Aerospace Defense Command The sergeant graduate of Bcnfonv itle H i g h School Completes Training 'SAN ANTONlO-AIrman Jerry L. Leflctt, whose parents I\Tr. and -Mrs. Harley Leflctt of Route 4. Rogers. and safely that 'cops , arc school. · officials gram is working wonders.'. 'They are fantastic," said Laura Bethel, principal at Phyllis Wheatly Elementary School. She credits the officers Ron (Officer Safety) Komi ind Al (Big Al the Little Kid, dies' Pal) Diirso -- with causing dramatic drops dal ism fist fights and drug abuse. iias Miss U.S. Teen Pageant To Be Held In June At Searcy completed "-Air " Force basic training at Lackland AFB, Tex. During his six weeltis t r a i n i n g the Air Force organization and lie studied m i s s i o n customs and received special instruction-in human relations. The airman is remaining at L a c k l a n d 1 - f o r .specialized training in the security field. police Registrations for the 1976-77 school year are now being accepted for 3 and 5 year PLAY NURSERY SCHOOL of Firsl Baptist Church Hours 8:30 a.m.-Hi30 a.m SEARCY-.-Plans . ar^ ; now wing completed for staging the 1976 Arkansas slate Miss U.S. Teen pageant in Scarcy, J u n e 2-13 according to the stale .ircclbr, Corrtelis Vuurcns. Tlv; e\'cnl will he open lo all Arkansas girls between the a'ges of 13 to 19, and entry formation is available by writing to Vuurcns, 1502 East Race, Scarcy, Ark. ,72143. . No talent of swimsuil com- pcliUon'is involved and j w i l l be ;on '· acliolaslic achi/ivemenl, service lo church school and community; personality, poise, looks, grooming and similar factors. P r e s e n t 'Arkansas state tiLlehokler is. ; Sarah: Frances Moon of Swiflpn, who compctet in the national finals last year Serving as hostess for the sta(,e event will he Naylcnc Vuurcns White Comity Miss U.S. Teen. Winner of the Scarcy pagean will represent Arkansas at th ·Miss U.S. Teen national final which will be singed in I-ak Charts, La. four days, Au'fius 12-15. Ihmncrsup in the slat event will also be eligible fo nationals. . ; The Arkansas winner will rccieve a handsome trophy tiara; sash and otter gifts, and II also have her full entry L paid lo nationals. A dozen her awards will he presented. Metropolitan Lift Congratulates L. J. Ehrlieh ; For Attaining Leaders Conference Mrlrnrvfriifaii IJfe ronffrsfnla Ers 1, J, Khrllrh (or harinK taalilied for Ibe hrM al ftlfflgo In June. SiifH rcrninlllon Is »"l taiy lo come by, Thf award sljnlfTri Ihil be ll well (lualirkd Oirough knowrf^c''. »· pctlrnce and s»l« pfirorm^nr* f» mre 1he n f f d i *f b1^ ttTtnlX Confldrnre and DndcralnndlTic ll wlhaf jon wfc whtn jvu nanl to Ullc »|HIT.( ju-W IITr Insurance HKOf, I CM L. J. EKclirh ai 151-W?. You'll ; be (l..d rw "ai-r. ; 1,. ,T. Ehrtich 709 W. Kmma, Springd^f* 751-20*2 WMetropditan Where thefuturcis now M.lropol ran Llf«, N«w Yoik, N.Y Giant Liberty Bell LEASBURG, Mo, (AP) Upstaging all the formations a Missouri Caverns here is on hat resembles the Liberty Bel "The one in Philadelphia is jaby compared with Ihis one says cave guide Bill Flicker 'Ours is over a million ycai old." Weed Eaters Jari Mowers Lawn Genies Free Dcmnn^(raEi(Hl Fr« Delivery Full Year Warranty on Wcedcalcr -- Paris and Sfcrvicp, -Lawn Equipment Sale) Call 75l-mz nr 151-Z483 Anytime A i r m a n L'efleU attended Ttogers High School and Twin Lake. . Vocational · ; · Technical College in Harrison, Ark. His wife, Elizabeth, is the daughter of- Mr. and Mrs. Lee C. Deakins of Harrison, The two officers were as signed fulUime fo the city s "K centers anil pn\ate st-hools last fall Kmui a 12-year veteran who lias been sEmlying magic since 1967, was a logical choice. He was joihcdby Durso a SG\ en-year vcicran. The two' officers combiniiif! magtc InclaS with Ibe safely, ad · " ' safety pa Tliey also escort students on [ield trips to Ihe county court and police headquarters, where the children see-real |H1 ice officers al work. Each day, they lunch at a dif fcrcnt school, hunched on sma! chairs with the children. 'We show, them that police m e n . a r e nol/oul killing every ' like on television.'.' Koivi siiid. "It's human. We fee we're' not phonies. We're th real thing." Koivu and Durso a(so wor undercover", at schools plague b y ' i child, moleslcrs, and, the enforce laws against : deEecli\ mid overloaded privately operated school buses. Koivu. ,32, and Durst). 36, who have four children between hem, also .appear oh local tele vision shows Eo reinforce their visits to -'schools. Now, they're planning a lingo picnic -- con] ; wilh pri/cs, games, fire 1 nicks and police horses -- for the. city's s afcty-patrol b oy; and. girls. DRIVE TO NEOSHO . . . Fora Pleasant Outing and the Best in Nursery Shopping Beautify your home as a sho\vpldce or simplyjoj- your own satisfaction for gracious, en|oyable living Make your selections from our many varieties of Fruit, Shade, Nut and Flowering Trees, prize winning Roses and Perennials ... direct from our growing grounds to you. » Phone or write for landscaping service. OPEN- Weekdays,8a m t o 5 p.m.and- Sundays for your convenience. Neosho Nurseries 1000 N. College On Business Route 40 North; Neosho, Mo. \ i c e ha\e installed Irols al 21 schools. ' PIONEER has Homeownefs * ' LOAN S $2,000-$! Al Oklahoma State Dee- Service .Since 1932 -Get fxt-a Cash Now Consolidate Debts Cut Yout Paymenls 1 No Broker Fees Of Points PIONEER FINANCE OF OKLAHOMA INC OUT OF 10WN CAU. COltECl/_ oiloam Swings 918/254 6186"" IN ONE Your Master Charge card and 24 Houi Teller card in ONE! Your Master Charge card lets you charge purchases anywhere, anytime. Your 24 Hour- Teller card lets you bank anytime of the day or night....any day! One side.. ..Master Charge! One side... .24 Hour Teller! .. .. One side... .24 Hour Teller! Another service for YOU at your full service bank. ...First National of Fayetteville. DOWNTOWN

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