Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on November 3, 1950 · Page 25
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 25

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1950
Page 25
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Houses for Rent, Furri. 8 J - SSODERN attractive. 2-"odrm, house. Adulls preferred .580. 444 E. Kflso SPACIOUS. 2 rms. bath, utilities furn. Block to Catallna Thea,. bui. Adults. SRO, 1H3P E . ' 5-RM. house, nicely iurn. 2213 Z. 5-78.16. ATTRACTIVE 2-bdrm. furn. home, all util paid. $100 month. Zoned for business also. Ph. 3P603. 2-B0RM, house near Univ. Wood floors, dust free. Fh. 3-Vjfijl. ATTRACTIVE DUPLEX Larce. clean rooms. 4252 E- Pirns. 5-1380. BUSINESS RENTALS 83lBUSINESS Opportunities 88 oth Avenue store, teoo square feet ble vard suitable for retail nr wholganle business. Call 2-3285, WANTED TO RENT 85 WANT 3 room apt. or house. Reasonable. 3 In family. 5-4531. SEAL ESTATE WANTED 86 WILL oay cash for home or duplex from owner. Must be a ^arcpfn on " At_r_ccl_ Dial 5-2-127, WE NEED ALL klND OF LISTINGS, PROMPT SERVICE, ' Individual 1 and 2 i~».««- , attractively fur- niancd. woodburnlne fireplaces. Rea- Out bedroom st area, home* e. 4720 N. Campbell. . ^tijfi--2. bdrm.house. Pnrtly furnished. Near schools. 156 W. Lincoln. _ t __^ 11*22. ~ Listings Needed Now Have buyers for 2 2 bedroom Buy of the Year This opportunity do« not present Itself very often--to share in Christmas business. Variety Store Reported yearly business S36.0QO, Inventory approx. 513.000 to $16,000 on which a purchaser should make money due to price* advancing rapidly. Price $22.003. Call Mr. Genncrlch for appointment, Strunk Realty 2402 E. Broadway INCOME PROPERTY 89 - SACRIFICE SALE DUPLEX 2 bdrm. each side, comp, furn. con- jrete block, (cabled roof, eood north location, S6,9i5 total price. This is E good buy. EASTSIDE REALTY CO. 3831 HEALTOR E, Speedway 6 UNIT COURT TOTAL PRICE S25.000 . 5-3423 FARMS and RANCHES 93 OPEN HOUSES For Sale 95 homes in aU locations. Jiefrijieretor, cooler. 3525 Gcronlmo Ave. J^ROOM house, J45. All furnished. 233 W. Luna. Ph. 3-412-1. RANCH, two-bedroom, 21 miles out beautiful location. dust-free-Sahuaro ribbed, ceilings, corner fireplace Satlo -- barbecue, $75 month shor :ase. Hazcn *l£n 3 miles wen oi SahunriUt. KEAK Davis-Montnan attractive 1- ]5drm. Gams?, Tatlo, 5-4481. h SOOM cottoce. S40: 2 bedrooms children. 4555 E. Glenn. fe BDRA7. near Ft. Lowe]] school Screened Dorch. larcc room. $C5 month. D|al 3-0100. WEvTEH VISITORS-- Deluxe 3 B.R. cornel, furn. oatio. landscaoed. etc. Mo. to Mo. or short lease. 3UO E. Lfrttr. Ph 6-1240. ONE brfrrn, modern 4-rm. house, hardwood floors, caraortft. provisions for »unfcsth, 1DSO N. Tucson Blvd. fiMALL 1-bdrm. house furn. Nice fenced yard. 840. Out Noffalep H'way to Sunnyside School, turn east, RO to K03 E, Valencia, tLEAN 4-rm. cottace. Near bus t El Kancho shoDtuiK district^ 351? E. Codv ^?ftr). i-BDRM.. storage, clean. Close Grand Central. 5331 S Orohanace, 2-7933. · Beautifully Located lo dust-free foothill?. 3 rooms and bath attached Karaee. $75. Ph, 2-7B82. AVAILABLE NOW t Bedroom, near Jefferson Park School. 5125 month--year lease. 1 Bedroom, beautiful grounds, nicely furnished, ifftrane, northeast. $105 month-- year lease. OWJNiJKS Why not list your rentals with us. Wa have dally calls from clients. PIMA REALTY 411 E, 3rd Ph. 2-7«l three bedrooms, close In. needed al once, 51,500 down. Phone -Mr. FJoroni: 2-7253: cvertines 3-5575: Worthv Healtv Investments. 115 W, AIam"da. n* YOU have « rental tileaso contact us. Mrs. Conroy. fives. Sun. C-0742. VOIGHT REALTY INS. 103 E. 6th St. Phone 2-5333 REAL ESTATE Exchange 87 WILL TRADE a »?ts. all rented In Menlo Park for house and cash difference to mortgage. Income approximately $230 per rno. Phone 2-8103- TRAILER COURT. On five acres of cround. Small house. 2S hook UPS. Semi-orJvate and community rest rooms. Close to bus, shopping and school. Sickness forces owner to sacrifice for $30.300 with n iow down Daymen t or will trade, Oracle Realtv. 2223 Oracle Rd. Ph. 3-9381. Tucson For Chicago Exchange or Sale Beautiful six room red brick stucco lome, furnished, hardwood floors, Central cooling, floor furnace, at- OLD established tailor shoo. Mu5t| iurt h e V expansion. Close "in property SE'RVICE"REALTY co 'BO*"TM to aiorc!ciiite ' sjr - cn -can Mr. oooedBi_ for an appt..jio_y 33 E. Broadway Dial :Mm , nyt ^j^PM n ENT 6 fo s r vour 4 r»t.ura.t .n. A Cattle Ranch of the. Old West Only 33 miles from Tucson off a caved highway lies this Dicturesqqe and well established ranch, Elevation 3500 to 7000 ft. Good srass, alfJleris and browse. About 27.500 acres oi patented and state leased land Ex- ccptionfljiy wen watered by several strong sorinsF, 8 wells with windmills and deep tanks. Potential land for sericulture by use of water frorr springs. Three beciroom modern owner's home. Home for cowboy, cor. rls etc. At least 500 young mother Each unit of red brick, consistins raws. Hanch msv be boucht with, or of 3 larce rooms each. ComDlete bath ···'···--* nth tub 5c shower, hwd. floors lurn. No vacancies. Room for IM X. Realtors -- 'Insurers Evenings, phone 3-1405 Dial 5-2839 ffcEDHOOM HOUSE In U. district. Good condition nnd clean. Reasonable. MANGELS REALTY Realtors. P16 X. 4th Ave.. 3-0531 " WE HAVE RENTALS . SPECIAL I BR,'TJnfum. Carpone. Landscaped Crwrin School. Paved street. 575 mo »26 x. Blacklldce. - BEST BUYS IN TUCSON SELF SERVICE LAUNTmY On best street In town--good profit, Small Investment. "Will trade, RESTAURANT In the center of downtown--clean- good Income--Steal for $".000. SUPER MARKET Finest equipment--larRe £ales--psv only for stock and fixtures. GAS STATION Comer of busy street--real estate-best equipment--Buy at one-naif cost. RESIDENTIAL COURT Eight units, red brick, tile roofn-- owner must sell -- will show J5 profit, MOTEL . .. H. Lone Realty Co.. realtors, IBM E 6th St. PH. 3-941 fi. Evea. Best location--eight uniti--B kltch ens--Total price 816,000. Thii is t teal. TRIPLEX Three. Units--Good construction-Hood income--Giveaway at 56,500. If you ar« lookup for a business of any kind, stop wastine your time. Ve have the larKest and best selec- :lon In Tucson, We have experts In ,,.. ,,,,,,,. ,, ,..,.,,.-,,, ,, /our field. Stop in or call--we will $200 mo, Price $18,500 elves you action -- Mr. Golden 3-5466. Eves. 5-9882. I BR. landscaped. Carporle. Fenced yard. Blenman Sch_ 175. GOLDEN RULE REALTY Realtors. Ph, 3-8636 or'i-oaOO_. COMPLETELY furnished 2 bedroom reasonable. Inn. 121 Veteran Blvd ' LIVING, bdrm. kitchen St bath. Near bus. Clean. 130 mo. Couple. 5-S973 NICELY furnished 3 BR. home/with KK.-CCC. Has proximity .to Davis. Monthan. Vew desirable neighborhood. tB! monvfclv. Phone 5-7172 or inquire at 4901 E. Burns_St^ * SDKS, house ' ~ Call 8-3481. furnished $40 mo. .^..^^.L.TM.. furn, i Room HOUKS 1 month free '3801 Rid. of N. Coun- -lub Rd -house. Garage. Near Jtmlor, r ph. l-j 1-7330. 3618 E. 2ND [y 1 bedroom home. Xo neti. Phone 8-1880. . . .vU-Monthan aort!* cate. , , tached caraKe. large flacstonc terrace. iNSu full pat-Jo wall, nicety landscaped -H5 N. Finest location Jn Tucson. Will ex chance on eaual value for Chican nrooerty. Call for Mr. 'Weininpe 2-2805, Evenlncs Ph. 4-0897. MURPHEY REALTY MORTGAGE CO. Est. 1859 200 N. Stor.e Ave. ROTH REALTY, Realtors 2-BEDROOM home on 1 acre to traaj for income. \Vrltt 2862 N. yvndalj. BUSINESS Opportunities flf Self Help Laundry ,,.. lanch. S. of Broadway Tony'» . ,, 2 4BRW.. iurn.. hardwood floorsT Near TJnlv Dl»l 3-48*5. l-ROOji HOUSE - SM7 IM ft L5wT «]1 Rd. JffiW 4 room house, beautifully Ideal for!. Central hte. coolinK. Vice lawn. 2925 E. Adams. EXlWJSCAPED 2-bdrm.. hwd. floors. ' «7i. .. . . Geronlmo. 5-823.'. _ . . . . _ I ROOM cotUer-and trailer rm7 attached. ea. »30 mo. 2835 N. Stone rear 'BKV cut» EnaJl efficiency. 2 Dorm. , Pb. 4-1077- toi. home tile kitchen, bate, Near bat. nicely furnished- $33 mo. Lease First time offered. Guarantiee muney maker. Good lease. Exclusive franchise. No competition. Only $0.500 Sec Ur. Leonard] at office tor de tails. Murphey Realty Mortgage Co. Zlt, 1885 , »B N, Stone Ave.- Ph. t.2395 iOMPtETE^Y EQUIPPED nei*hbor- hood Grocery. Sacrifice property anc c-qulprnent for J7.950. Only B50 down, balance SSO month. Consider trading for home or mtfle. ORACLE REALTY. 3223 Oracle Bd- Dial 3-9381. 3Y OWNER servlte station equipment stoclc. Doing good business. Good Ipcatlon. Leasa property. 344 _\V. 29th-St. 2-B264. COMPLETE food market. Good equipment. Fast . neitfbboriiood. Paved street. Plus comoletely furn' 5-room apt. Call owner 2-2410 eves. _after_7. Would trade. "INSURANCE TOR EVERY NEED" ~ Pial J-M88 FOR SALE OS LEASE 10 unit motel cafe No. 8 license. Chevron Station Hlchwav 60-70-80-89. Call 4-1810 evenings. DUPLEX BARGAIN! MODERN TIDE ROOr BUTLD- rN« WITH TILE BATHS i KITCHENS, LAUNDRY. PRIVATE WALLED PATIOS. C A R P O R T S . SPRINKLING SYSTEM. HIGH LOT, GOOD LOCATION. ONLY JI3.SOO. ··', DOWN. CALL 3-9401 OR EVES. 3-73TO, Anderson Really Co. ANDEE50N REALTY CO. 1003 E. fTH ST. PHONE 3-9401 REALTORS - INSURANCE OSIT COURT * 2 BR OWNER'S HOME LOCATED MAIN THOROUGHFARE. JUST RIGHT FOR HOME INVESTMENT- ADDED VACANT FRONTAGE AVAILABLE NT F O R DEVELOP- STATE REALTY COMPANY. 34 We«t Broadway. Phone 2-7423: eve. sun, ph! 3-4557 and 5-4116 Income Jewels Two Duplexes All furn. A rented, DJJ Jess*. Incomt Thjs Is n rare bargain. See them today. Metropolitan Eealty Co. Realtors 2523 E. Broadway Ph. 8-82J2, S-:*1I without cattle. Thl« la an economical soread. MICHAEL HODGES Dial 3-tS58 REALTOR « E. B'way LOCATED 9 mUcs from town and nestled under H hlah bluff, thii «e- cludcti, auiet. estato offer* many nQ.isfbiliticK, The three, three room apartments *howJnj? n total monthly income of fionroximfttcly 5220 exclusive of nn attractive, five room owners home make an ideal nucleus for a small truest ranch or rest home. Amole room for expnrmlor. on the - naturally landscaped 21 Acres. Excellent well and lame storace tank. Shade and fruit trees. A real bar- Rain at substantially less tnan m- placemcnt cost. AskJnsr Price ot J25 000. Good terms. Ask for Bob Lonir at th« Rov H. Lon« Realty Co. 3-fHlC or e'vonlngs call 3-4841. P6R SA"OI^Cotton farm with plenty water that will pay out In 2 years. Ph. 3-8874, 5 ACRES Landscaped, house, iruest house $22.500. Rent oration to buy, nt. 2. gox 852. Wrtghtitown Road. NEW modern ranch house in Tancme Verde area. 2000 aa. ft. on 3 seres. 3 Wrrr.s.. corrals, well. 818.500. Owner ACREAGE 94 Watch For DOBRY'S SPECIAL Announcements Saturday and 'Sunday Listen to CBS-KOPO tonight, 7 to 7:30 "Melody Manor" . Model House OPEN 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. . 2850 E. I9TH DUDLEY A. DOBKY Investment Corporation write. Ben _ \Vhitg. al store. "Call or DTTPT.EX San Simon. Ariz STRE Very Profitable Business OWNER MUST RETIRE ON ACCOUNT OF POOR HEALTH One of Tucson's larnest cleaning and cold storace plants . with many branches. A modern, fully automatic plant. This Is an excellent established business making substantial profits. Offers exceptional opportunity for expansion and larger return. Price and terms are attractive, EXCLUSIVE Stanley Williamson 20S3 N: ORACLE RD. DIAL 4-0403 Open Eves. Sun. Beauty parlor well established. Besi equipment, beautifully decorated. To tal price $2,000, Call 2*32Q2 STANLEY WILLIAMSON, Realtor 3033 N. Oracle Rd. Ph. 4-MQ3 "- Open, gyftg. jONG established restaurant, fuuy equipped, with beer license, 52,000 cash to handle, sol Casa Grande Hwy. I1NANCIALLY responsible ^business man can offer « real down to earth opportunity to parties with capital to Join In one of the most unusual cottoin Se cattle provAnz prajframs, Tow is the most opportune time 4 world situation promises several Hood years ahead. Quick return of Investment A: larce profits assured. Since good cotton land iff scarce. Prompt action Is essential. Unless TV ON PAVFTI S T E E T i T x l ' L1V £$3.1 BED? HOOM EACH SIDE, HDWD. FLOOHS: FURNISHED AT ff?500. TOTAL PRICE. STATE REALTY COMPANY, 24 WEST BROADWAY. FHOra 2-7-123; EVE. AND SUN, 3-4557 OR 5-4115. _ BEST BUY DUPLEX--FURNISHED $6000 TOTAL 1 bedroom each apt, 2 story bldir beautiful red brick with ule rooi in finest Amphi. location, near school bus, shopping, just i blk. from Stone Ave, fully rorn., nicely landscaped city water and aas. about 53,000 cash neaded. balance at $30 per mo. Rental part brings in 545 per mo., tenant pays utilities. This Is an excellent vftfucl ESCROW REAIj ESTATE INS. 53 N, flth Ave. Fh! 3-865g Eye. Phr S-5633 $8500 FULLPEICE Two houses furnished. Lot 120 x 300. Well. Close In.' N.E. jection. M.MC down or ofter. Ph. 3.W3S or call 12m East 6th. COPPER STATB REALTY CO . ., . FOR, SALE 21 acres, ranch housi!. 3 , apt3 | Call BUSINESS PROPERTY SOUTH Sth AVE. CORNER stratenic business Mrner that MUST be sold. Owner Jn town ex- ireasly to make a qulcfc turnover of this valuable property. Possibilities £ tourovemcnt are tremendous. Price: »12,«|0._ Call Art Sorinaer _at Grocery Meat Market | LOTS FOR SALE 1-BDRJ.thouse. ?t. Lowell Maole. Butane.' bus, pavement, stores S80 . D^^U. Howe, tartly iurn. Inouire at 2531 I 2nd St. bet-ween 9 A.M. " '. ?«, ' . - utUWe*. rctrlBerator. snody ·vard; also tamer, urtvatc yard. ref. ^_g254. .i RfcW 'Ink* i harm. home. Com- ttfy lie newly furnished. Bus. SiKit. Near city schools. IS23 W. ian School Rd, Across from Free- Grade Foothills Estates miles ncrth of erf dust area. Pbtdroom home*. swlmmlnK . erf dust area. 1. J. and and rid- KOnESM 4 rooms, bui. shouoine dls- trict. trtet. 155. Accommodate three 1-5803 after 5. TOR SALE or rent near .Catalina Jr. HUn. 3-bdrm. furn, house. Ph SACRIFICE SALE Entire stock, fixtures, trade name, etc.. must be fold to satisfy creditor's claims. Auto home supplies, any ... _ - reasonable offer. Insolvent at nrescnt ELL ON ACCOUNT OF SICK- time. Contact room 408 Volley " ' ' " "* tlona]__Bnnk Bldg. Phone " ~ you can nrove financial.respoiwdbit-(gVCSON^REALTY T21UST CO., lb', no Information ffiven. Write i REALTORS. 2 So. Stone. Dial 4-0451. T. T. Townsend, 1302 E. "Water St.. I Sves. 2-4165. WATCH FOR DOBRY'S SP5C/AL ANNOUNCEMENTS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY Listen to CBS-KOPO tonight, 7 to 7:30 "Melody Manor" CRUSE'S LAND MART See us for all your acreage need near Grand Central--2! to J400 acres also Benson Hywy. frontage. We have: D acres S750 up 10 acres $1750 up 40 or 80 acres--5100 Acre Easy terms, sensible restrictions Acreage SpeclajJst.^3-6741 ruaC) _.J^ ACRES 3',t ACRES river bottom land in. 870 W. 28th St. Clou 5% ACRES on paved rd.. near Tanqu» Verde school. Water A; electricity on proper ty. Beautiful view. $1500 TOTAL ASSOCIATED REALTY 3637 E. Speedway Ph. B-S307 40 A. Soldiers Trail, T a n o u e v e r d e rd. Beautiful view, hleh clu*t-fre« Abundant growth, 15 mi. P.O. 202'-8" cased well. Many improvements, Ross 3-66Q] d«ya. 2-0045 nights. ~ ID MILES East. 20 acres, water. Itahts, telephone. S5JOO. 10 to 60 acres. Lichts. telephone $1SO acre. Inn. 620 N, CotunibuK Blvd. OPEN HOUSES For Sale 35 92 . BUSINESS. GOOD OP- 'ORTUNnT FOR SOMEONE, MUST 355? N r 5TONS. QW7TER. CAFE for sale, lone lease. Music pays rent. Good business. Doc says--Ret off my feet. You make offer. Will take some trade in exceot nroDer Box 1054. Phono 7909, Elor. Ariz. ILLNESS, forced to sell one of ._. son s better small dry cleantnc Plants.. showlne excellent profits with room for expansion 513.300 «W f. Grant Rd. GROCERY STORE Oolng S3POO »nd better monthly Living ^quarters. 'Rent $75.00, Price S3000. NE side, LARGE STORE 3 apart- 3 BEDROOM HOME Completely lurn, Garace, circular «riv«w«y. JieatinK coolinK. Lots of room, front and back. Aw,number ef children welcome. S3S. Call 2-B874. SEW-l-bdrm-., PaU?..?a»" :l i e i. ! * aae -- - . , , . avtd. CouyieT SM.50. Ph. 5-0038. _ modern 1-btirm. bouse. . . , $45. year'i leas«. Ph. .1-9825. i a . . tllo kit., bata. laira. lorsp «leeptas porct.^ nicely furn. 2117 E. 1 £SRM. nicely iumkhcd. convenient location- Lease $123. 2343 E- 21st. C-417B. JOJDETS: clean, elec stove, relrm.. heater. irHraee. fence. tES. 5-SQ47 1JE6W 2 barm. home, beautifully fum ·vail. '' " - - - · j 2 barm. home, bcautliuily fum able Nov. 1st. In restricted NX ' ' iibdlvlslon. Call 8-0510 to_see^ hou J"" '. attractive!v furnished, 2-room . Suitable one or couole. Rear, J._2nd Aye 2-8463, Houses for Rent, Unfurn. 82 lAftfe, modern, 1-bedroom house, Venetian blinds, pas ranffe heater, |M month. 2107 N. Cataltna Blvd., ments, club house, some fixtures -furniture. 10 acres ground. Ideal Jo- cation for general store. Arrangements can be made ior winter quests. Moderate price. No trade. Shown by appointment. Sew Mi 1 , Calvin. N. A. GONZALES REAL ESTATE BROKER 47 E^VTackson St. Tel. JI-T261 SSRVICE STATION lor leaie. Excellent neighborhood. Locntet! In city. Small Investment required. Apply 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. HlcMleld Oil Core., West Simpson St Men's Shop »t cost, JIO.OOC Beer Tavem (Realty) 110,000 ' Grocery at Inventory S2.500 Many other opportunities, glchman aa Oracle Hd. Ph. 2-8643 EXCELLENT Drive-In on main traveled highway. Near prospective drive-In theatre. Flr.ert equipped and neat aB a new pin. Owner is leaving, says "Sell Quick." After Inspection of this property you will, be amazed at the price. Metropolitan Realty Co. 528 E. Broadway Realtors Ph. J-5222 INCOME PROPERTY 89 DUPLEX - 3-Rmi. tach side un£um. Priced 18500. 5-Rms. each side unfurn., fireplace knotty pine walls plenty of closet space. Priced S13.500. 6-Unit res. ct, unfum. room for expansion, all rented. Shown by appointment. Dial 3-S«l 1S37 E, «th St. MARQTTERITE'S PERSONA!- -SERVICE 7 VKUt motel. $33.000 7make offer), Rlchman Realty. 2-5643. Auto avail ORACLE RD. trailer court. S5000 dwn Richmafl Realty. Auto, avail. 2-5M3, 14%GROSS . ON $21,500 TWO DUPLEXES ideally located within short walking distance of University, downtown, shopping district, schools. Low taxe«. Present Income i K,IX per year. For information call Mr, Wyll«, 8-9481. ARIZONA TRUST CO. Realtors 136 North Stone YOU CAN STORE ' Or Ship your fumitur* anytime anywhere City Van Storage Acenta United Van Lines 5-2311 ' I BEDROOM, stove, refrigerator drsptj, 2645 rJ. Treat, $50. Ph. 5-3915 nights, i-0384 days. WHY HZNT? Build your own. we finance materials and eastslge hau ·ere «75 dn. MO mo 5-8435 DRIVE by 3«3 N. Wilson. 2-br. un- Jum. on well landscaped lot with xarage. Rent S90 month on yr. lease. with option to huv. Dial 5-S434. TRAILER COURT 5 acrefl Sfl hookuw:, drains for -every trailer, private showers Si tolleta for 8. 3 rm. house rented for S33. Good laundry and bath house. Has own well. Owner says he will trade for srood room home. Has mor!Sm(e o: S5800. Price $10.800, Call u» to «how. GATEWAY REALTY )137 S. 6th Ave. Ph. 3-367! AUTIFUL 2 BEDROOM home. car-, porte. on La Madcra Drive, 4 blocks from primary school. MANGELS REALTY. Realtors. 616 X. 4th Ave.. 3-0531, $52.50 Win rent » 3-edroom unit on year'i lease. Paved streets, sewers. traniportation. Bchoel soon. Clever. n«w prize winning floor plans to be featured in ladles Hnro* Journal Call 3-2*21 tor information, or sec nager at 7B4? S Norris- PUEBLO GARDENS H. C. Tovrea Go. Mzrs. Realtors 33 S- Stone 3-7525 EXCLUSIVE 5-UNTT COURT CLOSE IN Brick construction. All f u r n i s h e d . Attractively landscaped. All apartments rented at $75 per month. A ateal at $47,500 TERMS OH HOUSE IN TRADE ROY DRACHMAN Realty Company Exclusive Acent --REALTOR-W, PEXNINGTON PIAL 3-0501 GROCERY business for sale or trade, Ph. 5-3873. 4-BDRM.. r«inKe. redwood walled in patio, $65. Call 5-9B13. 2717 N. Sparkman. ^BEDROOM unfurn.. tile bath, lots of cupboard closet space, patio ·wall. SBQ. 6Q03 E. Lee. Call 5-3783._ CLEAN 1 bdrm. home. G.E. refrls., okeefe Merritt stove, panel-ray heat, natural gas, Venetian bunas and cooler, £45 mo. Inquire 1120 E. kimberlost a-!er 5 p.m. or any time Sunday. 146^3 K66M house. unfurn. 119 E. LlncoT partly iln St. ;ly furn LARGE 2 bdr.-n. home, centra! neat- ing, wardrobe closets, Venetian blinds, sas ranee, refine., ..garage utility room, 870. Key at 3031 N. -Park GOOD DUPLEX PLUS 2 BEDROOM BEAUTY 825-827 E. BTH ST, Inspect outside but do not disturb enants. txcluslv* llrtinjt Just on* block from Tucson HJ . See this mast unusual offering. Th« duplex la in excellent condition. tiled kitchens and baths end , Watch For ' DQBRY'S . SPEC/A L ANNOUNCEMENTS · SATURDAY AND i SUNDAY Listen to CBS-KOPO tonight, 7 to 7:30 "Melody Manor" Model House OPEN. 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 2850 E. I.9TH DUDLEY A. DOBRY Investment Corporation Sere's the place to plan a truly fine home for a ffne family, midst' fine neighbors. Price: S1650. Call John Woolfolk at TUCSON REALTY AND TRUST CO.. REALTORS, 2 So. Stone. Dial 4-MSl. Evenings. 3-5iyM. . very, nicely each tenant. , furnished. GaraSe for The 2 bedrom house, spanking new and nice as you olease. Designed, built and famished by present owner for compact, modem and very gra* clous living. $7500 cash will handle with terms to suit on the balance. Exclusive Ustinjc. Call Bill Shrad^r. PIMA REALTY CO, 411 S. 3rd Office 2-7431 - home 5-3646 BARGAIN BEAUTIFUL HOME or could be operated as £uest house Rest Home. Brick stucco, lifetime roof, full basement, hardwood floors fireplace, central hentlnc. Furnished 12 bedrooms. 4 baths. 2 car Rarace with apartment, on larce landscaped lot. patio, sprinkler system. CONTACT OWNER at 1177 E. Lester St Corner Lot MJ.-110' Siche.v Alvln. All utffltiei. S600 cash. 2 Duplex or Court Lots 68x180' Each--l block off Speedway, Both for J1500.0!). All utilities. Duplex or Court Lot 77x338'--Northeast--S650 cash. HEARON REALTY. Insurance 5050 E. Speedway Realtors Ph. 5-3771 After 5, Ph. 5-4879 BEAUTIFUL reasonably . restricted eastside half acres with utilities. SCOO J15 down. J15 monthly Constr money available Ph 5-S43S 4102 E. Burns Alvernon near Broadway Attractive new Spanish type, three bedroom, 2 bath horrie on lot 125 feet frontage. Close to Peter Howell school. 2 car garage. Cov. ered barbecue in patio. Reasonably priced. Open 1-5 Friday thru Sunday DHIVZ OUT EAST BEOADWAY TO IRVING AVENUE. THEN 3 BLOCB'S NORTH TO BURNS STREET, OFFERED EXCLUSIVELY BY L. A. Romine ·Real Estate Insurance. Inc. Broadway at Scott Ph. 2-4r ^Across ffofn F.O.^ 1 VETERANS - OPEN Watch Them Go Up IT foundations duy and concrete poured In part ol them. Buy now and hive an owner's thrill of seeing your horn* built from the ground up. Beautiful 2 B,K. homes, attached garage*,, the best aver offered nt $7,(ttO.OO» 1350.00 down to veterans, Includes all cftfrts and 3 year* insurance in advance, Drive out S, Country Club Rd. to Aviation Hwv. Turn loft on Aviation to Kelvin Ave, See our sijrn on the osen model Mangels Realty REAl/TORS 6iS f t , «tll Ave. _ Dial 3-OM HOUSES FOR SALE 96 Featured in-' McCall Magazine Modem as the next minute this attractive duulex has livina rooms 14x24 with heatilator fireplaces. Two complete beurooms on each side with lots of closet space. One whole side o duplex, 120 i'ciit. Js Rlass with an unexcelled view of Catallna mountains located In the east Socedwav Rrea on an acre of ground. PRICE REDUCED TO $13,500. Terms S3500 down, balance *IOO month. L. A. Romine. H«al Estate Insurance, "tnc. Broadway at Scott Ph. 3-4651 (Across from P.O.I HOUSES FOR SALE flg Red Brick Moor« and Soni offer you Moore for your money to these 2 imd 3-bedroom homes. $25.75 PER MONTH PLUS TAXES * IKS. A number of homes now under construction. 2 bedroom on unacious lot, Car porte Sc storage ootlonal F.H.A. Flnsncec", Paved streets. See model dt ZG55 N. Tucson Blvd. or call 5-J289 for additional information appolnt- "HEADIN 1 FOR THE GOLDEN GATE!" AJl the flnishine touches that this fastidious home owr.er his out into Jlis charming little home are lett 'or you to enjoy. You will like- the aulet northeast location and the nxtra larce lot with 15 taaorlns fruit trees. You'JJ cr.1oy :he wannth of the ooen red-brick 'Ireolace and the comfort that uoes with steel awnincn. You'll Itee the below-markct price I too: only S5000 on termj. Call today or thli evtnLnz. Matt Batka GRANT REALTY ZGOl E. Grar.t Rd. Realtor Ph.: 5-6971 Evga.: 5-8388:. 6-14B7: 5»5586 Location Country Club , M a n o r or Broadway Estates. P a v e d ·treets, utilities' in. landscap- Injr, Or willi build on your Feafures Tucson, Srlzons Fr!dy. Nov. 1. 1980 T|ie»n, HOUSES FOR SALE gg Double red brick, ulenty of tll« In kitchen nnd bath, choice of exterlon »nd . indi- vlduBlity, Carport* and ator- A Small Deposit wju itart you on your way to ownlnK one of thcs« com. plete. cr»fism»n - built arcbJ- I homes. Model Home Open 'for your Inspection «t E. 21 rt Blvd. to 21 (goutb on T'jcton Moore Sons Building Contracton IDEAL HOME Now Blenman School - for Ur« family with school-ase children. Four good size bedrooms, l a ,i baths oak hardwood floors, central heating ana cooline. Best double red brick construction. Wen landscaped, lirgt lot with potto, $3,000 will handle, Sweet Lovely VTodera S bedroom home on paved «"·«**" excellent N. li. location. Beautifully furnished. Central heat, rig and cooIinR, nsnholt floon ihroushout. Carport*, patio, nicely landscaped lot. only $10,000 with low down payment 1% Kintsegt. til monthly payment "*»*·· «=· Murphey Realty Mortgage Co. EST. 1888 100 N. Stone Ave., Ph. »-tE9» A SABGAD," that cannot be beaten, CooiBlettily i ui - n . 1-Mim. concreS H!S5'.J" u J lv ?nf«5«l carportc. S.E^ ORSON SECRIST' 3000 S. «th Ave. Dial 1-58J1 Open Eves. Till 7 Cm-ETl MDST sacrfiice this attractive 1 ,°S I! ? *wie. solid const, nicely fur- ";«J« d . T large Jot with fruit shad* trees. Ideal home for "couple: close to_ bus gc shopping; amone much more expensive new homes: close to 6th Ave. Bargain at $3500: term». Ph. Kt N. 4U Phon» 1930 E. 4th OPEN ALL DAY MRS. SMITH ON PREMISES Deluxe home in finest section _ Tucson,-3 B.R.. bath a baW. Large living rm. dininc rm, Comuletels iurn.. steam hent. maid's Quarters Kucst house. 2-Car caraee. Swimming 3001, oatio. beautifully landscaped Lots' of cltrai. Immediatt Dosscsaion Strunk Really 2402 E. Broadway Healtbra Ph. i-6 HOUSES FOR SALE AMPHI DISTRICT Total Price--only. $4700 Tor thii cozy 2 bedroom masonry lome, Less than one year old, Good cms. See today! SERVICE. REALTY CO. 433 E. Broadway-Dial 2-467J any time BARGAIN! ' BARGAIN! In: Jtfferson "Park/ fadn« north, near schools, bus · shopctne. 5-room home -plus lame Klmssed-in sunny Dorch: Jt.-w, flconf, modern hte. Si cooling: nlceLv landscayied. S2500 will handle. We invite inspection and comparison of this Kenutne bargain', Solot Realty, Realtors !JN". 5th yyv, Ph. 3-M01 ALL THIS FOR $7500 Vote "YES" Buy this excellent home. The most for your money. Security now. Attractively furnished 5 room red brick home. Beautifully land- $345 DOWN 1 BDKM. TURN. HOME In AjnphJ district on beautifully landscaped lots 50x200. -Garage -with iZrm, unfinished rental attached. $40 per month and only 53,900 total. A-l REALTY CO. 282B N. Slor.e Dial 2-8111 Build Your Own House On choice east side hall acr» with null ties. Good neighborhood. You provide labor end w« orovida loi and Finance materials. S75 DOWN, $40 MTHLY. Trailers allowed only while bulldin)! MODERN COMPLETE HOME ONLY $12,950 "- TAIN VIEW IS A REAL HOME THAT REALLY HAS EVERYTHING. WALL - TO- WALL CARPET. DEN, LAUN- ORY. STORAGE. 2 CAR GA- HAGE, LANDSCAPED LOT V^ITH FULL SPRINKLING SYSTEM AND MANY OTHER OR 2827 E 4th St FREB ROBERTS Ph Pawr! ctrppf TntflT ONE-BEDBOOM house, bath. Kas . Jraveo. SireeT. lOiaj. stove, kitchen cabinets, fenced. Price Tali iy[ r -1 3-9992. PIMA REALTY Branch Office 3956 Liberty Avenue Nearly Completed 3 B.R.--2 Baths, over 1WXJ sauare frel UvinK srace. AcMoinina San'Clemente, Aik for Mr. WrUht. Strunk Realty 2402 E. Broedway Phone: S-84B! 2 Beautiful Pine Trees 3 Bdrm. House Included 2247 E. FOURTH ST. 850 CASH will elve you. immediate Dossession of an exceptionally well furnished two bedroom solid home, on paved street, close in. CarDorte. tile kitchen, lull bath, excellent stove. IVijztdaire. almost new. complete furniture, Only 57,500. 550 monthly. Phone Mr. Fioronl 2-7263 or 3-6578. Worthy m»ltvlnve»tment»._ ·£,000 ! I I Owner transferred, must sell. Partly ·urn. IncluomB stove, refrte.. wajhlnEils »11 you need to let your money lachine. 3 bdrms. plus rumpus and make a nice Income for you. We have tility room, patio wall, porch across rent of the house, nicely landscaped, an Gabriel addition. Peter Howell chool District, This Is an excellent alus. J1500 dn. ESCROW REAi ESTATE 4: INS, 52 N. 6th Ave. h. 3-8659 . Zves. Ph. 3-41M . - ves. . BEDROOMS. 3 baths. Charming and spacious S-2478. Tastefully furnished. 3.B.R. $1000 DN. ,je, 3-BB cement block, beautl- ully furnished, large dining room, , ving room with fireplace, dna , ule a property on a pave' close in, -that 1* the n:' r you. W' :d street ifcsst set ·-t, very . , - _._ __tup for home and Income that we- have Jound in many a day. 6 rooms in tho house with three bedrooms and a basement room. In the rear two very nice bedrooms, laundry and la -bath. Corn $750 DOWN PAYMENT 2 bedrrn. home, ranch type, centra heat, large llvina-rm. kitchen with plenty of Jcnotty pine, Rood bui2t in Jcaturea, mi this for only $7.500. $750 DOWN PAYMENT 3 bedim, house In Frontier Village, carporte. paved st., tfove c refry Priced $9.250. Dial 3-8W1 1S37 E. 6th St. MARGUERITE'S PERSONAL SERVICE: BEAUTIFUL 2 bdrm. masonry home, spacious rooms. On '.i acre. $8.000. 83,0.00 down. 564Z E. gist St. · J - S Anderson- Realty Co. 1003 E . 2908 E. GLENN. Paved s'iVeti. near bus. schools, shopping, 2 yr. old, z bdrm. masonry home COMFORT ABLY FUKN.. tile hSth. shower Si "--- roof cooling. Full price M950. lown, Bal. easy monthly pay- A.'AT'KALISH REALTY co. fi-sia PLENTY OF ROOM INSIDE AND OUT SEVEN ROOMS -- TWO BATHS GOOD CONSTRUCTION ONE FULL ACRE NICELY LANDSCAPED LApGE WADING POOL $12,000 Total 'Price 4% GI Loan $2,000 Down.Payment BETTER CALL TODA.TC JONES SCOTT 'REALTY CO., INC 45t E. 61h St., -Realtors. Ph. 3-S4U r s , - . lot. landscaped. Nicely furnished. TOTAL PRICE $13,000! Phone 3-45S1 Eves. 3-70 . MYRTYL ROSS REALTY bath nd kitchen, 120x200-ft. lot, $7.9S urnlshed with only $1,000 down. Sec today!! Southwest Realty Co., Heal ri. 1136 N. Stone, phone 3-S429 day r eves., or C-.Q754 eves. BARGAINS El Campo, ',3-acre.,, $25 dn. tis m El Cortez, city lot... S25 tin.. J15 m Parkway, bus. lot . .SlfiO dn., S25 ra Phone 5-1660 FINE LOCATION ' FURNISHED $8500 TOTAL PRICE Cement block, stuccoed Beautifu: andscaoJnR. redwood-fenced oatlo, 2 larRO hdrm., bath shower. FurrJsh- Ines Include waahln* machine Cent coolinc. J1.500 dn, Thlj is an excftllent value I ESCROW REAL ESTATE to 1N». BS N. 6th Ave. Ph. 3-8869 EUC5. Pb. WILSHIHE HEIGHTS Tucson'* Most. Beautiful subdlvlslo HALF ACRB LOTS OPEN SPACE LIVING CITY GAS. PAVED STREETS Out Broadway to Craycroft. 3 block south to tract office. Dial S-SS34 THREE'S ro: one 4 nn. furS. rentals 104 W. 32nd. BARGAIN, 2 fum. duplexes. Income S165 mo. S7.50Q. 4561 ST 7th. Ave. SHOE repair shop. Reasonable. 2315 N. Counti BARBER SHOP- BARGA~... Owner's death maJces. available new shoo, Adjolninc new hl'shway post Half price. Ph. 3-S584. 5200 MONTHLY Income from this ex- ceUent duel ex ulus cuest house, modern, well built, expensively eauioped. Just ?.i N, Camobell. close to schools, theflter, stores. Owners must sell immediately, $12.000. only S3.t)00 cash, Rood F.H.A. terms. Phone Mr. Fioronl. 2-7Zc2 or 3-B576. Worthy Realty .Investments. _;_ FURNISHED DUPLEX. N.E. close to bus, stores. Ideal for smart couole desiring easy income. Onlv S7.950. with S2.000 cash. Phone Mr, Floroni 2-7253 or 3-657B. WORTHY REALTY INVESTMENTS. Ij5 W^ Alamcda MZNLO PARK^"2 bdrm, and duplex ' on large lot iej city limits: school and bus near; good cash offer will buy; trade or terms considered Phone 2-6361. POOL, Hall, well equipped, maKinC money. Sacrifice price, only SiOOO to handle. Oracle Realty. 22i3 Oracle Hd. Ph. 3-H381. DUPLEX $3500! $1 Down LARGE LOTS. LOW PRICES Beat larye down payments, and costs. Buy your lot in Ferry AddJtlo under Ihe "Owner Built Home Plan and pny for yaur lot like rent. A low as $10 B month, Ne -need to pay off your lot. yo can becin to build immediately, FERRY ADDITION Phone 5-5534 Office 501 S..Craycroft H Location: East on Broidwny or 22nd S to Craycroft Rd.. south to base, Best Buys Are in Winterhaven Tucson's most highly Improved residential area Located between downtown and th» foothills B blocks east ot Campbtll ·?n Ft Lopgll Rd Scenic Building Sites In "SUSSEX HILLS." 11 ml. NW on Silverbcll Road. Restricted dust free Vatcr, clec., phone. 3-acro min. J35C icr acre, Ph, 2-5224 before 10:30 a.r FOR COLOHED iolta. sacrifice, larce lots en A mountain. Oracle . ATTRACTIVE ~3 bedroom house, re- frig., stove and BcndJx washer; block ·uhool, storn. bus; S35 month. 2342 N Tucson Blvd. 5-9S80, 1 BEDROOM, den, stovo. refrigerator, Venetian blinds, hardwood floors, nice lawn, car porte. Adults. SG5, 1125 Adelaide Drive. · NEW 3 room house, electric stove, hot water, gas heater, ven. blinds, cooler. $40. 2918 E. 2Stli St. I B233ROOM house, v e r y c l e a n . Beautifully landscaped. Guest house and carace. 3968 Justin Lane. MANGELS REALTY, Rcal- tors. 616 N. 4th Ave., 3-0531. .BUSINESS RENTALS 83 PROFESSIONAL. PEOPLE.' SMALL BUSINESSES! FOR LEASE, Good business location. Speedway at Campbell. Apply dway rtealty. Ph. 5-7290. ST Suocdwav store. Reasonable. Dial 5-S3S1. fl-0798. Sunday and evenings. PRJV office or desk stiacc Tol Serv a-077) 5-S413 «o 5T7. SPEEDWAY Frontage with 3 Hm. bath house. Also office or shoo. Both reasonable. KELLY REALTY' 3701 14 Bdrm. Rooming House Near U. of A. This Is hard to find--is not a converted old house but biult as a room- ins house with all facilities, Incl. ]ge community kitchen dining rm. Lovely sun porch. Nothlnc else' like It in town. Location assures 1QO occupancy. Can be bousht below replacement cost. By the way, a desirable trade "vill be accepted. Call Mr, Bassuk or Mr. Grcenfaeck to, see his "Best Buy." 3-M66. eves, 5-7208 or 5-2033. , ROTH REALTY. Realtors "INSURANCE FOR EVERY NEED" 145 N- Stone t * Dial 3-5456 FOR SAtE--Hamburger and .lunch with livlne ouarters. hichivay location: consider late car: terms. Hank's Hamburgers. .Box 1091. Eloy.._Arte, SACRIFICE SALE Good woine service station business, centrally located. I must leave town in few dayst make your own offer. First to reply to Star-CIt. Box 515 wlLLggt a real ti-eaT. FOR SALE--Tavern, cafe and game room now operating with exclusive franchise in dust free Southern An=or,a resort area. S5000 cash. Post House, Fort Huachuca, Arttona. OFS'ICE SPACES available Ph. 3-0152- wwoo PraEurtonAl Bld£. wo K. etn. RESTAURANT for sale: excellent merchant-tourist trade, fully eaulo- ned. central location, reasonable rent. Owner has other business. Priced rieht for auick sale. Gus Nlcus. Zald's Caie. Hot S or IMS, New Mexico. J A A *ttmtc%»4 *+ +KH*I i-w. rtufVi J "f«e itjta nn t\ mountain, urai And lumlsnea at tnat; on soutn TJ C H itv 222.1 ni*»M* "RH "niai i mfii side, on pleasant street. Must" be t ,," ,, ' ,*±~-:/g? c ' e g d " ^'f 3 'TM cash. You can't afford to pass tbisjip. L ^T, f-^TM 4,6. E Bermuda. S5 25 _ . - . MYRTYL ROSS REALTY RESIDENTIAL COURT Best value in Tucson 11 units, All rented, approx. $750 per month income. Excellent NE location, near Arizona Inn. Red brick _o n Paved Street-- City Utllitli - ""--- ~- 'Ow ^ e i7 1 ^. wtrnm construction, tile roofs, nicely fur- Jshcd. 4?o Ins. Co. Tnortcacc. Price reduced to S57.5CO. Trades considered. Exclusive Acer.ts , . . will trade for 46 or H7 auto and add cash. Star-CJt : _BoX H7 a 3l2. 15x120, ncwy paveci street septic partly in. 5745 E. Phna. Ph 5-803G. TOPS THKM ALL Premiere Home Sites--On Hlch Scot Close Jn--Keen--Delightful Commun- Ity -- Arroved by **HA for Home l Financing. |Price S335. $15 Uown. S10 Per Month ~-«^ . -r^-,,v .-,,-^-^r ^ ^ STANLEY ^VILLIAMSON-- Heritor BROADWAY REALTY' 2033 No. OracJp Road Phone: 4-0-103 9 E. Broadway Ph. 3-7351 5 UMT COURT $12,500 Total Near U. of A. Paveci St. Ali "rented. Shows 39^. return. Fully furnished. An unbelievable bargain for only S12.50D wito S3.SM tiowr.. Better hurry. This can't last!! Phone 3-5429 SOUTHWEST REAL-n- CO. Realtors 1136 N. Stor.e "·h. 3-5423 day, eves., or 6-0794 eves. TOJlT~K6S23EJmXtr "~ Open Evenings COMMERCIAL acre on Eood business street. Take late model car in'trade. Also acrcace on Kivcr Hd. Ph. 4-05Qfl I CHOICE LOI' WITH MAGNIFICENT CATALINA VIEW. SAN CLEKENTE. 149 x 2S2 n. WHITE REALTY. PHONE 5-1433. PRICE HED0CED TO S12.750 3 duplexes on paved street, AU rented. Concrete block construction, ftuccoed outside, plastered inside. Owner wants q ulck sale! BROADWAY REALTY I. Broadway Dial 3-75S1 3048 N. 1ST. AVE. 'Open 1 p.ra. -to 5 p,m. dally. 3 bdrm. home; Income from 2 separate -rentals S75 per mo,; SG5 business frontacc. Price S3 500-offer your terms. Exclusive with Royal Ream-, Courtesy to Brokers. Ph. 3.7083, Sva, FARMS and RANCHES 93 40-Acre GUEST RANCH Beautiful Setting ' 4 Guest Houses Land Is Level Own Water System Sacrifice Price of 2X.OM With Only {13,000 Down TALBOT of Tucson i s, sroxe, REALTORS, mil i-oui .OPEN HOUSES 4210 E. Linden 2 - 6 p.m. Amphi District Only S1000 Down Buy* this completely furnished fine 5 room adobe stucco home plus 2 car garage. On convenient and nicely landscaped lot. Asking $9500 with good terms. No reasonable offer refused. Better See today! Exclusive with; .'.Broadway plal 2-4S77 anytime SPACIOUS 1-Bdrm. lovely linen kitchen cabinets, overhead porches, utility partly fum. 3942 E. Fairmount. DUST FREE Nice new 3 room home 'Plus 1 efficiency apts. on a paved road, over. S300 DOWN. S3900 TOTAL. Ptyrnts S40 mo. Comp. furn. 1 BR. horn with unfinished unit In rear. One third acre lot. Amphitheater ZJlstric $650 DOWN, M.700 total, balance $4. g er month. Completely furnished, edroom home on paved street, minutes from town, J1000 DOWN buys this beautiful BR home, furn, or unfura., masonr construction, arable roof, lame tile kitchen bathroom. Oversized landscaped lot. Paved street Excel lent nciehborhood close to AmpM theater School, 57.950. total price Bal. like rent. Exclusive. {1,000 DOWN. J7.IOO total, balnnc $45 per month at 4,i5J. New, ex tremely well built. 1 bedroom home TOD masonry construction. Kablcc roof, central coollnc. double wal furnace, large lot on caved street in city and fairly close to University Oracle Realty Co. 2223 Oracle Bd. Ph. INCOME from 3 rentals or home Sc 2 rentals. Pay or better at presen . rental values, pays off complete our- chaso price In 6 years. Ph. 2-5081. . Excellent Location Red wtrn cut brclk construction. Buil with the same workmanship and ma erials that you would use In build- njz your own home. In Catallna Vista near schools, bus and shoppinc. This lome boasts such outstanding fca- 2617 E.Exeter BROADMOOR Brand new. 3 bedroom, 1»4 btth wire cut brlclc home, Flreolact. lo of closet suace. Paved street, hla claw nciehborhood. Very sttractlv You «hould see thij. Open 2 to 5:3i PJM. Exclusive. 1130N. Norton Five-room furnished, well built side home with hardwood floors. Arcol hot water heat. Garaiee with room attached, Nicely landscaped with srrinklen. Priced at 312.500. Zxclu sive- Drachman - Grant $9,500 I b!« Moms Sc bath, 1441 E. Edijon r"artlally furn. includine ran/re rcf. :erviee room laundry. HW floors jaree. walled patio, ramada St bar-b j. carace. Vi cash. bal. at $39.55 pr month, Inc. 5T». Possession at once Strunk Realty E. Broadway Phont: ?-»4M Best Buys Are in VWnferhaven luiaon'i mosttji hlshiy Improved rMldentlal area Located between downtown and .the foothills · blocks «a.rt of Campbell on Tt Lovell Rd. ^Bedroom Home · $950 DOWN IN THIS QUALITY CONSTRUCTED. HOME you set « lovely picture window viewintf the mountains, tile kitchen and bsith, central heat and coolin.fl. carpet, storase and many modern features. The lot Is larg* enouch for extra privacy, OK PAVED STHEET and NO ASSESSMENTS. S*t in « restricted subdivision* of new homes. Just a few -blocks to Amphi (school. FULL PRICE JT450. Low monthly payments. lUMBALOW CONST. CO. 1 N. Stone Ave. Ph. i-7495 1113 E. WATER OPEN 10 TO ! $7950 1 year old CB stucco, 2 bedroom ami 1 , 'tabled roof, $1.400 down. CAF-LfiON REALTY J-7HI Home Sweet Home $5250.. ThJj charmlns 4 room masonry home, completely and tastefully furnished ui- good NT: · location. The terms--only 51,500 down and S45.50 per month on balance. AN EXCEL' , . system. Paved drtve. Price J18.500 un furnished. Phone Dunn 3-9561. after hours 5-2333. ARIZONA TRUST CO. Realtors 136 North Stnne_j NEW 2 Bdrnl.. Bhed type roo£, Car- oorte. laundry storaEc room, LINT BUY,. See this today. It won't Bamboo drapes, balances installed last. , j j; c ar schools, bus shopping. 2931 Michael Hodges LE - -^ Dial 3-755! Realtors 43 E. Broadway Evet. g-1045. 5-3826. 3-62S8. 3-6485 !! IT WAS A MESS !! IT'S CEEANED UP NOW , ROOMS. 3-bedroom home. Must - ^, ,. _ fell. Will take small waller as part So hurry to «ee this 10 room payment. Seil for $3.000 less thin (three bate, partly furnished. Patio cost. Ph. 5-H884. 5230 E. Falrmoum I wall. Vi bloc* to bus. Full rnce S6500. ·vrr "nTTCip iCood terms. It's on the South side JNiO'JjUSl i where values are soinif hisher. Call Mr..Statesman at the Hoy H. T -- Roaltv. 3-M16. AT EL EANCHO SOMBRIO A comfortable quiet home in the country, yet only 6 miles to Pioneer a ^ UVULUUMI nvmt: ·" ~-^- -=^r Hotel, on 2(,' acres. 5 ft. patio waH tlon. ADAMS REALTY INStTR- encloscs 1 acre of the fovely Iand-1 ANCE CO. Realtors. "26 ^. Sione. TRADE. Owner o£ attractive 3 bedroom 2 bath Mex-Adobe home in Howell School District will trade for a 2 bedroom home in eood loca- - FIVE BEDROOMS Do you have a Iar«« family? Then read this. Investigate this above-av- eraee home located near public ffrnd* school and St. Ambrose Church. In a paved restricted subdivision this home has iive bedrooms and four baths, plus don with fireplace. While all bedrooms are under one roof, two bedrooms can be made into separate cuest apartment. The ISTKC living room and dlninc room open onto classed porch overlookinE landscaped waited ratio. Refrigeration coolinK and central hot air heat. If you want a comfortable, livable home In nice surroundings nt a below cost price, calf W. G. McCarthy for appointment to inspect. Price unfurni$hed $37,500, Phone 3-9461 or 3-1460, ARIZONA TRUST CO- N Realtor* · 136 Ngrth_Stone_ Just the Place For you seekers of suburban property. Soundly built b r i c k (modern) home on a · high mountain view acre. Here you can bave a garden, keep your horse, raise .fruit. "But most of all, you will enjoy the sun bright kitchen, the wood burning fireplace and all the., frea water from your own well. Reduced to $14,500, furnished. Come on let's, take a look. Ph. Eves., 5-9419 James C Grant Realty Insurance Co. We_5terr.er_Hotel Re«ltor« Ph. J-74T1 HOME AND INCOME. E««Uent ilv« room residence completely furnished, hardwood floors, olui cory thre« room ront»l to boo« your tecooi». Near Speedway Country Club. Good' Jnvertment at Hd.OOO with e«iy termj. Phone Mr. Floronl 1-7233 or l-«57«. Worthy Reii)ty_Inve»tinent«. 2-BDRM. house, fully lunl. 2/3 basement. Nicely landscaped. Direct with owner Take a look for value. 10 W. 28th ...St. ;750 BOWK. 2-bdrm. home. furn. Amphi district. Assume toDrtgace. £3.390. 2-B01Z. ; BEDROOM MM dn. Pueblo Gardens- 2-2149. 1»02 S. Olsen. Believe It or Not "· rict famUy horn* wrtft 4 BH, » Baths, new spadoua cUnlnje room « larjre livinjt roorn. AJao baa wwlnj: room, play roonj. bn»kast room. plus patio A: 2 car Karan with wr ynnts auartcrs. Hardwood floors attractive grounds. Mutt have $om« cash ic tha balance by easy terms. Would cost »3!,0«0 to build, but sal* price U only $22.400. Hunr. as this will tttt teamedlxtay. For an «uei- ttons. »h. 1-4232 or 3-4411.. EVM, S-1S5J, Emit P. Malanga 41« N. 4th Av«. n f at the base of s above Mver Road, here is 3 bcdroorr. brlclc honie with oak floors, fireplace, nicely landscaped. Corner acre. Rear sucst house. Excellent n.e. area, near but shop- ptn'c. Bareain at 116.000. KELLY REALTY, 3701 E. SPEEDWAY ON PAVED STREET Attractive Z bdrrn. home, solid constr.: nearly new. car porte. fin» r-ianr.o N. loc. among new homes, close to v.r. (lib"' and (shopping, S5.800 full.nrlce-- real buy--trailer considered. Phonw Tiev're on a hich knoll with a won erful view of the town. Main bouse s a "ranch ityJe new. burnt-adobe -bedroom home, 2 baths. Other :ouse- is equellv attractive: has 2 edrooms. 2 baths. There's a swlm- rdnf pool. Atmosphere Is homey, the elphbors are your friends. Let Bol leynolds show you this today. Cal im Bt TUCSON REALTY TRUST ;o.. HEALTOHS. 2 So. Stone. Dla 4-04. 1 !!. Eves. 5-llOi. '__ FORCED SALE 150x240, suitable for tearoom, ns ome or nursery: 7 rooms, weu. 25]. Country Cluh. El Encanto Red Brick Stucco On* of Tucson's Finest Lawns 28 Beautiful Trees 3 Bedrooms, 4 Baths Can Be Purchased for Half Replacement Cost Thl« Will Not Last Shown Only by Appointment TALBOT of Tucson 8 S. STONE. R5ALTOHS. Dial 3-0521 BIGGEST VALUE In Catallna Vista 2147 Juanita 3 Bedrooms Wire-cut Red Brick Priced at $15.000 F.H.A- MtE. SBJ50 See Mr. Talbot TALBOT of Tucson S. STQtra. REALTORS. Dial 3-0521 scaped property, plenty of larjre shade 1 "Dial 2-7j ;rees, shrubery In abundajice. and lawn, excellent deep well. I pressure system, 1-2 bedroom adobe I louse including new refrigerator u n d i stove. 2 - 1 bedroom houses. 1 outsld sleeping house, all completely fur nlshed, an opportunity for eood in come, everything in A-l condition and ready to move In. room for mor rentals, also extra larpe carace 1S.MO. Come down NocaJes HiKhwa; o Drexel Rd., turn east, to El Ranch' Sombrlo, rlne the bell and come in gall 3-88;g for appointment. ·Furns. 5-8850. 5-2368,_ 2-BDRM., den. P/4 baths. 2 encloses yards, unfurn. 53.009 down. Ph. 5-4723 SELLING caulty in C.B.- 2-bdrm. 1 yr.-old home, Partly furn. Lard' scaped. Close to Catholic Publk schools bus. Clone Grand Centra] Will take 1341 car luKaaee trailer as part payment. 827 W. Prcslden' ILa Mar City Acresl 2-777r ·VIDOW must sell 2-bdrm.. hardwooc floors with 3-rm, rental. Near schoo _· bus. Lot 115x145. 2934 N, Los Altos. . , . BDRM. house Partly f u r n . Close to Davis - Month»n. Price $4.50(1, S500 _down. 4215 C'imino' De Palmas. AUTHENTIC VALUE DEFINED-FIGHT price SI2."SO completely furn IGI^· terms (52.500 downl nonthly payment,* for a 3 Hdrm. ull bath home with 1800 so. ft. unrfer able roof only 3 years old. Blcn- ian «: Catallnn Jr. Hist. Exclusive kht to sen. Courtesy to brokers loen for Insn. Sunday 1 P.M. to 3 '.M. ROYAL REALTY. 93 E. Soeed- · 3 y. Ph. 2-7B83 Eve J300 DO1VN 115 monthly buys this furn. ome on South fids. SOOO total price, 2. Bdrm. home. Bteel Bash, central oollnl. panel ray hectlns. Nr. Vets OSP. $4500 total price. Gooa terms, outhsido Realty. 114 E. Columbia. al 3-3330, ~SW a bdrni. house. 3320 E. Elida. Will take late model car in on sale, Phone 5-6223. ._ CLOSE TO CAMPBELL KD BROADWAY, near bus shops. Solkllv built 2 bdrm. home: only $50 dn.: 54,500 full price--o buy. Ph. 2-7494. eves. 3-9327 MLZAMJC RIAL'TY W N. Stone BROADMOOR 3 Bedrooms. I'-i bath $12.500 Submit Terms $500 DOWN S BBBM. PART-FUHN HOME Located on completely fenced lot. Near Amphi school, 6 rooms with J abled roof and pine wood floors lus glassed In sleeping porch. Car porte with double laundry tubs. L01 VETERANS' Approx. $350 Down This includes nil impoundments 11 For This Larcc 2 BEDROOM HOME WITH ATTACHED GARAGE These are- the last with this low down paymcntl! After these the new ·emulation ROCS into effectl Price is $7,000 or tt.99 Her so. ft. including lot, wr- ne. utilities landscaping. CAN YOU BEAT IT?? 1168 SQ. FT. TOTAL AREA :. Cement block, construction j Fully plastered 3. Fully insulated 4 Asphalt tile floors 5. Tile sink bath 6. Larce utility room 7 Steel sash s, Thermostatic heat B, Central coollne JO. Exhaust fan In kltchrai II. And most of all-Built by JOYNT CONSTRUCTION CO. Occupan'cy by Feb. 1st if purchased now. Call or stop at office at 2126 8. Alvernon--S-5J12 or 6-0729. Let u» show you these lovely homes, . DENTON COBBLE Real Estate __ 2125 S. Alvernon 5-5113 or «-07J» Open cvoninjis Remember--these arc the last with these terms 75 x 120 ft. lot. Heavy roof. 24 X 16 ft, iivinsr room, more jroace ana bent construction and it is unbelievable i that you can buy this home at this price term*. 5 HOMES IN El Encanto Colonia Solana San Clemente · Foothills All Quality homes and priced cor- "ctly for the discrlminatta* buyer. Small Cotton Farm Approx. 70 acres In fertile Santa Cruz Valley--12 miles south of town--W acres now In alfa1fa-l.wO sal Per -nijiute well--modern two bedroom of trees shrubs. The bar cfiin in town today. For only $3.701 ... -.- .. towl and S50 _ _ month. FEIST COME -- FIRST SERVED A-l REALTY CO. y. Stone Dial S-8'I Poor Man's Opportunity MM TOTAL, «M DN.. «M MO. Small but livible house on larsi corner lot. Water ielectrlc in. Ex ceMcnt garden ftoO. Worth, your while to liwerdgate. Exclusive. Art Johnson Realty Co. 4350 S. Sth Realtors Eves. 3-8435, 3-6313. Ph. S-6112 HEARON REALTY Insurance E. Broadway Realtors Ph. 3-M81 SACWFICE by owner. J75M. 2-bdlTOS. easily converted to 4. Beams throughout VlfW o£ mountains. 2701 Rlcney Blvd. Artgrnoons-gvenl«« 5-8378.. CHARMING WESTERN HOME Nestled In the center of a 2 acre ract in Blchiand HeilJhts. This SO iveable unfurn. 1 bdrm. with sun porch painted brick home was built by John Joynt. Beamed uartially paneled living room with natural fire- clace and built in book shelves, 'ads out to a lovely sun porch Into Small Cbtton Farm Approximately 70 acres in fertile isflllons per minute well. Modern two Ibedroom house. FOH IMMEDIATE SAM OK TRADE Value Galore S Bedrooms -- S Baths Quiet neighborhood -- Near, schoolJ , All roams lareo til.SOU 3 Bedroom--2 Baths San CJemKntc Truly n Western hom» Natural fireplace Wall to wall carpeting $22.500 , jiantinr HlRh yellow tile kitchen. tall shower. Just LOADS LOADS f cuoboards closets.. Garace. )realh)Ms view of CataJLias. Best us- I know of for S8.50D. Terms. Call Vr'jlU Realty, 1642 E, Jlr»t St, 1-1438. SOS out 'O » iaveiy BUII yuivii uito _^ . v ««..»vv patio with C ft. wall i lots of B oth of thwe homes can b« purchased on easy terms. HEARON REALTY Insurance 39 t, 3ro»dwiy Keillor* BDRM, HOM beautifully iurn. of unjurn., snle or lease. Available Nov. 1st. Restricted N,E sundivlsJon Call G-0510 to sec. - . . 1-SDRM. uarily furn. Cen. coollnff. small down payment. Total $3.700--2 bdrm. masonry. ' saaclous rooms, contra] coolinc. fireplace, $1000 down month^ Ino. 4001 15, IS THIS RIGHT? It certainly is. 5 rooms, I bedrooms, all large. Well furnished, double tiled Bable roof. Over 1,300 so. ft. under roof. Double carporte. KE location. An unbelievable prlco of $8.000 with terms EAST SIDE REALTY CO. 3831 E. Speedway Realtor Ph. 8-M21 Evenings 6-1592 or S-330S EXCELLENT war surplus houses buildincs. varied sizes. Steel saft sturdy construction * Reduced wi moved anvwhcro. TWO BEDROOM BEST N.E. LOCATION $7950 TOTAJ^ Excellent 1^. E. location, s room* lardwood floors, large livlnsrroom. Screened service porch, carporto. near hooplnK center and Blenman school. Good terms available. ESCROW -REAL ESTATE i INS.. 32 Xorth 6th Avenue 'h 3-3IJ56 Ev°nne Ehon? 5-583S NORTHEAST $4200 Neat well built nicely landscaped, arpe 1 bedroom home. Peter Howell chool, larjte lot in xood neighbor- ood or well furnished for only 5.000. WOLVERINE EEALTY 812 E. Broadway Dial 3-01QQ or 3-8901 FURN. Larec rooms. Wood floors. sdob» onst. Newly decorated Inside out, ^replace. Also floor furnace. 90* lot. district. SS950' TOTAL ' .-- S«! m. ASSOCIA »10«1 DOWN CIATED HZALTY Pb. t-o»

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