Independent from Long Beach, California on February 14, 1958 · Page 6
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 6

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 14, 1958
Page 6
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A-6-- INDEPENDENT C.II/., M.,,F.». 1M1 iGOLPEN YEARS I Here's Way ·1to Reunite · · the Family p By THOMAS COLLINS ' You are living, in retirement now. Your housing, along with your income, is smaller than it used to be. Your children are married and, as is the custom -of the day, are somewhere'far away. " You worry that you don't see them more often. You worry, too, about what may eventually happen to this clan you have created. Your children's spouses hardly- know one another. How could they when one lives in New York and another in Texas? And all those little .first | cousins--your grandchildren-have little chance ever to know one another well enough even to figjjt. In this age of'scattered families you, as the parents, are the only rallying point. -You must fihd some way to keep the children in touch, with one another and you, or else they will start a-drirt that in two or-thrce generations will make most of your descendants strangers to one 1 another. Your own grandparents didn't · have this problem. There was ;the old family homestead to pull '.everybody back home.'And anyway," the children settled oh 40 acres down by the creek in- Istead of scampering away. ' · And grandparents didn't phll 'UP' and retire to the sunshine, . * * « » - ; A RETIRED lawyer, George 'K. Bannister, has been worry- 'jhg' about' all this. He has de- Voided to spend 81,000 to do · something about i t . . . and have , some fun in ^the deal. · ' You may be able 'to do the ; same for le^s. ' : -Bannister and his wife have .; retired to a two-bedroom bun- "galbw in California. Their three, Tcfcildren are married. Qne lives 'two days away by auto, one I four days, and one five. They 'are going to invite the children .! to come to California next Au- · gust and spend five days with Itliem at Papa's expense. -."·The total days the children I spend on the road will be 22. At -$25 a day'the Bannisters write, '.off $550. That will be simple. ;But the three children- are ~ bringing seven grandchildren. -f * * # ··THE BA2OTISTEKS will clear out one bedroom, placing the furniture in the garage. They will rent seven cots. Four|| go in the .bedroom (they've! measured it), three in the liv-' ing room, and one in the kitchen. The grandchildren stay with the Bannisters. The three sets of parents go to a nearby motel where the Bannisters can get a rate of $S per day per couple. It will give the cbuples freedom, free evenings in California, and a chance 1 to get acquainted with one another without distractions. "The feeding is where we've got troubles," Bannister says, "but I think we have it licked. We'll run the children through! the bathroom in the morning on an assembly-line basis, and as each child emerges he'll pick ' up cereal, fruit; toast and .milk and head for the back yard -to eat. "On lunch and .dinner we'll have the parents with us, and we're going to serve all these · meals outdoors, either in the yard or as a picnic in a nearby park. 'We can gamble on the weather being dry in July and August ..." * « » * BETWEEN MEALS the- children -will have swimming, the park, horses and sight-seeing.. The youngest child is 5, and the Bannisters think they'll largely amuse themselves. B e t w e e n supper and bedtime there will be an extra TV set (rented) to. keep the children quiet while the adults talk. ."All this is not going to cost Quite $1,000," Bannister thinks, "so we can probably have two or three meals at restaurants. We won't go in for outside entertainment, except to let the young parents out a night or so: I want this to be a close- knit family meeting." Bannister is -getting the 51,000- from dividends on life insurance he never cashed. · YOURICHILD^ f trmMiMI*UUU^I^lliUld- A Buntlnt rectal itch r* oftaa tell*V tkl* ilKi of Pin-Woruas . .. ""'" Inlwt 0»« out o/ «»«T» tArM J«- ma) .umintd. En'Jro tamlllM mar 1)1 vlctima and ot ^now It. To tit rid of Pin-Worms. th«« THti must not only be killed, but killed in th« larr« intntine »he« tier HY« and multiply. That'i o- ·ctlr -what J»rn«'a P-W tableta Jo . ... and h«M'» iowther dolt: * Pint--*. iclentiCc coatinr car- riotbi tablet! into the bowel«-b«- fort thtj- diiiolre. TIM-- Jarni'a »dicillT-IproTed in- f in-Wonaa quickly and «vUr. Don't take chancel with tUa tanxaroaf, hithlr eontaiciotn eon- dltlon. Get (H«iiin« Jajma'a.P-W Virmlfut . . . amall. cair-to-tak* tablita... tsxcMrius for chUdrtn and adulta. Perfected br Br. D. Jarnt * Bon, apwialiita in woTM naudiia.ior 100 7an.| to I ····w*^ m \i FB1HITWE STUBS' ; * " : - . - - rj 11"Q" \?n\-j Brotw ^ " vn ^vrt.u.s.a.woj , :W--'-£1^1 ^lAerrW 1 ,, Oe^ e :i Ga* jRangesi »«* 1 f5i»iS.f£ y* J\-.V£2*«* Presc , XCITEMENT.' NEW, **· *· -^amaMXSt Included." -'"^"'y^'^^^-l"', ^^^ ' 3-PC. LIVING ROOM Includes Matching Rocker GET All. 3PFECES of th!»Tow, low pric't! luxurlou. mod.rn divan, loung. choir, ; matching club rock.r. all.cov.r.d In ,mart mrtalllc fabncs in cho.c. of ^~ $197 Valut TV v. 5-PC NEVAMAR BEDROOM CROUP « ' -~ ° !jM's . tz 'T«rni! $«ve oddKl :Ht' "isjti HUGE DISCOUNTS ON ALL NATIONALLY ADVERTISED APPLIANCES! ROt · Pkike · H«tp«int · SjrlYinl» - » OE · Morel · Tkor · WuilmkoiiM ' frifWalrt . O'KMfi * ktirrltt · WidfiwoU · Mvimfer · and miny mml · Famous 10!/ 2 Co, Ft, REFRIGERATOR With larg* full-width fr»»rtr, 5 spacioul door $h«ly«, Eat*. E-Op«n door lat'h. ' v . Factory Prite^ $219.95 ···^ Mr i AUI £V£ByrH1NG ' NC1UDED · · COAIPKre now OUTF/W EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME AT ROOM Group »l«i I~T wbk, «- hwvilyiMrfd^ ^ Hub'* low Price* Include DEI/VERY * INSTALLATION llT'S EASY TO PAY THE HUB WAY! HUB'S PRICE TCMttt MERIT RANGE Full «ii«. Large ovwt'wHh Robtrlihaw regulator. Big itorag* compartnitnr. Hb«r glail 'iruulatlon. Factory Price, $139.95 HUB'S PRICE 188 TERMS! MERIT' SS2SPSB. yyi^^9M..^2.VEv« (.., $139 Value t-Z T«rmil **)' '·fllAJ! r-^" _ " $20? Valu. *137 E-Z T»rm»l Detuxt AUTOMATIC WASHER HUB'S. PR/CE £omplrtly ouwmat . £ V lc, 3 wBih ttmpcra* ·Q/ lurti for c l t a n t r , ,mor» · co no mica I TERMS! FirtiryPrlw,239.95 "" J* WR'tof '*· ^^ J ^JfcLs3 ^ 2 Studio c ° uch * 2 Tables, lamp , «,« · v ^"»« · . --"Vll ??·*· '^**\S,"C i\*B, .*"»'- ,..".- · 4 ., ,,-.'·" %w' v ^ ~ f « · " ^.**-~~»£ . *. .-Jte' ,^,V»i.., s . · ^ *·. * ~ V%;.^*^»** , . * , . . - . ·"· «I«T \ -PC STUDIO ROOM GROUP. RUGS CARPETS -fabulous Values! I RICH BOUCLE BROADLdOM . a . J77 Smorr,-.fong-w*arlng. tf.ifunnfng colon. 4.95 vol. sg.Td. .·· SOLUTION DYEDrrWEED .BROADtOOM. v , JIT Stain and fadt rwltfanf. lovtry colon. 5.95 Valu*. .Sq.Td. .«» 9'xl2' HI-WLE BOUCj-E RUG: ; · |C99 Ainrftd colon.' Kvbbtrlztd, non-iUp bock. $27 Va/uo "^ 9'xl2' OVAL BRAIDED RUG^ 3al» leoufifu/ muJr/co/or«d pallttn. $54.95 Valut....... **^ , 9'xl2' ALEXANDER SMITH AXMINSTER-,, 43§9 .Quality rug by famaut mill! TMfurtd porttrn. $69 Yo/v»"*^af: . OCCASIONAL CHAIR Mod.rn (lyling. rlarg* ·)»! UpfolitKW In bMutiful m»- faille twt«d Sylmtr cavtri.. · tu.« VALUI. PLATFORM ROCKER 0«laMl for.biouty «"* 'iielMtomlort. mf\- lic «ovn. rrmM In Wond No. H U'R-R'.Y T O T H E H U B S T O R E N E A R E S T Y C » U I 6190 ATLANTIC AVL Vj Milt Sourii of Artetia Blvd. IN COMPTON 806 S. LONG BEACH BLVD. Near Olivt IN A kl A LJCIkJ 500 W. CENTER ST. A N A11CIIVI Corner of Palm SIKJP Mitt 9-9 -SATURDAY 9-6 · SUNDAY ll-6| I Value Center of the West 1 FURNITURE STORES TWELVE BIG STORES SERVING SOUTHERN C A L I F O R N I A

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